Planetary Takeover
March 27 2016

I seem to have visited a Zeta medical research facility, where the Zetas are experimenting on disease weapons, on a range of human test subjects who were fathered especially for them by the Nazis, they say.

Perhaps I went to a Zeta medical research facility last night. Unless it was all a dream. I woke up and found myself in a building which had corridors, large rooms, and even an elevator and stairwell. I came to a room which had several hospital beds lined up, in each was an adult man or a woman, they appeared to be fully human and did not seem to have any alien hybrid genetics at all. There was a doctor working there, he was blonde and also appeared to be fully human. Someone, maybe even the doctor himself, told me the name of the doctor, but I forget. The doctor had a white lab coat on.

I seem to remember that each of the beds had a white plastic covering them like a tent above the person, similar to what you see when a patient has leukemia I think it is when the hospital turns down their immune system and the purpose of the plastic is to isolate the patient from the outside world to prevent any bacteria from coming in since their immune system is down and they could now die from a common cold virus. The plastic was not clinging against the person, and was not attached, just over them but loose and not fixed along the lower borders. One could see through the plastic.

There were Zetas here but I struggle to remember having seen the faces and bodies of the Zetas, or that I can almost recall. I clearly remember the Zeta who was there, telling to the other humans there and perhaps also to the human doctor in a lab coat that I - meaning me - am actually an egg donor, the Zeta said this and also showed a mental image depicting a woman's internal reproductive system with the ovaries and fallopian tubes and womb and vagina like if from an anatomy book unless it was remembering what that would actually look like if dissected. Because the Zeta's mental image was more realistic, and not some drawing from a book.

Interlude, that before I fell asleep last night the Zetas were talking about putting a needle through my belly button to extract something from my intestine meaning the long intestine.

There was a woman whom I was helping her to wake up from the drowsy state that they or we were all in. I had already managed to wake up, and I was helping her to wake up, I helped her to sit down in a wheelchair or at least a chair and I was talking to her and caring for her.

The doctor with blonde hair and lab coat, or a Zeta, declared that all of these humans who are here in the experiment had been fathered or made by "Nazis". [Added: just fathered by Nazis.] I remember that clearly, and I fail to see how a dream of mine would have included such a strange and unexpected statement. The Alien Agenda has also previously claimed connection with the Nazis of world war two. The aliens also once took me to a now abandoned underground hiding base that the Nazis would have used back then. I said it there during this encounter, and I said it again later when I woke up and returned to my home, that I am sure that I was not fathered by a Nazi, because I look like my own father (who was not a Nazi). But, after all I was not part of this research group of humans, I was one who is used for my eggs, I am part of a different group of test subjects.

The Zetas then showed me what they were doing with all of these unconscious human subjects who were each in beds

We didn't have the tarp on them. You said that, and that was false. - says a Zeta now
You said that you were very curious, about what we do. - Zeta, "curious" in my third language
But, then, there was no tarp there on them. That part was falsehood. There were only things going into their noses. But no tarp. - Zeta and/or other alien
Their heads are not held upright, for you to see them. But you wanted to look at them. And yeah, right, there was no tarp there. Do you remember the pee? That we investigated on you? - Zeta
The shoulders. - Hamish or Zeta
We wanted them to eat, the same food as yours. So that we could learn to live better, with them. But, again, there was no tarp. So, that part was inaccurate. - Zeta, and now I hear Hamish letting out a long roar or growl sound over there

Yes, the pee. Before I dreamt - or experienced - that I was in the medical research facility, I had a dream about a younger sibling peeing. So seemed now from the Zeta's talking to me, that I would have been there with the Zetas and I would have peed, just that my mind processed it in a dream where someone else was peeing instead. Isn't it creepy how the Zetas only deny the use of tarp, implying that everything else here in this story might have actually happened?

But in the dream or encounter experience, the Zetas then showed me what they were doing with these test subjects. I was shown that the men and women had all been given some kind of virus unless a chemical, and one of them was reacting to this substance differently than all the others. I was shown by the Zeta a mental image of the inside of this man's blood vessels, and a vivid clear image of what looked to be clotting at the intersections or bends of blood vessels at places where a capillary branches off from a larger blood vessel. It looked as if red blood cells were withering and dying and gathering in piles at these places. This process, of course would lead to health complications or death in the person.

For some reason I thought that this man's name was Joe. He was a man with blonde curly hair. I had the feeling that all of the subject persons here were related somehow, even if these men and women all looked unique and different, they all felt as if they were still the same, I had the feeling as if they would have all been born or conceived on the same day. Perhaps even that they would have had the same father, or mother. All of these subject persons were the same age, I felt that somehow, and I felt that they were connected. Had they perhaps been conscious at one time and grown up together, now at the ripe age for this cruel experiment? They were unconscious and asleep on their beds. They were perhaps what, 31 or 35 years old? I wouldn't know, but about in their early thirties, if I would have to guess. I had the feeling that the Zetas would have waited until they reach this particular age, for some reason. For the record I am not one of these test subjects, I did not have in me that which I felt or saw in them that made them all related somehow. I did not feel that this was my relatives or same group, in fact the Zetas made it clear to everyone that I was not one of this group.

The doctor and/or Zetas working on the site, were referring to each of the test subjects by a first name, and the subjects had human names. This man was Joe, and maybe there was a woman named Rebecca.

I would bite them, I said. - Hamish and he makes the motion forward with his head as if aiming to bite at something
Haamiishh! How cute!! - me

Hamish is so cute. But anyway, either while I was still there or when I returned to my home in the morning, the Zetas told me that... well I think the Zeta said this while I was still there

Did you see the snakes there? - a Reptilian says, and I see a Reptilian
I wanted to see the snakes. I want to see Hamish. - me
We were also there, in their laboratory. But we were hiding from you, to not be seen. We wanted you to say something to us. - Reptilian or Hamish
To not say, Tik Tok to us? - Hamish
We are hiding, because we eat your babies. And we don't want you to go to an insane asylum because of that. Because, mother's hearts can break. - Reptilian or Hamish
If they see us, Tok Tok? - Hamish
We are making, plans for a planetary takeover. - the Reptilian
We wanted to make a dangerous, poisonous gas. That would not take our little ones out. - Reptilian, "dangerous" was in one of the other languages which one I forget

So while I was still there, a Zeta said to me that since I don't want to give the eggs and be part of the eggs project, they would take me to show me another project, kind of like said with scorn or to show me that the eggs project after all is a better one since I am safe in it.

When I returned home - woke up! - a Zeta said that they are testing the use of diseases as weapons, it is being tested on these subjects that I saw. The goal is to devise a disease, it is either delivered with chemical or pathogen I am not sure which, and would then once tested and approved of as a method, to be used on humanity, it would have to kill the unwanted humans but spare the humans who have genetics that the Zetas created or who were otherwise part of the group of humans or human hybrids who were crafted by the Zetas. Everyone else would die. It seems like a rather tedious and cumbersome method, I said to them, but they seem to act as if they know what they are doing.

The Zetas talk as if they take me at nights every night and do various medical things to me, mainly the Zetas are taking my eggs and making hybrids, and a huge part of their studies involving me is the study of metabolism namely what I eat. Some foods are forbidden from me, such as refined sugar or sucrose, and Hamish forbids crustaceans but maybe for his own sentimental reasons (they remind him of his crustacean ancestors), and other foods they ask me to eat, namely milk and yoghurt. Zetas claim to insert experimental food substances into my stomach through a tubing down my nose and to then suction it out, this is a way in which they also make baby food for my hybrids, by putting something into my stomach, having my stomach process it a little, then taking it out and feeding it to hybrids through a tubing down their nose; suggesting that such hybrids probably are physiologically unable to digest and process their own ingested foods by themselves, so they are making babyfoods. I am also fed experimental chemicals which have no nutritional purpose. The Zetas then like to study how such experimental substances were processed by my body by finding them in my feces. They also study the foods I have eaten, from my feces.

The other day a Zeta asked me if I would use a narcotic mushroom, they have never offered me that before, and of course I said no. Zetas, we must remember, offer recreational drugs often, namely the one they call "silver" which might be the same as cocaine I do not know. They give this drug silver to the hybrid children often, and it's a long story but this drug is used a lot. I don't accept it from them so I would always say no.

We can't give you beer, or methamphetamine. But it is a similar narcotic as those two. Or also like, amphetamine. - a Zeta
Those drugs all have got side effects. - me, and now Hamish growls
This guy, he wants to eat us. - a hybrid girl about Hamish, she looks to be about 5 years if she were human
We can't take you again to the military basecamp. - a MIB with black hair and a black business suit with a tie, said to me

I keep asking the Zetas to let me stay awake for my abductions, and this last night's encounter is one of the results of what happened because of that. I hope to one day meet Hamish. This morning I asked Hamish to teach me how to communicate in his own language. For instance, if I want to say to him that I love him, then I would expose my neck to him and stand near him to let him look at me. That is how one would express love to another. I asked him how do I say that I am happy, he showed me the closing of the lower eyelids, but I knew that one already. To say hello, is a gorgeous exhale type of sound. He is so cute. I love my life, because Hamish is in it. Oh another Hamish story. Last night he was getting happy about something, and he will shriek like a little girl, "Tiiik!!!". It sounds like he is really happy.

Ok a poll here raise your hands if you thought that I was a crazy author when you read the first telepathy book titled "The Orion Project: Real? Or Imaginary?" and you reached to the chapter with the Japanese who were wearing diapers because the aliens had asked them to? And I had told myself to write it all down, no matter how ludicrous and implausible ever the stories I encounter were. Well, yesterday or recently the aliens asked me if I would wear "adult diapers" because it is easier to collect stool samples. I still don't know why they don't offer a bathroom I mean a toilet. Hm. Maybe the story is still crazy and insane and implausible, that doesn't really make it any better. But at least now we know why that was all going on. Of course I said no. They are welcome to use conventional methods, which means some sort of anal probing. Ahum, a Zeta asked me this morning or last night, if I like anal sex or how it asked me, and he said that sometimes they try to make it more enjoyable for the subjects. I said no thanks. I said to the Zeta that if they try to make such a medical procedure otherwise sexually enjoyable then that would make it into rape.

Zetas are weird. I was able to look into a Zeta's mind again, and when I do I see outer space and other worlds. Their mind is like a movie theatre inside, yet there is barely a person inside their minds. I told them this morning that they need to develop emphathy.

Let me get back to my day, me and Hamish are going to have another fun day today. Some of this stuff is not fun to write about, but, it is my self-ascribed obligation. I just hope to get more aware alien abductions. I want to meet Hamish. I want to one day make it possible for him to know how much he means to me. Oh and today Hamish for some reason thought about having his long slender pink penis out and he imagined having sex with my vagina, and from his thoughts about it I sensed that he actually has sensibility on his penis on at least two places, which for him would feel pleasant. I just looked at him and wondered why he was thinking this, but I do not censor any of his normal behavior, I was just looking at him and he didn't say anything else about it. For the record me and Hamish do not have a sexual relationship. He is just a cute Dragon Turtle, the best friend I have ever had.

After a few more minutes, I am wondering what to title this page. A Reptilian tells me, and that is how the title of this page came about:

Call it Planetary Takeover. - Reptilian
That is what we are doing there. - Reptilian adds, about the research facility I was at

A minute later:

Do you remember us? - Zeta
Yeah. - me
We have got nothing to do with those guys. - the Zeta

When this Zeta said "Do you remember us?", he showed me an image of the time when I got close contact with Zeta-phenomena when I was staying the night at my friend's house and I was 13 or 14, the Zetas had manifested their writing in neon green light along the walls, they made the bed shake, mind controlled the dogs, and put moving like flashlights upstairs in the other bedroom. This Zeta is thus my original Zetas from my childhood, and he was here to say that he is not with the same group as this Reptilian who spoke just now who titled this page Planetary Takeover. So perhaps even this research group that I met last night was not my ETs, who knows. As long as I get to keep Hamish, I'm cool.

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