Reptilian Kings
September 16 2013

I did not have a conscious encounter with the John Kerry figure last night (see, update September 15 2013 titled "Yes, No, John Kerry"). When I woke in the morning I had a fantastic Reptilian visiting, possibly the same as the green Kerry Reptilian otherwise yet another new figure in our stories. This one is tall and his eyes are black and rounded. He has the bump growths of scutes along the top of his head which Reptilians have taught me signifies royalty and high rank among the Reptilians. He is a beautiful Reptilian and dark green in coloration. He is unlike the subspecies of Reptilians I regularly have visiting here. I am intrigued to get to know this new subspecies more closely.

This Reptilian wanted to stand in my bedroom closet, so I made some space for him but said that he would still have it hard to fit in there. Reptilians like to stand in closets. Some also like to hide out under beds. They like little small dark spaces during the day. Reptilians seek darkness and are not adapted for bright daylight. That is why the bathroom, also basements, end up being their favorite places to camp out and have their conferences. Reptilians come out more during the night.

This is not for open disclosion. - says this dark Reptilian
I am sorry. I am writing a journal. May I? I don't ever want to forget - me interrupted
We are only here for the eggs. - dark Reptilian says
We are not here, to give you space goosebumps. - he says
Understood. - me

This Reptile told me that since I did not have the bath I was requested to have last night, I was therefore not presented to John Kerry. I did have a quick evening shower like I always do because abductions are frequent, but John Kerry and his dark green Reptilian had specifically requested I have a bath. And I did not. So I was not taken there. Perfect, that buys me more time to talk with these fellows to ensure that they understand that I demand to stay awake and get to remember if I am taken to see someone like John Kerry. I am sick and tired of abductions that I don't get to stay awake during and don't get to remember! Think of the adventures! The excitement! The Aliens!

This dark Reptilian commented this morning that I was not yet a cat, or did he say doll. He noticed that I was not yet fully trained per the MKULTRA methods that are to turn me into the MKULTRA doll or cat, which is a more suitable woman to present to these men. Kerry's green Reptilian had showed up without a second to spare yesterday when MKULTRA training seemed to be going well and without a second to spare the Agenda had declared that I am now "good enough for Presidents" and arrangements were being made to send me to John Kerry and I was asked to take a bath. They don't waste time, these Agenda Aliens. But alas, the MKULTRA training has not been complete. My mind is still free, I am as witty and giggly as I ever was and far from the pacified vegetable they need me to be.

Last night Hamish went to a desert complete with tall cacti and hot desert sand under his flat red duck feet. Hamish was looking for a black and blue gecko or lizard, a chubby species with thick blunt tail and chubby body. He wanted to find a female of the species so that he could go talk to her about eggs. Hamish was looking for the female reptile. I decided to let Dragon tend to his own business, and I told him to watch out for venomous snakes. I was worried that Hamish might get injured there in the hot desert, but *sometimes* I have to let Dragon be free. I am overprotective sometimes. I worry when he goes places.

I worried that Kerry's Reptilian might have chased Hamish away. I never did see a confrontation between the two, other than that Hamish had showed up to say that this was his nest and eggs, and I was so worried that the two might begin to fight. After all Kerry's Reptilian carries a huge metal blade sword, and Hamish's only defense seems to be to show his back hump and expect it to instill respect. I've told the visiting Reptiles that I am Hamish's bodyguard, and I would selflessly throw myself into any sword just to protect the love of my life Hamish. Hamish did do some hissing at the visiting Reptile last night. Hamish rarely hisses, and it means a warning.

Hamish crawled up right next to me in bed behind my back last night to let me know that I was his eggs. I have been so curious about Kerry's Reptilian, I so wanted to be friends with him, but Hamish doesn't want to let these new friends visit our home and eggs. I had to stay loyal to my Hamish, even though I wish the two boys could be friends and I could have both of the Reptiles in my life. Who wouldn't want to have big talking dragons in their life?

When I woke in the morning turns out the dark green Reptilian, who is possibly the same one

We are Honored as Kings. - says this dark Reptilian and shows me a mental image of the inside of an Ancient Egyptian temple
Forgive me my Lordship. You are of course my King here. But so is Hamish. - me

It feels perverted and synthetic to call this one a King, but I have to tell myself that it is the only way I can tell a Reptile that I love him, that I am a friend. Honor, King, Lord, and God are the only words by which one can ever convey appreciation to a Reptile, even though they expect it to be fear-based, and my admiration of these fantastic people comes from an acknowledgement and appreciation of them being beautiful specimens of conscious sentient extraterrestrial life of a reptilian kind.

This visiting Kerry Reptilian had been checking around the house at night. Reptilians are usually very keen on exploring my home when they first visit. They look into drawers, bookshelves, cabinets and closets, and primarily they are mapping out if this is a safe zone. They expect to arrive at a battlescene, and are checking for bombs, traps, guns and knives. How many times haven't Reptilians asked me to show them what is in my bedroom desk drawers, them expecting that I might have a knife in there, which I don't.

The visiting dark Kerry Reptilian was still carrying his sword, and he has those two straps across his chest in the form of an 'X' which serves as his toolbelt that he can carry the sword on his person. Draconians use swords, and their swords are made by reptilians in underground bases. They use fire to melt the metal, and you see steam when they work the metal, and their swords are inscripted in Draconian symbols, see examples of Draconian writing on Elmer's page.

I am not afraid when I see Draconians carrying a sword. Of course they could severely injure me with them. But I sense the Draconian so well, and I know that it is he who feels insecure in this new place. He carries it for protection and self-defense, and he does not intend to harm me with it. After all, they treat my body and frame as their very own Dragon's nest, and they will treat me with the same care as one would delicate eggs with fragile shells. I am wrapped in a possibly false sense of pertinent security as I dwell with the Reptilians, I have no fear for my life, and I am free to explore their culture and interact with these beings. We are not equals, but an exotic kind of friendship or coexistence can be formed.

Kerry's Reptilian was surprised when I was friendly, inviting, welcoming, and respectful towards him. The Reptilians are not used to being treated this way by humans. Humans will hate them, scream at them, want to shoot and injure them. Every time I am greeted by a new Reptilian, they begin by showing power and dominance, they display their strengths, sometimes they carry weapons. But my friendliness, love, admiration, and welcoming nature always melts a barrier that they have only known between humans and Reptiles. And in that moment we know one another. I see through their eyes, I feel their scales and breathing. I am with them in every footstep that they make. A special communion forms between Reptile and human which is known in silence, mutually understood, and a connection between two species from two different worlds. It is in that encounter with a Reptilian that something happens, they let their guard down, and I make a new best friend.

Being in the presence of a

I am a Lord. - Kerry's Reptile
Yes you are. You are a powerful warrior and a proud race with distinguished ancestors. - me
How did you know about my power? - Kerry's Reptile
I have lived with Reptilians for two years. I am well-acquainted with Reptilian power. - me
You are not nurses. - says Kerry's Reptile to Thuban, Thuban lady wanted to approach and say something but backed and went quiet because of this Reptile

Being in the presence of these majestic beings, I can see them for what they are. It's like those moments when you're watching a movie and you forget that you are in a movie theatre. You become a part of something else.

We are not a movie. - the Reptile
Of course not. - me

This Reptile has been kneeling on the floor next to me for the past few minutes. His one leg is down against the floor, and the other one has a raised knee. It looks like the respectful kneeling done by a knight in church, but perhaps this is only his way of sitting down on the floor. Or that he shows me that his guard is down.

To feel the Reptilian world from their senses. Most New Agers and people in the UFO community, heck most humans would hate me for experiencing and describing being in the Reptilian presence without the use of any negative words. I don't hate them, I don't fear them. I don't despise them. I see them. I feel them. What is this hate? Because they are carnivores? Humans forget that they are carnivores too, they just let someone else do the killing and they go to the grocery store pretending that a package of meat is just a package that grew on a tree ready packed. Humans make egg laying hens sit in cages on metal wires that cut into their feet and without room to turn around, and they have the nerve to disrespect the Reptilians for eating meat. If we have a problem with the type of meat the Reptilians eat, getting upset will get us nowhere. Perhaps we can discuss other options for them, but in a civil manner with mutual respect and understanding.

As for the sadism prevalent in Reptilian culture, it is by far questionable, but we have to understand it first. We have to understand what these creatures are, where they have come from. And there is intelligent sentient life in those beings. They are not stupid or evil. They like sadism because they come from a culture where they have had to kill if they have wanted to eat. Kill if they have wanted to survive in their highly competitive culture where the weakest are always destroyed. They are just another form of life, evolved in another puddle from ours, sentient conscious life with an instinct to stay alive, a will to live to breathe to see and to make life meaningful for themselves. They are sentient life that emerged from another source of nothingness, but their path to life has been filled perhaps with more toils and dangers than ours was. And they have prevailed.

Yes, we are a successful race. - the Reptile

There is sentient life and persons in those Reptilian bodies. And I refuse to hate them. And I detest the expectation from the rest of humanity that I should hate them. I believe that anyone who feels these creatures and sees them through their eyes will find nothing but love and respect because they are life. If you understand a Reptilian, you can only love them.

Hamish returned to my home last night after his detour to the desert in search of the blue and black reptile. He watched tv with me and when he saw a little baby girl on tv Hamish wanted to lean his tubular long neck down to put his face right against the baby to gently look at the baby that was on a blanket on the floor. Hamish then thought about how babies regularly need to be bathed. And then Hamish thought about how babies poo in their diaper and need to be changed.

I have seen this before in Dragon. When he sees a baby he is ever so gentle with them. He approaches them gently, it reminds me of an adult dog

I don't want to change their diaper. - Hamish
Of course not Hamish. I don't expect you to. - me

An adult dog that changes into a most gentle demeanor around babies and puppies. Hamish is precious around babies. I mean sure, he takes some children to the river to drown and eat them, but then it's a matter of food. When Hamish is around babies and childrens he will actually play with them and be ever so gentle. He lets children pet him. He moves more carefully and stands more still when there are children around.

This morning the visiting Reptile was looking at Hamish's shedded sheets of scales on the bathroom rug in the bathroom while Hamish was out. The Reptile took a large white sheet of Hamish's shedded scales and layed it out flat against his abdomen. I said please stop that, Hamish doesn't like when somebody touches his scales. You should honor Hamish, because he is of the old Draconian race and you should honor your ancestors, I said to the Reptile. I asked, don't you shed scales too? He said that he doesn't shed nearly as much as Hamish.

Last night Hamish kindly asked the tall green Reptilian if he would not be so kind to take down the blue plastic bucket we have on top of the bathroom closet for him. Hamish has wanted that bucket taken down before. The green Reptile fussed at Hamish that no he would not be taking the bucket down for him, and he didn't.

Today Hamish has been defensive and territorial of the cheese in our refrigerator. Dragon Turtle even stood in front of the refrigerator seemingly trying to block me from getting to the fridge while saying "My cheese!" I had ham with my lunch sandwiches but today Hamish said several times that it was his cheese.

Life with Dragons is interesting. There are many times when I'm scared because they fight, or Hamish goes someplace dangerous, or the many times when they place threats against each other. Someone will threaten to place bombs here or there on the floor or inside bags or behind furniture. Someone threatens to light someone else's tail on fire. Or to use needles. I have to live with Reptilians placing verbal threats of violence on each other. In some ways it's like I'm the woman bartender or waitress at an old Wild Western saloon and I'm always having to duck behind the counter when the boys start shooting and throwing each other over the tables. And then I get so fond of these boys that I'm always trying to get in the way and get them to stop fighting. But they seem to survive most of the time. Some get injured for real, like when Hamish was tormenting Strawberry (find the story here).

These Dragons are a part of my life. I could not have it anyway else.

We are not your toys. - Kerry's Reptile
Of course not. But I enjoy being in your presence. - me
You are not our toys, she said. - Hamish says to the Reptile

In the morning Hamish told me that he had not found the blue and black reptile in the desert. He had looked around and not seen one. I said I would help him look for it if I ever have the chance to go to the desert, and that I would lift rocks to see if it is under some rocks. Hamish then told me to look for signs of wet stains from its pee to find out where it has been. Hamish then revealed to me without words that he would be able to sniff out where the pee is. Hamish has a very sensitive nose. So that is a good idea in searching for a reptile, look for where you can smell it.

It hasn't got any eggs. - says Hamish now
It hasn't got them. - Hamish carefully explains
That is alright. I have some eggs. - me
Yes. Me and Malik. - Malik

Last night the Reptilians showed me that sometimes a Reptilian gets a lot of dry scutes type of growths along the top of their head which they say is a disease. They make fun of a Reptilian who has this problem. I said they should not tease a Reptilian who is sick. They said it is part of their culture to kill anyone who is malfunctioned. If a Reptilian so much as has a broken injured hand and looks malformed they will kill him. Reptilians also have a culture that they kick and injure their baby Reptilians. That is how a Reptilian grows up. When they are born and they are little curious things with big eyes, they are mistreated by the adults. They are thrown into the wall, they are denied food. This hardens them and turns them into the warriors they need to be to survive in the harsh Reptilian culture

It is not harsh, tell them. - the visiting Reptilian, who is still kneeling with one leg against the floor and the other knee raised

Reptilians seem to live in a world where they sort of live together in groups. Hierarchy is determined by relative strength and power. The strongest rule and also have the highest prestige, envied by those of a lower rank. Ever Reptile covets a higher position, but they can only earn one if they are stronger than their superiors. Everybody wants to play King, and everyone who is King over other Reptiles lives in a self-assured situation where he believes that others respect and honor him, but that respect and honor seems to contain spite and envy in its foundation.

Reptiles love to be honored. When I honor a Reptilian, call him a King, or in other ways express to him that he is superior and distinguished, their eyelids will close because they are smiling. Sometimes they will shudder and shiver from the pleasures of delight. It is meaningful to them to be King, but it does come across to me as if this way of life is more of a childish game than the behavior of cultivated adults. More like children fighting over a toy just because everyone wanted it and it comes in limited supply, but give another toy that replaces it and everybody abandons the first and wants the other. A way of life of constantly fighting amongst themselves, posing threats, each struggling to attain a higher position in the hierarchy, but when one achieves a higher rank, nobody else really cares. The ruling Reptilians think that they are honored, but no one cares. It is a solitary place where dignity and admiration is only in the mind of the King, and there are no people by his feet honoring him.

Like lizards who all want to bask on the one tallest hot rock, everybody pushing the others away. Only one lizard can fit on the top of the rock. Constantly struggling and fighting, and the joy of being on top is never shared by the others. No one else cares.

Reptiles seem to have no one in the world who cares about them. Ever Reptile knows that they are replaceable. A Reptilian will be killed if he malfunctions, if he makes a serious error, if he betrays his people. They have seen many members of their species killed. They are always at watch, they carry weapons, and the only skill or possession that matters is to be strong and able to defend yourself. Each Reptilian is a lone warrior. He fights for his survival. He has to earn the rights to eat. He has to take space in the hierarchy. No one will feed him or support him just for being there, or just for being quiet in the corner.

Reptiles don't seem to fear death. And a Reptile who has been set for termination seems to understand the reasoning behind it, and in some cases he can feel that it is justified and that his place will be replaced by another Reptilian. But I have also seen that Reptiles do not want to get killed. They feel fear and anguish over threats of harm. They want to live, unless their death is part of an honorary creed.

Reptilians have to kill to eat. Their food does not grow in gardens and is not picked off trees. Someone else has to be made to die, in order for them to live. So death is always central in their culture. Death synonymous with life. Fighting and battle synonymous with the relief of eating food to still your hunger and staying alive as an individual and species. The right to exist as a conscious creature in this universe. Reptilians fight each other, and other races fight Reptilians. They live in a universe that tries to fight them. Their existence and survival is not guaranteed. Every day they are a conscious sentient person inside of that body, someone who thinks and sees the world. He wants to live, because he is life.

He wants to feel comfortable, and ease discomforts and hungers and fears. He wants to be alive just for another day. And he ties his own will for survival, into the collective will to see his entire race survive. He sees that his body is not only he, but that they are a race that needs to survive together. He is not one body, they are many Reptilians. So he wants to see his entire race survive, because they want to live. Why do they want to live? Why do they not simply close their eyes and let somebody wipe them out? Why do not Reptilian eyes want to stop seeing this universe? Because this is a living universe, and as soon as there are no more eyes to see it with, then there is also no more universe.

They are fought and bullied when they are young. They learn to stay strong and endure pain and torment. They learn that other Reptilians do not care if they are weak or if they cry. They learn that the only way they earn any kind of appreciation from their peers on whom they depend, is if they learn to stay strong and endure torment. They see murder happening every day around them, and they know that they are alive because they have built a constant wall of self defense, preparation, battle and warrior spirit around them. And if they were to take down those walls then they would be instantly defeated.

A Reptilian sees, he hears, he thinks, he knows and he remembers. He lives inside of his body, a body with a long tail, he has scales, he knows his own smell. Reptiles have very fragrant body odors, that do not smell bad to their nose, like they smell to the human nose. Each Reptile has a very unique fragrance, by which they know themselves, it ties into their identity and self-awareness, so that they can see themselves by that smell and know themselves even in the dark. Their smell is their signature and presence. They also recognize the smell of their peers. They can experience that the smell of a dominant one is a bad smell, because when his smell infringes on another one's space, he doesn't like to have that smell there.

Humans often tell Reptiles to bathe and wash away their smell. When Reptiles visit with me they often want to use our bath tub and borrow some soap and water, and they feel anxious about coming close to me because of their smell. I tell Reptiles, do not wash yourself, be yourself and I am comfortable around your smell. I would not rob them of that sense of identity which they have. Their smell is natural to them. And they do not think that they smell bad. Who are we humans to constantly infringe on their space, to deny them of who they are? How can we ever pretend to know someone else if we cannot even

Draconians do not like to smell. - says one
It is because we have peed on ourselves. - says one
Well, I am talking about the other smell. - me

Reptiles seem to enjoy when I am welcoming to them. When I show them friendship and affection, rather than hatred which they are used to from humans. It is interesting interacting with Reptiles. For one, I can see how they see through their eyes, we are so connected that I know what they know. Reptiles do not look at my face, they do not see the person I am on my face. They do not tend to look into my eye, they do not care to check whether my lips are smiling or whether my eyebrows are frowning. They are not humans. Humans study the face to read facial expressions, and we adjust how we feel about a person based on that person's facial expressions which relay emotions and so much else.

A Reptile is more concerned with what I say, where I am, and instead of keeping track of facial expressions and emotions, they keep track of the hierarchy that exists between us. And so the hierarchy and power structure is the platform and medium on which we build relations and on which we interact. We know one another as players on that platform. Whereas humans play with emotions. And it is an entirely different game.

As a little human woman, it has been easy for me to play with them on our Reptilian social platform which is the hierarchy, which does not look at who smiles with the corners of their mouth at whom, who expresses love or anger or sadness and emotions. It is a list of hierarchy and power. And as a woman it has always been easy for me to adopt the submissive position. I have never coveted dominance over these scaly visitors with tails. So the arrangements of relative power have often been quick to assert, by which our normalcy and interaction can commence. I am the submissive one.

Social interaction with Reptilians relies on understanding one another's place. Before that understanding has been established, newly acquainted ones have no means at all by which to interact. A Reptilian does not typically - or ever - care to speak with a human until after a wrestling match or other measure of power has been carried out. A Reptilian thus gets to know the human, to understand its placement in hierarchy, by which all social relations fall naturally into place. This is by which a Reptilian gets to know a person, and we humans are treated by these same social codes as they treat one another. And so we are welcomed into the world of Reptilians, they treat us perhaps somewhat as they would a fellow Reptilian, albeit we have no scales or tail and we are not part of the King God race.

Once a human has been assessed for his or her power and taken its place in the hierarchy, Reptilians seem to calm down and act as if we know each other. Humans tend to take a while longer to get to know someone, we often want to know where were you born, how old are you, what is your name, what do you work with, do you have children and are you married, what is your favorite hobby in your spare time, what music do you listen to, and we assess their personality and emotions.

Reptilians are intelligent and keen observers. But they lack some of the fascination and curiosity that humans have. For instance, if a human were in an Alien room we would want to investigate all the objects we find there, we want to contemplate and analyze and we have a very creative and abstract way of thinking in which we want to understand the basics of what surrounds us and we also want to exceed further by imagining beyond just the obvious. This is the curiosity with which humans interact with their surroundings.

Reptiles however are slightly different in that regard. They are better at taking things for granted. More casual you could say. They quickly find themselves comfortable in a new environment, provided they have first assessed that it is not filled with traps or dangers for them. They sit on sofas and relax as if they were at home. They can enjoy new environments casually. They don't get as excited about us, as we do of them.

Reptiles are also prone for misunderstandings, giving rise to some very humble and charming behaviors. Such as a video game called "Snake Eater", Snake the Reptile was staring at the game case, he tried to talk to it telepathically and to see whether it would speak to him, and he had significant concern that it might be something that eats Snakes. Hamish assumes that since we can see and hear television, then the creatures on television could also see and hear him, so he regularly talks to people and animals, whether fictional or real, on television. Reptiles thought that my big black box which is a power adapter on the floor that it was a bomb and they were anxious about it. Reptiles make many humble misunderstandings of these sorts when they visit the human world. But I must say their reasoning follows logic. They are not stupid creatures.

Reptiles have a fasctinating way of thinking, which you get to take part in when you are telepathically connected and can follow their thought processes. A Reptile tends to be very calm and comfortable on a regular basis. They only flare up into displays of dominance or threats when they have to. Reptiles stress less than we humans do. They know how to live in the moment and stay calm and they can enjoy something as humble as sitting on a comfortable sofa in ways that we humans simply cannot because our human minds are so scattered and divided on many different things that require our attention.

Reptiles are very cunning and calculating. You will often find a Reptile looking at something and he is calculating what it means and what it does. They think a lot and they think to make sense of the world around them. They are also more accepting of what they see, whereas humans are far more judgemental and worrysome. Reptiles adjust to new places and situations far more easily than we humans do. Reptiles get accustomed to new places and people far easier than we humans do. They like to take tours of a new place to inspect all the things to be found there, and they think about what things mean. Then they get acquainted with their new situation and feel calm and comfortable there.

I love interacting with Reptiles.

We are Kings! - says one
Yes. Kings. - me

And in our telepathic communion I get to feel their thoughts, their body sensations

Good luck with that. - says General Patton
Why? - me
Because Reptiles are not nice. - General Patton says
They are only here for your eggs, and we are trying to assist them. - GP says
Ok! - me
They are very hungry, you see. - GP
Fine. - me

Contact between Reptile and human

How does the contact between human and Reptile differ from the contact between human and human? Well, first you got to understand their culture. Their culture provides the foundation of who they are and how they live. You cannot interact successfully with them unless you understand their foundation.

Contact between human and Reptile will depend on how closely the human can perceive the Reptilian. A human who does not perceive them very well would be filled with fear or hatred. But when you see through their eyes and feel their scales as if you were one with them, you can only love them with a love that exceeds even their own love for themselves. I will say that Reptilians do not love themselves. They appreciate themselves, and they honor their own race. But they have not learned to feel the massive love to themselves that I can feel toward them.

We don't know what love you mean. - says the visiting Reptile and thinks about his white penis
No, I do not mean a sexual type of love. I mean just appreciating that you are a living being. - me
Yes. We appreciate it. - he says
We are also not benign. - Hamish I think said this one
We want to drink juice on your throat. - says Hamish to me, he wants to drink my blood from my throat

What else can be said about the Reptiles and their world. They are aware of their own greatness, in which they have managed to succeed in becoming a race that prevails. They can find food to eat, and they have fought off the enemies from attack from other races in the universe that try to destroy them, or attacks in wars with other races for resources and dominance, and attacks within their own race as they are also very violent toward their kin. Reptiles are a story of success, and tragedy. The need to survive, the refusal to let this harsh world force them to close their eyes forever. Their need to see and to live, to survive. They are a story of survival.

They live in a different reality and universe than afforded to many other races. They distrust helping hands from other benevolent races that try to change them into something more benevolent. They have always had to fend for themselves. They don't have love or compassion or help from other members of their own species, and they do not have it from other species, and they will not accept it either. Life is a struggle, a fight for survival, for dominance, superiority, and the meaning of being a King means to be alive overall. He is King because he lives, because his race lives. He has earned that title, through a long history of struggle and war, where even his next of kin have tried to defeat him. He stands there, as a lone warrior with a sword. His kin are part of his race but they are also his enemy.

He is one lone man who stands alive in this world. He has not been defeated.

We don't think you know, that we stink. - says the visiting Reptile
I don't mind your smell. It's ok. You can have a smell, you are Reptilians! - me

They are eyes that see the world. And if their eyes were to be forced to close forever, then this universe would extinguish like turning off the lights and all goes dark. They have the right to live. Just that they came from a heritage where they have had to fight to live, and kill to live. They have had a different path that they walked on to reach a state where they are conscious intelligent living life. Other races may have been given an easier path, to reach a state where they are conscious intelligent living life. But they are people just like us. They are the life of this universe, just like any other eyes that see the world. They are our Brothers. They are us. They are Kings. Because they have prevailed.

Illuminati Boys to the rescue

I totally forgot. Last night as the visiting Reptile was getting close to me and I was saying that I want to visit with him, the Illuminati boys appeared in a remote mental image. They were about five of them, white-skinned hybrid Alien men, something like all but one of them wore the 1920's gangster mafia suits, dark purple and black with vertical pinstripes, complete with the colorful matching hat in the same color scheme. One of them was my Illuminati boyfriend man, the one I call the Brother the most. He wore just the modern black suit. The boys told me they had been told they can't wear the mafia suits anymore, but they really like that style. I said it looks good on them.

They each had an automatic gun. They were standing where I usually find them, in a concrete parking garage someplace. They were here to protect me in case this visiting Reptile might get too carried away and decide to kill me.

The Illuminati boys might have saved my life.

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