Meet Leather Photo Album
October 16 2014

If you have been following The Orion Project here, I am now going to deliver to you the Finest Hamish Moment of All Time. If you are studying SETI, or if perchance you have a fascination with Reptilian aliens from Alpha Draconis, this here happens to be the very best daily life anecdote from a domestic Reptilian ever recorded in existence. Namely Hamish is talking to the leather photo album.

Meet leather photo album. He is of brown real leather, and has the metal clamps inside for attaching leaflets with punched holes. You are probably already acquainted with bathroom ruggie, but Hamish never talked to ruggie snugs. Here's leather photo album:

Background to the story: I have a big red Dragon Turtle, named Hamish. He lives with me every day since three years back because he is guarding my eggs, the ovum, from being stolen by other alien teams. So Hamish lives here with me, though in another dimension by cloaking mechanism, which also hides his very atoms. The atoms in his body oscillate at a different frequency, that is how they do it, explained a Dinosaur once. So he can be here and walk about and I won't bump into him, but he can see what I do and keep an eye on me.

Today was bit of a cleaning day. I started with the bookcases in my room. As I looked at all the books and things in the bookshelf, I thought to myself, so many things we have, and I knew that my Reptilians have looked them all over. I remember how Reptilians are very curious about objects in a human home. They will spend a long time walking about and looking at things, marvelling and taking in all the impressions. I moved the Spiderman DVD to another shelf, and I remembered how Hamish fears it and has a problem with the character (he thinks it's real, and imposing since it's red, like he is), and I wondered would Hamish know that it has been moved?

After that I went on to the three desk drawers. I pulled the drawers out down on the floor one by one, and went through all the many odd bits and pieces in them. I was now aware that Hamish was carefully watching. I mean, he watches me anyway, but I guess he also gets bored maybe, so this gave him something new and interesting to follow. And I've known Hamish to be very curious about drawers of mixed miscellaneous stuff. He asked me, "Why do humans have so many things?" I told him, that humans are very creative and they like having many different kinds of things to do. That is why there is such a myriad of stuff. Things for arts and crafts, decorative items, hairpins, interesting pins for clothes, little stuffed teddybears, bits of papers, notes, and cards. All sorts of things. And Hamish was watching carefully.

I found two or three boxes of matches and Hamish got scared, and I reassured Dragon extensively, that I would protect him, that I would not strike the matches, and he would be safe. Look, I am taking them over to the other room, so they won't harm you, I said to Dragon. He fears fire, and is very nervous and agitated about there being matches, lighters, or tealight candles in any drawers. In fact one of our very first moments of getting acquainted three years ago in the far beginning, was him asking me what was in my dresser drawers, as he already knew there were some candles there. And he wanted me to get rid of them.

I won't punch them, I said. - Hamish says now, he means the needles that were in a pincushion little teddy in the drawer earlier, he also fears pins and needles I should say
It won't hurt you. I would protect you with my own hand. I protect you Hamish, I always do. - me
Me, and mine, were not there. - Hamish about the pincushion teddy in the drawer
We are not there. Not you and not I nor the eggs are there. We are safe here, No pins and needles. No. - me
I would eat them, in my mouth! My ovum. It was my regarded gardening here. I was with them. My needles, were shot out. - Hamish, he is feeling nervous about the pins and needles there, the reference to "eating" them is him trying to show dominance and conquering to the needles, to try to make himself feel in control of the situation

Then he got really nervous, while I was sorting through a stack of papers that I had pulled on my lap, and he said he was leaving now. It was his way of leaving a room when he is nervous, I can tell when he is feeling cowardly and anxious and wants to escape and squirms away. I wondered what it is, and soon found the answer. Hamish had seen, before I saw it, a fire engine red sheet of paper. It was even the same color as he is. I told him not to leave, that I was going to put the red paper away, and I sorted it to its designated pile for recycling and got some other white sheets of paper on top of it, so the danger and cause for worry and anxiety was gone. Dragon could stay, and he continued to watch me closely.

So. Then I went on to the next stack of stuff. I took out some dusty old binders and piles of papers and started checking and sorting. Hamish got really interested. Something really got his attention. At first I didn't understand, what his fixation was. Sometimes Hamish gets fixated with an object, really focused and activated. It was a brown leather photo album. The following are my notes of what ensued. These first few lines he said them (telepathically) in English, and they are not verbatim word by word since I didn't write them down until slightly after, but here is what Hamish said, once he spotted the leather binder:

Is it snake's skin? Does it have blood? - Hamish
I am going to mate with it. - Hamish
I will give it an orgasm. - Hamish

I am not kidding. The Orion Project is a true documentary. This is a Dragon speaking, from Alpha Draconis. He chattered a lot more about whether it was snake's skin. It seemed to bother him, and he was very disgusted at first, about the thought that this would seem to be reptilian skin. And his wondering about whether it had blood, he was of course looking at this object as a casualty, and wondering where all of the blood was, was it bleeding still from this injury of putting a reptile into the form of a binder. Hamish instantly recognized this item as being leather. And it deeply captivated his interest, fixation, and focus. And this fixation got him into starting talking.

If you've been following The Orion Project here, you know that certain things really stimulate and interest Hamish. It can be a video of an armadillo, because of the scales. And you really should buy my book "Letters to SETI 2", the second book in the series, because it has the authentic comments Hamish said when he saw a bunch of Dragon clipart pictures, and how he started to narrate the cartoon Dragons as if they were saying things to him. Sometimes Hamish gets really roused up and his mind gets very talkative, and this leather binder was one of such things. Hamish started talking without end, he was talking TO the album, he was NARRATING the album as if it were speaking to him, and he talked to me about the album.

I wasn't going to fight with it, I said. If it wasn't a lizard No! - Hamish about his flat duck feet, about not fighting the binder, he says now

After his initial reactions to the leather binder, about wondering - appalled - if it was snake's skin and checking it out to see whether it had blood, he then, as you could see from his comments I posted, he started to react sexually to it. Now, Hamish's sexuality is not the same as ours. I still don't understand Hamish's sexuality, because he expresses it so seldom. But like he said, he said he was going to mate with it. Hamish has a slender white penis which is small and normally kept on the inside of his body hidden. But now his white penis was out and he was talking about mating with the leather binder. He even said he was going to give it "an orgasm", and that not only surprised me greatly, that he would say such a thing, but of course I was chuckling profusely at what Dragon had said. I didn't even try to hide my laughing, out of worry I might somehow offend or trouble him, it was just that funny Hamish was going to have to grant me the right to laugh at it.

And now follows Hamish's verbatim conversations with, to, and about the leather photo album binder. He even narrates the album, as if it speaks. This shows an example of how Hamish's imagination got activated. He would take moments of really carefully listening into the binder, to listen to hear if it speaks or if it answers his questions. He would imagine what he would expect the binder to have said, were it a Reptile person, and then he would speak those narrated conversations as if the leather photo album spoke. So here you see him having conversations with the leather binder.

I almost wondered if Hamish might have been feeling lonely here in my home without a Reptile company. Perhaps he was venting feelings of loneliness, or of the need to communicate with another Dragon. Or, be it that just the visual signal of leather Reptile skin deeply and very strongly activated his mental and behavioral instincts regarding how to interact in an encounter with another Reptile. So we can almost safely assume that the behavior and reaction to communicate and to interact with another Reptile who is encountered, must be a very deeply rooted, perhaps even easily triggered, and strong characteristic in the make of a Reptilian from Alpha Draconis. For the mere visual signal of leathery "Reptile" skin (the binder is probably bovine, cow)

Excuse me but it wasn't. It was made like ours, like snake's skin. - Hamish objects on
It was made an example of my race, my species. I was going to take it! I was going to sleep with it, and make babies with it. So? My, safety pins? - Hamish again about the pins on the teddy pincushion, back to nervousness about seeing those pins earlier

...... So the mere visual signal of seeing the visual mark of what truly resembles Reptile skin, triggers in Hamish such a very keen, alert, and focused series of behaviors, where communication between him and the other Reptile (in this case a leather photo album cover) is central. Communication would take such an integral part of the behavior that is triggered, that he even begins to not just listen for responses and speech that could be coming from that leather binder, but he begins to imagine, expect, and then to such lengths as to narrate what the leather binder would be saying. And then he engages in two-way conversations with the leather binder, where his imagination, or expectation of what it would say, dictates what he makes it speak to him. We have seen him do this awesome fun narration behavior also in response to some animal videos, such as the armadillo, and especially with the Dragon clipart pictures that are now featured - with his conversations and narrations - in the book "Letters to SETI 2".

Without further ado, here are his spoken words, and thoughts, to, about, and with the leather binder, including narrated fiction that he imagined - or even experienced, perhaps - the leather binder saying. These are all translated from another European language, so minor translation errors can occur, but they are otherwise exact. Enjoy. One of the best ever documented cases of authentic exquisite Reptilian behavior:

Where was it bitten? - Hamish (he wonders where this "reptile" was bitten, injured, whereafter it had been contorted into the shape of a binder; it must have been bitten and injured somewhere on its body, and Hamish is inspecting and searching for some sites of injury on the binder)
Where? That is the question. - Hamish
"I was bitten", it said. "Look! I have a shield!" It did not fight. It is hard. - Hamish (Hamish now narrates that the binder would have said that it was bitten, injured, to be put into this form of a binder. Hamish then obviously wants to show his back shield, the back hump, to the binder. Hamish notes that the binder did not fight, and that it is hard and solid to the touch.)
My shield is for it. - Hamish, about his back shield, back hump, being "for" the binder
"You have injured yourself?" - Hamish asks the binder
"I am hard. And there are papers inside me." - Hamish narrates the binder, he imagines that the binder would say this to him (yes, there were papers inside the binder, not photos)
Are they together with the back? - Hamish, he is thinking that maybe the binder itself is a back, and "back" is a thought of the back hump, his dominant feature on the body
"I no longer fear you", it said. - Hamish thinks that the binder said to Hamish
Has it broken, your eggs? - Hamish wonders as he thinks about the metal clamps inside the binder where you clip and attach pages, he worries perhaps that these can break or harm things, then his thoughts seem to go to worry about the eggs, that might be harmed there; he ties together those two things into a composite thought
"It is my lady. And my eggs." - Hamish says to the binder about me
Has it fought? Do you want penises? - Hamish, ok this sounds like I would be insane, but he is thinking again about if he would use his own to fertilize the binder. It's actually perhaps not as odd as it seems. Seeing what appeared to be Reptile skin triggered in him a sexual response, and that actually should make sense, even if we didn't expect it of Hamish.
I had hard. - Hamish thinks that the binder says, about it being solid and hard, which a binder is
Does it have eggs? - asks Bird from Hamish. Bird is a small white feathered ET who sometimes accompanies Hamish and acts as Hamish's "secretary" or assistant, Bird asks Hamish if this "binder-Reptile" has eggs
No. No it does not. - Hamish answers Bird, that the binder does not have any eggs
"Do you have eggs", it said. - Hamish says, that the binder would have spoken
"No. You were mistaken." They were mine. - Hamish speaks to the binder

"Are they my eggs?" - Hamish thinks, as he feels challenged by the "Reptile-binder"
"This is a matter of me." - Hamish
Do you have hard? - Hamish asks the binder, meaning how it is solid and hard to touch (whereas Reptiles themselves are soft and squishy I should say, so Hamish is curious about this leather binder "Reptile" that is hard and solid instead of soft and plump like they should be)
And then I note that Hamish is feeling very disgusted by the binder, he has his mouth partially open and he is disgusted and slightly uncomfortable by the binder.
Did I have them? - Hamish says, while he inspects the binder
Do I have panties? I have little pieces of fabric. - Hamish narrates the binder, that the binder would have said that, while Hamish thinks of the image of white ladies panties with red rose motifs on them, for the record I've never worn such panties but he must have seen them on some other abductee, cause his mental image of them looked perfectly real, I've never seen them before in my life though (for the record, his thought of panties is purely a reference to his thoughts of eggs, as, for those of you who don't know, that is where the eggs are)
I have fabrics. - Hamish

"My drawers. There are eggs in me.", it said. - Hamish narrates ME this time, that I would have said this, concerning the three desk drawers he watched me clean earlier, and me having eggs in me, which I do have
It was a matter of me. - Hamish about himself

A minute later:
I wasn't staring at it obsessively. But I would like to get to know him. - Hamish says this one in English, I was fascinated that he would say "him" about the binder

"My Locusts are coming to get you." You do not have my bits of pieces. - Hamish speaks TO the binder (the Locusts are large insect-like aliens who work with the alien team, Hamish is telling the binder that the Locusts are going to come and fetch him to the alien quarters)
"I am not in charge here." You said? - Hamish listens very carefully to see if the binder would actually admit that he is not in charge
Were you in a dry, journey? - Hamish (he wonders to ask the binder, I think now he was thinking of the river where he bathes his feet and also drowns his victims for snacks, and this whole thought of water was getting mixed up with his thoughts of having the binder fetched to bring it on a journey. Hamish does that sometimes, that two of his thoughts get mixed up like that. Me, on the other hand, never get thoughts mixed up like that, as you see me writing and speaking to the aliens clearly. So it's not me, don't dare ever say that it's me, but we're over that fact. We should know by now that they are real.)
I have got a spacecraft for you. - Hamish looks down on the binder and says to it
There we have a dry journey. - Hamish says to the binder, the journey is to go to the spaceship, and dry? maybe he means that he would not be taking the binder to his "wet" river where he bathes
Will you come? We eat hearts. We swallow them down. We have eaten there, on the spacecraft. - Hamish speaks to the binder, and yes one of Hamish's "snacks" is hearts, Reptiles eat those (but liver is Hamish's favorite)

At this point, a white alien was getting ready to inform Hamish that the leather on the binder came from cow at a bovine farm, and was making mental images of a large cow farm like the ones you see in Australia. To tell him that it was not a snake's skin, or Reptile. To burst his bubble.

It hasn't made any reptilian secretion. So I knew it wasn't mine. - said then Hamish in English, he meant that the leather hadn't made an ejaculation (I'm not making this up), presumably in that initial sexual encounter Hamish wanted to have with it, and that it was how Hamish had known, or realized, that this was indeed not a real Reptilian, since it had not responded sexually in the biological way that is normal to a Reptilian. And that he knew it wasn't "his", he meant that it wasn't "a Reptile". Hamish says in his defense about having misidentified the leather.
Will you come to eat hearts? - Hamish then turns to the binder again and speaks to it, inviting the leather binder up to the spacecraft to eat hearts with him
Have you eaten fibers? I do not remove those bits and pieces. - Hamish, he speaks to the binder, and he means bits and pieces on the meat from a white alien that he eats, those are the fibers and pieces he talks of
There were not many drawers there! - Hamish, about the three white drawers I cleared earlier
"Is there my milk, in you?" - Hamish narrates that the binder would have asked of him, and "milk" refers to ejaculation, semen
We eat frogs and hearts. - Hamish talks to the binder, frogs means the Dinosaurs if you didn't know
Have frogs been eaten? - Hamish narrates that the binder would have said
I take them! - Hamish answers to the binder, about taking frogs
The frogs we eat. I take them away. We eat them. - Hamish
There are no teeth. - Hamish says to the binder, about Hamish having no teeth (Hamish has no teeth)

I took frogs. Them. - Hamish says to me or to everyone who was present
... I took them. - Hamish says to the binder about frogs
Have you seen Santa? How atrocious. - Hamish asks the binder
I once took Santa. - Hamish says to the binder

And if you didn't know the story of Santa, Hamish is a red Dragon, so he feels challenged to dominance by any thing that is red, and that includes our dear beloved Santa Claus. Hamish gets furious and stressed out by the sight of red Santa Claus. That he "took" Santa, he means that he would have once injured or attacked and conquered Santa.

This has been a most interesting and fascinating example of watching Hamish's natural reactions. He always has a strong response to leather, a very affectionate one. He loves it when he gets to tag along with me when I go browsing for leather purses in a store. In fact, every now and so often he has asked me to provide him with a leather purse. He goes bananas about leather, something about it. Me, on the other hand, don't care for leather at all. I even prefer imitation leather if to be honest. So we know this isn't coming from me. He has also asked me for a leather armchair, and one day I will get him one. He says it should be a non-revolving leather armchair. Reptilians like sitting on comfy sofas, if you didn't know. I hope you have learned something of Reptilians. And at least gotten a good chuckle out of this. This was a splendid and memorable moment.

More sexy photos of Leather Photo Album, if you can handle it:

Update the following morning:

October 17 2014: Last night as I went to bed to read a few pages from my book, Dragon Turtle is in my bedroom and facing toward the slot under the desk where the leather photo album was now back stocked again in a pile of albums and papers. Hamish was carefully watching me for any signs that I was going to close my eyes and go to sleep, as he hesitantly tried to restrain himself from lunging to his beloved leather item. When it looked as if I was about to turn the night light off to go to sleep, Dragon said to me that he was waiting for me to fall asleep so that he could go to the album.

I felt so sorry for Dragon. I explained to him profusely, and with great kindness, that he was more than welcome to have the photo album. I would take it out for him and place it down somewhere for him, if he wanted, I said. I would have wanted Dragon to feel a bit more "at home" here with me, it being after three years together, that he doesn't even feel comfortable to reach out to go check out a photo album in our house. Of course Hamish can go around and check our things and take things out and use stuff here! I want him to feel comfortable, and at home. I don't want him tiptoeing, not after all this time, not with our friendship, or my love of him, whether that's friendship or not, but I say to myself it is.

I did not take the album out, as he did not confirm that he would have needed me to. We have to note here his hesitancy. I think Dragon feels a bit ashamed and embarrassed about his love for leather items. Like the thing with leather purses and bags at the store. He will declare that he is very fond of those leather items, and that he loves their smell, but he is embarrassed about it and acts hiding and evasive and almost as if he dares not to confess to his feelings and infatuations of this kind. We might see the same with this leather album. Why does he feel the need to sneak around to it? Why would he want to wait until I fall asleep?

Noteworthy, that Dragon lately hardly ever spends time in my bedroom when I go to bed at nights. He will retreat to his bathroom rug in the bathroom, the large white rug, and he won't even come into my bedroom if I call for him or beg him to come in to spend some time with me.

I was too large for it. I was hesitant therefore. - Hamish explains now, about the leather photo album, that he was too large for it, whatever that means
What do you mean? That you were too large for it? - me
I wanted to look at it. - says Hamish and lets me see a closeup of his big bulging yellow Reptile eye that has a brown vertical slit
I will take it out for you to look at today. - me
"I was with Hamish", it said. "I was being looked at." - Hamish now narrates what the leather album would say to him, and I can note that he feels very pleased, comforted, happy almost, because I promised to take the album out to him, like he is soon meeting a long-lost dear friend

He narrates. I have seen him do that with armadillos in a video, and with those Dragon clipart pictures that are now in the "Letters to SETI 2" book.

Ultimately, I wanted to rape you, it. - Hamish first says to the book, then to me, explaining to me
Hamish, .. this is weird. Why do you say that? - me, concerned out of my comfort zone
But Hamish, .. - me
It was having my eggs. It had some eggs in these. There, amidst the papers. It was a Dragons' eggs. - Hamish, he thinks as if he is feeling out the papers inside the binder

What is this? What is Dragon doing? Of course we can let Dragon have his Dragon behavior regarding this, rather innocent leather photo album binder. Perhaps he thinks it is sexy. But this behavior of his surprises me. I won't try to correct his behavior, this is innocent enough that I don't have to try and parent him. I will let him have it, I can take the binder out and let him do whatever Dragon does to that binder, if it amuses him. Let him have it as a toy. Why does it seem to stir sexual reproductive behavior in Dragon? He seems to want to think that the leather binder has eggs that he could fertilize.

I have known Hamish to visit Dragon Turtle Ladies and fertilize eggs for them and then he has a nest of eggs, and he likes to visit the nest of eggs to watch them carefully for any signs of hatching. And he calls his hatched babies, "Hatch-its". I haven't seen many examples of his sexual behavior, in fact I've mostly thought of it to be non-existent and rare, well mainly because he does not express it with me. (He does not find me sexually enticing, which is normal since we are two different species. I don't find him sexy either, he is an animal.)

I was going to mate with it. - Hamish about the brown leather binder again
How would you, umm, do that? Hamish, this is weird? But by all means, carry on. Do you think that the binder is, sexy? - me
I was not, having any unnatural thoughts to it. - Hamish
Ok. I will take it out later and let you play with it all you want. Soon, Hamish. I will just finish writing this. - me

I mean, living with Hamish has been innocent, interesting, captivating and fun. For three years I have witnessed his many behaviors, his quirky comments, and gotten to know him really well (interrupted)

I wanted to see where it was bit. "Has it got Dragon bites?" - Hamish, he thinks it was once a reptile or a reptilian that was bitten or injured and then turned into this flat hard item, his mind associates to this item as if it were a living being

He has not been dangerous to live with. Well, a few times he has physically wrestled me, once he threw me over the coffee table (in a well-maneuvered toss that had all the elegance and finesse that both showed power and might, but also incredible steering skills and caution), and a few times he has physically pushed and shoved me off his bathroom ruggie snugs when I accidentally stepped on it and he wanted it all to himself. And, sigh, he does occasionally forbid things. Living with Hamish makes it difficult to wear anything red, including red lipstick or red fingernails, to have Santa figurines around at Christmas, I could NEVER IN MY LIFE watch a Spiderman movie (not that I want to, or feel the need). I have to avoid having sewing machines or needles or pins around. Candles are a problem, as are matches. It is difficult to play music, and best to wear headphones so that Hamish doesn't get upset and uncomfortable and tell me to "turn off the disco". And, I have to remember to always warn Hamish profusely when I am chopping onions or preparing with garlic, "No, Onions, Hamish - Yes-No Onions! Don't come here I'm chopping Onions! Yes-No!" But living with him is easy, and great fun.

I am not an adult to it, it said. - Hamish, that the binder would have said to Hamish that Hamish is not an adult to it
What? Do you want me to take the binder out to you? What will you do with it? What will you do with it, Hamish? - me
I was going to make it into a soup. - Hamish
Hello, this is Lasarus, don't talk to him anymore. Because now he wants to eat us. - Lasarus

Lasarus is a Zeta on my team. Also yesterday I think the Zetas, might have even been Lasarus then too, asked me not to talk to Hamish about the leather album, as if not to encourage certain behaviors. Sometimes Hamish can get worked up and into a moodlet where he will be triggered into a sort of out-of-control hunting behavior which can be detrimental to the other aliens there, I have been the target of a few cases of those moodlets by Hamish too and they are uncomfortable, it takes away all the "person" inside him and turns him into an animal that I cannot reach into or get any response from or any compassion or concern from.

Anyway. Let's just take the binder out and put it on my bed and see what happens. Unless he wants privacy, which I would award him.

My egg, is there. It was hidden in it. I was going to take them out. - Hamish imagines there being Dragon Turtle eggs inside the binder that he can pick out, those soft-shelled pale Dragon eggs that his species has

Is this playing? Is Hamish playing? Like a cat that probably knows that a toy mouse is not a real living prey but thinks it's funny and worthwhile to play hunting and catching with it and make-believe that it is real?

My throats. - Hamish shows me his bright fire engine red and orange throat, usually a subtle threat or an assertion of dominance, maybe because I wrote about cats hunting and he wanted to make sure he is still in charge as the only hunter here

Or are his natural reactions and instincts toward seeing the leather too strong, that he loses touch of reality and feels the urge and motivation to respond as if it were a real live Dragon? Are we all animals like that, just responding to stimuli? Humans can evaluate a situation and decide that an object is not real and then we can block the behaviors we otherwise would have had. Like if we see a really life-like imitation of a food and it makes us hungry and salivating but then we realize it was made out of plastic or wax and we stop our behaviors. Is Hamish playing with it because he enjoys the interesting experience of being in the presence of a Dragon (it's a leather album), even if he knows it is not a real live Dragon. He lets himself get carried away with thoughts that there would be developed Dragon Turtle eggs inside the binder and he narrates what the binder would say to him. Is he playing?

I want to say that he knows it is not a Dragon and that it does not have eggs, but these associations that his mind makes are there at the surface of his thoughts, and he seems to enjoy acting them out. (An Alpha Centauri woman from the underground mines almost wants to talk to me about how ruthless and violent the Reptilians are there in those mines. Remember when Snake the Reptilian just tossed an Alpha Centauri man off a gorge in the base? I watched it happen.)

The Reptilians are dominant. Therefore. - Hamish
Violence makes people not respect Reptilians. You could be civil and polite, but dominant. - me
We don't want to watch, therefore. - Hamish, and then he closes his eyes fully, both upper and lower eyelids, which when the black Reptilian does it is a sign of politeness and of not wanting to cause trouble, to show off mildness and pacifism in a sense, to say, "I am kind now, I mean no harm".

Let's just put the binder on the bed and leave it at that. Tell me, should I splay it open? Or is that too much. (Sorry I couldn't resist saying that. If he does something funny I will be sure to post updates.)

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