Soup's Up!
August 07 2017

Chef Dark Lord cooks us up some soup of menstruational blood, and the Reptilians are enjoying feeling how it charges up across the length of their tongue. Even a Reptilian who poses to be Bill Clinton is brought to feel the soup because the other Reptilians feel that he is weak so he needs some strength.

*Serving Suggestion

3:48 PM. If you have a problem with blood or with women's menstruation then look away and don't read a website about Reptilians, Dark Lords and rituals. I am from a culture where women most definitely don't have a problem with talking about menstruation even to men.

Step 1. Recipe and Ingredients

So we know that women are supposed to menstruate once every month, 12 times a year. I seem to recall menstruating once a month when it started when I was 12 and also when I was 13 but I think it was ever since I was 15 and still now when I am 34 I only menstruate about 2 or 3 times a year. I should start to take notes of it to be sure. Also normally when my period is normal it will always start at the end of a month pretty much more or less starting about six days before the month ends and lasting for about three to six days I think and ending before the next new month begins.

As for PMS. I have only had one PMS month in my whole life, I was 13 or 15 I can't remember and the pain was so bad I was crawling on the floor to go and boil me some tea because drinking hot tea numbs the pain. Other than that my normal period has no pain, maybe sometimes a bit of cramps that feel like a rag being twisted or something being snipped off with small pliers in the uterus but nothing that one can by any means say is painful, and almost always there is absolutely no pain whatsoever before or during.

Sometimes I have a bit of looser poo but not diarrhoea, meaning just going to the bathroom more often and that is normal for women's menstruation but also does not always or normally happen with me. I do not get any nausea. I do not notice that I would get irritability, only sometimes in all the years did I notice that I get weird toward men, dismissive and a bit aggressive that I would push them away, maybe the body's way of making sure that a woman does not have sex during their period is what I usually like to think.

As for the bleeding itself. There were years with a normal healthy bloodflow but for most of the times in recent years the bleeding was a very small amount and the bits of uterus that come out were just like brown shreads rather than those plump blood-filled bits that they are supposed to be and almost no blood just some stale old brown dried blood and I think also bleeding for about just three days I seem to think.

So let's recap. Normal is 12 times a year, for me at the end days of a month and not reaching into the next month, duration for about six days, healthy blood flow with blood-filled bits of uterus, normally no pain or other signs of PMS. But I have 2 or 3 times a year, mostly very small amounts of blood that seems dry and stale, instead of blood-filled bits of uterus they are like empty thin shreds, and no pain or signs of PMS, anyhow this is actually what I consider to be normal for me. And no I don't talk to a doctor about it because this is my body and I do not care if it means that I cannot have children because that would make me happy and I do not want to find out whether I can have children or not I will have a child or not have one and let nature decide if I am married and doctors telling a woman that they have to menstruate once a month is racism.

I have taken birth control pills only once in my life and they caused me to have the worst pain of my life, at first I didn't know it was PMS I just thought I was dying from something but once the blood came I realized it was just my period so I didn't have to go to the doctor. I was in the worst pain of my life and felt really bad but that was just a severe PMS caused by taking the birth control pills. I don't want to use birth control pills again I would rather risk having a baby but that is also why I have stopped dating men and will only be with a husband where having a baby would be ok in our situation, so letting nature take its course. But I am unmarried and single so there won't be a baby. But looking for a husband.

ANYHOW! It started around the time of the energy rape by the Zetas, find it in the alien encounters stories dated July 31-August 01. For the past several days including yesterday I noticed a Dark Lord sneaking up close to me and using its mind magic to put images of that same worst person in my life that I hate and the Dark Lord tries to connect my body with that guy's and twists the energies into something sexual. Trust me, there is nothing sexual between us, but maybe that is why the Dark Lord chooses the subject. It causes me a tremendous deal of agony. But what is most important, is what happens in my second chakra, the sex chakra when the Dark Lord does that. Chakras are energy centers across the body, there are seven main ones, the second one is associated with reproductive and sexual energy and energy of creation, energy that a human expresses outward from themselves to create something. Consciousness that is only up to the level of second chakra is someone who is selfish and who does not understand the higher chakra consciousness levels, they don't have third chakra consciousness which would mean what others do to oneself so they don't feel what others do to them, or the fourth chakra which is the interaction between two people or emotional relationships the interchange, so someone who is only up to a second chakra in consciousness is aware of itself being alive, and is acting outward onto others without having regard for others, some rapists but mainly crazy people who become painters have an orange aura, also here is the subconscious reason why prisoners in America have to wear orange clothing instead they should be made to wear pink and royal blue to enhance the energies that they are lacking.

I could feel it both physically in the form of a tremendous pressure and pain like fire but without heat in my second chakra and also see and feel it in what was being done to the energies of my second chakra, the Dark Lord made my second chakra huge about three or four feet in diameter instead of the normal half a foot diameter, instead of a healthy bright orange the chakra turned into a swirling vortex of black and dark gray. Like a black and dark gray tornado slowly churning the energy equivalent of sewer water is what he had made my second chakra into. A huge invasion into my body's energy system and of a Dark Lord Trademark design way of doing it. Last night I took a moment to work on closing that chakra into its normal size and turning it into white light, not orange but when white light is brought from higher chakras and stepwise down it is even better and I can carry white light consciousness also in the lower chakras most can't cause you have to have an activated light body to even know what I am talking about, and when I did that I could feel the Dark Lord or Dark Lords who were entwined with my black vortex they were being burned and feeling the pain but it was a fight of wills.

For the past several days I could feel how what the Dark Lord was doing was affecting my physical uterus and starting last night I knew it was going to cause me a menstruation and bleeding. Today at around noontime or just after noon I noticed that I had the blood. This was a manifestation of the evil that had been done to me by the Dark Lords. I saw this as they worked on me with this for many days that my body would react to the evil by causing a menstruation to wash out the bad energies. Sometimes I think that women menstruate to get rid of bad energies that are sometimes in the form of bad chemicals in their body and blood and that I menstruate less because I am most of the time a light being and I also do not consume bad energies or bad chemicals.

This all sounds like science-fiction, witchcraft or nonsense to most people reading but go watch some television if you feel overwhelmed with reality from another consciousness and otherwordly beings, smoke a cigarette and consume meat and buy products that you only think are good because of media while you're at it and keep that head of yours inside of a box and enjoy the box while you're in it because the view there is great but the outcome and options are not.

The period was different from other times, the early amount was very heavy and fresh and already had the blood-filled bits of uterus which normally only come after several hours or after the first day. I did not have any pain, just that feeling of throbbing and of the contorted energy of the second chakra area, which is attached to the physical uterus in the body. It is August 7 and that is not a normal time for my period, completely in the middle of a month like that. I feel fine, except that the chakra is still messed up, I have got a huge black contorted vortex instead of the healthy orange chakra, it is massive energy damage by the Dark Lords but I will repair it into a smaller white chakra eventually. The menstruation is my body's reaction to want to wash out the evil energies. The menstruation resonates with bad energies, sometimes women menstruate because of negative emotions, from negative chemicals such as metals such as bad iron especially from eating a lot of meat or sometimes from canned foods that had metal from the can or other toxins, but this menstruation I have is the manifestation and resonance of the black magic done to me by the Dark Lords. My blood carries in fact iron in the blood that has been twisted around, shifted, so that it resonates with the Dark Lord voodoo.

Again I am a science-minded individual, I have taken lots of science courses at university, I know how science works but this all happens on a level of existence that is beyond the reach of today's science. I see and feel what is happening I have heightened perception.

Step 2. Invite Guests over for Soup

Ever since my period began today, I saw one or two new Reptilians who visited. One of them was dark green in color, he has those stacks of scales that look like fingernails almost stacked on top of each other like roof tiles. He has a notably thick neck that arches backward a bit. When I said things to him like cute lizard, cute serpent, like I always coo my lizzarddss, he corrected me and insisted that he is a Lord. So I called him a cute Lord serpent and he was happier with that. He and I think also another Reptilian were doing a strange thing. They keep their mouth wide open, gaping wide open, and they have this long string tongue that is thin and that lies not flat but is wavy across like a roller coaster, waves up and down, up and down like curled, and they are feeling something across the length of their tongue. They feel, and I see it, as if something is being loaded up on along the length of their tongue, almost like putting an electrical appliance into the socket in the wall, a kind of plugging some module into a socket, all across their tongue, I see that kind of effect but I see no actual plugs of course. And they seem to go into a sense of deliria or altered and heightened state. I can only safely conclude that it has got to do with them being close to my period and blood. I have been interacting with Reptilians that I know of, for six years now, and this is the first time I have witnessed them having this behavior. This is also the only time I have had this Dark Lord energy vortex of my second chakra being done and the resulting menstruational bleeding from that.

Meanwhile Hamish was sitting on the sofa enjoying the sofa like he always does, he did not seem to mind the visiting Reptiles, also Hamish was not taking part in the lizard strangeness.

I fell asleep for a nap and when I woke up at around 3 PM I have to say it but it is the strangest thing. I saw mentally a Reptilian who had beige color like human skin color and this Reptilian too had its mouth gaping wide open and still and a tongue like that and its tongue and mind were also doing that strange behavior and those strange modules across the length of its tongue that receive something that plugs in to each of many a series of modules along its tongue, someone told me that this one was a weak Reptilian it did not have much was it strength or life left and I heard them say that it was Bill Clinton and I was of course like say what what did you say did you just say Bill Clinton? I had to ask myself was I just hearing strange things because I just woke up from a nap, and I continue to comfort myself with that this particular element of it can be totally dismissed so I don't have to feel responsible for it being said because surely I was just hearing something strange because I had just woken up from a nap.

However I do know it to not be a mistake. Many years ago before 2011 when the Reptilian contact began, I did have a lot of Dark Lord visitation and those were horrible years of my life when I was young. I always knew Bill Clinton somehow personally. I was living in Europe and took no interest in American politics or in presidents and did not even watch the news. I kept my head in video games and in things that related directly only to things I have around me, in the world of a young woman in Europe, and in the world of a young woman in Europe there is no Bill Clinton. But I used to always worry about his heart, I thought many times about his heart and I knew that his heart was not well and I used to care about him as if I knew him. It wasn't until later that Bill Clinton revealed to the world that he did in fact have a very serious heart condition, but trust me on that timing there, he only revealed it a lot later, and the world had no way of knowing at the time when I knew. So this Reptilian is somehow connected to Bill Clinton and even half-morphed into a human form of him, well maybe not as much as half morphed but the skin color was a human color. And the Reptilian community was kind to the poor fellow and showing some sympathy to the poor guy and insisting that he go ahead and charge up with however these lizzies seem to now be charging themselves up with the batteries from my very deliciously prepared voodoo witchcraft vortex stirred around and spiced by none other than the notorious world-renown chef Dark Lord who is saying soup's up!

I don't know if they are actually drinking my blood but it seems to me that they are just near me and they can smell the blood and they keep their mouths open and the smell of the blood carries across the air and something from it plugs into several sockets that are biological components across the length of their tongues.

What do we say about Bill Clinton. I don't think it is nice to write about lizard conspiracy theories and blood rituals and when it targets actual persons. Bill Clinton is a public figure so he has to deal with some strange behaviors from people out there, however let us be clear, the strange behavior is not coming from me but from a Reptilian who

Would you like to have a gang-bang with us then? - Dark Lord asks me
With who? - me
With several, officers. - Dark Lord
Why now? I am menstruating. - me
Yes. We needed it to feed. - Hamish or other similar red Reptilian
But why a gang bang when I am menstruating? Do you just mean a lot of guys and me? - me
Yes, you are feeling a little lonely we thought. And also, goats!!! We need blood! - Dark Lord with eyes glowing in the glare of the white light of me
... I think you know that this is leaving me quite speechless. I am however not interested in partaking in any gang bang of any sort. - me
We wanted you to bleed! - Dark Lord, his eyes are filled with the wonder as he looks into the beautiful and brilliant white light of me, he says this not sinister or angry, just quietly and almost like a whisper
We don't want you to take that much toilet paper to it. - Dark Lord, I see its feet with black claws on toes, it means when I went to the toilet after the nap and of course wiped myself with the toilet paper
But Sir, if I do not use toilet paper than how else am I supposed to - me interrupted
We would recommend that you let it trickle along your arms, and that you drink it. It does you good, I can trust you. We recommend it? - Dark Lord
But Sir, I am not one inclined to be drinking my own period blood. - me
It is called the juice, here! - Dark Lord so fond of these topics and so happy to be sharing his lovely topics with me that it makes him out of breath he gasps and whispers
Kind Sir. I am not one to partake in any blood rituals. - me, the Dark Lord wants to say something I just feel and hear the almost cough in his throat he is really eager to say something but does not say it
The royally, needed their blood. - Hamish informs me
And then they needed to screw. - Dark Lord adds about the "royally", I assume screw means f*ck but let's ask
"To screw", means what exactly? - me
To take your feces out of you we mean. - DL
WHAT?! Say again? - me
To take your blood, out of it too. - DL
To take it out of your vagina. - Hamish about the blood he adds
Ok then. And what, I mean who are the "royally"? - me
We, we are the goat kings therefore. We are here to resist you? - DL
We needed the blood, for our kings! - DL
Have you resisted? - Hamish or someone else to me
I am with Manon here. - DL, Manon is the name of one of the Dark Lords I've known for some time

Step 3. Soup Ingredients question the Soup Guests

Where was I. So I was saying that this strange mention of Bill Clinton's name in all this is not my idea, it was the Reptilian who poses as him and identifies and personifies with him. But it is not just the strange behavior of that Reptilian, this Reptilian seems to have a whole group and gathering of other Reptilians who also believe in his make-believe that he somehow personifies with Bill Clinton and not only do they allow him to impersonate, they take great care of him and they feel that his health is the same as Bill Clinton's health, the same heart condition and weakness. In fact, and I hate to have to say this, but for some reason I think about Bill Clinton maybe about once a month or so which is fairly often for a woman who is in Europe and who does not care about American politics, namely I keep thinking about his heart condition and the weakness I feel in his body and I worry about him a lot and I care about him. I have thought about him for years and known about his health before he even announced it to the world, for some reason I am feeling his health and weakness often and I keep thinking that I am concerned for him.

And so there is not only one Reptilian who likes to morph partially into the human Bill Clinton, well all I could see of that was the skin color was beige and had no scales and maybe the eyes were blue and this Reptilian suffers from the same weakness and heart condition that Bill Clinton has, so not only is there this Reptilian there is a whole group of Reptilians who not only allow this Reptile to make believe but they care about him and want him to gain some strength by absorbing that strength from the soup that Dark Lord has cooked up together with my blood. Nothing like blood soup to feel all better, right? I should try some, only that I won't.

I would like to taste them myself. - Hamish being completely sincere and cute
Hamish? Did you ever taste to eat my blood? - me
Yes-No. It is only reserved for the better ones. For me, lunches, Yes-No. For me, No, grrr. - Hamish, Hamish said no! Hamish said no! The second time ever I have heard him say no instead of Yes-No! I am so proud of him, yet I hope that "Yes-No" never goes away as a term

Would you like to play some games with us. - Dark Lord, it seemed to be a game of cards
What kind of a game is it? - me
If you don't eat those winegums. - Dark Lord about the bag of sour sweet candies that I was eating from today before my nap, I don't normally eat that much candies or sweets and we know how the aliens do not want me to eat any sugar
Is that a game? - me
Yes. We are here with the royal ones. - DL
Who is the royal ones? Is it a Reptilian? - me
Dom Dom. - Hamish
Who? - me
The royal ones, are the better than me. They are here for that soup, that is delicious. They might take an arm off. - DL about my leg and arm to take off and eat
They are wanting that juicy. - DL
Ok. Here's the deal. Since I am already menstruating, and my blood is only going to be going down the toilet, you are welcome to somehow eat the period blood, because it is just wasted otherwise. If it helps to make some Lizards feel stronger and healthier, then go ahead. And if there is a Lizard there who is feeling weak and if my period blood can help him feel a bit stronger then you can use that as a medicine. - me

So why do I say that? Period blood goes down the toilet otherwise. This is easier than giving a blood donation that would have a needle in the arm. It is like giving away toenail clippings. I don't need that blood. But also, if there is a Lizard who is somehow connected to Bill Clinton and if these guys think that my blood can help him feel stronger than I would definitely help out. I have been feeling the actual Bill Clinton's heart condition and weakness for years now quite often and I do worry about him often.

It might not be nice to write all what I just wrote there, so let me defend my writing with the following. My aliens are absolutely real in the physical world that has been many times confirmed with witnesses and with physical evidence. This is not a phenomenon all happening in my head. Even the fact how the work that the Dark Lord was doing resulted in an actual menstruation is a form of physical evidence. Some Reptilians like to pose to be an actual human person who is in a position of power, either as human royal kings

Look we have gotten a cup! - Dark Lord shows me a metal chalice which I can only guess might contain my period blood?
What is inside it? - me
The chess-board team. - DL with his eyes glistening at the sight of the bright white light of me, the chessboard is a reference, as was in his mental thought image, to the black and white checkered floor which is of tremendous significance to the Dark Lord magical culture, namely it is a portal through which they can enter from their world and into ours

So some Reptilians pose as actual human royal figures, there is for instance a fat white lizard who is called Queen Mother and who presents herself as the actual queen Elizabeth of England. Reptilians also take an interest in U.S. presidents. And remember that green lizard who wore an X-shaped toolbelt across his chest across which was a sword and he acted as if he was John Kerry? So now we have a Reptilian who personifies with former U.S. president Bill Clinton. It is nothing surprising to encounter such a Reptilian, and their Reptilian friends all play in on the make-believe too. I also add that I knew about Bill Clinton's heart condition a long time before it was announced. For many years and still to this day and I do not know why but I am feeling his heart condition and weakness. I do feel the illnesses of other persons so that is nothing strange, but why I have for so many years always been aware of this person and his health and emotions I do not know. But I always worry about him and I do care about him.

This is normal Agenda stuff. I am not the only one who experiences the Dark Lords, Reptilians, blood rituals, Reptilians shapeshifting into actual human figures of power that they pretend to be. It is an interesting phenomenon.

Also about when I was just ready at the toilet after my nap and having used too much toilet paper instead of letting the blood run down my arms to lick the blood like Dark Lord would have wanted, Dark Lord then had asked me if I would like to do some "Masonic ritual" or "Masonic rituals". I asked him, is this "Free Masons"? And I asked him, "would I be given a Free Mason rank?" Let us not ever forget that there was a time when Dark Lords messed up my life and pushed me into the arms of a guy who did D/s slave training (while a Dark Lord was in his body overlapped and Dark Lord was telling me to call him the Dark Lord Master and to kneel for him the Dark Lord), the guy did mind control and hypnosis on me, he is a Free Mason, his dad is a Free Mason, and the family are good friends with the Bush family like happy family get-together pictures on the walls in the home sort of thing.

I just hope that the actual Bill Clinton can find a way to feel better he is very weak. And if there is a Reptilian who identifies itself with Bill Clinton and for some reason is suffering from the same weakness and if my menstruational blood can somehow help him to feel better then I would not mind helping out, because otherwise my blood just goes down the toilet.

Just a couple of minutes later, maybe three minutes later. 5:26 PM.

I don't want my daughters to read this stuff. - Bill Clinton said a few minutes ago, perhaps not in these exact words I forgot by now but this is what the meaning of what he said was
Wait. "Daughters?" I thought you had just one daughter? - me also perhaps not exactly in these words but that is what I said

Of course I was not able to assume that the actual Bill Clinton was talking to me, but I talked to him and said anyway that if his daughter reads about him on the internet there is for instance that story about him with other women so he should tell her not to read about him on the internet that there is already worse stuff there but I added to that that I do not care about those other stories anyway but just saying. He then said:

I don't want Chelsea to read any of this stuff. - Bill Clinton
God damn! I could put a gun to your head! - a lizard or Bill Clinton, I think a lizard said this, perhaps even to Bill Clinton

Of course we want to say that I am insane and hallucinating this whole thing and to feel sorry for me. I remind myself that I have known about Bill Clinton's health for years and even knew very well about his heart condition before it was announced to the world, and that I am not the only one reporting on Reptilians behaving as if they were the actual human power figures. I have also had conversations with a Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth who talk just like the real figures would although at first the Queen Elizabeth was the fat white lizard but then she talks about the castle and the rose gardens and those dainty old teacups that belonged to Queen Victoria and that I could send her an actual postcard with a secret code word written on the envelope that would make it be sorted into the actual pile that she does receive and read.

You do not know about those things, do you? - Dark Lord now to me, he shows me a forest with an owl statue and I just know from the feeling and vibe of the image that this should be depicting Bohemian Grove where presumably U.S. presidents go to do Dark Lord style of shenanigans, mischief and trouble
Mr. Dark Lord Sir? Would that happen to be Bohemian Grove that you have shown me? - me
YES!! Do you take an interest in it? We could show you to them. And then, they could take a look, and see how you bleed. - Dark Lord, he gasped out of breath as he said YES!! because he loves these topics! He loves telling me about these things it is his passion in life his hobby
Are you still hearing me, about telemetry. Then do not say anything more to us. You are revealing our big secrets to everybody. And we never meant for that harm to be done to OURSELVES! But yes, the Bohemian Grove. And we do secret stuff there, and we do not like to have any spies. - a second Dark Lord individual says this, he is smaller and has a scrawny voice
What is your name, Sir? You are not Manon? - me, though if the first one was Manon I do not know
What is your name? Tell me? I like to know your names. - me
We are the great ones! - this 2nd Dark Lord says, standing up now previously he was slumped together and I smelled the smell of burnt and he stood beside a fire at the site they are referencing to in the forest
I would very much like to know your name? All Dark Lord Gentlemen have their very own and special name, and I like to know them. - me
We do not work for you you see. And we do not like spies. Sometimes we go to hospitals, and make them sick. And then we feast on their blood. - 2nd DL
Not like you would have done, with us? - first DL adds about the hospital that I would not have done that, then 2nd DL said something about not liking spies, or something about blood, I forgot cause I have to type real fast here

How do we sum up a story such as this one? First of all, actual human figures mentioned in these stories are to be presumed to have no connection whatsoever to these deities or stories. It could very well just be Reptilian entities taking a great interest in human power figures, because they want to be thought of as kings, as presidents, as military leaders themselves. Maybe some Reptilians just get tired of repeating to the humans that they rule and that they are to be regarded as important and dignified, so maybe they just show themselves as a human figure of power so that they can expect the humans they meet to treat them with a lot of worship that they feel they are due. But if that is true, then I do not understand why they would do so with me. I would treat a fake Bill Clinton and the real Bill Clinton just like any other human. He happens to be a politician, and perhaps that makes his work interesting to some, but I am not interested in politics. I would be far more excited to talk to an archaeologist who could tell me about his work on excavating the sites of prehistoric human remains!

I have a great deal of respect and love toward humans. I am the last person who would write or spread conspiracy theories about specific individuals or write about Dark Lord satanic blood rituals. If I had to make up a story I would rather write a happy story for children about unicorns and ponies in a rainbowland than to choose this topic. But this is my documentary on actual interaction with real alien entities here the Dark Lords and Reptilians, and these are the stories and shenanigans that they choose to get up to.

6:12 PM.

What is the flavor profile of that? - Dark Lord as I'm drawing the picture of a Dark Lord cooking soup, about the soup in the picture
It tastes like soup. Like carrot soup. - me
Opus Ondi. - Dark Lord

Update 7:26 PM. Just came back from a bathroom visit. My period blood is the most glowing neon bright red I have ever seen. I have never seen blood of that color. It glows so bright and neon red. Normally my period blood is a dark red, this one is so bright bright bright red. I would love to take a photo to show you but I guess there are some limits to what one can post on the internet. Why is my period blood so incredibly bright in color? How is that possible? What is in my period blood right now that the Reptilians want to eat? Also I am losing many large pieces of uterus more than what is normal for my period. So this is something out of the ordinary.

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