About Hamish's Sexuality
September 18 2015

This page describes Reptilian sexuality in so much detail that it can be perceived as being graphic if not pornographic. This page should only be read by adults yet I am publishing this material on my website because the internet already contains a lot of adult material and children should not be on the internet in the first place. This page is intended as a scientific survey of Reptilian sexual behavior. Reptilians are biological creatures from outer space and this topic is a valid scientific exploration.

Even a public library has books with scientifically worded treatises on sexuality and biology which some would say are unsuitable for kids, yet guardians allow their children to pick up any books they like it seems.

Who is Hamish?

I have known Hamish since he stepped into my life suddenly one day in autumn of 2011. I was sitting on my bedroom deskchair and suddenly there appeared a tall, fire engine red Dragon man standing beside me in my room. We just looked at each other, both silently. The most unimaginable creature, he had totally unashamed and unapologetically inserted himself into my life, into my worldview. He had a soft cushion on his back like an in-built turtleshell, orange bumps on his body, flat red duck feet, round yellow eyes bulging out of the head with vertical brown reptilian pupils, a tail that limply rested against the floor.

At nights I would lie down in my bed, while he would lie down on his back right underneath me, underneath the bed, like two buddies in the dark of night in a bunkbed, both of us just telepathically aware of each other, of each other's thoughts and emotions, body and breathing. What I didn't know yet then, was that this Dragon was here to stay, and that we would get to know each other deeply, heart and soul, personality and quirks, and that I was going to later fall in love with this Dragon Turtle beyond and over the moon and stars more deeply than what a human heart was made to feel or bear.

The Conquest

This page is about Hamish's sexuality. A lot of people experience when a Reptilian suddenly jumps on top of them and wrestles them around in a very intimate embrace, scales against human skin, the Reptilian breathing down the neck, thoughts mind and soul overlapped as if in to one, and this can feel tremendously sexual and orgasmic, because the Reptilian is enjoying this, what I call the "conquest", as it is a hunting game for them. But this is not sexual, it does not involve copulation or sexual organs, you would just feel a tremendous pleasing sexual or ecstatic energy from the Reptilian which you both share with minds and bodies overlapped. The Reptilian does this once only with a human, and although they don't state its purpose, it is in fact a measure and comparison of your relative strengths. The Reptile doesn't tell you that you are expected to resist to show your strength. They assume it is obvious, they assume that you know.

After a euphoric ecstasy with claws, scales and tail which usually only lasts a few seconds, the Reptilian declares itself the stronger of you two. The "conquest" feels sexual, because we humans are given feelings of sexual pleasure by our bodies when we procreate, as a reward for ensuring that our species survives. The Reptilian, however, gets a sexual reward sensation from its body during the hunting and conquering game, because it means they are probably going to eat something and they are being rewarded for staying alive. The Reptilian sensation of lust from the game of "conquest" I rate as being at least 1,000 times more pleasing than a mere human orgasm. Many humans report this conquest experience with a Reptilian as being a "sexual rape". It feels sexual yes, but it has got nothing to do with sex or reproduction.

I stated the conquest as a first example of Reptilian sensuality and to set it apart as being not a part of their sexuality in their reproduction. I enjoyed a tremendously sensual and pleasing "conquest" embrace with Hamish in the first days of our contact, but they only do it once, and Hamish has already declared himself the stronger of us two, because I did not resist him, I just enjoyed the sensual close contact with a large red scaly man with a warm breath on my neck and had no intentions of resisting.


We humans are very sexual beings, we don't often think of ourselves that way. But even anthropologists - who study humans and our ancestors and relatives the primates - and biologists - who study all life - would rate humans as "unusually sexual creatures". Humans are one of few species that can reproduce and have babies any time of the year. Most other mammals for instance can only get pregnant at certain times of the year, during one, or perhaps two, short time intervals. Human genitals and the woman's breasts are considered by biologists as having evolved into "exaggerated sizes". No other mammal besides us has large breasts even at times when they are not lactating. Also I remember from a biology or anthropology class that the human penis is larger than it would need to be. Humans are very sexually active, by themselves or with others, many on a daily basis. From anthropology class I remember that the theory is that women have sex with their man all year round so that he has incentive to stay with her and take care of the family with kids.

Having spent four years together with Reptilians, or in particular with Hamish, what do I know of Reptilian sexuality?

We have got dongs, tell them that. - Hamish or other Reptilian
We have got dongs, I said. - Hamish says and smiles by closing his lower eyelids upwards, so it was Hamish previously too as I had thought

And the answer is I know surprisingly little of Reptilian sexuality. I have learned to know Hamish very intimately and through and through, and he knows me probably as well as I know him if not better. I know about Hamish's eating habits and about his toilet habits, what his fears are and what his loves are. What television programmes he likes and which ones not. What he thinks about, places he likes to go, his favorite snacks to eat, his unique phrases. I know his body language with his eyes and posture and all. Yet I know surprisingly little of his sexuality. Why is that? The reason is, I can almost safely conclude, that someone like Hamish is very little active with his sexuality at least at times when he is visiting me.

Dragon Turtles

Hamish is a male. His species is not the "typical Reptilians" but the "old Draconian race" which is the Dragon Turtles. His species comes from Alpha Draconis, where they lived in packs of a couple of tens of individuals, hunting in the fern tree forests (yes!) similar to a pack of wolves. The Dragon Turtles are more animal than "human". They do not wear clothes, or use any artifacts, other than nests, and some interest in natural things that are already there such as rocks or water that feel good to stand on. Each pack of Dragon Turtles has one leader whom the others follow. Dragon Turtles come in two distinct colors: fire engine red, such as Hamish, and mustard yellow, such as the female Susanna whom I once met. Hamish's mother was fire engine red, and Hamish's father was mustard yellow.

In Hamish's species, a male and a female have sex to fertilize eggs. I have been privileged to watch Hamish have sex with a Dragon Turtle female on a few occasions. I did not see the behavior which happened before the sexual act, so I do not know what the courtship ritual if any is, or how the male such as Hamish approaches the lady. I suspect that a female Dragon Turtle has a smell which smells like "the eggs". Dragon Turtles are very fragrant creatures with a strong body odor, and I suspect that the male smells different from a female, but I have no confirmation of that, it is just my speculation. It also seems that the females are slightly smaller than the males, unless Hamish just happened to be a bit larger than the females I have seen him with. Noteworthy is that the female Turtles also have the prominent turtlecushion on their backs, which signifies dominance and esteem.

When Hamish has sex with a female of his species, the female lies down on her belly like a Sphinx cat, so that she is sitting on her legs and the arms are in front of her and the turtleback points right up. Hamish will step up on her lower back and step slowly up and down on her lower back with his flat red duck feet, massaging her back. This, the Dragon Turtles have told me, "prepares the eggs" in her body, it seems to prepare and release her eggs inside her body to become available to be fertilized. The Turtles do not seem to make any sounds during the sex, such as growling or hissing, and they are both quiet.

It seemed once that Susanna the yellow Dragon Turtle lady did not want to have sex with Hamish. Anyhow Susanna kept her arms horisontally backwards, normally the arms point horisontally forwards, as if she had turned them 180 degrees. Her arms were thus resting backwards against the sides of the turtlecushion, so that her clawed fingers were pointing with the claws upward at the lower end of her turtlecushion. I suspected that she kept her claws there to signal that Hamish was not allowed to step up on her back. I did not get this confirmed, and it remains just my suspicion. On one unrelated occasion I have seen Hamish hold his arms backward like that with the claws pointing upward at the end of the turtlecushion, and that is only once and for reasons unknown to me.

Reptilian Dong

Reptilians have a penis, which they choose to call "dong". The dong is normally entirely hidden on the inside of their body. There is no external scrotum or external testicles either. There is no visible feature of the genitals in the groin on the Reptilian. The dong can come out of the body for use, even before or when not having any sex at the time, ie. the dong does not exclusively come out when he is just about to use it with a female.

A Reptile dong is slender and smooth. It does not have a glans or foreskin. It narrows down and becomes more slender toward the end tip, and so it looks fairly similar to a dog's penis. A Reptilian dong is of an interesting color. Hamish, who is a bright fire engine red on his scales, has a dong that is faintly pink in color. Reptilians who are black on their scales, have a dong that is white with a slight pale gray tone of color.

A Reptilian dong that comes out of the body has a natural waxy lubrication across it, not fluid like water, not oily like oil, but greasy like wax and with some shine. It is interesting that while a Reptilian body odor can be very pungent and offensive to the human nose, the Reptilian dong has a fragrance which smells like lavender. So it is noteworthy that while the human penis is lubricated from the tip, the Reptilian penis instead emerges from the inside of his body already with a waxy material throughout the outside. The purpose of this waxy material is unknown to me. Could it serve as a material that contains the fragrant substance? Is it a lubricant? Does the fragrant wax do something chemical inside the female's body? I do not know.

I have had physical sex with Reptilians on a few occasions, or at least on two occasions with a Crocodile Man. The Crocodile Man seems to be a hybrid cross between the Earth crocodile and a Reptilian. The Reptilians have lost their females and eggs (the "typical" Reptilians, not Hamish's "old Draconian race"). And so they are trying to genetically cross with other species to hopefully enhance their own race, and to get their females back. That is why they made the Crocodile Man, and also why they have attempted to cross the Crocodile man with humans, such as me. Having experienced sex with a Reptilian (Crocodile Man) I can better describe their behavior.

It is rare to see that a Reptilian's dong is out. And my guess is that they can choose when to have it come out, as opposed to only having to wait for an appropriate mental or physical stimulus. My guess is also that they do not manually take it out with their hands. The dong that is on the outside of the body is not erect or hardened, it is simply out, yet it does not hang down, it points forward but is rather limp, not hard at all.

So what behavior does the Reptilian have while his dong is out? It is noteworthy that the Reptilian seems unashamed of his exposed self. Humans typically feel that their penises are something private that they might want to conceal from others. Even in human tribes where people live mostly naked, men usually wear something to conceal their penises even if everything else is left to be naked.

Do you know why that is? We don't like it to be seen. - Hamish says now about his pink dong
What do you mean Hamish? - me
Someone might like to bite it! That is why it hides. - Hamish, ie. it hides on the inside of the body

So Hamish's concern that it is best to "hide" the Reptilian penis on the inside of the body seems to refer only to the worry that the penis might be bitten or injured by others if it were left exposed. Note here that he said nothing about the dong being "embarrassing" or "shame-provoking", just that it needs to be protected against damage. And yes, the Reptilian dong would be vulnerable for damages if it were always kept on the outside of the body. It is protected by being on the inside of the Reptile's body when not in use.

Do Reptilians ever have their dong out to make a point, to serve as a body language? I have seen no cases of that. I have only seen their dong out when they are going to use it for sex. But there are also times when a Reptilian seems to feel "sexually turned on" so that the dong comes out, even in the absence of a female to use it on. But I have encountered no examples where a Reptilian would have the dong on the outside of the body to "make a point", to say that they are "dominant", or "manly", or anything like that whatsoever.

So, the dong can be out when they are going to use it on a female. Or the dong can be out when the Reptilian is sexually aroused by something, and I will give examples of what those things might be in Hamish's case which I have observed. Or sometimes it seems to be out for "no real reason", which simply means that the reason for why is unknown to me. A lot of the Reptilian sexuality remains a mystery to me.

When a Reptilian's dong is out, they do not try to hide it from me to see. They display no sense of shame or embarrassment about someone like me at least seeing their dong on the outside. Their body language and demeanor does not change. They also do not typically talk to me about their dong, but sometimes they do talk to me about it, since it is out.

If a human man has sex then he has to penetrate multiple times to achieve the ejaculation, he does something similar by himself if he masturbates. The Reptilian however only penetrates once in the sexual act, and he will ejaculate soon after that. Reptilians do ejaculate a seminal fluid of some sort, yet note that the amount is incredibly tiny, it is literally an amount that is less than a drop of water in size! It is an incredibly small amount. And that is why when a Crocodile Man has sex with me, he grasps onto my hips real hard to make sure that I stay in place so that I do not move and he would not spill the valuable tiny amount of semen. The whole sexual act from start to finish from penetration until the end lasts only a very short time, unlike humans who can go at it for hours if they want to.

I do not know what a Reptilian thinks or feels about their dong, or about the sexual act, or about reproduction. Reptilians do however not seem to go around thinking about "sex" all the time like we humans more or less do in our adult age. It also does not seem as if Reptilians slowly build..... Hamish now shows me a mental image of himself with his penis out and him standing on the ruggy rug, it seems to mean to say that he has had sex to the rug, and he makes palate clicks while he speaks this to me without words. The palate clicks means that he likes something, that something is good. I will get to his behavior with the rug and his nesting behavior and masturbation shortly.

It also does not seem as if Reptilians slowly over time build up a sexual frustration like humans who haven't "had any" in a time can feel. Reptilians are by far not the "sexual animal" like we humans are.

Ruggie Rug - His Nest

Note: when I opened up this image on the computer to upload it to this page, Hamish saw the image of his beloved ruggy and he said "Yes!" pleased. He loves this rug.

When Hamish came into my life in 2011, he very early on adopted my bathroom rug, that little plush square of fabric that sat on the bathroom floor. He would stand on it for hours while doing his duty of watching over me to guard my eggs from other aliens who would otherwise take them. Hamish would not let me stand on his ruggy rugs, he would let me know if as much as the very tip of my heel was standing over his rug, and once he physically pushed me off the rug when I was standing on it. It was his territory. And so I let him have it. Today four years later his rug has dyed pink in the washing machine when I washed it together with some other red rugs, but it is the same rug and he loves it. Today his ruggety rugs sits behind the head-end of my bed right here in my bedroom where I am writing this thing. I do not ever stand on his rug, because I respect that it is his zone.

I would bite your fingers, I said. - Hamish says, because he knows what I am writing about, he means if I were to trespass into his rug, he might reprimand me a little lightly by wanting to bite into my fingers

Hamish would more often than not stand on his ruggy rug. And he would display a whole host of behaviors right on that rug, something which I've looked at for hours and hours in the past four years of knowing him. It has brought me great joy watching him loving and adoring that rug! One of the behaviors he does on that rug, is that he steps his feet up and down, up and down on that rug. Hamish has flat feet like a duck, they are widely webbed like on a seagull or a duck. In fact Hamish does spend time standing in shallow water, so the webbed flat feet might have with water to do. But the undersides of his feet are tremendously sensitive too, more sensitive for touch and surfaces than the human hand! So he enjoys feeling out the soft plush fibers of the rug underneath his feet, that is one reason why he likes to step his feet slowly up and down, up and down on that rug.

But when I noticed that Hamish does the identical behavior of "stepping" on a female's lower back for sex before he has his penis into her, I started to realize that the "stepping" is perhaps part of masturbation. Hamish's penis is not out when he steps his feet on the rug, however the stepping with feet is the same, and I suspect it to be related to the reproductive behavior. At least, we can say that the "stepping", which is an important part of the sex act, is a behavior that he knows how to do.

Sometimes Hamish uses the rug as his cleaning station, totally unrelated to sex. He will then stand on the rug, and wipe his feet real fast! backwards on the rug. That is when he has something dirty on the undersides of his feet that he wipes off. Sometimes when he poos, because Hamish's poo are somewhat runny mud patties, he can get some on the undersides of his bare flat feet, and so he wipes his feet clean.

Hamish sheds scales from time to time. He can shed scales from only a part of his body at a time, or all of his body at once. When he sheds from his entire body, then his body will turn entirely white. The first time when I saw this, I was so scared because I worried that he was sick or maybe dying! But turns out, all was well with the world, Dragon was only shedding. It takes about two days from when he turns white, until the pieces start coming off and he can turn red again.

Hamish likes to hang onto his shedded bits and sheets, he doesn't throw them away like trash. I have observed tons of behavior that he does with his shedding and shedded scales over having seen it many times over for four years. He has a place somewhere in a forest where he sets his piles of scales down on the ground next to a fallen log of a tree and then puts fallen leaves on top of that. Then he will go to that place from time to time, seeming to guard or watch over or just to be near his shedded scales.

Another place where he places his shedded scales, is to collect them on the rug. He will lay the scales down on the rug nicely, with tremendous meticulous care. Noteworthy is that, although our human home is filled with lots and tons of artifacts and things that he could, possibly if he wanted to, fumble around with and look at or arrange, he pays no interest to human "things", yet he handles his shedded scales with surprising keenness and meticulous care as objects. This page is about Hamish's sexuality, so I will have to write a separate page about his behavior with his shedded bits. But he tends to pee on his shedded sheets, or he dunks them in the toilet water (which of course I asked him to stop because it is not clean), because if the sheets dry out then they will crack and be broken. So he likes them to stay moist and flexible, to remain large in size and not crack. And, once the sheets are moistened with water or with his urine, he will then think that he needs to "dry" them. And so he hangs them on the bathroom radiator to dry. So he repeats this careful process of dampening and drying his sheets of scales, which he keeps on his rug.

The sheets give off a scent which his nose can detect, and he thinks that the sheets smell pleasant, in fact it must smell like a nest to him. I suspect that this is Hamish's nesting behavior, that he is building a nest on these rugs and with his scales as nesting material. The moist scales that have not dried or cracked, give off a pleasant scent which Hamish finds reassuring and like home. Perhaps some or all of this scent is transferred to the sheets from his urine on them, otherwise perhaps from a combination of the scent of his sheets and of his urine.

So those are his large sheets. You should know that when other Reptilians are visiting, who are not Dragon Turtles, they always squat down right beside Hamish's rug-nests and look at the scales and admire them tremendously, as if they were looking at jewels. They always ask kindly before touching his shedded sheets. One visitor even tried to steal some of Hamish's scales and wanted to wear them on his body to be more powerful. I have written down all of these stories and you will find them in the telepathy books and on this website.

Sometimes Hamish lays down one of his sheets down on my body on my skin. If I have clothing covering me then he will place it underneath my clothing so that it is scales against skin. He once wanted to insert a piece of a sheet into my vagina, note that this had no sexual implications but rather the same implication as when he wants to set the sheets down on any part of my body. In one part I feel privileged, but it may also mean that I belong to him. It is however not something that Hamish would do to just about everybody.

But other than sheets, Hamish also ends up with individual bits of scales. These are large, like individual bubble-halves of a bubblewrap plastic. These individual bits he seems to not keep as much track of. Smaller sheet fragments and bits he tends to put on the bookshelves in our home, he can also put those on my chest underneath my shirt. When I take a bath in the bathtub, Hamish sometimes shows up ready to dunk his peed sheets into the bathwater to "wash them", and he will sprinkle individual bits into the bath. I once had a glitch of my vision which made me able to see with my eyes and not just mentally the other world which the aliens inhabit and I saw individual bits sitting on the bottom of the toilet bowl and some individual bits that were still floating on the surface of the toilet water. But, one can expect a Dragon's lair to be made all homey and with shedded scales everywhere. However, noteworthy is that Hamish treats his ruggety rugs as his nests and that he places shedded scales on those rugs like building a nest.

Other rug-behavior is that he likes to stomp his feet up and down on those shedded sheets on the rug too. And that he likes to lie down with his tummy flat against the sheets and cross his arms in front of him and he looks all snug like a dragon nesting.

On one or a few occasions I have seen Hamish have sex with a hybrid child girl, actual sex with his penis. Then he will also push the girl down on the floor and stomp on her back first with his duck feet up and down. He has also, unless I remember it wrong (I would have to find this one in the notes), at least intended to have sex with a Thuban. On one occasion, and yet only one in our four years together, I was in the bathroom where he had the second nest which was on the white bathroom rug, Hamish invited me to lie down on his rug-nest and he would have stepped on my back and had sex with me, but of course I declined and it did not happen, he did not force me in any way. On one or two occasions Hamish has at least had thoughts about stepping massaging on my lower back with his feet and those times I have known that it was in part of the sexual act that he was thinking of, and I did not allow that behavior to happen. Me and Hamish as far as I know have never had sex with each other. I am very close to him and I love him more than I have ever loved anyone before, but it is more like a friendship, plus he is not a human so it would not be ok. Besides it's against the law to have sex with animals, though Hamish would probably in a legal sense count as a human since he is a thinking person that can speak for himself. But it is not something that is going to happen, neither me nor Hamish intend to have sex with each other, we have no such relationship.

Eggs and Hatch-Its

The females that Hamish has sex with, they lay eggs. They lay many eggs at a time, maybe eight of them or so. The eggs have a soft outer shell, not at all hard like a bird's egg, but soft like the chewy seaturtle eggs. The eggs are beige and have if I remember correctly (see previous notes) a dark-green camouflage dotted pattern. The female takes care of the nest of eggs, but Hamish does too. Hamish will be very curious about his nest of eggs. He tells me that they "smell right", and so the smell of the eggs stimulates something in him to want to stay near, and to obviously guard and protect his eggs. I suspect that the Dragon Turtle female, and the eggs that are laid, have a similar or the same "right" smell for Hamish. It is not a sexually arousing smell, but more a smell that makes him want to stay near and nurture and protect.

When Hamish has a nest of eggs, he visits it often and shows me mental images of the eggs on the ground. The eggs will be in a cave where other Dragon Turtles dwell, and by no means here in our human homes. Hamish knows that the eggs will hatch, and he calls his babies in English "hatch-its". "Hatch-its"! How cute is that!

Sadly, a Crocodile Man will take their babies away. Hamish also says that his babies do not survive for a long time once they are hatched. The full story of what happens to these precious babes I do not know, only that I sure wish Hamish and his ladies could parent and cherish their babies in peace. I was once blessed when Hamish brought several of his red hatch-its to my bedroom, although these dragons were all in the other dimension, and he let the babies climb all over my bed and on top of me, as I sat in my bed. I had Hamish's babies crawling on my chest and lap. Hamish is a great dad, he pays close attention to his babies and he is gentle and careful around them not to step on them for instance. And I will watch him as he regularly teaches the babies by telling them, that he is dominant. Hamish is a great dad!

Red Things

So back to his sexual behavior. Hamish himself is a very bright fire engine red color. Hamish has excellent color vision. He will notice anything in his surroundings that is red, and it fixates his attention to it strongly. During Christmas when we have little Santa figurines here and there, in flower pots, hidden behind things, on the windowsill, with their little red pointy hats, then Hamish will sure notice them and tell me about them. The Spiderman character, if Hamish sees a picture, he thinks it is a real creature and he feels threatened, he feels insecure as well as he wants to attack. Hamish gets very agitated and upset about Santas and the Spiderman character. In the forests of Alpha Draconis where his species is from, seeing something red must have always or mostly just meant another red Dragon Turtle. And Dragon Turtles and Reptilians overall are very hierarchial and dominating species. Every Reptile wants to be the dominant individual, and they challenge each other for strength. Hamish's mind must be telling him that anything red is another Dragon Turtle.

Or if I am wearing a red neglige (which I only did that once and would never dare to again), he just stared at me in a way that made me so uncomfortable. If I wear red lipstick, which I had to stop doing. I bought a new red dress which fits me perfectly, but it will probably have to stay in the closet because Hamish would think that I am challenging him to power, no matter what I say. Even the little Google Chrome desktop icon, which has a tiny fourth that is red, it is only a tiny little detail on the screen, yet Hamish will find it and point his finger at it. He likes the red Christmas tree ball ornaments on the tree though, he seems to find them pretty.

So. I was playing the computer game "The Sims 2" on the computer, and in the game I had a family with dogs so I bought a whole bunch of toys for the dogs. I bought like four different plastic chew bone toys, in different colors. Well, of course Hamish notices the red one. He knows it is a chew toy that the dog chew on. And that is when I got to learn, or at least witness, a lot more of Hamish's sexual behavior. Namely Hamish showed me that his penis was out, and it is very rarely out almost never out. Hamish was telling me that he wants me to put that red chew toy down on his ruggy rug that is here in the bedroom. I told him that I would see if I can some day get him one like that. After a while Hamish tells me that he is still waiting for me to give him that toy, and so I had to tell Hamish that the red chew toy is not real, that it is only a virtual game, a video or a cartoon on the screen. I even pinched at the red chew toy on the screen with my fingers to show him that "I cannot take it out for him".

Hamish seemed excited and energetic about the fact that the red object is for chewing. That fact did not seem to make him angry, but for some reason made him sexually stimulated. Based on how I know Hamish, I would have guessed that he would feel that this red thing is "part of him", that he would sympathize with the red toy like he does with red lobsters that he claims are his ancestor and should not be eaten, but instead, since this red chew toy in the game is gnawed and chewed on, it seemed to trigger Hamish's slightly sadistic hunting instinct. Hamish is a predatory animal, his species hunt for other animals in packs. I am still lacking in understanding in his behavior about the chew toy in the game, but I can at least list his behaviors.

For example, when Hamish and me watch the tv series "The Walking Dead", which features a lot of zombies that eat humans and have blood and organs all over them, Hamish does not find that scary, instead he sort of relates to the zombies like if he totally understands what they are doing, as if they are "pals". The dog in the game chewing the red bone was also like a behavior that he saw which he found "agreeable", because when he thought about the game dogs chewing the red bone, he was not angry - like I would have expected him to be - but he seemed to think it was cool, or something. And for some reason, and I do not know yet why or how, this all made his penis come out.

I was watching Hamish because it is rare that his penis comes out. I did not try to interact with him or interfere with his behavior, but I was curious to see what he would say or do. For a long time I have wanted to know more about how Reptilians think and relate to their penises. At least I know that I was not part of that behavior, it was just between the chew toy and him.

Well the next day I was playing the video game again, and in the family that has the dog toy. I must have totally forgotten about Hamish's interesting behavior the day before, but Hamish appeared again, completely focused and fixated on the tiny red dog bone which stands out as a red thing in the whole game. (By the way there is a dancing Christmas Snowman in "The Sims 2" that stands dancing on a red box, Hamish always points to the red box and pays close attention to it. There is also a small red box that is a children's toy in the game, the one the toddlers put cubes into, and Hamish notices them and is fixated to them also. Ha ha one of my alltime favorites is this one, where Hamish saw that one of my Sims characters in "The Sims 1" video game was wearing a red pajamas, and Hamish's eyes opened wide with upset and he said "No Santa!!!", find a picture of the Sim in question here NO SANTA PYJAMA!!!)

So this second day when Hamish had noticed the red chew toy bone in the game, Hamish was again standing next to me with his penis out, and this time he told me about his penis being there. He then had thoughts about wanting me to put that red toy bone down on his ruggy rug which is here in the room, and this time Hamish had thoughts about wanting to masturbate on the bone, to rub his dong on it.

So, what does this say about Hamish's sexual behavior? What does it mean? Honestly, I don't know. I have just listed some more observations about his sexual behavior. Interesting that he would have wanted to stand on his ruggy rug which is his nest where he does sexual behavior and masturbation otherwise too, and he would have wanted that red bone chew toy to be placed down on that rug, and then he would have wanted to masturbate on it. It is all related to that he got excited from knowing that this red item is chewed by the dog.

Because when he sees other tiny red items in the video game, such as the dancing Snowman on the red box, he does not have any sexual responses, only upset. But this time, since this red item, the dog chew toy, was a chew toy which gets gnawed on by the dog's teeth, that somehow translates in Hamish's wiring in his mental processes as something that should stimulate a sexual response and wanting to masturbate on that red item. I am quite confused, and quite perplexed, and I cannot explain the behavior or the connections that he makes. But it is interesting.


I just want to say that Hamish is the sweetest Turtle in the world. I love him like I have never loved anybody else. I would live and die for Dragon Turtle and every day I do. He is more important, more precious to myself than me. My Sweet Little Duck Feet. I hope that everybody who reads this has respected his integrity. Hamish's private mind and his precious body should be sacred. It pains me that I have written about him, and possibly so doing invaded in his privacy. Please respect and adore Hamish like I do who knows him. He is the most adorable sweetheart that is in this universe.

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