Agenda Shenanigans And Smells
September 30 2013

Defending Dragon Turtle

Last night after I had gone to bed and curled under the covers I was wishing Hamish a good night. Hamish told me he would like to hide in the bathroom closet from the Dark One. So I told Hamish to come into my room instead. I said I would protect Hamish and be his bodyguard. Hamish, come curl in under my covers here next to me in bed, I said to Big Red Dragon, but I'm not sure if he did. Hamish fears The Eye and Dark Lords, they pester him all the time and Dark Lords like to do mischief like telling Hamish descriptive ways in which they could hurt him.

Dark Lords know Hamish fears pumpkins with the angry carved faces and a lit candle inside and the Dark Lords like to show him those. The Agenda also enter Hamish into tournaments, but I am told Hamish is strong and always wins. I worry so much for my Dragon Turtle. I would die to defend Hamish. Last night I told him, that I love him more than I love myself, I love him more than life. I just want him to be safe.

Ku Klux Klan? Or what the fuck

After I had figured I have done all I can to defend Hamish and ensure that he is safe here in my home, I settle to go to sleep and close my eyes and enjoy the dark and quiet under my covers. Then all of a sudden, Agenda sends me a perfectly clear mental visual image of a person dressed in the white gown complete with the pointy hat and just small holes for the eyes. It looked like a Ku Klux Klan member, or I don't know what the fuck that was. He was standing at the front stage of a temple somewhere.

I just assumed it was Ku Klux Klan and all I think I know about them is that they kill black people and want white supremacy and that they are some kind of offshoot of the Hitler Nazi movement. So even though I'm not black and I have the palest features in the world, seeing someone who might be a murderer my heart nearly jumped out of my chest. It was a scary sight, and undoubtedly I would react with the same horror if I ever saw a Ku Klux Klan man in real life too. I mean sure I might personally be safe around those guys but fuck they kill people and things.

So I went on a big long sermon about why racism is wrong dictated to me by the Arcturians or Santinians who are always near me. To my surprise the man listened and didn't get fussy at me and I managed to put in 5 to 10 minutes or sermon. He said that black people had been created to be a slave race, I said I don't care why black people were created in the first place or where they came from they are humans just like anyone and everyone has the same basic needs and wants in life and deserves to live a meaningful life.

They were going to sacrifice one of my hybrid sons there. They said it was important that he is a virgin, which he is. The boy was maybe 10 years old and lied naked on his back on the altar there. They said they have told the boy he is going on a train ride. The kids know they are going into The Eye. I asked do they all know that they are going to get killed? They said that most of the kids know and understand that they are going to get killed, that this is the last day they are alive. But they have been prepared for that their whole lives.

I was upset of course. Very upset. I said they can't do that and that I don't want to see it and all of that. The Reptilians are the ones who run the sacrificial show, but it is the Dark Lords who want the sacrifices. I asked the Reptiles why do they sacrifice for The Eye why don't they just stop doing it. The Reptilian said that the Reptilians had chosen to work with the Dark Lord because it is mutually beneficial. The Reptilians get to eat the blood and organs after a sacrifice, and the Dark Lords take the soul of the victim and pass it on to their god The Eye. And so I asked the Dark Lord who later appeared in their temple why do they do this and give souls to The Eye and why don't they just stop? The Dark Lord said that if they do not, then The Eye will destroy the Dark Lords' home world. Same story as I have been told before.

The Agenda see no wrong in what they are doing. In their opinion, souls and bodies are in abundance and all you have to do is to make children in this vast human and hybrid farm they are doing. The Agenda believes that souls come from a pool of life "somewhere else" and that the job is to shuffle souls over from that pool and into The Eye, kind of like throwing buckets of water out of a sinking boat to keep it afloat. It's a job. And it's necessary to them. They honestly don't think of it like murder. To them making and killing children is like picking apples off a tree.

One of the most important lessons I have learned from my observations of the Agenda is that they are not evil and they do not intend to cause harm. It's not like the Dark Lords love to cause suffering and are evil and want to hurt people. Their perspective and experience is different. I am not defending their actions, but it is liberating to understand that it is not what we'd expect. It is not what we think it is. You see, you'd think that people in the Agenda are evil, but if you are in the Agenda you don't think of yourself as evil. They have a different understanding of what they do. But I am not in the Agenda and I've turned perfectly vegan thanks to these things. I no longer eat anything that came from the body of an animal, not any kind of meat or eggs or dairy.

They also had a girl about the same age maybe 10 years there and she too was naked and they said that it was important that she was a virgin, which she was. Virgins have more life force. I know this from other, non-Agenda sources that when you have sex with someone you give away a piece of your soul and vitality to that person forever. Virgins have more vitality and light.

The son I have with brown hair and who they make wear that Knight's armor he had to go there and be the one to kill the boy and then he would get to have sex with the virgin girl or was it that then he would get to have sex with me.

The Reptiles said that The Eye had wanted me to get to see this. I was supposed to feel like I had been invited to a special wedding or ceremony and as if I should be grateful and happy to get to witness it. They wanted me to see this because I am the children's mother. I am revered in a way and I have a part in it too. But I kept saying to them I don't want them to do this and that I don't want to see it.

After the boy was dead a Reptilian was messing around the child's entrails.

But before the sacrifice, a Dark Lord appeared in their temple room. He was a black figure, a Dark Lord, and his eyes were all white and across his face was the One Eye. I have never seen The Eye manifested so clearly on a Dark Lord as that. I wasn't afraid when I saw the Dark Lord. I've had dealings with them before and I know they don't mean any harm. He was only there to collect the child's soul and bring it into The Eye. If you go inside The Eye and through to the other side, you arrive at a huge power network just like an electrical grid. I don't know but I still think that The Eye might be a black hole in the universe. The Eye is a real something. It even speaks to the Dark Lords, and it has even spoken to me. I don't know where it's intelligence and cognition comes from.

I would like to tell you something and you can go ahead and hate me for saying it afterwards if you want, but I am going to go ahead and just say it. If you ever saw a video from a butcher's shop where they hang up a cow upside down from the ceiling and then kill it and all the blood gushes down to the floor and the cow is still alive and bleeding out and then they cut open its belly and all the entrails fall out and are carved out and then the carcass is taken to be cut into smaller pieces and ends up in stores and restaurants and on your dinner plate. That is far more gruesome than the Agenda meat industry.

I tell the Reptiles that it is karma that humans have to be used as cattle, because of how humans use other animals in even more cruel ways than the Reptiles do. Cows, chickens, pigs, sheep, goats. These children at least have a good childhood often, and they are killed with more respect than when humans slaughter animals. It is the same thing. The Reptilians do this because they need to eat. And Dark Lords are trying to save their home world from The Eye by giving it the energy from souls.

Of course it's wrong! But it's also wrong to do the same to cows and chickens. Humans like to justify it by saying that cows and chickens aren't conscious or they don't matter or they were made to be food. Reptilians make similar arguments too. I'm not saying Reptiles should eat these children. I tell them they need to find simpler lifeforms to eat, such as fish. But I'm saying that humans do the same when they eat animals. The very same. And the only way to get around that double standard and hypocrisy is to become a vegan, as I have.

Duke University

The Agenda revealed to me that Duke University is part of the Agenda, and I realized that it must be true. Duke University is in the United States. I've found out that Duke University was involved in carrying out the MKULTRA project. The MKULTRA project is mind control and is handed down by the Agenda.

It was not done by the Reptilians! - says a dark reptilian now
That's ok. I didn't say it was. The Agenda are the Dark Lords and The Eye. Reptiles are only working there. - me

Hitler and the Nazi movement were Agenda creations. Hitler was under direct control by the Agenda. So was Satanist Aleister Crowley. Dark Lords designed Thelema and Aleister Crowley's Dark Arts for him. Ku Klux Klan is an Agenda organization. So was Druidism, and Rosicrucianism is mentioned by the Agenda almost daily. MKULTRA, although it was handled by humans, was created and designed by the Agenda. It is still carried out by the CIA in the United States, still under Agenda rule. And Duke University was in on it too.

That is when it hit me. Three of the five people who have ruined my life years ago had strong connections to Duke University. Years ago, before 2011 when the Agenda revealed itself to me and said hello and rang the doorbell, Agenda was already working hard to ruin my life and condition me into MKULTRA and into my role as mother of children to be sacrificed and all that. There were about five people who ruined my life, they were under mind control by the Agenda. There were more than those five people but I would say five people were the worst. Three of them had strong ties to Duke University.

The symbol of Duke University is the devil. It is their mascot. And it has been hinted to me prior that prominent schools are part of the Agenda. There are satanic rituals and cults practiced in some top universities in the United States. And of course all the Agenda leaders go to these schools. I don't want to say too much. The Agenda acts behind the scenes, in another veil of the world that humans rarely get to see. The Agenda rules a large part of this world.

Christopher Walken

And then the Agenda showed me a perfectly clear mental visual of actor Christopher Walken. Ok I've refrained from mentioning specific individuals in the past out of respect for their integrity and what not, but I've reached a point where I think this Agenda Reptilian Story is what it is and famous people will just have to accept that they are being portrayed and mentioned by Reptilian Aliens and purported as being part of an interdimensional story here on Earth.

Remember me? I have a Colt Python. - says Colin Powell telepathically

I don't know what the hell why Agenda members are posing as human figures and why they keep mentioning famous people. This is a documentary so I am going to just go with it. So let's just state the obvious first. I would trash this whole Agenda story if it wasn't that I already established that it is real and I am not crazy. And for some reason the Reptilians or other Agenda members like to incorporate famous human figures into these stories. You encounter Presidents, military officers, actors, media moguls, royalty, and other well-known people in Agenda abduction experiences and stories. Let's just accept that that's a fact and that's how the story plays out. I am not responsible for that.

So they showed me Christopher Walken again last night, and they told me that they had always wanted him to become an actor. As a child I was always scared to death of Christopher Walken. I am still afraid when I see him, but now that I'm an adult I talk myself out of it and tell myself it's disrespectful to fear someone for no good reason? But this isn't the first time Christopher Walken was mentioned to me by the Agenda. There was a time, find it in the first telepathy book I think, when the Agenda woke me up at 3 AM at night just to tell me how Christopher Walken was part of the Agenda.

They also mention Chelsea Lately often. They say she is mind controlled with the MKULTRA. And I don't know why that green Reptilian said that he "is" John Kerry, and that it is easy for him to shapeshift his DNA between Reptile and John Kerry and that he is both of these just the same. I don't know, but I have to stop feeling guilty over it. I am doing a documentary on the behaviors of extraterrestrial beings who like to incorporate well-known human figures into their stories. And my apologies to everyone (except the Catholic popes and things who were pedophiles both in the Reptilian stories and also in reality) who is mentioned by the Reptiles in case it's not true and so forth.

They also mentioned Anna Nicole Smith and they said I was going to be turned into what she was, a mind controlled woman, and as you can see these types of women are often taken out at an early age when the Agenda gets bored with them. So these are the things that Reptilians are saying. It is my duty and obligation to write down and document the behaviors and conversations with extraterrestrial species. I wish they didn't mention people in real life, but they do, and it is a standard feature of Agenda contact.

It could be that Reptilians like to pose as famous people so that they can try to instill the same reverence that they see humans have for celebrities. If they see that people worship actors and political leaders then maybe they think that by posing as those humans they can be treated the same by the humans they meet. That is my theory and I'm sticking to it, because anything other is just too much for me right now.

What made me have to witness and sort out all of the Agenda all by myself? Who do I have to see the Agenda and map out what it does and try to make sense out of it and write down these words? It is vile and I don't think I want anything to do with it, but what can I do, I cannot just pretend it isn't happening. I don't enjoy this. Hamish is the only good thing that ever came out of it.

The Agenda here on Earth

So let's summarize so that we can make some sense into this and not be too distraught. There is an ancient extraterrestrial race from a place in outer space called Alpha Theta or Alpha Thetis. And just so happens that these Alpha Thetans have a very sinister and uncanny vibe about them. Think of it like poison, only that their poison is energy or radiance. A too close encounter with an Alpha Thetan and a human will literally go mad and insane and die. They are very dangerous beings, and they have been messing here on Earth throughout history. They are the Dark Lords, Black Ones, Shadow

We are also called Black Cats. - says one
Alright. Thank you for that. What should I call you? - me

Shadow Figures, Black Cats, also known as Djinn in Islam, and Devils and Demons in Christianity. Jezebel the evil spirit is one of them, and so is the ramhorned deity called Baphomet found in Satanist Aleister Crowley's religious doctrine Thelema.

Dark Lords will possess humans and make them do murder and rape for them. Dark Lord Siph dwells in India and likes to possess elephants and make them stomp people to death. Dark Lords are very sadistic and sinister. But they are an extraterrestrial race from Alpha Theta. When Carl Sagan said that we should probably not touch other alien races, Dark Lords did not read that memo. Dark Lords will interfere and interact with other races. And they do this by recruiting races throughout the universe into their grand plan which we call the Agenda.

The Agenda consists of a medley of different alien races who all came aboard from throughout the universe. You find Zetas and Reptilians who seem to have joined willingly, and also other races who seem to be enslaved, the Dinosaurs, Alpha Orions, and Alpha Centauri humans. But many other races throughout the universe have refused to join, such as the Hindu Blue Gods, Airship People, Pleiadians, Santinians, Arcturians, and Ummo.

The Agenda is run by the Dark Lords, and everybody who works for them in the Agenda gets rewards. The Zetas get to carry out their genetic projects and make a fertile new Zeta race using human DNA - in exchange Zetas give plenty of these children for sacrifice to the Dark Lords of the Agenda. Reptilians get the reward to eat the blood and organs from sacrifices - and the souls are given to the Dark Lords to pass on to The Eye.

Lots of humans here on Earth willingly join with the Dark Lords. Dark Lords tell me that people who do Satanism, Wicca, Witchcraft, Tarot cards, and other Dark Arts, are calling in the Dark Lords. Dark Lords seem respectful enough and you have to invite them in for them to take root in a person's mind. A Dark Lord cannot corrupt a priest for instance, unless the sexual temptations of these Devils make the person give in by their own choice, leading them into acts with the Dark Lords such as pedophilia.

Pedophilia is Satanic. It is all about stealing the life force from young people, the life force is strong in children. Rape and even being promiscuous are Satanic acts. D/s and sexual sadism also come from the Dark Lords and might not be natural to humans at all. Dark Lords also love to play with humans like puppets and make them fight, yell, and hit each other. Dark Lords love to possess people in someone's life and make their targets get fired, get accused of things they didn't do, they also love to trickster around a person's life to make them end up in a mental hospital or in jail. These are sadistic games for the Dark Lords. Lots of people are in prison and in mental institutions because of demonic Dark Lord possession. Back when women were tortured for being accused of witchcraft, that was another specialty of the Dark Lords and they brag about it all the time.

These are real entities and they have been pestering humans throughout history. They are not fictional characters, nor personifications of human shortcomings. They are mischievous and sinister, and I have known five of them: Betelgeuse Maleucius Malik Jesobel Jezebel, Basmet Baphomet, Masof Masuf Manon, Sif Siph, Rambutan.

Hitler and Himmler and the Nazi movement were crafted by the Dark Lords. A Dark Lord communicates right now by making a monster exhale. Let's ask him what he wants:

Hon, what are you saying? - me
We know why you don't eat cheeses anymore! - he says
Yes? I turned vegan because I don't want to see animals hurt. I have seen too much atrocities done to bodies I will have no part of it myself. - me

Japanese martial arts

And the last thing from last night was that right before I woke up I was in the dream plane which is where you can interact with the Agenda characters and there was a martial arts fight scene. These two Japanese characters had all kinds of weapons, throwing stars and things. One ended up killing another in front of an audience. I don't know what part of that was a dream woven by my mind but I think the foundation of it were things I was being shown and told. Because when I woke up the Japanese man was still talking to me. He was supposed to have sex with me.

Oh I don't know. This is all weird and cooky. Maybe if I rewrite The Orion Project not as a documentary but as a fictional story book complete with illustrations then we wouldn't have to think that it's all real. We could just read the story and forget that I actually concluded a year ago that this is real. I don't know. It's exhausting I don't want to do this anymore. I hate feeling like I'm responsible somehow. I've got nothing to do with this, I hate the whole story of the Agenda, and it's disgusting so let me get on with my life, if I can.


No person, institute or organization mentioned in The Orion Project can be assumed to have any affiliation with the Agenda nor with anything associated with the Agenda. The Orion Project is a documentary based on the scientific principles of meticulous and accurate documentation. The Agenda, Dark Lords and Reptilians are phenomena of extraterrestrial intelligence; what they choose to mention, choose to show me, and choose to do, are entirely by their own construct. My sole role is to document. I am not the creator of any part of the story other than my only personal component which is my role as an abductee, egg donor, and other use in the Agenda. I can only take responsibility for my own actions, and the vast majority of the story is a construct by entities other than myself.

My apologies to any person who is mentioned by the Agenda. The Agenda likes famous human figures and claims to have some sort of control or possession of these in their vast Agenda network here on Earth. I don't know why Agenda intelligence poses as Colin Powell or John Kerry, or why they claim to be in control of actors Christopher Walken and Chelsea Lately, or why Presidents, military officers, royalty, and religious leaders in Christian denominations appear frequently in Reptilian stories. I don't know why Reptilians disguise themselves as the pope and cardinal, as Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles and other European monarchs or why not just me but also other people report seeing President Obama during alien abductions.

It's not my fault. Blame the Aliens.

Don't extrapolate

Please don't extrapolate on what you read here. I want to make it very clear that the Agenda Reptilians have simply mentioned Christopher Walken, but there has been absolutely no indication that Christopher would have anything to do with Agenda atrocities. It seems that maybe he is simply nothing more than an alien abductee.

My apologies for telling this story, but I know a person who is a Reptilian contactee. His mother nearly married Christopher Walken and he should have been his father. The Agenda likes to keep a select group of abductees and contactees intermingling and marrying each other. That is also why the Agenda works hard with the Illuminati Dating Services Inc. (TM) to find me an Agenda man to marry.

Yes, you are our kittens, that is why. - speaks a Dark Lord

But don't extrapolate. Not everyone in the Agenda network is part of everything. For instance, I am an alien abductee and egg donor. But I am not a racist or a pedophile, even though the Agenda would like for me to be both. I am also not into Satanism or witchcraft, even though Dark Lord Malik wanted me to learn these things from him and Aleister Crowley. And not all Satanists are pedophiles, and so forth. There are a lot of things involved in the Agenda, and not everybody is doing everything.

Malik? Why does the Agenda sacrifice children? - me
They are our rats and mice! - Malik, not verbatim I didn't write it down right away so I forgot the exact sentence
We just tell them that they are going sleeping. - says Malik, they tell the children
... Malik. Will the Agenda ever stop killing humans and hybrids? - me
No. Because they are our cattle. - Malik
Malik? I have stopped eating meat from cows and pigs. So if I can do it so can you perhaps? - me
We also need their blood. - Malik
What do you use the blood for? What Malik? - me

Malik doesn't say, but I connect with his mind and I sense that in his mind and his world of thoughts, it is madness. Every time I sense inside Malik's thoughts and his mind, it is a place where he suffers and feels madness and insanity. I pity him, my Malik. I think the Dark Lords might be insane. I think they suffer, I don't think they feel alright. And they are pestered by The Eye too.

Malik? Do you fear The Eye? - me
No. We are in a colloquium. - Malik, I had to look up that word and spelling: it means "academic conference or seminar"
So you are studying together? Malik? Do you suffer? What are you doing? I don't understand. - me

Malik doesn't say, but he comes closer and as he does I sense a smell of him, the smell of sewer and pestilence and disease. He smells like a person with a bowel infection. Sometimes he smells more like rancid socks, like sweaty socks that got wet through the shoes in the rain and then dried up and smell. Or a dead rat.

I forgot! Last night I was shown a closeup of a Reptilian and I sensed his smell and I thought it was a wonderful fragrance, very much like man's cologne. It was an aphrodisiac. Reptilians used to smell bad, but something has happened to me where I now think that Reptilians smell really good. Unless they are just still bathing and using human men's cologne, cause they do that too.

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