Agenda Is Weird
December 31 2014

I want to write about recent Agenda events in my life. I wanted to close down The Orion Project, this website and documentary, after the previous events which I wrote about here, which featured a meeting with the fat Illuminati hybrid who revealed how he torments young boys and makes them kill themselves and then chops them into little bits and eats them. It was just too much. I mean, this is some sort of real alien contact, we've established authenticity, or at least I have but can't prove it to you, but how much of this Agenda madness am I going to have to witness and write about? It's just not a pleasant topic, it really is gruesome. But here are the recent events, so, Project not closed, yet anyway, I mean, because this is still happening. Just because I wish it would all stop and go away doesn't mean that it is going to.

Shapeshifting, and White Lizard-Illuminati Man

Yesterday one of the big chubby white Illuminati hybrid men came to visit from afar in a mental connection. He was doing that - ok this is going to sound weird - sexual energy thing which they do. But, this Illuminati chum was morphing back and forth between the fat Illuminati white hybrid man, and a white lizard. I've seen them do that before.

Let's talk about shapeshifting for a while. Many of the aliens in the Agenda love to shapeshift, and I really wish they wouldn't, but they seem to change their visual appearance probably in order to reap some sort of prestige in their audience. I've long suspected that the Dark Lords aka Shadow Figures aka Alpha Thetons morph between that and the Black Reptilian, however, this is probably not so, since the Black Reptilians are probably Orion Lizards (black reptilians without a tail) who originate from Orion and say they were taken over by the Dark Lords from Alpha Theta. But the Dark Lords and Orion Lizards aka Black Reptilians often visit together, unless they are a morph of one and the same and choosing to deceive. So that's one suspected shapeshift at least.

Then we have the military officers. In my teens I was pestered by remote viewing connection (i.e. a mental visual connection) and telepathic communication from US military officers and I also experienced awake MILABS abductions, which is like alien abductions only you don't meet aliens, you meet human military and hospital personnel and men in black suits. Captain Stephens turned out to be Hamish, but I only knew about Hamish years later. Hamish, who you know is a red Reptilian Turtle, has partially morphed a few times into Captain Stephens. So we know that Reptilians like to shapeshift into US military personnel. And I suspect that the MILABS person whose name was sometimes given as Jacob Greene, other times as Captain Jacob Daniels, was Snake the Reptilian, but that is just because they "feel" the same, I haven't seen an actual morph. I still suspect that many of the other MILABS personnel are real humans. But the Zetas could have been playing charades too, you know?

Maybe the aliens thought that they would be better received by the human abductee if they only would pose as humans, that way they could get to interact with the abductee/egg donor without all that extra hassle of being aliens. Then they could talk, and interact, give orders even, and get their job done. After all, harvesting the eggs is serious business to them. So, if by chance they have the technology that allows them to shapeshift and appear as human to the human abductee, by golly they would! And so, would Reptilians, who want to be thought of as rulers, pose themselves as military officers?

No, they would not. - someone speaks, a Reptilian of some sort, in regard to when I wrote "would Reptilians pose as military officers"
We would not, for the eggs. We were not, my buttercup. - Hamish
Hamish? Who is Captain Robert Stephens? - me
My fellow egg hunter, an egg hunter, with me. My fellow egg hunter I said! - Hamish
Is he a real human too? Is Captain Stephens a human? Or did Hamish pretend to be Stephens sometimes? - me
I wanted to get the eggs, that is why I did it. I wanted to feed! - Hamish, the underlined he says in a gloomy kind of way, and I pick up a mental image of Hamish lurking in the darkness
You don't like my smell, you said?, Buttercup? - Hamish
I don't mind your smell. Could you please forget what I said? I like your smell. Because then it is Hamish. - me
I like your eggs. Yes, she said yes to me. My Buttercups. - Hamish
So, Hamish? - me, I was going to ask "Did you sometimes pose as Captain Stephens?"
It was a security risk. So we had to do our damndest to keep you safe! - someone says, but I see a black reptilian
What? Could someone tell me? - me
The Reptoids, did not do that. - the black reptilian says, meaning shapeshift I guess?

Anyhow. And then we have the reptilians who morph into actual known human figures. The white lizard whom they call Queen Mother who morphs into Queen Elizabeth of England. The green Reptilian who once visited

You are such a jerk! Revealing our plans to all of those who can see! - the black reptilian
What? I am sorry. I am only trying to understand my life. I don't mean to reveal your plans. I mean you no harm. *I love Hamish.* I love my Turtle Sock. - me
Yes, she was friendly! Even though when she has been captured! - black reptilian or Hamish declares after a one second pause
You didn't like my smell, you said? - Hamish to me
We are only trying to do mind control. You are not very sapient about that, are you? - Dark Lord
I don't care. I just try to understand. - me
We want to take over your whole entire human race! - speaks that gorgeously cute Dark Lord face with the flat indentation area where his two nostrils are between the eyes, such a cute face, like the face of a pugdog, but overall the head of the black Gremlins from those 1980's movies, such a cutie

The green Reptilian

What? You said about our plans? - Dark Lord is the Black Reptilian who spoke here on this page, aha yes they are one and the same I think
What traps do you like? We might like to trap you. - Dark Lord and/or Black Reptilian
We like our human traps, that we have set here. We will trap you! - Black Reptile and/or Dark Lord
Let me write a story here. Stop talking for a while. - me
I am Julius, or Justus. - Black Reptilian
Oh, hello. - me
I am magnificent, here. - Julius/Justus

The Julius or Justus is the Black Reptilian on my team, he is either the same as a Dark Lord i.e. morphing between the two, or that there is also a Dark Lord present, I really don't know which is the case. He has said these to be his name before, too, so it isn't the first time he is giving us those names for him.

My, duck! *smiles* It thought I was very prominent, when I showed it/him my back hump. - Hamish

Hamish just now shows me a mental image of the yellow plastic duck that sits as an ornament on the edge of the bathtub in my current residence, and he didn't smile but he felt like he is smiling. Isn't that cute, he showed the duck his back hump.

Hamish, you are cute. I have seen your back hump too. It was very prominent. - me
My eggs, they like me. - Hamish "blushes", i.e. his eyelids close in a way that shows that he feels humbled and pleased

So the green Reptilian who wore two belts across his naked chest crossed like an "X" for a toolbelt, he morphed into John Kerry. Anyway, so morphing happens in the Agenda. Anyone who is meddled in the Agenda knows about the shapeshifting, morphing. They do that, it's annoying as heck, but it's part of it. Also, Snake the Reptilian likes to show himself as a tall humanoid upright standing Reptile man, but he is really just a small velociraptor.

We want our ovum. - says Snake the raptor now

And, the Illuminati chum morphed between that fat chubby bald white man who wore a black business suit, and into a naked White Lizard with a tail, back and forward. It was annoying as heck. Then he did that sexual energy thing, which is their energy vampirism. Somehow these creatures can draw a human's life energy out of the body, it contorts that energy into a sexual energy, and they ingest the energy, they feel euphoric, and then it leaves the human victim feeling raped and energy drained. It is horrific and violating. The White Lizard kept doing that for a few minutes yesterday. Anyhow, that was my first story.

My back pack. - Hamish turns around to show me his back hump
Yes. I can see it. It was a, back turtle or something. - me
My back hump was a prominent figure. I was going to be liked with it. It was mine, eggs! - Hamish, "eggs" in my native language
My back pack said so. It said, eggs, mine! Give me! No Sugar! - Hamish, sugar is forbidden in my diet because it interferes with the DNA technology on my ovum

Hamish talked a lot yesterday about "his eggs". He wanted me to have sex with the Illuminati hybrid man. So here's what I think. Maybe the Illuminati white hybrid man is the White Lizard and the White Lizard has to have babies with me. Don't get me wrong, the purpose of these babies is for the Reptilians to sacrifice and eat these children. It is not about building a happy family. This is a cattle food farm we are on. So what if he morphs into the more humanesque Illuminati hybrid man in a black suit, so that I wouldn't be scared? I don't know. It's weird. It's not like we didn't have to expect alien life to be weird and even bizarre, but this is weird. It's all weird.

Japanese Dynasty

Last night I had a vivid encounter with the Japanese Dragon Dynasty men again. I was outdoors in a courtyard which was surrounded by those low Asian walls that have red tile roofs on top of the wall that slope down both ways. The courtyard itself large and ornately decorated like an Asian garden with pathways and small trees and shrubs that had been carefully planned according to Feng Shui or however they compute where everything goes, just a typical ornate Asian garden.

I met three of the Japanese Dragon Dynasty men. (Hamish right now is thinking of a ladybug, how it is red on its back with black dots. He is fixated with red things, he worries that red things might try to dominate.) There was a horde of children in a range of ages, say between 5 and 19 years old or so. The children are human (or at least seem to be) and are in all sorts of skin colors, hair colors and races. Notably no black people or dark-skinned human children in this group, but all sorts of Europeans and also Asian children.

They are my concubines. I made them. - Dark Lord
We are trying to poison him away. - Zeta in my native language
We are trying to poison him away. - Zeta in my native language, again

From the previous exchange, we should be troubled that the Dark Lord refers to these children as his "concubines", which reveals that he preys on them, which may or may not lead to their death (but doesn't necessarily mean that they are sacrificed). Do note however that when a Dark Lord says concubine, he doesn't mean sex. He means to do the energy vampirism which I described here earlier. Dark Lords can take some energy from a victim and they stay alive, or they can pull out the entire soul which kills the person. This is abstract stuff, but these are alien beings we're dealing with. Think of energy vampirism as green plantlife soaking up the sunshine. It's sort of the same thing. Parasitic absorption of energy.

We also saw that the Zetas act protective toward the children that they make. This is either their genuine feeling, or they are faking it to try to keep me or humanity calm. I would guess that their concern for the safety of their children might be genuine, but I could be wrong. Zetas are good liers and cheats.

A whole bunch of those children in that horde were mine of course, and this troubles me. It always looks weird to see the kids over there with the Japanese Dragon Dynasty men, because it's obvious that the European kids with red, brown, or blonde hair don't belong. The kids look totally out of place there. And that horde looks strange because it's all kinds of kids that don't belong together either. It's just such an odd mixture.

I remembered two of the surnames of the Japanese Dragon Dynasty men and I was thinking their names as I walked away from them there in the Asian courtyard, but now I forgot what the names are. Very Japanese-sounding names. I left these men to go look for Toshi, remember Toshi Tagari? So I started walking about, some people came after me, and then I went blank and woke up here. I suspect that these "dreams" have some truth to them. Another parallel reality perhaps? The aliens seem to inhabit

Yes-No, parallel. - Hamish
Yes-No, with me. - Hamish, I see his tiles of brightly orange-red scales on his throat
What, Hamish? What, why Yes-No? What did Hamish say? - me
What? With me, no? - Hamish

As you know, Hamish's English isn't the best, so getting some answers from him is difficult. I know that Hamish knows all the answers to these mysteries and all the truths about the Agenda, but getting answers from him is difficult because of the language (or communicative intellect?) barrier.

Yes-No, sounding nice. - Hamish or black reptilian

(Just now, I think Hamish picked up from my thoughts that I thought that it was rude of me to write "communicative intellect" to question his intellect, and it seems that he objected to my perceived rudeness by saying "Yes-No, sounding nice".)

Christmas with Dragon Turtle

Hamish has been around for Christmas, but to be honest I've been paying more attention to the human people around me so I haven't noticed too much of what Hamish has been up to. I know that he has said "Yes-No" about Santa figurines, and he will take the time to carefully tell me that he does not approve of red Santas. He also did not like the lit candles during Christmastime, and he carefully explained to me that too. There have been Christmas chocolates, that I wasn't supposed to have according to Dragon. And one day I spotted Hamish laying all cozy and laid back underneath the Christmas tree. He was camping out there to see if some Christmas presents might show up. Which it didn't, cause we don't do Christmas presents in our family (we don't have any kids). I've asked him if he wants some Christmas presents for himself. I'm not sure if it's worth the trouble. Maybe I should, it's not too late to wrap something up for Hamish and put it on his snuggy rug.

What else

The other night the Agenda gave me a typical Agenda nightly scenario. Namely I was outdoors in the garden of the royal palace of England and the Beatles band members (in their younger forms) were sitting lined up on chairs there outdoors. And I was supposedly supposed to have sex with the Beatles guys. Trust me, if it's the only thing I could ever demand of my readers, I did not myself contrive these dreams. These dream elements are favorites of the Agenda. Why, I don't know. I have no connection to England and no interest in royalty or the Beatles. These are Agenda specialties, why, I don't know.

And, as always, Thuban whale has been around from time to time. I try to act careful around Thuban cause we know she's sassy, but I try to like her and be friendly. It takes careful tactics in dealing with a Thuban because they will freak out and get upset easily. Dinosaurs have been here and there, I tell them they're cute, they are keen and curious about baths, and Hamish sends them over to me now and then. Zetas have been Zetas, they want to do medical procedures but don't ever let me remember those, and they stay mostly away from me because they know that's for the best. And now and then I hear the hybrid children whispering, or other aliens whispering to the hybrid kids "Sshh! Sshh!" when the hybrid kids nearly spoke something, because, in spite of my insisting that the kids stay out, they are of course still watching me, but not letting me know about it.

And Hamish

My throats. - Hamish
My Noah's Ark was here, and I wasn't very pleasant, you said. - Thuban whale kindly speaks

And Hamish has been Hamish. Cutest fire engine red Dragon Turtle in the world. I've seen clearer pictures of his back and he is covered in bright neon orange pus-filled zits, the goosebumps, all over his back hump and sides of his body too. His colors are magnificent, he is overall a magnificent being, so visually striking. Hamish yanked me out of bed this morning. First I was cooing him of course, then Hamish did what I wish he would do more often, he "possessed" or "superimposed" with me so that we feel close even though our bodies are apart, and I see him closely, and he moves my body for me. He pushed me against the wall, he let me closely see his eyes and body. I asked him, "Hamish, what are you doing?", even though I was enjoying the close contact and Dragon-tumble. "I am looking at you", he said. I asked again, he gave the same answer.

Then Hamish hoisted my body up high from the bed. Had he not done that, I would have stayed in bed for anywhere between two and five more hours, because it's holidays and I get to stay up real late almost until morning hours and I sleep until 3 PM sometimes, so Hamish yanked me up at half past nine in the morning. It was his force and might moving my body, not my own. I could not have done it to myself. This is one of the physical proofs of his existence. I thanked him for hoisting me up. I wish he would do that every morning. Who wouldn't want to wake up with a Dragon Turtle?

Hamish, I love you. - me
Yes-No, kiss me. - Hamish (he means "Don't want to kiss me")
I don't kiss you Hamish. I love you though. You're the best. - me

After I came back to my bedroom this morning after I had my shower, Hamish greeted me with tons of palate clicks when I came back to my room. It was a palate click fest. I was so blessed. I sometimes get one or two, now he was giving me tons. He must've been pleased with something, or, perhaps trying to appease me. I did some palate clicks back to him of course.

He has of course talked about, and showed me, sheets of his shedded scales lately too. I've learned from him that he wants the bucket in the bathroom with water in it so that he can soak his sheets of scales, it will keep them from drying and cracking. He wants to keep them moist, maybe that is why he sometimes pees on them in lack of a better thing to do.

Yesterday when I said something to Hamish, it made him shudder! He got shivers all over I could feel it (because we are mentally close we feel each other, it is part of how he surveys me but then I feel him too) and his back hump he just shivered it and shuddered! Then he talked about the shudder that day.

Yesterday I cooed him a bit too much because he pushed away with his arms which means "leave me alone". If Hamish pushes with his arms forward on the floor in front of him, one or both arms, it means "leave, go away". He has taught me what it means so now he only has to do it with his arms and I know.

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