Skink Babies
December 15, 2015

One of the most important entries I ever made. I make a visit to a Reptilian research facility where I meet disfigured alien-human genetic hybrids.

Skink wants my Eggs

Last night when I went to bed, a tall dark Reptilian came over to talk to me. I had been seeing mental images of Reptilians in these past few days and yesterday. He wore no clothes, he was tall and stood upright like a human would, his body was a gray-black-blue color. He was vicious, rude, dominating, but he had an important story to tell me, and he had come to ask for my permission to use my eggs to save his race.

He said he is a Skink, which here on Earth is a type of small lizard. At one point I saw a clear mental image of him as he was walking somewhere, and I must have giggled and laughed because it was so adorable!

See the drawing a quick sketch of the Reptile foot and leg. We humans have a leg which has the thigh and the lower leg and then an ankle and the foot. The Reptilian however, he has two extra angles at the ankle, and the Reptiles themselves always tell me that they have no bones. When he walks it is perfectly elastic and softened by the flexible ankle area, like a perfect spring that makes the walking look ever so comfortable and effortless. So I had to talk to the Skink about his magnificent soft walking and I told him how my human legs are so rigid and stiff and uncomfortable. Reptilians enjoy living in comfortable bodies, they are a beautiful species!

When I was smiling he told me not to. He was acting vicious and mean, but that is typical of Reptilians and I would worry if they somehow were to forget to act rude and dominating. I can handle them though it doesn't get under my skin ie. it doesn't irritate me. I threw a lot of coo and aww at the Skink, telling him exactly how cute he is, and that made him close his eyelids almost fully and he was affected by my words of affection. There is nothing as cute as saying cute things to a Reptilian and then it makes them all soft and smile with their eyes. And then he even told me that he had known that I was not a dog. So that was his way of saying thanks to my kindness. He was so cute. He did however not wrestle me around

That is because I was watching him. And wrestling, was not allowed! Or I will bite him, I said to him. I would have bitten! I was with MINE, I said! Eggs! So I was with mine, I said to him. Yes-No, to be bitten, he said. - Hamish talking to me about the visit of the Skink

The Skink showed me a mental image depicting a bunch of these Reptilians standing in a lush green nature area, and he told me that this was in another world, and he probably of course meant that this was on another planet. He told me the story of how his people had been captured by another race, but he would not tell me who that other race was. I guessed that it might have been the Alpha Thetons (a.k.a. Dark Lords) who took them, but he would not say. The Skink gave me a sad story about how they, these Skink Reptiles, have fertility problems and are at risk of being extinct.

The Skink showed me a mental image of one of his people being born out of what looked like an artificial womb sac. The Reptilian was born rather large already, by no means the size of a baby, perhaps the size of a 9-year old human child. And it was born already fully a miniature version of the adult Skink, with fully developed body and skin color the same as on the adult Skink. The womb it was born out of was dark red and had some ridges or patterns on it, it truly looked like biological tissue, but was just a red organic tissue sac and not part of any other larger structure nor part of a woman's body or such. The womb sac with the baby Skink inside was on the floor in an alien facility somewhere, and the child Reptilian clawed its own way out of there and delivered itself onto the floor. There was no adult there to receive it or to take it into its arms.

The Skink told me that once they are born, they have to be captured quickly or they run away. I said aww don't they have to be fed right away and taught things, I asked can they already hear and see and think like adults? The Skink told me that these newly born claw their own way out of the womb. My Skink who was visiting had also been born this way.

But - they want to have eggs and the ability to be born out of bodies. I don't fully understand why they would want their species to go through a pregnancy and childbirth instead of continuing with these artificial wombs. They need my eggs to make Reptilian-human hybrids, with the hope of selecting out just the right genes and not the others, so that they can end up with Reptilians who have wombs and that can be pregnant and deliver perfect and fertile Reptilians.

We don't want condoms. Tell them that. - Hamish wants me to write here, just after I wrote the title of this section as "Skink wants my Eggs", "them" is you guys reading this, not that he maybe knows who I am writing/saying this to

Alpha Centaurians

I was a bit worried about what my Hamish would say, I know that my eggs already belong to Hamish so to speak. I got to see a mental image of little aliens who were coming into a medical examination room. I think I saw these guys before the Skink came for a talk. There were three to five of them I think, and they were these guys or a people similar Yellow Alpha Centaurians.

My backpack. - Hamish about his back all randomly, in my native language (NL)
Yes, Hamish. - me to Hamish, in other language

I asked the little yellow guys where they are from and he said "Alpha Centaurian" or something very similar to that name at least. They are tiny and yellow with pointy ears. They work there for the Agenda. They may have been captured also.

I got to see awesome mental image of Reptilians last night before I fell asleep. I was being hopeful to get to meet them up close.

When I fell asleep I dreamt about Hamish. I didn't see Hamish but it was that he was near, and when I woke up from that Hamish asked me if I remembered seeing him.

But - here's the reason why you had to read this page. While I was still asleep last night, I had a vivid dream which I'm sure wasn't a dream at all but an alien encounter experience. It was in a dark and funky medical facility, the hallways between rooms were winding and turning and short and narrow. It felt moist and humid. There were no windows anywhere. The walls were not clean white but rather a darker gray or greenish color. It did not have the feeling of clean sterile bright like hospitals that humans have.

I was shown disfigured children and young adults. Especially one I hope I never forget. A tiny baby which was in parts rather still a foetus. The baby was disfigured and very weak. Parts of its body especially its skull were not fully developed and looked utterly frail and weak, as if it had not fully grown the bones or the skull. I could see just by looking at this white and frail baby's body that it was immensely fragile, that even the slightest touch might rupture its skin and cause damage to its insides. Some parts of its body were transparent.

But its eyes. I looked into its eyes and it looked into mine, and those were all-black Reptilian Skink eyes on that baby, and its eyes showed me that it was a most conscious and sentient and wise person already. Yet not fiesty or aggressive like the Reptilian person, but with much of the empathy and kindness that humans have, yet with an immense depth, awareness, and charisma even I should say, that the Reptilian has. Later the Skink would tell me that the eyes were the first thing that these Reptilians wanted the new hybrids to have from the Reptilians, "so that they would look like us when we look into their eyes", the Skink would tell me when I would soon after wake up back in my bed and room.

I wasn't there I said, me I was Hamish. - Hamish with his flat red duck feet
I love you Turtle Sock. - me
Me, I wasn't there with the Skink. I wanted him to leave you alone! - Hamish
I wanted to stay with you, Hamish. - me

There was a thin plastic tubing going into the baby's nostrils or mouth, but I'm sure it was the nostrils. The tube was seethrough transparent and I could see the gunk that this baby was being fed into its stomach with the tubing through the nostrils. It looked precisely like vomit going in through the tube. Orange flakes of partly digested food, even the color was like the color of human vomit. They told me that this baby was unable to eat and swallow food. This is how it had to be nourished. And you know what? I'm pretty sure that this that the baby was being fed was vomit. Because the aliens are always suctioning out my stomach contents so that they can feed it back with a tube into my hybrid children's bodies, think mother bird feeding baby bird and so it won't be so disgusting or disturbing.

I saw some other disfigured "freaks" there too. I only say "freaks" because it was more than just the disfigured disabled humans we sometimes see. One child I saw I remember shouting out that it looked like "progeria", it looked just like progeria but something more too and with large eyes. Progeria if you don't know please do an internet search to read about it and see pictures then you know almost exactly what I saw in that one child or person.

There was a creepy worker moving a hospital bed through the hallway and into another room and he seemed to be following me and I was moving away to other rooms to get away from him. I now know that he was one of the Illuminati Hybrid men, those big guys who look like big babies, also called in the Agenda as "Sharkboys". In fact before I fell asleep last night the aliens said that one of the "Sharkboys" was coming into the room there, and sure enough he had.

When I woke up from the encounter, I was talking to the aliens, and the Illuminati man was talking to me. The Illuminati man asked me if I wanted to see his genitals, I told him I have seen theirs before and that they are nice because of the white skin and no hair. To be honest something about seeing these men naked triggers my maternal instincts and makes me just think "aww", because although they have adult size fully developed male genitalia, they do not have genital hair and also their skin is soft like a baby's skin so something in my brain just goes "cute, aww". I don't need to see their genitals, I hate that they are being forced into having sex with women like me.

Many IM's (these white adult hybrid men) are intellectually also like 2-year old babies. He said he has to have sex with me. I said that I would prefer that the aliens do it in a laboratory instead to mix sperm and egg and I said that sex isn't necessary and that sex could cause me psychological problems in how my brain processes things. I don't remember having sex with this man. The IM's you should know, are fully fertile adult hybrid men.

One of the babies told me telepathically that it is "tired of just looking at that door" all the time and that it wanted to get out. I think this was the little baby with black Reptilian eyes and a very frail body that was being fed vomit through the tube. I told this baby that I would love to bring it here and take it to the nature and to places and play with it. I really felt for this child, I truly and deeply wanted to be there to care for this baby, to feed it and to wash it and dress it and play with it and take it to places.

The Skink has asked me if I would give my eggs to them. I still haven't given an answer. I know that if it isn't with my eggs then it is with somebody else's. I asked them if I could please come there every night to work with the children and look after them. I just want to hold them, they are so fragile. They also need to be played with.

The Skink told me that the weakest hybrids are killed. The Skink Reptiles will attack every single hybrid that contains their DNA, and any that aren't physically strong enough to survive the attack is going to die from the attack. Because the Reptilians do not want weaklings. Reptilians do the same among their own pure species, their young ones have to fight from an early age. This is of course in part why the Reptilian has evolved into such a dominating, brute, and physically strong species, even through Darwinian evolution and "survival of the fittest" in these circumstances that they themselves have created, where they have chosen that "fit" means to be strong and tough.

Skink told me that this little one the one that I loved so much that was fed with the tube it would not live for long, because it is weak. Of course I begged for them to let it live. I loved that baby so much. And yes, indeed there is telepathic communication with hybrid babies! They are like fully developed adults in their minds, and fully capable of telepathic communication! Yet their bodies are little and frail.

I mean, those there are just words, but I really got to see an alien research facility, where I met the white adult Illuminati hybrid man whom the aliens want him to have sex with me to get me pregnant. I got to see all sorts of tiny little hybrids, they were white and frail and malformed "genetic freaks", one looked a lot like someone with progeria. I only say "genetic freaks" because we do not have such malformed humans living among us, because we humans would not be able to keep them alive, they would not survive with us. They are disfigured in ways that are not seen among disfigured humans. Also we can suspect that their disfigurnments are forms that do not occur among human disfigurnments naturally. These hybrids are part of genetic testing, they are "genetic freaks" that result not from the random accidents in genetic mutation as can happen even among humans in normal reproduction, but these are the results of genetic testing. But I love them so much. These "freaks" are such awesome people, so bright and cheerful, and all they want to do is play!

Either when I woke up in the morning or still in the night before I fell asleep, a huge black Reptilian stood on my floor, and it made a point to show me that it had precisely three fingers on each of its hands (a hint to the triangle pyramid which is their symbol I am sure), and it showed me the place in outer space where it is from I assume, but it was The Eye the swirl in space. It said to me in effect that it is god or the master race or something like that. I should have taken notes of these conversations.

I asked the Arcturians what they think I should do. Pleiadians also joined in to give me advice. The Arcturians suggest that I do not help the Reptiles with eggs, Pleiadians were of the same opinion.

Hamish came for a visit here the other night accompanied together with a yellow Dragon Turtle. And a few nights when I had rolled up his ruggy rug and put it under my bed, he will tell me in the evening when I go to bed, he hints at him wanting the rug by showing me a mental picture of it. Then I always put it back on the floor for him. And when I have things on top of his rug here on the floor, he talks about it until I move those things away, so I know to always keep his rug clear of things. And I had a bowl of food that I wasn't going to finish eating, it lay right next to the rug on the floor but not on the rug and Hamish was talking about his "cheese pieces", though those were instead cubed diced root vegetable in olive oil and salt that was in that bowl, I told him "Hamish those are not cheese, they are my old snacks". I also had a bowl of two oranges on the floor near his rug, he talks about them too.

I am menstruating since a few days and Hamish is of course curious. But if he has rummaged through the trash for them, I do not know since this time I have put all the used ones in the kitchen trashbag so who knows what Dragon does there when I am asleep. It is always fun when I put them in my bedroom trashcan because then I can see how he thinks I have fallen asleep in the evening and when he thinks I am not watching then he goes and rummages around for those bloody tampons. He loves them so.

And it was this morning I think when I talked to an Alpha Remulan scorpion, I love them so. It told me right away, the first thing that it said to me, was that "it does not have any hands", so it "cannot open the doors". Then it stops talking and listens for what I will say, and so I tell it that I would be happy to be there to open doors for it. It then continues, to let me know the real reason it is saying this: it wants me to open the doors for it to get to the food pantry. It wants to eat! It just wants me to let it inside the food pantry! They are always talking about wanting to eat! And so I told the aliens that they have to let the Alpha Remulan eat food, although I am sure that they are already feeding them sufficiently. Just that the Alpha Remulan species is always feeling the sensation of wanting to eat. The Remulan suggested that I hold a flashlight at its back so that I can watch the top of its back and follow it along toward the pantry door as we would walk in the total darkness where these aliens live.

They are cockroaches. - Dark Lord says in other language now
They are Alpha Remulans. I love them a lot. - me
They were not taken to be loved. - Dark Lord
I love them still. I love them a lot. - me
We want bread to eat! - Alpha Remulan in my native language, and then Hamish says something like "My eggs" in my native language

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