Koala Bride
December 31 2017

Ever since we saw a documentary about koalas, Hamish seemed to have anxiety about koalas being dangerous and about their claws. I wanted to get for him this koala stuffed animal so that he could get familiar with it and lose his fear of koalas. I make the mistake of putting the koala on his snuggy rug which I forget is his nest, so he thinks that the koala bear has stepped into his nest to lay eggs for him. But the even greater mistake I make is to take the koala back away from his nest, because now I am stealing away his female, his eggs, and his potential hatch-it babies...

(NL) means that something was said in my native language and has here been translated to English.

On the 29th I bought for Hamish a present. It is a stuffed koala bear. I put it to sit on his rug. I didn't know at all how he would react, given that he seems to feel that koalas are dangerous and aggressive beings (humans just look at them and think they are soft and lovely) because I watched that documentary together with Hamish before where some koalas were fighting and screaming at each other over territory. I try to tell Hamish that koalas are friendly and that they would never hurt him and that they only like to sit high up in trees and eat leaves. He thinks about them often and when he does, he thinks about their black claws.

But his reaction was that he tells me he does not want to have this stuffed animal and he brought in a little hybrid boy (who is my son), he looks to be about 2,5 years old if he were a human. Well, Hamish didn't exactly give the toy to the boy, because the boy was crying that he wants to have it but he didn't feel that he was allowed to take it. Zetas told me that they were going to take that toy to them, which would not surprise me. We used to have a little brown hairy teddy bear sitting on top of the sofa backrest at mom's place and once I told the aliens that they could take it to them then the bear suddenly physically disappeared and mom asked one day where it had gone and nobody knew and it was never seen since. So if the koala bear disappears then we know why. But since the boy didn't seem to be allowed to take the koala anyway, I told him I could buy for him his own stuffed animal next time and I asked him what kind he would like, he said he wants a bunny. Well, the rejected koala now sits on my bed. Hamish is very difficult to buy presents to, remember that very soft plush big rug that didn't smell right?

[Added same day: I now put the koala bear down on his snuggy rug as seen on the photo.]

It was already stuffed. Yes-No! - Hamish about the koala
Tik Tok! I said to him. I did not want him to come out. I was giving him a pet name. About my feet! Tik Tok! Come to me! Tik Tok. - Hamish is talking to the koala that is sitting on his rug!
Did it want to be intimate with me? - Hamish asks about the koala on his rug

Tik Tok! - Hamish

I wanted you to be with me a mother. - Hamish talks to the koala bear
That is why you have gone to my bed. - Hamish to koala, "bed" was (NL) and refers to his rug!
Tik Tok! - Hamish to koala bear
My bed had been taken by you. Are you a koala? Tik Tok! It was my bed. It was mine. Koala. - Hamish all (NL)
*a beautiful palate click!* - Hamish
You don't have shards of broken glass, I can take you. - Hamish (NL)
*beautiful palate click!* - Hamish
Yes-No, mine. - Hamish English
*beautiful click to koala* - Hamish
My smell, feel it. - Hamish, "my" (NL), "smell" my third language, "feel it" English, he places himself or actually his back close to the bear that now hangs on the door handle near his rug so that the koala can sense Hamish's scent

[Added same day: at some point before or during the above paragraph I had taken the koala from his rug and hung it by the loop on the back of its neck on the door handle, see second photo above.]

Hello I am the director of international of extraterrestrial studies. - the man with the glasses, I saw him looking at me a while ago, it could be Jack seen much closer than usually, he speaks to me
Hello. How are you? - me to the man
I am not going to tell you what was going on here before. I am not going to say it. - the man who I think is Jack
Tik Tok! - Hamish in a beautiful palate click
That guy, he is getting ready to... - the man to me about Hamish
You know... - the man adds, and now I see a mental image that shows that Hamish's penis is out
My Lunches and snacks, I will take it. - Hamish, "my" (NL) all else English
He doesn't think it is a woman anymore, I showed him that it has no hole. - the man to me about Hamish and about the koala
Are you in my room, Jack? Are you here in another dimension? Can you bring me to your dimension please? I want to spend time with Hamish. - me
Why did you, put it there? If not to, Tik Tok! - Hamish, Tik Tok was the beautiful click sound, he asks me [Added same day: put it there means on his rug]
I just gave you that as a present. - me
It was mine. - Hamish
Mine present. - Hamish
Your koala bear. - me
Tik Tok! - Hamish, but as a most beautiful click, this time at a very high decibel!
My presents, was triangle's village. - Hamish, "was triangle's village" was in (NL), village or town [Added same day: triangle refers to the organization they work in]
*the beautiful click sound again* - Hamish
My towns, were made, with Arcturian ones. - Hamish
*the beautiful click sound again which means Tik Tok* - Hamish
My town. - Hamish (NL)
For me Toast and bread. - Hamish, "Toast" was English all else (NL)
*Tik Tok as the clicks* - Hamish
I have not been pollinated. - Hamish (NL) about the koala, narrates the koala
I cannot be pollinated. - Hamish (NL) narrates the koala
Tik Tok! - Hamish as the click

Hamish now wants to put the koala on the toilet here in my home so that he could flush it away and get rid of it, he had that thought in images.

*Tik Tok!* - Hamish in the clicks
Come on man, that is just your buddy! - Jack to Hamish
I did not have a smell for you. - Hamish (NL) says to the koala about his, Hamish's, scent that he had wanted the koala to sense
It was for me, I am bald headed. - a Reticulan says (NL), I see the Reticulan (and its bald head), he means that he would take the koala bear away
Hello, I am the director and professor here. Very nice to meet you. Yes. You and that long golden blonde hair. - Jack to me
Tik Tok! - Hamish in clicks
You know... we have got some kids. You and me have got them. Do you ever want to meet them, some time soon? - Jack to me
I want to meet you first. - me to Jack
I am not bringing any animosity here, to our camp. BUT YOU, GET OUT! - Hamish to someone, to the koala bear perhaps?
It didn't respond to my Tik Tok calls. - Hamish, aha so that is why he is angry now
Hamish, the koala cannot think or hear. It is just a stuffed toy, it is like a sofa, it doesn't hear you. - me
I thought it had got a brain injury. If it cannot hear me. I wanted to make eggs with it. - Hamish
Hamish... it is just a toy, a gift for you. - me
It cannot smell me, therefore. It had no smell of its own. It was just a bear, hanging there. - Hamish, it hangs on the door handle still
It hasn't sensed my smell. Tik Tok! - Hamish, this Tik Tok again had a very high decibel
Tik Tok, my Buttercups said to you? - Hamish talks gently to the koala that is hanging on the door handle, Buttercups refers to me
Hamish. It is just a toy. It doesn't hear us. - me, Hamish got so upset at what I said here, that he faces me with his mouth gaping open, that is a warning and shows strong dislike
Gulp, gulp, you will say. - Hamish speaks calmly to the koala, in Hamish's thought images he means that he would flush the koala down the toilet and it would be swallowing the water and going gulp gulp
I am the director of these international studies. I am here to help you out. - Jack to me
Help me with what? I am having some time with Hamish. - me
Yes, but these guys can become pretty violent and dangerous. - Jack to me meaning Reptilians like Hamish
Come on buddy, here we go. - Jack to Hamish so that he would lead Hamish out
But Hamish is being ok. - me to Jack, me confused

Now I see a MIB in a black business suit with tie, he has black hair.

Ok, we will go, to other spaceships. - Hamish
Tik Tok! - Hamish calls the koala one more time with this beautiful high decibel click sound
We had to go. - Hamish slumped a bit somewhere else
I love you tortoise. You are always welcome in my home. - me
I wanted to have eggs with it. That is why it has came. Mine, my home? Mine, Tik Tok! - Hamish, the Tik Tok again a high pitched click sound, he thinks about how the koala had been on his rug and that had meant that it was going to lay a nest of eggs with Hamish. I forgot that his rug is his nest for making eggs.
Hamish. I am sorry that I put the toy on your ruggy snugs. The koala toy it cannot make any eggs for you. - me
Are you sure? I was going to make sure. And, Tik Tok! I was not angry with it anymore. I was not going to steal its eggs away, I said to it. Tik Tok! - Hamish

I am so very sad now.

Yeah, and being the director of international space studies, isn't always easy. - Jack to me because I wrote and thought that I was sad now
Come on bud, let's go now! - Jack to Hamish
Tik Tok! - Hamish high pitched click to the koala
Come on bud, we don't want any trouble. - Jack to Hamish
I was getting ready to mate with this bear! Tik Tok! - Hamish about the koala toy
I was going to come to you soon, I said to it. I was going to say, no more gulp gulp, to you! Tik Tok! My Hamish. Mine. Tok Tok Tok. - Hamish, he thought in the first sentence of how he was going to step with his flat duck feet on the koala bear, he spoke these to the koala bear that is hanging from the door
I was not going to say anymore, gulp gulp! - Hamish
Hello, I am the director of these international space studies. And I am going to help your bud get out of here. - Jack to me
Let Hamish stay, this is his home. He has never harmed me in our six years together. I feel perfectly safe with Hamish. - me
But he was there, on those. Tik Tok! - Hamish, "there, on those", was his image of his shedded scales that lay on his rug in the other dimension, meaning that the koala was there
Come on buddy, let's go! - Jack to Hamish
My Toast. Was given away. - Hamish
Did you get some Toast, and snacks? Did Hamish get some Toast and snacks? - me
My little brother takes it. They belong to him. That was said to me by the director. About, ouch not taking it! - Hamish tells me, little brother is what the aliens call the little hybrid boy children, so Jack has said the koala toy belongs to the boy and not to Hamish, and Hamish is not allowed to take it
We were going to throw it into a fire. Into a pitch black fire pit. And then we can roast it there. So that nobody takes its eggs away. Would you like that better now? - Dark Lord says to me about the koala toy
Nobody takes the toy away. And Hamish gets to stay here in my home. - me
It has been given to the little brother. It was not mine to take. - Hamish or Dark Lord about the koala toy
It was not stuffed, for me. - Hamish about the koala bear

It was made for kids, man, buddy. - Jack to Hamish about the bear, calling Hamish first "man" and then "buddy"
It was not a skirmish to take it. - Dark Lord or Hamish about the koala bear
Tik Tok! - Hamish calls with the clicks the koala bear again

Tik Tok! For my little brother not for the eggs! - Hamish (NL), "for the eggs" or "to the eggs"
It was mine. I took it from you. Tik Tok! - Hamish, he makes the Tik Tok clicks so high and loud of such a high decibel he is really calling for it so loud and clearly!
Tik Tok, grrr. I was going to make love to it. And then we can see if we have some eggs and boys that are hatch it. - Hamish
Come on man, she doesn't understand you. - Jack to Hamish about me
I understand. He wants to have a nest, and I have placed that damn toy on his nest where he wants to lay eggs. I have invaded into his space. - me to Jack

Hamish puts his scaly hand against my throat, I can feel it as a real physical pressure and I see mentally his fire engine red and orange scales.

I was going to take you away from here. - Hamish to me
Come on bud! - Jack calling for Hamish to have him leave me and my home
Come on, we won't use any weapons against him, but we are getting pretty angry. - the MIB from earlier says to me about Hamish
Don't ever think about harming my Turtle. He is the best friend I have had in this world. I love him tremendously much. - me
It hasn't smelled my scent, has it? - Hamish asks me about the koala, "scent" in my third language
I was going to make love to it. And then see if we can have some eggs. To make some little hatch-its with him! To see if we can make eggs! Tik Tok! I was going to take you therefore. Mine. - Hamish, the "mine" at the end I see his penis which is slender and white and is normally hidden internally in the body
Hamish, darling turtle. You are welcome to mate with the stuffed toy if you want to, but it cannot lay for you any eggs and there won't be any hatch-its. - me, Hamish responds to what I say about there not being any hatch-its that he wants to bite into my hands because he doesn't want me to say that there won't be any hatch-its
Hamish, you can only have eggs with other Dragon Turtles. - me
Yes, we know that. - Hamish or Dark Lord
Tik Tok! - Hamish
Sweetheart, it has to be a turtle lady such as Susanna if you want to have a nest of eggs and hatch-its. - me, he wants to bite into my hands again as soon as I say hatch-its, so perhaps instead his instinct and reaction is to protect the hatch-its so that if I even mention them then he wants to bite me to keep me away from even the hypothetical hatch-its
Tik Tok! - Hamish
So. We are mating at the Battle of Syracuse. - Dark Lord says to me
And that is where we are mating you with others. - Dark Lord to me
Tik Tok! I want my hatch-its! I wanted to make you into my lover! - Hamish says to koala
Tik Tok! - Hamish
Come on now, this could get out of hand. - the MIB
Just let him be. He has a sexuality and instincts about becoming a parent. He spends his life living with me and guarding my eggs, but he has a whole life and emotional life of his own. He has every right to feel this way. Just leave him, let him do what he does. He has never harmed me in six years together. I trust him completely. I love this dragon turtle. - me
Why did you take a photos of it? And of it when it had been standing on my rug? Was it about my smell next? And what did it do there, to be taken photos of? What was it for, if not to give me some or any of its eggs? Was it crying now, now that it could be there no longer? And, Tik Tok! I wanted to have a little brother of my own! A very new hatch-it. And then I would take it out with me. - Hamish, at the end when he said "take it out with me" he wants to bite into my hand again, "little brother" was (NL) it means a little boy or a son

Hamish wants to have children, little hatch-its that are the hatchlings that hatch out of dragon turtle eggs that they lay in a nest. I have known now for some time since I figured it out (Tik Tok he says as the click sound)

My father he laid me. He has made me with his eggs, as sons. I wanted to have the right smell again. The right smell. - Hamish, the right smell is the baby smell that newly hatched dragon turtles have and that Hamish too had when he was a baby
Hamish, you need to find - me interrupted
Tik Tok! Come on now, koala! - Hamish
Hamish you need to find a female dragon turtle of your own species of the old Draconian race, the ones with the humpback, either a red female or a yellow female. Then you can mate with her if she lets you - me interrupted
Tik Tok! - Hamish
We have also had fish, in a garden. I tried to mate with them once, but nothing came of it. And they didn't want to see me then, next. We were not, colloiquial. - Hamish, "we have also had fish" was (NL), I don't know what colloiquial means
Turtle Sock. You can only make eggs and hatch-its if you find a female Dragon Turtle of your same race. Only they have got the right eggs for your species that make babies. Anything else won't work. It needs to be the old Dragon Turtle race. - me
Was my fathers there, with him? And then next, I will take your neck. - Hamish talks to me, the first sentence was with an image of a forest on Earth, and to take my neck he thought of, or actually did, about laying his hand against my throat again

[Added same day: colloquial means, about a language, informal, conversational, everyday, casual, non-literary.]

I knew that, he can become pretty angry about these things. And sometimes very violent. We have taken his eggs away from him before, and he can begin to fight and bite. So we didn't want that to happen to you, dear lady! - Jack to me about Hamish, Hamish says he has been given Toast or did he say snacks I forgot his words cause I didn't write it on time

Oh I understand it all right now. Because I had placed the koala bear on his rug he thought it was a female that had sought out his nest. Hamish has built a nest on this rug and he defends this rug vehemently and doesn't let anyone else stand on it. He places his shedded scales there to build a nest and he lies on that nest and spends a lot of time tending to the scales and arranging the nest and he loves to sit there or stand there or lie there. Sometimes he masturbates there against the scales, so it is sexual behavior. So when I had placed the koala bear there his mind saw it as a female that had chosen his nest to mate with him and to make a nest of eggs. And so when just like that after taking the photos of the koala that was sitting on his rug nest I had lifted the koala up and simply hung it on the door handle next to the rug, it seems I had taken away his eggs from him, so Jack thought that Hamish could have become violent toward me because I had trespassed into his nest and possibly even taken away his female and his eggs and future hatch-its. I really realize now that even after living so closely with this dragon for six years, we still do not understand each other at all.

What was vehemently meant? Was I being vehement? I was defending them yes, Tik Tok? - Hamish or Dark Lord narrating Hamish
I was gardening. - Hamish says

When he starts saying Tik Tok, you gotta watch out. - Jack to me, meaning that Hamish can begin to bite and become violent then

My eggs were not in oestrus, anymore. - Hamish says and thinks to the koala bear that is hanging off the door
Well, it seems that my work here is done. Given that since Hamish has already ejaculated his semen. He won't bother you anymore. - Jack says to me

I was the King race. I was not going to be thought of as stupid. AND STOP TAKING PICTURES OF MY BRIDE! My Toast was given to me. - Hamish, he lost his temper with the all capitals sentence, and then he was all calm and happy again with the following Toast sentence, bride means the koala bear

I was next going to talk to you about my Toast. - Hamish says, and then he sways his upper body side to side a few times slowly out of content about Toast

It was given for me, bird eggs. - Hamish says (NL), did someone give him bird eggs, perhaps to distract him with, maybe some chicken eggs?

You are not allowed to talk to her about your Toast. - Jack says to Hamish, her being me

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