This Whole Thing
October 26 2016

I remember bits from having been taken by the aliens to visit human military, Zetas confess to having done medical procedures on me, I talk to a new major, but Hamish is my support that makes all things ok even though he is just some reptile

[Added same day: In places where it says Zetas, it was possibly or even probably actually the Alpha Reticulans instead, I should have written Reticulan instead of Zetas, but Zetas also appear in this story.]

8:41 AM - Now I've got a story. It happened in the morning just before I woke up. I just woke up at around 8:30 AM so it all happened right before while I was asleep. I think I may have met some of the human military men and Hamish. I also got mental images of a room of Zetas afterwards when I was awake. Here's what happened, unless it was all a dream:

While I was asleep, I had a lucid dream, which means a dream where you feel that you are awake. These are it seems more likely in the morning right before you wake up. I don't have work today, so I was able to sleep until fully rested, so a lucid dream is more likely then. On other days I have to get up at 5 AM so that disrupts my sleep and doesn't prepare for lucid dreaming.

I became aware of a man sitting on a chair in a room and there was an overlap of us somehow in that I was able to feel his left thigh so vividly it was as if I was living in his body, at least aware of his thigh. I felt the bone and the muscle, and it felt unlike my own thigh, which since I am a woman is more of a soft padded fat thigh but his was a whole different feeling. I then felt his left lower leg vividly too. I was then in that room with them. That man was sitting there and another one a bit further away. The second man was a military officer. A third man came into the room he was a lower rank military guy in a dark green-light green camouflage uniform and he had black hair and talked with the officer. Then a man perhaps the first one I met or otherwise yet a new one walks with me away to what turns out to be an animal pen, one of those with three walls and the fourth wall missing and a roof and hay on the floor, it had one such larger room and side-to-side next to it a smaller one of the same make, he said we go to the larger one, and he lied down on the hay and we were going to have sex, I wasn't opposed to the idea but I woke up before anything happened. [Added later same day: It is fair to suspect, that the aliens would have given the vision of the animal pen, in fact Hamish could have, since Hamish even calls my home "his barn".]

Just as I woke up and back in my room, I am seeing gorgeous mental images of Hamish my Dragon standing upright and I notice how tall and large he is compared to my size, such a magnificent fire engine red dragon with yellow bulging eyes like the headlights of a car. I shower my dragon with some appreciation and I tell him good morning and that I love him, I reach my arms out wide toward him even though I can't catch him. It is nice waking up to a day off work but nothing makes it better than waking up with my precious dragon there.

One of the military guys, the officer, talks to me telepathically once I am awake. He asks me something like, "Hey, do you really only eat jungle food, bananas and things?". He obviously knows that I am a vegan. I tell him about veganism and the health benefits and recommend it to him too. He tells me that "they" which meant the Zetas would prefer it if I don't eat beans and the Zetas tell me that the reason is because that food is not compatible with the hybrids. I tell the Zetas that I know that already, and that I know that chick peas are also told to be not compatible. Zetas then say one word to me: "yoghurt". I know they want me to eat yoghurt. I ate white small beans yesterday, and intend to have some more today. I start to feel cuddly toward the officer and I imagine what it would be like to hug him and do other cuddle (ok I thought about giving him oral sex what that would be like, sorry I have to be explicit because this is a documentary, because we need to know what I thought in order to understand what Hamish was reacting to, because:), then Hamish says to me "Tok Tok Tok" which means "Come here" so Hamish was basically breaking up my thinking so I said to Hamish, "Hamish said Tok Tok Tok, I am coming to you Hamish" so I focused my attention on my dragon again.

I told Hamish that he is doing good work because he has told me "Tok Tok Tok" and because sometimes he tells me "yoghurt". Hamish smiled at me with his eyes, by closing his lower eyelids halfway up horisontally, and his upper eyelids diagonally down so that his eyes are partly closed but not fully closed. I put my index finger against my upper eyelid and lower eyelid one then the other to show him that I was smiling to him too. Hamish rarely says Tok Tok to me. I think it was yesterday in the shower I said to Hamish many times "Tok Tok Hamish, come to me". Tok Tok isn't just "come here", but Hamish takes it seriously. The Dragon Turtles respond to it. It seems to be used only in more or less an emergency, and not like "hey come here there's something neat on television you need to see", nor "come here I'm bored". It seems to be more serious since it also makes Hamish hurry up and get anxious to come to me when I say it. So when Hamish says it, I of course go to him immediately and stop what I am doing, he uses it rarely with me. But I would go to him anyway, I love him so much.

So, unless I was just dreaming, the aliens might have let me visit how ever it works some of the people that are on their projects. I may have had sex with them because the aliens want those babies I don't know how that works. Here's the deal, if the men in the dream were imaginary, then in that case that imagination carried on to my awake life because I had some conversations with one of the men when I was awake, which then would imply that I hallucinate while I am awake, which would then discredit my visions and communication with Hamish and the Zetas. However, I have physical evidence that the Reptilians and Hamish are real

We also went there. - Zeta shows me itself holding the thin plastic tubing, meaning my nose
And, we showed you those. - Zeta, image of a man's scrotum
Why did you show me that? - me, about the scrotum
Why that? - me
Do you want pills, that make you indifferent? - black Reptilian with black eyes
No. I just want answers. If you have some answer pills. - me
So, when my Hamish said, Tok Tok Tok. - black Reptilian, "my Hamish" seemed to refer to how I tend to say my Hamish, that it was mine and not his, like a phrase I've used

So I have physical evidence

We have been in hospitals. We are searching for DNA evidence. - Zeta, the first sentence in my native language
We are proud of that fact. - Hamish
We are, proud of you. - Hamish seemed to mean proud of me
Grrr, I will bite you. - Hamish to Zeta, first the Zeta said something
We have taken feces. - Zeta in my native language
We have taken them. - Hamish native language NL
In those there are not flowers anymore. They were taken. Tik! Tik! Flowers! - Hamish NL
She was not scared of us. - Zeta to one of the human men
I was not scared! - me
How about now? - Zeta shows me closeup mental image of itself, huge black eyes that have a thin line along the contour that reflects light, GORGEOUS!
You are beautiful. - me
Then we can take you here. - Zeta, it thinks about leading me to walk with them by holding my arm gently by the elbow and forearm
I would love to visit. - me
Then we can show you these. - Zeta, image of vertical water tanks with naked creatures inside
Buttercups! - Hamish
I want to visit Hamish. - me, Hamish responds to this what I said, by turning around and putting his arms horisontally backward so that his hands are at the tail end of his back hump, he turned around so that I would see his back like that, this is one of his body language gestures, it seems to mean that he is making himself unavailable, but I am not sure
Hamish is my favorite in the whole world. - me
Crackers. Buttercups. - Hamish, first he thought about biting into something crispy like crackers, "crackers" was in my other language
Turtle! - me
We have got Kermit also. - Zeta shows me as if it has a Kermit puppet resting on its arm it shows it to me
I like Kermit. - me, to be clear, this Kermit thing is only their mental image - unless they have an actual puppet - of a Kermit puppet doll, just made to cheer me up like one does to children, but it works I love that thing it is so cute Zetas showing me a Kermit doll!
We like to take this into your nose. - Zeta about the thin plastic tubing
I know. You suction out my stomach contents and feed it to the hybrids. - me
Not just. - Zeta objects, since that seems to not be the most important reason
These men had to watch you here. - Zeta about the men
To make sure that you are alright, Ma'am. - the officer
That's why they were watching. - Zeta
Hey, and I am also here. - a man with black hair one of the MIBs but not wearing a black suit
Hey my name is John, by the way. Geezh, she does not remember me. - John, the black haired one
So, when can I visit? And meet everybody? And meet Hamish. - me
My Buttercups, said. I want power. - Hamish, the last sentence in my native language, he thought about biting into everyone's arms and pushing people around that way, he was irritated and he needs to feel in charge with power so that he can calm down, maybe he felt this way because I said I want to meet him, perhaps my wanting to meet him is me pushing ahead a bit too far and he feels out of control a bit, my Turtle

Whatever, this is somehow all real, it just is, ok? I have seen real physical UFOs with witnesses who were not primed by me beforehand, there have been alien writing on the walls and shaking furniture and all sorts of things so it's all real. I just hate the feeling that readers are thinking I am crazy when I am not. John is looking at me now. He has a red-tan skin color, black hair. He seems familiar to me. I might have known this man since my early teens.

Who are you? - me
... Why do you say, good morning to them? After what they have done to you. Huh? - John
Because I love Hamish. - me
Do you know what they did to your butt? - John, um with an image
Yeah, that is your hiney. - Zeta to me about John's thought image
Yeah, I noticed... - me
They also go into your nose, they should say. - a sassy Alpha Reticulan! They have those angry sassy eyes and they talk as if they are pissed about everything
I don't care, as long as I have my Turtle. I just want to be with Hamish. He is the best, in case if you haven't noticed. - me
This man here, he was not a General, but oh boy...! - John about the officer
They wanted to examine you. And, first they had to examine me. - the officer
What is... What rank is he if not a General? - me
He is a major. - Zeta about the officer
And he is working with us, intergalactic ones. - Zeta adds
... I once dated a major. He was crazy about his guns. Never mind sorry about that. So, is everything allright? - me
Yes, they just went into your underpants. - major or Zeta
What is your name? Otherwise I will forget you. - me
They went into your nose, first. And then we took off your underpants. - Zeta, "underpants" in my third language
We have taken your eggs. - Hamish, while swaying his head sideways to be gentle
They have given me these rocks. - major, I suspect a rock of recreational drugs, I saw his image of it, it was like a pale gray rock that had many sharp edges irregular shaped, small enough to fit into a closed human hand but still rather large, it seemed to be moist internally I mean as if it is a substance that binds some water and it looked to be very brittle that it could be smeared with pressure from fingers, maybe that is the drug the aliens call "silver", I've been given that many times, that's a whole other story.

The major is not Major Cunningham by the way, but this new major is the second major I have ever known - that I know of - in all these years of this. This major has gray hair, he looks fit he seems to have huge upper arm muscles, he is Caucasian, he is not pale he has a golden tan color not very tan or dark at all though, his eyes are not brown they are light blue, he has chiseled cheekbones, he looks very healthy, young and fit for someone who is old enough to have gray hair. He comes across as a kind and calm person, there is nothing aggressive or intimidating about him at all.

But all what matters is my Hamish.

Yes-No, that one, Tok Tok. - Hamish in my other language, the image was to the can of white beans of which I ate yesterday

I was so happy to wake up and see (mental images of) my large tall fire engine red Dragon Turtle. I mean, who wouldn't be enthused about a large fire engine red big reptile who says things like Yes-No (now he bites into the skin between his fingers because he is listening to what I wrote the part about saying Yes-No made him gnaw on his skin), who has eight pairs of blunt orange buttons along his head, a soft turtleshell cushion on his back that he shows off and is very proud of

We have dentists here. - Zeta
And? - me
We have not got glad news. Your dental check-up was not good. Not as good as your butt exam was! Your dental check-up was not good, no. - Zeta
Why not? What is happening? - me
You have got several, serious cavities. - Zeta
Well, I will see a human dentist then. - me
You have got several bacteria there, that eat your minerals and vitamins away. - black Reptilian
That is why a piece of your teeth is missing! - Zeta
They also leave their feces there. And you are incapable of brushing them correctly. So, we would like to offer you, mouth hygiene! - Zeta, "mouth" in my other language, "they leave feces" means bacteria do
Are you, for the eggs? - Zeta asks Hamish, "for the eggs" in my native language, Hamish responds to the Zeta by making a growl-pur
I was for the eggs! - Zeta, really cheerful, NL

The other day Hamish gave me a mental image in which one of his species, unless one of his ancestors the water crustacean, was making the Tiik Tiik Tiik sound but the way it is really done. It sounds like an animal chirping, he said that is where it comes from. I was so happy to hear it. And yesterday I caught Hamish's smell, and to my surprise it actually smelled good. I have reported on that previously too, that for some reason as I have known Reptilians for many years now, I have become immune to their smell, it does not register as a pungent uncomfortable (unbearable) odor anymore, even Hamish smells good to me now. Well, to be fair, the experience or interpretation of smell is subjective. Women for instance find that some men's sweat smells sexy and really good and that other men's sweat smells repulsive, women are probably reading information from it and the brain tells them who to have sex with and who to dismiss. So I am saying that the interpretation of a smell is subjective, the smell itself is molecules and the experience of a smell is nothing concrete but is just an experience that happens in the brain depending on how the brain is connected. But to my surprise, I can now tolerate Hamish's smell, and I am happy about that. It just smells like "Hamish", my best friend in the world. He is so darn cute, with his flat duck feet, how he loves that hedgehog story in the children's book (that is still laid out open by his rug).

But yesterday when I was in the shower and I said Tok Tok...

No, we are not going to use weapons against you. - the major says to Zetas
No, because, we won't. - major to the aliens about this or other topic
Oh man! I don't want you to know that you were raped! - major looks really sad, maybe he ended the sentenced with: "by me"
I don't care. I have Hamish. I am happy. - me
My eggs. My Sock. My Toast. - Hamish, "my Sock" in my native language and he said this and lifted one of his flat duck feet a little off the floor as he said it

[Added same day: Honestly, the major did say "raped by me!", it was said that way as clearly as any other telepathy I hear, it is just difficult to write such a thing. But, in all honesty, that is what he said. He said "by me".]

When I said Tok Tok to Hamish in the shower yesterday, as he came to see me and he got close, I had the most strange encounter with him. Namely, this scaly creature emerged like a crocodile or an alligator from a swamp. A reptile. A scaly predator reptile, like an alligator that emerges from a swamp. It was definitely by no means a mammal, not a fluffy dog. Something cold, cunning, selfish, potentially violent, dominating, a body that felt so alien to my own, nothing in his body and limbs to hug, to kiss, to bond a personal relationship with, just scaly arms and legs and a tail, red shiny scales like an alligator in a swamp, something that I cannot look in the eyes of to find a friend, like we do with other humans or with puppies, not a warm body to hold and to spend time with. But something cold, and cunning, with shiny scales, a predator reptile. A body and a mind that is totally different to my own. And so, what I had said "Tok Tok" to, to call him to come to me, was by all means not the friend I had been looking for, instead I was met with a surprise, because what had come to me, was a reptile.

I never wanted to do this, when I was a little guy. I mean... To watch aliens going into women's butts. I am so sorry about what I said! - major
It's ok. Sometimes I wonder if human doctors would not be more appropriate to monitor the alien activities. Bring in a physician next time, they won't be so traumatized. Or, you could read some human anatomy and biology, read about cells, and organs, and how they work. Read about evolution and cells. Then you will feel better about it, just pick up a book on human anatomy. - me
We, and Lasarus thinks so too. - Lasarus the Zeta
Hello Lasarus! - me, really happy to see him
We have a mushroom head! - Hamish shows up, letting me see his head with the orange buttons, this was too much focus on Lasarus, so he brings attention back to himself, I have at least one time said that his head looks like a toadstool mushroom, which it does
She wasn't, heart eaten. - Hamish about me, "heart eaten" was NL, probably just reminding us that Hamish is cool and awesome and powerful

Tik Tik Tik! - Hamish says while peeling a flat duck foot up a little but not fully off the floor and he looked at his foot
I was not intimidated, when they are acting dominant. - John about aliens obviously about Reptiles probably about Hamish, then I see Zetas and it feels like a hospital there, the colors are turquoise and white in the Zeta facility

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