Military And Royalty
September 21 2015

Begged for Contact

Last night I wrote a long conversation that I had with the Zetas, the intent of that conversation was for me to nag and ask them to let me stay conscious during the abductions. I know that the aliens take me to places when I am unaware. I do not get to stay conscious during it, or if I am conscious when it happens then either case I do not get to remember the events when I wake up back in my room. This is intentional, they don't want me to be awake or to remember. Yet the aliens talk a lot about what they do and what happens to me there.

This is Lasarus. With Commendant Larsen. We don't want you to see us. - Lasarus the Zeta

It was easy for me to make telepathic contact with the Zetas, and to get them to talk to me and to show me mental images of themselves. I talked to Zetas, to a sassy Zeta who looks different and has a flatter head, the Thuban, and Reptilians including my Hamish. The Zetas were very eager to show me mental images of their medical equipment, notably a large metal syringe needle, and the various tubing that they put into my stomach, and anal probes for collecting fecal sample. And they also want to talk to me about the hybrid children "who want to meet me" they say.

After the conversation I lay down in bed and felt the feelings that feel as if I am going to be taken into another world where they are, so I asked them to wait I wanted to take a shower first, so I did, even though the Zetas were insisting that I don't need to take a shower and they told me that many times, but I had one anyway. I didn't get to remember any Zeta medical experiments or contact from last night, but I did get two other episodes that I remember. The conversation that I had last night before the abductions will go into one of the future telepathy books, dated September 20 2015.

Military Base

We didn't want you to see our head. - Zeta
Why? Are you self-conscious? I see images of you when we talk telepathically, don't you know that? - me
I don't want them to be here. - either a Reptilian or a Dark Lord says about some brown large flat insect aliens which I presume to be the Alpha Remulans, I always nag at the aliens that I want to see the Alpha Remulans too because they are such awesome people, yes they are insects

I had a long vivid dream last night where I was at a military base. It consists of a huge enclosed area outdoors, where the ground is asphalt or concrete and the area is surrounded by fence out of see-through metal mesh wire. On the grounds are several hangar buildings which by all intents and purposes look to be intended for storing aircraft underneath a roof. It must have been a U.S. AirForce military base.

And it was, that. We were always welcome there! - a Zeta of mine says and is excited and happy and waves its hand when it says the underlined
In what U.S. state is it located? - me
We are not allowed to say. *But it is close to a desert.* - Zeta, the starred it thinks but didn't say
They bring the women here, to fuck with them, to mate with them. - Zeta or other alien says
We don't want torture devices there. - Dark Lord adds, looking deep into my eye to make eye contact with its white eyes that have a pale gray dot for a pupil, to see what my reaction was, which is none

It was dark as night there, which makes sense because when I would wake up from the military base and back in my room, it would be close to noon here so since I am in Europe the United States would have night at that time when I was visiting them. Because yes, I seem to think that I was visiting a real AirForce base where the aliens took me to.

Usually during military abductions (MILABS) and alien abductions, no I take that back. What I mean to say, is that during military abductions, if I am anywhere awake and aware of military officers and environments then I am either partially awake or fully awake in my mind while there. If I am partially awake, then my mind either tries to incorporate logic into the situation by interpreting things in ways that make most sense. What this means, or what I mean by this, is that if I am not fully awake, then I find myself there and my mind makes it so that everything makes sense, rather than have a feeling that this is completely out of place or to snap out of it and wake up. So my mind can add extra beliefs into the situation, which I will give examples of next.

In other military abductions where I am only partially awake, and not fully awake, then my mind does not add any extra elements or beliefs into how I interpret the situation, but I am simply not so fully aware. But anyway. Since I found myself standing outdoors in an enclosed AirForce base together with a man who was an AirForce officer

Damn. Snap. She remembers me. - a man says
It was you? - me
Yes! Commendant Larsen. - CL
Oh my god! I got to meet Commendant LARSEN!!! I AM SO HAPPY!!!! - me
Why, the little ones get beaten here? And we are trying to stop it. You know, *almost breaks down*... - CL
That was so great to meet you finally! Yay for that! - me
And me, I was hungry. - Hamish tells me
Hamish needs his snacks, but not Toast. - me

Hooray, I finally got to meet Commendant Larsen! And that makes sense that it was him. Because I've known what Commendant Larsen looks like from mental images I have had of him ever since he replaced Captain Marsden as the leader of my team of military and men in black suits when I was either in my late teens or early 20's. (By the way I said Toast to Hamish because yesterday Hamish pointed to the toaster in my kitchen and said to me that "Reptilians don't eat Toast".)

Commendant Larsen still years since I first saw him looks young. He looks very fit and slender and like he stays in shape. He looks like the kind of man who gets up at 5 AM in the morning for a many miles run before he even has breakfast. He has a natural tan and his hair is light brown but somehow with some blonde in it too, a light brown. And his eyes are brown. When he replaced Captain Marsden I swore to never like this man, because I was so upset to not have Captain Marsden anymore. But aside from that grudge I have on him because I would miss Captain Marsden, Commendant Larsen is actually a nice person.

I can't tell you a single time that Commendant Larsen would have been mean or even arrogant toward me. It's just that I miss Captain Marsden. When all of this begun, I was 14 when the military and men in black (whom I call "survey people") started to talk to me telepathically and watch me with remote viewing, and then the MILABS abductions begun where, thanks to alien abduction technologies and methods, I met these military and men in black in close encounters in other places. In all that, and I was so young, I chose to lean on Captain Marsden. Because none of these men were allowed to talk to me too much or to answer my questions, but Captain Marsden, since he was the boss, he knew what he was allowed to say, so he always told me a bit more than the others. Once Captain Marsden even explained everything to me to try to help me and make this easier for me, I remember it clearly I was doing the dishes and I was probably 15 or 16, but it was in the early beginning of this contact and I was refusing to listen to him, which I regret today, because none of them have explained this thing to me since.

Captain Marsden still visits me for a short moment maybe once every two years, and I am always happy to see him. Some of my guys are getting old. One man now lives in a retirement home or a nursing home, and he made telepathic contact with me not long ago, maybe something like last month, and he told me that he used to know me. I wasn't sure who he was, but I was so sad that he was not so well anymore. It pains me to think that even one of these men might die before I get the chance to meet them in person. Because they are the ones who know what has happened to me, and I have to have that back from them. That is what makes these persons ever so important and valuable to me. They are the missing parts of me that I must have back. One day I want to go to New York to meet them all, since I have learned in recent years from them, that they have offices and even homes there. Some of my guys live on Staten Island! One told me telepathically not too long ago that I could go to that big park in New York and wait for him there. They know I need to meet them.

So last night I was at the AirForce base. Standing there outdoors in the night with two hangar buildings behind me. I remember walking casually together with this man, whom I now know was Commendant Larsen. He wore a military uniform which is brown and includes a hat.

For some reason, judging from what I was seeing, my mind filled in the gaps and I assumed that I was his girlfriend, that we were a dating couple. And that I was in nursing school and that after just two years more, since I had just started my coursework, after two years I would be a nurse. These two parts, that we would have been dating, and that I would be in nursing school, were something my mind must have added, to make it all make sense. However, I suspect that maybe Commendant Larsen had sex with me, I hope that is not true. Then that would be why it would have seemed as if we were dating. But trust me, he and I when we talk telepathically to each other, are on no such terms with each other whatsoever. But when I woke up from this place the military would tell me something, which is why I suspect that this might have happened. As for nursing school, maybe the Zetas were telling me how they would like it if I became a trained nurse, who knows.

In another segment that I remember, I was indoors somewhere and there were hair and makeup artists. This could be because yesterday I was looking at photos for haircuts to choose one, it feels like that and I might have dreamt that part. But also, somewhere in there I feel that maybe for the abduction they put makeup on me. I've known that to happen, especially when the aliens take me to the Japanese Dragon Dynasty to have children with them, then someone does makeup for me, always very colorful and more than I would do for myself.

Anyway. It was a long dream with me walking around those hangar buildings with this officer, we were just casually talking, slowly walking. He seemed very cautious and careful with me, friendly and kind but above all gentle and cautious. I can totally believe that this could have been Commendant Larsen. In this dream or abduction he looked just like the man I've seen when he talks to me telepathically during the day. That is so awesome to finally get to meet him!

I wish I could remember the specifics of all the things that he said to me. The words are right there, almost ready for me to grasp them out of the air, I could almost remember every word that Commendant Larsen has said to me when we walked together around the hangar buildings.

I remember nothing more of that place and my time with Commendant Larsen. When I woke up from there and returned in my bedroom, someone of the military talked to me telepathically, perhaps it was Commendant Larsen even. Or, that this conversation happened before I fell asleep last night. But the military said that the aliens ask men to have sex with women abductees to make babies, to make these many hybrid children that the aliens have. And these military men have decided that it is much better if they are the ones who have sex with these women so that the aliens do not go after the general public. This man who spoke to me, who I think was Commendant Larsen, then said, that besides, if he is the father of these hybrid children, then he gets to spend time with his children. Other abductee men who are the fathers can't spend time with, or try to care for these children, in the way that someone like he could since he is the military who gets to see these aliens.

It is almost heartwarming, because these men who work in the military don't just defend their country and humanity because it's their job, but it's a sense of duty that they have that goes deeper than that. So they are even willing to do something heinous as this, because someone has to.

Many of the men from my team of military officers and survey men have children for the aliens. I know that Captain Robert Stephens had those sons with me that he always talked about having with me back when he was pestering me so much in my teens. I only found out about those sons years later, like only a few years ago. Captain Stephens is since many years no longer on my team. He now has a beard, there are white hairs in his dark beard and white hairs in his dark hair. I am told he is married and has his own children now and lives in London, England.

Aulis Greenshaw has had sex with me. I remember that. I found an old diary entry from many years ago where I reported on remembering "Aulis Greenshaw" with his "hairy body". Captain Richard Swansea we have had his confessions for having sex with me and having those children, there are those pages in my notes from recent years.

But Commendant Larsen? It changes everything.

How about Ira? Whom you really liked? - someone says to me
Ira, was like a dog here. He never did what he was told. - Hamish or other Reptilian
I remember Ira. I don't know him well though. - me

I just remember that Ira had white hair. That's about it. ... I don't want Commendant Larsen to have sex with me. That is not ok. I didn't realise that might have been happening behind the scenes. They never told me. And I don't remember.

Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth

After I woke up from the walk and chat with Commendant Larsen at the AirForce military base, I was awake for a while, it was close to noon here I would think. I then fell back to sleep.

Next I find myself invited to tea and cakes with Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth. And I am awake there. I am not unconscious or part asleep in my head. Sure it could just be a lucid dream. But I don't think it was a dream.

Prince Charles is to my left and Queen Elizabeth to the right. We are all very close to each other by a small white table. A Black Reptilian is now paying extra very close attention to me, listening super closely, so closely that I can feel the back of its head as if I were touching it with my fingertips, we are now that closely connected.

I wanted to know what they said. Because you were not there, with them. You were with me, the Prince. - Black Reptilian says and smiles by closing the lower eyelids up

First before I turned my attention to the pair of them, I was looking at the top of a cupboard door panel in this kitchen and it had the plywood exposed without any paint. I was rubbing my fingers along that plywood because there are so many holes and small cracks throughout the material, I was checking it for dust and telling them that it needs to be painted with something because otherwise it will get dusty and difficult to clean. That is something I might be expected to do and comment on even in my daily life. I always worry about how things are cleaned, and if they have been cleaned.

The two of them were sitting by the small white round tea table. I was standing there between them. Our table was next to the kitchen, and this room flows into a sitting room or living room with sofas further away from this table.

I just looked at this Prince Charles. He was wearing a turquoise warm sweater. I started poking him on his shoulder with my hand to make sure if he was real. It looked perfectly real, and I was perfectly awake.

There were two different kinds of tea cakes offered. Oddly these pieces were put into a tub of water that was there on the table. The pieces of cake were floating in the water. I commented on this odd practice and Queen Elizabeth told me that "that is how they always do it here in their kitchen". I would also wonder about the cakes in the water when I woke up, and was told again that this is how they do it. It makes the cakes soft for eating.

One of the two types of cakes had a blueberry filling. The other one was more sugar and maybe strawberry. Queen Elizabeth was offering me to have some. I hesitated for a long time, but then I decided I would try half of a blueberry one. Before I got to trying the cake, I turned to the door where a butler or male servant was standing by the door ready for anything to do. I was upset that he was standing so still because I thought it would be uncomfortable and bad for his circulation. I said to the group that surely he should go and sit down in an armchair or the sofa in the sitting area. He didn't move of course just because I said that.

The butler said that he had baked those pastries himself. My comments on the cakes and that I thought he should sit, made the butler and Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth think that I was offending the butler, which I assured them I was not.

I don't recall eating anything there. And I woke up back in my room.

We wanted you to think that you were a princess. We don't know how else to do this. - black Reptilian
To do what? What are you doing? - me
We are ruling your race. - black Reptilian says with eyes closing for a big smile
But why pose as royalty, if you are not those persons? It is rude and I hate to be lied to. Just be lizards and reptiles, if that is what you are. I don't mind lizards! I prefer Reptilians over any humans, that is the truth. Look like yourselves, Lizards are handsome people. Don't shapeshift into anything else. - me, his eyes are fully closed, it makes him look like a nesting pidgeon with its eyes closed, so cozy and comfortable and happy and soothed
We wanted you to have cakes here. Before we do it to him. - black Rep
To do what? What cakes? Were there cakes? - me
We make them. We bake them in our oven. We are good at that too. - black Rep
What are the ingredients? - me

Now Hamish attacks by opening his mouth wide, letting out a exhale type of gurgling hiss and spreading his fingers wide apart, as he seems to face the black Reptilian. I have the impression Hamish is protecting me.

The Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles they continued to talk to me telepathically, as did the butler also, when I was awake in my room. We were no longer in the same place, but we spoke telepathically. Then the Queen Elizabeth one morphed into a fat white lizard without clothes. And then she morphed into a halfway between Queen Elizabeth and the white lizard. This white lizard told me that they have taken genetics from Queen Elizabeth and that is why they can change shape into her.

From the questions I asked, it seems that I found out that this is not the real human Queen Elizabeth. The human woman is not involved, other than that these lizards take an interest in her DNA, as they do with many other humans me included. For some reason there is this white lizard that thinks it a good idea to shapeshift into looking like Queen Elizabeth. Why this lizard does that, and then invites me for tea and tea cakes together with Prince Charles in a lavish setting presumably one of the homes of the royal family, I do not know. Or actually I do know why am I lying.

I am meant to have sex with this Prince Charles figure and have babies. These babies I know, from earlier contacts with these two, that they will injure and eat these babies. You would think that I copied these stories from the material of David Icke, but I'm sure I'm an independent experiencer.

I also want to say that I am not anti-monarchy or anything like that. I find it highly disrespectful of these lizards that they would impersonate actual human figures and in connection with situations that are highly offensive and questionable.

One of these two told me they want a "four pound baby" from me.

When I was awake, I saw in a mental image of this home I had previously been in, and Prince Charles told me that he was going into the Queen's bedroom, and that I was not allowed to go in there. I said to him that I am not interested in going there. He told me that again, that he was going there and that I was not allowed there. I used my remote viewing to look into the room, not that I was interested, and there were about five Reptilians standing in a row looking toward the Queen's bed.

Someone who seemed to be a human man who is a guard for the Queen seemed to think or tell me that they don't know how to get rid of these reptilians and he asked me if I could help them get rid of them. I told him that I am very familiar with the Reptilians and that I might be able to do something. Yet, that is almost an empty promise. Because I try to stay neutral, I don't want to get in trouble.

The Reptilians standing there told me that they are able to hide here because no humans can see them. I told the Reptilians to stay careful so that no human would see them, I told them not to let any human see them because someone might try to harm them. I deal with Reptilians with great much love and compassion. Sure I might not agree with them eating babies and drinking blood, but I am also against what humans do to food animals. I still treat Reptilians with great care and compassion, so I wanted them to be safe.

I focused on one of these reptilians who stood watching toward the bed, to look at its mind and body closely. It was slender, red-brown, narrow head, upright standing. It reminds me of the type of Reptilian as Damian from Rigel. It has a moist body, not with water, but with chemicals that remind me of battery acids. This Reptilian seemed alarmed and shocked every time I mentally approached it to take a closer look, and I had to use a lot of reassurances to let it stay calm so that I could look.

By the way one of the Reptilians that connected to me after I was awake, and who was in this home where I had been, it was full of blood that it had drunken. I was entirely sure of that. It had recently had a big meal of blood. I told these Reptilians, about how I had been informed by a Dark Lord that it was the Dark Lords who got the Reptiles into drinking blood, and that previous to that the Reptiles did not eat blood. I received no comment from the Reptiles, but hopefully that made them think a little.

It was also clear that it was Hamish, again, who had brought me over to the Queen and Prince Charles figures. Not the first time. Hamish thinks that he owns my eggs, and he happily "sells" me to the Queen Mother lizard and Prince Charles, and Hamish also takes me over to the Japanese Dragon Dynasty for stuff. Hamish acts as if he has all rights to take me to places. I'm not going to argue with Hamish over that, Hamish is my baby as you know. In fact when one of the military earlier, perhaps it was Commendant Larsen, said something about that the military have a gun that they can shoot Hamish, of course I objected, and I told him that Hamish is my baby. I also told them that the Alpha Remulans are my babies. I have adopted them.

What is all this?

So what is going on? There are aliens here on Earth. The military knows about it. The aliens hide in another dimension, and have supreme technologies. I am one of many abductees that the aliens take. The military seems to want to stop the aliens, but they are unable to, and so they try to do the next best thing that is to collaborate with them, to hopefully restrict some of their behavior at least, to have some control of the aliens.

We just like to drink our juices. That is what we do here. - black Reptilian, together with a Dark Lord
You call me a Fussubus! I am Kings! I am the nomenclature, of that. I am not a Fussubus, anymore. - Dark Lord, then I see a serpent with a snake's tongue the snake's tongue comes out like how snakes do
We don't smell bad you said. WE REALLY LIKE THAT! - the Reptilian whom I was analyzing mentally by looking at it, whom I had found in the bedroom of the Queen standing in a row there

Yes, the Reptilian I had remote viewed had been worried about its Reptilian smell, and I had said to it things like that it's ok and that it's natural to them and not bad, and it had liked to hear that from me and it had felt relieved.

Reptilians and Zetas are two types of aliens that work together. They each want their own things. Zetas want to take human genetic material and eggs and sperm to make Zeta-human genetic crosses the hybrids. They need this because the Zetas are infertile, so they are trying to make a new fertile Zeta species which they hope would not be "too human" because they consider us humans to be inferior.

We are not arrogant! - Zeta or Thuban, about considering humans to be inferior, it means that it is justified to say so

Zetas also collect fecal samples from their abductees, such as me, because they are studying metabolism. I almost forgot to say. Lats night before I fell asleep, the aliens showed me an image of a bucket they have there and told me I would have to vomit there. The military also said that I would have to vomit there and if I was ok with that, since I insist on having a conscious abduction experience. I said I don't mind if I have to vomit, in exchange for alien contact. The Zetas then told me that otherwise they would have to use the thin tubing that they insert down my nostril and into my stomach to suction out the stomach contents with, and so that it is much quicker and easier just to make me vomit it all out all at once. So now we know why I vomit there. The aliens have been talking to me for years now about how "I vomit" every time when I am there, and how they tell me that there is a bucket next to the medical table. I have always asked them and asked why do I vomit when I am there, and they had never told me. But now we know. It is because they are too lazy to suction out the stomach contents.

Actually I would probably rather vomit than to have a gastroscopy-type of procedure done. Having tubing inserted down the throat is excrutiatingly distressful as a medical procedure for a human, whereas vomiting, although uncomfortable, is more quick and easy than a gastrocopy-type of procedure. Although I hate vomiting, I would probably rather vomit than have the tubing inserted down to my stomach. Just a thought. But both are really bad.

We don't have crackers there. - Hamish says to me now, "crackers" in my other language, he possibly means my writing about vomit, so
Where, Hamish? - me
In the nose! - Hamish, he means the tubing down the nose, and
Ok. - me
We gave you crackers there sometimes. Then we watch the piece as it goes down. - Hamish, "crackers" in my other language, "piece" in my native language, and goes down means as it travels down my esophagus to my stomach

Namely, I also learned last night from what the Zetas said before I fell asleep, the Zetas put foods into my stomach, let it digest there for a while, then either suction it out with the tubing, or faster and quicker to let me vomit it all out, and voila they have produced some baby food. They feed my vomit to my hybrid babies. I have already written that for you all before, about how the aliens use that suctioned out digested food from my stomach to feed it to the hybrids. There must be problems with making a hybrid Zeta-human with a functioning digestive system, considering that Zetas soak in bathtubs of body fluids that go through their skin, and how we humans eat with a digestive system. It can't be easy making functional hybrids between two such vastly different species.

I wonder what they feed me? I know that they talk about crackers, it looks to be animal crackers that they get from humans in big bags. Animal crackers or zoo crackers they sometimes talk about offering me. [Added same day: By the way animal crackers are cookies that humans make and eat, they are made out of grain flour and maybe some milk or oil who knows, and have the name because they are made in the shape of animals, such as the lion or the giraffe. They are eaten by people, not given to animals. Kids often love them. They are mildly sweet.] The aliens always ask me to drink cow's milk, because that makes for excellent baby food if it is taken out of my stomach. For the record I don't drink any cow's milk, sometimes I have natural yoghurt with berries just to please my Turtle Hamish.

The aliens have various types of men have sex with me so that I can get pregnant. Why they don't just do it in a laboratory with eggs and sperm I don't know. Why the sex has to be involved I don't know. Maybe again it is easier and saves them an extra medical procedure.

There are humans in Japan who, based on what the Reptilians tell me, these humans have part Reptilian DNA since centuries ago. These Japanese are called by the aliens the Dragon Dynasty. These Japanese families used to have Samurai warriors in their family long ago and have still kept ancient Samurai swords. These families know well about the Dragons that are a family legacy in their homes. The Japanese they call my Hamish by the name Kemoro, that is their name for my Dragon Turtle.

And then there are Russian military namely Corpral Olav Vetti who also makes babies with me. But Olav and me don't like each other. Olav likes to play ice-hockey all the time. He is a missiles expert.

And then the military officers and survey men who are part of the team who oversee the alien activity to make sure that the aliens stick to the rules. If the military were not watching over what the aliens are doing with abductees, then instantly the Zetas would fall for the temptation to do very gruesome experiments and vivisection, which the military does not allow them to do on abductees. So the military during abductions actually keeps me safe, I think. But these military and survey men are also asked if they would like to volunteer to make babies. So these men have sex with me too, but I don't normally get to remember it. I have more memories in my diary notes from my teens and early 20's.

Then there are human royal figures. I don't know quite what goes on here. This Prince Charles is supposedly supposed to make babies which are then injured and their blood is eaten by the big fat white lizard who poses as Queen Elizabeth. To be clear, the ones who are doing this are lizards. They are not humans. But what puzzled me was, as I was telling the white lizard when I woke up from the invitation to tea, that once I saw the sister of the Queen on tv and I could totally see the white lizard that seems to live through her or whatever it is that is going on, and how that white lizard had then talked to me. So I don't know what is going on.

Are lizards impersonating human royalty so that they can hope to earn admiration from human abductees? Because Reptilians and Dark Lords want to be regarded as kings and gods. I have also had encounters with Swedish royalty who then morph into, not the white lizards, but black Reptilians, and the theme and explanations I am given are the same. That I am meant to have babies with these Reptiles or Lizards who pose as human royalty, and so that the blood of those babies can then be consumed by those Reptiles or Lizards.

I did not invent these stories. They are based on my experiences. I am very sorry when these entities involve real human persons into these stories, but I can find no proper way to leave out these names of the persons whom these reptiles impersonate. I could have just written that the white lizard poses as "a queen", but then that would be cutting out a significant portion of this documentary. I am a trained chemist and used to writing laboratory reports. I know what details must be included, and which ones not, for the sake of recording down an experience. I believe that these lizards and aliens are real creatures, and that it is they who are responsible for their actions, not I. I am very sorry that these aliens involve real humans into these stories. I hope that there are no repercussions to me or to anyone else involved in these stories.

To be clear, again, there is no evidence that a real Prince Charles or a real Queen Elizabeth would be involved in anything like this. All I have seen however is that Reptilians and Lizards have a keen interest in human royalty, and that some are able to shapeshift their bodies into looking like human royalty. What exactly is going on I don't know, we would have to ask the aliens.

We are feeding with them, in our feeding stations. That is what is going on, if you were to ask us. - Hamish, or otherwise another Reptilian
Why is Prince Charles involved? Can you tell me? Or is just a white lizard posing as Prince Charles, and if it is then why? - me
No, no, no, we are not going to tell you. - Dark Lord who thought of Prince Charles' father while he said this
TELL ME. - me
Why? Are we supposed to? - Dark Lord, acting as sweet and cute as he possibly can, while saying this
We don't want to reveal our plans. We don't want to be attacked by Hamish either. - Dark Lord
Hamish is mine lizard. Hamish is my Turtle. I would attack if anyone threatens him. - me


Good grief. How could I almost forget. I don't know how the memory works but I nearly forgot a long and very important stretch of conversation that I had with the Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles lizards whom I had met in that dream or abduction encounter where the Queen had been insisting that I try their tea cakes. By the way I had not wanted to eat their tea cakes because, knowing that they are lizards, I had to ask myself whether there might be even as much as a drop of blood or fetus or something in those cakes. Because I have been offered to drink blood by the Reptilians, and I don't want them to perhaps try to trick me into consuming some, as hidden in cakes, who knows.

When I woke up from the tea invitation. By the way, remember when I was invited for tea and fine pastries at the Swedish royal castle with the Swedish king and queen who then morphed into Black Reptilians and there was all this blood and a sacrifice of a baby? So when I woke up, the Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles, told me that they could find a way to invite me to the British royal castle to live with them for real.

Namely they said that I could be their florist. They could tell me which florist in the U.K. to go to. Namely the Queen sits at the florist's herself and gets to pick which flower arrangements she approves of and consequently which florists she herself wants to hire to work for her in her home to arrange fresh cut flowers into her home. It would be so simple. All I would have to do is go to the right florist that she tells me, put some cut flowers into a vase, and they could choose me to work for them. Then that way I would spend lots of time in their home and with them.

I told them I don't know anything about flowers, that I am not a florist. She said it doesn't matter, it's as easy as putting some flowers into a vase and no one would suspect anything. She said that this florist knows and is in on it. That is how they get their chosen young women into their castle all the time, she said. I must say, it is a terribly clever plan. I was quite impressed with how they do this.

At earlier times this Queen Elizabeth who shapeshifts into a white lizard also told me that she could give me a secret phrase to write on the outside of an envelope which means that if I send her a written letter then it would be sorted so that it does reach to her and she would read it, if I just want to write her a letter. Just to be very clear, I will not be writing any letters nor joining to be a florist.

I have no doubt that there is a real white lizard who can shapeshift into Queen Elizabeth, and I presume that the Prince Charles one also has a lizard counterpart though I have never seen him shapeshift into a lizard, always as the human counterpart. How these two characters relate to the actual human ones, I do not know. Though I find it eery that these lizards were telling of a way for a young woman to get access into their castle to live with them in their home.

I mean, all of this epic David Icke saga of lizards on Earth is starting to wrap together into something cohesive. I mean, there was that time when I very nearly married into families that are very close to the Bush family in America. I don't know. Now it's time for me to live my life.


I was happy to meet with Commendant Larsen, and to have a nice stroll with him around the hangar buildings at his AirForce base. I was grateful for that, and I hope to see him again. Next time I hope I am awake enough to give him a hug, just to thank him for being real. I really don't want to vomit into buckets with the aliens. And I'm kind of creeped out about all the hybrids and fetuses and children that they keep showing me. I don't know why I don't say no about them taking my eggs. Maybe it's because I love Hamish so much, and I don't want to ever lose him. I am very close to my Dragon. Plus some part of me doesn't want him to starve, because he "eats my eggs". Humans eat meat too, and that is how I have to justify it. I can't let my Dragon ever starve. I would feed him my own liver if there was nothing else.

By the way the military, I guess it was Commendant Larsen, talked to me about how I used to be really attractive "like a porn star" I think is what he said, just a few years ago, meaning that they don't think I look as good today. He's not the only one of the military and survey men who has said similar "compliments" to me, Jack with the NASA team has also said some stuff. I don't know if I need to be hearing those things. I deliberately started to make myself fat and desperately out of shape since I was introduced to Olav, and I didn't want Olav to look at me or touch me so I wanted to get ugly so that he might leave me alone.

I'm sure I met some real lizards who pose as Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles. I am friendly to all, so I was friendly to them too. I'm sure they are serious about eating babies and drinking blood. I can't blame them. Humans eat meat too. I haven't even thought about what it should feel like that someone lizardly might be eating my babies. When I think about Hamish eating my babies, I don't feel angry or disgusted, I just know that I love Hamish. WIth Hamish it is different. We are very close.

But if I actually held my baby in my arms, I am sure I could never give it into the hands or teeth of a predator. I would suggest to offer to them fish instead. Hamish can eat fish. But he prefers not to, because it makes his poo more runny and messy. There are other Reptilians off the coast of Japan in the deep sea who eat fish that is provided to them by the Japanese from the Japanese fishing industry. So it seems to be a choice. Just like I have chosen to most of the time be a vegetarian if not vegan.

I don't know what exactly is the involvement of the royal houses of Europe, nor do I consider it my obligation to find out. What I hate most of all is feeling like I might be causing harm to these persons whom I write about, and that I might get in trouble for doing that. That's what bothers me the most. More than learning that I have to vomit babyfood into a bucket. Or that Commendant Larsen's penis might have been in me. Yes, this whole story it does bother me. This is interfering with my life. Causing me inconveniences. But luckily, after I have written it all down, I can just push it aside. Go on with my life. Whatever.


I feel really bad about writing about Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles. It agonizes me more than knowing that I have to vomit babyfood into buckets for the aliens. For all intents and purposes, one must allow that lots of people probably have dreams about these persons, in the case that they symbolize "Queen" and "Prince" to the human subconscious. Now I know that my alien encounters are more than dreams, but the disclaimer is that one could argue that people could dream about the Queen as a symbol for something regal for instance. And then it is perfectly ok to write a page about how I had a dream about a Queen and a lizard and tea and coffee cakes.

I have nowhere said that the actual humans are lizards who eat babies. What I have said is that I have met lizards who eat babies and who pose as human royalty. I have not said what David Icke is saying. He says that the royalty are lizards. I would never go as far as saying that, even if I were to find out that that is true, then I would never say it because I would have to protect myself and also protect the royal persons. I would never intend to cause harm to any person nor to any lizard.

I don't have the slightest interest in monarchy or in famous people. I had a boyfriend who worked with installing things and most of his clients were superfamous people in the United States. He invited me to come with him so that I could meet these superfamous people in their own homes but I didn't think it was anything worthy to do. I'm not impressed with if someone is regarded as famous or anything. I treat all people equally, namely with tremendous compassion and kindness. I am not some crazy person who is fixated with royalty. I only write these stories because I experience lizards who pretend that they are human royalty, because those lizards are the ones who want to feel important and distinguished. That is my theory anyway. I also suspect that royalty are also abductees and that the lizards may have developed a taste for the blood in their offspring, at least based on what the lizards are telling me.

I hate that the Reptilians put me in a difficult position. It was also difficult for me to report in my project which is this website and books that I met a green lizard who morphed into John Kerry and said that he was going to make babies with me, presumably for consumption. Or that actors Christopher Walken and Tom Cruise and director Steven Spielberg are also mentioned in my alien contacts. Now of course I have to say how. Christopher Walken is closely connected to Reptilians, at least as far as Reptilians, plus another of my contacts who is an abductee, are informed. There is no shame in being connected to Reptilians. It doesn't presume any immoral conduct. It's actually quite cool if someone has Reptilian contact in their family legacy. These used to be called the dragons, and affluent people who lived in castles used to have dragon visitations centuries ago in Europe at least, this was recorded but now we say it is fairytales.

And the aliens say that Tom Cruise has "dragon's blood". No harm in that, so do I. I don't eat babies, and I'm sure neither does Tom Cruise. And Steven Spielberg is in the same "abductee group" as me, I was told by my aliens. It is like groups of hundreds of people who from time to time get to meet together, not that I remember any of it. I'm sure Steven Spielberg would be happy to know if he is an abductee, since he makes all those alien movies, so no harm done if somebody - me - has aliens who tell me that he is in an abductee group.

I just write down everything that happens, what I see, what I am told, by aliens. And I'm sorry if the aliens drag in real people. It makes me feel very anxious, but what can I do. I am a trained scientist in chemistry, and to omit these facts that are so instrumental to the story, would feel like cutting my own arm off.

Yes-No, cut arm off. - Hamish
Yes-No. I won't do it. It was just a figure of speech. I am safe, Hamish. Yes-No. - me
I love you Hamish. You are always taking care of me, I love you. - me
Yes-No, probability of science. - Black Reptilian says to me, somewhat scornfully, because of how I was writing about scientific obligation and stuff, and mocking Hamish's Yes-No a bit, unless this was Hamish who said, but I think it might have been black Reptilian

Don't forget that the aliens tell me that the real Colin Powell was abducted by aliens and taken away and replaced by a clone who works for the Alien Agenda, and that the same would have been done to President Barack Obama. Those are the stories that aliens tell me. It doesn't mean that those stories are true. It just means that aliens said those things. Maybe the aliens say it because they would want to challenge or threaten the leadership, because they want to rule and be in charge. No worries, the military are already working on it and doing what they can.

So, if the aliens also mention Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles, and they set up a situation where I am fully awake and having tea cakes with these two, so what. The aliens say and do so many things. I just write it down. The aliens say that many Japanese humans have alien DNA and that the aliens want to remove the other Japanese people so that there would only be the hybrids living there. The military tell me that the Vietnam war was really to fight the Reptilians who were in those jungles and who were eating humans there. And that Hitler was mind controlled by the Dark Lords of the Agenda who wanted to get to the Jews because the Jews are genetically not corrupt by the evil aliens. That sort of thing.

Anyway, I am not a crazy person. I have had real physical UFOs in the sky that I have seen with witnesses. I have seen UFOs after being led out by aliens who talk to me telepathically. All sorts of bits and pieces that prove to me that it is all happening. And, it really is an amazing story. Would it be better if I do not write about it? What kind of world do we live in if people keep stories like these to themselves?

Anyway, back to real life, and to hoping that Hamish says or does something funny again, because it cheers me up.

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