Quality Time With The Aliens
October 19 2014

Just a little anecdote from daily life with Aliens. Nothing much. Just Aliens.

So last night the Aliens decided to spend some quality time with me. I've known that I'm an alien abductee since I was 14 abouts. It was quite obvious with the UFOs in the sky, the white misty electrical fog on the floor when they come, invisible Zetas pushing my body around and talking telepathically, and waking up with that strange scoop mark with two centimeter-long incision marks at the side of my heel, among other alienesque things. The Zetas used to make their visits known at nights by ordering me to bed and putting me on my back, arms up above my head and spreading my legs wide. And then that cool swaying sensation that was rocking my soul to tender sleep, then SWOOP! My soul would be sucked into some other place, and then they don't let me remember. Usually. With a few rare exceptions. Usually I had to nag (and nag) for them to give me any bit of conscious encounter. Putting abductees

Look, we don't have good mileage here. So we can't pay visits. - one of the Aliens now about their UFO gas mileage
I can pay for the, fuel. But if you're abducting me anyways as it is, then why can't I stay awake? That's the problem. I want to stay awake for it. And get to remember. - me
Don't you think you are threatened by us? - asks either a Zeta or a Reptilian
No. Not at all. My scientific curiosity of your work and your very existence as alien beings, not to mention the fact that we've over the years built some kind of friendship, that is very strong and compelling in me at times, it makes me really want to meet with you "people". - me
The Zeta Remulans don't want you to be here. And that means I. I am one of them. - Zeta
We don't want you to look at our noses. The reason being that we have none. - a Thuban
But I've seen you already. Don't you know that every time we talk, I can see a mental picture of your appearance? And once I saw you during when I was awake. And I didn't think you were ugly, without a nose. - me
But we pick you up. And do things to you. And we take your shit! - Thuban, "shit" in my native language (NL)
I know you do those things. And I don't, mind. - me
Hey, this is Derek! - Derek with the military government people from the USA
Hello Derek! - me, Derek has red hair and glasses, he is wearing a black suit with a white shirt
I want to meet them. They are my friends. - me
Have you seen those? We made them from you. - Dinosaur or Zeta shows me an adult or juvenile male hybrid alien creature floating horizontally within a tub of blue fluid in a black underground base with water pipe tubing going all over the place across the floors
I have seen that before yes. Why is he in water? Why can't he live outside of water. - me
It is amniotic fluid. We thought it might be best for them. - Thuban
I don't think that's a good idea. - me
What do you know of it?! - Thuban says, then it hisses sshhhsshh through its yellow baleen, almost like if it were spitting at me, out of contempt

So. Last night the Aliens spent some quality time with me. Just hanging out and meeting up. They remained in their other locale, while I stayed all this time in the comfort of my bed underneath the covers. But we were together, via a telepathic mind link connected by the Aliens. They can do that.

First it was the Black Reptilian. He is kind of small, you wouldn't call him big or butch. He has the humanoid basic shape, torso, arms and legs, head. Seemingly no tail on him. And he wears a dark black-purple rubber uniform jumpsuit. The head is small and tight, it always reminds me of a worm's head for some reason. Their heads are small, narrow and tight. He has no external ears

We don't have a scrotum! I thought we should say. We haven't wanted them, anymore. - Hamish decides to place this addendum

The eyes are similar to snake eyes, but not as "cold and animal" as that. I mean, you can really see that there is a sentient person in those eyes, but still with that cool serpent look in them that makes you feel you are talking to a creature who is different, not a mammal. They have tiny heads. The heads look shrunken, but they're made that way.

The Black Reptilian showed me their spacecraft in a mentally transferred picture. It is a dark metal saucer spaceship. And along the center girdle is text written in the same language as Pine Atek which I have drawn for the cover of the "Letters to SETI" books and is also (at least at the time of writing) written along the top header of this website, see examples of their text there. But the writings on the spacecraft are made with thinner lines. I admired and complimented the writing and was intrigued to learn how to read them, but he said I should not be bothered with that. I mean, this visit was clearly not a language or writing lesson.

I asked the Aliens to teach me some words in their language. Zeta told me the word for Reptilian, when I asked him, and then it hit me I already knew this one: Pitaschz. It means Reptilian. I can also call Hamish Pitaschz, it makes him happy when I say that.

The Black Reptilian showed me that they can land this UFO on top of ice in the nearby lake we have here. I asked them not to, because ice could be weak. He said they also park their spaceship under the water against the bottom in that lake. He referred to it as a type of base. Of course the aliens would be using a type of cloaking device. We humans would not see them. (But I have been shown alien spacecraft without the cloaking and made hundreds if not a couple thousand individual sightings in my teens.)

Hamish was in the other room in the spaceship. He was so handsome. But his eyes were black. Many abductees don't know that when Zetas have black eyes it's because they are wearing lens coverings to protect both their persona (kind of like why some people wear dark sunglasses here on earth, to masque their persona, to hide away and be less personable) as well as to protect their sensitive eyes which the aliens are cautious with. They are worried that someone might spit into their eyes, one reason being. Sometimes it has seemed as if Hamish too were wearing black protective eye covering. But anyway, he was such a handsome dragon. A red dragon from outer space. Hamish doesn't wear any clothes.

You say I was sporting it? Did you see it? Did you see my, meat? - Hamish, "meat" in NL, he means of course if I saw his back hump when I saw him, he knows I usually say that Hamish was "sporting" the back hump when he shows it off
I didn't see your back hump. It was behind your back. So I didn't see it that time. I have seen it at other times. I have seen it many times. - me
I was with it. I was proud then. I was with it. - Hamish says and his upper and lower eyelids close in a blushing smile
I was proud of it too. I was proud of Hamish. - me

Hamish displayed some dominance by turning my body over in bed so that I was facing the other way against the wall. Hamish does it gently, and he knows that I love it. Then came the Zeta. He decided to put me in my place too. The Zeta turned me swiftly and arrogantly down on my belly and tossed and turned me around. In the process he also did a maneuver that was too quick and nearly painful. The Zetas act angry and harmful when they do the maneuvering. Zetas can be horrible and cruel. When Reptilians toss and turn me around, they do so gently, because they know their power and prestige is not in hurting someone. The Zetas, I think, feel insecure amongst their captors and leaders the Reptilians, and might have a need to "fake it" being strong, or with feelings of having to prove themselves.

We live here among them. - a Zeta shows me deepsea fish creatures and a deepsea alien base

The Zeta had me on my belly in bed, not a natural position for me at all. He used my hand to demonstrate what he would do with his own hand on me. The Zetas always want to touch and caress me, as if petting a cat it's really weird they are highly touchy-feely. I wonder if Zetas are that way among other Zetas, if they like to touch one another. It might just be their way of wanting to connect to humans, to make contact. But it feels a bit invasive and excessive to me, in fact.

The Zeta used my hand to caress the back of my neck. He talked about the nerves I have in my spine, and that if my spine were severed then life would stop in my body. He was marvelling this fact of where the life and consciousness in me comes from. I was of course a bit worried if he might be displaying power and making a non-explicit threat by this. The way that he did this and how he expressed these thoughts of his, were done in a way that made me worry that he had the power to cut my life off and that the life in me would vanish like turning off a computer by the power button. He was acting very offensive with this whole "greeting" of his, of turning me over and doing this at my neck. He then said, that the life in him is concentrated at the very top of his head, while mine was coming from the spine and neck area, and then it seemed more that he was just making a comparison, and making a deeper greeting based on the fact that we both were sentient life. So it was so much more than just a "hello". It even had the very marvel of where life comes from. But expressed in a most hostile, and demeaning, way.

The Zeta used my hand to caress the back of my neck. It felt as if he was doing it too. And somehow he was able to commune with the power cables and electrical signals of my central nervous system of the spine, that I felt so soothed and comfortable and relaxed. I thanked him for making me feel so relaxed, and I knew that I was going to have the most peaceful restful sleep that night than I had had in years. (And it was true, I had many pleasant dreams and comfortable sleep. I thanked him again a while later.)

They had a little hybrid girl whose name is Chisandra who was visiting in my home in the other dimension. She is made of my egg, of course. But I am not ready to say if she is my daughter. She is about the age of 9 perhaps, or that she reminds me of a 9-year old human girl, she could be much younger they develop faster, you can even communicate with hybrid infants as if they were grown people. This girl was not shy at all, she is one of those hybrid children who are almost obnoxiously brave and courageous. That act like they own the world and like they are better people visiting a Medieval peasant village and like I were some filthy pig living in mud. The Zetas teach them that. That humans are worthless garbage and the hybrids are the best. But the hybrids are dumb as bricks. They are totally brainwashed and mind controlled. Their whole self-image and worldview is created just to make a suitable environment in their petri dish up there in the spacecraft. It holds no concern for what is best suitable for the mind and development of a little hybrid girl. They just want the hybrids to be manageable. And fertilizable.

Hybrids who are sexually active, the girls are called "Princesses" over there. They are dressed in literally like little human girls on earth have princess dresses. When I thought about finding me a man the Zeta told Chisandra that "look, she is going to be a princess". Just because I was thinking of, essentially, becoming sexually active. Invasive, angering, disgusting.

But there are moments when the little hybrid children are just kids. She sat down on our living room sofa, and she said that she likes comic books. She was curious about my comic book that I had in my bedroom and this was her cautious way of suggesting that she was curious about this particular one. I knew what she meant and I told her she could keep it and take it up with her. (Remember that one time when a stuffed animal disappeared from our home and physically ended up with the hybrid kids? This comic book didn't go there though, it still sits here.)

We talked some, but I didn't get to visit physically with the aliens. I thought I would, but I didn't. But maybe we are getting closer. Today I thanked Black Reptilian for this rather gracious moment of contact and communication that we had last night and I told him what a great gift it had been. He told me it hadn't been a gift for me, but that it had been done because they, too, want to interact with me.

I didn't get to meet any Dinosaurs in that room last night. They said that the Dinosaurs didn't like me or that they didn't want to see me. I didn't get to meet any Alpha Remulan Scorpions, like I had wanted to. (Because they poo everywhere, they can't be brought in, they are quite a nuisance there, but I love them.) I did get to see my Ham-mish a bit. My Ham-mish.

When I woke up in the middle of the night, Hamish was telling me his concerns about the orange glowing light from the lit button on the electrical plug outlet. You know one of those things you plug into the socket that has a whole tray to plug in several more electrical appliances? It has a button on it and you can disconnect the power for the whole system. It was lit last night and then it glows orange. Hamish was bothered by it, like I can imagine him being, and I got out of bed and switched it off with my toe. I told him I had taken it away. He was worried "because it looks the same color as fire", he confided in me later as I stood in my morning shower. "I took it away, Hamish. And do not be afraid here. I will protect you", I said to him. (What's more fun is when the Black Reptilian thinks that the big black electrical adapter box on the floor is a bomb and a trap.)

Black Reptile also said last night that they have conquered many planets. But that they cannot take over planet Earth. Because the Pleiadians are guarding and defending humanity. The reason being because humans are genetically part Pleiadian, and the Pleiadians take care of their own. So there I learned something new.

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