May 17 2014

Alien Jumpsuit

Not last night, either the night before or two nights ago, I woke up at three minutes past four in the morning. Four AM is the magic abduction hour. The aliens were talking, and I think the Navy man was present also, in the other dimension. I have been nagging to get to meet Hamish and to have awake alien encounters.

I talked to a black reptilian which I became visually mentally aware of. He looks almost blue or purple on the skin, but you would say that he is black. Just by looking at this dark blue reptile you discern that he has no skeleton. The head is soft like a mushroom, with no skull. No external ears or hair. The eyes are slightly bulbuous, and with upper and lower eyelids that tend to be partially closed at all times, rather than eyes wide open. The eyes are black with a vertical slit.

Seeing him, he looks so frail and soft and humble. Like a man-size soft squishy salamander, look here. (Note: now that I was browsing for salamander images on the internet, Hamish came over to see, and he is feeling extremely exhausted and drained of energy. Every time he sees a real or a picture or video of a creature that might be a contender, even if Hamish doesn't roar or make a fuss or attack

It was my Santa, I said. - Hamish about this red salamander image we were looking at

so even if he doesn't attack just yet, it completely drains him and makes him exhausted to be in the presence of a possible contender.)

The black reptile talked about world domination and mining. They do a lot of mining, he said, talking from an underground mining facility possibly on Earth. He wore a purple jumpsuit like he usually does. They are mining for iron, he said. Iron is what is used to make their spacecraft hover. (Which is why we should suspect the involvement of magnetic fields and magnetic forces in their spacecraft hover technology.)

He told me I would have to wear a jumpsuit if I visit them.

Next I found myself naked somewhere else and no longer in my bedroom. I was being washed all over with a powerful stream from a hose. It was really like a power wash, something you only see people doing for a car. I was then dressed into a brown colored jumpsuit and naked underneath it. It has a zipper that runs all the way from under the chin to way down.

I wasn't fully awake, not like here in everyday life in human reality. So I was like a darted animal that is just about waking up and doesn't know where it is or what is going on. So I start escaping and running away and somebody is chasing me. I always do that. I remembered a lot more just after I woke up from it. I then fell back asleep in the morning

You wasn't with me, I said. - Hamish about that particular escapade
That's right. But I want to be with you Hamish. I want to visit with you, I said. - me
Me, Yes-No. - Hamish
Yes Hamish. Not Yes-No. - me

I think some white hybrid alien man had sex with me there. I don't seem to remember much anymore, but I do remember the jumpsuit. I was running someplace and climbed out a window I think, and got to a large underground "outdoors" area which had tens of large power generator systems, almost like what you see here on earth too. I just stopped there and didn't feel safe venturing closer toward them. That's when I retreated back and the people chasing me caught up with me.

Incontinent Abductees

Now here's the thing. I might have pood myself. What you have to know is that the aliens pull me into some other dimension. Actually it's not another dimension but it's an "overtune" or "overtone", a space or a world in between dimensions. The aliens can hide there. They can also bring humans there, and the Navy and military personnel who work with the aliens can be there perfectly conscious and able. But when they bring me in, I am never let to be fully conscious. It's not that I go there fully conscious and then afterwards that they would wipe out my memory of it. No, I'm dazed like a darted animal somehow.

Most of the times I've been abducted I don't know anything about it. Maybe I experience momentary pockets of consciousness while there, and have to forget them. But most of it seems to be dazed experiences when I'm not fully awake and I also do not have full control of my body. I have a huge tendency to pee over there. Every time I am there it seems my peeing is a problem. When I am taken to the Japanese Dynasty during abductions, the Japanese are very careful to always start by walking me to a toilet and leaving me there alone to do my thing. I have been aware of taken to a toilet many times in Japanese abductions and sitting on the toilet there. So kudos for them.

Remember the [ADDED: I was going to say, remember the Battle at Syracuse abduction, where I peed on the floor in a vacant hospital room during my escape.]

You are not with the hillock, we are not training him. - says one of the aliens maybe Hamish about the chubby Illuminati hybrid man I was seeing just seconds ago

Insert explanation: the chubby Illuminati hybrids are a genetic mixture between human DNA and some white alien DNA presumably Zeta.

No, they also have some reptile in them. - says Hamish or some other alien about the chubby IMs

These chubby marshmallow men are really sweet and many of them are mentally retarded like 2-year old big babies. They have a tendency to cry. Many of them insist that they are homosexual men, so that they wouldn't have to be forced to have sex with hybrid, alien, and human women against their will. They have either a weak or non-existent sexual drive. But their various batches are being evaluated for ability to reproduce. In fact they have genitalia and I also have many white toddler babies with these guys. They're sweet and gentle men. Their skin is the softest thing you would ever touch. They go through a lot of hell so I try to be nice to them. I call them my Brothers.

Hillock is for whatever reason their word for "male prostitutes" or these big chubby baby men who are used to make women pregnant. Hillock might also mean that they are also used for sadistic sexual things for the Dark Lords who are satanic sadists. Anyhow.

Of course during the day and also when I sleep at night I don't pee or poo myself. But when I am abducted, for some reason I am incontinent. This night I got to experience that I actually pood myself. I was aware of it for some time while I was escaping like a wild animal running this way and that trying to flee. They really put me into a bizarre and uncomfortable

We are not hostile, she said. I wanted you to say that to me. - Hamish
Hamish? You know I love you Turtle. You are my Dragon Turtle Sock Feet! - me
I wasn't gentle with you, I said. - Hamish, and then he sniffs a big sniff inhale with his nostrils to smell some blood, aha yes that's right I do have my menstruation now, so no wonder he is sniffing it out

So when the aliens caught up with me, I was in a small area of a room which was covered in a huge white plastic tarp. It wasn't regular plastic. The plastic was sticky almost like you could stick it onto a refrigerator door and it would stick. I had pieces of soft solid white soap smeared all over me and a black reptilian in a purple jumpsuit was washing me. He was using a brush that was on the end of a stick. Go figure.

When I wake up from something like this, well there are a lot of thoughts. My main thought is that it is "AWESOME!" to have been somewhere else with aliens! The excitement of having actually visited another world, a parallel universe, a parallel space. And having been in the presence of aliens, even though not to my full senses of awareness. I feel regret that I had pood, but I don't hold myself responsible for it of course. The aliens have chosen to work with me in these ways. Other humans [Navy personnel] are brought there fully aware and don't have these problems. Could it be the side-effects of some of the drugs they use on me that cause incontinence?

In my teens I woke up in a small room that was inside a larger room, walls of glass. A human man came in and gave me an injection in my arm with what he said was "muscle relaxer". Seconds later my whole body felt like how the gums feel after a sedative from a dentist and he had to help me walk. Bladder control and bowel control are maintained with muscle, but also with the conscious will and intent.

Bladder control has two muscles that constrict the urethra from which urine flows out from bladder. The first constricting muscle always opens when it feels the weight of urine in the bladder. The second muscle sits underneath it and waits for a signal from the brain when we decide that we are ready to pee. Of course, when this second muscle fails to obey the conscious signal then the person has bladder incontinence. Even adults can have incontinence, but I don't have any incontinence whatsoever. I can hold my pee for hours if I have to before it hurts. The only time I've peed myself in adult age was that one time when I had the worst flu ever and my whole body was weak so even this muscle wasn't cooperating so I peed myself while I was in bed during the day. I say these things not to amuse anyone, but this is supposed to be a more scientific query into the alien abduction phenomenon.

It is unlikely that even if I were sleepwalking that I would pee myself. Of course, many people dream that they are peeing. If I go to sleep when I have to pee when I might have a dream where I am peeing humongous amounts and sitting on the toilet, then I wake up in the morning and have to go pee. But this isn't the case of that. And these, I believe, are not dreams. These are alien encounters in another parallel universe, an "overtune" universe. The Dinosaurs once explained to me, that the "overtune" is another place because atoms there sway at a different frequency than they do here in our human universe. Interesting, huh? For a physics student that kind of facts can make me go bananas with joy and excitement.

It is clear that the abductors use chemical drugs on me. I have even been made to swallow pills

We use it for insemination. - Hamish is quick to say, panting as if out of momentary distress
So? Tell me more? - me
We wanted you to be our mother. - says one of the Zetas with suction cups on his fingertips
So, you drug me? Why? - me
Because you're very heavy otherwise. So, if you stay asleep and when you dream, you are not. So that we can handle you better. - Dinosaur says while thinking of my heavy body on a table
But I have a better idea. If you let me stay awake, because I am very curious about your work and what you do to me, then I can move my body by myself. Then it is not heavy for you at all. Won't you do it? Let me stay awake? - me
Only if we can touch and put our fingers on you. - Zeta with suction cup fingertips
Why do you want to touch me? I guess you can go ahead. Only if I'm awake. - me
We wanted to mate with you. To make a new breed! - Zeta
When did I consent to this? - me
We made you, in the belly. - Zeta, "belly" in my other language, with image of womb with baby fetus
So you created me. I wasn't naturally made. - me
No? No one here was. - an alien, ie. "naturally made"
We wanted you to, meet our fingertips. We like to touch you with them. - Zeta with suction cup fingertips
Let me stay awake and see everyone. I want to see Hamish. And Remulan Scorpions! - me
They are not allowed in here. - Zeta with concern about Remulans (Remulan Scorpions leave a brown trail of runny poo, sort of like a snail, everywhere they go, so the other aliens always fuss them out of rooms)

Where was I. Drugs. They even give me the date rape drug rohypnol. It's regretful that they choose to work that way.

We call it, keeping you inundated. - someone says

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