Meeting Hamish at the Staircase
May 12 2014

Close encounter of the closest kind with aliens and Navy personnel.

8:53 AM. In August 2011 the Aliens had decided to talk to me and explain what they are doing. I had had Zeta contact and abductions in my teens and then a ten-year break through my 20's. They now wanted me to meet my hybrid children and be informed of their work. I embarked on alien contact with a positive outlook, prepared for tolerance of alien cultures and ways of thinking, for understanding our differences, and wanting to endure any uncomfortable elements like any good scientist would. This was alien contact, and it was real. But things turned impossible and I banished them all, they of course did not leave, but I learned to ignore them.

We don't have any caustic soda. - Hamish
What, Hamish? What are you saying? Why did you say caustic soda? - me

Hamish shows me a mental image of the big bottle of carbonated mineral water that I left sitting on the living room floor last night beside the table leg. Aha, so that explains the soda.

It is a beverage. It is my snacks. - me to Hamish
I love you Turtles. I think I got to see you recently. - me
My liver snacks! - Hamish
My Hamish! Yes-No, Liver Snacks. Yes-No my livers I said. - me
"My" livers? - Hamish
Yes-No my livers, is not snacks. Don't eat my livers, I said. - me
I wanted to see that. To learn the battles. - Hamish about Harry Potter movies
It is just a movie. It doesn't exist. It is fictional. I'm sorry to tell you that. - me
Then we could have fought them. - Hamish about the Dark Lords (called Archons elsewhere on the internet)
... I will bite them I said. - I say to my Dragon Turtle
I will not let you do that. - some alien says, either Hamish or a Zeta
Because they would come after you. - the Zeta adds, so it was a Zeta
My eggs. - Hamish
My Hamish. - me
Hey, Ma'am! I am a doctor here. - the doctor with brown hair and big glasses
Hello doctor. Nice to meet you again. - me
We wanted to see how you were doing? - doctor
I'm fine. I got to meet Hamish. I shouldn't have screamed like, hysterical. I wasn't sure if it was Hamish. So I ran and screamed. - me
You know, this is worse than 9-11. - a Zeta, hybrid, or one of the men says
I know. But, how about, when humans eat chickens and cows? How's that? Think about it. - me
Well, we would like to give you a red dress. But you know you can't wear one. - doctor says and thinks of Hamish
I know. It is Hamish's color. I don't wear red clothes. Or eat lobster. Hamish is my best friend, so it is ok. - me
Your, "best", friend? - doctor
Yes. We have been friends for a long time. Hamish and me. We have had good times together. I guess? - me
Like butter! I eat you like bread and butter! - Hamish declares to the Naval base men
Don't eat the men at the Navy base. They are my friends. - me, even though they're not. But I've got to stand up for them and defend them, they are humans.
Hamish? Don't eat those men? They are my friends. - me
And? What does she say to you? - doctor to Hamish
She says my turtle and duck feet to me. - Hamish answers to the doctor and Hamish lifts his flat red duck feet, thinking of his feet
You know Ma'am, this is quite a serious matter. So we don't want anybody or Hamish coming here who is hostile. - one of the Navy men says
But Hamish doesn't want to eat me. We are friends. Aren't we? Hamish? Are you my friend? Hamish, do you care about me? - me
Only if I go to the mall here! - Hamish says delighted, almost amused
My Turtle Sock Feet. - me to Hamish

So. I have been ignoring the aliens, who are clearly still up to the same business, undeterred, but they have accepted that we have fewer conversations and they don't try to show me everything anymore. But the other day they brought a little hybrid girl here, who was made from my egg, i.e. supposedly my "daughter". Some white little girl with thick skin like a diving suit or on a dolphin, large eyes, and stupid and dumb like a brick. You have to understand I started out with a very loving and positive outlook on these children. I welcomed them into my life and into my home and was ready to be a mother and get to know them. I was going to provide them a safe, nurturing and a loving home. But they turned out to be children from hell. They are arrogant and mean beyond human comprehension. And they rape people. They have no empathy and they can hurt people more than any human could. They don't even make scary movies as hideous as these children are, you just can't imagine. So expecting me to be "motherly" toward these kids, just doesn't work.

Anyway, the aliens showed me one of the human "bachelors" (men who are used to have sex and make hybrid girls and human woman abductees pregnant) a man from the USA and they were showing me him naked and his privates. I told the aliens I don't want to see that and go away. Then they showed me the little hybrid girl standing next to him, she was holding her hands on his naked privates. To be fair, they were thus telling me that this man was her father, that she had come from there. Because the aliens also put the children's hands on my tum tums to show them that I came from eggs that are in there. But I told them all to leave. The man and white hybrid girl were going to visit in my home. They wanted to sit with me in the living room while I watched a tv program. I felt stressed and angry and told them to leave, they were not welcome. They sat here anyway, and I tried to ignore them.

Hamish is of course around, and he sure cheers me up every day. It's like having a big dog around. You know how dogs do things every day that make us humans smile and laugh. Hamish and his snuggy rugs, talk about snacks, how he watches television, all of the little things that he does and says, I just love having a big red Dragon around. Dinosaurs visit occasionally, and I welcome them each time. The Dinosaurs tell me about bad living conditions there with the aliens, and how they are forced to work. I try to give the Dinosaurs my loving support.

We don't need your empathies. - Dinosaur says, this is a reference to what I would say when I returned from this morning's abductions, I will get to that later soon

I woke up early in the morning, it was a day off from work so I could get back to bed. The aliens decided to seize the opportunity of all my free time and have some interaction. Of course, I told them to leave that I wanted to be alone and I wasn't finished sleeping. I will now try to piece together everything that happened, trying not to forget anything, and having it in the right order. They take me in another dimension and when I am asleep my mind will be dreaming, but sometimes - and I think if the aliens allow - I can begin to be partially awake and see the aliens and real whereabouts where I am in.

Why do you have to, "piece" it together? - one of the aliens asks
Because I don't remember clearly. I don't remember everything. - me, regretfully
I would like to remember sometime. - me

A Zeta appeared. I was trying to get back to sleep and enjoy sleeping in late in the morning on this day off. I don't like the Zetas and I like to tell them that I don't like them because they are pedophiles and rapists. There was a human man who works on earth at a Navy base in the USA and the aliens wanted me to have sex with the man so that I would get pregnant. The aliens talked about "ClearBlue" the pregnancy test kit, and how I wasn't pregnant just now. I felt surprised that aliens would use a human pregnancy kit.

I fell asleep and that is when the interesting story begins. Did you ever see the movie The Matrix? How Neo finds out that the real human world is only a dream and that the real human bodies are somewhere else, asleep, their minds living inside a big computer game virtual reality that seems and looks real to our senses? You see, the aliens live in "another dimension". That makes us humans want to dismiss their existence entirely. It is fairly tempting to think that "oh, then in that case the aliens are less solid than us, less real, and something sort of like ghosts in another world that isn't as real as ours, their world does not matter as much as ours". (Hamish is now by his favorite creek. He sends me the mental postcard. I love it when Hamish shows me when he's out and about.)

Hello Hamish! Are you going to bathe there? Are you going to the bathroom. What is Hamish going to do there? Hamish? Which will you do? - me, I say the last one in my other language
Turtle Sock. - I say, and finish with a mental palate click

But the aliens are not stupid. They are living in a real world. And in their world our moon is not real but is a satellite, an artificial object that used to send radio waves (or other waves of radiation) to earth and to the humans. Their world is very real. It is a real place. It is we humans who are dumb and ignorant. The aliens are real creatures with real bodies, and they are living in a real world.

Hamish No Hinch! No that! - I say to Hamish and make the Hamish-style roar-hiss

Hamish tends to drag his victims to that favorite creek of his and drown them in the water. Then he eats pieces of them on the rocks at the shore. He is thinking of drowning and eating the liver of the Navy man I met earlier. So I am trying best I can to dissuade him.

The thing is, and this is the part you readers will struggle with, because I'm still trying to figure this one out - but I can't. There exists my body in the alien dimension at all times. Not just when I am "magically transferred" or "lifted" into their world. It exists always there. Sometimes I "wake up" in that body and am partially - or sometimes fully - awake in that other body there. Often I find myself sleepwalking there, partially dreaming and hallucinating like dreams go and partially seeing the aliens, USA military and other personnel, and that other place and me there. Most of the time they somehow

Yes, we call it inundated. - a Navy man, and yes they do, they call it that

Most of the time they somehow keep me totally unaware of that other place. And when I'm awake here in our "real human world" I am almost entirely unaware of that other place. As if it didn't exist. Except that I can hear and see fragments and mental images of the aliens who come to interact with me. Note: UFOs and alien spaceships that visit me do happen physically in this human world of ours. They are not mental images, and I know that because I've seen them with witnesses. There have also been other physical signs of the aliens, such as that time when they drew neon green Zeta hieroglyphs on the bedroom walls (my friend saw them too) and made the bed shake and had real moving lights in this world of ours. So they can come here too. They just seem to prefer to hide in another dimension. And to drag us into their dimension. I mean, if they have this stealth technology, then sure as heck they would use it! So that we

We used to mutilate cattle. - a Zeta says
And I'm glad you stopped? - me
Yes. We had to. - one of the aliens says
Because humans were seeing us then. - Zeta, meaning the physical sign of mutilated cattle
Why did you mutilate the cattle? How could you do such a thing? Why did you do it? - me

So they would of course use that technology, so that we humans can continue pretending that the "aliens don't even exist". That it is just a modern day fairytale.

I was laying naked on an alien work table in a barren and dark small room where the table was in the center. There was a human man there beside me. He was blonde and maybe in his 40's or early 50's. I found myself in the act of washing myself with a sponge. They were using Palmolive soap with the almond scent or it smelled like magnolia, it was white soap and I was using it on a pink sponge. Here at home I am using a green sponge and other soap. The aliens said they usually borrow my soap and sponge from my home but now they had their own things for me. I was just washing myself with the sponge, putting more soap on the sponge and I realized I didn't have any water so I was getting just soapy. Well, I was naked and washing myself but I didn't seem to care that there was a man in the room. You kind of just go with whatever is happening at the time. It takes a higher level of awareness before you really wake up and start to realize the situation.

I asked the man if he would please wash my back for me, and I reached the sponge toward him. He wouldn't, in fact he didn't even answer, so I had to cumbersomly (like it is) wash my back myself. Well, they were having me washed because I was going to have sex with alien creatures and with human Navy men.

A hybrid boy came into the room and they said he was going to watch me have sex with a human man. I decided I said it was ok, we could do that and he could watch. I decided I would not care about it and I would not do anything or care. The hybrid was short and his skin was white and thick.

I must have repressed the experience because my mind started to wander. Suddenly I dreamt of a beach and ocean at night and I travelled over vast landscapes over large lakes and wilderness. My mind does this to escape and feel free, to go somewhere else. I saw two large whale fins in the lake. I wondered how the whales would fit into a lake. Then a whale came real close to me and laid its body on top of mine and had sex with me. This was confusing. And I now know that the hybrid, perhaps also the man had, were having sex with me and it was uncomfortable so my mind had chosen to escape into dreams. The hybrids are somewhat similar to whales and dolphins. In fact the Thubans call themselves "dolphins" because they know I used to like dolphins as a child.

One of my favorite animals as a child was praying mantis. I still go bananas if I see a praying mantis, you'd think you just gave a girl a diamond bracelet. I also loved dolphins. The Zetas and Thubans use dolphins as a mind control method, they try to make their abductee human children think of the Zetas and Thubans as some sort of friendly animal. Frog is another favorite animal, and the Dinosaurs are called Frogs. Another favorite was always prehistoric dinosaurs, which is why I am totally infatuated when I see reptilian scales and tail and all. And the praying mantis was of course

We are called the Locusts. And, I thought you might want to know, we don't like to eat. We don't like to eat our kaka here. - Locust
What? They feed you that? What would you like to eat? - me
We don't like to eat liver snacks. But certain others do. - Locust
Hello Locust. You are lovely. I enjoy seeing you people. You are intelligent and lovely. - me
We also had your father here. - Locust
I don't want to know more about that. It is private, and it would bother me. - me

What comes next? I dreamt about an electrical car which used electricity to charge up a lithium battery, it had one battery only and it would run for five minutes not more. I told them we could connect several batteries either in series or parallel, I would have to investigate which works best. I drove in the lithium battery car. I was with aliens and we were in the alien room. Then I dreamt I was driving a real battery-driven car in traffic here in my city, as the aliens informed me that we humans should not use petrol fuel for cars because it will run out and it is cancerous and how easy it was to use electrical cars and they wanted to convince me that I would strictly only want to buy an electrically powered car once the day comes when I buy a car. (The aliens have always taught me lessons about environment. They do that to abductees, they want us to take care of our earth and environment.) Then there was also talk, either from me or their idea, to have a generator in the electrically driven car, to generate more power as it goes.

I was then shown a magnificent alien city. It was on another planet. Large skyscrapers. What was interesting were the roads for their vehicles of personal transportation. Their streets were not along the ground in between buildings like we have here on earth. No, the tracks ran in the air, curved tracks that made me ask why did they have what looks like the thing you have in the amusement park, a roller coaster I mean. Their cars run on these tracks and use some sort of foreign source of fuel which I could not even understand. So they were showing me.

Next comes the dog pet store. You see, the aliens call me a cat or a dog. They use this for mind control constantly. I wish they would stop and let human abductees and hybrid children just deal with facts and reality. But instead the aliens try to construct mind control, to somehow make it easier on us. So the hybrid children are brainwashed into thinking they or abductees are cats. I've written about this elsewhere on the website and I don't feel like repeating and ruining my day and life. Anyhow, there must've been talk about dogs because I was now dreaming about a dog store that was about to open. The owner of the dog store had asked people to volunteer for a contest to see who could design the sign and window for the dog puppy shop. I had entered my suggestion, others had too. I was now no longer in the alien base with aliens, but standing before a dog store with the owner, who was a human man.

I thought I was going to help the man design the store. Then we were at his house, which was nearby. For some reason we ended up having sex. He told me he was married, he didn't want to, but it was me who was asking him. You have to understand that the aliens push us into these situations. And then I dreamt some more, about various things, being in the city.

But now comes the interesting part. I was in an underground

You were at the mine! - says a black reptilian
Hello! Thank you for inviting me. - me
You wanted to see our tails? - Hamish says and picks up the end of his tail into his hands
I wanted to see my Hamish! - me
You were picked up and brought here before. We are mining minerals here. - black rep
What kind of minerals? What are they called? - me
Well, lithium for your batteries, is one! - black rep about the car earlier
Oh? What else? Can I come again? - me
Only if you don't run around, or get lost. - black rep
I am sorry I ran. I was afraid of Hamish. I thought he was going to eat my livers. - me
And now a white light appears, it may be Pleiadians, they chase away the presence of the Reptilians. There is soft love and light here instead, quite a different feeling.

I was in an underground tunnel, a long tunnel. It was quite dark there, in spite of some lighting in the ceiling. I thought I was with other people, but I might have dreamt the other two or so people I thought I was with. I didn't understand the situation, I was trying to make sense of it. There was something ominous up ahead in the tunnel, some type of car or threat coming toward us! So we headed to the elevator that was to my left. There was an elevator but also stairs next to the elevator, just like any large building would have, in case the elevator breaks down or there is a fire, you would have to take the stairs.

Someone was coming after me and we closed the elevator doors just before they could get to us. I might have been by myself, but invented one or two other people, other versions of me, so that I could feel safer. Because one of the people I thought I was with, was a really brave warrior woman who was going into the tunnel to face what thing was up there. So that I could feel safe as I headed into the elevator. I didn't know what button to press. I chose 9. I knew I had to confuse whoever was following me. I got out at my floor and then pressed another button so that the elevator would continue, I pressed 4. I was at the staircase all alone. The stairs and walls and everything was made out of black colored materials. I went up some stairs, and there. There it was.

Standing on the floor of the next floor up was an alien creature. A hideous monster. I saw it in clear detail. There is nothing similar here on earth except for besides insects. The body had many notably "ugly" details on it. Cats and dogs, horses, dolphins, humans, even reptiles, birds, and fish, are all pretty animals. The outside of their body is smooth and attractively composed. Whereas we humans find insect bodies to be ugly and hideous, with their many strange and unattractive features on the surface. This alien body was ugly like an insect. And therefore scary like a big insect.

I didn't want you to come. - says Hamish, he is sad I have offended him
But Hamish. I want to see you I said. I love you. - me
My eggs! - Hamish
My Hamish! - me

It was not an upright standing humanoid form. The Zetas are humanoid form, humans are too, and also the Dinosaurs. Things that stand upright, standing tall. This creature was lower to the ground but stood on two legs. Slumped down in its body posture, rather than standing tall. It had a tail. It had two skinny thin twig arms facing forward. There was a finger at the end of the twig arm, with a sharp claw at the end. Even the arm and finger and claw looked very similar to an insect.

But it was a hideously ugly creature, like an insect.

I was not a twig arm, I said. - Hamish
You were my Dragon Turtles. I love Hamish. I was happy to see you. - me

The creature was dark, or perhaps because he stood in the dark. The head faced forward, a small head with two eyes. I was so scared. So scared.

You were at our hospitals. - Hamish
Was I? When can I come back, to see you again? I wanted to see my Hamish again. - me
My potty was there. - Hamish shows me a bedpan with poo in it
Why do you show me that? Is it yours? - me
No, but it was used here. - Hamish
Aha. Ok. - me

Hamish has a habit of showing me things. He can also talk about toilets and poo without being as deterred of the topic as we humans would.

They had not eaten fish, so it didn't smell good. We like for them to eat fish instead. - says the black reptile about the poo
I will remember, to eat fish. But without the scales. - me

I have the impression the bedpan was not mine by the way, but some man's. Never mind.

It wasn't taken to the stars, but sometimes we take them. - Hamish, about the poo being taken to space colonies
Why do you take them? For studies? - me
We need to know what they eat, before they can live here. - says some other alien
Oh. Ok. - me
So that is why we have the bedpans. - an alien says, not Hamish

Actually, the aliens recently explained why they study poo, and then it makes sense. If they know what a human eats, and they know what a human excretes, then they can do a simple subtraction to figure out what a human absorbed. So instead of fussing with providing humans and their hybrids with the actual foods (which might be difficult to grow out there in space), they can find out precisely what the human absorbs and therefore needs.

We just eat these caterpillars. - says a Dinosaur and shows me a large white grub on its hand
Yes. Is it tasty for you? Are you happy with this food? Is it good food for Dinosaurs? - me
We don't mind eating them. As, we brought them here from our home. We had them always, there. And we don't need to see them in a "bed". - Dinosaur, "bed" referring to the bedpan
We don't study our own feces. - Dinosaur, "feces" in my native language
We just come here to you. - Dinosaur

By the way, remember that time when I said I had poo missing? Because I had eaten a lot of food normally but nothing had come out in a long while? I've had that same thing happening now. I've been eating tons of food and almost nothing has been coming out for a week now and I've been real worried, wondering if I've had a serious constipation growing, but now I can relax it must be the aliens taking everything out so I don't have to worry, I mean I'm safe and all. Sort of.

So that creature stood there on the floor right where the stairs would lead me. I was at the stairs, a few stairs up, and I had stopped there, staring at this thing. I felt so scared, so scared I can't tell you. I sensed that it wanted to eat my liver. (So we know it was Hamish, hey?) I just felt the strongest sense that this creature is looking at me and thinking about eating my liver. It was a terribly dark and sinister feeling

I was only looking, I wasn't going to eat them. - Hamish says
Hamish! I got to see my Turtle Dragon! - me

"Hamish? Is that you?", I asked, or something to the effect. I asked the creature, is he Hamish? There was this horribly sinister feeling. You will never encounter a creature on earth and get to experience that same feeling. It is dark, sinister, scary, ominous, and all synonyms to these.

I wanted to take leather and make shoes. So that I wouldn't have to travel on my bare feet. Sometimes, I step on things. - Hamish, he thinks of pieces of sharp glass or plastic
Hamish? I can make shoes for your feet? Would you let me make shoes for you? I can make some shoes for Hamish. Some simple slippers that you can get into and out of easily. If I can measure your feet. - me
They are shaped like a duck feet, you have said. - Hamish
Yes, Hamish. - me
Don't worry, we will take care of him. - a Zeta says, from inside an alien cafeteria
I WANT TO MAKE HIS SHOES! He is my Dragon! I want to make Hamish some shoes. I want to take care of his duck feet. - me
I have stepped on some excrement before. - Hamish, probably his own excrement, judging from the picture

Hamish's poo is never solid but is more like chewy to runny cowpatties, a medium brown color. He tends to accidentally step on some because he drops them fairly close to the backs of his feet. That is why we sometimes see Hamish wiping his feet and grooming on the bathroom rugs. Yes, he adopted the little bathroom snuggy rugs and likes to wipe his feet clean on it. When he does, he wipes a foot backwards, and does that intermittently real fast so it looks like he is running in one place. Oh how I love it when Hamish stands on that bathroom ruggie and wipes his feet real fast on the rug! It just looks so awesome.

So I saw Hamish. I sort of knew it was Hamish, I recognized the race of alien, I knew it was Hamish's race. But seeing it in real life was still different, more real, more detailed, than it ever was in the mind's eye when I am still in my home. I asked him if he was Hamish, because I wasn't sure. He didn't answer. And I was sensing how it was wanting to eat my liver. It made no moves toward me so it wasn't going to attack, but it felt like being in an alley with a murderer who stands there holding a knife. I knew this creature could have eaten me. And there are plenty murderous animals who could never scare a human so badly. Lots of creatures on earth might attack and eat a human, but they would still look and feel sort of cute and cuddly. Say, if you saw a bear or a tiger, you know you're in danger because you're thinking it, but the animal is still cute. But facing the Dragon Turtle, you feel something so horrendous and hideous. This is a hideous creature. They are not very pleasant.

I was going to put my eyes on you, and see you too. - Hamish says and emphasizes on his yellow round eyes that bulge out of the head
My Hamish! I wanted to see you again! My Turtle Dragon. Yes, Hamish. - me
Oh-my-God. I am living in New York, and this is much worse. - a Navy man says because I'm loving Hamish
He's my Dragon Turtle. Hamish is my Dragon Turtle. - me
She also calls me Sock Feet. - Hamish says to the man

So because I wasn't sure if it was Hamish, and this creature was thinking of eating my livers, I had to run away, I headed back down the stairs. But I stayed there long enough, maybe as much as 20 seconds, looking at this creature, sensing him for a while, and asking if it was my Hamish? I'm pretty sure it was my Turtle Sock, but in case it hadn't been, this fellow would have wanted to eat my livers. Had I known it was my Hamish, I might have stayed. You know I would have stayed had I known it was my Hamish. My Turtle Sock Feet, finally I got to see you real close and the way that I had wanted... I love you so much.

Oh yes. But I didn't just go down the stairs, now did I. I screamed like bloody murder. I didn't think I would have it in me, but I screamed for dear life. I should win an Oscar for that scream. Loudest, longest, and most terrified scream ever possible. And I screamed for a long time all the way back either up the elevator or up the stairs. Well, because it was the scariest creature that wanted to eat my liver. It's funny that even though it's my Hamish (we now know it was him, from what he said here), he was thinking of eating my liver, and I screamed. So this friendship we have on the surface, he's still a creature that wants to eat my liver, and I'm still a human who fears him. But we're friends.

When I woke up back in my bed, the aliens showed me another Navy man, this one a bit heavier and has glasses and brown hair. This man said to me that he works for the Navy. He also said it was Captain Daniels who was with me earlier. So it was Captain Jacob Daniels who had been in the room when I washed myself with a sponge, and now I recognize him, yes it was he. I first met Daniels when I was 17. I would love to go back there, when fully awake, and just talk to this man and get to know him. Fill in the huge gaps that they've imposed in me when I don't get to fully know what's going on.

And the man at the petstore was yet another man, someone with blonder hair. So I met three different USA people that night. The man this morning, with brown hair and glasses, said he has to go there to defend humanity. He is real upset and sad about the things going on. Namely if some people don't volunteer to make babies for the Reptiles to eat, then the Reptiles would go after the general public to eat us. So the Navy men volunteer to have sex with abductee women and the babies are either made into hybrids for the Zeta projects or eaten by the Reptiles such as Hamish. Yes, my Hamish.

I warned the man that the Zetas would try to make him into a pedophile and that he should not do anything with the hybrid kids, I told him to remember that the little ones are children and that if they do anything then the Zetas make me watch and then I would become self-destructive and really hurt. Anyway.

I also forgot to say, there was an episode perhaps after the stairs with Hamish, where the aliens showed me one of my hybrid boys. The boy looked like the boy whom I call my "little man", a screen was wrapped around his head from a large helmet. The screen projected mathematical symbolism and equations against a pinkish-red and white background, the boy was learning this way. When I woke up and back in my room, the Zetas talked about this and sure enough, it was a learning tool for mathematics. The Zetas are all about their mathematics.

But then I explained to the new man with brown hair and glasses, that the Zetas lack intelligence, they lack empathic intelligence. Humans are emotionally empathic, I explained to him, in which we can empathize and imagine the situation of other creatures and things. That is what makes us so creative and innovative and intelligent, our emotions do. The Zetas are completely unable to understand humans, they lack empathic intelligence, which is why they can do things like pedophilia - which makes sense to them - and be completely unaware of how it corrodes a human or hybrid body and mind. I welcomed this new man into our situation and gave him some words of support. I told him, that if ever he was in trouble with the aliens he should try to contact me and I would do anything I can. I told Hamish not to eat these men because they were my "friends", they were "my" men, I said to Hamish.

So the story goes. I had nagged of course that I want to meet my Hamish. I have whined and begged and nagged both to the military men and to Hamish and everybody else that I want a close encounter with my Hamish.

Did you see my back turtle? - Hamish about his soft back hump, and our meeting at the stairs
I didn't see it! So that is why I will have to come back to see you again. And then I will look at your back turtle. - me
It was good for me, said my women. They said they liked it. - Hamish

Aha, so the Dragon Turtle Ladies like Hamish's back turtle. Interesting. I had thought the back cushion is just for appearing powerful to other Dragons and having dominance. Seems it is also a sexually appealing signal to the females, which makes sense. Now a hybrid child tells me they have seen the Disney cartoon, the one with the fox and the dog. The kids get to see Disney cartoons, and elements of the movies are then used in mind control against the hybrids. The hybrid children are totally brainwashed over there.

I don't care about anything else. I'm just happy that I got to meet my Dragon Turtle.

This man named Jeff, didn't want to come back here! - Hamish about our Jeff, remember the Jeff who wanted to go buy firearms in Mexico and had the colorful purple Hawaii shirt and moustache?
Where is Jeff? Is Jeff ok? Is he doing ok? I hope he's ok. - me
He doesn't want to battle with us. - Dark Lord says
Ok. Be good to Jeff. - me
They are my hamburger! - Dark Lord
Don't eat humans. It is silly. Don't hurt Jeff, or I will be sad and angry. - me
"You"?!?? You said??? - Dark Lord
Yes. Me. - me

By the way I called Malik back the other day and then he started doing black magic and ruining my life so I had to send him away. Turns out he had been in some prison. He had been caught by someone when he was trying to kill me one night. I had no idea, I just thought Dark Lord Rambutan had chased him away, cause Rambutan is the one around here nowadays. Rambutan, I have found out, is in love with me. He thinks we are in a romantic love relationship, including a sexual relationship. But of course, what he feels as "lust" is in fact energy vampirism. Isn't this all so weird and odd? But it's aliens, we humans don't get to invent these stories. It will be just as weird as outer space and the planets.

By the way. Hamish's finger with claw looked specifically like a tool used for digging into body cavities and pulling out entrails, I also sensed it from it. It was hideous to see such a creepy tool. The long finger and curvature of the claw on a long stick arm. And next time I will make sure Captain Daniels gives me a sponge bath on my back. That's the least he could do. No, next time I hope I wake up fully so that I could talk to these people and figure this out. They haven't exactly told me what is going on.

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