Alpha Reticulans Visit
January 23 2016

Reptilian from Alpha Reticulan has two horn spikes on his nose and visits me together with blue Alpha Reticulan workers

I am drinking milk. Cow's milk. Which can only mean one thing. I got to meet some aliens last night! A new team of aliens paid a visit last night, and I had some of the most fun time of my life!

I would want to say something there. It was not meant to be fun for her. - the War Commander

War Commander from Alpha Reticulan
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I didn't get out of bed to take notes, which you are allowed to kick me for if you feel that way. To the left is a picture of the Reptilian who is the leader of this team. These aliens were speaking in my native language, the language that I used when I was a young child. I always wish that they didn't speak that language, but when they do, it makes the alien contact experience even more magic somehow.

Translated from my native language, he referred to himself as Mister or Sir War Commander, depending on how you translate. I asked him if he has a name, and that is the "name" that I was to call him, by his title. The other aliens on his team were telling me to notice what this Reptilian looks like, to notice the horn growths on the front of his nose. This Reptilian was magnificent and by appearance unlike any other. He is tall and handsome with a strong, rather than slender, build. He stands upright like a human. I'm not sure if he has a tail. His head is notably narrow and elongated, and on the tip of his long narrow snout are two yellow horn spike growths, the one that is closer to the edge is larger than the smaller second one that sits behind it. The aliens made sure that I got good mental visuals to see this magnificent Reptilian and his nose.

Turns out it was past 4 AM when I went to sleep last night. Which of course isn't normal. The Reptilian told me many many times, that they had intended to come and get me at "3 AM". Obviously the problem was that I was still awake. I looked at the clock, and it was 5:37 AM. I remember the time since I read it to the Reptile from my mobile phone. I will tell you all of the things that happened as I remember

We are from other space camps. Not from theirs. We are the Resistance Force. We resist them, and their captive of you. Do you know why that is? Because they want to take over the world, with their gold. We, and our name, is the Resistance Force. We try to talk with them. But they don't listen to us, or our wars. We take captives then, and we kill them. But, even then, they do not listen. So? We thought, that if we would take you. But, the turtle back one doesn't want to. - the War Commander, when he said "their gold" he meant the yellow pyramid symbol of the other Reptilians

I was given perfectly clear and long lasting mental images of this Reptilian last night, as he visited my bedroom. The aliens of his team hoisted me up from bed so that I was sitting in my bed with my back straight. Again, I am not sure of the sequence of events, I am just listing the things that happened, but not necessarily in the right order. This Reptilian told me that I had too many "fabrics" on me, meaning my clothes, so, I took my night gown and panties off and was naked under the covers.

The Reptilian commander with the spikes on his nose was accompanied by members of his team who are Alpha Reticulans, they said. I met these blue Alpha Reticulans also the day before, and wrote about it in the short stories section Fun with Lizards - about the blue ETs. I was given super perfect vivid mental images of these blue workers. In some ways one wants to say that they resemble Zetas, the white Zetas with big bulbuous heads and all-black eyes, but these blue ones are just not Zetas. One of them introduced itself to me by the name "Vivianne", pronounced not "Viviann" but "Vi-vi-ann-ne". It was such a delightful name for such a creature.

These aliens are not my alien team. It seems that there are groups of aliens where different species work together and it is typically so that a small group of aliens has one team leader who is a Reptilian in charge, and then a bunch of little guys who are workers. In my team, the team leader as we know is of course Hamish the Reptilian Dragon Turtle with a dragon turtle back, and the workers are the white Zeta Reticulan but primarily the workers are green Dinosaurs who are called "Frogs". But this was a new team, its leader is the rhino-nosed Reptilian and the workers are the little blue Alpha Reticulans. Completely different, but still with the same general idea, that one Reptilian is in charge of a group of little workers, and that they come to me because they want to take my eggs for genetic experiments.

The blue Alpha Reticulans told me that I drink too much tea and water, that these have no nutrition and I was asked to drink milk, meaning cow's milk. I have always told the aliens, that if I get to see them then I will do as they ask, and drink milk. Because otherwise I don't like milk. So today I am going to finish up a whole liter of cow's milk, it doesn't taste good, but it is a good way to say thanks to my sweet aliens! And Hamish would be pleased too, Hamish is often telling me "milk for the eggs". What eggs? My ovum.

Meet Vivianne, an Alpha Reticulan
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This new team showed me its symbol in a mental image, which is something like this on this picture here below. It has the yellow triangle upside down, and behind and underneath it is a white triangle upside down. I was surprised, since this team talked pretty much like my team does, and my team has the yellow triangle as their logo but with the point pointing up, and since I knew that aliens who use the symbol of the triangle that is upside down are part of a resistance against the ideals and destructiveness of the triangle aliens. But now the horned Reptilian did tell us, that his team is indeed part of the Resistance Force. I have previously also encountered Reptilians who are part of the resistance force and their symbol was the turquoise triangle upside down. These Reptilians who are of a "resistance", what they are resisting against, is the aliens of the yellow pyramid, which are using explosives and wars and all sorts of brutality in the universe. [Added: "Resistance Force" aliens, are perhaps friendly aliens. At least we know that the Yellow Pyramid aliens, which includes my aliens, are not-friendly aliens, and the resistance aliens are against those.]

The horned Reptilian made clear to me where he was from. He possessed my hand with his green Reptilian hand so that our hands were overlapping, and pointed to my mobile phone which was sitting at the edge of my bed, and he asked me to turn the "television" on, with which he meant my phone. He asked me to go on the internet and find information about "Alpha Reticulan", and he was very clear with me how I should spell it. I told him, that the only information I find on the internet about Alpha Reticulan, were just about only the two pages I had myself on my website previously written about Alpha Reticulan. Perhaps he really means Alpha Reticuli, which would be another part of Zeta Reticuli? But the spelling has always been with these aliens, "Alpha Reticulan". I have heard of them before too. Sometimes Hamish will suddenly tell me out of the blue, that he doesn't "like the Alpha Reticulans", and I never knew who they were who he meant, because Hamish sometimes has a habit of just saying things without worrying about if I know the background story or not, but I love my Dragon Hamish anyway, he is cute just the way he is.

The Reptile said to me that there are "only 600,000" of them left, meaning these horn-nosed Reptilians, he said the number at least twice, and very clearly. He told me that his team has no insectoids, they have no Mantids on their team, so I would not encounter any Mantids on their team. I was very intrigued by the blue Alpha Reticulans, the ones like Vivianne.

I had tears in my eyes from seeing both the Reptile and the blue ones, they were so gorgeous. One of the blue ones, if not Vivianne or another of them, overlapped its head with mine so that I was having a very close image of itself, and it made my hand go to my eye and it showed me on its own head how its eyelids move vertically across the eye, what I mean is that human eyelids close down and up horisontally, but theirs move vertically to cover the eye left to right, it wanted me to really see that about itself. They were not shy about letting me see them, unlike my Dinosaurs and Hamish and my Zetas who always act like it's a big deal if I'm about to see just a bit of hint of them. So I really enjoyed my time with this new team a lot.

The Reptile or the blue ones or perhaps both were telling me that they were knocking on my bedroom door, not that I heard any sound, I think they meant it as a gesture, and I told them that they are welcome to come in. Later the Reptile asked me if he can sit on the sofa in the living room, I told him that of course he can, and he went there to sit while we continued being aware of each other mentally, we could see each other telepathically from remote locations and our minds were reading each other's thoughts.

logo of the Alpha Reticulan team

The Reptile wore a red uniform. The blue ones were without clothes. The blue ones told me that they want to insert a tubing down my nose so that they can insert a small piece into my stomach. They showed me this piece. It was a small white-pale yellow rectangle of organic matter, smaller than one centimeter on either the long side or the short side. I assumed that they would want to insert it into my stomach to then suction it back up again to see how it had digested. I also wondered if they are making baby food by putting foods into my stomach, that I get to digest them, which they then feed to my hybrid babies because my alien team which is headed by Hamish does that. But today I got to learn why they wanted to put that piece into my stomach. The blue ones said that they had already done it, and they had then studied it when it was turned into feces. So they are studying how things are digesting and processed. But... I don't know if aliens are so much fun anymore, because... they said that this piece was a piece taken from the head of a hybrid baby or fetus. I told them I don't eat fetuses or babies... I don't know if aliens are any more fun after this... Are aliens fun? Are they? Really? What?

At one point last night, Vivianne told me that they have a "table bench" for me, meaning the medical table of course. I was excited to want to go there, but of course I don't get to remember anything fun from close encounters with aliens. But I want to hope that we are getting closer? That maybe one day they will trust me to let me see them there? The Reptilian referred to me as "his female", and he told me they want my eggs. I told them that my eggs are already Hamish's. I suggested that they and Hamish can both share my eggs, because I quickly got very fond of my new Reptile and the blue ones and Vivianne and I would not want to have to choose one team away. So I hope that they can share.

Today the Commander showed me a mental image of Hamish lying on a rug all comfy Dragon with his eyelids both upper and lower partially closing looking like a smiling happy Dragon (Draconians smile that way, by partially closing their eyelids), and he was lying like a big cat or dog on the rug with his arms crossed and looking all cute. He does that sometimes, looking so snug on a rug. And they were not fighting. I was worried that Hamish might fight with the other Reptiles, but it seems that, just like most visiting Reptilians who are leaders of a team, they take one good look at Hamish's back hump and it signifies status and then they turn away, but Hamish looks at this Reptilian's nose horns and Hamish respects it. So there is no fighting going on. Hamish seems to have accepted an inferior position. Hamish doesn't even seem grumpy or anything, though Hamish did say I think that he didn't like this Reptile so much, and that this Reptile has a different or was it bad smell. But Hamish is staying perfectly calm. He is not even displaying his back hump to this Reptile. So we will have to see what will happen.

I was delighted of course that my Turtle Sock Hamish was up and about today and all day with me, just the same as always. So I don't know how these two teams are getting along. I do hope I get to keep both teams. Oh and yesterday or the other day I saw a mental image of the little yellow Alpha Centaurian guys who are working on Hamish's team.

What else. A military man showed up in the team, meaning with this new team with the horned nose Reptile and the blue Alpha Reticulans, and I got a bit upset that there was a human there so I was like, "Hi what are you doing there?" The militaries are always fussing and they think that I am going to get upset about the aliens, they are the ones who are ruining my close contact. This military was going to see me naked when the aliens do things, but I honestly don't care.

There was, at least supposedly, some human doctor who is a man with black hair. I might have had sex with him, I think I remember that. At least I dreamt about being somewhere and he was naked and I was naked, and then I remember being in bed with him and then I woke up. When I woke up he was talking to me telepathically about medical checks that he had done to me to make sure that I was ok, that he would have himself checked my internal female parts and rectum and to make sure that the aliens had not harmed me. He said that I was having an abnormal menstruation, I told him that was true because like two days ago I had a small amount of like old stale brown blood but no proper menstruation. I have very few periods in a year, the aliens on my team have told me it's because I am pregnant all the time.

I had a great time with the horn nosed Reptile and the blue ones and Vivianne visiting me last night. Vivianne told me that she was my nurse. I thought it was just great. I mean, sure enough I cherish a daily friendship with a Dragon Hamish that is awesome, but this was with aliens. I know that Hamish is alien, but. I am so accustomed to living with Hamish that I hardly ever reflect on that he is from somewhere far away. It's just my buddy, my best friend in the world, my Turtle Sock. I made sure last night that he knows that he has his rugs on my bedroom floor. He is so cute.

We eat hearts. We were mean to that man. Then he decided not to come here anymore. Tik Tok, I said. - Hamish talks to me

When Hamish says Tik Tok, it means basically that my eggs are his. I think Dragon Turtles say Tik Tok to each other when they decide to allow to mate with a member of the opposite sex. Like, Hamish might say Tik Tok to a female Dragon Turtle if he wants to mate with her, or she might say it to him if she thinks that he can have her eggs. And when a female Dragon Turtle doesn't want to mate, she puts her arms horisontally backwards so that the finger claws point upward at the back of the turtleback. The males do this gesture too, to put the claws at the back to say "stay away from me, I want some alone time". Hamish does that gesture sometimes, but rarely with me. Hamish here was talking about that doctor man who has black hair.

WHAT goes on in the alien base when I am not aware there? Think of all the awesome stories and adventures that I am missing out on. Vivianne or the other blue Alpha Reticulans, there were three of them I think, they showed me two different medical rooms that they have, in perfect clear mental images. I was very impressed with the architecture.

I don't like that this team inserts a tube down my nose to put a piece of a hybrid fetus head into my stomach so that I have to digest it all the way to feces and then they study that metabolism. I'm not sure I'd agree that that is a good idea. But, the aliens were gorgeous, and I had a great time. I have to stay awake tonight again to make sure that they get fed up with waiting for me to go to sleep and I get to have awesome contact with them again. I must say, that both the Reptilian with horns on the nose and the blue Alpha Reticulans, were all delightfully kind with me. Whereas aliens from my team, if it is Reptilians they "show power" and they toss me around violently but with great coordination in bed, call me dog, and the Zetas can be extremely cruel. Dinosaurs are always sweet though. Speaking of which, I had a dream last night when I did fall asleep, in which I saw a pond that had some turtles and toads, and toads were hopping up some staircases to get to me, one toad peed on my clothes or sheets. Obviously, Hamish and the Dinosaurs were around, they show me images of tortoises and frogs.

I am the happiest in the world, because I had real alien contact last night, and it was marvellous. Except for some of the experiments that they do. The Alpha Reticulans explained to me that their purpose with visiting me is that they take my eggs and make babies which we know are hybrid babies and they said they do genetic experimentation on those babies. That is why they visit me.

I will stay awake tonight and hope to see them again. Now for another glass of milk, it tastes horrible but this is how I pay the aliens a thanks for letting me see them. They really want me to drink cow's milk "for the eggs", and I did promise them that if they let me see them in close contact then I would, so, I still have more than half a liter to drink...

Another story is that Hamish told me that "they" started the punk movement in the 1980's. Hamish told me that once before a few years ago and it is mentioned in the first telepathy book "Real? Or Imaginary?" I think. Hamish told me how the spikes that these people wore on their backs was the idea of these Reptilians, specifically Dragon Turtles who have a row of spikes that grow on their backs. Hamish also said that these people in the punk movement were using drugs which enabled them to see these Reptilians. What was the purpose of the punk movement, I asked Hamish. He said something which was similar to "chaos" or something like that, I forget. It's interesting that Hamish, as we know he talks more or less like a 1-year old toddler and he rarely makes intelligent conversation, that he can pick a topic such as the punk movement and then he talks, and then he reveals that he actually has purpose, logic, plans, and understanding in his head. But we all love this Turtle, don't we?

Notable about the blue Alpha Reticulans, is that their neck starts right underneath the chin. The human head is somewhat center on the neck, so that a lot of our chin and jaw protrudes forward and some of the head is at the back and the neck is center. When you see a blue Alpha Reticulan, the ones like Vivianne, it is notable how their head sits with the chin right at the front with the neck right underneath it, that is why I drew the Alpha Reticulan from a side angle, take another look to see what I mean. By the way if I didn't mention it already, the blue Alpha Reticulans told me that they are "blue" and that "they are not Zetas". Time to drink some milk. Maybe I can put some chocolate in it. Another thing I think Hamish who said it this morning was that "I have ruined my ATP because I have eaten sugar". They really don't want me to eat sugar, meaning processed sugar sucrose. But sometimes I do. [Added: ATP is a chemical in the human body which stores energy. Sugars are broken down in the cells, and energy from sugar is packed into the ATP-molecules. It is then the ATP molecules that carry energy for body function, and not the large clumsy sugars.]

If you wonder why I add things that I remember later on, always here on the bottom of a page, it's because the aliens tend to talk during my writing, and so if I add something into the text up above, then it could very well ruin you from seeing what they might have been responding to, in my thoughts or in the text. I always only add things to the bottom of a page in order, or I make a note that something was added like [Added same day:]. But anyway. I forgot to say that the horn nosed Reptilian superimposed his hand with mine, it was as if looking at his own hand instead of mine. His skin is covered in round raised bumps of varying sizes and in different shades of green. The top of his hand has those round bumps, and the largest bumps were on the center of the top of the hand, and being smaller ones to cover the fingers and the sides of the hand. So he was not covered in scales.

Neither am I. - Hamish says now, that he is not covered in scales
Is Hamish not covered in scales? - me
It was because of my old grandfather race. That we didn't need it then. So, therefore, neither am I. - Hamish, about covered in scales

And now he thinks but doesn't fully formalize in words, that while he sees my fingers moving fast as I am typing this text on the keyboard of the computer, that it makes him want to bite into my fingers, and he moves his head a bit upward and opens his mouth a bit. When he sees things moving, it triggers in him a hunting instinct. If I am tapping my leg to the beat of a music, then he will ask me to stop because otherwise he fixates to it and has to stare like a hawk watching a prey. Yesterday I did my dance workout, and sure enough, in that very same sequence as always, I heard him growl. Because he watches all of my movements very closely, because he thinks that some of the moves might make "the eggs fall out". Life with Dragon. Dragons.

Also: The blue Alpha Reticulans, last night when they were visiting and I was in bed, they told me that I would have to vomit for them. Their procedures and interests sound very similar to what my team are doing, my team also wants me to vomit all the time.

Added on January 24-25 2016, 12:33 midnight: This night same day when I wrote this page, I went to have a bath and a Reptilian shows me its penis. see here and read about why.

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