4 AM With Hamish
May 19 2014

Hamish wakes me up at 4 AM

I have been telling Hamish and the Aliens that I want them to wake me up at 4 AM when they come here to abduct me for alien things. For the past several nights, I have been waking up at 4 AM at night. It is Summer in Europe now so I had assumed it is because of the earlier sunrise and that the sun is waking me up. But last night, lo and behold, surprise, Hamish confides that it was he who had woken me up. That's right, it was the magical abduction hour!

Hamish has been waking me up at 4 AM the past several nights! Just like I have been asking them to do! Oh Happy Me! So, what happens at 4 AM in the night when a big red Dragon Turtle has woken me up? Last night was one of the most meaningful times I have spent with Dragon Turtle.

I did not cry. - Hamish in my native language (NL)
I didn't say you did. - me
But it was meaningful. - says Hamish
It was very meaningful. Because I got to spend time with you. - me
I was with Lasarus! - Hamish (Lasarus is the main Zeta who works with me)

As you know, Hamish tends to only say a word or a few, or very simple and short sentences. Usually it is enough for him to say, Yes-No, and then followed by a word. But last night was one of those rare times when Hamish really opens up and talks. He made long eloquent sentences one after another, which turned into quite possibly the longest and most eloquent speech of his to me ever to date.

Hamish told me that he has woken me up. He told me the story of his race of Reptilians. They had been living peacefully together, when the Dark Lords (such as Malik, Rambutan, and others) came there and seized the Dragon Turtles. This was a horrible thing, in fact Hamish very much fears the Dark Ones and often tries to hide from them. The Dragon Turtle race is held captive and has been harmed in ways that I do not completely know the full picture of yet.

Hamish told me that there is a problem with fertility with the Dragon Turtles. First they were having fewer eggs. The Dragon Turtles lay green eggs, the eggs have points that are more blunt than pointy. They were suddenly having fewer eggs, and then there started to be problems with the hatchlings. And then the adult Dragon Turtles did not have enough food to eat to produce healthy babies. So now there is a fertility problem.

Hamish told me how his old race of Dragon Turtles is now being genetically changed. At first I was alarmed and heartbroken when I heard this, but it seems they are simply trying to correct the fertility problem. They are now trying to mend their genetics so that they become successfully fertile again. I have watched Hamish from remotely in mental images several times as he visits a nest of eggs that his Turtle Girlfriend has laid, and how he watches the eggs waiting for them to hatch. (Note, that Hamish calls his baby hatchlings "Hatch-its".)

Hamish was explaining to me, that they need my eggs, both for Hamish to have something to eat (snacks!) and for genetic experimentation. Then, he declared, he was now tired of talking. Hamish rarely talks so much, or such well-eloquent sentences, like he did now. This was his good and proper explanation (finally) of exactly what is going on. But I told Hamish, I already knew everything. I had figured it out over the years.

Reptiles have sex with me, whoa

So it turns out that Reptilians are having actual sex with me. To see if I might get pregnant. Two different Reptile males had tried, and I had not gotten pregnant. They are trying to fix their fertility problem that the Reptiles are having. As far as I know, Hamish is not one of them who is humping undersigned.

Hamish hoists me out of bed

Yes he did, cough. - says the Navy man, General Davies
So you did it? - me
Well, we tried to. - says General Davies
Who are you? - me
That's for you to find out. - General Davies
That's for you to tell me. - me
No.. - General Davies
Are you General Davies? - me
I was more interested in your brazier. - General Davies
Why? - me
They make me breed, to inseminate with you. - General Davies
Oh. - me
They wanted us to do it. In exchange they have given us some great maps. So, do not worry about it, little honey. - General Davies
Who said I was worried? I'm puzzled, more like. - me

So Hamish hoisted me out of bed last night. I love it when Hamish lifts me up. I was laying in bed and Hamish, using some unknown force - which exerts a real physical force, cause it is not my muscles contracting to do the movement! - Hamish hoists my body swiftly, strongly, yet ever so gently and harmlessly, so that I am sitting with back straight up. I love it when Hamish does that!

Hamish continued to maneuver my body around this way and that. With impressive strength and agility, very quickly yet gently, he turned me on my side and this way and that. Obviously he was showing me his power. That is what he used to say, when he did this to me in the far beginning of our making contact. But I of course just love it! Who wouldn't love being maneuvered around by a real Dragon Turtle from space?

General Davies, eh?

General Davies is a new Military character who has been about for the past days. He works with the USA and he goes to work not wearing a military uniform. The other night he told me he was a "one-star General". (They also have a three-star General on the team, I'm trying to remember which one that was. There is General Warwick...)

I am actually a Captain. - Davies
Then why do you lie about being a General? Are you even a Captain? - me
Well, yes, Miss, you see... - Davies
The tortoises were here! - either Hamish or Davies, about Hamish

So you remember how General Patton used to be around and about? And how he used to do this interesting thing where he uses what telepathy and remote viewing can do, but to a greater extent so that he can mind control me and use his own mind power to move my body around? Well General Patton hasn't been around for ages now. But last night Hamish seemed to maneuver me for a while and to then hand me over to General Davies, who maneuvered me.

It is a very intimate experience when the military guys do that. If you thought that having sex with someone, naked body against body is intimate, then you don't know nothing. This is not sexual, but it is intimate and close. It's like being in each other's bodies. That is how somehow - by using alien technology - he can control my body movements. At the same time it feels like he is in my body all over, and our two places overlap. He feels me, I feel him. I'm pretty sure it's the Reptilians who enable the military dudes to do this when it happens. Same as how it's the Zetas who operate the telepathic "telephone lines" when military and me are talking.

It's a strange exchange of lots of products and services between the aliens and the military. Aliens get to take eggs, to do their experiments on abductees, to make hybrids, to build alien bases here on earth, and so forth. Military get weapons, technology, information. Aliens ask the military men to have sex with human abductees to make babies. So the military guys get free sex and prostitutes and they are also given recreational drugs (I've been offered the drugs, such as the one they call "silver", which I decline). While at the same time, the military wishes that the aliens could leave, because the aliens are a viable threat against the public and to earth interests. It's a strange mixup, it involves both treaties and mutual benefits, as well as nuisances.

During alien abductions the US military is supposed to be watching to keep me safe from the aliens. So while I'm naked there on the table there would be a military man watching, or perhaps the doctor of radiology who has brown hair and big 80's glasses. The aliens are asking General Davies to have sex with me, which it seems that he does. I've told everybody (aliens and military) that I want to be awake for that, but they don't let me, cause I don't remember nuthin'.

And also the military has interest in the human abductees who have psychic powers, like me. I am supposed to be used in MKULTRA and mind control and to survey satellites and such and that. Oh I don't know where it all leads. All I know is that my Hamish needs help and that I have sworn to help him.

Dilemma or Obligation

My fishes! - says Hamish, thinks about the fish fin of a blue fish, and his lower eyelids close he is amused and smiling

So when Hamish asked me for help last night, I had to think about it. Was I going to let him take my eggs and eat my hybrid children? I always contrast that with how humans are eating cows, pigs, chickens, and eggs. Humans are doing the same thing. And I would do anything for my Dragon Turtle. Heck I would pull my own liver out to feed him if there was nothing else in the whole wide world to feed this turtle. I would die for him. I love this Dragon more deeply than he had ever intended, more deeply than I could have ever understood, and I will spend the rest of my days trying to figure it out, trying somehow to contain this deep love I have for Dragon Turtle.

I had placed Hamish's snuggy ruggy on the floor beside my bed. I tend to roll it up nowadays, well because it is in my bedroom now and so when I notice Hamish isn't even using it for a while I tend to roll it and tuck it away in the closet. But last night I took it out and gently laid it out on the floor right next to my bed, telling Dragon Turtle that it was here now, next to me, his ruggy snugs. And sure enough, after Hamish had finished his conversation and showed some power by lifting me, he retreated to stompety stomping squish squash his feet into the soft plush of the rug.

I don't understand many things. I don't understand why the military are training me with mind control sometimes, I don't understand why General Davies has to have sex with me when I don't even get to remember. I don't understand why the aliens can't let me stay awake for abductions when I want nothing more than to meet them.

I was with my eggs here. - Hamish
I was with my Hamish. - me
I was dominant. - Hamish says and closes his eyes into the narrowest slit and closes his nostrils, yes, it is the "face", the "lemon face" as I like to call it

I don't understand the Japanese Dragon Dynasty or Reptilians or eggs. But I do understand one thing, and it is that I have a fire engine red Dragon Turtle with a soft back cushion humpback and orange goosebump zits and the rows of pairs of orange buttons that mimic eyes along the back of his head and flat red duck feet and a tail and that when he stompety stomps his feet on the pink bathroom snuggie rugs then everything seems to make sense somehow. I just love him.

If you ever loved a cat or a dog. It is that kind of love, only deeper, far deeper. The person he is.

How cool. She loves him. - Davies I think
He's my best friend. I love Hamish. - me

My Sock Turtle, I can't believe how close we are. Sometimes I'm just aching to be with him.

I forgot to say. Hamish also brought a nice large sheet of his shedded scales and put it on my bed last night. I could tell that it was one of Hamish's finest.

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