It Means Planetary Takeover
November 17 2015

An alien contact experience, don't miss the alien writing down below on this page!

Zetas awarded me with lots of awesome contact last night.

I think it begun with me seeing a mental image of a Reptilian last night when I had gone to bed. As always, I like to tell them things like "Cute Lizard!" until they feel flattered and they close their lower eyelids upwards to about halfway up the eye which means that they are smiling and happy. Why not make a Dragon into a Happy Dragon. Cute Lizards.

The "Cute Lizard" then talked to me about how he himself has murdered many humans by strangling them with a cord I think the method he said was. So I got upset and didn't think him cute anymore. By the way, when he told me about how he had strangled many humans, that was when his eyelids moved up and he was in effect laughing the way that Reptilians laugh. Not because I was cooing him or calling him Cute Lizard. He was laughing because of brutal murder to humans. He said something about how he doesn't like humans or how the Reptiles want to take over this planet, but that he likes me anyway, and he said that I was not a dog, that I was an exception, because I had called him a Cute Lizard and all.

Like so happens often when I coo the Lizards, they allow me to have more aware contact of the alien abductions.

I was there. - Hamish now
Hamish! I saw Hamish there. - me
I didn't bite your fingers I said. - Hamish
Hamish didn't bite my fingers. - me
My Toast. - Hamish
My Hamish! - me
My Toast and Snacks. They were mine! - Hamish, the italic in my native language (NL)
Would you like to pee in your panties? - Hamish or Black Reptilian
Why? - me
Because, that happens sometimes! - the Reptile amused with eyelids closing
I don't think that happens to me? Silly Lizard Dragons. - me
We had to say something. - the Reptile
You can say something else. - me
It was my poisonous mushroom head. - Hamish says in NL and shows me the orange blunt button pairs on his head
We don't always like to eat your babies like bunny rabbits. - Black Reptile
But just that sometimes we do! - Dark Lord and/or Black Reptile
Ok. - me
That is why we need you for. - Reptile
Ok. - me
We need you, for oestrus! - Reptile
Ok. - me

Last night when I had gone to bed I pleaded the Zetas to let me stay awake because I know they abduct me. I told them to please wake me up when they come for me. I even went as far as saying, that "Zetas do not exist, I have never seen them", just to see if that might provoke them into letting me see them.

I woke up at almost exactly 6 AM this morning, several hours earlier than when I usually wake up. I usually wake up at 10 AM or noon if I don't have an appointment and the alarm set, and even if I have to go somewhere I never wake up so early, so it might have been them waking me up. But the *magical* abduction hour is at 4 AM.

Not always! - Zeta objects, because I wrote that it's always at 4 AM

I saw one or two Zetas in their medical room which is somewhere else. Meanwhile I was still in my bed. Wait, but before I fell asleep, I had gone to sleep in only my panties and I had asked them if I should take those off, I ended up taking those off and being completely naked under my cover in bed just in case. I was talking to Zetas before I fell asleep, but then I woke up at 6 AM in my bed and I was aware of the other room where the Zetas were

The Pleiadians don't think that we are pleasant. That is why they have asked us to stop coming here, to stop visiting. And they, the military they think so too! That is why they said "Stop!". - Zeta
But we need our dinner-rolls. - Hamish
Hamish needs his snacks and dinner-rolls. - me, now that made Hamish purr and close his eyes into smiling

The room where the Zetas were was gorgeous. It was white and very stylish, not at all just a white box-shaped room with white plain walls, the walls were made out of some gorgeous synthetic material which was like part glass and part silicon, it seemed to be glowing through the walls, as if the walls were light panels themselves. The lighting in that room was magnificent. It was the most perfect form of indoor lighting I have ever experienced, it felt so perfect in there, the perfect climate and atmosphere for a human being. The lights weren't too bright, it was the perfect lighting for human eyes. Perfect temperature there, everything amazingly perfectly tweaked. Not even humans can build lounges that are that good and comfortable.

There was a medical table in the center of the room of course. It looks more or less like a solid rectangular block. The Zetas I have most of the time do not look like

We wanted to make you pregnant. - Zeta says, "pregnant" in my third language
And, it is important that you know what pregnant means? - Hamish to me, probably because they had used a different language for the word for "pregnant"
It means, ahhrr. - Hamish with a roar, he shows me some white stick into my mouth like a thermometer or really it looked just like a home pregnancy test but in the mouth like a thermometer

My Zetas are not the ones with big bulb heads. My Zetas have a flat top of the head, the head is more wide than tall, and their eyes are all black and have something "mean" in the expression of their eyes, as if the eyes were fixed a bit, fixated or squinting a little bit. But these are some angry-mannered sassy Zetas. They do not wear any clothes when I see them.

The Zetas were letting me see that other room. Hamish my Reptilian was there with them. Hamish showed me a clear mental image of a goldfish whose fins were flowing and waving. That is how I definitely knew without doubt that this Reptile it was my Hamish, he loves goldfish. Hamish then got to work and started doing his job, he maneuvered and positioned my body, which made my body here in bed move accordingly moved with real physical force. Hamish pressed my feet and ankles firmly down, and he was telling me that I should not kick with my feet. That is why he had chosen to show me the goldfish whose fins were moving around, to show me that I should not move around with my feet. I was so proud of Dragon, it is great seeing him at his work, and I completely trust him. Seeing him there makes me completely relax, he is my best friend.

I will bite you, I said not. - Hamish happy
I love you Tortoise back. - me, Hamish looks happy and cute, then he does a palate click (which means that he is pleased)

At one time Hamish maneuvered my body to lie on its right side and he curled me into a fetal position, all the while I was seeing his own body as if overlapped with mine, and he brought my body very close to the edge of the bed and he held me this way, letting me see his own fire engine red Turtle Dragon body with a soft cushion turtleback hump on his back. He was probably obviously showing power off course, reminding me that he is in charge. But I am never offended by it, perhaps I should be, but he is such a cute Turtle Dragon, I love these moments of close contact.

Zetas said they wanted to insert a tubing down my nose. I don't remember them doing that.

Above is a drawing I made today of the Zeta symbols and writing the Zetas showed me last night. First they showed me the upside down pyramid which was just an outline, and inside this pyramid near the bottom was that symbol. First I had drawn the inner symbol with only three horisontal prongs, and the Zetas said, and I wrote down: "Wrong, it has four." Also the foot of the symbol the horisontal line at the bottom which points only to the right, they had shown me to correct me when I had first drawn it without that foot on the symbol. I forget what this composite symbol of the upside down pyramid with the symbol inside means.

The other symbol does not necessarily belong to the left side of the first one, the opened circle with a horisontal line and a dot above the line. This one means, and I wrote this down, "planetary takeover". I wasn't supposed to tell anyone about these symbols, particularly about the second one. But here it is.

I had a great time with fantastic close interaction with Zetas and Hamish Reptile this morning and last night. They moved me around in bed with their mind powers, and I don't ever struggle against it I like to let it happen because it is fascinating to be moved around by aliens, especially when Hamish does it cause I love that Dragon.

I could smell the blood. - Hamish, and now his eyes upper and lower eyelids close to smile like a nesting pidgeon, he is probably reminding me of his power and status because of how I wrote things that might sound like I was undermining his power and status

Then the Zetas or Reptilians allowed one of the military officers from the USA to do the "conquest" on me, it was a close overlap, which I allowed so that I could see what would happen. And as always it is incredibly close and intimate, and when it's with one of these military men it cannot help but - most of the time - be somewhat sensual, or not just somewhat. At least some of them seem to be interested in the experience of being so close to a woman's body as if living through it. The overlap is that close. I forget who this military officer was, if it was Captain Marsden perhaps? Or not him? He was there in the room with the Zetas. I wasn't going to care if the aliens let this man see me naked there in the room. Though I was in my bed in my bedroom at the time, or was I?

During this conquest, the energy in my spine was tapped into and cracked or snapped out of me so that the creatures could steal my energy. It is violating and energy rape, Dark Lords feed on this, and sometimes Zetas and Reptilians also experience it as a drug. When Reptilians do a similar thing with a human energy during the "conquest" I have rated it as being more than 1,000 more enjoyable than sex. It is enjoyable, but it costs a lot. It depletes the human body of energy, and I do know for some reasons that if it is taken too far then it will kill the victim. This was done to me twice by alien beings in the Zeta room, I didn't like it.

The medical room was in a cigar-shaped UFO, the Zetas told me about it and they showed me a mental image of a cigar-shaped UFO seen in the daytime sky from the outside. They asked me if I wanted to come to their cigar-shaped spaceship, I said I might and I told them that I have always been very afraid of these spaceships. There is some horrendously frightening feeling just from seeing these cigar-shaped UFOs, they are filled with some kind of machines that scare the hell out of me! I can feel it. It is beyond frightening. If I see a cigar-shaped UFO on tv I scream hysterically and whine and go hide under the covers, and yes I'm in my 30's and I'm normal in the head. I might even shiver and shake from seeing them. Do you feel it too?

So, that was the alien encounter experience. Pretty neat stuff. I got to see some alien writing from the Zetas, got some close contact by Hamish my Dragon who was maneuvering me, and some conversation and images with the aliens. Good stuff. Oh and the military man who was doing the conquest told me that General Patton won't be working there forever so somebody needs to learn these skills to take over one day. I think the Reptiles and Zetas are teaching the military officers how to do the conquests with people, because these are skills that the Zetas and Reptiles already are good at on their own. I don't know, at least I had a great time with the aliens!

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