One Girl's Memoirs
April 04 2014

Blahdi-bla only for adults same old usual stuff adults shouldn't read this either cause it's pretty gross what the Aliens do so anyway.

Boy do I have two stories for you. Two alien abduction Agenda stories that I wish I could just stuff away somewhere. Neither are pleasant to write about. And probably neither are any fun to read. So here goes.

President Putin's Double

There's no denying it anymore. It has happened far too many times for me to just pretend I can unsee and unhear things I've been exposed to by the Aliens of the Agenda. Namely they have started bringing Russian President Putin to my attention via a telepathic remove viewing link, as crazy as that sounds to us who are not accustomed to the Alien Agenda and how it works as well as what it is capable of.

It is unmistakably the figure of President Putin. That same red-haired man. The Russians are very involved in the Alien Agenda. The Alien Agenda, we should perhaps first reiterate, is a sinister Satanic organization originating from outer space. This Agenda is run by the Dark Lords, who are the ones who gave us Satanism, Ancient Egyptian religion, Aleister Crowley, and Hitler and the Nazi movement. And, if you take a little look at the back of a U.S. dollar bill, you find that their symbol the yellow pyramid and the Creepy Eye God is also there.

The Agenda knows that I am a very special person. They always talk about my "twelve strands of DNA". I am psychic and all of that. So they are sending Putin to ask me for military advice. This is not the first time that Russia has shown interest in utilizing my skills in favor of their military operations. If you remember Korpral Olli (Olav) Vetti, he was training me so that I could be used as a psychic soldier to help him with defending the Russian missiles - Olav is a missiles expert - as well as for remote viewing the Russian satellites and remote viewing Russian territories of military interest for signs of military intrusion by other nations.

President Putin has asked me for military advice. He has specifically asked me to tell him about China on at least three separate occasions. So what I did was I remote viewed China and all that has to do with China. I am very good at that. But I am also a very compassionate love and light person so China need not worry. I don't choose sides. I told Putin what I saw. I said that China is a nation that is growing. They are building an empire, and above all the very most they honor their ancestors, which you can also see in their great respect for their parents, grandparents, and also elder ancestors. China considers itself very isolated and unique, and yes it is a very unique nation. I told Putin that he must go visit them and talk about how he understands their heritage and traditions, and that he wishes for Russia and China to be brothers. I told Putin that he must send eight of Russia's good engineers to China to help the with development, as a token of peace and brotherhood. I told him that he must never even contemplate on being on bad terms with China, it would lead to nothing good for anyone.

Putin asked me to take a look at Islamic terrorists. I told him that the Islamic terrorists can not be negotiated with, that they are not going to listen to him, so the best thing to do is to try to understand them. He also asked me to check for was it biological or nuclear weapons in Iran or Iraq I forget which it was, I think it was Iran. I forget what I told him.

But this is nowhere near the interesting part of the story with Putin. If you thought that was pretty awesome, then you've heard nothing yet. Here's the deal. The real President Putin has been kidnapped. And in place they have placed a copy of him. An Agenda Illuminati copy. A genetic clone, if you will, unless it is done by shapeshifting. Once upon a time Putin was a really nice real human man, and now look what they have done. But. The story gets even better, or worse.

If you think that was pretty something, you've heard nothing yet still. I was taken by an abduction to the Alien other dimension. By now I have managed to suppress most of it. They were bringing women to the Putin copy. Lots of women. They were all blonde with huge breast implants. I was there too, however to be fair I don't look exactly like that. Somehow, the men who are in the Agenda are part of a breeding program. I am also part of a breeding program. Agenda Presidents and Kings and such are expected to have lots of these "special" children. It's a genetic family lineage thing you see. Huh. I actually managed to repress most of what I saw that night. I know stuff happened and it was tough and everything, I don't even know anymore. I don't have to know what I can't remember. I had a whole lot to say about that adventure, that I wanted to write about, but it was days ago and somehow I don't have to know anymore.

I also met one of Putin's military Generals. He too was a clone replacement, and he had a shapeshifting white Illuminati Lizard. I'm surprised how they tell me and show me so much. P.S. I was informed by the Agenda long ago that also President Barack Obama has been hijacked, the real he has been taken away and been replaced by a genetic copy clone. The Illuminati Agenda run this planet. That's why things are pretty much a mess with lots of wars. The Putin copy thinks in terms of wars, he wants to expand Russia, I try to tell him about brotherhood and peace, but these Illuminati guys don't think that way.

In the Putin abduction, I was again taken to a dining room. They always give me meals at the abductions, you got to give them credit for that. I am also taken to bathrooms to a toilet during abductions, so yay for that. (Otherwise I pee on the floor.) So I was served by an Illuminati white lizard, a dish consisting of a cooked charred piece of skin and some meat. I wanted to think that it was chicken but somehow I thought it was human flesh and roasted skin. I declined and explained that I am a vegetarian.


Last night I had childbirth.

Yes we took you on the bed! - hollers a Thuban or Zeta, in the other language

In the other dimension I have another body. You wouldn't see any traces or evidence on this human body here that I would have been highly pregnant and had childbirth

Yes, we took you on the bed when you tend to be sleeping. - Hamish says in the other language
And, I didn't want to bite you. I was going to say snap! My eggs. - Hamish, the "my eggs" was in my native language, else in English
My Hamish Hamish. My Turtle Sock. My Hamish! - me delighted, cause he's my Turtle Dragon

First I met the man who had gotten me pregnant. I was thinking, huh, I don't remember marrying him, but hey I guess we're parents now. He was a Caucasian human man in a black suit, his hair is greyish but he looks like in his 40's or 50's. I remember the childbirth really well. The Aliens have taught me how to have a painless and stressfree childbirth, so it went really really well! I was so proud of myself! You see when a human woman goes to the hospital all the hospital staff stress her up and it's just a disaster. I was perfectly calm and confident and everything went so fantastically well. It's like childbirth was like as easy as walking or swimming, I knew exactly how my body works and I wasn't even scared or worried about it. And it didn't hurt at all.

My belly was really huge. I told the midwives who were around me that I now felt the cervix widening because it was about to start. I didn't rush through the labor at all. I asked them if I have to push, they said I do, so I pushed and I noticed how easy it was. I took a break so that I could keep up with what was going on, I didn't rush through it at all. One of the things that make me think that this really happened, is that because of the childbirth I had to have a bowel movement because it was almost as if the baby was pressing against my intestines, so I asked for a bedpan and they gave me one. I didn't worry about that either. (In fact when women have labor that always happens. Women are nowadays given an enema before the childbirth starts. It's normal.)

The baby was amazing. I got to meet other babies I had. But I looked at the other child I had and there were things wrong with it in its nervous system. I could tell that it was wired differently. (Obviously it was an alien child.) When I woke up in the morning the Aliens told me that this baby had weighed over 3 kilos, which is a big baby, I was surprised. I asked how many babies I had delivered, they said "only three". This had been my second childbirth, and they were now planning for me my third.

Captain Richard Swansea is going to make me pregnant next. He was sent here to check me out in the morning. I fussed at him and told him to leave.

I have conflicting emotions. You see, I loved being pregnant and having the childbirth. I want to get pregnant again and the Aliens have prepared me for the labor process so well that I feel as if I could do it any day. I don't have any babies of my own in the "real life", but thanks to the Aliens if I ever do then it would be untraumatic. They have created a different worldview where this kind of thing is ok and normal. It leaves me as a young woman feeling conflicted. I am settling with this in my emotions, mental and physical, as if it were normalcy. I am made to experience motherhood and pregnancy while in the captivity of aliens who do not even care about who I am. "You twelve-stranded dog!", hollered the Thuban Auntie to me this morning when I was trying to be nice to her. She had first said, "We are no longer evacuees. We have been given a home here."

I told them all that I really need to be with Hamish. If I can have my Hamish then everything is ok. I can just have those red scales and Dragon tail and "back turtle" as he calls it. My Turtle Sock Feet with palate clicks and grunt-purrs, thoughts about goldfish and turtle "ladies" in ponds. If I can have my Sock Turtle then everything is fine. My Dragon Turtle Sock. I took out his pink snuggy ruggy again last night for him. Hamish is my snuggy ruggy.


Giggles! I now remember more from the Putin abduction night! They took me to an Agenda disco! One thing you've got to know is that the Agenda loves Elton John. It's because the Elisabeth Queen Lizard version in the other dimension and Elton John in the other dimension have some things going on that I really don't want to talk about. (Isn't the Queen also in this dimension really friendly with Elton John? Didn't she like Knight him or something?) Don't make me talk about their shenanigans together cause I really don't want to get in trouble here. I mean, I'm just praying Putin doesn't send a sniper to kill me.

So they had Elton John and 80's music at the disco. I was like, this is really lame. I was asked what I'm into instead, I said Dubstep and Techno, but it's not like I was going to dance there or anything. The Agenda is hilarious, they've got all kinds of things you wouldn't believe!

Is it just me or is this really weird? I mean this whole Alien Agenda and abductions and Illuminati thingy?


Before anyone sends any snipers or anything. I did not make up these stories. These are true experiences, conversations, and so forth. So it is not my fault. I don't mean anyone any harm. I'm even nice to the lizards. Hamish is my best friend in the world, and I would never even hurt the Queen Mother Lizard. Whatever. I don't know what to say. I just hope we have freedom of speech in this world and that I don't get in trouble for this. I'm already being raped all the time and made to have childbirth and all kinds of stuff going on. The last thing I need is for someone to come after me for talking about it and ruining what little bits I have of my life.

What I'm saying is I know I shouldn't be writing these things about presidents and royalty and Elton John and things. But in the other dimension there are lizards who do these things. The Agenda is real. It is as real as The Eye and pyramid on the back of a dollar bill. Look at the dollar bill every time you start to doubt its existence. By the way, I was replaced at birth too.

I wish I could go live with Hamish in a stalactite cave, just him and me together. I wouldn't have to worry about explaining these things to anyone (here on this website), or about any repercussions just for saying how it is. I didn't invent this story. I'm just experiencing it, and describing it.

First they wanted me to marry a guy who is also used by the Agenda. He is a Satanist and talked about wanting to kill children and bury them in the woods. For years before we met he already knew me and had an obsession with me. The Agenda brought us together but I called it off and never went to see him. Bachelor #2 from the Illuminati Dating Services Inc.TM was a bloodline to say the least. A Free Mason, into the Satanism, he did mind control and hypnosis on me and the Dark Lords were very present. He was a mind control programmer and D/s Master. He is probably related to the Bush family, which is also Illuminati bloodline, at least they are really buddies with each other these two families. But I called that off too.

Bachelor #3 was going to be a CIA man and he and I were supposed to have babies that I birth at our home and that we would have sacrificed on a pentagram in the basement for the Dark Lords. Eventually I would have been killed and dumped in the woods somewhere, the CIA men have many of their prostitutes and women killed and dumped, that was the main reason why I called it off, because I didn't want to be thrown into the trunk of a car and dumped in the woods. But I was already deeply in love with that man.

So the Disclaimer is, none of this is my fault, and don't give me any more trouble. I'm just writing a diary here. One girl's memoirs.

Or actually, the Disclaimer is: the Aliens told me all these things. They are the ones posing as Queen Elisabeth and President Putin and all the rest. I am not responsible for their actions. Anyone who might have a problem with their impersonation with important people on Earth must take it with them directly. I am just a witness.

Yeah, I'm really worried about disappearing one day or getting in trouble for writing about my experiences and observations. Maybe they won't hurt me, cause they need my eggs. Maybe Hamish would defend me no matter what. Malik would protect me, my Malik Fürst. By the way Malik has been since long ago replaced by Lord Rambutan who won't let Malik anywhere near here. On a few occasions I've called for Malik just to hear what he's been up to, and Rambutan won't let him in. Me and Malik had some good times, lots of cool memories with this Satanic Dark Lord, he's pretty cool. Yes, the Dark Lords are really fun, that is when they don't try to eat my heart's energy.

If President Putin wants more military and political advice I'm happy to cater. If he would be so polite as to invite me to Russia in this real dimension, that would be fun to meet Korpral Olav Vetti too and the white-haired man Sasha who is real cute and said I look like a "ferret" (some kind of Russian pet name for cute women?). I know I'm related to the Russian bloodlines, to the top royalty. I'm related to the "evil King" who had babies with lots of women back in the day. I also had a past life as Katerina in one of Russia's most important families. I don't know how past lives tie in, but they do. I also was a priestess in Ancient Egypt and I sacrificed bulls for the Sun God. At one time I was about to learn Russian. Really, they should invite me there.

The Smelly Bucket

Last night I was taken to a large Illuminati building of sorts. And also to a place somewhere with alien creatures. This place had forests, it looked a whole lot like what I have been shown of Alpha Draconis. You'd think it's from Jurassic Park. Fern forests, but unlike any we've seen on Earth. The plants are exotic, the ground is soft. I felt very uncomfortable in the presence of the alien reptilian prehistoric creatures there, just the ambiance made it feel like a nightmare.

There was the smelly bucket. There was a bucket there and it contained body fluids. In the morning I was told about that bucket, that some of the fluids include brain fluids. It was a red sludge of blood and other liquids extracted from a body. And the smell! I just can't forget the smell. It's the kind of thing you never want to run into, a bucket filled with body fluids, you kind of want to rewind the experience but you can't, and just backing away doesn't undo the fact that this just shouldn't have happened.

I am now going to just spend another day with Hamish. During daytime it's just me and Hamish. I can do palate clicks at him,

Yes-No, your whore at home. - Hamish
.. What? - me
My eggs were really nice to me before. So, I said, the buckets! - Hamish with mental image of the bucket we have up on a tall shelf in the bathroom (he has asked me to give him that bucket before, he wants to store his shedded sheets of scales there)

Before you think I'm crazy because of how Hamish talks, English isn't his first language so you have to excuse him. But he's been fun lately, he goes around claiming things. Everything is "My" for him. He claims furniture, foods, all things as his own. He is acting very territorial that way. But I love Hamish. I really really do.

My enemies, were not here. - Hamish says because I like him
I like Hamish. My Turtle Dragon. You are my Sock Dragon, I love you. - me

I could have taken a shotgun for what they have done to you. - it's the man I saw last night at the childbirth the one who I was told had fathered my child, he thought about wanting to shoot all the Reptiles, but they can't
Gee-Wizz! - the man says to Hamish for something Hamish said to him
Hello. What is your name? - me
Why you son of a gun! - the man to Hamish cause Hamish told the man that Hamish was going to eat the hybrid babies
We are not very gentle. - Hamish
Hello? I met you last night. - me
Yes you met me indeed. - the man he thinks about how I was all open and stuff having the baby
I had a baby last night? - me
Well, what do you seem to remember? - man
I seem to remember having childbirth. And I remember seeing you there. - me
Yes, that was tough on you, wasn't it. - man
Well, it was ok. I knew how to do it. It didn't hurt either! I was a professional. How are you? What are you doing there with them? - me
Well, we are trying to help them to eat. Otherwise they go after the general public. - man
Who do you work for? What is your employer called? Are you the CIA perhaps? Or the government? Or military? Who are you? I hope you're ok. You men have to see more than us women do, so I'm sad about that. You've seen things that would kill a person. I'm sorry about that. - me
Well, we are getting pretty accustomed to it. We see it all the time, you know. The labor was, pretty labor-intensive. - man
It was ok. I didn't mind. It was fine. I wasn't even scared. - me
I would have shot them, for what they did to you, but I can't! - man
It's fine. I have Hamish with me. As long as I have Hamish, then I am fine! My Turtle Dragon! Be nice to my Hamish. - me
I was going to say, he was the worst, he was the one who did this to you. He was the one who brought you in here. - man
Without him I have nothing. Hamish is my friend. - me
Sir? I seem to recall running into a particular bucket at night when I was rummaging around the alien forests. This particular bucket had a contents of bodily fluids including blood and brain fluids and it had a vile smell. What would you happen to know about said bucket? - me
They have latrine in them. - man
Who does? Who has latrine buckets? Was that latrine? I ran into a potty bucket? In the fern forests? There were interesting creatures in the forest, alien creatures. They were like something prehistoric. I only say prehistoric because we humans only know of two different worlds that are inhabited by animals: this one today, and the one we used to have. So it wasn't like ours, so it can only be like a prehistoric world. I think I might have been on Alpha Draconis. - me
They are not allowed to bring you there. Just a sec, I will inquire about that. So? You thought you had ran into, a potty bucket? - man
Sir? One more thing? - me
Yeah? It was not a potty bucket. - man
I know. It had blood and brain fluids. They told me that in the morning when I returned. It smelled pretty bad, I just can't get over the smell. It's not the badness of the smell, just the fact that it was like, I don't know. Like something I shouldn't have had to seen, I can't undo it any case. So? Did you father a child for me? Did you have sex with me when I was asleep? Did you, huh? - me
Well, I wouldn't call it sex. It was just a, private matter. I don't want to say more about it. - man
I have to tell you, it hurts me more to not get to remember - me interrupted
Yeah, Derek told me that. That you want to see us. - man
What is your name? - me
Those guys are not amphibians. - man about Dinosaurs
Those guys are sweethearts. - me
They live there. - man about the forest I was in
I didn't see the Dinos there? There were other creatures though. So, I wanted to ask you of a nice little favor. Could you arrange for me so that I can meet Hamish? He is my best friend in the world, and I really so much would love to spend some quality time with him. I love my Hamish Turtle. Could you do that for me? Me and my Hamish? - me

I was in a forest that looked very alien. The vegetation consisted mostly of small fern-type plants. The air was a bit yellow, like I know it is on Alpha Draconis the home planet of Hamish's race and many of the other races we meet in the Agenda. The ground is soft mud, not dry sand or gravel for instance. There was a bunker, or a dug-out room under ground with no ceiling. It was clearly an entrance into the underground, because one of the four walls of the bunker continued inward. The bucket was down there. I had looked down into the box-shaped bunker and the bucket had sat right there at the entrance to the underground, so we can assume that it was either a bucket of 'sumthin' going into the base, or it was a bucket of 'sumthin' going out of the base to be picked up.

The smell. The vile smell. The bunker floor was perhaps three meters or more down, but just leaning down to see what was there I could sense the smell. I can never get over the smell. A smell I wish I could undo but I can't. It's not that it smelled bad per se, just that the smell was something that shouldn't have been exposed, or placed into a bucket like that. A bucket of 'sumthin'.

It is my barrel. - says Hamish (in my native language), to the bucket of 'sumthin' that he saw me describing here, by gosh he claims everything, even the bucket of 'sumthin'

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