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May 01 2015

Hello again. Haven't written for a long time. It's funny how my readers easily fall into conspiracy theories and panic when I don't write in a

Tell them, that we don't have a toilet to go to. - Hamish
What now, Turtle? - me
Yes. Mine Eggs. Mine, they were mine I said. - Hamish
Hamish and eggs. - me

Readers go into conspiracy theories

So I have gone to bathroom here. I wasn't going anywhere else I said. I apologize for that. - Hamish says, he shows me a mental image of his mud puddle accident on the floor of the pantry room and then he closes his eyes to look all apologetic and sad
It's ok Tortoise. I have been through with this before. - me
Yes-No, my accident. - Hamish turns around and looks at his not-accident brown pile

Readers go into conspiracy theories and panic when I don't write for two weeks and now it's been a few months. I always get a whole bunch of emails, not that I mind the concern, thanks, from people thinking either the government silenced me or the aliens did something or that I am dead. No I am thriving and doing fine. Just thought I should distance myself from the unpleasant Agenda and of their demands of me. But Hamish and all have been of course here. Things have also been going on. But I have just not been writing. Or paying so much attention as I used to.

New Aliens

So. Where to begin. First we have met (or I have met) at least two more new aliens.

This is Ruben. He was a sorry little fellow that works in one of the many underground Reptilian mining tunnels. I wrote down a conversation with him, during which he visited a restaurant in the mines and ate some type of soggy fish or squid on a platter, he then went back to work. This is not a typical Reptilian, or perhaps a Reptilian at all, since he is a gentle sorry little fellow and is one of the many alien species that are being exploited in the Agenda. He was a sweetie, and yes blueish-purple in color. He wears a blue rubber uniform. Note: The "Greys", Zetas, are from Zeta Reticulis. Ruben is from Alpha Reticulis.

We are also here. And we just thought that you should know. - Thuban with the white praying mantis arms
And Lasarus is here too. - Thuban or Lasarus, Lasarus is a Zeta "doctor of medicine"

So this here is Damian. He is from one of the stars of the Orion constellation but not from Betelgeuse but from the star Rigel. Black Orion lizards originate from a yellow planet at Betelgeuse in Orion, and this guy here is something entirely different and originates from a planet by the star Rigel.

The planet that Damian comes from is highly interesting from a scientific space-geological point of view. Their atmosphere has a very high humidity. There is no water H2O on this planet, instead it is a different chemical. The air is yellow and feels like battery acid, corrosive or sour. The body of Damian's species is adapted for this climate. I made a whole bunch of notes that will become available for you to read sometime in the future, either here on the website or in the books. I made many scientific observations of Damian's physiology, behavior, psychology, and the planet's geology. Very interesting indeed. And yes he tends to have his tongue out. Most people would dislike this creature because he is so different from us, but I became fond of this little guy because I find him a scientific marvel and a sweetheart. Having contact with alien life is fantastic.

Then you haven't seen nothing yet, you haven't seen us. And? We are also hovering here above the planet. So how about, you also come and talk to us. - a Pleiadian man, he is very tall like a giant human, long stilt legs, brown hair that is longer than shoulder length, he wears a one-piece jumpsuit that comes in two or more shades of blue, he now tells me that his suit is an engineering outfit, and now the United States intelligence humans are telling him not to talk to me
We didn't mind them taking your eggs, when you talk to them so much. But would you like help from us? We have also been, approached for the eggs. - Pleiadian man says, of course the Agenda has also wanted eggs from the Pleiadians too, but they haven't gotten any
We take very good care of our women. - Pleiadian about their Pleiadian women
So, we would take care of you also. - Pleiadian man to me, Hamish is of course in the process of hissing at him and protesting mildly, my Sock Turtle
My anger, is none. - Hamish explains to me, translated from my native language
I took them away. - Hamish translated from my native language he means that he has pushed away the Pleiadians
Hello, yes we are also the Zetas. And we have done nothing good here for you, you said. - Zeta says to me and then simulates a real pouty sad face, the Zetas are never nice to me but now they are trying to "make friends" so that I would tell the Pleiadians that they - the Zetas - can stay

Just a few days ago an alien placed a perfectly clear and realistic life-like mental image of itself into my mind all of a sudden in the evening when I had gone to bed. I didn't know what it was, it didn't look like a Zeta. It was a white alien with no hair or external ears. The skin was pale gray. The skin looked moist or soggy actually and soft to touch, or soggy to touch as if your finger would be pressed into the skin deeply unlike with humans we have bones everywhere that prevent that. The eyes were almost fully closed, it had both upper and lower eyelids. It had two nostrils but no external nose (later it told me that the nostrils are a relic from their genetic past, they do not use them today and they do not breathe since their species moved to live under ground). And a narrow mouth opening. The head can be described as a bit bulbuous, the body as slender. I have tried calling for it to let me see it again, but with no luck.

Hello we are here in our spaceships! We have luck for you! - a Zeta-type alien hollers telepathically while showing me their UFO which has blinking swirling blue lights underneath also some red lights blink there too, it has three orbs on the underside of the UFO and is a silver-blue saucershape UFO

Military men and Hunting instincts in Reptilians

General Davies is one of the military men who visits me. I learned his first name the other day but didn't write it down so now I forgot what it was. He seems by all intents and purposes to be protecting me from the aliens and it seems that this man has saved my life many times over. The aliens, both Reptilians and Zetas, have an eagerness to cut open my body, to dissect my brain and all sorts. Zetas want to pick my brain out, and a various assortment of Reptiles quite probably my Hamish included would like to taste the assortment of tasty snacks I have got in my innards. The military are continuously saving my life by preventing these things from happening.

That's why I have, my eggs. - Hamish
Eggs is snacks then? - me

These military men are protecting me - and undoubtedly many others like me - and yet they do it secretly, they do not intend to even tell me about it so that they could spare me from even knowing. They just want me to be safe. They want humanity to be safe. They are doing what they can in what is actually a war.

We are here to help them! They have gotten our bombs too to use! - the Pleiadian man in a blue jumpsuit happily declares from up above somewhere, Pleiadians help humanity

When General Davies visits I always tell him how much I love my Hamish and I warn him from ever hurting or even distressing my Sock Dragon. It makes him frustrated

Hey, do not write about us anymore! Hey! I said, what! Psst! - Major Cunningham from the looks of it

It makes General Davies very frustrated when I express to him my fondness and friendship with Hamish. He then tells me the stories. He told me about why he joined the military and this particular alien fighting team. When he was a boy he was abducted by Zetas and the Zetas made him masturbate or orgasm while they were calling him a sheep. I don't know how old he was anywhere from 7-11 I would think. So he decided to fight the aliens, he enlisted with the military. I have no idea how he actually figured out that the military can fight the aliens or how he actually succeeded to join the team that does this work.

From the military men (and they are high rank officers) I have been told that the war in Vietnam was not at all what the world was told. I used to wonder all the time why the United States so eagerly went into the war in Vietnam, when there are so many other wars in the world that they won't touch for instance. There were Reptilians living in the jungles in Vietnam. The Vietnamese were fighting these reps and the United States joined in to kick their ass. The things that Reptilians had been doing in the jungles toward humans is so gruesome the military have trouble even telling me what was happening.

Reptilians would (and they still do) tear living humans apart. Living humans are torn to pieces, for some reason Reptilians like to watch. And actually last night, I had to see one such example. I was in a room and for some reason I was like a raging Reptilian myself and I attacked a man who was tied to a chair in the middle of a room that was like in a basement and I tore the man to pieces. I especially remember that the stress or injury caused him to pee on the floor. When I was moving away from him he was pleading for me to come back to him to help him. I've managed to suppress the anatomical details of his injuries but it was gruesome. We humans cannot even imagine these kinds of injuries, a human slashed in indescribable ways, mutilated. Of course it wasn't ME who slashed this human, I was experiencing a Reptilian doing it. And what's worse is I really think that it was my Hamish who did that, but we don't have to talk about that.

Did I ever tell you readers that my Sock Foot Dragon likes to put a sheer plastic bag over a man's head and watch him as he suffocates? Hamish has shown me. Reptilians have some kind of fascination with inflicting injuries to a victim. We humans cannot comprehend. The likes of the damages they instill are beyond description. How they can rip specific portions of a human's body out, such as scalp, certain muscles, or ligaments.

As always I defend my Dragon. General Davies tells me should he tell me stories about Reptilians, about what they do? And I then tell Davies should I tell you about the reasons why I love my Dragon, about what a fantastic person that he is? I tell General Davies about all the sweet things me and Hamish have done, about our friendship.

You don't have to feel bad about it. It wasn't you. - General Davies, about something with sheep or mutilation, sheep being humans are called sheep by these Agenda aliens
It wasn't your fault, what happened. So therefore you don't have to feel bad. And I'm really really sorry that you had to see it. - General Davies, he is doing damage control to make sure I am ok with this, he means the man I saw who was slashed

Also what makes matters worse, when a human observer sees another human being slashed to bits, if that other human feels distressed, then that distress stirs the Reptilians to become even more in a frenzy. I have described to you a few times over the years when Hamish has lost control when he snaps into a hunting mode and he gets too fascinated with a beating heart or organs or blood and he can't control himself, there is like a switch in their head that makes them too curious and fascinated and then they begin to want to rip into a body to find even more organs and gore. I can tell you that a Reptilian who slashes into bodies has lost all sense of conscious control of himself. It is not a conscious act. It is a primitive instinct, like for us humans when we sneeze or yawn, or when a hot stove makes our arm flinch back.

A few times I have lost Hamish into these frenzies and then I do not recognize him at all, it becomes next to impossible to communicate with him, the personality and person is not available in him. Something in the Reptile compels him to hunt, and makes him unstoppably curious about organs and gore. And Reptilians they like to watch an injured body, they are so curious about internal organs and bits and pieces, and they always want the victim to be alive. And when a Reptilian goes into this mood they are next to impossible to dissuade. That is also why the military know that it is important not to get upset, or to not show any amount of upset, when Reptiles are showing them gruesome scenes. Because if you get upset or hurt by what you see, then it can trigger the Reptilian into more such behavior.

We don't like to be fought because of it. Because of what we do. - a Reptilian says to me
We like to eat too. And ours don't just grow on a barbeque. We have to put them there first. - the Reptilian adds

Sometimes Hamish looks at me and he becomes aware of my beating heart. It is like an irresistible toy box that can drive him into a frenzy, I always have to yell at Dragon a bit to force him out of it before it gets out of hand. But he won't eat me, because I have the eggs. And most of the time Hamish behaves with me.

The Agenda really have a thing about Colin Powell. Last time when I wrote an update here on my website about Colin Powell, my computer became permanently unable to use the internet. Perhaps it was a strange coincidence, but an annoying one. I still have no internet on that computer, I never again will. So here is some more Colin Powell stuff.

The Agenda, as we all know, are excessively fond of human royals, but they are also fond of presidents, and Colin Powell. A few days ago the Agenda makes me see and hear mentally as if I were telepathically speaking with Colin Powell. I tell the aliens that I know it can't be true. Then I tell them to leave him alone he is retired he doesn't have to work anymore. The aliens claim that the real Colin Powell has been taken away and has been replaced by a copy. I asked them, "Where is the real Colin Powell?", the Dark Lord answered, "Not where, if!".

Well, I write a documentary about alien contact. If I begin to edit what the aliens do and what they say, then this is no longer a documentary. I have no right to edit something out just because it is embarrassing or if it is unsuitable. If the aliens want to talk about Colin Powell then I have to write that down and that's all there is to it. I don't make up these stories, because if I did then I would of course avoid writing about real persons. So let's just say that the aliens have a deep fascination with human royals such as the queen of England and Prince Charles and also Swedish royals, they have a fascination with politicians especially U.S. presidents but also military officers and Colin Powell. I am not going to edit that out. The Agenda aliens are fascinated with all forms of humans who are in positions of power and leadership, i.e. royalty, politics, and military.

Sock Turtle

I hope you readers have missed hearing about my Hamish stories, about how cute this Dragon really is. Here are some of the Hamish stories from recent times:

I am living in a new place and - unfortunately - I did not pack Hamish's ruggy snuggy with me! He also does not have the white woven bathroom ruggy snugs that we had in the bathroom before. But it didn't turn into the dramatic screaming and crying story that I was dreading, like when you take the pacifier away from a toddler. No, he has been cool. Also because Hamish gets to travel around, he doesn't always stay around me, no he goes to his rivers to put his feet into the water and to look at fish, he travels to Japan, visits his Dragon Turtle friends in the stalactite cave and in other secret locations, Hamish travels, but he always keeps an eye on me.

I was not your friend. I was not your Turtles! I was not with that. - Hamish, "with that" is something on a floor, maybe the poo pile again or something about a rug, who knows

But I kept a bath towel on the floor in front of the shower here in the new place so that I could put wet feet on it when I step out of the shower. One night when I had gone to bed and lights were out, sure enough Dragon asks me if he could have that towel that is on the floor. I tell him that of course he can have it. Hamish stomps his feet there, steps his flat red duck feet on the towel on the bathroom floor. He needs that, as we know.

One day Hamish was shedding scales so his body had turned all white. He was ashamed and anxious about it as he always is. Did you know that if a Reptilian is grabbed or touched, that part of his body that was touched will turn white and then shed? That is one of the reasons why Hamish won't let me touch him. And you should know that a Reptilian who turns white and is shedding, he feels deeply embarrassed and also anxious and distressed about it, and other Reptilians will tease and mock a Reptilian who is shedding. We can draw all kinds of conclusions about Reptilian evolution and psychology from that. For instance that Reptilians are about dominance. Someone who is touched and turns white, is a weak one because he let himself be touched which has put him at risk of injury, and therefore he is bullied for being weak, and he feels ashamed of it.

The next day Hamish had shedded his scales off, because now he showed up with a large white sheet in his arms and was asking me if he could place it down on my shower floor so that I would help him wash it. Hamish didn't have any scales here with him to our new place. He has left the mounds of scales in my old apartment I guess? Hamish has yet not built a nest of scales in my new place, nor has he adopted any special particular rug here to build a nest on. So I helped him, I let him place the sheet of scales on the shower floor and I turned the water on and left. After a short while he tells me he is finished, so I go back to turn the shower off and I recommend him a few places where he could hang the now wet sheet to dry, such as the radiator, as I know he next needs to find a place to put it to dry. I know his scales-routine. He has sprinkled a few individual bits of scales here and there, most notably in the bookshelves and in my bed, but he always does that.

I don't want them to go away. That is why I did that. About mine. - Hamish, that the scaly bits won't get lost or go away

The other day I woke up in the middle of the night and Hamish was standing in my bedroom in the upright position. He had a white fetus in his mouth, obviously we can suspect that that has been made out of my egg. But Hamish didn't seem to want me to catch him with a fetus in his mouth, so he quickly started asking me whether he can dispose of it in the waste basket that has the compost in the kitchen. I said yes, that he can. And Dragon went over to the kitchen and placed the gummy white fetus into the compost pile in the kitchen as if it were a chewing gum thrown away. It was as if I wasn't quite meant to see that. But I didn't say anything about it to Dragon or cause him any trouble. I went back to sleep.

The other day I had gone to bed in the evening and the lights were out and I was tired. Hamish tells me that he wants the two "rugs" that are on the balcony. He shows me a mental image of them. They are two blue thin flat cushion squares for the patio chairs. "Hamish can I give them to you tomorrow? I really am too sleepy now to go get them." Actually there was also an angry bee in my window in the room so I told Dragon also, "Hamish there is a bee by the window so I will get them for you later when that bee has gone back out." Hamish was eager to have the two cushions, which he had called "rugs".

But moving back a bit. The day before he had asked for the cushions, or on the same day earlier in the daytime, I had seen Hamish standing with an erection in the hallway just like that. With his slender white penis out. It looks like a dog's penis, and a Reptilian penis is naturally covered in a grease which smells like lavender. Well, I thought, Hamish has his "dong" out (which is what the Reptilians call that thing). I live with this Dragon, we spend lots of time together. Hamish has seen me naked too. So every now and then I might run into Hamish in this sort of situation, no big deal, it happens. I don't think I said anything to him about that. I just let him be a Dragon.

So either later that night or the following night Hamish is asking for those two cushions. Namely he wants to masturbate on them. Yes. Has anyone ever written about Reptilian sexuality before? Am I the first, or? Has anyone made these observations before? But do keep in mind what I have here is "the old Draconian race". Hamish is NOT the typical Reptilians. Hamish is the old race of Draconians and his kind has the back hump that make them look like turtles. Hamish's race are very different from the "modern" Reptilians which most people have. Hamish's race are sweethearts.

When Hamish mates with a Dragon Turtle lady, he will stand on her lower back and then step with his feet up and down slowly, massaging her back with his flat red duck feet. Some birds on Earth do the same thing when they are mating, I think I've seen the boobie bird do that, they also have flat duck feet but blue that are nice and flat and wide for stepping with. I have seen Hamish have sex with a Dragon Turtle lady, then he steps on her back like that. The massage actually stimulates her body to release the eggs internally, I learned this just days ago from them.

But so Hamish has this mating instinct, and you all know by now when you have been reading, how Hamish likes to step with his flat red duck feet on soft rugs. He builds nests on small rugs and spends long times stepping with his feet in the same way, and placing mounds of carefully laid out, washed and dried and stomped sheets of his shedded scales as a nest. So Hamish's penis had been out for whatever reason, and now he was asking for those cushions to mate on. When I asked Hamish what he needed those cushions for, he was quite honest about what he intended them for. Hamish is not ashamed of his sexuality, nor should he be. He wanted to fertilize those "rugs" (they were cushions). So the following morning I went ahead, as I had promised, and brought those cushions into the room, for him to do whatever with.

I have also learned that if Hamish doesn't regularly step his feet on soft rugs or cushions then the backs of his feet, meaning the about half of his undersides of his feet that are closest to the ankle, will feel sore and achy. So he relieves the soreness, or he keeps the sore away, by stepping on soft things.

I have learned in the past few days that Hamish has children. They are red Dragon Turtles. I also learned that these little monsters would definitely snap at my fingers if I got near them. Hamish too has an instinct to want to snap for my fingers. For some reason my protruding fingers look like little easy snacky bits. Remember that Dragon Turtles they have no teeth. But Hamish has long fingers on his hands with a curved claw at the end which are perfect for reaching deep into a carcass through a small hole to scoop out an organ or why not two. They could never just bite into a body just like that.

What Hamish does is he drowns his victims in water. Then somehow he is able to rip open the belly, and then he scoops out organs. He can eat liver (liver is his favorite), spleen, heart. I think he would eat placenta if I ever offered him one. But livers is what he eats. Oh and also kidneys, I once saw him holding up a "plastic bag of snacks" which had slices of livers and kidneys in it.

But something about fingers make them want to eat fingers. A few times Hamish has actually bit into my fingers over the years, but when he does it is harmless, he has no teeth so it is only fun. Sometimes when he is annoyed with me, he thinks about wanting to bite into my shoulder, or into my fingers. But Hamish is good at suppressing this

We only do it with anger. And I was not angry with you I said. I was not eating my lunches now and snacks. I was not fed yet. But I was not angry at you either. - Hamish
What did you say to her? - another white alien asks Hamish
That I was not angry I said! - Hamish answers the alien

But Hamish's little babies would want to bite my fingers if I ever came near them, Hamish told me the other day when I was asking about his babies.

What else? I think that's about it. Of course I also remember some alien visits that are ever so nightmareish. One memory where I was naked and they had a naked male alien with his genitals against mine but no sex. But what I cherish about all of this is having Hamish in my life. And here, dear readers, revel in this gorgeous drawing I made of him. This happens to be the best drawing I have made of my Sock Feet Turtle so far. Check out all of his goosebumps.

Here you can see this beautiful drawing of Hamish in close-up

I won't bite your fingers I said. - Hamish
I won't bite you either Hamish. I love you, Turtles. - me

Oh. And yesterday I was playing the video game The Sims 2 and I took out a large tall cactus to place it into the garden. And you all can guess what Hamish says: "Yes-No!", which means no... Hamish is very afraid of needles. But something that bothers Hamish so much that it makes him completely exhausted and feeling weak and powerless and faint, is that the Zetas have shown him that in some such tall cactuses are brown owl birds living that have made a hollow inside. Hamish is so stressed out that he becomes all faint from the irritation of this. The needles are so scary, and then the bird lives in there. It makes him feel faint. It is like some people who cannot stand the sight of blood. So Hamish really didn't want me to place cactuses on the game, he continued to talk about it for a long time, showing me mental images of the needle, he wanted to warn me so that I know it is dangerous.

I have asked the military men if I could please get to spend some quality time together with my Hamish. I have suggested that I could go with Hamish to watch fish and turtles in a pond. But the military won't let me. When I ask the Reptilians if I could visit, they always tell me I would in that case take that diagonal elevator to their underground mines where there are Reptilians. I've been there before.

I love Hamish more than I have ever known love before. He is a person who thinks and he has shared his whole life with me. He is a delicate creature. He loves to see flowers. He loves stepping with his feet on rugs. He likes to look at fish, and turtles. Hamish is the most amazing and most important person I have ever found. He is so beautiful in so many ways. I would kill just to defend my Hamish, and I would die for Hamish if it ever came to it. I am so close to this Dragon. No one can understand how living he is. Sure, he is a predator. But I always tell General Davies and the other military who cannot understand my deep friendship with Hamish, that they too eat sheep and pigs and cattle, it is the same thing. "It is not the same thing", the men always tell me. Sure it is. Hamish has to eat too.

Did you know that Hamish could eat fish guts? The only problem is that when he eats fish or fish trimmings it makes his poo difficult, perhaps oily, runny, and it makes a mess that clings to his legs and feet. I have offered that I could wash Dragon, but, he prefers to eat liver snacks because it's less messy. This morning when I woke up, first thing when I woke up Dragon showed me a mental image of a wooden wheelbarrel with a humongous (probably fictive, for being so big, not to mention Dragon would not actually carry a wheelbarrel) liver in it, "My livers!" I think is what he said. I love waking up to another one of Hamish's funny quotes. I wonder if he watches me when I sleep sometimes. I have invited him to sleep next to me in my bed, but he won't.

Bonus: I almost forgot to say. When Hamish had done the thing where he had masturbated on the "rugs" which were actually two blue patio chair cushions and he had said that he was fertilizing them, the military man who says his name is General Davies had a conversation with Hamish about this and Davies was telling Hamish that it was ok and that also human men have those things happen and that human men do something like that every morning. It was something of a pep talk to Hamish, I thought it was sweet. I love my Dragon. I will keep asking the military if they could let me have some quality time with Hamish, we could visit a turtle pond. The military say that Hamish would kill me if I got close to him. I just won't believe that, I won't.

Hamish still thinks that the Spiderman character is real. He sees it like a hostile enemy of some sort. The other night when he told me something about "Spiderman" and he then let me see himself, because he knows they look similar (or so Hamish thinks), I told him again, carefully, that Spiderman is not a real creature. It is a fictional character. Unlike Hamish, who is not fiction.

Later in the evening who shows up if not Bird! That very short plump alien which has white feathers, a long featherless beak with sharp teeth, an attentive focus in his eyes like a hawk, and a naked beige rat tail with no feathers that lies against the floor, and he has penguin feet. He asked me if I could guess why he had shown up. He was here to clean up after Hamish's poo, the poo that was mentioned at the very beginning of this page. I asked him why he is the secretary (he calls himself "secretary" in my native language), he said it is because he is so short so he can easily reach what is on the floor. Makes sense. Because he is really short, probably not even up to my knees, but he is as wide as he is short so he has a cubical shape so to speak. I told him I am his friend so that he wouldn't be afraid. Oh by the way sorry, Bird is a female. She is usually shy. Bird indicated to the two pairs of used socks under my desk. I was in my bedroom sitting by the desk, Bird was in my room (which is not where the Dragon poo is). Bird pointed to the socks plenty enough of times so that I picked them up to not have the conversation again. Bird asked me why I had left them there. I think I said I was lazy.

And then later Hamish was in the pantry room and he was rubbing his ankles together. I asked Hamish if he needed any toilet paper.

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