The Future Is Great
October 31 2015

Most important entry ever! Telepathic conversation with John a man in the year 1940 across time, enabled by the Zetas! Absolutely true!

Keep reading because in this story I actually meet with the aliens and they show me time travel, EARTH'S FUTURE, alien spaceships and bases, and lots of things!

Aliens Cure Boredom
Talk with Zetas and with Dinosaurs

I was bored last night when I went to bed and I couldn't fall asleep so I decided to bother the aliens.

We are not friendly. - black Reptilian
...... What did you say? - Dark Lord to black Reptilian
That I am not friendly, I said. - black Reptilian

I directed my telepathy to talk to Zetas and connected to a Zeta who doesn't look like what you would expect them to look like. The head is not that large bulbuous lightbulb shaped head, but flatter. The skin is white, not pale gray nor pale yellow. These are little skinny creatures and their eyes are big and black. When I tuned in to the alien to read its body composition and mind, I find someone who is not emotionally driven like we humans and mammals are, and I find that he was remarkably well-educated in engineering type of things, I find tons of knowledge in his mind and memory. But not an empathic compassionate loving cuddly person we should say.

I asked this Zeta whether he would let me scan his body and mind. When I was 13 the Zetas taught me how to communicate with them telepathically. I also found out that I can use this telepathy to see the structure of the body like an MRI scan.

We would like to talk with you too. - Airship Person
I will talk to you soon. Please let me write down my journal first of last night's events. - me
Hah! You don't remember even half of it! - Zeta to me
I guess not. - me
Mine, she said. - Hamish with his flat red duck feet

So out of boredom I just wanted to look into the Zeta's mind and body. Reading its mind I found like I said lots of knowledge, imagine someone who is a mechanical engineer and an electrical engineer plus at least ten other types of engineering, there was just tons of knowledge inside that little head. A technical and educated person. Reading his body was not easy so I gave up and decided to talk to Lasarus the Zeta, a different type of Zeta instead.

Lasarus looks like what most would expect a Zeta to look like because of what you might see on tv. His head is large and bulbuous

Don't make fun of my head, and of my appearance. - Lasarus or otherwise the Airship Person
I wasn't making fun of it. I am only describing. - me
Then we will call you little-heads. - looks like the first Zeta I talked to last night, the one with the smaller head and white skin
You can call me what you want. - me
I will call you, the Eggs! - Hamish with his big flat red duck feet

And the skin on Lasarus has a pale yellow hue. Lasarus and the other Zeta stood near one another and it was clear how these are two different types. Lasarus was telling me about how his kind, Lasarus' kind, are a newer version of Zetas, I read from the context or between the lines, since it was not expressively spoken but I sensed it in the stream of communication, that Lasarus' kind of Zetas have new DNA inserted into them, so they are an upgrade. The other Zeta would be a previous kind.

One of these two Zetas told me about a puddle of pee there in the room they were in. These Zetas were in a creepy white Zeta medical laboratory and I was still in my bed. I told them that I don't mind if there is a pee stain on the floor there, and I offered even that I could help them to clean it up if I were there, and I would, I wasn't just saying that, I don't mind helping with cleaning if they would let me. I had the impression that this yellow puddle on the floor next to the first Zeta might have come from a Zeta's body. I know that they excrete something yellow that smells strong of ammonia through their skin. Sometimes a hybrid or a Zeta reaks as if it had been dipped into a vat of concentrated urine, but that's ok.

The first Zeta said they wanted to do experiments on me, which would have included to drill into my head. I said no they cannot drill into my head. They mentioned some other experiments they want to do but I've forgotten what those were. It's creepy (interrupted) [Added same day: Another of the procedures they told me about, is that they drill a tiny hole into my tooth and insert implants which control my thoughts. I told them that surely they don't have to control my thoughts for me, can't they just tell me what they want me to say or do, but they think this is better that way.]

We are not arrogant! YOU! YOU are the one who is haughty, mind you! - Thuban or Zeta or part in part both in that case first Zeta and then the Thuban with "YOU..."

It's creepy how the Zetas so very eagerly approach their interest in performing horrendous and seemingly pointless medical experiments and there is not an ounce of compassion or empathy in these beings. It makes for a very horrific alien encounter, but luckily I have science background so I can just tell myself that they are being scientists. Although they make it clear that I am nothing more worth than some lab animal.

I was also going to look into Lasarus' mind and body to snoop around but I didn't get very far I forget why, if it was that

Hey, psst, these things here are really top secret! - whispers a man with gray hair in his 50's or older
Why is it top secret? - me
Because we are getting good guns from them! - seemed to be Airship Person who narrates what this human man should have said, meaning humans get weapons from the Zetas
I am writing my journal. Let me write it. - me

This man is wearing a black suit with a white shirt and dark tie, but you already guessed that he would. He is looking really stressed and concerned. I see him in a mental image, we are all the aliens these men and me in a telepathic conference call.

So where was I. For some reason I didn't get very far with reading into Lasarus' innermost secrets in his body and mind, either it was too difficult for me to decipher or something else distracted me.

There was also a conversation about Dinosaurs. A Dinosaur was hit by a bus while following me out in the street in the city and he was mildly injured on his skin, and so now none of the Dinosaurs want to work with me they are afraid. I saw a mental image of a group of upwards to 80 Dinosaurs I would estimate their number to be, they are all standing in a dark alien laboratory room where the lights are completely off and the Dinosaurs are all pressing against one corner of the room everybody is trying to get as far away as they can, hiding among one another, because the ones on the outer will be drawn in to work, and the Dinosaurs don't want to work. I have seen them like this huddled together and slowly moving everybody trying to get further in away into the corner.

It looks like scared cattle, like a pack of sheep trying to get as far away as they can from people, having only refuge in their own numbers. I always get very upset and I demand rights for the Dinosaurs. I told the aliens I would do my own laboratory work and collect my own samples and I said that the Dinosaurs must be given a better room to live in and constant access to a nice pond. Dinosaurs - as again this time - they always tell me about how they wish they would rather just be laying in a pool. They must be semi-aquatic creatures and their body craves to be in the water. They only get time in a bath if they have performed work. I tried to say nice things to the Dinosaurs, and I tried to get the other aliens to treat them better. I was told by the aliens that Hamish is often mean to Dinosaurs, but I knew that already.

Oh well, talking with the Aliens is much more interesting than just staring into the wall and waiting to fall asleep. I told the aliens that I want to meet Reptilians and Hamish. Oh, before I forget! Only a few days ago in the evening there was an Alpha Remulan scorpion visiting me here in the other dimension! I found him in the hallway and he was just looking at me! So cute! A big brown insectoid with round black eyes that reflect light. The aliens know how much I love Alpha Remulans, even though I'm sure they don't understand why I would love these so much, but I do.

And I also found a Mantid there in the alien base that I was telepathically trespassing into out of boredom, I asked it if I could read into its mind and body and it said I could and he stood so that his arms were folded outward so that his chest was visible. I couldn't make much sense out of neither his body nor mind because it is all so foreign and alien to me, but it was nice to see the Mantid anyway, they are good people. Oh and I asked the Zetas why they are doing genetic advancements they said it was because of the triangle, meaning the Agenda organisation they are in which demands it.

I want Reptilians too...

I said I want to see the Reptilians too,

Yes. I am here. - Hamish in other languages
Hello Hamish. I love you. - me
Mine, excrement, was not here. I was not there, I said about it. - Hamish
Did you go to the bathroom? - me
I have washed it off of me. - Hamish says closing his lower eyelids far up in a cute friendly smile
That is good, Hamish. Liver snacks! - me
Yes, we have got the power. - Hamish, eyes still smiling

Ok so Hamish has gone bathroom probably by the river and then he has washed up, he is always careful to wipe his feet backwards on leaves or rugs to make sure he is clean. Isn't he wonderful? And I love how he sometimes shows me his poo puddles or his bathroom habits just like a little 3-year old child showing his mommy, it makes me proud to be his mom.

My liver snacks, she said. That was what I eat. And Yes-No!!! Sheep's brains!! My cousins all eat them. "Mine snacks", I said not. About not, to eat that. Yes-No, snacks that. Yes-No! And I am proud of that! - Hamish, last sentence in my native language (NL)

Yes, other Dragon Turtles get sheep brains to eat and they don't mind it as a snacks. Hamish prefers livers. Hamish as you see he doesn't want to eat sheep's brains. Some Reptilians also eat fish gut trimmings from the Japanese fishing industry. But Hamish likes his liver snacks!

Yes-No, fish. - Hamish

If you didn't know it already, Yes-No means no, he is comparing, his definition how his mind thinks is that "No" is compared to something good that is "Yes". It took me ages to figure out what "Yes-No" means.

My crab. - Hamish in both NL and my other language, and he lifts his flat red duck foot to show me, he does this and said it because he thinks that his ancestors were crustaceans that lived in the water

Where on earth was I before all this? Yes. So I had spent my boredom on Zetas and Dinosaurs and Mantid and now I wanted some Reptilians too, to get to look at them and look into their minds and bodies with my mind. So here come the magic words: I told the Reptilians to wake me up and let me see them. And they sure did.

Reptile hugs and pushes me

I fall asleep. I am woken up by that somebody runs toward me and puts his body over mine like a quick yet firm hug and then he backs away again after the hug and just stands next to my bed looking at me. I wasn't sure at first what it was, I had to assume that some man was assaulting me, even though there was no harm done, it was a bit firm and obvious. This person continued to push on me, he then pushed on my legs. What I didn't know then was that this was a Reptilian waking me up from my sleep.

By the way last night while I was still awake in my bed and spending my boredom on my aliens, Hamish did the most unexpected thing and he did it twice or three times. Namely he put his finger into my hand to touch me. Ahh. Hamish he touched me with his finger. And he told me that he was touching me. This is heartwarming because in the more than four years that we have been together I can only recall two times that he has touched me, though there may have been a few more. That initial wrestle where he introduced himself to me and tested and compared our strengths, and that time when Hamish had leant a little bit too closely into the shower when I was in the shower and he had gotten himself wet, and he later leaned his neck against my body "to dry himself", just like that. So last night he touched me, I felt his finger in my hand. Hamish was telling me while he did this, about how someone had told him that he mustn't ever touch me, that it would cause me harm if he touched me someone has said to him. Perhaps someone has told him not to touch me so that he wouldn't accidentally go into rampage mode and injure me, perhaps it has to do with bacteria or pathogens from one of us and onto the other, but I sure like being touched by Hamish.

I am a mammal and a human, when I build such a strong relationship and friendship to someone like I have with my Hamish, then it aches and hurts to not even get to touch him. He was also offering me last night that I could touch him on his back. We were not in the same place but he was offering me to get to touch him, to put my hand on his back hump. Yet, as much as I love him and have wanted to hug him for so long, I told him I would not touch him, I would not risk any harm to him.

At one point while this person was pushing at me and he kept charging swiftly toward me to push at me, I was afraid that it was a human man and I got so scared that I was calling out for Jesus. And I only do that when I am really really scared! But this was no man pushing at me, this was a Reptilian who had come to wake me up so that we could spend time together! Yay!

Reptilians have quick swift movements like a boxer in a ring only faster. Reptilians think really fast too so their movements can be quick. So he kept swiftly leaning toward my body, pushing at me on my upper body, and then on my legs, to wake me, moving quick like a Reptilian does, while he stood next to the bed. And it worked, his pushing at me had woken me up.

I had looked into the mind of a Reptilian who had come to see me last night during my boredom and I had described to him what I had found in his thoughts, that I found how he has a lot of things that he needs to do, a lot of future plans that he is working toward. This black or blue Reptilian, who was most likely my "black Reptilian", was humbled when I described him this way. He seemed to enjoy the recognition and acknowledgement of his thoughts on work, and he also seemed to enjoy the lack of criticism or hatred from me toward him. Turns out, I would later find out that at least one of the reasons why I was allowed last night's awesome alien journey was because this Reptilian, and if he is black Reptilian then he is a boss there, he had approved, since I had been nice to him.

We are also here, watching you now. Because otherwise the lizards will come back. And they will make meals out of your eggs. And we are guarding and watching you, to prevent that from happening. - Airship Person
And otherwise they will take your tails, he has said. - Hamish narrates to me about the Airship Person, while Hamish thinks to my naked, well naked me

Next I am pushed up from my back into a sitting position, and I was awake while it happened, because the Reptile had woken me up. This Reptile by the way was naked or without any clothes and his scales were a blue color and his eyes all black.

I was taken to a place with Zetas, and there are segments of this that I do not remember. I remembered so much when I woke up, and I wonder why so many memories want to escape as time goes? Is this how the aliens manage to abduct someone and they cannot remember? I had lots of memories when I woke up, and here I will write the ones I know.

The Future and The Past

By the way, when I woke up from the blue Reptilian pushing at me, Hamish stood in my room near the bed but behind the blue Reptilian. And I was of course happy to see Hamish sitting slumped there with that turtle back and everything, looking like a cute little monster that I love.

At first I had been taken to a Zeta facility, but next I see myself in my childhood home in the staircase between our upstairs and downstairs. A Zeta hands me a paper and he tells me that the Zetas can do time travel. They hand me a paper, it is a poster or a magazine or a piece of a magazine and they tell me it is 70 years old, but they have just now went to get it. It has the cartoon character PopEye on it, and on one side there is a picture of a dark stormy sea and you know those rub-on stickers? There were many PopEye rub-on stickers that a child had already put on that stormy sea. And on another page was a picture of a woman with an eye as if a makeup or perfume advertisement. The colors were incredibly vibrant and even the rub-on stickers were perfectly fresh.

I looked at this paper that I had been handed and which was in my hands, as the aliens were telling me about their time travel. Next to me was standing the blue Reptilian he who had woken me up, yet I could only look at this paper which had time-travelled 70 years. I realized there was a blue Reptilian next to me to my right yet I could not stop gazing with complete astonishment at this paper that had time travelled. Later the Zetas would tell me that the PopEye character was very popular in that time where they had brought it from. I have seen some old magazines that date back from the 1950's. Even in mint condition they look old. This paper was like brand new. It was magnificent!

Next the aliens hand me a shirt and they tell me that this one is from the future! It was a green shirt which had small buttons on one side and a few large buttons on the other side. I started putting it on and I even remember getting stuck with my head on the inside of the shirt and fumbling to open the buttons on both sides while my head was still in the shirt. The aliens told me that I am going to recognize this shirt because they have taken it from me from the future. I am going to recognize this shirt in the future when I get it, because now I have already seen it.

I think I was in the alien room but the aliens manage to make me think I am back in my childhood home to make me feel safe. Unless my mind does that on its own. Or unless they brought me to my childhood home in the other dimension.

Next the aliens tell me that I am now in the future! Now! That me being in my childhood home I am many years in the future! I forget what year we were in, but it was 4000 or 40,000 years into the future from now 2015! They told me it was very cold outside, it was 42 or 43 degrees minus Celcius outside, they said as I approached the front door of my childhood home to look outside. Because I was curious to see what the future would look like!

It was a marvellous feeling to feel that I was in the future! As if every atom in the whole world and in the air had become magic and sparked! I was in the future! I wanted to see outside! I opened the front door and saw a white glittering winter scene. There didn't seem to be any snow at all, but everything was covered in a thick hard white glittering frost. It was daytime. The fences that I knew as a child that went around our front yard lot, the trees and the tree branches and twigs, all sparkled in frost because yes it was 42 or 43 degrees Celcius cold! They told me which temperature it was and I have since forgotten which one they had said.

I wasn't sure if the cold temperature might harm my body, I know that at some temperatures it gets too cold to breathe. I was once out in winter years ago and it was so cold that my legs froze and I barely made it back home, and when my legs started defrosting in the warm indoors it felt like knives stabbing at them, and I had only been outside for less than five minutes! - this story about the cold and my legs is from real life from my childhood. So I was expecting the cold weather to be dangerous, but I just could not resist to open the door when the aliens had said that I am in the future!

Yet, everything had a yellow color to it. The air had something yellow in it and the ground. I could feel how everything was different! I will try my best to use the right words to let you know what I felt and saw! I knew that the sky was filled with metal! That there were just tons of space stations and satellites in the sky all around! I could feel them! And I could feel the technology which filled our planet! I could feel how the times were different! Imagine going from the year 1000 A.D. when the world would have felt like wood carts and horses and chimneys, and how the 1990's A.D. might have felt like benzene-driven cars, computers with big monitor screens, and those early cellular phones. The time I was in, which was I think the aliens said only 4000 years into the future, unless it was 40,000, was characterized by space stations and black-colored metal technology everywhere, and technology and people and ideas that I could not even understand, it felt totally unlike the world in my lifetime.

Just by opening the door I could feel this time in the future, I could feel the people and the history and the ideas and the technology, so vastly different. Imagine all the people's lives and history on this Earth, the things that have been built and done and made and thought, all of this all at once had together over time built a new place, and I was there. The sky was so filled with space stations, I could not quite see them, but I knew that they were there! This whole planet will have turned into a technological one, filled with these black-colored metal technological devices!

And the feeling from the people from humanity felt different, but better. It felt as if humanity had changed remarkably, it felt as if humanity had a drive to go places as humanity. It felt really really good in this time on Earth. I did not see any humans but I could feel them in the air, in the atmosphere. It was so different. I do not know how humanity has changed in that time or what exactly their technologies are, but I was feeling them in the very atmosphere of the air.

I had opened the door and was in the future, the aliens had brought me there. Imagine a Stone Age man stepping out of his cave and finding himself out on a busy highway with cars and airplanes flying by and flashing traffic lights and cellular phones, well I had stepped into something similar to that, although we as a humanity can already imagine these huge steps in technology, so I did not fear it, even though it was a mouthful and overwhelming. One would think that a human being is not capable of managing this leap, but I was ok. I already knew that science and technology advances. But it was like stepping out of a cave on the Stone Age and into modern day. The sky was so filled with space traffic and satellites, it was so overwhelming yet refreshing.

Imagine if you are sitting on a rock on top of a hill in nature and you close your eyes to meditate and you take one deep breath and relax, and then suddenly you open your eyes and you are right in the middle of a busy highway and a big city. I was not prepared for the feeling, for the flavor, for the technology that I sensed in the air. And I just knew that this cold temperature was not normal for this time and place, that something has happened to the planet, it was colder than "it should have been", I sensed that from the aliens even though they did not tell me this explicitly. It was not nature or natural for it to be this cold right there and then.

So many black space stations and satellites up in the sky, things like new moons so big they were almost as big as the moon or comparable in size even. It's like this saying of taking a sip of water from a garden hose. A mystical new place, our Earth in the future. I could have wanted to stay, it felt great there. I would rather live there than here.

Space Station

As I opened the front door to see the glittering glistening frozen landscape of the future, a tiny elephant ran under my arm and into the front yard and it peed there in the snow quickly and then it skipped back under my arm indoors. It was a miniature elephant, gray in color, yet it did not look like the African nor the Indian elephant. Its ears were small and different, the ears do not fold out big like on the modern elephants but are more like rat ears I suppose, with many folds and longer, and its eyes were smaller and the pupils small. Its body too was different, not as wide or robust as our big elephants today. It was pale gray in color. The aliens later told me that this was a species that the aliens have brought back to life.

Look, Hon, this is all very classified. - says someone from the USA who works near the president, from what I sense of him
I had a great time there! - me, the man shakes his head because he thinks of how the aliens are using my private parts in exchange for all this, but he seems happy and in a good mood
So, you liked the elephant, huh? - man or someone else
Yes. It was cute. - me

The way I understood it, this elephant is an ancestor of the modern elephants. Next I got to visit some alien space stations in this future. They have huge domes that contain forests and natural environment and there are dinosaurs and all sorts of fantastic animals that have been brought in from the past with time travel. The Zetas were telling me about this work. They are also doing genetic testing to produce better species. This is all part of their genetic garden.

Next I am on a train on the planet, on Earth in a different part of the world and here there is no snow. This looks to be in Asia. They have built traintracks which are two parallel long and continuous metal bars. I guess train tracks are still two parallel metal bars today, but these ones in the future in this place were closer together and do not seem to have any supporting bars that connect them to keep them from going apart, unless those were hidden under ground.

The landscape was just open wilderness, it reminded me of Thailand when I once visited the airport in Thailand, that same pink sky and humid air. There were no trees just wetland, the ground was wet and swampy, big puddles of water and patches of water vegetation or grasses growing up here and there, but probably also not solid enough to stand on. Some rounded hills in the background. It was dark outside and the horizon was pink. I was sitting in a train car. By a low table were sitting four Japanese men. There were chopsticks and what looked like green algae or seaweed food set by the table. I was going to eat with them too.

I was then shown or told about other space stations and cities in this time in the future while I sat in the train car with these four Japanese who were getting ready to eat.

I wake up

I wake up back in my room and I remember this wonderful journey. The blue Reptilian who had woken me up (who is not "black Reptilian") told me that I had been in the "overtune". I was angry at the Japanese men when I found out that these guys have sex with me and we have children together. I said it was rape and that I wanted to kill myself. The Japanese man thought about how suicide is an honorable thing, but he did not say it, I read his thoughts. And so I got real angry at him and told him how he disrespects women and how it is murder and not something honorable, that he kills women if he makes them want to die. The four Japanese men then got real offended that I was insulting their culture and the aliens told me of how offended they were. I was upset for a long time, I guess I'm still having a bad day because of it.

I was told that these were Japanese people in the future. They are eating pure foods only in this time in the future, they have engineered foods that are perfectly nutritious and that cause no harm to the body, this seaweed food they were eating is part of those foods. The man I was talking to was already 200-something years old, yes, two hundred. The Zetas also showed me a genetically modified wheat or grain plant that they have in one of those dome gardens, it had a huge red shoot with huge grain bulbs, the Zeta told me how many hybrid babies this one modified wheat can feed and for how many days, when made into gruel.


True or not? Did I travel with the aliens to the future?

Yes, you did that. - Hamish
Did I? Have you been there, Hamish? - me
Yes-No, for me. - Hamish, "for me" in NL

And the Airship Admiral, or at least one of the Airship People, as you can see also on this page where he talks, has been with me today. The Airship People, follow link are aliens who look a bit similar to Zetas except their head is tear-shaped with a sharp pointy v-shaped chin and a yellow skin coloration, the Airship People claim to travel "in another air" and that they are humans, us, from the future, that humanity will hide under ground and become them. The Airship People I meet them sometimes, they say they are time travellers and that they are the future humans! Today the Airship Person told me that it is only 40,000 years into the future then they will be here. So the whole time travelling seems less "alien" or "strange" when I remember that the Airship People already are telling me they are time travellers, I guess this time I just got to experience some of the delights of time travel myself.

The Zetas were telling me how their time travel technology works, it uses some sort of bars that are shifted in the spaceship, but I told them it is too advanced for me to understand, and I also told them not to tell me.

Now you know why you can see the future. - Airship Person

Yes, I have always been shown the future by aliens. Just a few days ago I was shown the world map, maybe it was yesterday but not long ago. The changes to the world map. Migrations that people will make, where people will be evacuated when things come. But anyway, the future felt great and I loved being there! I would live there if I could! But not without Hamish and Dragon Turtles and Alpha Remulans, not without them.

I will chew on them, I said! - Hamish angry to some white aliens, he said "them" or "you" I forgot

Today Hamish told me to drink milk for the eggs and I promised him that I would, because I've always said that if I get to visit with the aliens then I can drink milk but otherwise I won't drink it. I forgot but I did buy yoghurt, so that's good enough too I hope. Cow's milk is very nutritious for the eggs and hybrid embryos I have in me "in the overtune" so they often ask me to drink milk.

I had a great time. The future is great.

Not so great, for us! - Airship Admiral, I think it is him because I see him carrying the helmet under his arm

A Casowary. - a green Reptilian says now, in my other language

Here is a bright lime-green Reptilian with the casowary head comb. Isn't my life great? I have Reptilians, and I got to experience time travel. Just a minute ago while I was in the bathroom the man said to my aliens something like "Why did you have to take her to the future?" and a Zeta answered him something like "Where else would we have taken her?".

Added same day: I got to see an alien "human" earlier today before I wrote this page. He wore a beautiful blue space uniform. He is not a human but looks similar to it. They have magnificent civilizations and space stations, and they are watching humanity. The man told me that they, his people, are already past that hurdle which humanity is now still going through. Now a Pleiadian woman wants to say that "they too" are here and watching us. And someone mentioned "Hilarion" today, I guess Hilarion is one of the E.T. people who are watching as humanity evolves.

Man from the past!

Oh my god! Oh my god! I am telepathically talking to a man from the past! He is in the 1940's during the second world war! He said, "Heya Doll?" to me!

The aliens told me about how some men from the past are around, these men wear the 1930's suits which me and others who have seen them in alien encounters we like to say it looks like "pinstripe gangster suits", or with their suit the hat that people wore then. I used to think that the men who wear those old-style suits just liked clothes of that era, but no! These are actually men from that time! The aliens do time travel!

So, what'cha got for us, Hon? - the man from 1940's says
You know, at first they gave us the telegraph. And then we could communicate, and navigate with our big boats. That were left out at sea, without us communicating with them! I mean, before the telegraph we could only use the mirrors. Or, try to signal with the flags. So the telegraph was great. Now we could navigate with great big ships out at sea. So? Now? Doll? What'cha got? - the man
So, they gave us the telegram/telegraph. And now we can communicate with our ships out at sea. - man
But! You are from the 1940's! I am in 2015! - me
Hey, yeah, that's great. So? What'cha got, Doll? What'cha got for us? You know, in our times women could at most only become secretaries. - man
I am educated in physics. I'm quite smart. Your times were sexist... rude to women. - me
I guess so, you are a Broad. - man
So. They gave us the telegraph first. Then we could use it! To navigate with our big ships out at sea? So? What'cha got now, Hon? - man
Why do you say that? - me
What do you want from us, more? - man
Can I meet you somewhere? Hahah, I never saw a man from your time who wasn't black and white! - me [Added same day: with black and white I was thinking of television from that time.]
You know, THERE'S A WAR GOING ON, raging. - man
.. Right now? - me
You bet'cha! - man
And, the aliens are helping you win? - me
You are strictly prohibited from talking. - another man says to me
... What is your name? - me
I can't say, but my first name is John. - John, the man in the 1940's

[Added same day: To use "mirrors" he meant that ships out at sea would try to communicate by reflecting light with a mirror, which an observer could see a flash of light at some distance, and patterns into this light be used to code for messages between one another. I also add that this man looks to be in his mid 30's or early 40's, he is Caucasian, American, and he has black hair, his hair is much longer than men would wear in their hairstyles today, the forehead has a long bundle of hair that goes across his forehead. It is not a hairstyle of the 1990's-2015 for men, by far not.]

So now I knew why there are men with 1920's-1930's style suits and hats that I see around aliens from time to time. They are time travellers, and not just stuck in the past times fashion era. Then I got to talk telepathically to one of those men. This one, John. He is American in the United States. World War 2 is going on in his time. We had a conversation, he said that they were given submarines and the telegram or telegraph I forget which it is. To help them stop the Nazis, to win the war, to prevent many of the lives from being lost that were otherwise lost. The aliens have come back from the future to help the U.S. win the war.

Just like how the Airship Admiral says that [Added same day: how the Airship Admiral says that he and his gang are the future humans and they too have come back in time to prevent natural disasters such as flooding.]

We suited one up, we zipped one up. They didn't like to leave it with us, you see. But you know what!, you know what is most remarkable, the body did not even begin decomposing! So we knew we were onto something. But, how big this was, we didn't know. They are also, drug dealing with us. To help us get to see them better. So? Now, Young Miss? Are you also taking anything? - John smoking a big fat brown cigar as he was since I came here typing about him, he means if I am taking any drug provided by aliens to see and hear the aliens
As far as I know, ... - me
Now if you will excuse me, I have got a chicken in the oven. - John, I saw his mental image of the chicken and I smelled it too, it smells great!
What is your occupation? - me
I am a telegrapher. I telegraph to, ... people. - John
... So Miss? Where are you from? - me
I am from [my country]. - me
I am from West Nebraska. - John
... How did you meet with the aliens, the outer space people? - me
.. Well, what about you Miss? How did you and those guys meet? And, what did they do to you? And, what are we doing with the war, are we winning the war? What, now, in your year what did you say 2014? What, god, I would not mind putting in a steak next time! - John, steak he thinks about his chicken in the oven
I always had them in my life. They take my eggs. And make hybrids. - me
Eggs, you say?!?? - John
Yes. - me
Well. Have you travelled in any of their space ships? Have you gotten to? Or, not yet then huh? I was in them, once. And, that time when I was traveling out of West Nebraska. Oh well. What do we got to do, with about these aliens? So, Young Miss, where are you from? - John
I already told you, from [my country]. - me
What's it like there, this time of year? Or, what of the war? Did we win it? - John
I don't know if I am allowed to say. - me
Yes, we are telling them yes, that we are helping them win it. - Zeta
Then yes, John, you will win the war. - me
How, how did we win it? - John
I can't say. I don't know if I'm allowed. I don't want to alter history, if it ruins things in the universe. It was nice to meet you. - me
You too, Miss. - John
Can I come to your time? - me
They tell me it works like the lightning bolts. That it travels with electricity. But, it beats me, my mind cannot comprehend. So, you look like most women there, then? Are there any long-legged blondes? As, yeah, phew, that was always my favorite. I guess, I guess I shouldn't say that now. - John
Wow. Talking to you is the most fantastic thing I have ever done in my whole life. More awesome than when I talked to the aliens! - me
Yeah, you bet! You were pretty. - John
So, and so it works like electricity. - John
This communication? Or time travel! Have you ever come to 2015, John? - me
No, I have never been there. We are just, working on how to operating this telegraphing machine. We need missiles that travel faster. - John
Mine eggs, I said. - Hamish
Hamish's eggs. And mine Hamish. - me

[Added same day: "suited one up, zipped one up", was with John's mental image of a small alien body with an open small gaping mouth, lying dead on a metal morgue table, the alien was short and was wearing its space suit, it was "suited up" or "zipped up" because it was placed into a white bodybag and the bodybag was zipped closed with the alien body inside. And "they didn't like to leave it with us" he meant that the aliens didn't like that the humans were in possession of an alien dead body.]

And then the aliens had let me see this man, the aliens told me about how these men from his time the 1940's "always carry a briefcase with them which is filled with papers". Typewriter written papers, times before the electronic computer was invented. Good grief, imagine these men living in a time with typewriters. They met the aliens, the aliens did time travel and helped them win World War 2 by supplying submarines and telegraph communication technology.

What did you say will happen to all the women? Are the women all angry now, or what? What happens to them? - John says and takes the cigar out of his mouth, first he thought of women from the 1800's how those wore pink dresses and a parasol
Well, John. I'm glad you asked. - me
Well well well! - John
Women are equal to men or they try to be. They wear pants. - me
Oh hoh! - John, it literally was like a punch to his stomach that made all the air escape his lungs
Times are different, John. - me
Yes. They really are. - John
What about, the pretty dames, then? - John
The pretty "dames"? Well. They don't like to be called "pretty dames" anymore. - me
I didn't say dams! - John he thinks of a water dam
I know you said dames. I know that dames is women. Well, approaching women would be different in my times. - me
But hey, we have got a war going on! We've got to beat those Nazis! Before they take over the whole world! And I have been tasked with, this communication assignment. So, with the aliens, and their help. We can beat them better. So! Thank you to you! - John, with "So! Thank you to you!" he thinks he is wearing a white Navy officer's uniform with hat and all and he does the navy military salute, but other times he was wearing black clothing

He is wearing a black trenchcoat whose style I cannot recognize from our times. It must be a 1930's or 1940's style of trenchcoat, it is not completely long, it is a shorter make of black trenchcoat. He is typing on his typewriter, smoking his brown cigar, lots of flakes of cigar paper are visible peeling off from the cigar surface.

Well, dame, it was really nice talking to you. So, how many children have you got? - John
None. I am a career-woman. And that term will be invented in the 1980's. - me
So, a long time for me to get there then. Thank you and goodbye, dames. - John says the goodbye by tipping his hand to his hat

There is preceding conversation a few lines which I did not write down, in which he was stunned at how I was talking to him, like when I said that it was "really cool" and "awesome" to be talking to him he wondered if all women talk like that in my time, and I realized how very awkward I must have been to him. Women of his day wore fine clothes and red lipstick and did their hair curly. I am from a time when women can be casual and more outspoken. Two completely different times, when it comes to women.

Wow. Just wow! The single most fantastic experience OF MY LIFE! Because, I have talked to John from the 1940's! Wow! This was so much fun and so cool! By the way the other day the Russians asked me if I wanted to work for them, for the Russians, as an undercover agent or something like that. I said I would have to think about it and that they would have to pay me. Don't worry, I won't take on any assignments that could get me killed. Working as a secret Russian spy could get me killed, so I'm not going to be interested in such a job proposal. I don't have any obligation to work for them, they were just asking. It was a telepathic asking by the way, of course.

Hey there. My name is Tom. You are, or were, kind of harassing that man. You see, they are right in the middle of war! - Tom, the MIB who spoke earlier who has gray hair and is in his 50's or so old
I'm sorry Tom. - me
Yeah, well sorry doesn't cut it! - says John and John does a really old-fashioned gesture of cutting with his hand into the other palm of the hand, the side of the hand with the little finger he bams down into the other hand's palm like cutting
Well, this isn't all hotdogs and ballgames. - John, he means that this isn't all fun and games

I once dated an American man who was born in the 1940's. He used to say "hotdog" when something is fun or great! So it is an expression from those times.

So, I'm sorry about what I said about the dames and broads. - John
Apology accepted. Good luck with your work, John! It was nice talking with you! - me
Yeah, seriously we need help. - John looking at his typewriter again, he has his white shirt sleeves rolled up and papers in a few small stacks on his writing table
You know, these Agents... - John
What Agents? - me
They are not all there. - John, "all there" meaning "not mentally quite appropriate", I read his context from when he speaks [Added same day: he means the Illuminati Hybrids a.k.a. "Sharkboys", which I abbreviate IMs.]
What do you mean? - me
Have you, taken a look at them? At what they look like? Heh? - John, "heh" means "huh", like "what, well have you?", the image is of the IM hybrids in a black suit with a black and gray diagonally striped tie, a more modern suit of our time
Yeah, .. those guys. - me
Hey! - says another man who works with the current time president
Hello? - me to the man

Ok this is my exit.

We wanted to help her. Because she helps us with the eggs. - Zeta to the men
I don't need to... - me
Yeah, and we were instructed to call all those things for blimps. Although, they were not weather balloons... - John, again looking at the typewriter, sleeves still rolled up
Hahah! Everybody knows they were not blimps or weather balloons! - me
So, it wasn't a good cover up then. We tried. - John
Blimps, they said! - an IM man in a black suit
This is awesome. - me
More awesome, than my turtleback? - Hamish pointing to his back [Added: see Hamish's back hump here]
No Hamish, nothing could be more awesome than your turtleback. - me
Ah yes, I knew it. About my back, I said. - Hamish with eyelids closing in a blush humble smile
Bye John! - me
Byebyes! - John
It was, a remarkable encounter with you. - John
You too, John. Even though I find you to be a bit sexist. Women of my time don't like that - me interrupted
Ahww, we just try to have the charms. - John, meaning he was just trying to be charming
We were just trying to tell them that those things were blimps or weather balloons! - an IM says
Maybe one day I can come and meet you there and help you type. - me
Are you fast at it? - John a bit puzzled and a bit of frown
Yes. I type 9.2 characters per second. - me
Phew! How did you measure that? - John
My time's... um, typewriters have a ... machine that counts it for us. - me
I guess, I guess so. - says John and flicks a metal bar that is on his typewriter
Well, tell all of the people of your times, that those were not weather balloons! - John says cheerful
We were just trying to keep them away from the Russians. And from those Nazis, obviously. So. *ahem, clears throat* We got some good submarines out of them. So, that is when I have to keep on typing. - John goes back to typing on his typewriter, what he is doing is looking at a paper on the right side of the typewriter on the desk, and he looks also on two other small piles, he is compiling information from several papers or copying a text or something
They were not, weather balloons! - IM says cheerfully, or it was John
So, tell this Miss, this dame, adios! - John with a navy salute again

Our first moment together was a mixup of gender identities, what I am saying is that he was shocked and stunned at how I was talking since I am a woman.

Yeah, cause we just say, "yeah shucks". We don't say all that other stuff that you said. - John while working at his typewriter
You see, I am already married, to another dame. - John hints to his gold wedding ring on his finger
I was never flirting with you. I just wanted, to say hello to a man in the past. - me
I am in the past, heheh. It is you, it is you who is in the future, dame! - John
We got some good submarines out of them. But do not, ever tell that to anyone! Or there will be a new war. About who has got the best subs. So? What'cha got going over there, dame? - John
I'm just listening to you, and watching you type. - me
Yes, yes and this works just like the telegram wire over the lightning! - Zeta calmly explains to John with a mental image of a wire thread from a lightning cloud in the sky that would send telegraph, that this telepathy now works just as the same
You know, you know what they made out with those cows? - John now serious and sad the image is of a white cow with black patches on its coloration, of course, the early alien cow mutilations of that time!
What happened to all those cows... - me
Well hey, Damselle, I have got to write! - John with cigar or cigarette in his mouth he raises one hand in a firm gesture, he is a bit sweaty on his forehead

He has some kind of dark bands on his arms that hold his rolled up shirt sleeves up on top of the rolled up part of the shirt on either side. When he talks he talks really fast, I thought they only talked fast in the movies of that time, but even in person he talks really fast, and the intonation in the tone of voice he uses is different than today. But of course, they also have got a war going on.

Do you want to know about those cows? And what they had done? What the military, told us to do? - IM hybrid
I don't want to know today. I have sat here for too long typing. I have to do other things today. - me

So. That there was John, from the 1940's! The single most fantastic (interrupted)

How about my turtle humpback? - Hamish
Yes Hamish. Your turtleback is more important. - me
Yes. - Hamish smiles with his eyes

Here is a reminder that The Orion Project is a documentary. I did not write that as fiction. I have seen and heard that conversation with a man named John from the 1940's, and it happened today on October 31 2015 between approximately 4:30 PM until 4:55 PM in my European timezone.

Comments on the conversation with John: You can tell that I was not asking him very much or telling him much at all about our time in 2015. Of course I would worry about a time paradox being created, but the aliens seem safe and assured that time can be messed with in this way, that products and ideas and information can be sent across time without any repercussions, as paradoxal as that may sound to us who do not do time travel. The aliens have even brought things from the past and future, and even people can be transmitted.

I did not want John to know too much about my time. Yet, our times were so very different. I was not going to educate him on how women have changed, or how the war ended with the atomic bomb in Japan

Or did it? Or how will it end next time? - Zeta, about the atomic bomb ending the second world war in Japan

It was great talking to him, and we could have had many great conversations (as soon as he stops calling me dame and broad and expecting my highest possible achievements to be secretary), but I was more eager to quickly end the conversation. I don't want trouble. But it was great. The single most (interrupted)

Do not forget about me. And, mine eggs my said. - Hamish
I will never forget about you Hamish. Never ever. - me
About my humpback, you said? - Hamish
Yes. About your humpback. - me
And my foot. - Hamish lifts one flat red duck foot
And Hamish's duck feet. - me
Mine, yes. - Hamish smiles by closing upper and lower eyelids almost to cover the entire eye

Just now, at 5:15 PM:
A lot of them were made, to jump off a bridge. But this one wasn't, unless... - someone says about men like John

I saw an image of a man like John standing on a bridge at night to jump into the water below. That breaks my heart. These men knew so much of the future and of alien time travel, and, to kill them I mean. Coincidentally in my teens I used to think about jumping off a bridge, which I have since found out the aliens made me think that way. Just saying. Also just saying that that is never going to happen, I love life.

Mine? - Hamish kindly asks
Hamish's. - me
Mine eggs. - Hamish
Mine Hamish, back. - me
My Buttercups. - Hamish, "my" in my native language

He won't be made to fall off yet, but he was. - says a Zeta about John
WHY!!!! - me
He could have compromised the mission. - someone says calmly speaking
About, John? - the IM in black suit
WHY!!!? - me
I already said. He could have compromised the mission. - someone
WHY!!!? DON'T DO IT!!! - me
It concerns national security, safety. - IM
It has already happened. - IM, then someone thinks to cows, I see a white cow lying on its back with four legs spread apart looks really weird on a field of green grass, the white cow has light brown patches in its coloration
Well, what's this, Dame, on about? - John, me being the dame
Hello... - me to John, but I can't say anything
So we found those cows, lying around. And, heheh, we didn't know what to say to the farmers. We just said, "nothing". Nopes! Can't help you! - John, that they said "nopes, can't help you" to the farmers about the mutilated cows

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