Reptilians Are Not Toys
January 30 2015

When a Reptilian had sex with me. Only adults are allowed to read this page.

I woke up in the morning around usual time I guess, then went back to sleep, and if I ever woke up again I went back to sleep, until I finally got up from bed close to 3 PM. I was up late last night writing on the Agenda book. It seems more likely that I am conscious during alien visitations if I am asleep in the morning or daytime hours. Perhaps because if I go to sleep again for daytime I don't actually need to sleep, so my brain isn't tired anymore it's already slept enough, so it is easier for it to stay awake for what happens when the aliens come around.

First I dreamt that I was in Africa. I was there visiting an African girl who was about 9 years or what. Her mother was also there. I promised to bring the girl some gifts next time when I visit. I think I woke up after this dream and fell back asleep, and that's when the story gets interesting. First I have to say, last night while I was writing in the Agenda book about how a few times it's seemed as if Colin Powell was talking to me, you readers know about that because those conversations are in the Short Stories section (you can start browsing the pages backwards from here).

After I was back from dreams I may have heard the Agenda tell me that that girl I saw was my daughter with Colin Powell. I said no it can't be because if I had a child with Colin Powell it wouldn't be as dark as that girl was. But yesterday, as you will read in the Agenda book, the Agenda figure who looks like and at least pretends to be Colin Powell talked about how a son of his was killed by the Agenda, so presumably this figure has Agenda children too, which unfortunately means that he and I might have kids together. After all the Reptilian who morphed into John Kerry said, as John Kerry, that he was going to have a child with me. But enough of that, I don't want people to think that I'm making these stories up as if I somehow think that this is cool. I hate how the Agenda involves real persons and then I have to worry if it harms people or if they think I'm an idiot for writing these things or what. I'm just doing a documentary about Reptilians and aliens and this is what they do. Anyhow, moving on as if none of this even happened. Let's just say that the aliens are lying and leave it be.

I almost came back to delete this section but that would ruin the entire documentary, it's like scientists data fudging. If I omit even one thing, then what's the point of any of it. All it means is that Reptilians said it. It has got nothing to do with me. It's aliens.


So I'm asleep and somewhere in the dreamworld, which some say is actually another real world called the astral world, in which we are when we dream. There are Reptilians there. And I am awake.

One of the Reptilians has the most gorgeous pattern and coloration. He is a slender Reptilian, whereas many other Reptiles have a stronger build. He is white and has dark blue and black splotches as a pattern. This is the first Reptilian I have seen that is not all one color, it was magnificent.

The patterns and coloration were very similar to the head of these geckos. This is also very similar to the Reptilian. Also something like this but more white. Here's another example of a similar pattern. And this one is just too cute, don't you want to take it home?

As many Reptilians and especially the slender ones like this one, his movements were quick, swift and agile. He was so beautiful, I admired his gorgeous colors and pattern.

Then a large red Reptilian WHO IS NOT HAMISH has sex with me. I had gone to sleep last night completely naked, which I normally don't do, so I was also completely naked there with the Reptilians. Which if you ask me doesn't matter, cause that's like being naked around cats or dogs, what do they care, they're animals. Besides Reptilians are almost always naked too.

Yes, and then we smell. - Hamish
Hamish! Hi Hamish. How are you now? Did Arek have sex with me? - me
It was my eggs, I said to him. I wanted to bite him, but I couldn't. Arek looked up at me once. And then he said, Yes-No. - Hamish
Did Arek steal your eggs? - me
Hamish growl-hisses and digs with his feet into the ground, he is displeased with what the question insinuates.
I love you Turtle Dragon. I met some other Reptilians last night. One of them was white with blue patterns. - me
I couldn't have beat him if I wanted to. He was very Majestic here. He is our King. - Hamish about the white one with blue markings

He was a tall and very large and robust Reptilian man. He had large yellow eyes with a brown vertical slit as the pupil. He had of course a long red tail. He was not completely naked, because I think he was wearing a toolbelt which covers parts of the chest, I've seen Reptilians wear toolbelts around waist and upper body where they attach weapons such as swords or machine guns.

So there I was naked lying down on a wooden deck somewhere. The red Reptilian... (Hamish digs with his feet toward himself again. He seems to feel sad and defeated when he does that, poor Turtle.) The red Reptilian stood before me. I was at the very edge of the deck and he stood on the ground. The deck was raised a few feet off the ground and there was a wooden shack built up on the deck further back. There was swampy vegetation around, and this was outdoors.

Well, how do I write age-appropriately since a lot of kids are reading on the internet about Reptilians. Well, this Reptilian man was well-endowed. There are lots of stories of well-endowed Reptilians that have sex with human women. I'd had sex with Crocodile Men and the Dark Lord Malik and all of these male parts I've seen or experienced were slender. This Reptilian however had more of a log. However it was painful the whole time.

Just like other Reptilians and Reptoids that have sex with me, they only penetrate once and then they wait until they inseminate. This Reptilian was in me and was waiting. Normally with other Reptiles and Reptoids the embrace only lasts a few short seconds. But this time, with this Reptilian, I lay there and was able to look at him and touch his body for minutes, precious long minutes of close Reptilian contact. It was like a David Attenborough moment, marvelling this magnificent living creature that was so close to me.

I looked at him, and I valued every ounce and morsel of getting to see this creature with my own eyes. He stood there, he was like a man that is a Reptile, yet what strikes you is the complete lack of love and compassion in these beings. You would think that you cannot sense just by looking at a person whether they are particularly loving as a person or not, but the complete lack of compassion and love in Reptilians is something very tangible and apparent. How could someone be having sex with me, yet there is no love in him whatsoever? It was a strange experience. As always in the past if I've had sex with a human man, there is at least some extent of love and caring, even if me and the man aren't exactly "in love" with each other, there is always something tender and loving in the appreciation of another body. Looking up at this red Reptilian man, there is completely no love or affection.

The lack of love in him does not exactly make him seem dangerous or angry. He was calm and peaceful with me and I wasn't afraid.

I didn't bite her, I said. - Hamish

He didn't look at me with his eyes like a human lover would, he didn't savor my body. He didn't lean closer just to be with me. He just stood there, with his log in me, and waited second after second, even minutes, for him to achieve ejaculation. He just stood there, in his own Reptilian thoughts and senses and awareness, waiting. Completely not savoring this special moment with me. There was nothing tender or sweet about it, there was nothing that could have put even the faintest smile on my face. He was just this big Reptilian man who stood there, inside me, with no emotional substance.

I looked at him and cherished this rare close awake contact with a Reptilian. He was not Hamish. Because Hamish has the orange buttons on his head. This Reptile had low combs across his head. He had either three, or five of them. The combs run from the head above the eyes and toward the back of the head. There is space between the combs. He had either three, or five. I've seen a green Reptilian that had one or two large green combs, but this Reptilian his were low in height. I thought to myself, that Reptilians with combs have higher status than other ones without combs, so I wondered who is this Reptile man.

It was a marvellous moment of having a Reptilian so close for so many minutes and getting to touch him all I want and he would not move away or leave. He was all mine. I put my hand on his right side of the body which was to my left. His hip and thigh was closely snug against the skin of my naked body, pressed so close to me that if I let my hand run from his scaly cool reptilian skin it would run to my human skin with no space between, we were that close. I marvelled at that closeness of our two very different types of skin and let my hand run from his scales to my skin a few times, slowly, contemplating on it with no hurry in the world, because this close contact was lasting minutes. I was allowed plenty of time to look at him, to touch him, to philosophize, to think, to slowly let it all sink in, what this creature meant to me, and what he was.

But it was painful. I had a constant throbbing sore pain from the entrance area of my private parts. In fact this very throbbing sore pain started last night when I had gone to sleep. It was so painful that it made me say ouch out loud, and I twisted and turned my body in bed trying to catch a more comfortable position that might make the pain stop stabbing at me. I had layn there in the dark of my room telling myself that this must be small kidney stones passing just at the very end of my urethra. That is what it must have been. But I now think, that the Reptilian had already started to enter me in the other dimension, only I had not fallen asleep yet and I was not yet there consciously to see him and me together.

He did not move or flinch at all while he was in me. And there was this constant throbbing sore pain, probably because he was too thick for a woman. Since this is a scientifically intended documentary, I must say that I once slept with a (human) man who was too long for my size and it hurt like broken glass at my cervix. The pain I was having now with this Reptilian was not the broken glass kind of pain, nor was it from the cervix, where I felt nothing. It was like I said, from the entrance area.

In spite of the throbbing sore pain, it was a calm and peaceful moment together, both of us quiet and still, just me feeling him out with my hand. His eyes moved around a bit, not that he seemed to be looking at anything in particular, but there was definitely life in his eyes, I saw his eyes make slight motions this way or that, maybe he was contemplating on memories or thoughts while we did this.

I was not naked with you, she said. - Hamish
What now, Hamish? What did Hamish mean to say? - me
I wanted you to have an erection, not with me. I wanted to say that. - Hamish
Hamish I don't really know what happened last night. I don't even know if you know. Maybe you don't know. - me
You were saying, throbbing pain, to me. That you were sore from his erect penis. - Hamish
Ok ha ha thanks for spelling that out, I was trying to be very subtle about it. Shush, Hamish. - me

He didn't look at me. His eyes and his head did not turn down to look at me. He did not contemplate on the special moment together. I was not a woman to him, in the sense that we are women to other humans. I was just there, he was just there. On a wooden deck in the swamp somewhere.

At one point I wondered if I was meant to help out with motions or thrusting. I mean, if I would have found myself somewhere on a wooden deck with a human man who was in me but who just stood there waiting to achieve an ejaculation I would have assumed that I should perhaps help out by doing something. I lifted my back up towards him a little bit and thought about doing something, but I sensed that it was not necessary, or that I just didn't bother, because this was not a sexual romantic encounter. It was just him and me, connected, but in a sore throbbing way. There was no intimacy, no love, no compassion no tenderness. At first I had been excited to realize that someone finally yay a man was having sex with me, cause I've been single for so long thanks to Hamish discouraging me from any dating attempts. But I realized that this was not sex in that sense. I was not enjoying it at all from a sexual point of view. But I did enjoy the close contact with a Reptilian, like I said in a David Attenborough kind of fascination and appreciation.

I will try to say this without breaking any internet taboos. I noticed that as my back was leaning down and he was standing in front of me, he was not touching against my sensitive parts. He was not leaning down against me there, nor was he moving about to stimulate me there. The embrace took so many minutes that I even had time to think about this. I let my hand move from there and down on his dong which is what the Reptilians call it, and I felt that yes it was there and it was attached to me so close as if the surfaces of our bodies had fused together with absolutely no gap or space in between. I could run my hand from myself and to him without any interruption, human woman's skin to Reptilian alien skin. It's so close. His lower abdomen and legs were also so close to me, right against me, with no interruption or gap.

Perhaps the only other time when I have been able to touch a Reptilian was that time when I woke up at night to find myself in the act of stroking a green Reptilian down his tail repeatedly, he allowed it and tolerated it and maybe even liked it though presumably not in a sexual way so don't get me or him wrong. I have longed to touch Hamish, just to get that much closer to these wondrous beings and know what they are, and here it was finally. For precious many seconds, even a few minutes. He would not move or flinch, he was not leaving, and I had all the time to catch up and figure out what this being was. It was great for that reason. When I touched my hand against his skin he did not move at all, he did not even look at me then, he did not seem to mind, he completely tolerated my touch.

What was he thinking during the act? As you see I was thinking a few things, most of which philosophical. Was he thinking about Reptilian dominance and rule? About wars, hierarchial systems...

No I was thinking about making you a mother. As, we needed to put our seed there. - the red Reptilian says
Hello. Are you Arek? - me
I was with my penis there. - the red Reptilian
Yes. You were. Did you, finish? Did you put your seed into me? - me
Yes, of course I did. - red Reptilian, almost beginning to be fussy in his answer as if I was suggesting that he was incapable of finishing any task that he set his mind into doing
And. Will you and I have babies together? Reptilian babies? Will I be a mother to a Lizard? - me
You know, I was King once. And then I was ruled down from it. And now, they have hit me, and forced me to be down here! - red Rep
I am sorry. My condolences, former King. - me
Yes. That was better. - red Rep so soothed from the admiration that he closes his eyes and feels all soothed and relaxed
So, do you remember what I said about my shoes? - red Rep
Yes, indeed I remember. You were wondering if the floors here in my home were safe for your bare feet to walk on, and I had said to you that they were, because I too - although my feet have coarser thicker skin - I too walk barefoot sometimes. I had told you there was no glass here, and also no weapons are here. You are safe with me. - me
I wanted to, bother you less. As I see that you are writing about me there. About us, not Monkeys? - red Rep
Yes, you called me a chimpanzee this morning. And you told me I was hairy, which I am. - me
Back to my writing then. - me
You know, you wouldn't have been clubbed to death for this. - red Rep perhaps to one of the white aliens, and about the white bat/club

I was a human woman, he was a Reptilian man. That might sound like the start of a sexy story, but it wasn't. It was not sexual, I mean, it was reproductive, but sexual it was not. It was just a lizard against a woman. And that was not sexy. I would have thought that it would be sexy. But it was just a loveless lizard against my body, a throbbing sore pain, he stood completely still and did not even look down at me, and there were no pleasing sexual sensations. I might have been able to conjure up some sexual pleasure from my own thought processes, from the very knowing that I was having sex with a man that was in me, but in this case, none occurred. It was completely unpleasing, other than as a close encounter with the natural kingdom and a magnificent animal.

I was trying not to breathe on you. We don't have mint. - red Rep
I know, Reptilians have some smells. It's ok though, I'm sorry you went through all the trouble not to breathe on me. I am not that opposed the Reptilian smell. And also I didn't know that all of the Reptile smell came from within their mouth. I had assumed it was from their body. But that makes sense, because the Reptilian exhale does have a lot of smells. - me
Some have suggested for us that we eat mint. And we won't do it. - red Rep
I don't want you to eat mint either. - me
Thank you for giving us the toys. - red Rep, "toys" in one of my other two languages, I'll tell you about the dinosaur toys further ahead once I'm done describing the sexual embrace

From a sexual point of view, the experience was a complete disappointment. I would go as far as to say that it was not even a sexual encounter. Sure it was a reproductive encounter, but there was nothing at all sexy about it. There was nothing physically sexual about it. And there was nothing that I could have been able to conjure up from my mental processes that could have applied some sort of sexual

You didn't say, let go of me! And for that we are pleased. As it was important that we give you the snake's venom. It was pleasant that way. So don't tell me it was not pleasant. And we didn't even breathe at you! - red Rep
It was lovely. I LOVED being so close to you! I'm just comparing it to a human sexual encounter, just to describe fully in detail what it was like. I am still glad that it happened. - me
Were you, with my ovum then? Were you? As, were you not all displeased? We gave you the snake's venom then. - red Rep
What freakin' venom! What VENOM! It wasn't VENOM! It was just Reptile sex. - me

So there was nothing I could have conjured up from my thoughts to try to make this encounter seem sexually enticing or interesting to me to stir up any feelings. There was nothing. There was nothing sexy at all about being with a Reptilian man. Sure, it is probably quite possible to write up a science-fictional story about when a Reptile man has sex with a woman and make it just as interesting as you would possibly ever want. But this was the real deal, a real contact, and in this real experience, there was nothing sexual about it. It was completely bland from a sexual point of view.

There was nothing hot or sexy about touching my hand slowly against his Reptilian skin of this man who had his big log in me and had taken me at night on the wooden deck of a swamp. There was nothing in the encounter that made my brain click into a sexual interest in this being as if he were a man. He did not trigger any of my womanly instincts or sexual instincts, at all. He was just a big Reptile with snake skin that stood really close, and also inside, me. That was it.

Reaching my hands up to him, looking into his eyes to maybe make eye contact, feeling a large body firmly against me, and even the knowing that someone had its huge penis inside me, none of this instilled the slightest bit of sexual passion or steam in me. And I lay there on that wooden deck, wondering in the peace, calm and quiet that was between us and from both of us in the situation, I wondered about this complete lack of sexual steam in me. Should I not have gotten aroused or excited at all the least bit because here was what is actually a very handsome man having sex with me? His big strong muscular body and a huge penis. But no. Nothing in my brain, nothing in my hormones or woman's body became triggered to respond to this as in a sexual situation. Nothing the least bit.

Could I not have mentally or physically have responded to him as a woman and as if he were a man? Could not my pupils have dilated a little bit, could my breathing not have become deeper by a bit, could I not have started to move around, had a more passionate heartbeat, touched him sexually by pressing my hands into his arms and body massaging him and pulling him closer to me, could I not have started to make warm deep exhales which he could hear me make for him as enticing invitations for him to come closer, could I not have clinged my legs around his legs

I would have snapped them off!!! I REALLY would not have liked you doing that! - red Reptile
Ok Sir. Sorry. - me
We would have let them taken you as a cat. - red Reptile means that had I done such a horrendous thing as clasping my legs around his they would have let the Dark Lords have me as a cat which is a type of harm or predatory behavior from Dark Lords
I would have pulled your eye out. - says red Rep and I get to see his own Reptilian eye with a vertical slit looking right at me
You were not a human with hormones, that is it. - red Reptile
Sir? I am writing a journal about my experience that I had with you. It is important that I describe what the encounter with you was like. This is interesting from a scientific point of view, so, let me continue? - me

Could I not have responded to him sexually

Your brain didn't like me, you said. And, that was it, all what we have known. And, there wasn't a swamp. It happened right here, with you and me both here. - red Reptile
I dreamt that it was in a swamp on a deck. But, when I woke up, right before I woke up, I was instead at the edge of my bed. When I woke up I was instantly on my back again in bed. - me

Could I not have responded to him sexually, pulled my body up against his, exhaled into his neck, kissed his neck and under his chin, wrapped my legs and body around his and put my bare breasted chest against his bare reptilian scaly chest and let the moisture of my body sink into his skin. No. Nothing like that happened. My body and mind did not respond to him sexually.

I lay there on that wooden deck, he stood there right against me between my legs, and there was nothing between us, except the seconds ticking by like on a clock, his penis inside me, the throbbing sore pain, quiet, nothing spoken, both of our bodies perfectly still, our bodies not responding to one another, not interacting with one another, and the waiting across seconds and minutes for him to ejaculate. It was like waiting for a bus or a train on the platform. Waiting.

When I woke up from the experience, first I was back in my bedroom again before I woke up and my body was against the edge of the bed kind of like it had been on the wooden deck earlier, and no Reptile was here. The instant I woke up I was on my back in bed again and no Reptile. But he would talk to me telepathically from his other world.

I think this Reptilian was Arek. Remember Arek, who once showed up and had displaced ownership of the eggs from Hamish in some kind of defeat, and Arek brought in the Crocodile Man to have sex with me? I think it was Arek, because yesterday I wrote about Arek for the Agenda book, and when I think or write about an alien they sense me telepathically and might pay a visit.

Arek, if this was he, stood outside of our home and told me he would not be coming back because it was cold. I asked him to come inside where it was warmer, and told him that at least in spring and summer it will be warmer, so he could stay. I was not one to tell a Reptilian to stay away from me. I am kind and inviting to them, well because they are going to do what they do with me regardless, and the only difference is - besides that kindness is more polite - that I might get to stay awake for things that happen, like this time.

He said that I would have children with him. Finally, I felt like a mother. Knowing that human military are asked to have human children with me, or the many hybrid alien babies and children I have that seem to look mostly like Zetas, never instills any maternal feelings in me. I consider those children the result of rape, of violence, of offense, and I'd rather not even know that they existed. I don't want to know or find out that I was stolen as a mother and a woman. But this time, the thought of having Reptilian babies together with Arek (if it was Arek) made me feel warm and cozy all over. I wanted to have his scaly Reptilian babies with a tail inside my womb. I wanted to carry them and nurture them. I wanted to have them and hold them, and all the things I was meant to some day discover together with a human man who had fathered a child with me, I was having those discoveries together with Arek. Namely the discovery that sex isn't what sex is about, but it's about having children. I had never felt that way before, it was like a door had been opened and I learned that there was more to this than I had known. Something bigger, something better. Children, a family.

Arek told me not to eat any sugar today or from now on. I told him I would not, and let's see if I can keep that promise. If I start to forget the reality that I might have babies growing inside me, if ordinary life takes over and I forget, then I might eat sugar again. As long as I can remember the feeling and reality that Arek said I have his babies growing inside me, I could then stay away from sugar. The sugar harms the children in me somehow.

I would want to hold them, to love them, to be their mother, and I would love to know that I put those Reptilian babies into the world. I want Reptilians in this world.

Captain Marsden and two other military men were around in the telepathic conference call also. They said that they had had to cut open a living chicken to show the Reptilians its beating heart to steer them away from wanting to rip into my beating heart, that they had saved my life last night. I gave the men my condolences for what they had had to do, which was obviously not pleasant, and I thanked them for having saved my life. I told them, that I know how Reptilians tend to glance toward my heart wanting nothing more than to see and feel the beating heart in me.

One of these other two military had a black or dark beret as part of his uniform. He, or the third of the men, was a "US Marine" as the man himself said. The one with the beret was trained for severe things and cutting open a chicken and dealing with the Reptilians was something he was definitely trained for, still it is quite an ordeal for them. These military men go through a lot of extremely dangerous situations and threats with the Reptiles. Reptilians can choose to kill a human at the drop of a hat and then there is nothing anyone can do to save them. Some loosely held agreements seem to keep the Reptilians in check, but even those are delicate and not fully reliable.

Captain Marsden told me that the reason he had quit earlier was because he did not like to see me being hurt. That meant a lot to me, and I told him that he should have stayed, that he was one of the nicest to me. I hope that he has returned to stay on my team, he was always really nice to me.

Captain Marsden asked me, would I not want to hold and meet my hybrid children? I said no, and I think I told him why I didn't want to, because those children are the result of rape and violence against me. I was shown a mental image of a room filled with toys with a hybrid child in the room, Captain Marsden told me I could go there and take down the large teddy bears that are on the top shelf and give those to the children, the children like those he said. I already knew that the children love big teddy bears, and there is a soft spot in my heart that just makes me want to pull those children into my arms and love them and cuddle them and play with them and give them toys when I hear things like that, but I cannot. I have to stay rigid and firm. Because I am going to end up hurt if I take those children towards me. So I wanted to be more excited about Reptilian kids, because, Reptilian kids could never end up hurting me.

A hybrid child showed me a box of plastic dinosaur toys and he told me that the Reptilians do not let the children play with these. I explained to the child that these are not toys and that he should give them to the Reptilians. The child seemed sad about toys being forbidden, and he also seemed fearful to be told about Reptilians even though I was careful about how I said it

Don't write about me please. The doctors, don't want that, either. - Captain Marsden sitting in his home

Most of the plastic toy dinosaurs were black or black with brown of course, but there was one saurian among them that was a pleasant mellow bright orange and white. The child told me that especially this dinosaur toy was forbidden, and I knew instantly this to be true, I fully understood and would have also myself expected the Reptilians to regard such a beautifully and specially colored Reptilian to be special, and to have special importance.

I made a mental image in which I placed the dinosaur toys, especially the brightly orange saurian, at the feet of the red Reptilian and I told the Reptilian how these were not toys. I did all this to acknowledge how the Reptilians feel about it. They would feel disrespected if someone played with miniature Reptilians. I like to think that it maintains peace if I acknowledge how the Reptilians are feeling. And I told the hybrid child, that we must not hurt the Reptilians' feelings by playing with these toys, I told him, that the Reptilians would feel sad and cry

What is this?!! - red Reptile about snow
It is called snow, Sir. - me
What do you do with it? Do your, children play with it? Are these also treated as toys? Well! Are they? - red Rep
Yes Sir, I'm afraid so. - me
Bah, your species is going under. We are going to rule here, and be the dominant ones. - red Rep
Because we play with snow? - me
And all the other fun, wondrous things that you do. Like playing with lizards. That you said, were not toys. We confiscated them. - red Rep about the toys

Of course a Reptilian would not feel sad or cry, but I said it that way to help the child to understand. And, why should a child play with toys that would upset the Reptilians. They might as well choose something else to play with. Reptilians are not toys.


Some more I remember still on the same day. While the red Reptile was having the sex with me, at one point he asks me something like am I not enjoying it and he says that he could use a spatula to spank/beat me with if it helps to get me in the mood and he thought of an item that looks like a ping pong table bat. Yeah, I'm not into pain during sex, not that I know of anyway.

Early on with the white Reptile that has dark blue patterns they said that this one's name is Harry. For a moment there I wondered if they might morph it into Prince Harry, then they said kind of like that "oh well we don't have to because you can handle seeing the reptilians now", something like that. So again, I still think that when Reptilians pose as royalty or other human figures it's because they think that humans are afraid to see Reptiles. That's why I think they do it. I don't support the shapeshifting bloodline theory that royalty would be real Reptiles, I lean more on what I just said.

Arek also said after I returned back from the encounter that it had been easy for him to have sex with me because I was asleep with no underpants on. He made it seem as if had I worn underwear then he might not have done this. Could it be that easy? Or rather, is it really that hard to take someone's underpants off? I will go to sleep naked again tonight to see if it happens again. Not for the sex, but for that David Attenborough moment.

Another thing I wanted to say, is that seeing the Reptilians this close was a disappointment and took away some of the allure and fascination I've had with them. Every time I actually meet them up close, and that includes Hamish, I see that they really are not much to cheer for. It's only while they remain a mystery, when they stay mostly hidden in the backgrounds, when I wonder about what they might be like, that's when I'm still optimistic and think they're great. But seeing them in real life, they're kind of a let-down and not as exciting as one might think. Just an observation.

Also, when I let my hand run down his penis I confirmed that there was absolutely no scrotum on this Reptile man. But we knew that already.

When I returned Arek said that he had chosen not to do the "feeling the power" with me or did he call it "lust" yet, and that he might do this with me some time later. That would be great. "Feeling the power" with a Reptilian is the most sexually explosive magnificent experience I know of. It's when a Reptilian clutches onto me and wrestles me around while there are these amazing sexual erotic feelings that we both share. It usually only lasts a few precious seconds, and does not involve any sexual contact or genitals or anything like that. "Feeling the power" is something else, and I of course hope to do that with Arek.

When I was back in my room and Arek and me were talking, assuming this Reptile was Arek which I think it is, he called me "chimpanzee" a few times. And he commented on how I had a "hairy hat", meaning the hair on my haid which he thinks is odd. He said I was "hairy" or "furry" all over my body. I apologized and told him I could shave and even cut or shave my hair off if it helps. I'm not that hairy, I shave legs now and then and under arms and pube, but I guess there will always be fine hairs all over even across the belly and for a scaly Reptilian I am like a fuzzy furball.

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