Anything and Everything
December 13 2014

Oh my god so much has happened and I'm going to shut down The Orion Project this documentary because I've now seen too much of it and it isn't nice, last night I talked to the black reptilians and their Dark Lord leader and then I dreamt a nightmare about being chased by a big murderer and then that dream where a big fat white Illuminati hybrid chum was going to cut me into little pieces and eat me like he does with all the children there and I started praying and thank god I woke up and was back in my bed because I thought it was real back there and I don't think it was a dream and then the fat Illuminati hybrid man got upset because I told them to be vegetarians and he went to use our toilet and then the Russians from near Kreml were upset with me about the remote viewing stuff and Pavel said he is from Sarajevo and then Colin Powell was back again.

My buttercups. - Hamish with mental image of yellow flowers

Let me start from the beginning and explain a little more.

Last night. Black Reptilians and Dark Lord. (Or Christmas socks.)

My eggs. Were with me. - Hamish

Last night the leaders of the Agenda team made a visit again. They were up in their spaceship, and I was here in my bed all snug and under the covers. They mentally connect our two places so that we can mentally see each other in a clear image and so that we can talk to each other telepathically. They seem to speak human languages to me, and as far as I am aware I speak a human language to them. I have three fluent human languages to choose from, one of which is English, so I don't remember which one we used this time around, usually me and the aliens end up alternating between the three languages. The aliens by far prefer my childhood language, which is not English, in which they are highly fluent of course and in which I struggle quite a bit now in my adult years, but they prefer it. I always try to change to English or the other one.

They were not the Zeta Reticuli. - Zeta, about the Reptiles who spoke last night
Because we always use our own language with you. - Zeta
What? How? I hear English right now? Is there a translation mechanism? - me
We thought you would know, that no there is not. There is no such thing in use. - Zeta
The buttercups, were with mine eggs, I said. - Hamish
Then Hamish sniffs or warns to bite at the Zeta and the Zeta shrugs back.
We were not here with those guys, that were here, chasing you. - Zeta about last night's Reptiles
Ok. I understand. - me
And yes they were, chasing you. - Dark Lord about themselves
That's ok. Whatevs. - me
My buttercups, were with mine I said. - Hamish emphasizes
They were with mine. - Hamish says to the Zeta and Hamish leans down his head to show the Zeta his rows of orange blunt buttons along the neck, this means something

I'm still surprised at how the Zeta pronounced "Reticuli", not at all how you are accustomed to hearing it said by Americans for instance. And the way he said it led me to believe, once again, that these aliens are very real entities and not made by my imagination. But we knew that already, by now, it's been so long since I concluded that this wasn't all imaginary.

The Reptilians were in the same room as the previous time(s) recently that they have given me this very same type of contact.

The Zeta Reticulans were not with us, they said, and I agree. - Black Reptile
So. That has been established now. - me
We are warning you, they said. - Dark Lord, that some alien said to the Dark Lord + Black Reptilians gang
... Why did they warn you? - me
My orangutan? Please sleep with me? - Dark Lord whispers to me suavely
I am not an orangutan. I can't help you therefore. - me
My sleeping needs? - Dark Lord
What are you on about? Why do you say this? Are you horny or something? - me
Or something. - Dark Lord
So? Kittens? Kissszh-kissszh. - Dark Lord, makes the sound people make to call a cat to come to them
I am not a cat, or an orangutan, so I can't help you with that. - me
But we don't want to fight with you. - Dark Lord
Dark Lord Rambutan was here. - Dark Lord Rambutan
Do you smell that? - Dark Lord puts his arm against my nose, and yes I can smell him, a pleasant fragrance of like leather and cigar
Kissszh kissszh. - Dark Lord

So it was that same alien room up in a spaceship, that has a lot of metal pipes running horisontally across the walls, and again just like last time, the Reptilians were very careful to many times warn me not to touch those pipes, because, and this time we learnt why, those pipes would be incredibly hot to touch. I told him I would not touch them, but that if I were partially unconscious there's no telling what I might do so that they would have to watch out for me then. But if I was awake I would remember not to touch them.

The room itself looks interesting and very mechanic and technical. They have gravity in the spaceship, obviously, a gravity neither too light nor too heavy but perfectly adjusted. The colors are in different brown shades, no components such as floor, ceiling, walls, items or pipes made out of white, also nothing made out of grey colors, nothing out of black colors, and nothing out of red, green, yellow

Red was with mine! - Hamish is quick to say as soon as I said "red"
Yes Hamish. Red is your color. It was with yours. - me, and Hamish is seen pinching his arm with his fingers feeling out his red scaly skin
It was with yours. - me
My buttercups, were yellow. - Hamish
Hamish is red. My Hamish, is red. - me
My toilet, I said to him, and then he left. - Hamish about the Illuminati hybrid who earlier borrowed our toilet in Hamish's snug ruggy room

So everything in that room seems to be made in various shades of brown. The room is not brightly lit and seems rather dark, but Reptilians have good vision in the dark, alien underground bases and rooms tend to have no lights in them whatsoever

What are you on about?! Of course we do! We have well-lit rooms. And I'm sorry that we made you nervous. - Black Reptilian

I have seen dark rooms with Reptilians in them and they can see fine. Anyhow. Again, like last time I was "there", it becomes as if my body were gradually transferring to be in that room, at the center of that room laying on my back on a table, but I am still in my bedroom. A feeling can come over my body that feels like energy and like a transfer to that place, but it only progresses to about halfway. Again, dark Reptilians around me, and again, like last time, their leader - or conqueror - the Dark Lord was there. Hamish was also there I think, my Turtle Love.

The Reptilians are humanoid, meaning they stand tall on two legs, and seemed to be wearing clothes. (Hamish never wears clothes by the way.)

We wear a utility belt. A kind of garment, it was, I said. - Black Reptilian says in a very grumpy reluctant way
.. What do you have on your utility belt? - me
What? Things that don't last. Like, our utilities. Our garments, we wear, therefore. - Dark Lord
We wanted to take money from your pyy-pyy. - Black Reptilian (pyy-pyy means my female parts, I used to call it that when I was a little girl, maybe I taught them the word back then, or they taught it to me, but they still use that word with me, and I hadn't heard it in years when the aliens started talking to me just three years ago)
We want our garden. - Black Reptilian (BR)
.. I see. - me
We want dominance too. - BR
And to take world dominion! - Dark Lord declares in a special voice
Do you know why we want that? - BR
Why? - me
Because it costs us a lot of money to be here. It costs us, a lot. So we want our garden to do well, and to prosper. Because we make money out of it. We take gardens here too, and elsewhere. - BR
So. What do you buy with your money? - me
I'm sorry I used your toilet. - Illuminati (IM) chubby white man
It was my toilets I said!! - Hamish approximately, to the IM hybrid man

Ok. (I now see a vivid flash of Hamish's red scaly body, so gorgeous.) There's a story here, so let's get back to it. (Hamish is looking at me, he leans his body to see me. He is such a cutie.)

It was mine!, I said to him! I declared it to him yes. - Hamish, he means to IM about the toilet, Hamish is pleased and calm, not angry by the way

The Dark Lord from last night, again he had that animalesque body frame, I described it that other time in previous notes. I tried to make friends with him. I'm a bit psychic so I asked the Dark Lord whether he would

There were no turtles there, I checked them. - Hamish shows me a mental image of a pond at one of my ex's, near where he lives we drive past it to his house, this is not "the" turtle pond he always talks about that has turtles, I visited this ex a few weeks ago
... Did you want to find turtles? - me
Yes! Come, feed with me! - Hamish seems to want to offer them supper

Hamish now asks me if I remember that I promised to find a red little shovel, like the kind of plastic shovel kids use in the sandpit to play with and build sand castles, I have promised Hamish I would use such a shovel to pick out all of the turtle poo from their ponds so that turtles don't swim in their own poo. Hamish worries about the cleanliness of waters, that is also why Hamish will poo on the rocks at the shore of his favorite river instead of in the water, cause he fears that fish that might be in the river would otherwise get poo in their eye. And then Hamish said that he was reminded of this because the IM hybrid had used our toilet and we have toilets and the turtles have no toilets. So that got him into thinking about the turtles again, but he had seen no turtles in this particular pond that time around.

I wanted them to be clean, my buttercup. - Hamish says all pleased as punch and cute as a sock puppet that pops up its fire engine red head, tiny face on a long tubular neck like a sock puppet dragon, like something from Sesame Street
I wanted them to be clean there. - Hamish says and stretches his arms forward a bit, meaning the turtles
Yes Hamish. We can go there some time and clean up the turtle pond. - me
Hey? Remember me? - White Dragon Gargoyle
*sigh* Gentlemen? I'm telling a story here. Could everyone be quiet for a moment. - me

White Dragon popped up, very long time no see, since these turtle ponds and Gargoyle are in the same area-ish so he might have thought I could come and visit him. But now. There was a story here. Not that we don't welcome Hamish telling us about turtle ponds.

And sock feet. - Hamish
And sock feet. And turtles. - me
And Hamish's buttercups! - Hamish
And Hamish's buttercups. - me, I am Hamish's buttercup, I have the ovum, the eggs
Hamish's spatula. - Hamish about the red plastic shovel, he said "spatula" (or "shovel") in my native language

Ok. I tried to make friends with the Dark Lord, and I asked him if he would let me feel into him, I can do that to see images and sense information about a being. To my surprise he granted me that, and he was willing to let me see him deeply who he is. I would ask at least two times and always he granted me this. So I adjusted myself on my back on the bed so that I could get comfortable and ready to feel into this Dark Lord being, to see who he really is. What kind of a being is he? Where does he come from? What kind of a person is he? I would be able to feel all of that.

Hey, do you remember us? From last night? - the friendly alien man
Yes. I do remember you now. I had forgotten, so thank you. - me
We were here to tell you THIS: don't talk to him about a spatula. He doesn't think that it is nice that the ladies live there. In their own filth. So he wanted you to clean it up for them. Would you do it for them, he said? He is still talking about the spatula now. - the friendly alien man
Yes. Tik Tok. - Hamish
Hamish? Are you still talking, honey? If I go to the United States next time, then I am going to find every turtle pond I can find and bring a nice red spatula with me and clean up all of the turtle poo from those ponds. It will be a lot of work. And then I will give them snacks to eat. And a kiss on their head. And a hug. - me, Hamish inhales and sniffs with his nose, knowing the smell of a turtle, he seems pleased
I was going to be with them, their dragon. - Hamish about turtles
Yes Hamish. I can be there too, their buttercups. - me
I wouldn't, imprison them. - Hamish, "imprison" in my other language, about turtles
No Hamish, turtles should be free. I will give them snacks. - me
Hamish thinks of the image of a turtle walking on land, the way it bends and lifts its leg, and Hamish is so pleased and excited about the image his lower and upper eyelids close into a big smile like only a grandfather who gets to hold his young grandson on his lap could feel that sort of thing.
I was going to give them a spatula. - Hamish, "spatula" or "shovel" in my native language
Yes Hamish. That is a good idea. I can use it, I can work with it there. I can clean the turtle pond. We can give that to the ladies. - me, the ladies are turtle ladies of course, Hamish likes to call the turtles in the pond "ladies"
That's because the men, were not there. - Hamish
How did you know? Were they all ladies? How do you know if it's a boy or a girl? How do you tell the difference in a turtle? Do they smell differently? - me
The boys are bigger. I said to them, Yes-No, you can't cry for me. I wasn't with your Turtle's kind. - Hamish, that he would have spoken to the turtles
Did they want you to be in their pond? Hey, Hamish. Should you and me get ourselves our own turtle pond with real turtle ladies in them? And then you could live with me there? - me, now Dinosaur is feeling really snug thinking of the chance of bathing himself in a pond
I wasn't with their fathers, the same, shield. - Hamish, "shield" in my native language, he means about his own soft turtleshell-type back cushion
Well you are not the same race, Hamish. You are not a real turtle. You are a space dragon. - me
I was going to be getting Christmas presents she said. - Hamish to others, just as I was about to start to write again. Yes, I promised him some Christmas presents this morning, would he ask me for any.
What would you like for Christmas? - me
I want a mechanical toy rat. - Dark Lord from sitting on the sofa, he has said that before this year too
I know you do. - me
And me, I want some livers, snacks. - Hamish
Yes Hamish. I will wrap them up nicely for you. What kind of livers? From what kind of animals? - me
From boys. That are farmed. - Hamish, now he is thinking of swallowing slick liver pieces
From boys. That were with mine. - Hamish, as I was about to write again
Ok. I don't have any boys, livers. - me

Hm. So I felt into the Dark Lord

Hey this is Gillespie. Please leave that "dragon", and his cohorts, alone. - Gillespie
Hello Gillespie. - me
Especially, don't talk to them about Christmas. As we don't want to hear none of that. - Gillespie, he thinks to his own Christmas tree and decorations at home and he doesn't want the Reptiles and this to ruin his sense of what a normal Christmas is
I'm sorry Gillespie. - me

I don't want to sit here and cry all winter. - Gillespie, crying
I want some livers. - Hamish to Gillespie
Yeah! And those kids all they want is toys! - Gillespie sobbing to Hamish
I want those boys. - Hamish to Gillespie
Those boys, are not for you. - Gillespie crying
Hey, whose boys are they? - me
Hey, you are their mother. - Gillespie
Yeah, I thought so. ... - me
We are not well-meaning idiots, or friends. - Hamish explains carefully to Gillespie, obviously someone has called them idiots, and I maybe have called them friends
Gillespie is crying.
Yeah. You wanna stuff their sock with livers. - Gillespie with his mental thought image of a Christmas in a living room, the sock Americans have at the fireplace for Christmas presents

Yes. I would want to stuff a Christmas sock full of livers for Hamish. Just not childrens' livers. Why won't he eat pig or cow or chicken livers?

Stuff it with fish. He likes those too. - the chubby white IM hybrid
I won't punch you in the face, no!, stop it! - IM being attacked by Hamish, Hamish simply came up real close to him to push him over, a harmless tackle, IM said this to Hamish

Yes-No, fish they live in the water. - Hamish to IM, that is why Hamish doesn't want the goldfish in the sock
Hamish.. He didn't mean to be mean to the fish. He just knew that you loved fish so much, he didn't think that they would need water. He forgot. He didn't want to be mean to fish, he made a mistake. He wanted to be nice to you, because you love fish. - me
They were not with my garden, those toys! - Hamish smiles with his eyes, not sure what he refers to
I love you Hamish. I love you too much... - me
My toys. Were written about. My delicateness was not here. My eggs. - Hamish, "my eggs" in my native language
Love you Turtle Hamish. Love you lots. - me

So I felt into the Dark Lord, and he was completely open and transparent and willing to let me see who he is. I told him he is a beautiful creature, aside from what he does. I really wanted to form a bond and friendship to this being. Oh, one of the first things when this contact begun last night, the Reptilians there asked me if they had given me their "three-cornered", they meant the yellow pyramid symbol. I told them yes they had given me that last time (which is when they had projected to me a mental yellow pyramid). Then they asked me, had I taken it. I told them I did not know if I had or not. I did not know the implications of if I accept their yellow pyramid from them, so I wasn't ready to take it from them.

These beings they called me "dog" all the time. One of them kept telling me, "be quiet you dog woman" or something like that. I didn't let that get to me. I wasn't offended. I enjoyed their visit very much. It was a real alien contact experience, and the men were really nice to me and civil, just butch and offensive. I didn't get to experience actually going into their spaceship. I didn't write down what we said.

Was it with my eggs, my garden? - Hamish asks someone else there
I wasn't going to bite you, I said. - Hamish to someone else there
I was only going to look at you, a little bit. - Hamish seems to think that he is talking to a little goldfish that would have nearly ended up in a Christmas sock
No! I was talking to it! - Hamish, oh there is a little hybrid toddler girl on the floor over there, he just happened to also think of the goldfish when he spoke to the little girl, that's it
I wasn't going to bite you. - Hamish says to the little girl, the girl isn't scared at all or anything

Nightmare 1. A tree.

I had a nightmare that night that a huge black monster storm was approaching. In the dream I was at my ex's house, yes that same ex that has turtle ponds nearby. I was at his house and looked at the sky, a black tornado was approaching, it was somehow alive. Then the tornado was a big black tree tornado storm. I tried to hide in the house. The tornado tree monster came in and was looking for me. There was this strongest clearest sense that it was going to kill me. I now know that this must have been a closer encounter with the Dark Lord while I was asleep. My mind was weaving it in to a dream, a nightmare. The Dark Lord presence is horrific beyond words.

Nightmare 2. Cannibalism.

This is an even worse dream.

Hold on, you said what? - Gillespie to Hamish
I was going to bite it. - Hamish explains again to Gillespie, about the little white hybrid toddler girl
She had my livers into my stocking. - Hamish says to Gillespie while Hamish is fingering a big Christmas stocking that may be over at Gillespie's house
She was with mine. - Hamish leans down to the girl and says to her about her
Hamish? .. Why livers? Why is livers your snacks? - me
They were with mine, ovum, taken. They were mine therefore. - Hamish
I was with my buttercups, I said to her. - Hamish said to the little girl, and he leant down his head toward her to speak to her cause she is so little and on the floor down below, so that Hamish's orange neck buttons I saw them

In this second dream that followed right after the first one, I dreamt that I was back in my childhood home and childhood bedroom. But in this dream was a woman and a man and they had captured me. I didn't feel worried or anything everything was fine. Until they started talking about how they bring children there. Then it occurred to me they were going to hurt me, kill me, chop me into little pieces and eat me. The woman was gone, maybe she was never there. The man was the chubby Illuminati

I said that I was sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you. - the fat IM hybrid man
What did you do... - me
They bring us here in chains, to do these things. So, phuh, we don't have a choice. - IM man, the "phuh" was his exhale sigh
I'm sorry they hurt you, hon. You guys are my brothers. - me
They are not my concubine, she said. - Dark Lord I think said this
Why are you their mother, but you don't care that they go through stuff? - IM man asks me
Well. Difficult question. My mind is in shock and denial. I don't know what to do! How do I stop this madness! - me
Hey, don't ask me, I don't know! - IM man puts his hands forward in a soft dismissal gesture and leans back
My livers they go into my stocking. - Hamish
Hamish likes Christmas. - me

Hamish now brings my attention to my new workout pants that are black but have a bright neon hot pink fabric on the calves, he stares at the hot pink, eyeing it out to see if it just might be the forbidden red, he scrapes on the hot pink fabric with his red scaly finger, he is checking it out, this hot pink might be right on the edge of passable. Red would have been a problem.

It was the big fat plump white hybrid Illuminati man. I call them my Brothers, but this time around I wasn't so sure. It wasn't quite a dream. And I didn't know that I was dreaming, so I thought it was real and that if I die there I die and that is it. (Gillespie is listening in, he is sad.)

They are not your dolls! - Gillespie yells to Hamish about the little toddler girl
They were made from my buttercups! - Hamish approximately, answers to Gillespie
What do you want them to do? - IM asks Gillespie, Gillespie cries
We want food. - Hamish approximately, to Gillespie
So you see, we have a problem here. - General Patton

So it is this big fat man with bright white skin, almost glowing white skin. Their skin is very soft to the touch. A big plump belly, he wore no shirt and had a bare upper body. Fatty folds underneath the chin, a bald head, little puckered ears

We wanted to eat our dinners too! - the fat plump IM says now
What? Were you going to eat me? WERE YOU?!! Good lord Jesus, you can't eat me?! - me
We are not fat, or plump here. So stop saying that about us, that we are. - IM
And then you started to, blessed me, and then I left you alone. - IM, I'm about to tell you this part soon

The fat white Illuminati hybrid man confided in me that they bring human boys here, that are captured one at a time. These boys are put through horrific painful injuries until they kill themselves. The IM man said that the children always kill themselves, that it's not he who kills them. This is horrific stuff, it's because of this I'm closing down The Orion Project, meaning this documentary.

I was there, and I had realized that he was going to kill me. Then he would cut me into little pieces of meat, fry those pieces and eat me. He hurts those boys there and cuts them up and eats them. Now he was going to hurt me until eventually I get to kill myself and then he would cut me up and eat my body. I didn't know I was in a dream place, I didn't know I could wake up and get away from there. I thought I was going to die there, not just die but, all of that.

The fat IM man took out a butcher's knife, you know those big tall blades and he cut two small marks into my arm. When I saw the cuts and the blood and I realized he would actually be able to hurt me for real that is when I realized that he wasn't just words or talking, he could actually do this to people.

Look, we don't all always eat ice-cream. - IM, he knows I eat ice-cream
Like my buttercups do. - Hamish

The fear, the terror, the unimaginable. Why not just painlessly put a creature to its death if you are going to eat it. Why hurt and injure it and then make it have to kill itself. And why eat human children, boys.

I started to pray to God and Jesus, and instead of praying for myself I prayed for this IM man. It made him get down on the floor, and I woke up back in my bed and was never happier to be in my room without these monsters!

These boys, and girls, still have diapers when they are eaten. - Gillespie about the toddler girl
So Hamish doesn't do it that way. - someone, about the scene I was describing
I know. I know how Hamish eats. Hamish eats humanely, Hamish is a good dragon. - me
Yes, so, said my buttercups. - Hamish
Buttercups loves Hamish. Hamish is buttercups' dragon. - me
My sock feet. It is because of that. She likes me. - Hamish looks down at his flat red duck feet and says

Yeah, that should be said. That Hamish never does anything like that.

I wasn't going to kill you, I was going to eat you! - Hamish says to the little toddler girl

A plead for vegetarianism.

When I woke up I pleaded for them all to turn vegetarians. The fat IM hybrid felt so sad and upset about having eaten chopped up human boys that he hurried to our toilet here in our home and was determined to poo everything out because he felt horrible about having eaten such a thing, but seems that he just sat there, I mean, he didn't need to use the bathroom at the time. So, the IM man sat at our toilet. After a while he was calling out that he needed new underwear. I don't know who would have heard him or who would bring him any.

What you have to know is that the fat IM hybrids seem to be innocent. Many of them seem retarded. Many are tortured by the Dark Lords in the dungeons. Many are such sweethearts that I've adopted them as my Brothers, if you talk to them all they want to do is eat waffles, ice-cream, drive cars and fly hot air balloons. They are often like big babies. They too are being used, and they are forced to do torture to each other and to others. It's a mess down there in those underground basements. You don't want to go there.

Oh, and last night the fat IM asked me if I would marry him, I think he said that right when I went to bed before the Reptilians and Dark Lord came for a visit from the spaceship. I'm sure I said no to him that I was not going to marry.


When I woke up back in my home I swore to close down this documentary and not write any more on it. The Agenda farms children, they torture, injure, and eat those children. I don't want anything to do with this. And I sure am not going to let anyone else know about this either. The thing is, the Dark Lords are endlessly cruel and evil. Being in their mere presence has this deeply terrifying energy and impact that is your worst nightmares. It's not like SETI is going to have a fun picnic get-together with the Dark Lords and party like "hey there's aliens yay!". I have to make sure that people do not approach the Dark Lords.

Yes, tell that to SETI. - Dark Lord whispers to me
I sure will! - me
And tell them, that we do not eat their children, as I'm sure that will make it feel better for them. - Dark Lord approximately
And tell them, that we are their gods! We are not benign here. We eat bones. And, plop! We take their eyes out. And, heh heh, too. We make fun with them. - Dark Lord
What the hell are you telling to her? - Gillespie to Dark Lord
They are our goats! Bwaaah! - Dark Lord answers to Gillespie

There is NO WAY that SETI or scientists or people who think that aliens must be cool and awesome no matter what these are like, are going to have a fun meeting together with the Dark Lords. There are no words in the human language to describe what these beings are! They are your worst nightmare, and they are forcing IM hybrids to kill and eat children! I mean, it's worse than it even sounds. The feeling from being in the presence of Dark Lords is so horrific that the terror and evil goes beyond the worst imaginable. Do not approach them, stay away from them, and pray to god if it helps if you come across them. It is not a pleasant discovery.

Sure, yes, they are alien life. They are to boot intelligent conscious people, they have magnificent alien bodies, they have a lot of history and everything.

We are not from Betlehem. So don't pray to him. - Dark Lord, "him" is Jesus of course

It is more sinister than any words can describe. Stay away from Dark Lords. There is NO WAY to make it pleasant, or neutral. It is just pure hell to meet them, no matter how "professional" or "scientific" or loving or friendly or tolerant or neutral you think you are going to be. Just stay away.

Guess what? You are our butterflies? - Dark Lord

Russians. Paveл. Sarajevo.

When I woke up and returned to my bed

You are one of the Starchildren. That is why we come to your sofa! - Dark Lord, who loves sitting on our sofa
I'm writing a story here, let me continue and let me finish, I've been writing for hours now I have to finish writing this story. - me

When I returned and the IM had rushed over to the toilet cause he felt remorseful and maybe even disgusted about having eaten human boys. Russians came to visit remotely and telepathically.

The Russians were located in Russia when they contacted me telepathically. I know, this is sounding like a madness right now, but just bear with me it's a real story here. They showed me a mental image from the street looking to the Kreml building that was just up ahead, they pointed to a door in a building nearby and that they are located there in this building near Kreml. The first one to talk to me said his name is Stanislav. I was friendly and polite and said hello to him.

The Russians asked me if I remembered that I had promised that if I talk about my contact with them then they would kill my family. I said oops I had forgotten, cause, to be honest at first I had not forgotten the promise when I had revealed everything here in this documentary but with time I had honestly forgotten about it, so sorry. I asked them if it was ok.

They had a huge pile of papers, someone had printed them my entire website, this website, and the man who would say his name is Paveл said he was reading it all. I told him he doesn't have to read everything, there being so much of it, that I could point him to the relevant bits, namely about Korpral Olav Vetti who was the Russian missiles expert. I forget what it was, some office or ministry or minister of defense or of something in Russia had a problem with something with some of this stuff going on here that involves the Russians in this big scheme that I've called the Alien Agenda.

Paveл was nice. He is in his 50's or 60's. He has thick gray hair slightly long hair that covers his ears too. You rarely see hair gray a color like that. He is somewhat short in height, not tall. Dark eyes. He looks very slavic, I guess he looks very Russian. Paveл told me that his father had died in Sarajevo in Bosnia Herzegovina. I asked him more about it, so Paveл had been a 16-year old boy when his father was killed in Sarajevo. His family had been immigrants to that country from Russia. Paveл returned to Russia and the death of his father is what had made him pledge for this kind of work with Russian military or whatnot, whatever it is that Paveл does around there. Paveл told me that his name is spelled with this letter, л at the end and not with an L. I told him I had always wanted to learn the Russian language and that I had started on it a few times.

The Russians were upset with this situation, that I have written on this website that Russian Korpral Olav Vetti would have assigned me to remote view supervise Russian satellites, missiles, and submarines. The submarines seemed to be the most private and serious issue. The Russians asked me if I could see their submarines. Oh, actually, first before Stanislav and Paveл it was a blonde young man working in a Russian submarine who said hello and then he said Merry Christmas to me in Russian, I know that he said this because I didn't hear the word but I felt the context of what he was saying, and so I said to him Merry Christmas in English back to him. He was sweet. Christmas isn't far away, and I know the Russians are very Orthodox Christian so it means a lot to them this time of year and all.

They asked me to tell them if I could find where their submarines are located, they thought I would find them based on their echolocation device. I said I use the hot steam pipes that run along the ceiling in the hallways of the submarines to locate them by, I can feel the hot steam pipes, that is how I can find them. They gave me many other tests too to test if I really could do remote viewing and location, but I wasn't that good, their tests

Hey, psstt. It wasn't us. - a Navy officer in white uniform says from a US navy base somewhere by the US coast
So it looks like, Corporal Vetti, has given us through. - the Navy officer
What? I don't know anything. What's going on. - me
Now, Corporal Vetti isn't with the Navy. - the Navy officer says
Umm. I guess not. Given since he is a Russian Korpral. - me

Umm, yeah. So the Russians gave me some remote viewing tests. They had a big metal anchor that is left somewhere there in Russia to be a monument, it had some Russian inscripted text they wanted me to read it for them, and I couldn't do it. And they had some weapons in a storage room I was to describe what it was, I couldn't do that either. (To be honest I didn't even try much, I don't feel like doing these things.) But anyway, little tests like that.

The Russians asked me if I had seen the statue of Lenin that is in Russia. I said I don't know much about Russian history or about Lenin. They showed me the Russian flag and asked me if I knew what the symbols meant on the side, I said I think it is the symbol of tools and that it symbolized that the Russian people had worked very hard to build their country. They said that this had been the flag of the "Soviet". I told them I should read a big book on Russian history because I knew nothing. (Note. Russia has since changed their flag. Today it doesn't have that symbol. Find all the Russian flags here.)

The Russians asked me why I had been asked to watch their satellites, missiles, and submarines, what reason I had been given, and I told them that Korpral Vetti had told me that I was watching these things to help protect these from sabotage by Middle Eastern terrorists.

They told me I could come to work for them in Russia for one year. Probably doing this remote viewing stuff. They said that they had never hired me to do this surveillance work on their missiles and stuff. So we both agreed and figured that it must be the Americans who have tricked me. Maybe Korpral Vetti isn't a Russian at all? How rude, I said. I was upset with the American team if they have tricked me. I assured the Russians that to my knowledge I had done no surveillance work and that I had done no harm to their affairs, I assured them that I love Russia (which I do) and I would never do them any harm. And I felt as if maybe I had been tricked by the American military team. I don't know what's going on.

Today by chance I was looking at a map of Europe. I located Bosnia Herzegovina, and I must have gone pale when I saw that Sarajevo was a city there. I may have known somewhere in the back of my head, but to my knowledge I wouldn't have known these two names. It led me to feel that Paveл is real. (Pavel. Oh, maybe that is written Pavл, л is "EL". I don't know.)

Then they showed me a tunnel leading to the underground there in Russia.

It is our missiles silo. - black reptilian about that very bunker tunnel

And then the black reptilians were there in that tunnel.

The Navy base.

Tik Tok. You were (not) there. - Hamish, I don't know if he said "not", he means the navy base I am going to describe next

Then I fell back asleep and I woke up and there was a woman singing a theatrical performance on a small stage in a small dining area in what looked to be a navy base type of place with a few people there sitting by the tables. I thought the woman was a person I know who likes to sing and do theatre, I went closer right up against the stage, then she sang "And that's how you train a SOLDIER" and I knew something was odd then.

I realized that I was someplace else, I woke up and I was fully aware in that place. I was no longer dreaming, but in the same navy place. Someone had said "And that's how you train a SOLDIER". And, you know me, as always, I start planning my escape, I make a run for it. I run for the door, the door is heavy and it takes me many pulls to get that heavy metal door open. The metal door has a small window. I'm surprised that no one's coming after me yet. I turn right in the hallway I enter into, where you can go either right, left, or forward (or back again to the dining area). I reach to a small window, I maybe had to get up on my toes to peek through that window.

There on the other side of what I now think is the same kind of heavy metal door with a small window on it, is a metal pathway along the wall, with a railing, and there is a huge drop down into a ginormous room that contains one or several humongous actual ships lined up, I mean navy ships. These ships are completely rusty all over.

*sigh* They were in the barracks with her. - General Patton
And, now? Who is this Pavel you spoke to? - General Patton
General Patton? Is that you? - me
Yes. What were you doing at the balcony. - General Patton, he means the pathway that was high up in that huge room with the rusty ships
Why? ... Why would someone put humongous rusty old navy ships into a huge room and keep them there. - me
They are prestigeous. They have won awards too. - GP means the ships
Oh, ... Those ships were in a war then. I guess it makes sense to keep them then. What war were they in? General Patton? Where was I? Was I taken to a Navy place? And how? How can you bring me there when I'm asleep? Or am I there all the time? - me
No? *laughs* - GP, he laughed as if I had said something childishly innocent and incorrect
What am I supposed to think. What is going on. Who are the Russians? And that, those Navy ships that are all rusty? - me
What do ya wanna do? Climb on them?! - GP about those ships
No. I was just wondering. Cause I saw them. - me

Ok. Let's wrap this up. Summarize. I may or may not get over that horrible cannibalism incident. If I manage to supress and forget about the whole thing, then the writing continues. If not, otherwise I am going to stop writing here, but probably keep writing in my own notes which may or may not become a book further ahead. I mean, just because I'm upset about the whole thing, it's not going to stop. They won't leave, just because I want to take a break.

Oh, and then after I had seen those huge rusty ships through that small window in the heavy green metal door, some people caught up to me there in the hallway and I don't remember anything more. That whole place was very old and rusty by the way. I won't forget how startled and surprised I was when I saw those huge rusty ships in that huge room, it was a scary sight.

I don't know what's going on, but I sure know a lot more today than I knew back in my teens when this MILABS thing all started. Are the US military training me to be a psychic agent? That's for sure that they are. Oh, I nearly forgot. The CIA talked to me too this morning, but I forget about what. And the Agenda version of Colin Powell (since there seems to be two versions of the same man) was looking at me this morning too, incidentally when I had to take a shower so I told them to give me a moment.

Here's my best explanation of what I think is going on and how this all ties together, here goes:

It starts with the Dark Lords who are alien beings from Alpha Theta in outer space. They want to rule the entire universe and are extremely powerful and sinister. Dark Lords rule their organization which I call the Agenda, its symbol is the yellow pyramid. The Agenda includes the Reptilians, also the Zetas, and many other alien races. The Agenda does a lot of many different things in their network.

The Agenda abducts women such as me and takes our eggs and makes human and alien-human hybrid children. Reptilians get to eat some of these children. Zetas have interest in this project so that they can practice making genetic combinations to try to form a new fertile Zeta hybrid race with as much of original Zeta genetic content intact as possible.

The military of Earth is involved since they would like to stop the Agenda aliens from taking over Earth. Instead of being able to blatantly stop them, they go into delicate agreements with them. So the military say that aliens "have permission" to use women like me for eggs and whatnot, and military get some of the things that they want.

So they're seeing if they can train me into a psychic agent? Then I don't know much more. Did the US people pretend to have a Russian Korpral Vetti who wanted me to help monitor Russian devices? Or was it, as the Russians said this morning, not that way? I don't know anything, and honestly I am not going to care. One more thing.

There was a friendly alien man last night when the Reptilians were making their visit. He had blue skin and a funny Elvish hat, he was of some friendly alien humanoid race. He told me about the many benevolent alien worlds that the Reptilians had destroyed. He showed me one planet with a beautiful alien people who were living in houses, and how the Reptilians had set up explosives to destroy all of them, so that Reptiles could get to the mining on that planet without having the aliens in the way. How a mother and her child had watched this happening from the window of their home. They were given no warning and no time to escape. It broke my heart, I can't comprehend such cruelty, to destroy an entire world and civilization and alien race, just for something so selfish and pointless as mining? And they had done this to many, I was told.

Yeah, I just have a drink when they tell me that. - a CIA man remembers how he goes to a bar
Hey, well. Who are you? CIA? Are you...? - me
What do you wanna know? That's what we said last time. - CIA man
Hey, do I know you? I seem to know you, very well in fact. Hey, I know you, you are the man of my dreams.. - me
Say, what now?! - CIA man
I mean, there is something about you. Are you really real? - me
I must be. I seem to think that I am. - CIA man
Um, I won't tell you then. - me

Good lord god it's that man, the man I wanted to marry. Never mind, that's another story, but this man, for years and years, how can it be him? I don't wanna say, but I have known him as if I would marry him, for years and years. The deepest infatuation and true love. How can this be? Is it really him?

Hey, who are you? - me
I was with Nolan, Miss. - CIA man, he does something at his inner black suit jacket pocket again
Who is Nolan? I know you are not Nolan. - me

Damn, my heart melts, it is him! I've known that face for all these many years. It's my husband.

My, husband? - me
Hey, how about it, MKULTRA? - someone else says
What? - me
You stupid bimbo, you are not marrying me. - the CIA man says
You are too blonde for me. - CIA
I can change my hair color... I've known you! - me
Yeah, the Russians say that too. - CIA
What? - me
You are their ferret. - CIA man
What! - me

Ferret. The Americans say kitten or cat, the Russians always said ferret.

Tell me, your name, so that I can find you again? How do I find you again? Who are you? - me

Oh god Jesus he is HIM! It's my husband! I've dreamt, I mean daydreamed and fantisized about that exact man and face and person for years! How is he looking at me right now?

Hey Miss, sshh. We don't want trouble with you. - CIA man
Where are you. When will I see you again? Are you married? How come I know you? - me
Look, they take many of us into the forests, and make us look at them beat them up. And we don't want to do it anymore. We don't want to do this. So, we had to warn you about them. Are you ok now? - CIA man
I'm ok, thank you. I'm perfectly fine here. Take care of yourselves too. I'll be ok. I'm fine, thanks. - me

Yes, this morning when the CIA man, another one not this one, spoke to me it was because he asked me if there was anything I wanted to ask him or to know. He was being nice.

I've dreamt of this man for years, the one who is now talking to me. I thought he was just a dream! I've loved him for so long. I've known what he looks like, the look in his eyes when he looks at me, the way that he speaks, his personality, his body and soul, and I've prayed and waited that he would one day be real and find me. I've known that he would find me. The greatest truest deepest love, and he is this? One of those people? Telepathically, remotely? Am I ever going to meet him? I love him.

I love you. I've loved you for years. Did you know that? - me
Hey cool it, or we will dump you in the water. - CIA
What? Did you say that to me? - me

What? Oh god, it is him. The most handsome man in the world. The most perfect man in the whole universe. Those eyes, his face, I thought he was a dream. I have looked at that face in my dream for years. I have to marry him. But he doesn't seem to like me. Maybe he, maybe he loves me too? But he won't admit it? Or maybe he hates me.

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