A Game Of Soccer
October 15 2014

A real story from the life of an alien abductee and egg donor, involving the Aliens and the Pentagon. This is not fiction.

I shouldn't have done it. I started talking to an Alien today and now they think I want to do sexy stuff with an abducted human man they have over there. I've been telling the Aliens to leave me alone now. They just don't get it, that leave me alone!

Well, first I talked to Hamish. I was telling Hamish today that I want to play soccer football with him. Because I've seen Hamish play soccer ball with the little hybrid kiddies from time to time, and it's just so cute I want to do it too. So I've been asking today if I could play soccer with Hamish. Even though they tend to use a smaller colorful plastic ball for it. He is my Dragon. So Hamish then said to me that he only plays ball with the little kiddies if they have to have that first as a reward so that the kids will agree to experiments. Namely the Aliens test sexual behavior and reproduction on those little hybrid babies, toddlers and kids. They're far too young. It destroys me as a living being that they would do that. Even after I've told them and told them how wrong it is.

So I told Hamish, "Don't you have my eggs already? So couldn't I too get to play with you soccer ball.", and I added, "But of course you don't have to, if you don't like to." Because I wouldn't want to play soccer ball with Hamish if he really doesn't personally care for it, I mean that wouldn't be right. I would just want to.

So then I said, "Can't I play with Lasarus then?" Lasarus is an adult hybrid or Zeta who lives and works there. I told them I would play soccer ball with Lasarus then, if Hamish doesn't want to. I so want them to let me stay awake for an alien abduction, so that I could meet them. They won't let me. Once or a few times I've stayed awake by accident. Like that time when I was with Auntie the Thuban Whale and those little Zetas and hybrid children? When I had to pee (I always have to pee when I'm abducted, it's my thing) and the little hybrid girl had to rush with me off to go find a bathroom. Damn it I always have to pee when I'm abducted. Like when I woke up at the hospital in Syracuse and was all alone? I peed on the floor of this large room. I guess I'm not housebroken there or something yet.

So Lasarus or

Hey this is the Pentagon. Don't go there, unless you really want to. I mean, eh... Things could get pretty serious if you go there. You know what I mean? - a blonde human man with the Pentagon presumably
I really want to meet my friends. Hamish the Red Dragon Turtle, my Alpha Remulan Scorpions, the Dinosaur Frogs, and my Thuban Whale Dolphin. And Lasarus the Zeta too. I want to meet them. More than anything. - me
They do that to you... - a black-haired Pentagon man
If you can handle it I mean, that they touch your equipment. - the blonde Pentagon man who thought about exposed lady parts
I don't really care. I want to meet Hamish. More than anything else in my life before. I love that Dragon so much, I want to be with him. And the Scorpions. I would like to go there. - me
Well, ....! - the black-haired Pentagon man, troubled
We have, cockroaches. - Hamish, "cockroaches" in my native language, he means the Locusts presumably
I want to meet them too. - me
They are my bread. They are eaten here. They were with mine! - Hamish about the Locust Cockroaches
Hamish? If I can't come there and see you soon, my eggs are going to die. It happens when people are sad. I wanted to meet you I said, or I will have died eggs because of sadness. - me
Then we will take them out before that happens. - Dinosaur
Before they die! My eggs (OR) My legs! - Hamish
My heart is aching and breaking because I can't meet with Hamish and give him a hug. - me
Hey Ma'am, Miss, this is the Pentagon. - black-haired man
We have told you not to smoke! - Hamish says to the black-haired man, aha so he is a sperm donor too
I don't smoke. - me
Me, the Thubans, think that is great! - Auntie Dolphin Whale is happy that I don't smoke (smoking harms the DNA and ruins eggs or sperm for their alien genetics)
We don't really know why you want to go there. - black-haired man while turning a bunch of papers on his desk
Do you know what love means? Did you ever love a dog or a cat? Or a human person? Do you know who Hamish is? He is the love of my life. - me
We have many here, cockroaches. - Hamish about the Locusts (or Remulan Scorpions!), "cockroaches" again in my native language
The black-haired Pentagon man mumbles something I didn't hear, maybe he didn't say it to me.
Well, let's, for starters, have you ever been in a UFO? - black-haired man asks me
Do you think I'm an idiot? Of course I have been in a UFO. And I want to go there to see them. - me
It isn't that simple yet! - black-haired man complaining
I want to go there! - me
We have discos. Eggs. - Hamish, "eggs" in my native language, the image of that disco room floor that I actually remember being in once
I don't want a disco. I just want to be with Hamish. - me
I was not there. I was with the eggs. - Hamish, "there" meant the disco
I was with Hamish. - me
My trashcan. - Hamish about some trashcan somewhere, in my native language (NL)

So. (Hamish now shows his back hump to the black-haired Pentagon man and tells the man what it is. It is to assert his dominance and status, not that it means anything to us humans, that he has a back hump like that, but anyway.)

I don't want to see them do that to you anymore. - the black-haired man shows me a mental image, or that he is thinking and remembering, when I have been there naked and aliens poking around my privates
It's fine, I guess. I don't really care. You shouldn't be embarrassed. You've seen naked women before, I hope. We're just humans you and me. You're Y chromosome, I'm X chromosome, other than that we're the same. So you shouldn't feel bad about it. - me to the black-haired man
Well, the Zetas are pretty bad, ruthless... If you wanna know what I mean. - black-haired
I already know. - me
We don't want to take you, to the discos. - Hamish says to the black-haired man
... Well? Can I go visit them? Please? Please let me decide. And I hope to see you there also, that would be fun, I guess. - me
No, Nolan doesn't want to go there again.. - black-haired man answers to a question from the Aliens (Nolan is one of my all-time government military personnel that I've had with these abductions)
We go there, and take the eggs. - a white alien taps at my lower belly
We give you this, facemask to keep you calm. It contains some sedatives. I guess we could take that out of you now. - an alien with a big head, either a green Dinosaur or a white alien (Zeta or hybrid)
Yes. Let me stay awake and meet you all. - me
We have a bat! - Thuban hollers in my other language, it means the Thuban is feeling anxious that I might attack him/her/it and the bat is used to ward off scary abducted humans with
I won't hurt you. I love you too. You are my friend. - me
Yes, Hinch! - Thuban hisses from between its yellow hairy baleen in its mouth
You're cute, Dolphin. I want to meet you too. You're a beautiful creature. - me
I didn't know that about myself. - Thuban almost "blushes"
The Pentagon doesn't decide. This is MY life. And I want to meet everybody. I want to. They can't say no. I want to go there. And I won't ask again. I'm too tired to keep asking. AND I'M UPSET! I WANT TO MEET HAMISH NOW!!! Hamish. I want my Hamish Hamish Hamish!!! - me
My skills are not with the turtles. It was with my own. I was with mine, I said. And then the eggs, that we have harvested. They were my skills? My turtle skills are not, Dragons. - Hamish
I know Hamish, I know. - me, yes I actually know what he is saying
She says I hisses, when I say that! - Thuban, hissing again, it makes a hissing sshh sound when it speaks

So then Lasarus or an adult male hybrid alien showed up to talk to me about sexual things. He asked me if he and I could be intimate together, because they are trying to learn about sexuality and intimacy and all of that. I told him he would first have to learn the basics which means how to approach a woman without causing her injury. (The black-haired Pentagon man is now thinking about how the aliens collect my fecal samples, and how that makes him sad and concerned. He really doesn't think I could handle an awake abduction. Man, I would run into his arms and hug him, well, not if I'm naked of course. But I really would love to see them too. I've been waiting to, since I was 13 and 14 when this all started. I've wanted to meet them too, the men who work with this.)

So? - the blonde Pentagon man, who indicates that he might be here in my home in the other dimension, or otherwise that he can mentally see my home (the aliens enable all of these "technologies")
I don't want you to feel bad about it. - one of the two Pentagon men
About what? I know what they do already. - me
About that. - black-haired, about that the aliens use small hybrid children for sex experiments
I would kill myself if they show me that. It's disgusting, and you know it. - me

So anyway. That alien was wanting me to be intimate with him so that he could learn. I asked him, "Don't you have women of your kind there? And don't you find me hideous-looking?", he then explained without words, with feelings and in images, that their women don't have fully formed genitalia, so they can't learn it that way, or do it that way.

I thought that would be that, but then they show me from mentally afar a room in the alien quarters, probably a spaceship, where there is Hamish my Red Dragon Turtle Yay Love Him, and the Thuban Auntie Dolphin Whale and they have an abducted human man who might be Olav who is naked and they are doing sexual things for him so that he could teach them. They were going to have him be intimate together with a small hybrid girl. Anyhow, I didn't want to see or feel. It pains me to say the details but I guess this is a documentary, so I would be stupid to leave things out really. But they can involve visual images, auditory communication, but also feelings and sensations into the "telepathic conference call". So I don't want to feel what he is feeling.

At one point I got happy cause Thuban talked through those yellow baleen in its mouth, and it really is just such a spectacular alien being! You know when rats sniff and it makes their whiskers move about? Thuban does a similar thing with its baleen, it will open its mouth slightly and you can see yellow soft baleen sheets that go down from the upper and others that go upward from the lower, and it churns and churns those baleen, reminds me of a rat with its whiskers. And it's so cute and spectacular I just burst into happiness like better than if you would have given me a kitten in my arms to play with! (Hamish just put his flat red duck foot down, to claim territory and dominance. He did that to the black-haired Pentagon man, I am sure.)

Look, it's this way... - black-haired man says to me
We can't let them abduct you anymore. Because, you have said some things about your neck! You know what I mean? - black-haired
Are you saying, that you used to LET THEM abduct me??? - me
Yes, Kittie! - Auntie says to me, "Kittie" in my NL, it hisses the word
Why did they "let"? Why wasn't I asked? - me
It was done before you were born. - black-haired man
But? Why does that matter? What's done is done, let bygons be bygons. - blonde man
.. Well. Can I go and meet my Dragon Hamish? And play soccer ball with him? Can I? - me
My eggs have wanted to speak with me. My eggs said that. They wanted to be in a punching bag! - Hamish, maybe the punching bag was something he thought about the black-haired man or from something the black-haired man had said, or thought
Hamish! I want to be there with you! I want to play soccer with you. I really want to. My Hamish. - me
We are up here. - Hamish means a UFO
I want to go there too. I want to be there with Reptiles. - me
Uh oh, very brave! - black-haired
Yeah, she knows nothing about them. - blonde says to black-haired, meaning Reptiles
Don't you guys know, that Hamish is my best friend? He won't hurt me. He guards my eggs. - me
My DNA, is a different breed/species. - Hamish, that last word NL
When can I meet him? WHEN?!! - me
Well, yeah, welcome to the battle of Syracuse. - black-haired man sighs
What the hell is battle of Syracuse? - me
It's where we battle with them. - black-haired or blonde, about Reptiles and aliens
What can I do to help you guys? - me
You, don't do anything. - blonde man to me
I want to do something. What could I do? Can I be friends with Hamish? Can I? - me
My eggs, said that. - Hamish says to the men

So then they had shown me the naked man being molested over there though I wonder, especially if it's Olav, that he might have agreed to doing those things. And Thuban told me that usually the aliens they give me drugs. I said don't give me any drugs. (I was in my home in my room when this was all happening. They were just showing me and talking from remote.) And I said I don't want anything to do with these sexual things. And then I got upset cause of the little girl there and I said I would stab my throat with something sharp and bleed to death and die if they continue to offend me and to hurt me this way. And I told them to tell the man, who was presumably Olav I don't know, to ask him would he take an icepick and stab it in my throat and bleed me to death, because that is the equivalent of what he is doing by involving me sexually? So I didn't want to take part. And then now we have caught up with the storyline and then these guys all started talking here like this, in real-time and it's all that what it is.

One minute later:

Do you want to see the ones who are locked up? - black-haired man asks me, he is wearing a black suit by the way, so is the blonde man
Who are locked up? What are they doing there? Are they aliens or humans? - me
They are kept there for cattle. - says Hamish and he is like remembering sucking blood into his mouth, it seems these are white aliens kept in an empty dark room presumably in the underground bases
Don't they have any furniture there? Why are they eaten? - me
They are my crackers! - Hamish says, "crackers" in my other language
Have you eaten them? - me
Yes, she wants to play that foot ball with me. - Hamish says to some other white aliens who are there
I want to play football with Hamish. - me

A few minutes later:

Hello this is me. I didn't know you were writing this. Can I say a few things there? - black-haired man
This woman, "Annie", Eva, ... - black-haired man turns to say to my readers (how creepy is that?) [He said my real name not Annie, and I put the quotation marks there]
She doesn't know what Pakeha wants. It was him, talking here a while earlier. Since, as, they were supposed to be married! - black-haired man, it pains him and bothers him to say these things
Aha! I figured as much, but that certainly clears things out! I figured Pakeha was something like that. - me
He was supposed to run his fingers on you. - Pakeha to me
And find out if you would like that! - Thuban to me
I don't like that. I don't do sex with aliens. Sorry.. - me
Pakeha is not a real alien. He has got some of your DNA. - Thuban
That is why we married him to you! - Thuban or Hamish
You mean, umm, my DNA? Isn't that, incest or something? Incestuous? What is it? - me
My eggs. - Hamish NL
! Don't you want to do it! - Pakeha is upset
No, because she doesn't want to get raped. - Hamish or Thuban explains to Pakeha about me
That's right. I don't want to do it. - me
Pakeha sits there all sad and pouty.
I just wanted to play soccer with Hamish. None of this other stuff. - me
The Aliens, the Insects, want you here. Don't you know that now? We wanted you to come. To see us too! We wanted you to be here with Dragons. - Locust
I would love to meet you insects. You are beautiful species. - me
Look at that, what we have there. - Locust shows me the very end of its long tubular butt and how it would touch the end of its butt down to the floor to lay eggs from it
Are you a female then? Can you make eggs? - me
They are eaten, mostly. - Locust
They are not my fiend. - Hamish or Locust, about Locusts, yes "fiend"
... When can I visit? - me
Some are kept in the cold room, in the stock room. They were with the wrong eggs there. - Locust
They are kept in the sulphuric fluids! - Thuban with its hissing pronounciation
... When can I visit? - me
We splay you open. And look at your eggs there. - Hamish, he means my legs open
I am not embarrassed if it's Hamish. Hamish is my best friend. He can see me naked, we usually are together when I shower. Hamish is always in the bathroom when I shower, and he, usually grooms himself on the bathroom ruggie while I shower. We used to do that together. Hamish and me, washing up and getting pretty. Each in our own way, like best friends I guess. - me
What do you do there? What more do you do? You were supposed to only be with her when she is sleeping. - black-haired man crosses his arms and asks and accuses Hamish
HAMISH IS MY FRIEND! He can visit me anytime. We have fun together. Hamish and me are friends. We have done lots of things together. Like, Hamish and me like to say "Yes-No Santa!" You wouldn't understand! It's our thing. You wouldn't understand our friendship, even if you tried. - me to the black-haired man
We also say, Yes-No Pumpkin! - Hamish says to the black-haired, "pumpkin" in my other language
Oh boy... - black-haired sighs with grief to that
Hamish doesn't like pumpkins. So I like to say to him, that I would step on them with my feet! That is how Hamish dominates. So if I tell him, that I would put my foot down on Santa or Pumpkin, then he feels better and reassured. Me and Hamish are friends... - me
I would like to smell their blood. - Hamish thinks as if actual blood were in his nose being smelled, he means of pumpkins and Santa of course
And we like to watch movies together. Me and Hamish do. He likes to look at, armadillos. And he likes movies with fish. And he likes Harry Potter movies! You see, we are friends! - me
Yes, No, my throat! - Hamish about my throat, maybe that he means he would not harm my throat, that he and I are friends, maybe it is his way of saying to the man that he and I are friends.
Hamish and me, we talk late into the nights when I go to sleep. I used to have this big - me interrupted
And look at my, large space goosebumps. - Hamish shows his orange goosebump zits on his forearms to the black-haired man
They were making me very proud! - Hamish closes his lower eyelids he is smiling that way, about his goosebumps making him proud
You are a beautiful proud Dragon, with goosebumps, scales, and back hump. My Hamish is proud. - me
.. I had this big tall bed at college, and Hamish used to camp out there under that bed. So it was like bunk-beds, and we were just aware of each other at night. I could see and feel him clearly, and he could feel and see me. And that's how we got to know each other as friends. He liked my bathroom ruggie.. And he used to show me his shedded scales. Sometimes he put them on my body. And he wouldn't let me burn candles, he was afraid of that, of fire I mean. And we were friends for three years. I never loved anyone as much. - me
She calls these, Sock Feet. And I was proud of them also. - Hamish shows his flat red duck feet to the black-haired man
Sock Feet! Ha ha! - black-haired man
Oh god, this girl is nuts... - black-haired man amused
*chuckles* I love that Dragon. - me
Well, I guess we could take you to those best trucks. - black-haired man thinks of a large military truck with an alien hybrid woman in the cargo. This truck has like a dark camouflage green drape over the back instead of being covered by a solid door.
Well, you have little boys here. - black-haired man
And they tell me they have missed you! So? Sugar? Would you like to meet them? Over there, at that base? Well? Hm? - blonde man (or black-haired, because of the next two lines see here:)
So you even called her Sugar? - blonde man to the black-haired man
Yeah, I called her Sugar! - black-haired to blonde man
Why wouldn't you call me Sugar? - me
Because we are with the Pentagon. And we don't usually talk like that. I mean, we are trying to be formal. But, I guess they wave their dicks at you.. - black-haired man, he then thinks about the stuff that just was an incident with Olav or whoever that was
I just wanted to meet Reptiles. None of this other stuff. I wanted to meet Hamish? - me

This morning was the best. Because I woke up and had my shower and did things like that to get ready for a brand new day. And it's always interesting to see what Hamish says or does first thing on a brand new day. This day Hamish's entrance into my life was, that he showed me himself, bright fire engine red Dragon Turtle, and he put his flat red Duck Feet down in front of him, and said, "Sock Turtles".

The caveat is this. - black-haired man says, and that gives me literally the chills, cause I don't use that word I don't even hardly know what it means, or how it is pronounced. Damn hell! This man is real!
Don't even talk to the Locusts. - blonde man says to me, he is sitting with his arms crossed at the edge of a desk over there
... I wanted to meet Hamish. He is my friend. Are you really with the Pentagon? - me
Yess! We deal with security here, with safety. - blonde man
Don't argue. - one of the men to Hamish, or Hamish to the men
I wasn't arguing. - Hamish to the men, or one of the men to Hamish (probably Hamish said the first, "Don't argue", and the men said that back to Hamish, I am pretty sure that's how it went)
So, you know, they don't even let you wear a wet rag here. You are completely naked. - black-haired says to me
Do you think I care? - me
Weeell, you know, your belly buttons are quite nice. - black-haired
I don't care. I want to meet Hamish. - me
Do you remember my Tom-Tom? - Hamish, yes, Tom-Tom is his favorite Japanese abductee man, Tom-Tom is also a physician doctor and has been mated with me plenty of times
I don't want anything with Tom-Tom. - me, his real name is Tomo
So? Sugar? - one of the men says to me
What? - me
So, you know, what happens when your genes are spliced? What happens then? What they need to do to us here? - blonde says to me
I guess. I am not an idiot. I am an educated woman. And quite familiar with the abduction thing nonsense. So I just want to meet my Hamish. I want to meet him. - me
Hey Ma'am, this is where I live. We are soon getting the Christmas lights out. If you wanted to come see me here? We could easily bring you here. If you wanted to? So? Come and see me some time. - Assistant Carlisle?

I think this was Assistant Carlisle, at least it was a very typical Assistant-Carlisle-thing to say. I was shown his mental image of his beautiful two-story house, more on the expensive side yet still with that suburb feel, and I felt that he has a brown-haired wife living there. I once woke up during a MILABS abduction and was in that very same house. They had Tiffany lamps I remember that. Gosh, I had a lot of awake and conscious military abductions in my teens, those were the days. There was something comforting about seeing these men in the real. Waking up in another place, but being awake, and seeing these very real men. Not that I understood much of it, but, (interrupted)

I guess the sedatives failed. - someone says, cause I'm writing about conscious abductions from time ago
Do you want to meet her? - a man asks Hamish about me
I guess I could. - Hamish, and he inhales deep and thinks about his unfortunate Reptilian odor, which I've told him I don't mind
I don't mind if Hamish has a smell. He smells like, vomit and cheese... But it's a Reptile. I love him. - me
This man here, is a doctor too. He could be called, a butt doctor! - an alien says about some man
Whatever. - me
We were watching you here on these tvs. Cause we didn't want to be there in that room. We have monitors, for security reasons. So, you see, we watch that stuff? - black-haired man
I know. You're watching the abductions. Do you honestly think I didn't know that? Do you think I'm a stupid idiot? I KNOW EVERYTHING! - me
Well, they abduct you and stuff, Ma'am. - black-haired
Don't lie to her. - Thuban to black-haired man about me
Well, we are not very skilled at lying. - black-haired's answer to Thuban

Rus-tik? - Hamish

That's funny, I mean odd. If you read the first book, "The Orion Project: Real? Or Imaginary?", you will find when Hamish said "Music Rustik". Who knows what goes on in Dragon's head. I just know that I love him. In all of this, he is the arms I run to and want to hold and be held by. His are the only arms who hold me when I go through all this. He has been my friend. I don't have anyone else, so I somehow derive from him everything I need, every ounce of comfort and safety and compassion and love that I am lacking in this strange conundrum I am in. I don't even care about the military government Pentagon men, the alien abductions or eggs or sperm or hybrid children or experiments and drugs and stuff like that. It's just Hamish and me. And I really wanted to play soccer ball with him, that's all I ever really wanted.

So we watch you on a tv. And sometimes we monitor you just to make sure that you are ok! So? DO you know that now? - blonde man says to me
Yeah I guess I knew that, since I was fourteen. Do you think I wasn't aware that I am being watched? - me
Oh boy! - blonde is surprised perhaps, and bothered
I've been aware of the surveillance since I was 14. Back then it was Captain Marsden's team, now it's with Commendant Larsen. Back then it was Captain Marsden, Tyler MacIntyre, Andrew, Major Cunningham, Captain Daniels or Greene, Jacob Greene I mean my god how is he? I guess John was still there, back then. And Assistant Carlisle, he was always around. Who are the surveillance team right now? - me
We don't have any, watching you, at the moment. - black-haired man
Gillespie was around back then. - me interrupted
Gillespie?! Yeah, he doesn't like her. - one of the men declares to the other man
Yeah. - me

If you want to see an example of Gillespie and how he doesn't like me and his arrogant attitude, just read the page here called "Coffee with MILABS" featuring Derek and Gillespie who are drinking coffee while we have a rare long chat, as they are usually very evasive.

Guess what, readers? I am about to go fetch my hundreds of pages of diary notes from my teens, which started right when the alien UFO sightings begun when I was 14 and which transgressed into alien contact/abductions, but most importantly into the whole MILABS thing. I am going to publish them as-is, and it is quite probably going to be one of the best-documented and most interesting reading about the whole MILABS phenomenon. I've also got hundreds more pages of this Orion Project with Hamish and the others written down, but not yet published. All getting into books, I write it all down.

Why doesn't Gillespie like me? - me
Oh, Honey! Wait! - blonde man in a surprising most comforting voice
I didn't want to ask, but it just happened.
I like Gillespie, tell him that. - me
Hamish thinks of his back hump, and I see Hamish clearly. He is such a cute Turtle Dragon.
My Gillespie? My back. - Hamish
My Hamish, and back turtle. - me
Mine. - Hamish thinks about patting me on my lower belly, aha so he thought I meant I was going to have sex and get pregnant with Gillespie, not what I said but anyway

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