January 30 2014

Last night when I went to bed the aliens brought me a little gray hybrid child's hand that they were going to put on me so that she can touch her mother. Immediately I started having heart pains, it's very stressful what they would do to me and what I've already been put through by the aliens. I threw a tantrum at them, I won't have those children molesting me. I won't have anything to do with those filthy children.

Alien place

I became aware in a strange place last night. I want to wake up and think that it was a dream, but somehow I can't just dismiss all of it. Part of the experience was enveloped in dreams, but it had an underlying foundation that I have to think might have been an alien base.

In one of the first parts of the dreams last night, I was in a room that had two entrances to it next to each other. There were children coming in to see me in this room. I threw a tantrum. All they seemed to want to do was to look at me. I specifically recall attacking those children, beating their heads with my fist like a real pro, I didn't think I had it in me. I was really brutal. Those were hybrid but mostly human kids, about the age of 8 to 10 I would think. I also tore apart every single material object I could find in this room. I was berserk, I made a perfect mess.

I wasn't there, I said to him and her. - Hamish, he means that he wasn't there when it happened, and that he would have said this to the boy and girl who were at the door in this segment
Where were you? Where was Hamish when I was asleep? Where was my Dragon? My Hamish Turtle? - me
I wasn't playing ball with anybody before. - says Hamish and I see a quick mental image of a black and white soccer football

Two children lingered by one of the open doors to the right, they were two girls or a girl and a boy and they were crying to someone who stood in the hallway with them, the children were not wanting to go in to see me because I was acting violent, and someone was telling the children to go in to see me.

I hate the way the aliens insist that me and the children get to look at each other and for the kids to touch me. It is terribly aggravating given that I am also shown these children in sexual situations with other people and that these children at least used to molest me sexually too (or that they still do but I am not let to be aware). It is causing me heart pains just to see one of those filthy children. Of course I will attack them and want to kill if they come anywhere near me. You would too. The aliens they are killing me painfully and slowly with this.

Some of my readers think I'm a horrible woman for wanting to kill these children. What you need to realize is that these children are rapists, and that they are also not children. They are some kind of insectoid animals without mammalian brains. They have no compassion or intelligence, they don't understand what they are told. All they want is their toys and time at the playgrounds, that is what they get for molesting people.

In another segment that was probably before this one, I was standing together with several other adults human Caucasian men and women. I think we were all naked. We were just clustered together standing in one group like that. It was meant for the men to have sex with the women. None of the men really wanted to do it with me but then one man decided that he could. I don't remember more after I somehow telepathically sensed his intentions and then later I think I was in the room that I tore apart.

After being in the room that I tore apart, I exited into the hallway. It all felt like an outer space alien type of place. I wouldn't be surprised if it was in fact actually in outer space. I think there were four possible doors or hallways I could choose from at that point I was in, after I had turned right from the door I came from. The room ahead of me had a sign on the door with text in English. There were four words. It went something like this: "Health (or Human) Biomedicine..." and then I can't remember the other two words. I wanted to remember, and later on in the dream I made sure to get a pen and paper, I was trying to write these down because I wasn't going to forget. But this sign meant that behind that door was a biomedical research facility. I wasn't going to go in there, and I think there was a Zeta there. It felt like a creepy place, even just looking at it from the door. Like the kind of place they do creepy animal experiments.

We won't do a lobotomy on you if you say that! - hollers a Zeta now, who of course was listening in to my thoughts and my writing this
What are you saying? - me
If you don't talk to us about our dolls and puppets. - Zeta adds, meaning the little hybrid girls
Those children can go to hell! Take them away from me! - me

Another door led me to a place where an old man was communicating with a chimpanzee. The chimpanzee was a male one somehow I knew, and it approached me and I was afraid because it was dangerous. (What I think this was, believe it or not, was that I was seeing it wrong. I think there were hybrid children or Zetas in that room. The children were afraid of me, and Zetas would have told them that I am like a chimpanzee. Then I would have seen it that way, in my half-drowsed and suggestive state.)

At this point I was running away, trying to escape this place. I thought I was with two other people who were helping me escape. This is when I tried to write down the text on the door, I don't think I really had a pen and paper, and the person who was with me was urging me that we have to go! But I wanted to write it down so that I would not forget. But I forgot it anyway, well most of it anyways. I'm damn sure the first word starts with an "H" and I think it was "Health", and the second word was Biomedical or close to it. The two other words were interesting ones but I can't recall.

I got to a dining hall. I seem to always run into a dining area when I'm running about in abductions. Often I am also taken to a dining area in abductions and they serve me food.

I am going to kill it with a knife. The more you show it to me the sooner I am going to die. - I say to the Zeta who said "Look!" just now and showed me a hybrid baby whose feet and hands were being played with. The Zetas have a custom of putting their hand above a hybrid baby and then the baby's feet and hands reach up to touch the hand, they do that a lot. The babies like kicking and reaching for the hand. I said the second sentence because it occurred to me that maybe they are showing me these things in spite of my strong objections, because they might be thinking that more exposure might lead me to acceptance, when in fact it is the other way around.

I continued through large doors and in to a small hallway and in through another door and I closed the door and hoped that no one would search for me here. (Now Snake the raptor said something but I didn't hear him, I just saw him and heard a telepathic mumble.) That's about it, and I woke up soon thereafter.

There was no battle plan I said! - Snake hollers to clarify because I didn't hear him the first time
What freakin battle plan? - me
With Siph. - says a Dark Lord
Siph. What does Siph want today? - me I sigh utterly bored with Dark Lords


When I wake up I remember the dream and all of its lasting impressions but I make the choice to tell myself that it was all a dream. Thinking that it was a dream seems false, but it is something I want to do. Then I realize I have to write it down because it probably had elements to it that really happened, so here I am.

Nonetheless, back in my room I was spoken to by Snake and the Black Reptile and also a Zeta. The Zeta told me something that led me to believe that we humans are living in a dream. I wasn't sorta supposed to know that, because if I tell humans then humans would be torn apart here in this world. But the thing is, this world I keep waking up into is a dream. The Zetas have constructed it, or that someone else constructed it and they maintain it. It is a way to pacify us humans. The Zeta asked me, how would I deal with angry chimpanzees? I said I don't know. Chimpanzees are dangerous and scary. If you have them in a lab they would be difficult to work with. I wondered would I use drugs to make them calmer, and that is the only option I could think of that I told the Zeta I would do. So my body is always there with the aliens just that I am asleep now, that I am awake here. Or something like that. They wouldn't say in detail.

Finally the Reptilians confessed to the whole Free Mason ex thing. Namely the Agenda paired me up with a man who is a Free Mason (I mention that because in other sources on the internet, people say that the Free Masons are a big part of Illuminati Agenda thing), the D/s guy who did mind control and hypnosis on me which was when I met the Dark Lord up close and personal and the Dark Lords got access to my mind.

The Reptilians told me about how they had specifically ruined my life and steered me into a susceptible state in which I would be susceptible for that man, whom they then paired me up with. They told me that this man's DNA is important to them, it contains genetics from the "original humans that were made by the Reptilians", they told me. This genetic batch is notably English. Not Brittish, but English. It is very much indeed the red cross against a white background, their symbol, I was shown.

The latchet. - Hamish
... Hamish! - me delighted about my red Dragon, not sure what he meant though, I think he meant the red cross against the white background is a "latchet"

Yay my Dragon Turtle is back. I missed him this morning now he is here. My Sock Feet. My Turtle Dragon Feet is here. He is so cute with those buttons on his head.

I was not going to say yes, to that. - Hamish exclaims but to what?
Look, we are made here! - whispers gently a Dinosaur to me, showing me a mental image of a Dinosaur hatchery, a dark damp room with water containers that have small green Dinosaur babies in there
That's great! - me
We don't have umbilical cords. - Dinosaur happily declares
That's nice. I'm glad you don't. - me
We eat intravenously. - Dinosaur
How? How do they eat? They're beautiful. I love Dinosaurs. - me

A Dinosaur looks at me closely. He radiates happiness. They are beautiful things. They look like Frog People. Large curious eyes, eyes like they know everything. Dinosaurs understand everything, they understand far more than we humans even do, yet they are humble about it. Dinosaurs know everything that happens around them.

We know that you don't like, their children. - Dinosaur says to me
I don't like them no. Take them away from me. - me
But you like ours. Deb Deb. - Dinosaur, and the "Deb Deb" changed tone of voice into a deeper voice
Yes. I like Dinosaur children. - me
You are not the mad cows, but they call you mad here! - says Dinosaur to me with concern as if he is taken aback, and he means that the Zetas call me that
The Zetas are pedophiles. I call them insane. - me

As you can see, this relationship between me and the aliens is not sustainable. I am starting to have heart pains from the stress and aggravation. It is a nightmare.

They don't want to go to school here anymore. - Dino to me about the kids
Thank God. Tell them to go to hell. I hate them. - me

Anyhow! So the Reptiles my black Reptilian and Snake said that this Free Mason ex I had I was supposed to stay with him and have a baby with him. They also said that he and his father are related to George Bush the younger one. (Later I saw George Bush the senior in mental images and there was something of a White Lizard about him. But nevermind. This is whack I know.) Eerily I was reminded of the photograph in my ex's father's room with my ex's father and George Bush the younger and how when I saw it my ex had said that his father and the Bush's are great friends. Isn't this Illuminati-delicious?

Anyhow. I was shown elements of this ex's genetics, somehow made to feel the genes that he has. I had felt them before. I have always been able to read a person's genetics, I do that often with people I encounter. The Reptilians do this same talent when they read a person's "iron" they call it. If you know how to do it, you can feel into a person by looking at them, and then you can activate "magnetic" information about their genes or blood and you can detect the various pitches and notes and instantly know what those notes are like. It also enables me to see the ancestors of a person. When I'm bored or standing in a queue I like to entertain myself by looking at people's ancestors. I see who they were, what they felt like, where and how they lived in a long lineage.

The black Reptilian is very proud of his own "blood" or "iron". I've felt his DNA many times, in fact he encourages me to feel him out so that I can know about his lineage. It feels very different, it feels like magnetic or like stones I would say, whereas humans feel more softer and sweeter, if I may dress the sensations into words.

I like Hamish's DNA the most. Maybe just because I'm best friends with this Dragon

Don't you remember that? - says Snake and shows me a mental image of the garbage dump that had children's body parts in it. I specifically remember the dream that took place mostly on a train and I had been shown that, I wrote about it somewhere on the website or for the books.

... I'm best friends with Hamish and I feel so close to him. I love Hamish. My Hamish.

So? Them? Are here? - Hamish says to me about the Russian lineage humans with a mental image of a big house that they live in in Russia

Yes, and then we get to the next part of the pedigrees. Snake and black Reptile namely claimed that I have genetics of a Russian Tsar. Which I told them is rubbish because my ancestry is poor Finnish people who most definitely do not have an ounce of Russian royalty in them. Although Russia and Finland are neighboring countries. Then they showed me something which baffles me, because I can't refute it. The scene of a 1600's or early 1700's Russia with a brown-haired girl who was related to the highest class of Russians. For all my life I thought I was that girl. Snake told me it was "cell memory" or "blood memory". I don't understand.

So I have all of these sons with the Russians, with Stanislav and Olav possibly others. I hate the way I adore those boys. They're really gorgeous boys, but I have to reject all of the kids, for a number of reasons.

So. The plan was for the Agenda to tie together the Russian tsar bloodline from me, with the English red cross bloodline from my Free Mason ex which is also the same as George Bush bloodline, creepy hell. Good grief I'm glad I broke up with that ex or I would have kids that are related to George Bush right now, I mean real kids my own kids that I drive to school and pour baths to every day! I mean I have nothing against the Bush's, it's just this creepy thing about the legends of Illuminati, and all that blood-drinking pedophilia ritual child murder and satanism and things.

Oh and Snake and black Reptile also thought something about Bill Clinton but I forget. I don't know. What I do know is that these are Aliens. And that they have an obsession with royalty and politicians, and for some reason Reptilians want me to think that such human people are somehow part of it.

But it's not just royalty and politicians. A Reptilian contactee whom I know, his mother almost married Christopher Walken, so this contactee whom I know, his father almost turned out to be Christopher Walken. And I've always been afraid of Christopher Walken for unknown reasons, still am. And one night I was woken up by my Reptiles at 3 AM and they said "Christopher Walken was one of ours" or something like that. I hate writing about this Agenda stuff, I hate that the Reptiles involve real people into it. I mean, I'm just waiting for a lawsuit after which I have to rewrite everything.

Last night I think I was shown aliens slicing up human thigh muscles for snacks. Because yesterday when I was coming home from town, I talked to the aliens about how I love the Alpha Remulan scorpions and how I'd want to spend time with those. A Remulan sweetie then told me about how he gets to eat the inner thighs from humans. I asked him if it was tasty. I told him that some humans who have had to eat human meat say that it tastes bad and it is too salty. I try not to freak out about aliens eating meat. And I remind myself that we humans eat cow and pig meat and it's equally gross. So last night I might have been shown them preparing some human meat. I saw it as cutting up salmon, but for various reasons I later concluded after I woke up that it might have been human thigh muscle. Also Snake or the other one showed me a mental image of what was unmistakably a slab of red human meat with the Caucasian layer of skin covering it, so there we have it.

The aliens eat these kids. Last night Hamish had a little hybrid girl on the floor somewhere and he kept standing on her back and stepping on her with his feet. Hamish has very sensitive feet, they are like his hands, and also he likes to stand with one or two feet on top of someone that he has "taken over". On a very rare occasion Hamish wants to put one flat red duck foot on top of my body too. I think he was going to eat that girl. Oh I don't know what he was doing, I couldn't see clearly. I asked him Hamish what are you doing? Dragon does his Dragon things and I don't always know.

Anyhow. The Aliens are scared to death that I might get pregnant with some other man. I can't even go out and talk to a man in a store or in a business meeting without the aliens being afraid that I might end up getting pregnant with the man.

Snake also said that "it is very telling" that I am not afraid of the Reptilians. He said that most humans are automatically afraid of them. Yes that's right. I am not afraid of Reptilians. I don't know why. I've read about how other people see them and how scared they are. When I see a Reptilian I don't judge or get panicky. I'm just calm and I hear them out. It's because I can feel their thoughts and sensations, and it's some kind of person. Sure enough they eat people-meat, but people eat meat too. I think both are wrong.

Anyhow, I'd better go write to that Free Mason ex and tell him about how he's related to the old English red cross lineage and the Bush's and all that. This stuff just gets creepier and creepier.


I asked the Reptiles about that Russian tsar whom I was supposedly related to, and I found out that it was a man who lived hundreds of years ago and was, I quote, "an evil King". I was shown a mental image of what the man looks like. To be honest it looked like a short Turkish man with big round brown eyes, black frizzy hair and a big nose. He wore a fur hat made out of orange-brown stripy fur. Turns out he was with tons of women. One of those women was my ancestor. I said, "so then that woman went to live in Finland?", but no, that woman had come from Finland to Russia and then she had returned to Finland.

How much of this "evil King's" DNA has been diluted over the years, and how much remains? And why would it still be significant to the Agenda who are conducting very carefully carried-out genetic pedigree cultivation like what one would do in a botanist's garden. And why was this king "evil"?

He wanted to slaughter men that is why. - Hamish is very quick to say
How do you know that? - me
Because he wanted to eat them with me. - Hamish, aha, so the man was a cannibal

Come to think of it, the "evil King" I was shown has the same eyes as Vlad the Impaler, but a much rounder face and was short not tall like Vlad. This is all getting funny isn't it.

How much of this man's DNA do I have? And why is that DNA of interest? - me
They were made with women! - Hamish delightfully says, he means that the man was with women to make babies
Where does this DNA come from? Where does this DNA come from, in this "evil King"? And did I get it from my father's or my mother's side? I would like to guess, but I'll let you tell me. - me
It was not a paternal line. - black Reptilian, shoot, I would have sworn from my father's side
So my mother's side? Unbelievable. And what is that DNA all about? - me
It came here like with the comets. We had told them that they were from there. - black Reptile
That they were from the stars! - Hamish adds, that these men had been told
Just call him the Black Jack. - some Reptile says for me to call the evil King
Tell me about the life of the evil King. What was his life like? How did he live? - me
He bore us many sons. And! He was not evil. He just bore sons with us. - a Reptile
... And I have his DNA? How much DNA do I have from him? And why? And how do you know that? How can you know? Do you keep records? - me
What was his name? - me
Theodore. - some Reptile says, totally surprising answer
I don't believe that's his name. - me
He lived in the valley. - the unknown Reptile says, a greenish yellowish rusty brown reddish raptor

So, what - me interrupted
First the original women were brought up. - the Reptile says, showing me that it all started when some human women were abducted up into spaceships, to introduce the first line of Reptoid-made DNA
What was the purpose? What do you need or use these humans for, that have "special DNA"? What are they used for. - me
To live with us here. - says someone Dark Lord or Reptile
In what way, "live with you"? - me

Anyhow, so that's that story. The next story is that as I took an early afternoon nap, I started thinking about Malik, the Dark Lord I first got to know and whom I haven't seen in ages! Of course it was easy to connect with him. He was in the underworld which feels like a very hot place, sinister and satanic in its vibe. But Malik had changed. I told him he had changed. He came into my bedroom, and I got to see this black monster who has white eyes, he asked me am I not scared after he had shown me himself and his white eyes. I said not at all. I am not afraid of my Malik, but I told him I was allergic to them. The best way to explain that I cannot have Dark Lords near, is I tell them I am allergic to them.

Malik sure had changed. He seemed weaker and at one point I worried cause I thought that he felt ill. What you must remember is that I got to know this black malice long before I realized what he was, an Incubus or a Dark Lord. He was just "Malik", his personality shone through, and yes he is a person.

Malik caressed me with his black paws, a feeling unlike any other when a Dark Lord puts its black paw on a woman. It feels more loving and suave, comforting and velvety than any man's touch. It just is of such a nature, but it doesn't make it right. These are predatory creatures, they will contort a human's mind and drain the life juices out of you, and these are just one of the lures with which they fish for you to cause ruin to a person. (Wait a minute did Hamish say the "evil King" used to eat people flesh with Reptiles? Huh, why am I not surprised. Hey let's entertain this question for a moment, then get back to my rendezvous with Malik.)

Hamish? Did the evil King eat human flesh? Does anyone know? - me
No, but he was used with our concubines. - Hamish says, meaning with women
What kind of DNA did he have? Why does that DNA matter to Reptiles? - me
He was with the King! - Hamish says with a gasp of awe
Why was he "evil"? Oh, you told me already, he used to kill people. - me
Yes, and they said he was insane. - a Reptile says, not Hamish
Well. If he had the habit of killing people, then he by all means was insane. Sorry to break your utopia, but killing people is insane. - me
It was not a bad habit. - Hamish otherwise other Reptile
So what was his last name? What? - me

Anyhow. Malik's paws on me, though Malik seemed changed. He was not the charismatic proud and vibrant man I had known, but something sickly and frail, he felt puzzled and weighed by concerns. What had Malik been through all these months he has been gone? My friend, was he ok? Surely, he is a friend of the underworld, of the Satanic, of sadistic lusts, but he is also my Malik... my uncle that tiptoes around the house, up to mischief and shenanigans, that smells of pestilence and death, sewer, dead rats and rancid socks.

He is an intelligent man, a person. Ignorant of his wrongdoings, driven by his insatiable seeking for the lust that he draws out from being near a human, or in cases from inducing fear or torture on victims. The Incubi use sex, fear, or pain or in combinations, to stir up a person's energy and ingest it. I have banished them, I tell them I am allergic, because if you let them too close and for too long, they will spoil you, and you find your mind and life in the same type of hell that they inhabit. A place where there is no joy, no love, and where life is all filled with troubles. But there is something about that loneliness of theirs, their not knowing of love, I sometimes want to reach out to them. I wonder if they can be saved, and I trust that one day their souls will evolve and they will know of light and love. But for now, they are kept in a place of darkness, where they reach for the life in others, because they do not have life of their own, and they cannot recognize the reasons for why they seek out the life in others, they try to make the life of others their own life.

We are not filled with pestilence. - says one of my Dark Lord sweetnips

Malik had then charged at me, causing me to feel incredibly delectable sexual sensations unlike any that a woman can have when with a human man. Like an explosion of white fireworks with silver sparkles. He did not have to touch me to achieve that, all he does is charge his attention closer to my energybody, to the electrics of my nervous system.

The Ida Pingala Shushumna, tell them. - Dark Lord adds in a quick stream of words

After a short while I fell asleep, and ahem I'm sorry if it's a bit graphic but this is scientific documentary, I awoke in the astral plane or wherever it is you go when you are asleep, and I was naked on the bed even though I had fallen asleep with my clothes on. Me and Malik had some great sex, I will have to write the details for the books because it's a bit too much. Well maybe it's ok, I might come back and censor it out later. But Malik has that long white "dong" as he calls it, it's really thin. It was really nice, and before I even knew what was happening I was just asking him for more. However, what was nice about it was none of his own doing. He was simply taking pieces of my soul and contorting those into sexual lusty sensations for him to ingest, so that he can take pieces away from me forever. It is stealing, not making love.

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