Lemuria And Sex-Ed
October 27 2014


Last night I was visited by a beautiful blonde man. He was not physically present in my room with me but I could see him in a remote view link and we spoke telepathically. In my teens I was visited in real life in the physical by an exotic blonde man who looked exactly like this man last night, who showed up when I was at the pharmacy, later at my martial arts class he sat in the audience and watched me for a lesson, and the third time at the train station when he came in to sit near me on the train and we spoke telepathically, he told me, "We are watching you", and I told him, "When can I see you again?", he said, "Why do you think we would need to?"

He could pass for a human, but there is something exotic about him. I always wondered if he was German. The man last night looked exactly like the same man, only, he had not aged if it was him. I asked him last night if he was a Nordic. Turns out he is a Pleiadian. Is it the same man who visited me several times in real life? Do Pleiadians visit Earth and humans in the flesh? Wow?

He looks like a handsome German man in his 30's. He has a somewhat short haircut. His hair is blonde. His eyes are not brown so perhaps blue. Wow, he said he is a Pleiadian last night. I told him he is beautiful and handsome, but I emphasized that I was not flirting, just to make sure that he knew, since I have had so many unwilling sexual advances from the Zeta team in their sex projects, I wanted to make sure he knew I wasn't up for anything like that. I was only commenting on his appearance. I told him, that wow he looks so human, and I asked him, "Are humans descendants of Pleiadians?" I told him he could easily pass for a human and walk among humans unrecognized. Wow.

He and some other Pleiadians whom I did not see, they spoke to me. They were welcoming me to have them in my life so that they and I could work together. They told me that the Agenda, not sure if they called it that, maybe they said Reptilians, but I knew whom they are talking about, that these are trying to stop me. Here on Earth I am a Crystal Starseed, and the Agenda is trying to stop me from my full potential and from my light mission here on Earth. The Pleiadians referred to Hamish, saying that Hamish "has a small brain". I told the Pleiadians that, however, I love Hamish and I defend him, so please do not hurt him.

I was happy to meet with the Pleiadians and I am grateful if they and I will collaborate on a common goal for the benefit of light here on Earth.

Then they spoke about Lemuria. Everyone who is remotely into New Age spirituality has heard about Lemuria. Lemuria was supposedly an island off the north coast of Australia, what millions of years ago which inhabited a very spiritual and beautiful human race. Both the island of Lemuria and its people were lost. Atlantis and Mu were two other islands with spiritual human populations, that were also lost. Everybody knows this, but I don't follow New Age fads, so I never thought much of these. I am absolutely not the kind of person who believes in stories just because they are popular, so I wouldn't have thought much about the legends of Lemuria had not the extraterrestrials told me themselves. So now we know that Lemuria did exist.

It was Pleiadians or some other related alien people who told me about Lemuria. They showed me a map of Australia and where Lemuria had been a large island off the north-east of Australia. Lemuria had been almost the same size as Australia is today. I sensed the most beautiful peaceful, harmonic and spiritual energy from Lemuria, which now today also exists across Australia. The world and humanity today is so chaotic and ugly in the energy. Lemuria had been a paradise.

Do you like astral travel? We could meet you there. - someone speaks
I have done astral travel, and I enjoy it. If you can help me to stay awake during it, and to remember, I would be happy to travel some place with you. - me

The speaker, who seemed to be a woman, but whom I did not see, she told me that the Native Americans of North America were the people of Lemuria and are its descendants, and that the Native Americans thus also have a connection to the Pleiadians. The Pleiadians have always been in connection with the Native Americans, they said. I told them how I feel the Native Americans and how special these people are, how absolutely ... how to say it, divine, spiritual, how better they are than the rest of humanity, how beautiful and conscious they are, I told them based on what I had felt.

Sex-Ed Class

I enjoyed writing about Lemuria and Pleiadians

We can meet you again, here. - Pleiadian man says and smiles, he shows me the city and train station where I met that exotic blonde man years ago
I would love to! - me
We would bring you some things, we have a voice recorder. We like to record our voices together, so that we can show our elders them. We like human contact! And don't worry, we don't need to use restrooms. - Pleiadian???, is this?
We could just sit here, and talk. - Pleiadian, about sitting on a park bench here on Earth in my city!!!
Really? - me
You are very conscious about us, you see. - Pleiadian man
Well, yes? And, what does this all mean? - me
We are on a battleplan. We wanted to know the most. - Pleiadian?

... but here comes an uncomfortable topic. Well, first, did you know that the aliens can abduct a human and manipulate their mind experience? So that they can make you think or dream that you are in a certain place, seeing certain people or beings or things? Last night the Zetas inserted into my dreams that there was a Santa sleigh flying across the sky. In the dream I went out at night to see it and it was like seeing a UFO, only it was a Santa sleigh. Now you know I wouldn't dream about Santas. But you also know how my Alien team like the Santa theme, because they know it can be used to cheer people up, or so they think.

So I watched the Santa sleigh flying up above me. They even rained down lollipops and candy from the sleigh. Oh I was so happy, yes they managed to make me happy. Because when I woke up and told them about this dream I had, they confirmed that I had experienced it because of something they had done. But it was great fun, I enjoyed it, they made it really fun! And during those dreams when I had stepped out on the grass, someone had warned me that there were snakes in the grass, and sure enough, when I looked down there were tons of dangerous poisonous snakes everywhere on the grass, and I made sure not to step on any. This of course, was their reference for me to watch out for the Reptilians, so that was in there too.

When I woke up from the night's adventures (and probably abductions, that I don't get to remember), the Zetas were asking if I would give a blowjob, or oral sex, to John. John is one of the men in black suits from the MILABS team, MILABS meaning military abductions, which is like alien abductions only you would see high rank military officers, maybe doctors and medical staff sometimes, and some men in black suits. John has been on my team for a long time, maybe as long as ten years or more. He has black hair. He is usually very reserved and doesn't talk to me much at all.

The Zetas take human sperm and egg and mix it with Zeta genetics and make hybrids that are part human part Zeta. The goal is for these hybrids to have reproductive organs, since the Zetas do not have them, and to be fertile, as well as to learn sexual behavior. I was shown some adolescent or young adult hybrids who have small versions of human genitalia. They don't have pubic hair. Their skin is thick like on a dolphin, compared to the very thin skin on a human. They are white and I know them to be very soft to the touch. Their heads are large and bulbuous, some hybrids have head-hair, these ones did not and were bald. Their eyes have whites and blue or green irises, but the eyes are much larger than on humans. Their mouths are a narrow slit like on Zetas

Some of us have teeth! Look! - a Zeta hybrid hollers happily
I know, I've seen them! - me, true, some toddler hybrids with blonde tufts of hair have some teeth in random places along their gums

... and they have no lips and they cannot open their mouth well. They look like some kind of a rubber doll. They don't look like any animals from Earth. They're quite something. Zeta hybrids can be exceedingly arrogant, namely the Zetas teach them that humans are primitive inferior dogs.

Even though the hybrids have very small genitalia, they are asked to try out sexuality and sex just to see what they can do, before Zetas go back and tweak the genetic combinations for future batches of hybrids. This particular adolescent Zeta hybrid male had a small penis, but seemingly no visible scrotum at all. Zeta hybrids watch porn videos there. But above all they get to learn by being sexually active with human abductees.

The military and men in black who work with supervising alien activity on Earth, they are asked if they would be so kind to help the Zetas with this sex-ed project. Many of these men agree, but we cannot speculate on the reasons for why they agree. Many of the high rank military men who are involved in this alien contact on Earth, they have their own hybrid kids with abductees. I have hybrid kids with General Davies, also with NASA team Jack, and others I'm sure but can't remember. I have kids with Russian korpral Olav Vetti. Some kids are human or mostly human. Others are more hybrid. I also have kids with the chubby Illuminati hybrid men, these men are sometimes called "Shark boys", I call them my "brothers" because they are just so sweet I have to adopt them.

The Zetas also asked if I would do oral sex for Jeff. Jeff, remember Tijuana Jeff? It is in one of the long telepathy pages, find it in the section of the website with Telepathy, the one who likes to buy firearms from Mexico and was in that underground alien base that day? Now, these men were not in my presence, but the question was asked. Turns out that John was meant to have sex with a young adult female hybrid but he couldn't, well, get started, probably because this creature doesn't have any female features, they also said that this hybrid woman could not do oral sex for John because, well, she just has a Zeta mouth. Troubling stuff, and I'm sorry for writing this. So they wanted me to help get John started and to show the young adult hybrids how oral sex is done.

I said I would consider it. I didn't do anything. I mean, they don't ever let me remember consciously when I am taken there and molested and raped by beings and by people. They always want to have hybrid children in the room watching sexual activities, I say no to that, I tell the Zetas I am not a pedophile. God this is upsetting stuff, they do it so wrongly, everything.

Anyhow, that's about it. We were only talking. And I told them why I'm upset about things. I told them that women can't just have sex just like that, because here on Earth if we do then a woman can risk getting pregnant and if it's by a man that doesn't stay or that they don't love each other then it's really difficult to raise a child and with a ruined economy for both the mother and child. And I told them that people who are promiscuous get sexually transmitted diseases. And, again, I told them that children who are exposed to sex their mental health is ruined, it ruins their development into individuals, and they end up being pedophiles often in their adult life, and they can turn to alcohol and drugs or even commit suicide. The Zetas are ignorant like a brick. Zetas and hybrids don't understand sexuality. I told the young adult hybrid woman that if they don't already have instincts about things like oral sex and how to do it then it's not something they can learn. It's instinctive. They don't have sexual organs, they don't have sexual behavior.

The Zetas showed me John's house. They ask John a lot about sex. I won't say any more details about what I learned about his sex life and what the Zetas like to see or watch him do and so forth. John is a real person and I respect his privacy.

I also learned that the Zetas really were trying to turn my mind into an animal. They specifically want to use mind control and MKULTRA techniques to make abductees think that they are an animal. They especially like to make an abductee think that it is a cat, or a lion or other feline, because these animals are "petted", so it would help when the hybrid kids get to pat or touch an abductee, which is not just done in a sexual way, the hybrids touch human abductees a lot just to feel them out. Zetas touch abductees a lot too, they are a surprisingly touchy-feely being. They said today, that regretfully they should have turned me into a "lemur", because "lemurs like having a tail", and then they thought that if I thought that I was a lemur then I wouldn't mind touching an erect penis, as if that were like a lemur's tail. Yep, Zetas. They think like that. I don't. Bye.

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