Two Needles And One Anal Probe
May 28 2015

You wanted to come and see us. That is why we came. We would not have come here otherwise?? And so, we did it for you. We came here for you. We were here to see that. And, unless you were not afraid? We might like to see that again. - Zeta, "to see that" is what is between my legs

I have been asking the Zetas to let me come and visit. I have wanted to see them and to see what they do to me. I know that they take me places and do things to me when I am asleep, but they like to keep me unaware of it. The military have told them that they are not allowed to let me know. Also the Zetas don't like it when an abductee wakes up with them and starts to scream, spit, scratch, bite, or fight. Even if I would not do those things.

First a Dark Lord let me see mental images of itself in the spaceship with the hot pipes along the walls. Dark Lords can present themselves in a few different shapes, but he was this time in the shape that looks like a creature with long very narrow arms and legs, I know I have to make a drawing. The Dark Lord also showed me a human young man in a vertical water tank in the spaceship. After this I got to see mental images of Reptilians including Hamish who were in the spaceship. I was cooing them of course for being cute, and they were saying their typical things about wanting to take over the Earth and stuff.

Then I got to see mental images of Zetas. My Zetas do not look like on the Whitley Strieber book cover, this one on the book cover rather looks like the Airship Admiral. My Zetas don't have as big of a head, and the head is a bit flat on top and wide to the sides. The eyes are beautiful and all black.

While I was still awake in bed at night, one of the Zetas told me that it was a surgeon. I complimented it on being good at such an advanced task. Another Zeta told me that they usually give me, and I quote, "a cocktail of drugs" to ensure that I stay asleep and that I don't remember, and it said that now that they are going to let me stay awake (yes!) they would not be giving me the drugs this time. I told them to never put drugs into my body!

Next I became aware of a human military man who thought something about wow I am attractive and then of course you know me I got offended and told him not to judge people from the outside. I could feel, in the telepathic conference call connection that the Zetas had put us all under, that this man had known me for a long time, that it was his job to look at me during the abduction procedures to make sure that the Zetas would not do anything illicit, and that this man knew me quite intimately in terms of the intimate things he had seen many times. Me however I did not recognize the man from my MILABS staff. I was still in my bed and seeing this man and these Zetas mentally.

I wasn't there, so you didn't get raped. - Hamish to me about me, and just as I am about to ask what he means:
What did you say to her? - Thuban asks Hamish
I WASN'T THERE I SAID! - Hamish completely loses his temper at the Thuban and answers it

The Zetas showed me a mental image of an anal probe instrument and they told me they were going to want to take some fecal samples. I said sure they can go ahead. I mean, it's not the nicest thing to hear, but if that's what they are doing, it's not reason enough for me to not be curious about meeting the Zetas (and other aliens) and getting to find out what happens to me. The anal probe instruments by the way are cylinder rods but they have wire wrapped around the outside with space in between the wire mesh and the cylinder. I should also say that they look far too large to insert. The instrument doesn't make any sense. I was asking the Zetas how this works but they were not wanting to tell me.

The Zeta then showed me a mental image of a large double-bed and asked me if that was a good place to put me. I said yes sure it was. It was a bed like in somebody's home. The sheets were brown colored and the style of the bedroom was clearly belonging to a man since a woman would decorate it differently with more colors, I had a feeling it belonged to the military man who was lurking about. It was dark in the bedroom, but some light was coming in maybe through the windows from outside.

And in fact, I would wake up at night and find myself in that very exact bedroom, and on that very bed. Awake, as if it wasn't a dream.

Two needles and one anal probe

I was on the bed and a Zeta who made the impression as if she were female and a nurse, put her fingers at the nape of my neck right under where the hair stops growing, and she inserted a syringe needle in between the vertebrae. I was aware during it and I was brave and calm. I was surprised that there was no pain.

Next the Zeta nurse takes my left hand and inserts another syringe needle right into the big fat green blood vessel that runs from the wrist toward the middle finger on top of my left hand, the Zeta did this slowly enough that I was able to see and anticipate and worry. It looked gross the way the needle went right into that big fat blood vessel of mine, but again, I was surprised that it didn't hurt.

Then I dreamt something about an Ancient Egyptian royal who was doing something anal. Well, this is a documentary so I guess I can say it. Especially since I am sure that it was the aliens who made me think some of this. Ancient Egypt is an ABSOLUTE favorite theme of the Agenda, for some reason they love Ancient Egypt and its royalty, must be because of the yellow pyramids. Well I dreamt that there was this bald-headed Ancient Egyptian royal man and that he had a pole inserted into him anally but that it was by his own choice. I have more details but this time I am going to spare it, since we have kids reading on the internet. I hate leaving out details but just this once. I seem to try to remember that I was on the bed in the bedroom and... for some reason I cannot remember. Maybe it was unpleasant and I blocked it from memory. But needless to say, the Zetas did anal probing on me, like they said they would do.

I'm not too upset about that frequent procedure. I almost went into medical school and I've worked many years as a nurse, also I'm a trained scientist so I'm probably a better candidate to do this with than most people. I think to the necessity, that they must be doing this for some practical reason. And second, I think that it is harmless to me so no need to worry. They've done it lots of times already and they haven't ruptured my intestines. Which reminds me, still at night before I fell asleep and before I was taken to this bedroom for these medical procedures, the Zetas did tell me that I have a "rectum" meaning the intestinal part, and I had said sure I have one and I had shown them a mental image of what I know it looks like from anatomy books, how it bends many times and makes the outline like of a three-sided square inside the body.

When I woke up after that event, the Zetas told me that they have a bowl and they showed me a mental image of it, and it had feces on it. They said that this was from me. They showed this to me for several seconds. I was concerned that it was not covered or in a sealed container, but I guess they know what they're doing. The Zetas really love fecal samples, I think they are studying human metabolism, they need to know about what abductees eat and how it is metabolised in the body, because a huge concern with making the hybrid races between humans and Zetas is what to feed them and how will the hybrids metabolise foods.

The Syringe

The Zeta nurse told me today that they have another woman abductee who has MS. MS I assumed meant Multiple Sclerosis. The Zeta had inserted the syringe into my spinal cord which is inside protected by the vertebrae, so that it could extract

The medulla oblongata! - Hamish

Wow! I was completely taken aback that Hamish would say such a complicated sentence! He usually just says Yes, No, and Yes-No. Yes-No Santa, Yes-No Onions, Buttercups, Eggs, and Scales. I need a minute to get myself back together again. Every time Hamish says a complicated full sentence it takes me by surprise and I need to reset.

By now I forget if the Zeta said they were taking yellow bone marrow or what they were taking, but anyway that stuff that is inside there. The Zeta said they are trying an experimental treatment procedure to give my, whatever that stuff was, to the woman with MS to see if it might cure her. I was disappointed that no one had asked me for permission, and I hated the idea that I might have bits of that tissue missing in me. But all the better if it actually cures her.

And I now have more evidence that the Zetas are real. I did not know what MS is, my assumption was that it makes the muscles weak and breaks down the muscle. If you read on the Wikipedia page I linked to, it is in fact a disease that attacks the spinal cord

The medulla oblongata. - Hamish
Why did you say it to her? - Thuban asks Hamish
I said it to her first. - Hamish answers the Thuban
I didn't think that they could live with it, so I gave it to them. - Hamish with eyes smiling, "with it" is MS
The Sarcoplastics, can not could not be restored. - black reptilian
The what? - me

MS is a disease that attacks the spinal cord, look at this drawing of the brain stem on the Wikipedia page. This is exactly where the Zeta had inserted a syringe to take part of my spinal cord out.


As soon as I woke up in the morning, either before or after the Zetas had shown me the dish of feces, the first thing I heard when I woke up was my darling Hamish Dragon saying, "Buttercup" to me. It sounded so sweet, I can't help but feel like it is someone sweet saying "honeypie" or "sweetnips" to me. Although I know he means "YOUR EGGS ARE MINE! I OWN YOU! YOU ARE AN INFERIOR RACE!", it just sounds like a sweet "I love you, sweet Buttercups" to me. Because he is calling me a flower, and when humans call someone a flower, it means "you are my sweetheart", and not "your eggs belong to my superior race of reptiles from Alpha Draconis AND WE ARE GOING TO EAT THEIR LIVERS!" The next word he said to me of course, was once again a one-word sentence, it was: "Liver". And so I told the other aliens that my Hamish is hungry. And I too went up to get some breakfast.

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