Finally Met The Zetas
June 22 2015

Finally it happened. Nagging paid off.

As you know I nag most of the time at the aliens to let me stay conscious for an abduction, because they talk a lot about taking my eggs or collecting fecal samples and I hardly ever get to remember any of it. Last night as I went to bed I was nagging and begging and pleading please to the Zetas to let me meet them.

I told them how disappointed I was, and how hurtful it was not to get to meet them, and how I was going to cry. And finally the nagging helped. Well, first as always when I nag for alien contact they let me talk to the human militaries who tell me that they forbid it. The military told me this time that the Zetas would drill into my head. Other militaries have told me that the Zetas would pull my eye out while I am still seeing through it. The military tell me gruesome stories about what Zetas would like to do to me, if I were there in the awake state. But I tell them I don't care. I must get to meet them.

Astral realm

Did you know that some people when they fall asleep and dream, they are in fact fully awake and conscious and can think and act as clearly as they would in the awake state? It is called lucid dreaming. The aliens seem to use the dream world to travel in and to interact with others. The Zetas came to me in another parallel universe which I think might be the dream world, which is otherwise known as the astral plane.

I was asleep and

Hello, here we are, it is us. - a Zeta says now and puts its hand down on my left wrist
We wanted you to have more astral journeys with us. - Zeta
I would love to. - me
Yes! And we have called it, the elevator here! - Zeta
Why do you call it an elevator? - me
Because you must go up with it first. - Hamish or Zeta, I saw Hamish
We don't like to steer your thoughts anymore, but we are very dominating. - Dark Lord or Zeta to me

I was asleep and in a dream world which had me inside a house. I look to the door opening at the other end of the room I am in, there stand two tall Zetas. At first they were Zetas, then they begun to change shape into one naked man and one naked woman, genitals and all. The Zetas were waving their arms slowly to get my attention and to greet me, the arm up above their head waving, and they continued to wave as they almost morphed into the naked man and woman which come to think of it looked a lot like the man and woman engraved on the placard sent to space by SETI, but they then morphed back into looking like proper Zetas again.

As soon as I saw them, I knew what they were. Zetas. And I waved back to them in that same slow and flowing manner with my arms above my head. I was so pleased to see them!

Then for a moment I slipped into a dream state, meaning I was losing consciousness and getting caught up with dreaming, because I thought I had something I needed to do before I was ready to go see them

Have you been angry with them ever? Because I was. No. Dominant. I was here. - Hamish says and puts one flat red duck foot down in front of him to show that he owns, "them" means Zetas

I think what I did was think that I must brush my teeth before I am ready to go meet them. But because I got caught up with doing something else which I didn't even need to be doing, the Zetas came up to me instead and they grabbed me by the wrists or hands and tugged at me so that I was going with them!

Next thing I was in outer space, and that was scary. It is such a huge black place and I don't know which way I am falling into, and there are scary huge astronomical sites that will pull you in with gravity. Such a scary place. But I wasn't alone. There was a naked human man floating in space with me. I was scared to be drifting all alone so I grabbed his hand tight and I wouldn't let go.

We were looking at a particular thing in outer space, perhaps the Zeta world because it had bright pink or red colors which is the color of the Zeta world. The man was going to cuddle me and he was very cuddly and romantic about it. I suspect that it was a Zeta who had - again like at the door opening - disguised himself as a human. Unless it is my mind that tries to interpret the Zetas as human figures so that they would make more sense. We didn't have sex or anything, he was just cuddly, but I held his hand tight so that I would not drift away all alone in space.

Then the Zetas gave me a flying tour in a beautiful landscape. I was flying and they were guiding me and they told me how they had tried to design a landscape for me that would be beautiful. It was a city with perhaps some carneval in it, it was winter even though now today is summer, there was snow, and I thanked them for giving me such a gift to fly in this place that they had designed for me.

Then I met the Zetas, me standing there with them. They wore, as they had worn by the door opening and when they took me by the hands to take me on a journey with them, they wore a blue tight-fit uniform spacesuit. I forget by now what they said to me.

I was shown their alien base and city where lots of Zeta or hybrid children lived. I was shown either drawings or books that the children had.


But the Zetas told me that it was a huge risk that they had come to meet me. The Zetas shoved me into a room to hide me. A dangerous creature had discovered them. There was a question asked about who was responsible. The two adult Zetas who had taken me out on a journey answered that they were responsible and would take the repercussions. I called out from the room, that I was the one who was to blame for my visit with them, that I would take any punishment that was due to us meeting.

A card represented each Zeta, and there were five cards presented in total, kind of like identification cards. Again, I said I was responsible, that I would take the punishment, because I am the one who had insisted for the Zetas to let me meet them. I did not know what the punishment would be, I was assuming it to be death, but it was my punishment and not theirs.

One of the five cards was chosen out and it was the one of the old man. It was an old human man with white hair, but I don't know if perhaps it was in fact a Zeta but I was seeing it in a human version. I objected as the man was brought out for the punishment, I was the one who was responsible, but I was pushed away by the Zetas, they were not going to let me take part in this ritual or system which forces to select out one to be punished.

The old man was treated with electric shocks which electrified his entire nervous system of the body with sparks that are perhaps more overwhelming than painful. The man was shouting and shouting as he was being electricuted. The perpetrators who were the dangerous ones who had forced for one individual to be selected for this cruelty were enjoying the energy from the sparked electricity of his body. I don't know if the man died in the process or not, but it is gruesome torture. When I woke up from this back in my home it was explained to me that "they" are using people like batteries. It was terrible to have to see it.

There is another race of aliens who have taken the Zetas under siege, they are probably the Dark Lords also known as Alpha Thetons but otherwise they are Reptilians. I don't know whether my visit is what forced someone to have to be chosen out for this cruel treatment or if it was due to happen anyway. When I woke up and back in my home, I knew that I had had a real Zeta visit. I also talked telepathically with the Zetas when I returned home. The Zetas whispered to me and did not want my Hamish to know that they had been here. The Zetas who had taken me out for a journey wanted me to not let anyone know that they had been here. Hamish has been a little bit upset about them visiting me like this. But I am glad that they broke some rules to come see me, of course unless it led to that poor man being tortured electrically. Zetas said that he was an old man and that it was his time anyway, that I should not feel bad about it.

Little Yellow Aliens

While I was in bed last night and begging the aliens for a visit, first I got to see a mental image from a room in an alien spaceship or base and in it was a short little yellow alien. It looks a lot like a Zeta but if I remember correctly it has small ears, and its eyes are white with blue irises. It wears a uniform and feels like an engineer or a technician. It spoke to me first.


I got what I had asked for. It is somewhat frustrating that it happened in the dream world or astral world, and even the Zetas who had taken me away for the visit said after I was back in my home again in the morning, that the visit had happened in such a way as to leave no evidence of their existence or visit to me, and they knew that I had hoped for some traces of evidence of their existence, and they knew they had left none. I am grateful that they listened to my whining and I was surprised that they actually cared.

Actually the Zetas tend to tell me when I beg for close contact with them that they would be pleased to meet me but that it is the militaries of Earth who forbid it. Was this contact good enough? Will it change anything? Am I happy and satisfied now when I have had some close alien contact? Well, it wasn't exactly what I was hoping for. I was actually hoping to wake up naked on the medical examination table and to get to see them inserting the plastic tube down my nose or take fecal samples or collect ovum. I was hoping it to be a physical experience, with real physical aliens, and up in a spaceship.

Most people would dismiss an astral experience as nothing but a dream. And there certainly is no evidence that it ever happened. But this was a positive encounter. They were very friendly with me, and nothing unpleasant happened during it, except for the torture at the end but the visit itself was carried out for me in a pleasant and positive way, I was not harmed or treated badly in any way, which is a surprise.

Will I nag again for more alien contact? Will I whine and say anything I can to manipulate them into letting me meet them?

Helloo you in the ear! Can you hear me! - an ET perhaps a Zeta calls out to me telepathically
Yes! Hello I can hear you! - me
We don't want to take your eggs anymore. Because you have been given some slime. Those were not us, they were..! - the ET, aha it seems that the friendly Zetas who met with me were not from my team

I would like to meet with Hamish. My Turtle Dragon. And my aliens. I will definitely keep nagging, but now I know to add another concern into the equation, namely I need to make sure that meeting them will not bring any harm to anyone because of it.

Update: song and mushrooms

Update June 24 2015. I forgot to say that when I woke up in the morning after the trip with the Zetas, one of the two Zetas who had invited me along was singing a song to me telepathically, the lyrics were about "sunshine" and then "when the sky is gray". He sang it to me several times, and every time the line was "when the sky is gray" he emphasized on gray because he meant that he is a Gray, Zetas are also called Grays or Greys and they know that. It was so funny I had to laugh and smile, cause the Zeta was singing and had chosen a song with the sky is gray, he also meant it to say that they the Grays are up in the skies. He was singing this song called "Sunshine", and only this first part which goes:

You are my sunshine
My only sunshine
You make me happy
When skies are grey

Zetas can be delightfully fun sometimes. Like one time when I had asked the Zetas to "wake me up" when they come for me at night, I was woken up that night by Zetas who were saying "Good morning!" to me. Because they were waking me up. In the middle of the night. Delightful.

Another thing is that twice in the past few weeks I've eaten mushrooms, and now I mean the typical white button mushrooms that are used in cooking. Both times the Zetas get very interested and they start showing me mental images of their heads, and they tell me that their heads look just like those mushrooms do.

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