The Rockefellers and Hugging Hamish
February 13 2014

A nice little story about interdimensional Rockefeller lizards who want my eggs so that they can have lots of children for a variety of Satanic purposes, and a cute story about how I was hugging my Hamish and he kept on nibbling me away!


Here we go again. I have wanted to close down this documentary for the past few months and have done good honest attempts at that many times. The aliens have lingered on in my life, and Hamish and me have had many good laughs because Hamish still asks me where are the Santas, and the other day I treated him to some YouTube videos of turtles and he enjoyed those. Hamish still shows me his sheets of shedded scales and last night he put a sheet on my belly when I had gone to bed. He did that because, and here's Dragon's logic: I eat food, my food goes to the eggs, the eggs become hybrid children, Hamish eats those hybrid children, and Hamish sheds scales, so by returning me a sheet of his scales he is returning back the loan and the favor. Dragon logic. He is a Dragon Turtle. Of course that's cute more than anything, god I love my Sock Dragon!

So they haven't left, but I try to pretend that they are gone. A part of that is to not write about them. What hurts me the most is that the Agenda is based on pedophilia. Lots of abductees are only shown their hybrid children and then that's that. And they believe the Zetas that make it out to be some kind of utopia to save the Zeta race. But what not all abductees are shown is the pedophilia. Those children are molested ever since they are babies and they are also made to be sexual with other hybrids both kids and adults and then it gets worse: with their own human abductee mothers and fathers. How great is that? I've been close to serious mental breakdown over this several times. And I know I'm not the only abductee on earth who gets shown those pedophile children in their princess dresses and have them put naked on oneselves, but it's just that other abductees are so coward they won't talk about it openly. And so everyone pretends it isn't happening. Am I the only one writing about this stuff? Hey? Why do I have to do it and bear this on my shoulders.

Luckily those children are also racist and rude and evil so it's easier to reject them. If I show as much as an ounce or hint of acceptance toward those children, then before long the Thuban brings them over to molest me and shows me their naked genitalia and expects me to teach them about sex and calls me a giraffe so the children won't be afraid because I'm so tall and larger than they. If I say that I will murder those children then at least they cry and go away and don't want to be with me. And then at least the aliens have the decency

We would like you to stop it. - says a fake pretend men in black man who is probably some kind of Illuminati alien pretending to be something with authority
And please, don't eat any sugar. - says a Zeta
I would like you to leave me alone and go to hell. And I am going to eat lots of sugar today. And smoke cigarettes. And then I am going to take a butcher's knife and cut you all to pieces and feed those little pieces to the hungry Remulans. - me

Sometimes it scares the Zetas. Sometimes a Zeta or a Thuban becomes totally overcome by fear and their whole body locks up out of utter terror. I have also become good at scaring the children with my threats. The little ones pee their pants and cry and sometimes they curl up into a little ball and get scared of the whole world after my verbal threats, and the older kids like just a few minutes ago sometimes freeze up. A few minutes ago I was mentally shown one of my juvenile sons with the Russians and then they tell that boy that I am his mother and then the boy declares to me that he is "still a virgin" so I told him to go to hell and that I was going to kill him and that made him stop talking. I can't believe these people, but of course this all makes sense when you realize it is a Satanic organization which is ruled by the Demons themselves.

Last night they brought in a little white hybrid girl who looks to be about 3 years old. She was all happy and cute, but I wish these children could have a normal childhood. The Thuban was showing her my body and breasts and everything and telling her that I am her mother and showing her my genitals and telling her that she had come from there (she was made of my egg) and putting her little clammy hands on me as if I were a puppy to be petted. But then they make it into something sexual and show me these children's genitals. And then they show me some hybrids having sex and why do they expect me to want to see that? This kind of thing will eventually kill me. I tell them that but they don't care. It's the Dark Lords who have designed this thing. It is Satanic for The Eye.

I managed to fall asleep after another sexual onslaught from the aliens that again nearly killed me or nearly sent me to run to a mental hospital. I mean, don't they have drugs at the hospital that make a person not have to see these things? Even if these things are real, as I have confirmed much to my horror many times, don't they make drugs that disconnect certain parts of the brain? Wouldn't that be nice, if a simple pill could make it all just go away. I will have to consider that option. I mean, lots of people who get sexually abused they turn to alcohol or drugs. I don't do alcohol or drugs but I'm thinking the hospitals have something that numbs the parts of the brain that mediate this kind of images. Let me remind you: the aliens are real. So it's not as simple as calling me crazy. I've been there with the aliens fully awake and it's all real. (Right now a Thuban shows me a mental image of poo in a little hybrid boy's pants. As if they expect me to want to be a mother who is involved with their life.)

Something interesting the Zetas have begun doing only just recently is that they give me the mental image as if the hand of Mickey or Minney Mouse the Disney characters would be touching me. They literally masque their own Zeta hands and show me a white gloved hand like what Mickey Mouse has. They expect that children and humans are not afraid of Disney characters so if they can approach me like a Disney character they expect me to not be afraid of them touching me. I just think it's bizarre. It's like deliciously alien bizarre.

We don't want to show you the ones in cages. - says some type of Zeta or Thuban
You are a feline! - says Thuban demeaningly to me, or did she say "my feline"

The thing is, I would be ever so delighted to have alien Zeta hands touching me. Wouldn't that be a treat?

I could touch you too. - says Hamish
Yay! Hamish, touch me! I would LOVE that! - me
You would dare that, you said to me. - Hamish corrects me
I WOULD LOVE THAT HAMISH! - me, and Hamish turns around to show me his imposing and impressive back hump, a fire engine red color and covered in his orange "goosebumps"
Oh Hamish. What ever would I do without Dragon Turtles. I love you Hamish. You are the best. - me

Hamish saved the day again. Oh my, now he touches his hand against my chest in the other dimension. I didn't feel it but I saw it. How nice Hamish, thank you my Turtle Sock Feet!

I didn't like that, so I showed it to you. - Hamish says and he means the poo in the diaper, I know Hamish doesn't like soiled diapers he doesn't like the smell or the mess

Where was I. Oh yes, pedophilia. But I wouldn't mind the Zetas touching me or showing me their own hands. When was I ever afraid of Zeta alien hands? I think they're interesting, and they have shown me their hands before.

My name is Richard. Rockefeller. - says some white slender figure lurking around
Ok. Didn't you hear my lecture this morning? When I called you all Satanists and asked you all to go to hell perhaps? - me


Give them my full name, would you. - the white lizard creature who looks part white lizard part human and part Illuminati hybrid says, he wears a suit, and he even made a fake pretend smile. He knows I am writing about them so ha ha he must not be pleased! So kill me and get it over with, you damn pedophile racists, this is the Rockefeller lizard.

But I wouldn't mind some Zeta hands, so there really is no reason to show me fake Disney hands. That's just stupid. The Rockefeller lizard is here looking me right in the eye.

We are not working with the demons, so we are not evil. - Richard says
I don't want to talk to you. Leave me and my eggs alone. - me
This is not with Manon! - shouts a Dark Lord Manon in an image of a black shadow figure with his mouth wide open and something red in his mouth, maybe he was just agreeing with "Richard" that the Rockefellers "are not satanists", but who cares

So. Last night I had many vivid dreams and I am led to believe that it involved an alien encounter scenario which blended in partially with my dreaming, but some of it was quite vivid and real. The first thing I remember that was quite lovely indeed, was tiny little baby Archaeopteryx dinosaurs that I was shown. They were feathered dinosaurs, beige brown in color, and tiny little fragile creatures.

Then I was shown two interesting mammals that we don't have on Earth anymore, if we ever did. They were the size of a cat but their bodies were very round and the hair was a silver gray brown. There were two of them and they were running after me and I was playing with them.

There were lots of children here and we were in a lavish mansion. I had the impression that these children were visiting at this house, they were not the children of this house... right now Richard Rockefeller Lizard shows me a white bar of cocaine or other drug that he put against his nose and he seemed to indicate that I could have some.

No, thank you. I don't want any drugs or cocaine or "silver" from you. Go away. - me
I am strictly not opening my house to you again. - says Richard and bows graciously
Go away! I don't like satanists! - me
I was not with you in my house because I wanted to be. - says Richard a bit fussy
Go away! Pedophiles! Satanists! Rapists! Drug users! Go away all of you! - me
What is this? - Queen White Lizard appears and is asking, she shines bright white from having eaten many souls from hybrid children

So the kids were at his house. The kids were taught in the kitchen that white bread is "death". There were many foods on the kitchen counters and the kids were asked to say what those foods were. When they were asked what the slices of white bread was the kids replied "Death!" There are strict food rules over there. Sugar is forbidden too. The food they eat affects the blood, and the blood has to be maintained in a way that makes it potent for two things: if the kids are molested it creates a lot of what is both called "iron", "power", and "lust" in the Agenda, but also makes the blood better to drink by the Reptiles and Lizards who consume blood from Agenda children.

Last night.... damn it! In the other dimension the Richard Rockefeller lizard has put that cocaine thingy in my nose. They always give me that white drug because it does what I call the "white flame". It does something to my nerves that flares up a huge energy and then they ingest that energy. I will ignore that and pretend like nothing is happening. So anyway, the aliens use a thin plastic tubing to suction out my stomach contents with and they feed it to some of my hybrid children.

I just thought it would make you feel a bit better. Given that you do not like us anymore. - Richard says and morphs into the red-haired Rockefeller man I mingled with last night (note: mingle does not mean sex)
... I don't use drugs. Please don't give me any. And not without asking. - me
The Rockefeller man makes a gesture with his arms and hands to show me his bedroom and the bed there. OBVIOUSLY they want this man and me to make children that they can then consume. Isn't it weird?
No thank you Sir, I am saving for my husband. I will not be having sex with you. - me
Some other Agenda creatures just look at me, but they don't say anything. They seem to be puzzled, not angry, at my rejection, and trying to think of civil ways to mend this.
I don't want to participate with your satanism. Please leave me alone. - me

So anyway! They told me last night that the children get sick if they are fed with my stomach contents that has sugar in it. The children vomit that food. Isn't it gross? I didn't "just" come up with that. I've seen these things so many times and the plastic tubing and all. I know they do it. I know they pull out my stomach contents and feed it to the children. Why they do it I do not know. They might be studying how the hybrid children react to various foods, given that each new hybrid recombination of human and alien genes is different with a potentially different set of chemistry and....

No, Richard. I will not be having drugs with you and then have sex with you. It doesn't sound like a nice deal so, no thanks. Go away, Lizard Man. And it's not because you're a Lizard. - me
We just wanted your ovum. - Richard says, polite and gentle, he puts his hands in his pockets, he wears a black suit and is the lizard form
Why do you have to pretend you're a human? Why do you change shape into a man? Are you actually a lizard and you try to look like a human so that I would have sex with you? - me
No... - Richard says, he shows me what is really going on

The lizard showed me that there is an actual red-haired man named Richard Rockefeller. He is a human. He is also an abductee in the Agenda like me. The lizard showed me that they have threatened to kill this man with hanging with a rope over a beam if he does not participate in the breeding programs. So he is a victim just like me. Where did I see this before? I know that the Prince Charles figure doesn't really want to do this either, he is also reluctant. I had some other examples of reluctant bachelors but I don't remember... I don't know. This is all weird and bizarre.

Where the heck was I? So the children get sick if they are fed something that I ate which has sugar in it. But I don't care.

So I was at a house. A lavish house. The children were there learning about foods in a kitchen. The kids all seemed very smart and much much more refined than any kids I ever saw. They were very refined. They were all maybe ten years old, or up to 12 years old. Boys and girls. They were all kinds some with blonde hair or brown hair or black hair. Caucasian kids of course, the Agenda only deals with white races of humans, with the exception of the bloodline from Ancient Egypt which is golden and royal and which Colin Powell has and that's very special but also very different and used for different purposes. I can't believe I just said that about Colin Powell. He is probably going to send someone to kill me or have me arrested or something. But I didn't write this saga. I did not invent the Agenda, in fact I am trying to make it all go away.

Yeah, I kinda wish I was crazy. But you can't think that when a Dragon Turtle or a Reptilian not only lifts you up but manages to throw you across the air. Like when I told Hamish that the episode of Grey's Anatomy wasn't real it was only acting, he got angry and threw me over the coffee table "because the tv had lied to him". It was an episode where a patient needed multiple organ transplants and Hamish was asking me about the organs and then I told him it wasn't real. And you know how Hamish likes his organs. Liver is his favorite snack!

Next the kids go to school. It is a nice brand new school! The floor is all shiny and it's really great. The kids have backpacks on their backs and they go to school.

So I'm playing with the two big rodents who run around my feet, I'm having great fun. Oh, before that, someone was molesting me while I was in the house, but anyways. So when I'm playing with the rodents who run around, a man appears. We are in the lavish house. He is wearing a really nice black suit which doesn't have a tie but has a white like what men wore in the 1700's on the collar. Really smart. I think the man has glasses if I am not mistaken, and he has red hair I'll remember that. He is about in his 30's doesn't look old at all.

The man tells me that he is a "Rockefeller" and that they used to be a "very wealthy and talented family". I know he used two adjectives, the second one was "talented", and the first one was either "wealthy" or "rich". I remember wondering why he said "used to be". Or did he say that they used to be the "world's wealthiest and most talented family". Anyhow. They were the Rockefellers. The whole family was seated in the living room, their whole clan. And all those lots of children running all around the house and playing in the staircase that leads upstairs. The kids were not "full Rockefellers". My theory is that these kids have Rockefeller genes, they are not "true" Rockefellers but they are made to be had on the side, and lots of them and with all kinds of gene pools in those kids combined with Rockefeller genes!

The red-haired man hands me a book which has the Rockefeller genealogy in it. The man tells me how they don't use black genes. So I open the book and I don't even look at it carefully, it has family trees and texts about the family and I'm just fussing at him for being a racist against black people.

When I wake up and return from that place I am very upset at the Rockefeller, because I know they are raping me and stealing my eggs, and I know they eat those children, well the Reptilians do. In the process of my arguing at the man, Hamish steps on a hybrid girl who is on the floor and Hamish says that he will stomp her to death. Hamish likes standing on things and stomping with his feet, he has flat red Duck Feet and he is a Dragon Turtle. On a rare occasion he wants to put one foot on top of me. He is going to suffocate the girl by stepping on her. Hamish does things like that. Usually he drags one of my children out of Japan to the river and drowns them and then eats from the body.

I will never forget that little school boy who was in the otherdimensional school in Japan and the Japanese people were the school teachers there. The Japanese try to provide these Agenda kids with as normal of a childhood as possible. They know that if they don't help the Reptiles get food out of these kids then the Reptilians would go after the general public in Japan and also detonate those bombs that have been planted everywhere. The little boy had blonde hair, he was my son made out of my egg. He had a little Japanese school backpack on his back and he was building a little Origami swan by a round table. He was a little boy maybe 5 or 6 years old. They all wanted me to share in that moment with the boy so that I would know my son and so that he would know me. Then he was dragged to the river where Hamish drowned him and ate from him either his blood or organs or both. I won't forget such a thing.

It was mine. - says my Hamish Turtle
It was mine! - Hamish says very gently and his red face shows up, his eyes are round, spherical and bulging yellow eyes on a very tiny face, he looks too cute, like a sock puppet, how can anyone hate that face? He doesn't know what he is doing. Besides (interrupted)
I would like to see my turtles. - Hamish would like to see turtles
You are my turtle Hamish. I like to see my Hamish Turtle. - me

So I returned and I was upset at them for being racist and I blamed them for all the rape and abductions and egg stealing and pedophilia and murder that takes place in the Agenda.

We don't have the same roots, you and me. - says the Richard Lizard still with his hands in his pockets, he is very calm and it's like he expects us to be able to talk this through so that it makes sense to me too
I don't want to talk to you. - me
We take them down there! - says a black figure Manon I bet and shows me a sewer tunnel, I know Manon lives there, I saw it the first time back when he shared with me how he kills children in India

I was real fussy at the Rockefeller. He told me things, I didn't write it down but the story was that they are a very old genetic lineage and they will only breed with pure Caucasian white people. They have a serious problem with African genetics and they say that Africans are inferior and not as smart. The Rockefellers claim to be the prime of Caucasian genetics. It makes me sick and nauseated. I told them how sick I was with slavery of black people and the Nazi holocaust of Jews. Namely, he also said that "they" had been working to clear out Europe for the Rockefeller genetic line, that is why they were getting rid of Jews and other undelectable genetics from Europe.

I told them I suspect that I have some dark genetics in my ancestry and that it was a theory, and I listed all of the genetic problems that run in my family, hoping that they would develop a distaste of my genes. I reminded myself that I had been told I am related to the "evil King" who had lived in Russia and who had made like 100 women pregnant, one of those was a female ancestor of mine who returned back to Finland. The Rockefeller also mentioned President Putin but I don't remember what that was about.

So that's about it. And then I was shown the son I have with the Russians (NOT with Putin!). I have children with Olav Vetti and with Stanislav. I really love those boys so much. They are such handsome and perfect sons. I feel such a strong connection to those boys, I really feel that they are mine. These boys do not have alien genetics in them. But I quite un-delicately told him to leave. And before he had spoken, I was standing in my underpants and night shirt and the boy looked at me and commented on how I was not naked. It makes me sick that the Agenda expects these boys to... I don't know what. It's just not normal and it's sick.

Oh and last night they were showing me all kinds of disgusting Japanese hybrids to me, my children, as if I was meant to be happy to see them. Those children are the result of rape. Japanese associates rape me and I am disgusted. And those kids look like mine and like Japanese with black hair and they most of all look Zeta. They are more than half Zeta, so they are white and alien looking. I rejected them all. I refuse to see them, because they want me to see the genitals of these hybrids and they want me to see them having sex and they want me to have sex with my own hybrid offspring. So no thanks. It is all negative, starting from the moment when they steal my eggs and then rape me, all of it is wrong.

And those of you abductees who are hating me because I am not being friendly with the aliens or with my hybrid children, I can just laugh at you because you are being raped by your very own hybrid children when you are kept asleep. So you can just keep thinking that you are privileged, or that these children are a blessing. Those kids have sex with you and those children are molested and raped when they are babies and children and many of them are being sold at cattle auctions to pedophiles and the kids get sacrificed to the devil, their blood and organs are eaten by Reptilians and their soul is ripped and fed through the Incubi who sexually rape their souls by feeling "lust" and that then feed their souls to be trapped in the satanic Eye God.

This is Manon. Do not tell them that. - speaks a Dark Lord
Why not? Is it a secret? - me
No, but the lust was mine. - Manon kindly explains
Ok. It is yours. I won't take it from you. - me
And Manon does the cutest thing that I ever did see. He opens his mouth to make a big grin and a smile and he looks really happy. Manon does that, he can make it look as if he has a huge grin and smile and it looks so cute it makes me happy I can't help it how cute.

There are so many alien abductees who believe the lies the Zetas tell them. Zetas try to make this into some sort of utopia, "oh these children have special abilities and so do you, we are building the future and everything is happy and peace and wonderful and you are saving the world and these children are so special". Good grief. I can't tell you how many of these children end up buried underneath houses after Satanic acts that were carried out in the basements. I almost ended up marrying a CIA agent and we were going to have the pentagram in our basement and sacrifice my own children to the devils. This is what the Dark Lords had in mind for us, but I broke it off and I stopped them from MKULTRA training me into a Cat and Butterfly and Doll.

The Rockefellers were confused because they had been promised that I am a Butterfly but then I wasn't. The Butterfly is a person who can easily be energy-raped. It is what I call "the white flame" when they energy rape someone.

So. It is what it is and it is not my fault, so let's just go with it. Oh, and they are still showing me to a figure who they make out to be Bill Clinton.

I feel really anxious about how all kinds of actual figures are appearing in these stories, but it is nice to know that so many other people are reporting the very same things. Queen Elisabeth of England, Prince Charles, the Swedish King and Queen, Bill Clinton, so many others. Here's how I understand it:

These aliens

Yes, and we also have streets here. - says Richard Rockefeller Lizard

I was going to say, these aliens live in another dimension, and Richard just added that they even have cities and streets there. They live in a parallel universe to ours, and it works because atoms in their universe and in their bodies sway at different frequencies, so they go someplace else out of our sight and touch. The short version of the story is, that these creatures have made their own versions of humans on Earth and planted them into our 3rd dimension. These are the Agenda bloodline people. The Agenda is very powerful, I mean heck they have got the likes of Baphomet and Jezebel working on their league, so their bloodline humans are things like royalty, top politicians, and other people in positions of power. They have ways of building power structures and governments and of accumulating huge amounts of money and wealth. In fact, you know how in the old days it was really difficult to get into "top universities and colleges"? Those were their own schools, not meant for "other folks". That is why you ended up having "the sons of the rich and wealthy who followed in their fathers' footsteps".

"Ivy League schools" and the likes of that even used to have satanic clubs that the kids used to do. The kids probably thought it was just a way of forming clubs and fraternities, but they were doing actual satanic acts which are designed by the Dark Lords to give them access to their minds. And if you think about it, why do some top industries only want to hire people who went to an "Ivy League school"? It is a way of ensuring that only the bloodline were hired, and nobody else would think that it was strange. And you used to have to have "connections" to get into those schools in the first place. I wouldn't attend any such school because I know the Dark Lords can get access to those people. I mean, the students sit in a classroom and take in by faith everything they are told. It is the perfect setting where the Dark Lords can get into their heads. Television and computer games are also mind control tools used by the Dark Lords, that is why I don't do either anymore. Because when you are staring at television or playing video games, you are numbing your conscious self and you are opening your brain for "receive" mode and the Dark Lords can play puppet master with you while you do it. Not kidding.

The level of my documentary on the Agenda has reached extents and climbed so high and far and wide that for novices who do not know firsthand of these things, this will all sound like nonsense. We've reached a depth of my Orion Project where at this level, if you are reading now about things like Ivy League schools and television and royalty and bloodlines

We only wanted to feel the lust with them. That is, if they were playing video games with us. - Dark Lord says
Oh, ok. - me
So it wasn't about all that other stuff. The stuff which you said! - Dark Lord says, not angry but very kindly
We don't like to put men into boxes anymore. - Manon says and makes it look as if he had a really sad face with the corners of his mouth down, the boxes is a reference to killing, either burial but more likely their favorite game of putting kids or people into a box until they suffocate slowly

Anyhow. If this is all sounding like nonsense, then why don't you go play in the other corner of the sheep's pen, sheep? Go along, run along and find some nice grass.

Don't say that to them, if they do not understand. As, you were once a novice too. - says a Pleiadian, not wanting me to say such a thing to humans who are reading this

Anyhow, run along. But the thing is. Satanism was given to us by the Satanic persons themselves, by the likes of Baphomet and Manon. They are the ones who invented the pentagram! The Ouija board! The tarot cards! Oh, you should have seen my Dark Lord Malik when he spotted me and a friend doing Thoth Tarot cards. At the time I didn't realize I was handling some black magic instruments of which the Dark Lords are very fond of. So my Malik asked me to read him his cards. What is fantastic is that the cards were massively accurate for all of my readings. I know I was channeling a Djinn who was helping me, because there was a little black figure who was making the cards become accurate. You can read what cards Malik got by going to his page here on this website.

So there are bloodline people who end up being presidents and royalty and such, very influential and wealthy. By the way, if you happen to be in the United States why don't you take out a one dollar bill and take a nice little look at the back? Why it's the pyramid and The Eye of course! Countries and power systems are built by the Agenda here on Earth, through their bloodline people.

The flag of England, white with the red cross, is a symbol of an ancient English bloodline which actually started in the mainland of Europe to begin with before they moved on up to England to settle the British island. The Free Mason man I was paired up with and the Agenda wanted me to have babies with him, he is a very potent part of this original English bloodline. Namely his family were one of the first 300 who settled the United States and they are also related to the Bush family and even though they are Americans living in the United States, his mother was brought in from England and pure English and things like that to keep them from diluting out the English strain with American random mixes. And now they wanted some of that "evil King" into that mixture from me, but they didn't get it ha ha cause I broke up with that man!

And then they wanted me to marry a CIA man but I didn't want to. So there. But before these two eligible Bachelors sent to me from the Illuminati Dating Inc (TM) they had first sent me to a young man who is a Satanist and who had known about me for years before we met and the Dark Lords have made him totally obsessed with me. This guy was also fond of things like rape, he thought about how funny it is if people get raped or if he would kill children and bury them in the woods. So I broke it off with him, we never even met in person. Creepy things, eh?

Meanwhile, I am not like these people. You see, I am also a Crystal. So I am innately not into Satanism or the sorts. I have some of that Vega strain and Crystal and bright energy, so they need someone like me to combine with the bloodline so you get the blood and the energy.

Anyhow. Now for the best news in the whole wide world. Last night before I went into that big Rockefeller mansion in the other dimension, guess who I was having great fun with right outside the mansion? Well with Hamish of course. You see, there was this cute fantastic creature standing there and I kept putting my arms around him and he kept using his long tubular neck and bit into my arm and saying "No!!", "No!!". We kept this up for quite a while and it is probably my fondest memory of Hamish.

Hamish has a long tubular neck and at the end of that tube is a tiny little face! Hamish has a mouth with no teeth. He kept nibbling at me and using his mouth to push my arms away while saying "No!!"

He also plays with your children now. - says Queen Lizard to me about Hamish
Yes, that's nice. I wish he would play with me too. I love Hamish!! Don't you just love Hamish? - me
And Hamish lets out a burp to the Queen Lizard in honor of her being a Royalty in the Reptile world. The burp means something.

Hamish kept nibbling and nibbling on me

Yes, I play with our sons here. - says Hamish to me and shows me a little white hybrid toddler boy

He nibbled on me and it was so much fun to have him nibbling on my arms! He wasn't letting me hug him! Yet he was so gentle about it, but you could tell Hamish was real annoyed.

That one, is a Queen here. - says Hamish and leans down so that I can see his many rows of perfect orange buttons along the top of his long tubular neck
Yes, Hamish. And Hamish is my King. - me
I am not surprised to hear that. - says Hamish to me about the comment about him being my King
Hamish is my King Dragon. My Darling. - me

I love Hamish. I love Hamish so much it is almost enough to make me accept all of the Agenda just so I could be with Hamish. Hamish again leans down to show me his many perfect rows of orange buttons along his neck.

In the morning when I woke up the other Agenda Reptilians or creatures told me about Hamish. They said that Hamish was a very old race. Hamish is also very strong and he has fought a lot. Oh now I remember! You see when I was rejecting the Rockefeller lizard then "the Board" came to speak and it was a bright neon lime green raptor that had one huge comb flap on its head. I admired his beautiful green color and the head structure and gave him my compliments, as he truly looks handsome and I also know that the Reptilians admire these kind of things too. Then this reptilian told me about Hamish, that Hamish had fought a lot, he showed me Hamish's orange head buttons and said about himself that "he had more scars than Hamish has" those buttons. Hamish has fought with this little one, it seems. I know Hamish has to fight a lot and he defends rights to my eggs, but I am both proud and relieved that Hamish seems to always win in a confrontation. A lot of the other Reptilians also back off just from the sight of Hamish. Hamish being "the old race of Draconians", and also having the many orange head buttons and that back turtle hump, it grants him a lot of "free"

My snacks! - says Hamish together with a light burp click

It also grants him a lot of "free" dignity and rank among the Reptilians.

And when I was upset about the Rockefellers and stuff they again brought an Alpha Remulan to see me. They know that it calms me down to see the Remulans. Those guys are awesome. The Remulan scorpions are called "refugees" or "evacuees" because they have been kidnapped or stolen but they have not joined the Agenda yet. The Dark Lords Alpha Thetans had stolen the Remulans from their muddy forests. The Remulans used to climb trees, now they have to live in some sort of bases and spaceships without trees. Another thing, the Remulans constantly leave a trail of their poo behind much like a snail leaves behind a trail of slime. As the Remulan made its appearance this morning, first thing he said was that he was making a "middle file" or something like that, and he shouted it out real loud, kind of like saying "watch out, here I come!", and he meant for everyone to be watchful because he is walking in the center, middle, of the room he was in, and leaving his line of feces there. He knows that all the other aliens get hysterical when an Alpha Remulan comes along, because of that trail of poo they leave behind.

The Remulan drags its butt along the floor, and he uses his two arms like ice picks to drag the body forward. When they lived on a muddy forest floor it was not a problem that they leave a constant trail of feces, but it becomes a real problem over there in the spaceships. You can't just abduct any and all kinds of creatures and put them into a spaceship to live together! Some things were meant to live in the wild. The Remulans are fantastic and when you talk to them they are the best.

The Remulan said to me with a loud voice he hollered, that he knows I have food in the freezer box! He asked me why do I put the ground beef into the freezer? I told him it goes bad if we leave it out for too long. Every time he comes here he starts by mentioning the ground beef that he knows is in our freezer. Maybe because I had promised I would feed him some if he comes here and if it is safe for him to eat. He is so cute cause when you mention food to him, he becomes totally elated and he opens his mouth wide open as if he hopes that someone will drop little pieces of food into his mouth! He is so cute.

The Remulan later said that he was no longer an evacuee, because he was thinking of joining. The Agenda makes human or hybrid boys play with the sword fights and those are usually done to the death (they will take an important bloodline

We also do it to feel the lust. - the black Reptilian says about the sword fights thingy

They take an important bloodline boy and a less important boy that they can spare, the one that they can spare is younger and obviously will die. Anyhow, they have these sword fight tournaments and shows and the Remulan was thinking of maybe watching those and being part of the Agenda. I told Remulan that he shouldn't, because what if they decide to hurt the Remulan? The Remulan IS NOT!!! I REPEAT IS NOT!!! sadist. The Remulans are gentle and cautious creatures, totally innocent and precious. They just live in those godforsaken alien bases and they have been taken away from their forests. I don't want them to join or watch those things, even if they are asked or invited. It's not something a Remulan should ever be asked to witness.

The Remulan is the most fantastic person I have ever known. Knowing this personality has changed something in me for ever. It is one of those contacts with another living creature that fills up an emptiness in my own life and grants me an understanding and acceptance of life itself. Sure, he is just a large brown scorpion insect kind of thing from outer space and all he seems to think about is ground beuf and he leaves a trail of poo behind him as he hauls his body forward like with ice picks. But his mind, his personality, the living person inside of that mind, the one who he is, is something fantastic. It is the most meaningful alien contact I have ever had, the most meaningful contact with another living creature ever. I love the Remulans.

We want to be here in the kitchen! - declares so happily the Remulan with a mental image of my kitchen, I translated from the other language

And I know he is keen on the freezer box, that he knows has the ground beuf in it. Now he opens his mouth wide again! It is a reflex that starts in his tummy that makes him open his mouth to eat. Meanwhile, my own reflex is that I am a woman and my mind thinks it looks like a baby that opens its mouth wanting to eat and so my brain makes me feel very happy to see that and makes me want to feed him. We are two creatures, two different species, and his body makes him happy to open his mouth to get to eat and my body makes me happy to see him do that and wanting to feed him. He showed me a mental image of his home world and said something about it, I didn't catch what he said. The forests look decomposed, it looks like rotting vegetation, and the mud is dark and thick and damp.

The Agenda has brought me so many things. It brings me to utter horror of rape and pedophilia, blood drinking, energy rape, satanic sacrifice of children, and all of those things. It even tried to MKULTRA mind control me... which reminds me, the Free Mason man was doing specifically mind control on me. You know the bloodline guy I was supposed to marry? He did hypnosis on me and that is when I saw the Dark Lord in him. He still won't deny it when I ask him if he knows about the Dark Lords, he just says "you know I won't speak of such things". So he knows about the Dark Lords. How can he know?

But I also have fantastic people and friends. Hamish, my beloved Sock Dragon. He was showing me his orange buttons because those "signify royalty" he has taught me, so as he was telling me about how the white lizard is a Queen there, he was also showing me his own buttons, but maybe in a humble gesture. I usually get to look Hamish right in the eyes, but a few days ago we had an episode where he was only showing me the orange neck buttons and not letting me see him into the eyes, it was like a human doing "talk to the hand" and I felt devastated cause it was like he was blocking me from access to the person that he is. Which is when I noticed that on an everyday basis, Hamish is being very personable with me. He lets me in real close, he shares with me his everyday thoughts and what he is up to and he lets me have eyecontact and close contact. Last night when I went to bed, he pops a mental image into my head of a pointy red Santa's hat and he asks me where they are hiding? We have cleared away the Santas since it's not Christmas anymore.

Hamish and the Remulan are so very important people to me. The Remulan I just connected to instantly. It is something about his persona. I just hit it off real well with my Remulan, I think he is a fantastic person.

Oh, you idolize me, I am your Idol. - says Remulan
I think you're fantastic. - me
I want food in my tummy!! - Remulan declares happily, he senses a tickle in his stomach
I want to give you food in your tummy! I don't know how to get to you! Where are you! - me
You met with the birds. - says a white short bird who looks like Bird, Hamish's former Secretary, these guys are very short, about the size of a pillow

Well yes, I did get to see many of those awesome little feathered dinosaurs last night. That was fantastic. But they did not look like Bird. These just had a few rows of feathers sticking out from the length of their arm, whereas the Birds like Hamish's former Secretary are covered in white plume.

Remulan is just great to hang out with. Why? Well, I like the way he is usually. When he is just being himself. I don't know, I guess you can call that chemistry. Why do any two random human people hit it off and become best friends? I just like the person that Remulan is. I just like the guy that he is. He's a great person. I would do anything just to hang out with him there, to give him.... now he shows me a mental image of a medical room with a dead chubby Illuminati hybrid on the table and he thinks about that he gets to eat bits and pieces from those bodies. Remember when Remulan showed me

They shower them first! - Remulan hollers about the big Illuminati corpses, those are washed off after they died

He had shown me

You are so calm with me. - Remulan says to me
After all, we eat your toddlers! I just thought you should know. - Remulan
We call them pizzas and hamburgers here. The toddlers were eaten by me!!!!!! - Remulan getting excited about food
They are tortured first. - Remulan leaning on his long ice pick arms
Ok. I already knew that. - me

He once showed me a bucket with bits and pieces of organs that he was going to get to eat from, so I'm sure he gets food. I just really like that guy. Remember that they were stolen from the forests and made to live there, because the Agenda has this masterplan of owning and taking all living species into some kind of twisted "Noah's Ark" that is run by the Dark Lords of Alpha Theta. The Remulans are quite innocent in this, and so is Hamish.

Hamish's race of old Draconians used to roam the forests of Alpha Draconis in groups, they moved closely together like a school of fish and they had a leader Dragon in each group. Everybody respected the leader's authority, but they squabbled for dominance among the others. They never wore clothes, nor lived in houses. They didn't use lavatories or knives and forks. They lived in nature where everything made sense to them. They loved standing with their flat duck feet in shallow waters, and they have very sensitive soles of their feet so they choose real carefully about where to stand.

They like to stand on soft surfaces and they build nests where they lay their eggs. Their females have a sweet smell and "smell right" to them. They are very gentle with one another. Dragon Turtles are actually extremely gentle creatures, but they make sure that they have dominance just to be safe. They are somewhat social creatures and seem to want to live in groups. Hamish misses his parents and his grandfathers and he would much rather live with other Dragon Turtles and tend to his nest of eggs and the "hatchits" the hatched babies rather than be here.

There are fire engine red Dragon Turtles and there are also yellow ones, like Yellow Turtle remember him? Oh Yellow

We are also here. It is our camp/nest. - a female Dragon Turtleness tells me with a mental image of the mountaintops that they live by, you would have to kill me I would never reveal where they are
It is my camp/nest too. - Hamish says in my native language
It is a good place. I am happy that you have them. I LOVE YOU HAMISH! I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR YOU! I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU! - me
I am married to her. - Hamish shows me the female Dragon Turtleness and an image of a gold wedding ring
I know Hamish. - me
We go there and mate. - Hamish says and shows me a mental image of how he climbs up on her back with his flat red duck feet
Hamish! Do you have babies! Do you have babies? Are you a father? Do you have babies Hamish, are you a daddy? - me
Hamish makes a good and proper palate click to the female Dragon Turtle. That means that he is telling her that he likes her. Oh that was so cute.
My little pieces are there. - Hamish says, he thinks of white baby toddler hybrids that were made of my eggs, and he indicates that those are place in little pieces to his own nest of Dragon eggs, probably that my babies end up feeding his own family one way or another
They are my little pieces! - Hamish says not angry

Or, maybe that Hamish meant that the hybrid children are my little pieces, and that Hamish's nest of Dragon eggs are his little pieces.

So, Hamish ended up telling the rest of his own story. About his Dragon Turtle family, and about his nest of eggs in the stalactite cave. I would live and die for my Dragon Turtle. He is such a beautiful living creature, sure he eats hybrid children but humans eat pigs and cows.

I also like my turtles here. - says Hamish and shows me a mental image of earth turtles that are small and green and with the shell and his upper eyelids close which means that he is smiling about the turtles

I would go through hell and back for my Dragon Turtle.

She called you a Dragon Turtleness! - Hamish declares happily to his Dragon wife
She was not with my santa, she said. - Hamish tells me that his Dragon wife "was not with the santa", and he shows me a mental image of a red santa hat
Hamish? Why do you say santa? - me

Although we already know why. Santas are red and therefore they are showing power. Hamish watches out for anything red, he thinks it is another red Dragon Turtle here to dominate and show power and take over his nest and eggs and territory. Now Hamish sniffs at his wife, he thinks about how I had said that they smell right. Hamish looks at his nest of eggs in the stalactite cave, and he is showing me. The eggs are large and have a shell and they are off-white with greenish speckles.

They were not mine, they were hers. - says Hamish to me and means they are his wife's
They are Dragon Turtle eggs. Will they become your babies? Will they hatch? - me
They are mine. I am taking them. - Hamish says to his wife, he closes his eyelids to show humility, he wants to snatch the eggs with him (from my native language)
Leave them be there. - me (my native language)

There are some things in this world that are better than others. And it is a magnificent experience to come across another living being that is more important to oneself than oneself. I love you Hamish, (he is in the act of trying to pick up his Dragon eggs into his arms, the wife just stands by and does nothing and is as calm as before) ...

Hamish? Are you allowed to take them? - me, Hamish says without words and with a mental image of our living room sofa that he wants to put them on the sofa to come and show me
Hamish? What happens when your babies and eggs hatch? - me
They are on my sofa. - Hamish says in my native languge, aha so the sofa is his too now
They run around when they hatchit! - Hamish says and remembers how the babies run around

Just beat me and throw me out a window, this is too cute for words.

My hatchit! - Hamish declares, probably like a happy father

Last night a little pale gray chubby hybrid toddler was on the floor in the alien base and reached up with its hand to give or show Hamish a big yellow Lego block, because Hamish was standing next to that child. I have seen many cases where the little toddlers want to play with Hamish. Sometimes Hamish and a hybrid child play soccer football and Hamish will kick the black and white ball gently back to the child. The child just held that lego piece toward Hamish for a long time, the child was hoping that Hamish would notice or take it or something. That was adorably cute.

I wish we could cut out the bad parts. There was a time when I thought it might be ok to give my eggs and have those children, and there have been times when I have wanted to be their mother and thought that it could work. But this is not a family-scheme. This is a baby factory a food industry.

The other day Hamish asked me to pour him a bath and to put soap into it so I did. He washes his sheets of scales there, namely because he pees on his sheets of scales. He does not have a toilet and he doesn't seem to want to bother going to the river or that place in the forest to do his business, so he pees and poos in our home as much as he can figure out ways of doing it. I don't mind if Dragon does it, it is in another dimension and also then I can help him with washing those scales.

Oh, the other day I caught a Thuban eating on Hamish's shedded scales, and possibly I've also seen that Hamish was eating on his shedded scales too a few days ago. I think it was a day when Hamish said he hadn't had anything to eat so he was eating "lean food"

My sausage! - says Hamish in my native language

I know that the Insect Mantids also shed skin but it comes off as a thin white veil and the Insect will eat its shedding skin. I know that Thubans and maybe also Mantids would eat Hamish's shedded scales. They look at it and think of it as edible. We have to remember that these are alien beings.

I have been very mean to Thuban lately, but that is because otherwise she shows me naked hybrids or expects us to touch and be sexual or wants to show me the hybrids having sex, as if they are proud that those hybrids are able to cause they are taking those alien genes from infertile incapable Zeta aliens, but I don't want to see it. But she can be mean too, but I sort of feel sorry for her. If she doesn't work there then she would get injured. She is just doing her job, but she sure is a sassy bitch. Sometimes she just looks at me and says "Hinch!" as if all hell broke loose. You find my first ever encounter with the Thuban Lady in the first telepathy book called "Real? Or Imaginary?" and I called her the "Lady" in that book. It was the Thuban.

Now I'm off to enjoy another day, what's left of it, and put this all behind me. I have managed to go through and then put behind so many aggravating Agenda experiences, many of which are detailed on these Thoughts pages, and I just put them behind and go on with my day. Today I might watch another episode of The Walking Dead with Hamish. The other day there was an episode on tv but I had already seen it. It was the one in Season 4 where a zombie attacks from behind a line of laundry. I had already seen it but I left the tv on for Hamish to watch it on his own. Pretty soon Hamish yells out: "Yes-No!", and he was unhappy about the monster that had been attacking from behind the laundry line. He didn't want to see it anymore.

Hamish still wants to watch Harry Potter movies, because the magicians are able to fend off the Dark Lords in those movies, and he would like to know about such magic. (I tell him it is just theatre it is not real.) I love watching a Harry Potter movie together with Hamish who is sitting next to me on the sofa. Those are the times when he really watches and enjoys a movie, even though I don't and I am utterly bored cause those movies are not my cup of tea. But I love it when Hamish can do something that he enjoys. I wish I could fill this Dragon's life with meaningful experiences, moments, and memories, but how can I?

The Crocodile Man wanted to take them from me. - Hamish about his eggs
Yes-No! Yes-No! They are Hamish's eggs! - me
They have my DNA strands in them now. So, please do not fight anymore. - Croc Man says to me about Hamish's eggs, and he has that voice like always as if it is difficult for him to pronounce
But they are Hamish's eggs? - me sadly
We provide for them. - Croc about Hamish's wife
But don't they get to have babies of their own? - me
They are with my children in them. - Croc about Hamish's eggs
I am so sad! - me
You're in big trouble now! - a Zeta comes to tell me, used words in my native language that my mother would say when us kids are in serious trouble, can't properly translate those

If Hamish would have lived

My grandfathers were there! - says Hamish delighted and thinks of both red and mostly yellow Dragon Turtles, because I thought of him in his home forest

If Hamish could have lived in the forests with other Dragon Turtles, would he have been happy? What would make my precious Dragon happy?

Do you remember those? - says a Zeta-type alien and shows me the orange sphere UFOs I saw a couple years ago circling near our house
Yes. I was going to run across the fields to go to them! - me
They were with me. - the alien says sternly as previously
Well? - me

I just want Hamish to be well and nourished and to have a happy life with whatever little things are meaningful to Dragon Turtles. He has lived more than two years of his life with me! Two years out of the existence of a Dragon Turtle from the fern forests of the yellow planet at Alpha Draconis.

I remember when he camped out under my bed, back in college when I had that really tall bed that he could fit under, and how peculiar it felt in the dark of night going to bed with a strange fire engine red Dragon Turtle who had just appeared a few days ago and was now camping out underneath my bed? But it quickly started to feel like buddies camping out in bunk beds, one on top of the other, and he quickly found his love for my then yellow bathroom ruggie that he would stomp his feet on just to feel the soft underneath his feet, and if I ever stood on that rug as much as the tip of my heel on his ruggie he would push me away and say that it was his! It was his ruggy, and Hamish would become my best friend.

I learned things from him like "feeling the power" and "dominance" and the meaning of the red color. I learned how to live with a Dragon turtle hump back and how it would always be here between us and get in the way as if a "thing" of its own that asserts things that are never said but understood. That time when he asked me to show him what was in my dresser drawer and he was afraid of the candles there. He lived with me. My Dragon Turtle. He just showed

You have called her, your/the Dragon Turtleness. - says Hamish and his eyeslids are closing in a smile
She is a woman. Sometimes we say it like that. What should I call her? ... Do you want me to honor her? - me

I learned to live with a fire engine red color, a big red Dragon Turtle who would always cram into my room and space, who would be there when I woke up and be there when I fall asleep. Who would tag along with me wherever I went, and say "Yes" and "Yes-No" about many a things. "Yes-No, Onions!", and "Yes-No, crabcakes", because crabs are red. And we have gone through many a "Yes-No Santa!!" and "Yes-No Spiderman", two red and threatening figures that Hamish has wanted to chase away. And he is afraid of carved pumpkins, and sewing needles, so I keep these things away from our home.

A Red Dragon. A large man with yellow bulging round eyes that have a thin vertical slit on them. A strange look in his eyes as if he were a fish. There is nothing human in those eyes, yet I know all of his emotions and his body language, even though he does not express it the same way as ours. A long slithering tail that he never talks about.

I am tired. - Hamish says in my native language
Please Hamish? Please let me help you? Could you go to sleep? My beloved? My beloved Hamish, can I help you? - me, I say as gently as I can
I have got socks in my home, you have said. - Hamish says in my native language

He is, and he isn't. I mean, he is so many things in my life, but other things he isn't, because he is not a human. I have learned to live with a Dragon Turtle, and he has learned to live with a human. We understand each other, even though we are strange to one another.

My species was taken in a space ship. And taken into these camps! - Hamish says, he is sad and tired
I know Hamish. I love you. I would help you. I am your friend, and I will help your species! - me
My fishes are many. - says Hamish and becomes content again, he likes to see fish, in my native language
Hamish's fishes. - I say in my native language
I have not been kicked. - Hamish says and slumps down like a pigeon and closes his eyes to rest, in my native language

I would die for him. In a heartbeat. Even if he would never know of my sacrifice.

Do you like to play dice? - says a Dark Lord with mental image of two dice
No. It might be Satanic. - me to Dark Lord, because, if he likes dice then it must be Satanic

Hamish is someplace in the alien base, he has slumped down and his eyes are closed and he is resting. This is the first time I have seen him when he has seemed so tired. Sometimes he rests on the snuggie rugs in the bathroom, but never looking tired like this, only resting and calm. He seems really tired now, I am wondering if something is wrong?

Hamish? - me
They tried to put me into cooling liquid. - Hamish in other language

Oh god that's right. A few days ago they had put my Hamish into someplace freezing! I never knew why! I just hoped that it would be over with soon!

Ok, listen up. Listen up real well. I love that Hamish more than I have ever loved anything in my whole entire life. I will do anything and everything just to secure my Hamish's well-being. I will do anything. I would live and die for my Dragon Hamish. I would let him eat me if there was no other food. The only thing I pray for in this life, is that Hamish will be safe and comfortable. Please do not hurt him. Please do not ever anyone cause him any harm. I love him so much... - me
He wasn't taking your eggs. - Dark Lord about Hamish
HE IS! Hamish has guarded the eggs! HE HAS DONE EVERYTHING ABOUT THE EGGS! DON'T HURT MY DRAGON!!! HE IS MINE! Bring me my Hamish right now! Bring him to me! He is MINE! Bring Hamish back to me! I want to see him! HE IS MY HAMISH! MY HAMISH AND HAMISH'S EGGS! Where is he! Hamish? - me
My beds, are not. - Hamish says from his slumber and thinks of my bed (native language NL)

Are they hurting Hamish because he has failed to secure my eggs? Oh God I would strike a knife right into my heart! Please God I love him so much! The love I have for him is enough that it would rip apart the entire universe! My Kissy Sock Feet that likes to stand on soft ruggie snugs and shed his scales and wipe his feet real fast backwards to wipe them clean! My Sock Turtle who is afraid of carved pumpkins and loves to eat liver snacks!

Hamish! Is Hamish safe! Hamish! - me, and I break into tears and am sobbing
Hamish! Hamish? - me I say to Hamish
Hamish are you safe? I would do anything for you. I would, kill for you. - me
My fish are there. - says Hamish and shows me a mental image of his river and of blue fishes and he seems as if everything is normal. Maybe I was overreacting, maybe he was not being harmed.

My Dragon Turtle, who nibbles at me with annoyance when I try to wrap my arms around him in a hug. My red scales and smell of sulfur and vomit and of old cheese. My Hamish who once carried me away in his arms. My orange button bumps on his head.

I am already married. - Hamish says
Hamish, I am not asking to marry you. I just love you as a friend. I don't love you like a husband and wife. I love you for who you are. - me

The goosebumps that cover him and make him look like a toad and sometimes burst and ooze a sticky neon fluid. Life can never be the same again. I have been so close to him. I would die for him. I would destroy the whole universe if anything tried to harm Hamish. He is so important to me. Thank god that he is an important and powerful race! Because there is a lot of violence out there, thank god he is more safe than many of the others.

He calls me his yellow buttercups and flowers because I have the eggs. And sometimes when I talk to him or call for him he says that "his eggs are calling for him" and he puts his tiny little face right next to my tummy to hear if the eggs are saying anything, and when I do an aerobics workout he looks very carefully to see if any of the eggs might be falling out.

He bites me in the arm with that soft toothless mouth of his to break up any thoughts that I might have of finding me a boyfriend, and that time when I had red lipstick on he was wondering why, and he almost wanted to attack me when I wore a red neglige cause I was showing power by having red.

I am already married I said! - Hamish declares happily to me
Hamish! ... - me, never mind. If he does not understand now, he might never understand.

He still thinks the video game with Ecco The Dolphin is funny because he likes to see the dolphin eat fish and he waits to see if the dolphin might poo into the same water where it lives, he thinks it's outrageous and hilarious!

The pain of loving someone so much, it mangles me and tears me up into little pieces and tries to build me up again. I love him so much that I'm drowning in a sea that is as big as the ocean. I now see him standing with those flat red duck feet on the floor of an alien medical room. I would go there if I could! To be with Hamish!

You are not into Wicca are you? - Dark Lord asks
No Sir. - me
I would like you to be. - Dark Lord
No Sir. Not my, cup of tea. - me, I can tell he doesn't know what I meant by cup of tea because he is thinking of a cup of tea
My teddies. - Hamish declares and shows me an image of the brown teddybear in the living room. He is here claiming territory again, all is well.

Yes-No!, I said! - Hamish gets angry at the Dark Lord when the Dark Lord was approaching him with some Shenanigans

Dark Lords often bother Hamish and try to mess with him.

Please leave him alone. Please Dark Lords don't touch my Hamish. He is mine, I protect him, leave him alone! - me

The world is never again the same when I have known and loved a Dragon Turtle. Now he thinks about a pond of little earth turtles. Maybe I could get an aquarium and a tortoise for us? He doesn't like aquariums because he worries that they might not be clean enough for the fish, but maybe he would like having a little tortoise pet for us? I would put the turtle on his snuggy rugs.

Hamish. I love you. And it is that love for you that kills me and makes me alive every day.

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