Alien Conspiracy Story
November 12 2016

Early in the morning a white lizard is here because I had raised my energy and awareness, it comes to prey on my energy or to check on me, it reveals some insights into the large-scale alien conspiracy story happening on Earth

Do you like conspiracy stories? With aliens in it? And a global span including many well-known themes? Listen to this story.

Last night I did a meditation and relaxation method followed by using the law of attraction to visualize my body and mind at my very best and also my life at its very highest. It made me feel completely different. I had a level of happiness which was tremendous, I felt completely come to life, I felt that the way the world is made for us is like a slavery, made to make us think that achieving money is hard, made to make us think we need to consume processed products that are in fact making us sick, putting people stuck in terrible jobs at terrible conditions and low wages. I felt as if I had broken free from that system, that I had access to tremendous energy, potential, wealth, health and happiness. I had made this meditation before going to sleep, so shortly after I fell asleep.

I was woken up extra early in the night at 5 AM by one of the white Illuminati lizards. I tried to ignore the sensation of having this being and its presence, because I would rather live in a world where these things are just imaginary and something in my mind so I was hoping it would go away, but it didn't. I have reported being contacted by these beings before.

The Alien Agenda is an organization consisting of several different types of extraterrestrial beings. Their symbol or logotype is the yellow pyramid, and their god is The Eye, which turns out is an astronomical feature possibly something similar to a black hole in space. They are a sinister group, since they are most willing to do predatory acts on other creatures to benefit themselves. As a group, here on Earth they are responsible for deliberate torture and sexual exploitation of humans and other species. Evidence based on my first-hand experience and information given to me by the Agenda itself, implies that the Agenda gave Earth and humanity things like satanism and many other sinister groups and practices. The Agenda is highly fixated on power and rule, and it appears they are already secretly in control of a significant portion of mainstream Western society that many humans live in.

The Agenda is a hierarchial organisation. Every member of the Agenda is assigned

It has to do with our status. - Hamish says
And I am one of the best. - Hamish adds
To me, in my opinion, you are the best, Hamish. I love you. - me
Tiiik! - Hamish pleased I think
I was the most beautiful buttercups. I wanted my livers I said. - Hamish
I hope you get good liver snacks. I am proud of you. I love you Turtle Hamish. - me
I think I was pretty important and significant therefore. - Hamish
Yes, you are. - me
Tik, Tiik! - Hamish
I was not torturing, to get my livers. I just wanted my snacks, therefore. - Hamish

They are all assigned a level of hierarchy, and other creatures who do not even know about the Agenda or who are not members of the Agenda are also assigned hierarchies, lower levels of course, because there is no concept of love, compassion, or equality by the Agenda. Their god The Eye is given the highest rank. Creatures who call themselves Dark Lords, who sometimes also call themselves Shadow Figures, and who say they are from a world in outer space called Alpha Theta and are therefore also Alpha Thetons or Alpha Thetas, they have either the second or third rank after The Eye. Another species which has a very high rank are the White Lizards, either rank two or three, I am not entirely sure how the White Lizards rank compared to Dark Lords.

Dark Lords are worshipped here on Earth by many secret societies and religious cults, cults which were founded by Dark Lords. Dark Lords themselves probably founded but are at least involved in, among others, Rosicrucians, Aleister Crowley groups, satanism, druidism, Ku Klux Klan. Dark Lords are intelligent, charming, knowledgeable and interesting to talk to. They can be on good behavior when they want to, but would they want to cause harm they can be tremendously powerful. They can take over human minds, they prefer if their victims use alcohol and drugs to weaken their mind and increase their susceptibility, they want to influence humans to do acts of physical and sexual violence to others, or to make humans victims of physical and sexual violence.

A lot of humans don't realize that humans have a soul or light energy, nor do most humans see how their light weakens over the years, largely because of harmful consumption habits such as many processed foods and drugs from the medical industry. Children have a brighter light in them than adults. People who are spiritual in the sense of love and light can have a strong light. There are some humans on Earth whom the Agenda call "Crystals", Crystals have an exceptionally high light about them and are also knowledgeable and skilled in methods of light, Crystals have the knowledge and drive to build a better world here, a world that contradicts with the world of misery and slavery that the Agenda wants to hold humans in. Dark Lords and White Lizards are energy predators, they prey on children or adults and especially Crystals, not only to get the light energy from the Crystals but also to try to stop them from breaking the Agenda spell that our world is largely under.

It is about political power, but it is also about energy predation. I can have interesting conversations with the Dark Lords, but lately I tell them to leave, I tell them the way it is, that I am allergic to them that their presence gives me a headache and lowers my energy. But the White Lizards are far worse to be visited by. A White Lizard itself has a very high energy, an energy which it seems it has composed together by stealing many souls and light from victims. White Lizards tend to do energy rape, which is extremely violating.

Bear with me here, because I am telling you what was conveyed to me by the alien being a White Lizard this morning, and I assure you that none of this is my creation. I do not know if it chose to wake me up or if I woke up because it was bothering me. I am sure however, that the reason it had come, was to prey on my tremendously high energy that I had activated before I fell asleep by doing the meditation, and as it would turn out, it was also here to try to put me back into the prison, because they believe that Crystals need to be kept under and stopped or it is a threat to the world they have constructed here on Earth to enslave and prey on humanity.

The White Lizard was showing me images of the former president George Bush the younger one, but the Lizard made it clear to me the whole time, that this man is dead, the lizard communicated messages to me without using words, and it meant, that the real man had been killed. I asked the lizard, then how did they clone or replace this person, I asked the lizard several times but it did not answer. I was not happy about being shown images of this person, especially since I don't want any involvement in these things, but as we know, higher level members of the Alien Agenda communicate often about specific humans who are in positions of power among humanity, royals, political leaders, and military leaders. Agenda Aliens are not only fixated with human power figures because power and rule is important for the Agenda, but they also indicate or claim to be directly involved in ways I am afraid to reveal to you here because it is outrageous and because if it is true then this whole world we live in is ridiculous and then if it is not true and the aliens are only talking about it then I don't want anyone thinking it is true if it is not.

The lizard showed me when Bush had been with the group of young children during the attack on the world trade center, and the lizard said to me that this was all part of the orchestrated plan, because him being with the children added an energy of the children to the event. This Bush supposedly also not being the real individual but some kind of replacement, according to the lizard. Now I have no personal interest whatsoever on conspiracy theories and I don't want any involvement. I don't want to be writing about presidents or any other things that put me on a "list". But I've pledged to write an authentic and honest documentary on alien contact experience, which started five years ago with an Orion lizard talking to me about their studies on bacteria. And if an alien being contacts me at 5 AM in the morning to tell me that Bush was replaced and all of that, then I am just going to write it down, because it is what an alien being is saying to me.

The lizard also thanked me for helping them with having the Jews and Zionism take over the world. Just to prove to you that this talk is not coming from my own imagination or invention, and that I am also not just reading or hearing it from somewhere else on the internet and being inspired to copy it here knowingly or unknowingly, I have personally had a very strong affection toward the Jews and regarded them as God's people and so what the lizard here said, it completely contradicts with my own beliefs, namely I would never have thought that the Jews or Zionism is taking over the world or that the Agenda would be grateful for that.

But the lizard said more revealing things. A few years ago, what I now know was the Dark Lords directly working on me, my life was ruined, I was feeling very miserable, and that is when at my lowest point I met the D/s Free Mason guy. I have noticed over the years, or I have caught them in the act, how both Zeta Reticulans and Dark Lords will sometimes whisper into my mind things that they want me to think are either my own thoughts or the thoughts of people in my life, negative thoughts to make me feel hated and crushed. Zeta Reticulans are the grey aliens, they are also active members of the Agenda, reaping their own benefits in exchange for their services to the Agenda. So there was a time in my life, when I felt that the whole world was against me, I was really crushed, and that is when the Agenda introduced me to the free mason D/s guy. When I met him, I thought that being with him could offer me the escape from my life and troubled mind, I felt that he had rescued me and saved my life, but it was just an Agenda trap.

Do us a favor! Don't talk about the Catholics. Because we don't want to repent. "You fool!", we have said. Hah hah. Do you like us now? Are we, your Catholics? Do we seem like that to you? We don't repent no. - a Dark Lord decides to talk
I am not writing about the Catholics. - me
You are my bunny! - Dark Lord to me about me

This D/s man was himself earlier in his life a victim of alcohol and drug abuse but when we met he was completely sober since a long time, so one can imagine that the Agenda and Dark Lords had a way of controlling him too. I met my first Dark Lord, the one called Betelgeuze (another name for Orion, Orion is a key part of the Agenda), years before all of this, years before I met the Orion lizard and I started documenting this The Orion Project. But I met Hamish my red Reptilian for the first time on the first weekend when I visited the D/s guy! The D/s guy did D/s things with me and also he used hypnosis and mind control. He wanted me to look into his eyes, and when I did, I was terrified, because when I looked into his eyes I saw a "black monster", I saw a black creature that was standing in a ring of fire, and when I looked the man into his eyes, the black creature came into my head and possessed me.

The black creature was in the man's body, because when the man told me to call him my Master and to kneel to him, it was the black creature that I saw in his place, and the black creature was telling me to do that. This black creature was of course a Dark Lord. Later I have made contact with the Dark Lord who uses this man, this Dark Lord is tremendously powerful and sinister and he goes by the name Baphomet, when this Baphomet visits me he has the evil habit of reaching his hand into my heart and it causes me heart problems and drains my heart of energy that he feeds on.

But. Let's get back to the white lizard who visited this morning. This white lizard was telling me, conveying images and messages without using words, that they would want me to go back to the doctor that the D/s man had brought me to. I know this all sounds like a crazy story but listen to me there are real life details involved here. When I went to the house belonging to the father of the D/s man in Texas, I noticed some photos of the father with George Bush and I asked the D/s guy about that and he said that his family and the Bush family are very close. So things here tie together. Plus the D/s guy and his father are members of the Free Masons. I have asked him about the Free Masons and he won't tell me, but when I tell him about the Dark Lords and the black monster I saw in him, he never denies the existence or his knowledge of these creatures, yet he refuses to tell me anything whatsoever about these creatures and his answer is always: "You know we do not talk of such things." If it were nonsense he would have denied it.

Let me make this clear: you can think that the white lizard and the Dark Lords might be fictional or imaginary. But the D/s guy is a real man who I really met. This isn't just words on a page.

The D/s man brought me home to a doctor and I didn't think that had anything to do with anything, but according to the white lizard this morning that was a part of it. This is all getting creepy. Let me just say that the Agenda knows that I am a Crystal and they want to enslave me in part to prey on my energy to steal it from me and also in part to put me in some kind of cage so to speak so that someone like me could not break free of the prison that humanity is living in, not to mention that someone like me has the potential, when uninhibited, of guiding humanity out of that prison. I often worry that a lot of readers come here to read about aliens and that most would be upset to find a large portion of it being about the MKULTRA and mind control and the guy called General Patton and things, but the aliens I am writing about are mostly the Agenda aliens, and they use things like mind control.

Wow, phew, I just finished writing about it. That is all I wanted to say about the story. I actually managed to put it all down and it is cohesive and all there.

We don't want this world to become like a paradise, like what you were going to create. That is why we sent the crocs. - Dark Lord to me


This kind of writing is already available elsewhere on the internet, not to mention by conspiracy author David Icke. While I am vaguely familiar with these topics from other internet sources, it is not things I like to think about, and I am always disappointed when my own alien contacts bring these topics up because I would rather that it not be true, and I would rather none of my own involvement in it myself. I am terribly uncomfortable with all of this. On the other hand, I write a documentary on the alien contact experience, and so to omit uncomfortable information would render my documentary worthless. Since I pledged to document my alien contact experience, I am not allowed to add or to omit any of what the aliens do or say.

We need to remember, that Reptilians and Dark Lords are as species and by their own cultures very fixated with power and dominance. Let us take one example: the other day I was offering to the Zeta Reticulans, that if I get to meet with them in person then in exchange and as a thank you I would drink two liters of cow's milk and eat a whole big bucket of yoghurt. The aliens want me to eat milk and yoghurt for the eggs but I don't like these foods so I thought we could make a deal and a mutual exchange. But Hamish, who is a Reptilian, rushed in to ask me if I was "showing power", because to him it sounded like I was telling the Reticulans what to do, that I was telling them to let me meet them. So these aliens are very keen on human power figures, royalty, politicians, and military. If these aliens talk about specific human individuals, it does not imply that such humans have any involvement with the Agenda, nor can we assume that the stories told to us by Agenda aliens are true. For example, when the Reptilians say that the real Colin Powell was replaced by a copy, it could be just Reptilians showing power. And that time when a green Reptilian claimed to be John Kerry, how do we know how to interpret what the Reptilian is actually trying to say or if it is just showing power?

I have had vivid experiences where Reptilians pose to be specific members of European royal families. One time I met a black Reptilian who posed to be the Queen of Sweden and another who posed to be the King of Sweden and there was all kinds of blood and sacrifice of babies going on. Some internet sources claim that Earth royalty are in fact those reptiles, but I lean more on the suspicion that Reptiles want to be honored as kings and queens and so they borrow those icons hoping that humans would honor them. If we read my early writing on conversations with Reptilians we find countless of examples of Reptilians saying that they are kings and gods and demanding to be honored.

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