Sex with a Reptoid
January 22 2014

This is a true story about how a team of reptilian aliens claim ownership of my eggs in order to consume the offspring as if they were sheep or cattle

Can't say Goodbye

Many times now, first time in November 15 2013, I've honestly tried to close down this project, to no longer continue in taking notes on the alien encounters I have with the Agenda. I've wanted to detach myself from their clutches and free myself from how these alien entities claim my life

I am only the custodian, tell them.. - says the Bat, I will tell you about who he is soon

They claim my mind, they take not just a corner of my life but all of it. It is impossible to focus on education, work, marriage, friends, a life, because these aliens both deliberately and consequently end up becoming the theme of my entire life. I become an egg donor. And that's it. There is no being anything else, or for anyone else let alone oneself, when one is an egg donor for the Agenda. I may seem free, but I am kept in a small pen in their Noah's Ark as they call it. And they fill my life with both heartwarming and good stories that I shall never forget and which enrich who I am and my entire existence, but also with sad and heartbreaking stories, that make me feel like wanting to die, and suffer tremendously.

Those horrible children

I'm starting to think about making a life for myself and taking my focus and attention away from these aliens. Last night I had a dream in which I was locked up in a small white holding room because, it seems, I was causing trouble or behaving irratically. I believe that when I sleep, I am in some other dimension with the aliens, only usually I will be dreaming. Meanwhile around me will be the aliens, doing their thing. Something like that. How it works I do not still now.

After a short while I exit through the door of the small white holding room and right nearby to the left are many small babyboxes lined up edge to edge and row to row. Each has a little baby in them, but some appear to be almost toddlers. All the children are very quiet, in fact one of them nearly meant to say something and the old grandmother who stood by the boxes slapped one of the children. Normally human babies would be noisy, but these kids were quiet and mannered. But the kids did not seem unhappy or mistreated, they seemed to be happy and calm.

There is a strange wrinkle-faced grandmother standing by the boxes. I now know it was the Thuban but my mind quickly interpreted the image I was seeing into the closest thing that makes sense, so I saw it as a grandmother, albeit a strange grandmother.

We also give them something to drink here! - says pleased and happy one of the white aliens
Yes, I was not being arrogant. - she adds

The baby in the box right in front of her, the grandmother was tending to some sort of tissue growth at the baby's belly. I suspect that this was the cut-off portion from the baby's umbilical cord. You see, these babies do not grow to completion inside a mother's womb to be born when they are ready and in the normal way. No, these babies are made in a laboratory, eggs and sperm taken from humans (or eggs from me and sperm from hybrid men) and alien genome is inserted into those growing things. They then grow in open-top containers of water, several of them in the same container. So it is slightly different.

But to the right is a platform where several babies have been lined up. The babies are all girls. They are wearing wigs and they have makeup on. To the left are babies dressed up and made and that have brown wigs, and to the right are the babies with blonde wigs of hair. They have dresses too. They are made to look like women or sexy or whatever. Kind of like you see in child pageants. Shortly thereafter I wake up back in my bed.

And I am upset! I throw a big serious tantrum at the aliens, I can yell at them telepathically of course. I think I might have even started yelling while still in that baby place. Namely, based on what I have seen previously, I knew that these babies are dressed up to be taken to pedophiles. There are a few different reasons for why they do this.

1. I am a Crystal, I have Ida Pingala Shushumna (you can look up what those are). It means that my energy is unusually strong. Many of these aliens live in a lower dimension and are Incubi, meaning they ingest life force from other beings in order to sustain themselves. The Dark Lords can be close to someone and without touching body against body, they can absorb a person's energy. To do this, they will usually instill either fear, pain, or sexual sensations in their victim, because these strong emotions flare up the energy so that it can be pulled out. White Dragons such as the Florida Gargoyle can also do energy vampirism. Others who have done energy vampirism on me include: the Japanese men associates, the Vatican old fat man with white hair did yesterday as a matter of fact, the White Lizard Queen, Snake the Reptilian, and there have been others. They call it "drinking juice".

2. Zetas have vested interest and are studying their own Zeta genome by placing different pieces into these hybrids to see what the outcome might be. They also want to end up with a fertile hybrid race, so they want to evaluate their hybrids for sexual provess at an early age, simply because they are busy and don't want to bother waiting 18 years for the children to come of age before they can see the results and try something else that they would then have to wait 18 years for again.

3. A third reason is, it is a baby factory. Lots of hybrids and creatures are forced to procreate, for the sake of procreation. Obviously the babies are infertile, but it seems to just be part of how things are done over there.

4. And then sex is also used as a commodity in that strange civilization or society that was constructed by alien beings, alien beings who are not mammals, who do not possess any mammalian instincts of compassion, nor understanding of human sexuality. They have governments and they have religion, and they have an economy.

We also use our laundry here. - says Hamish about my towel

Just a few minutes ago, I accidentally knocked over my drink all over my desk. So Hamish watched me grab my shower towel and dry the desk and dry my things with. That is what Hamish was thinking of and said.

It's ok Hamish. I'm just worried about my book. But I dried it with a hairdryer, or I might buy a new one. - me
My eggs were not made to have sex. - Hamish comes up close to me and nearly whispers
Ok. I don't know. - me
They were with me the whole time! - Hamish says, not angry
Ok. - me
My mazus were many. - says Hamish and pats himself on the tummy (this one in my native language), mazu means poo in the alien language, he must be thinking that he ate something, or maybe just thinking about his poo or something

4. continued. So they give hybrid children to for instance the Japanese associates who rape them. Children in a lot of ages are sold at cattle auctions in the Agenda.

An Upset

So you see why I was upset. I was upset with every fiber of being a human woman. I even threatened to stab myself with a knife into my ovary and kill every single egg. I was so upset, I screamed and threatened the aliens for a long while. I was so upset because of the pedophilia. I will not have my eggs made into pedophile's children, and I made that very clear to the aliens! I totally exhausted myself with the upset. Eventually I fell back to sleep again.

... We are so sorry about that! - says one of the American men with red hair (not the same as the one I say has red hair, this is a different one), he seems sincere
Yeah, this is worse than Vietnam. - says the red-haired man to one of the other men there, and his head slumps down he is really sad


I'm asleep and in the dreamworld and I am walking some halls. The halls have children, boys and girls. There are a lot of drawings there, the children have done various arts and crafts and I am looking at those. Something disturbing is that a boy with brown hair either he asks or someone else in the background thinks that he should have sex with me. I explain to the boy that he is too young, that maybe once he is an adult I would even consider it. These are kids. He is like 15 or something. And to be clear, I'm strictly only sexually attracted to adult men. To be sure, had I any inclination towards children, something could have happened at my consent in that dream/abduction, but I definitely told him that he is a child. I always find it odd when these Agenda children think that a child should or could be sexually active.

I continued along the halls, I felt out of place and it was as if classes of schoolchildren were having an excursion with school here. At the same time it felt like space, I felt like we were in a science building dedicated to astronomy and space. I also felt that these children were more educated about space than I ever was.

At another portion of the building I see that there is a convention or an auction about to start. Prince Charles will be attending, and then the King of Sweden was saying how he does not want to attend this time, because Prince Charles is already there so he wouldn't feel right if there are two of them at the same event. But the King of Sweden is a black Reptilian. For some reason there are specific Reptilian individuals who always portray themselves as Prince Charles or the King of Sweden respectively. I know they are lizards, I mean I know that these lower-dimensional "royals" are lizards. As far as I know the real human royals are humans and I have seen no evidence of otherwise.

There is a stage and children are being auctioned to the audience who are bidding on them with some type of money that isn't like any money I know from earth. The children have bright costumes and makeup and even things in their hair. This is the first time I've seen a transparent box on the stage, obviously to keep the person from running off. I've witnessed these auctions many times and this was the first time with the box. The girl receives a low amount of money for her and she is disappointed. Next thing I'm the one in the box and nobody seems to be making a bid on me. I mean, why would they. I am past my best years, I probably look tired after all these exhausting draining Agenda experiences, and any sense of womanhood, of being pretty, or sex appeal has been lost because of the Agenda.

An Alien Reptoid has sex with me

But somebody does bid on me. He takes me along with him. He places his hand against the side of my face and chin and it feels so soothing to be in his arms. He places his hand I think it was against my neck or shoulders, and again it just feels so good to be in his arms. He has a touch that is so soothing and comforting, sensual and suave. Human men haven't got a clue about how to put their arms around a woman.

But it is a black creature, an alien being from outer space. And he commences to have sex with me with a very long and very thin white penis. And this one didn't last just two seconds.

I really need to get out. - says one of the Dark Lords who was lurking around my room, it is something I just said in that last short paragraph and he rushed out as if nauseated?
What is the matter? Are you ok? - me
I didn't think you would see me, that is what. - DL says
But it's ok. It was nice. I am glad it happened. I don't mind at all! - me
So you were my dolly here. - DL says
I guess so. Thanks. - me
I was only doing it to meet with the eggs. - DL
I know. You said that. - me
I didn't mean to be a smell! - DL complains regretfully
You didn't smell one bit. I don't mind. I didn't sense your smell. - me

It didn't last the usual two seconds of Reptilian intercourse. It was more like two minutes or five minutes, maybe even more. And it was nice. Different, but nice. I didn't quite see who he was, but I knew that he was black and I knew what his "dong" (as they call it) looked like.

I wasn't with you at that auction hall. - DL says
What? But was I there? - me
You haven't been met with me there. - DL
Why did it seem that way? Is there an auction hall? - me
No answer is given, but either Hamish or this Dark Lord imagines himself as having liquid blood filling his nostril cavities, as if he is thinking of, or contemplating on the smell of blood.

To make acquaintance with eggs

When I returned from that dream encounter where an alien for real had sex with me, I wasn't upset. Well to be honest I felt that calm that a woman feels after some good comforting sex. And I haven't had sex in a long while. I did have a great boyfriend and a sexlife but because of the aliens I had to let him go, so that is why. But even though it had been with that black Reptoid creature, it really felt like having been treated real nicely by a man. I had been in the arms of a lover, and had sex.

I mean, it wasn't like sex with humans, which is more physical or such. This guy has a very slender thin "dong" so it doesn't feel the same. But it was nice in a different way. But what's nicest about him is the way it makes me feel when he touches me. I feel so comforted in a way that humans cannot offer to one another. I felt safe in

The pteradactyl won't be here. But he was lurking around here previously! - says DL not angry, about the Bat
Yes. He was Hamish's Master. He was visiting. It was nice to see him too. - me
My eggs don't smell like that so good! - hollers DL with the thought of blood in his nostrils again, I think he meant that his eggs don't smell like blood, and he hollered this toward other Reptilians
We don't like to eat bread. - says the pale-gray Bat sitting slumped somewhere
I know. I know that. - me
The gray bat stands up tall, points his chin up, opens his mouth and spreads his winged arms to the side, just like how White Dragons do it.

I felt safe in his arms. And soothed and comforted. It was a very loving sex. It was nice I enjoyed it. But now that I was back, I was asking the aliens who was it that had sex with me? Who was that black alien being who had sex with me? And I described that I had seen that it was black and that it had a long slender (thin) dong. Nobody would tell me who it was. I think they were all afraid that I would be angry. But I wasn't angry. I mean, I am not angry if somebody I can accept as a man has sex with me. I am angry about the kids having sex. It's not the same thing. I am a woman and I am consenting.

Sure, these aliens are animals. I can say that I would never initiate a sexual encounter with an alien being. Possibly with some kind of Zeta-type hybrid or Illuminati chubby man if me and him felt real and strong feelings for each other, and only if I could recognize something human in who they are. I did used to feel that I could have married and lived as wife to one of the Illuminati chubby hybrid men that I had children with, because they are just like people, and then it doesn't matter if it is an alien DNA or something.

I wasn't here, was I? - asks the Bat
Yes you were. It was nice to see you. - I say to the Bat, and now I see red Hamish too
Hello Hamish! - me
Hello. My eggs. My mouth. - Hamish says
Hamish Hamish! - me
We don't have those dangly things. - says Bat and shows me his mental image of well, dangly scrotum
So? Do you have internal semen? Because even your "dong" goes internal sometimes? - me
My eggs. - says Hamish with his mental image thought of having a bunch of tiny white eggs in his mouth like rom (in my native language NL)
... You were not with our women, but you were helped. - says Bat, the "our women" was hybrid children girls with dresses, from the thought image

I mean, I suppose if a human woman and a Reptoid felt feelings for each other, who's to say that they couldn't have a sexual relationship together? If they both understood what it meant and they both consented to it together. Still, I would feel aversion against it. Bestiality is illegal for good reasons. It just becomes different because these aliens, although they are "animals", they are also sentient conscious creatures with thoughts and personalities, that is what makes it different. I was not offended by that sexual encounter, because I did not feel that I was harmed. I was handled very gently and respectfully. Sure enough, the gentleman did not ask for my permission beforehand, but in this case it was lucky because I did not mind.

I also try to tolerate or understand their alien behavior a bit more than if it were humans. I try to respect their perspective.

We are not crocodiles, tell them. - says the guy who had sex with me this morning, with a mental image of earth crocodiles in a river
We just wanted to meet with them. - he says, meaning the eggs inside me
Did you meet with them? Did it work? - me
You were not disgusted! - says Dark Lord
No. I wasn't. - me
So it was like Christmas for us then. - DL says with mental image of our former Christmas tree

Anyhow, turns out the guy who raped me/had sex with me was a creature that looks a lot like Hamish but is black. It was not Hamish. I repeat, it was not Hamish. It has a tiny face with cute nostrils but no nose. It walks slumped on two legs and its arms point straight forward rigidly, and it has a tail. It is black, and I didn't see any backhump

It was not one of the Turtles. - says Hamish, that is true
That's right. It was not a Turtle Dragon. - me
I was, I said to him. - Hamish, "him" being that black reptoid
Who was he? - me
Hey, this is the Pentagon, don't worry about the Battle at Syracuse.. - says one of the U.S. men to me telepathically
That's ok Sir. It's fine. I'm fine. Don't worry about it, I'll help if I can. - me

It didn't seem to have any kind of backhump, nor the two rows of blunt buttons that Hamish has along his long neck, nor any of the "goosebumps" zits that Hamish has along his forearms and back. But otherwise very similar to the build of Hamish. Though Dark Lord Manon whispered to me that it was "Manon", when I was asking about who it was. And also again a while later in the day when I was still wondering about who it was, Manon said to me that it had been he.

And in fact, Dark Lords are the ones who know how to touch a woman so gently and soothingly. There is nothing like having the hand of a Dark Lord on a woman's skin. There is something so loving, so suave, passionate, caring, and cautious about it that a human man could never compare. Also the "dong" looked just like the ones on Dark Lords. But then the question is this: are the Dark Lords shapeshifters? Are they in fact shaped much like Hamish, but they choose to present themselves in a slightly more "humanoid" form that walks more upright? I don't know. And to be fair, have I ever even seen Manon? I know what his kin Malik Jezebel and little monkey Sif look like, and they are not of a build like whom I saw in the morning.

The gentleman said that he had simply wanted to "meet with the eggs". That is why he had had sex with me. You see, because of all my tantrums and when I told the aliens I would definitely not give them any more eggs, after that encounter with the babies dressed up, then the aliens had gotten worried and they felt they had to secure their rights to the eggs. So somehow it makes sense to them that if he has sex with me then the eggs are somehow "claimed" as "his".

You don't have to write everything we do. - says DL
Why not? Are there secrets? - me
We put your little ones in a chest. Until they run out of oxygen. Then we feed on them! And we feel lust. - says Dark Lord
I know. I've seen that. - me

Yes, I've seen them do that a lot. They will ask a child to go into a box and then they don't let them out and the child runs out of oxygen. They do that a lot.

We also wear a gas mask when we come here. - says Hamish, I see an image of him with that black mask again that snugly covers his nostrils and mouth

And later in the day, the dark gentleman said that he had had sex with me so that he had "marked" the eggs. I guess this makes sense if you think like a Reptilian. It was also evident from what they said, that the man had sex with me in order to calm me and comfort me. But I mostly think of it as some kind of frantic act in a state of panic when they thought they would lose their eggs. I don't think it was all that carefully thought-through, his decision to have sex with me. But it was a direct consequence of my tantrum and my telling them that they could have no more eggs. (I had also said that they should let Hamish eat any children that are still there, and take no more eggs and ensure that Hamish has food also in the future. But I would not give them any more eggs.)

It didn't smell right to me. - says the man, he thinks of his own scent, and then mine
I'm sorry. I don't smell like a Reptoid. - me
I also don't need to shave, like he does. - the dark one who had sex with me says, and I see a mental image of General Patton lifting his chin to shave under his chin on the throat with an electric shaver, they must watch General Patton often
Hamish thinks and says something about a turtle to the others.
I don't fly with my wings! - says the dark Bat and I see him
It was nice that you paid a visit. Welcome back any time. It was nice to see you. - me
My dollies weren't here, but she doesn't like them. - says the "Gremlin" Dark Lord with a mental image of the little hybrid girls in dresses, I am the one who doesn't like those girls, which is true
... She says, that we were very compassionate with her! - says DL to Bat
.. It felt that way. - I say
... You are not like little mice, that we trap. - says the gray Bat
Oh, that's good. I don't want to be a mouse that is trapped. - me
It would go into my mouth! - says the gray Bat

Bat pays a visit

Me and Hamish had a visit from a gray Bat today. Well, Hamish was being absolutely cute he was laying down on his shedded scales on the bathroom rug in the bathroom, and he was just a gorgeous big red Dragon lying down and his arms were crossed and he looked all comfy and I just loved seeing him and nearly died and melted because he is so adorably cute and red like a big red Dragon. He was of course telling me about his shedded scales, and that he puts them on the rug, and I tell him that it is ok. And he also tells me that he has his "kaka" on the floor there, and I say it is ok.

Hamish's "secretary", the white Bird hasn't been back, and Hamish told me today that the Bird won't be coming back. I wondered if Bird was safe, if she was ok, and luckily so I don't have to worry she spoke to me, she said that she won't be back because she doesn't want to be "mated" with and she even gave me her thought image. Turns out Hamish has ambushed Bird and had sex with her. She isn't happy about that. I was horrified of course and asked her if she is ok, but she would not elaborate. It didn't seem as bad as if you rape a human woman, but I'm sure she is injured and it is also violating to any conscious creature that someone disrespects their body, the body is where the mind lives. Bird also complained that Hamish had made her go to that turtle pond with a spatula to pick up the poo for the turtles (find these stories in the Stories sections, news29.html and news28.html would have them), so I laughed about that of course, but then apologised. So turns out she has quit her job. Hamish is without a secretary to pick up after his poo on our bathroom floors. I have offered to do it, gladly I would, but they don't bring me to the other dimension not even to pick up after Hamish's poo.

It was my lavatory. - says Hamish about the poo on that space on the floor
Of course it is! I have told you you can do that! - me

I wouldn't feel the same if I stepped into the bathroom in the morning and happened to step with my bare foot into one of Hamish's mud puddles, but I have to say I love this Dragon so much I wouldn't mind. If they would bring me to their other dimension, I would be happy to groom and care for my Dragon Turtle.

We are not your pets, that is why. - says Hamish quickly
You are my Dragon Turtle. I love Hamish. I LOVE YOU! - me
Hamish opens his mouth and thinks as if a little hybrid baby were in his mouth, that is what he loves, to eat the food that is prepared from my eggs
I would take that. - says Hamish and shows me a mental image of the toilet brush and as if someone scrubs his back for scales with it
No Hamish! You would not take the toilet brush and brush your scales! You would get your own brush, one that is used to brush horses with! - I say to my Dragon

See, it is things like that that make me worry like a mother for him. That he would take a toilet brush and want to be brushed with it, or that he would want to eat a red toadstool mushroom just because it is red. He doesn't know of all the dangers in this world of ours and I have to be there for him and shield him and protect him. I would do anything for my beloved Dragon Turtle. Anything at all. Yesterday as I laid on the sofa I looked at my left leg and wondered would I actually really give up my leg to feed him with if there was no other food left in this world? Even if it would only postpone the problem and soon he would be hungry again and I would be left without a leg? I realized that I did not quite know the answer, but that it wasn't an immediate "no".

So Hamish said that a "bat" was coming in to visit. I knew it was one of the Winged Reptilians, and I also know from previously that these have a very high rank. If some Reptilians are to be referred to as "Kings", these are referred to as "God". (See an excellent conversation with a brown Reptilian who is "God", not sure if he was winged or not though, in the first Telepathy book titled "Real? Or Imaginary?") And sure enough, a dark winged "Bat" came in to our apartment for a nice otherdimensional visit.

The Bat told me that they need my eggs because they drink the blood from my children. He was more outspoken about it than any of the other aliens ever have been. I've b

We are so sorry about this! - says one of the Zetas with bulbuous head
It's... - me, and I stop myself from saying that "It's not your fault"
They would throw us in the ovens if we don't do it, if we don't comply. - the bulbuous head alien adds

The aliens have cremation ovens, that is what he is talking about.

I've been left to sort of guess my way or piece my own puzzles together to realize that yes, the aliens in fact eat my eggs and hybrid babies there. But they were never that outspoken about it. The Bat was. Maybe because he is in charge, so he is allowed to say about it.

Heh heh. I forgot to add one more thing about the sexual encounter with the dark Reptoid. The U.S. man with reddish or orange hair he said something about the Reptoid having used a condom when we had sex. These condoms are actually provided "by the state of Washington", said the man. Because I think it was a thought that if the Reptoid would do it again, and a thought that he would need another condom. I'm not kidding, and I would never have expected it. But then what is interesting, the U.S. man tries to protect me from knowing these things, so he lied to me that I had had sex with a human man and not some alien. But I knew he was lying, because he had already mentioned those condoms that are different. And I also knew, that the "dong" I had experienced was not a human one, and I remembered that clearly.

The eggs, have not been beaten! - says Dark Lord

So the Bat had a nice visit. When I was making sandwiches he called the butter "his cheese". He wanted me to know that it was "his cheese". Hamish does this a lot too, to claim food items as his own. I then play along, mostly, and ask "if I may have some of his cheese". He doesn't say, but I play along and say to the Bat that "I am so hungry, so I have to eat some of your cheese!", and I had plenty more sandwiches after that too, and he didn't attack me or try to stop me. He is just showing power and dominance and claiming territory, and they seem to want to control a person mainly via their food. But the feelings of powerlessness, hopelessness or despair

I never thought it would be like this, when I joined in with the CIA. - says the red-orange haired U.S. man
Well, you didn't expect aliens. Don't worry, I'm ok. I'm safe here, Hamish protects me. - me
He, does not... - says the man and nearly cries
Don't forget what we said about that. - says Hamish and reminds me what they said about diapers, let me add that later, good, cause I had forgotten
They are not, "aliens". - U.S. man says
What are they then? - me

Hamish called the Bat his "Master", Hamish's Master. Hamish seemed quite pleased and comfortable, as he lied there on his scales all comfy on the bathroom rug, to declare the Bat totally at his own initiative as his Master. Hamish even closed his eyes in the Reptilian gesture of humbleness and friendship. Hamish of course talked to the Bat about his shedded scales, telling the Bat, that these scales on the rug "were not trash". The Bat noticed Hamish's poo on the floor there and commented on it, and they talked a bit about it in short sentences, but mostly just acknowledgeing that it was there.

Reptiliand and Reptoids notice when there is feces somewhere, but they do not freak out about it like a human would. They are also able to look at it and talk about it, whereas a human would either deny it or become hysterical about it. Reptilians can have calm conversations about poo. They seem to want it to be cleaned away, meanwhile none of them seem willing to be the ones to clean it up, so they discuss it and leave it there, and return to repeat comments about how it smells or that it is there, they do not forget about it.

Hamish also tells me that he has his poo there, he tells me often. And now that secretary Bird isn't here to clean it up, Hamish has been telling me more often that he has poo there. I tell him it is ok. Because it is ok. It's Hamish. The best friend I've ever known.

I told Bat that if I can see him visible and take a photograph then they could have my eggs, but not otherwise. Bat became more visible then, in the mind's eye, and walked up close to me in my room. He said that it would have to be warmer if they arrive, so I turned the extra heater on. He then worried that there might be weapons or traps in my room. I assured him that there weren't any, and I even offered to go through my room with him to make sure of that, but he said that he would watch for them by himself. Which makes sense, if you are making sure that a place is safe

Do you know that this is like a war? And that you are not with a pleasant gang. - says General Patton to me, after I noticed him just thinking and formulating what to say for a while
I know. But I have my Hamish. - me, and Hamish hears me and closes his lower eyelids amused and happy about what I said, he still lies comfortably on the rug on his scales, arms crossed, all comfy-Dragon
So, they had sex with you huh? - General Patton says to me
I don't discuss my sexlife with a strange man. - I say to Patton, not that this was in any ways my "sexlife", I just don't want to talk to Patton, I want to finish up writing this page and get on with other things
There are bombs placed, throughout, intermittently, ... I just thought you might know. Before you proceed with them any further. - says GP, the last sentence he frowns and leans back, this is serious to him (the aliens place bombs, or at least they threaten to do so, here on Earth, also in public places)

The worry that these men have, is a different worry than the one I have. My worry concerns eggs, motherhood, things like that, and sexual violence. But these men worry about humanity and our future. We are already taken over by the Reptilians. The government just made sure that the general public won't know, so that people can go on living their lives, not knowing that we are eaten as cattle and things like that. But a part of me thinks that it is fair to humans because we do the same toward animals. I don't know. It's wrong when they do it, and it's wrong when we humans do it too, eating other animals that suffer I mean.

The Bat didn't materialize, but he almost did. He looks a lot like the White Dragons such as the Florida Gargoyle and Guatemalan "Non-Bat" as he calls himself, but this one sometimes he appeared almost black or very dark, but then he also appeared a pale gray, but never white like the White Dragons. He had a lovely soft walk. He walks, much like Hamish's race and the black Reptoid who had sex with me, with a very soft bouncy walk. Their knees are exceptionally springy, their bodies rise up and fall down as they walk, a very soft comfy walk like a man in slippers.

She doesn't want to give ovum to us? - says Dark Lord to General Patton
Well the agreement was this: - GP starts to say to the Aliens
I would like to say something. - me
The Ithaca weren't here with you, then? - asks Dark Lord or possibly Bat to me
I would like to say something. I want my alien abductions to be conscious encounters. I want to stay awake and to remember when I am with my alien friends. - me
Hon! We gotto do a lobotomy on you. - says General Patton
Why is that? Why would you do such a thing? What is the reason? Is it because I talk about this? Why would you do that? Don't do that. - me
.. General Patton doesn't want this to be the case. - GP
What is the case? What is going on? Tell me. - me
They are.. - GP starts
Have you seen the basements?!!!! - GP says to me upset he thinks about the basements where humans are tortured by the Reptoids
I KNOW!!! I don't know what to do or say!! I'm just trying to deal with it my own way! And I want to have my Hamish! All is well when I can be with my red Dragon Turtle! Then I don't have to care about anything else! - me to GP
We smell right. - says Hamish about himself and appears beside me, while I am still talking to General Patton
I just want to be with Hamish. I don't have anything else. - me, and seems that what I've said about him made Hamish come up real close to me, and he has his hand on my shoulders
My eggs were here with me, I said to them. - Hamish says, holding his arms around my shoulders gently
I love you Hamish. You are my best friend. I don't ever want to leave you. I want to be with Hamish. - me

Hamish has been with me through everything. I love that Dragon. I feel safe with him. My bright fire engine red and orange Dragon, with orange goosebumps on his arms and shedded scales on our rug. He wanted to watch another episode of The Walking Dead with me the other day, but I told him we've already watched all episodes that have aired and have to wait for the next ones.

But Bat was a nice visit. I told him he was welcome and that it was nice to meet him. He sat down on the living room sofa, slumped down and went all "aahh" about the soft plush sofa against his body, just like all the other Reptilians and Reptoids do, they really love a sofa. After a while he left. He was just here to safeguard their ownership to my eggs, just here to check things out. I was nice and courteous to him, and he was that way to me too. I am always nice to the Reptilians. And I told the Bat that he was safe to manifest, that I had known Reptilians for two years and I had never hurt them.

Sure, the Reptilians eat children. And humans eat pig and cattle. We have the same problems as they, the very same ones. And yelling at them or hating them won't solve anything. While I acknowledge the problem that I don't want children used for pedophilia, or eaten I guess (Hamish is right here with me, after what I said to General Patton about him. It made him leave his pile of scales and come here right close to me, behind me I have my Red Dragon Turtle. Hamish.).

I was going to be here with my eggs, I said to them and I was dominant. - says my Hamish in a quick stream of words, I think he means that he said this "to the eggs"

Ok. Back to my day. No, one more thing first. The Aliens, presumably Manon, otherwise also Hamish and Manon, asked me earlier if I know about the diapers that the hybrid toddlers have, and that sometimes the toddlers make a poo in their diapers and it smells so bad to the Reptiles! I told them that the Reptiles can leave the room so they don't have to be there if it smells. They said that sometimes the poo also leaks out of a diaper. But the reason they said this, was: and follow with me here it's kind of genious:

The Reptiles know that I am upset about the kids being sexually active. So the Reptiles wanted me to know that the Reptiles are bothered and uncomfortable about the smell when the kids poo their diapers. And the Reptiles said, that even though they are uncomfortable with this, they never slap or hit or hurt or kill or threaten the children because of it. And so, I could also stop being angry at the children because I am uncomfortable that they are sexually active, or used sexually. They thought it was the same thing! Isn't that neat how they were thinking! Wowza Reptiles!

But I said to the Reptiles, that the poo is natural but them being used sexually isn't natural, so it is not the same thing. So there. Their analogy failed.

Now let me get on with my day. I am going to play a video game that Hamish really likes to see, because the video game character is red so Hamish thinks it's like him. He still won't let me play Faxanadu to finish it. He is really scared of the monsters in the game, so I wouldn't dare to play it again, too bad. He is also afraid of carved pumpkins. Just last night I had to comfort my Dragon because he was afraid of these things. I told him that pumpkins won't hurt him, they are just a carved large vegetable, and I also said that I would take them all away. What ever would I do without Hamish.

I don't want to play with you, that! - Hamish says, not angry, not sure which video game he meant
Which one? - me
That one. - says Hamish and shows me a mental image of the first monster you meet in the game Faxanadu, the hopping skeleton, that is the one when he first saw it when I played the game he yelled out "Yes-No!", he was so scared of it

Well. To sum it up. I hate those hybrid children and I don't want to give any more eggs. I hate everything about them. And I'm really sad about everything. That Hamish drowns some of the kids by his river and then eats them. I'm sad about those kids, you know. But what I'm feeling is mostly upset because the pedophilia and sexual use of those children makes me so upset, that I can't even feel or think anything else, than upset. Sadness doesn't even have a chance of appearing, it's somewhere else. It's hard to feel sorry for those kids. Especially because in the beginning, when I was first introduced to those kids like two years ago, they turned out to be rude and arrogant and they were the ones who approached me sexually. They were a bit older. So I hate them. I hate those kids, I really do.

I didn't mind having sex with that Reptoid. He was nice about it and it didn't feel violent. Sure enough it took me by surprise, but he had a gentle touch that made me feel comfortable. I might have objected for principle's sake had I been fully aware, but I am not upset about it happening. The Reptoid has made it clear to me that he only did it because he was going to "mark" the eggs. There was no sexual interest in me or anything. They have their own women I'm sure.

At the end, after all this, I don't know what changes in me. Overall this has been a nuisance. I had a really tough time when I woke up after seeing those children. I'm also upset about being taken to bachelors all the time, most of which I don't remember. There is a lot of upset, meanwhile I try to go on with my day. And then I can put all of that aside, and just live my daily life with Hamish. Hamish makes me feel alive. Hamish says things that make me smile and laugh, he is such a cute Dragon. When he is here I can just forget about all of those other things, or the real reasons why he is here. It's just me and Hamish. I'm gonna go play that video game now

My snacks and lunches!, I said to you. - says my Hamish who is still standing behind me, bright orange and red
You weren't afraid of me? - Dark Lord says
No, and I said "snacks and lunches". And no, she didn't tremble. - Hamish explains to the Dark Lord, and when Hamish says "she didn't tremble", his own body trembles to illustrate

Added: Change of plans. Hamish wants to watch the video game Ecco the Dolphin The Tides of Time. He thinks it's really hilarious to see the dolphin eating fish. So I am going to let him watch the dolphin eating fish. He thinks it's a hoot!

I would like to know if it doesn't become afraid when I come? - Hamish says in the other language, he wonders if the dolphin would be afraid, but it's in a video game...
And no. I don't think it is a hoot. - Hamish says
Hamish. It is just a video game. It cannot see us. - me
I think it's funny too! - the black Reptilian about the dolphin in the game, and his eyelids close in a great big smile
Why is it so funny? Can you explain that to me? - me
Because it poos in its water. - Hamish
Why is that funny? The ocean is so big that the poo just disappears! It is true! They never see it again. - me
Yes, but it is there, with them. - Hamish means at the bottom of the sea
Oh you Dragons. - me

Here's what Hamish thinks is so funny. Ecco the dolphin hunting for some fish. I started up a level and was thinking of how to solve the puzzles, then Hamish tells me he would like to see it hunt the fish, so I did that instead.

Hamish? Why is it so funny when it chases after the fish? Why do you like that? - me
He doesn't say but he opens his mouth wide and looks all cute. He must like it cause he likes to eat food.
You are a cute turtle. - me

I will show him some more hunting-fish scenes. Dragon is worth it, he really loves it so!

My kaka is there!, it said and had acid reflux! - Hamish says about the dolphin as I'm leaving through the door (and have to come back here to write it down), he said in my native language, haha!

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