The White Man
November 28 2014

Hang in there, please read through the heavy Illuminati world mind control stuff to actually see what there really is here, a story about a fantastic encounter with a white Illuminati man who eats children, don't miss it.

World Hypnosis

Last night probably closer to the morning hours when I was asleep I met an Illuminati man in some other place. Frustratingly, the aliens inhabit some other dimension or parallel universe, in which they live outside of human awareness, where they have cities and a complete way of life. It forces me to think about the movie Matrix in which all humans were living in some virtual reality, while the real reality was inhabited by aliens and totally different but out of human reach of awareness. It is something like that, what it is I can't explain, or how it works. But they are in a parallel world and I was there last night, awake.

I was invited to a car that stood next to me. It was the Rothschilds, I was told. Earlier I had met one of my children, a 12-year old or so daughter with long black hair and pale skin, a seemingly human child, she was tall and slender, I guess I recognize myself in her, and there was talk about my children. I was told by some unknown speaker that they are trying to stop the Starseeds, or however they phrased it.

I am a Starseed. It means I have extraterrestrial influence and personality, I am a warrior of sorts it seems, here to make the world better. There is an energy war here on Earth. Humanity at large today is living in a very dark imprisonment which in the Western world is slavery with drone minds, consumerism, television and the educational system telling you what to think, chemicals in the food and products you consume, medications that ruin your health, Satanism and Illuminati pervades society. There is a thick dark veil across humanity, but they won't see it. People like me see it. Just study David Icke if you're struggling with this, David does a much more thorough job at explaining this so I don't have to.

David Icke by the way has a bright white energy. I know most of you are no longer reading, and you won't get to the fantastic awesome story I have about actually really meeting with a white Rothschild Illuminati man and how much fun we had together, because this talk about the Matrix sort of thing and of energies and how humanity is enslaved is going to turn most people away from an awesome story about an encounter with an alien man, so hang in there, please. Don't miss my awesome story of a real alien encounter, it really is great. Just get through the heavy stuff that I'm writing about too, cause it ties into as to why the man met with me in the first place.

I remember when I used to be like everyone else, well at least sort of, cause I never was mainstream which is good. But back when I could take stuff that David Icke says and call it nonsense and go on with my mind controlled life in society. I just feel how people reading this are turning away cause there is no easy way of writing this except to say just study David Icke's material, but let me try to phrase it too, in a nice way that won't turn people away from the story.

There really is no nice way of saying this, but television brainwashes people. I know I'm sounding crazy and all, but it really boils down to the fact that you are flooding your brain with impressions that linger and tell you what to think and how to feel. I've stopped watching television, not because I'm some conspiracy nut but because I feel the influence tv has on me. (I just watch The Walking Dead with Hamish, I watch it because I really care about the people in the show and want to see how they are doing.)

Why do people wear the clothes they wear, eat the foods they eat, have the hairstyles, listen to the music, make the choices that they make? You think it's fashion? You're just a mind controlled nut if you're mainstream. I don't know, no words of mine are going to make people see the spell they are in. But anyway, everyday people are drones and there is an evil intelligent presence on Earth that just loves to steer humans. These evil beings, and I call them evil for reasons, are behind the Eye symbol and pyramid on the US one dollar bill, they are behind a lot of the music industry, well they control from a lot of angles. Because they like to be powerful and in charge, they want to own the place.

The beings that are controlling Earth, they control in part by owning the educational system, they own the medical system which decides what doctors "know" to be true about health and about putting chemicals "medications" into people, they own the music industry, television, politics, you name it. Why? Because these are highly intelligent

Be cautious with us. - speaks black reptilian
I mean you no harm, Darling. You know that. - me to black reptilian

They are highly intelligent, and their tastes lie in rule and control. They happen to be the kind of beings who love to own and be in charge. They are just made that way. Dominating and owning must have been the behavioral trait which led to their success in survival as a species, and so this behavioral trait tagged along, if you think along the lines of Darwinian evolution for instance.

We don't like to take you when you sleep. - black reptile
Then? - me
Leave us alone will you. We want to do this alone. We don't want you here! - BR
I'm not a threat. You and me will go our own different separate ways. No need to get alarmed. I love you too. - me
Love??! - BR
Love, yes. I love even you. - me
We don't want you to love us, after what we have done. We have taken out your eye? - Dark Lord
I know. I'm fixing it. - me
Will you? - DL
Yes. I'm working on it. - me
We will munch on your munchkins. - BR, meaning to eat my children that they make
Sshh now, I'm telling a story! - me

What makes matters worse, this organisation of evil alien rulers from outer space are themselves ruled by intensely powerful dark beings the Alpha Thetons, also called Archons, Dark Lords, Shadow Figures. They have the power to possess minds and cause humans to commit acts of incest, pedophilia, murder, rape, drug use, alcoholism, and drive people to madness. There are many in prisons and mental institutions due to their influence, just the way they like it. These are some very powerful beings. Their favorite is to take over priests, which is at least the main reason why you see so much pedophilia in Catholicism. The military hasn't got a chance against these dark beings, but they try. The dark beings are given goat sacrifices to try to appease them. Governments and military of the world use pentagrams and dark magic to try to get on good terms with these beings.

The CIA which was meant to protect people ends up being filled with use of prostitutes and drugs and CIA agents end up murdering prostitute women and putting them in the trunks of their cars and dumping them in the forest. This dark organisation spans many organisations and it is headed by the Dark Lords, but consists of many different creatures and groups. It is a very wide-spanning and influential system, and I hate to tell you but they are already ruling Earth.

What you can do if you are against it, is to turn off television and radio. Don't listen to mainstream music just because some Illuminati music agent decided that this is what the world should listen to. Search for your own favorites. Don't watch what's on television, and don't watch the ads, maybe you can find your own favorites. Don't be like everybody else, but truly really search for your own individual self.

Anyhow, Starseeds, Star People, sometimes you call them Indigos and Crystals, I'm one of them. We have strong ties to benevolent ET races and there is a war at hand and we are soldiers on the good side. Mainly just by being here our high benevolent presence and energy is disrupting the dark veil across Earth and humanity. Oh, the Illuminati Agenda doesn't like that. So they try to work on us to break us down, and I can tell you that they do try with me.

The Agenda sent me to a Free Mason who did mind control and hypnosis on me. A Dark Lord named Baphomet, Basmet, was with me the whole time, and so was Hamish. In fact I first met Hamish the Red Reptilian for the first time during my first day with the Free Mason guy, that is where I saw my red scales and tail for the first time. This Free Mason's family has ties to the Bush family. I mean, it's this whole thing. I was supposed to be subdued, my Crystal Starseed energy was meant to be taken down, because it disrupts the web of darkness that the Agenda has over humanity.

I know, I know, this is not a pleasant read. Most people don't want to read this stuff, and I used to be one of them. When I first read some of David Icke's stuff about reptiles who eat children I was so appalled and disgusted I turned the other way and decided it can't be true. But sorry humanity, we don't get to choose. It is what it is, but when we choose to be on the good side we get to smile and not be affected. If you know you're not going to be part of their web, then you've got nothing to worry about. You can be sad for everyone else, but work on helping people into awareness to wake them up. Just study David Icke's stuff, he's done a great job.

So it's a big mean organisation which rules Earth and they don't like people like me who come with highly pure white benevolent energies to disrupt what they are doing here.

Last night I did a serious attempt at breaking away the very sinister Satanic energy that is always in my room and hanging over me when I go to bed at night, which I know is from the presence of a Dark Lordship himself. I also find dark Satanic energy in my forehead, and they have completely taken over the right side of my face with black energies to the point where the right side of my face feels numb and like dead flesh and my right eye sometimes does not obey me, but obeys the Dark Lord (interrupted)

Hey, this is Commendant Larsen. - CL
And? What do you want? - me
We wanted you to listen. - CL
Are you a human or not? - me
We don't want to do this to you anymore. - CL
Yeah, so? - me
We don't want you to be writing about a web. - CL
I don't think you should try to stop me. I want to write this story. - me
Most people are going to think you are dumb. - Dark Lord
I know. Most people are dumb, because they are under a veil and don't even see it. - me

Commendant Larsen is one of the human, or supposedly human, military that is part of the military abductions MILABS thing. Commendant Larsen is the team leader, and team leader used to be Captain Marsden but he retired. They claim to be doing MKULTRA and military training on me to use me for their military purposes, it's been going on since I was 14, I'm now in my 30's.

So last night I worked to break the dark Satanic influence and oppression which the Dark Lords have placed over me. This is why, I believe, I got to meet with white Illuminati man that night.

The White Man

So I was asleep in my bed at home but I awoke someplace else. Was it a lucid dream? A lucid dream is when you become perfectly awake while in a dream world, I've had a few of those too. Interestingly, in lucid dreams I had in my teens I would meet the military and government men who are part of MILABS, and once I get my teen diary notes back I can't wait to show you some stories of those encounters.

I seem to be convinced that the encounter was real and not dream substance concocted by my brain. I'm pretty sure the white man was a real alien encounter. So just before I was invited into the car, I had met with some of my children that they have there, and I had been told that they as an organisation are working to stop people like me who are Starseeds, Crystals, or however they phrased it. I think I rode in that car for a bit, then I was out of that car, and then the car was parked again with the passenger door open inviting me in, and I stepped into the car.

I've never seen a car such as that. It was a four-door car perhaps dark brown in color or otherwise black. You just knew that it was a highly luxurious high-end car, I keep thinking Rolls Royce, something of that sort. The kind of car you would have if you were a 200-year old wealthy man from some hidden old mansion, a very unusual and exclusive personal taste for a car. The car is wider than normal cars. I wish I knew anything about cars to tell you what this make was. The inside was luxurious, it makes you think of a yacht or a private airplane. I'm sure the interior had wood fittings, and in colors brown and beige not a black interior. I was in the backseat, there was a very interesting driver in the driver's seat, and no one else in the car with the two of us.

I wasn't sad to see you, I hope you don't mind. - the very white man who drove the car speaks now
Hi, it was great to meet you. That was fun. - me smiles
Fun?! Yeah, grief. - white man, he means like "good grief"

I remember being in the long white nightgown I had fallen asleep in, and thank goodness I had gone to sleep with clothes on. I learned that one in my teens during MILABS abductions, always go to sleep decent, cause you never know who you're gonna run in to. Wait till you read my MILABS stories, there's some good ones like when I kissed one of the men with black hair maybe it was John even and he started laughing cause he thought it was awkward and he pushed me away, then I awoke and saw him standing there in his black suit and I had thought I was dreaming and I had thought I was kissing someone entirely else, that's a fun one, but there are some less fun ones too, but they have all been great adventures.

Anyhow. I was in my white nightgown and I remember feeling cold there in the night and in his car. So, who drove the car? A white man who was not a human. Oh it was awesome, I can't tell you (interrupted)

Yeah, and then you wanted to watch me playing snooker. - the white man now says
Yes, that's right! When can we do that? - me
We have to give you some pills first! Cause this time we didn't. And you got to see us awake. - white man concerned in the two last sentences, he thought of some cylinder shaped pills that have the two "plastic" caps that you can open to get the powder out, they were white pills
What pills are those? What do they contain? I'm a chemist so I'd like to know. What do they do? What are their names? Would you tell me? - me
We don't want you to come back here in the awake state. - white man concerned and bothered
Why not? Wasn't it fun? I thought it was fun. No more pills then, that settles it. I know what the problem is, I talk too much. - me
Yes-No, my eggs were met! - Hamish inserts, and a reminder to readers, I am his eggs

I love my red and orange Dragon. But anyway. I was perfectly awake, sitting in the back of a luxurious car and the driver was a white man who was not a human.

We were going to give you some pills, but we didn't. I guess we forgot them. - white man with thought of those pills again
What is in those pills? Do you give them to me every night? - me
Yeah! We have to. - white man
What is the name of the medicine? What does it, what is it called? Can you tell me, do you know? - me
The doctor gives it to them. I don't want you to have them either. You were like my daughter, they said. - white man is sobbing so that his shoulders move up and down when he says the last sentence

He was a slightly short man, you wouldn't say he was tall as a grown man and you might say that he was slightly shorter than average. He was wearing a black suit. His skin was pure white, almost bright shining white, like chalk. He was completely bald with no hair on his head and no eyebrows or eyelashes. He had no hat or anything on his bald head. The head had a nice shape to it. Not a perfectly smooth head, but with that bump at the back of the head like we humans have, and overall shapes and contours to his head that would suggest his head contains a cranium, a skull.

He had external ears that were different in shape than human ears, not as "dainty" or "perfect" but with a rougher shape and perhaps stood out a bit more. Every now and then he turned around to look at me. His eyes are white, perhaps with a pale gray iris. At least not the case of any big colored irises like some alien hybrids have, not with this guy.

These guys are the Illuminati hybrid chums, I call them. He was one of them for sure.

I don't want him to say Helter Skelter to you. He is trying to kill you. - white man says to me about the Dark Lord
I know. I'm trying to stay safe. - me to white man
I don't want you to be in a coffin! - white man
I won't be. I am not a threat to them, so they should stop feeling so offended. - me

You know the lining around your eyeball? If you pull the skin down around your eyes you find some pink lining bordering the eye. The Illuminati hybrid chums have exposed visible pink or red lining around the eye, making them look scary, but like an eye infection. They just look that way. This guy had some lips defined around his mouth, don't remember if they had any pink in them or not. And he has an external nose. They are also called the Shark Boys. I call them my Brothers. Ever since I learned to know their personalities I decided to care for them and adopt them as my Brothers. These men live under gruesome circumstances, they did not design the world or life they live in, and they are total and utter sweethearts on the inside. They're just in the wrong place.

He was driving, and he is a good driver. We talked. He drove me up to my building where I live and dropped me off, I got out of the car. I am going to tell you everything we talked about, without distinction between what we said while still in the car or when I woke up from that place and back in my bed minutes later, because I cannot remember what we said when.

He said that he eats children. He said that many times to me. They eat my children. I have children there in that other parallel world. He said he is, and I quote, "with the Rothschilds". He didn't say he IS A Rothschild, he said he is WITH the Rothschilds, if there is a distinction. Just being clear. He invited me to come to his big house, meaning the Rothschild mansion. I've already been at the Rothschild mansion at least once before. I told him about being there before, I told him that I had seen lots of children in that house and that I'd been shown a big book of the Rothschilds geneology family tree. He said he has a lot of money. I told him I don't make much of a distinction between a person who has a lot of money and someone who has none, only that knowing that he has plenty of money meant that I would not have to worry about him whether he is ok, in terms of money. That was all it meant to me.

I almost thought that he was offering me money, so I told him I don't want their prostitution drug money from the Agenda.

Then I went on the longest rant about vegetarianism, but politely. I told him about how humans have a choice and how I've chosen not to eat meat, how that empowers me and also makes me healthier. I told him I could not be angry with him for eating children, because of the predicament that humans eat meat too. If I would get angry at him for eating people, then I would have to go on a rampage against most of humanity for eating cows and pigs, who are people with different bodies and that don't speak English. I told him that Hamish is my best friend and I would die for Hamish if I had to, and Hamish eats people and livers. I really phrased it nicely, I wish I would have written it down for you all to read.

You know what, the way I talked to him about vegetarianism, and how I didn't hate him for eating people, I was respectful, I got him into considering turning vegetarian. He said that when he was young he was given milk, so now he was going to look into whether he could live on milk again. I did that, I made him think of not eating children anymore, all thanks to being polite to him. I told him he was my Brother and that I love him, in spite of that he eats children. Because I don't think hate resolves anything, and it doesn't. Even Hamish got excited about the prospect of synthetic liver when I talked about wondering if the Reptilians could eat synthetic industrially manufactured nutrients. I was so proud of Dragon! And I said, "I knew you were a good Dragon!" I knew he was, and he is. Hamish would rather not have to kill someone to get to their livers, we learnt that today.

The white man told me something that I will always cherish. He told me, that they had tested Hamish's color vision and found out that Hamish doesn't see blue or green. That is why he takes the red toys, the white man said. Because Hamish has a habit, as we all know and love him dearly for, for putting his flat red duck foot down on that big red toy car that the hybrid toddlers like to play with, and saying that it is "his". And how Hamish is fascinated with big red ball Christmas tree ornaments, and red Santas, and with anything red for that matter.

The white man told me that he is homosexual. That came as no surprise to me, I've known the Shark Boys to all say that they are gay. I think they are gay because they are forced to procreate with women, I think they are some sort of hybrids and that they have only a minor expression or development of sexuality, and that they are not able or comfortable with being forced to have sex with various sorts of women. That is what I think. I also know that they undergo a lot of violence and torture in the dungeons. I also know that I have never seen a female version of Shark Boys, and that the men spend some time together, and maybe therefore they develop some interests in exploring sexual behaviors with each other. It is also true that this Illuminati society in which these white men live is highly masochistic and male dominated, they somehow think that women are inferior or worthless so to speak, so that may play into it as well. I often get the impression that these guys tell me they are gay, simply for any of the reasons behind why they just would not want to have sex with me, when they are asked to do it.

Maybe it is just their way of saying that they would rather not have sex with me, to tell me that they are homosexual. But I know that they do engage in homosexual activity with one another, so it is more than an excuse. I don't mind if they are gay. I told him that I don't mind, and that it rather makes me feel a whole lot safer and more comfortable around him, and I said to him that we could be friends anyway. He told me that I was supposed to be his bride and us to get married. He was meant to make me pregnant. He showed me his naked parts, I told him he was cute naked, because he is. They are just so cute all white and hairless and everything, they are delightful to see naked, kind of like seeing a child naked, don't get me wrong, but you know just in an asexual way they are cute I think. Like naked kids, they're just sweeties. I mean, in order for my brain to think that naked male genitals of any species or kind is a sexual turn on the man would have to have certain male attributes, which these guys don't have. These are just big plump white men, it doesn't register to me as a man.

I asked him, that given since he says he is gay, is he even able to achieve an erection for me? He didn't say. I feel sorry for these men, because they are being forced. But they probably end up eating their own babies that they make this way. At one point Hamish showed us a mental image of an onion, a red onion complete with the leafy green tall stalks (not that onions ever look that way here in our house, so who knows where Hamish has investigated the true appearance of an onions, tall leaf stalks and all, but he knew), and he said "Onions!". Hamish personally has a problem with the pungent smell of onions, so it is almost like Tourettes like a random blurting it out he will just say "Onions" when he wants to attack people. Like when he wanted to give onions to that scary zombie in The Walking Dead, read about it here under the title "Monsters go away!". So he was going to give onions to the white man because the white man seemed to not be into making me pregnant.

To be clear, I don't remember having any sex with the white man. I do remember having sex with white Illuminati chums in the past. I told the man that if he and I have a child, if he makes me pregnant, then he and I are raising that child and together. My children are not to be eaten, I told him.

The white man told me he likes to play snooker. I probably was asking him about what he likes to do, when he said it. I insisted that I would like to see him play it some time. He also confided that he likes cars. He has many cars over there with the Rothschilds, and he likes to drive them fast. I told him he was a good driver, which he was.

When I woke up straight from that encounter from having been in the backseat of his car I was so excited I can't tell you! Immediately I talked to him telepathically, I could still mentally see him and we could talk. To be clear, when I was in the car with him, I was in the car with him, it was not some mental remote experience. It was a close encounter. I was so excited to talk to him! I must have asked him a hundred questions! It took me ages to stop talking! I was so excited to talk to him and to meet him. I mean, he is a person but he is not human. It was fantastic.

Beelzebub is here. - a Dark Lord speaks
Hello Mr. Beelzebub. How are you doing today? - me
I was with yours, Miss. - Beelzebub
What does that mean, Beelzebub? - me
I was with your drives, I mean. In that car, with you! I was sitting there with you! - Beelzebub
I didn't see you? Were you invisible then? Well, thanks for saying hello. Nice to meet you too. - me
Beelzebub thinks so too. - Beelzebub

[ADDED same day: to clarify, Beelzebub thought a mental image that he, this Dark Lord, would have sat next to me in the backseat while the Illuminati white man was in the front seat of the car. By no means did the Dark Lord in any ways suggest that he would have been the white man, at least by what he said here. I needed to make that distinction.]

I mean, sure he eats children. But somehow, and don't hate me for this, I can love a creature regardless. Humans eat cows and pigs and I could hate them for it, but compassion is the only way to go. If I hate the white man then he is not going to stop eating children because of it. But because I was friendly and polite, he considered drinking milk again instead of eating children. Even Hamish got excited about synthetic livers. Love is the way to go, love is the answer. And I will regard this white man as my friend and brother, even if he is forced to rape me or even eats our children. I hope to meet him again.

You are my caramels, so sooft, and delicious! - Beelzebub
What does it taste like? - me
Like goats, like feed for me. - Beelzebub
Are you hungry? - me
Let's just say that you are like my tea here. - Beelzebub
I don't want you to make her angry. - white man says to Beelzebub concernedly and seriously (I wasn't angry)

I almost forgot to say that in the morning after my conversations with the white man (where I did most of the talking, cause I had a lot to say and ask him!), Hamish claimed my underpants, my panties. Hamish said they were "his". And when I didn't acknowledge it like I usually do, he said it again with emphasis that they were "his", Hamish's. Just so we all know.

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