A Dream
September 12 2013

This story has three sections. It starts with Hamish and his poo and why I cried. Then there's an Alien abduction under ground. And then it caps off with another Hamish anecdote, and why I cried again.

Image from
We wanted to talk about it. - Zeta
What did you want to say about it? - me
That it was nice. - Zeta
Zeta about the picture
But, why does it make you cry? - Zeta
Because it is beautiful. A Zeta, seeing the world with a human child. - me
The Zeta now looks into my eyes. Trying to simulate some aspect of what makes the image so captivating for me.
That is not bread. - says Zeta about the danish pastry I ate for breakfast and lunch

Today is a day for crying. I cried last night because I loved Hamish so much. I cried this morning when I regretted yelling at Hamish when he was tormenting Bird. And now I cry a third time because I see this picture to the right of the Zeta with the child.


Last night Hamish had an accident. He had suddenly pood but managed to get it in the same corner of the bathroom floor as always. Hamish expressed that it was sudden and he didn't have a lot of warning. That happens with Hamish and his latrine. He can't really contain himself. He is supposed to know in advance and retreat to the river in Thailand where he is supposed to go bathroom and then wash himself in the water. He also eats hybrid children there. But every once in a while Hamish poos in the corner of our bathroom floor. It is in another dimension so I don't see it and I can't touch it but in the images I have of Hamish from another dimension, I see that it is there.

Hamish's latrine is soft and mostly liquid. Thing is, he asks Bird, whom he calls Secretary, to clean up the piles from our floor. Bird is also asked to clean inside Hamish's rectum because some latrine stays there and might drip out. I once watched as Bird cleaned Hamish's rear. Last night Hamish was asking Bird to clean him. But Bird doesn't want to do either tasks.

I offered to come clean up after Hamish and to clean his body as well. I really would not mind. I've worked in nursing and I nearly intended medical school. Besides, Hamish is my best friend in the world. And someways a pet. I wouldn't mind at all.

Yes, I don't have a dong. - says Hamish to Malik now that Malik showed up and told Hamish something about dongs. Hamish's dong is smaller than Malik's.
I don't want to fight with it. - says Hamish about Malik or about Malik's dong
It's ok Hamish. Don't worry about it. You can stay with me. - me
Malik doesn't want me to. - Hamish
I want you to stay. I don't ever want to lose you. Stay with me always, Hamish. - me

But there is no way for me to enter into their other dimension where I could find Hamish and help him with his personal needs.

Last night Hamish showed me images of garden gnomes with the red pointy hat. Hamish feels challenged to power because of their red hats, and Hamish was saying "No, Santa!" about them. It irritates him and he is often reminded of "Santas" he has seen. So I told Hamish "No Santa" and I said that I would step on them and break their red hats. Hamish suggested taking a saw or a knife to cut the hats with. I thought that was a good idea. No, Santa.

Then Hamish had some thoughts about pumpkins. Well it started when I was seeing Zetas in a mental image. I was asking to get to stay awake for the abduction so the Aliens were letting me see the medical examination room where they bring me to. There I saw a Zeta, and I saw the green Insect Mantid, and Lady Thuban Auntie was there. So I smiled. I smiled because these were my long lost friends. We interact daily and I know them so well, but I rarely if ever get to meet them in person. Ooh, Malik right now is pointing his white penis toward me indicating that he wants to have sex with me. Little things that happen with Alien Boys here in my home.

Malik, can't you see that I'm busy? Too busy for your dong right now? - me
I don't want you to talk about his dong, with me. - Malik
What? - me
My monkey. - says Malik and caresses me on my face at the chin

So I smiled when I saw the Aliens, but my smiling face reminded Hamish of the face of a pumpkin and Hamish was seeing a mental image of a carved pumpkin with angry face and he started saying "No, Pumpkin..." So I said to my Hamish, "No, Pumpkin". He is scared of the angry face, not to mention the lit candle inside, plus the orange color which is also a dominating color. Right now Hamish sends me a mental postcard of him in his usual spot in the forest where he tends to put his shedded scales under a pile of leaves. He is there and pushing on scales and leaves with his ankles to arrange them.

Then Hamish showed me an image of our local grocery store last night. He said that he had wanted to be there, at the back of the store, but he was not allowed. He showed me the meat counter. They have grilled chicken and then they have different cuts of meat. But they also have hearts, kidneys, liver, and other organ meats. Every time I go shopping and I pass a meat section I've always told Hamish to come watch the organ meats and to tell me if there is any that he would like to have, but he's never shown any interest then. So I was pleasantly surprised that Hamish not only knew about the meat section but he was also interested about it. He spent several minutes standing in the store watching and showing me what he sees, the hearts, the kidneys, but he said he would not eat the testicles.

They don't have eyes there. - says Hamish now and shows me a quick mental image of a detached human eye with blue iris and the optical nerves and red wires still hanging along the back of the eyeball

When you live with a dog, you have to get used to the dog finding all sorts of gross things and bringing them home to your doorstep. And if you have cats that run in the wild, well my cat once brought home half a mole. And mice. So when you live with a Dragon, they bring you images and actual pieces of dead bodies. Sometimes human. Like when Hamish in that other dimension was putting a dead human severed off finger on my mouth, and turns out he was using it as payment and gratitude because I had offered to clean out the closet for him so that he could go stand in it. Hamish also keeps severed off finger snacks - human finger snacks - in our freezer in the other dimension. Yep you better believe it. Life with a Dragon.

I don't have blood on them, I said. - says Hamish about the finger snacks in the freezer
Oh Hamish, it's ok. Do you eat them? I said? - me

Hamish last night was sniffing at the grilled chicken and I could see what he sees and feel what he feels, and smell what he smells. He always loves the smell of grilled chicken. He also likes the smell of ham pizza. He will sniff and he will sniff when I bring those foods home. So now he was at the store sniffing at them, and also checking out their selection of organ meats layed out in the counter. He poked his red Dragon finger at one of the hearts, wondering if it would still beat. Hamish has a fixation and fondness of beating hearts. It makes him all warm and stimulated.

But somewhere along these interactions, getting so closely intimately into the mind of my Dragon Hamish, I started to cry. I just broke down and weapt out of love for my Dragon Turtle. It happens when you love someone. When you really reach through to someone who is living and you see who they are and you intimately touch their soul and the person in there. I don't expect Hamish to ever understand why I cried about him. In fact my sobbing and tears caused no reaction whatsoever at all from any of the Aliens who knew that I was crying. Hamish did and said nothing. They are not humans, crying does not relay communication to them. They do not cry.

But I am so taken by my love for this red Sock Turtle from outer space. The person that he is. The little things going on in his mind, his fear of pumpkin faces, the way that he feels challenged by the red hats of gnomes, the way that he accidentally pood on our bathroom floor again and he seemed to feel regretful about it, and the way that he needs someone to help clean out his rear end after he poos so that he would not be dripping. The way that he probably has no friends in this world, no one who actually wants to help him, no one who loves and adores him, and the way that he doesn't even know the meaning and value of a friend.

But aren't we friends? Why does he show me mental postcards of when he visits his home in the cave with other red Dragon Turtles? He shows me the things that he does, looks at, and thinks in his life? He shares with me intimate moments of his life, because he chooses to. And that there is friendship. He thinks of me as a friend. Somehow, this big imposing red Dragon reaches out to me and shares with me his person and his life. He has shared with me every thought, every emotion, every nudge of his body, I see what he sees, I feel what he feels. I feel his feet when they step on bathroom rugs. I don't know what kind of friendship we have, but it is deep. I live inside him. I know him inside and out. And that is enough to make a (human) person fall into tears.

Tell them about my, space back hump. - says Hamish when I finish writing here and he turns around showing me his back hump
Yes. Hamish has a back hump on his upper back. It is a soft fleshy cushion and he grows black thorns on his back hump. - me, I say, and Hamish's eyelids close he is smiling because of what I said
Hamish's back hump signifies... power. And his back hump is part of him being of the old Draconian race. It means power and it means the old race. Am I right Hamish? Anything else you can add about it? What else about your back hump? - me
It is my shield. With it I protect myself. And it also keeps me from getting cold. - Hamish
How do you protect yourself with it? - me
It is dominant. It is power. - Hamish
Yes Hamish. It is dominant and power. I honor your back hump. - me
You can also call it a shield! - says Hamish with his eyelids closing because he is enjoying and smiling about the conversation
Hamish has a shield. It is on his back. And it grows black thorns. - me

I don't have any anger in my nose, but I like to smell with it! - says Hamish
What can you smell? I know you have a very sensitive nose and sense of smell. You can smell things that I cannot. Hamish? What do I smell like? - me
Like your purse. - Hamish
Do I smell the same way like my purse does? - me
A Draconian doesn't like it, Hinch. - Hamish, did Hamish say Hinch? Or a Thuban did? I think Hamish used the word Hinch! It means "dislike" in the Alien language that they use there in the spaceship
What smells does a Draconian like to smell? - me
Your pyy-pyy is a nice smell to me! - Hamish says, whoops! Ehh... umm.
Why? - me
Because it has money there. - Hamish, "money" in my other language

Last Night's Abduction

Last night I dreamt that I was at the stables and watching a horse show. Then I dreamt that I was in my home area and there was a kind of black furry animal like a skunk almost but without the white and it was cuddly and kept coming into my arms. The skunk creature had to go into hybernation with other members of its family for the winter and they had built a snow cave that they went into to sleep for the winter so I had to say goodbye to it.

Then I dreamt that I took the elevator of one of our apartment buildings here and went down under ground and there was a Japanese ghettoesque Asian town there in the basements. I was there to go to the hospital because I had a wound on my hand and worried that handling the skunk creature, as loving as it was, might have given me a serious infection, because the wound was infected and painful.

I was trying to find the entrance to the clinic. The place had little Asian men and women, mostly women, and the few men who were there were gay. I crawled across a narrow ledge trying to get to the other side where the shops were at. The ledge had several huge square holes on it where floor was missing and a very long drop down into a lower section of the basement. It was scary and several of the holes had been covered with various brittle planks or meshed boards that nearly broke under my weight.

I reached to the other side and there were many little shops there. It all looked ghetto and makeshift, walls made out of fabric or boards. Little Asian women were doing laundry in a huge washing machine with a huge dryer next to it. I opened the washing machine and gave some of the washed clothes to one of the little Asian women and I was telling her how the clothes were all clean so easily and how they could even use laundry detergent to put fragrance into them. I smelled some of the clothes, a pale blue small knitted cardigan, and gave that and some other clothes to the woman.

I was then on my way to the clinic again. I asked a man in the street where it was and he pointed me to the right direction. I got to the clinic and spoke to the young Japanese man with black hair who was behind the counter. But I was frustrated with him because I think what he was doing was handling food. I thought he was incompetent and not qualified. I went past the counter and through a small hallway, there was an older Asian woman handing out some dry snacks from a large dish to passers by and she was telling them all a friendly welcome in some other language. I went past her and got to the clinic.

I was in a small examination room sitting on the examination table bed and showed the doctor the wound on my hand and asked if they could take samples to see if it was infected. The doctor was Japanese with black hair and a white lab coat. Another Japanese man assistant came in to the room too. He was there to learn, he was an intern. I said that was ok. The doctor put a tiny needle into the wound on my hand. I closed my eyes and looked away and expected it to hurt, but I barely felt it. Then the doctor was going to take a swab from my nose. I said I don't like those, but I figured I must to find out if I had an infection. Luckily I don't remember the cotton swab to the back of my nose because I've had those before and they're horrible.

Next thing I'm in another room in this Japanese ghetto and I'm naked and propped on all fours and Olav is naked behind me and he's about to have sex with me. The censored version of it is, that Olav did have sex with me, and then another man there did also. Then there is a dream segment

You were not with Olav. - says Hamish
So I dreamt it? Who was it? - me
It was Stanislav. - Hamish or someone

FACEPALM. I thought he was saying that I wasn't with anyone, that it was all a dream. But then he says Stanislav. I've been with (had sex with) Stanislav before.

Oh. My mistake... - me
You were not with Frogs! But I was! - says Hamish my red Sock Puppet, Frogs means Dinosaurs

When I woke up back in my room I remembered the dream segments. Green Reptile King from last night, the one who came over from the other spaceship, see here, was watching me and I got to see him. He ended

Yes. You were our Dolly. - says green Reptile King
How so? - me

King Reptile ended up cuddling/wrestling me in bed a bit in the morning. It is nice and intimate, they enjoy it, I think it's fun. I learned from the Aliens in the morning when I woke up, that

You were not with my dildo. - green Reptile King says
Sshh! This website is censored... - me
What? - Hamish or King

... Reptiles. Anyhow. I learned that I had been taken to a HIV test and that is what the Japanese doctor was testing. They want to make sure that I don't have HIV before they give me to the men there. I thanked the Aliens profusely for taking precaution, and then I asked are they testing the men too? They said that nobody down there has HIV, they have all been already tested. So instead they just test people who are brought in, and all is safe. Thank goodness they test for HIV. Because those promiscuous places could quickly spread diseases around. I'm glad they have doctors and clinics.

As for the ledge I was crawling on? Green Reptile King said something about it being traps. I don't know what it was but people are supposed to sometimes fall down. I hate to think but there might be Reptilians there ready to do Reptile things to those that fall. You know those traps in Ancient Egyptian pyramids where you fall down a shaft? Dark Lords, Crocodile Men (Sobek!) and Reptilians wait down there and will do Reptile things to victims who fall down. You don't want to fall down those shafts.

The reason I describe all of my dreams is because I believe, or I suspect, that the Aliens abduct me at nights. Well that one's a given. But they take me when I'm asleep and unconscious. Another version of my body in another dimension will be there, and I'm starting to believe that other version of me is always there, and they want to keep me asleep.

You are our Doll, for our dong. - says Malik
What?! She didn't say "how so"! - Malik surprised

They keep me asleep in part by using drugs. I've been given rohypnol, the date rape drug. The give me a cocktail of drugs, pill drugs, powder drugs, even liquid medication. But when I kindly ask (and nag, and insist) for them to let me stay awake, sometimes they let me stay awake. Malik tends to grant me my wish of staying awake.

Yes. Malik. - Malik
I love you Malik. You are kind to me, considering the circumstances, you always are kind. - me

I mean, Malik adheres to his culture and this situation, but he still finds time to listen to me, and to care about my demands. He is gentle, he backs away when I ask him to. He is a good man, but living in a very evil and sinister type of situation, or scheme.

I believe I was in an underground base with the Japanese people again. King Reptile revealed in the morning that they make me have sex with men so that I will get pregnant. Reptilians then get to eat the babies. But there was also money involved. The men seem to have to pay to use me. They were talking about "100 dollars" and "250 dollars" before the men actually ... did I really get raped? In another dimension?

We throw the bad ones into the river. So they don't stand a chance! - Malik
What are you talking about? Malik? Who are bad ones, thrown into the river? - me

And I think the man behind the counter was in fact working in a restaurant. He wasn't the receptionist for the clinic. After the rapes I was made aware of another segment where a young Asian woman was taken by some man and he put her in the back trunk of his car.

When I am in these abductions it happens in a dream drugged state where I misunderstand what things mean, and I do strange things like pee on the floor or talk to strangers about how to operate a washing machine even though they probably know it better than I do, or I mistake the food teller for the clinic receptionist. I hate having to be there in that state. I wish they would let me wake up, let me remember. Then I can own my experiences. It is degrading to keep me in a drugged state. To use me in some other world and not even let me know. So when I remember even glimpses of abductions, I feel grateful, and relieved.

The relief of knowing what happens to me overwhelms any feelings I should have of the fact of what happens there. I focus on the positive aspects. And I know many readers find this confusing and get angry at me, but in general the rapes don't even hurt me. I'm so used to them. It's been going on at least since I was 14. It was terrible back then, when I was so young. But I'm hardened now. I'm more concerned with piecing together reality from this.

Sometimes I just want to shrug and say it's insanity. I'm insane. It's schizophrenia. That would let me not get emotionally invested in this. If it's dreams then it's just something to forget about once I wake up. But the Aliens extend into my daily life too. You could say that it's just hallucinations that I'm having while I'm awake. Maybe like a person whose mind is still dreaming things while I'm awake. I can see how a human brain could have an error where it constructs dreams when I'm awake. I also know that brains can sometimes let a person experience dreams consciously as if they were awake but when they're dreaming, called lucid dreams.

We all know that the brain loves to invent engaging fairytales when we sleep at night. So maybe my brain is inventing a story when I'm awake. The only problem is, that my Alien encounter overall is tied into the UFO sightings I've had. For instance "they" tell me when to go out, and then there is a UFO in the sky.

You are not our pets, then. - says Malik
Malik, you've come to me from another world - me
Tell them that I don't smell. - Malik
Malik, I don't mind if you smell. I've smelled you before and it's not repulsive. You're fine, Sir. But you've come to me from another world, not just from outer space but from another dimension, and I'm struggling here to piece together a new sense of reality. I mean, how can you interact with me from another dimension? How can you live in another parallel reality where I cannot see you with my eyes or touch you with my hands? I don't understand. And I struggle with it. Because you give me experiences that I want to own and process, but I can't so long as I have to tell myself that they aren't even real! So I struggle with this Malik! - me
I won't give you another piece of the puzzle. - Malik
What pieces are there? Tell me? Help me understand? TELL ME EVERYTHING! I NEED TO KNOW! - me
Look, a cacophony. - says Thuban, because I yelled

So if the feelings I have "from the Aliens" that tell me to go outside to see UFOs, lead to physically verifiable real UFOs in the sky, then does that not mean that other things the Aliens tell me, or feelings and information that they give, would also be true, even at times when it does not lead to UFOs or other physical objects being presented to me? How about when the Reptiles toss me, and I know it's real? Or when Malik tore down those books from the bookshelf and tore one into four pieces? Physical evidence, they can impart physical force on people and objects.

And it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to independently hallucinate all the details in this Agenda story all on my own and have it match so perfectly with the Agenda story that other people are reporting, with names such as Illuminati, The Eye, Malik, Aleister Crowley, the yellow pyramid, Draconians, Alpha Draconis, everything all of it. I DID NOT research this Agenda before it came to me. I was vaguely familiar with it, but this information was not lodged in my subconscious for my brain to weave stories out of.

If I am hallucinating this Agenda then the only explanation is that it comes from a universal human symbolism. Meaning that there would be something inside all of us, even in humans born remotely on an island without television, internet or media, thousands of years ago, or thousands of years in the future, who could also dream the same dream of the Agenda.

I want to go back to where this was possibly a dream, possibly a hallucination, but I cannot. There is no going back. Only forward. And I have to bravely venture into these experiences. Meet with the Aliens. Stay awake during abductions. And find out what this is. There's no turning back now, I have to go all the way.

You don't want to see us then, do you? - asks an Illuminati hybrid now, he looks like a Reptile with Caucasian or white skin, but he also looks like the Illuminati hybrids, somewhat scaly skin, sitting in an office, wearing a black suit
... *sigh* What are you? - me
Your lunches and snacks are here, he said! - hollers a Snake-type Reptilian

There's no turning back. I have to face the Agenda. There is some other dimension with another reality. The Aliens are there.

Your Ida Pingala and Shushumna. - says a Reptilian, this means my energy system that they prey on

But this is so weird, so bizarre, and in so many ways so sinister. I don't have to be afraid. And in spite of things, they treat me gently. I won't get killed. I will always return back home safely from this place. I know that they kill and eat children, I know that they torture beings. But that all will be happening whether I know about it or not. I need to find out the rest of this. I will keep asking for conscious encounters.

What's worse? Knowing? Or not knowing? Do we humans want to be asleep? If there is another world, do we want to be sheep in a pen called Earth and not know about it? Or do we want to wake up like Neo did in The Matrix and see that what we thought was reality our human world we are only dreaming it? That the human world is the dream, and that other reality is where everyone is at, where things are happening to us that we are not allowed to remember? Where we are held as food for the Reptiles?

There's a whole other world, a different dimension. We humans are so easily manipulated in our senses that there can be another parallel world happening all at once and we don't even know about it. I have been shown, that my human body lies in a hospital bed there in that other dimension, asleep, with hair longer than mine is here, with hair my natural color and not colored like here, with tubes down my mouth and nose, my eyes closed. I don't know who she is. Am I sometimes conscious of her? Am I a dream that she has of me? Am I losing my mind here?

But Malik is here and he will help me. Yes he is the Dark Lord ruler of these things, but he will help me understand. He has always let me wake up there in that other place when I have begged to be let to stay awake during abductions. He once let me wake up in a hospital in Syracuse, United States

You are no longer one of the better ones. - someone says, implying that they have better-looking prostitutes
That was kind of the plan. I did that on purpose when I realized that Olav was raping me in another dimension. That is when I cut my hair short and started to gain weight. I'm glad that it helped, only, I don't want insults... I don't want to look attractive, because.. - me
We are not on your floors, we are on our own. - says Hamish showing me his flat red Duck Feet and lifting his toes on one foot up and then back down again on the floor, flexing his Duck Feet and showing me

Malik once let me wake up in a hospital in Syracuse, fully awake when I wasn't supposed to be. And I saw things, but I was on my own nobody has explained things to me. But Malik lets me see. I then have to piece together this story on my own.


When I was back home, Hamish was again thinking about the grilled chicken and meats at the grocery store. He loved the smell of grilled chicken. I said I would buy him any of the meats if only I knew how to get it to him in his other dimension and if I knew if it was safe for him to eat.

Hamish then begun to show the grilled chicken to Bird. Hamish wanted Bird to see that the chickens have had their heads cut off, and Hamish showed Bird a mentally contrived image of Bird's head cut off and in a bucket. Hamish showed Bird how the chickens had had their feathers plucked off, and Bird has white doun feathers on his body. Hamish showed Bird how the entrails of the chickens have been taken out.

I got so mad at Hamish I told him to stop right this once. I told Hamish that Bird is a person inside. I told Hamish to look Bird into its eyes to see that there is a person in there, just like there is a person in Hamish too. I wasn't going to let Hamish torment that Bird. I yelled at Hamish perhaps for the first time. Hamish stopped after a few more yellings from me. But then I felt guilty

If you know that all the militaries are us? Would you hate us? - someone says
And our families are too. - says the military officer

I was first shown for a minute a military officer in his uniform. So the military are part of the Agenda? And their families are too? Are people in this world just holograms extending out from that other reality?

Tell me, because I'm so tired I wanna know. What is going on, with this reality thing? Am I just an illusion, am I really somewhere else all the time, with the Reptilians living there with me? Is this world that we humans see just an illusion, tampered with, unreal? Tell me... - me
We don't want you to know this, Honey. But the Battle of Syracuse is not complete with you. - the military man says
What IS the Battle of Syracuse! What is it! What is it... - me
We don't want you to know that you are not an ET. - military
What? Who are you? Tell me everything? - me

Are we humans just living in a box that seems real? Or are there two different worlds, both real, both valid? Are we just mice living in a nicely furnished box, a cage? An animal at the zoo, and just because they planted real trees and bushes and grass for us in the pen at the zoo we can think that we are in nature? Are we all really just in a cage made by the Aliens for us to live in? Are we dreaming this place? Is this world just the hologram? Because when I visit the Aliens' world it seems real too.

I don't know what is going on, but I will find out. But after yelling at Hamish I felt really guilty, and then I cried again. Because Hamish is so innocent, you know? He is just a Monster. He doesn't know. He didn't mean to hurt anyone, he just thought it was funny to try to torment Bird. He didn't do it to be mean. If Hamish was equipped with compassion and chose to neglect compassion then it would be his fault. But humans are compassionate not because of a choice. Compassion is a part of our brain. There are humans born without the compassionate part and they are psychopaths and not compassionate. You can surgically remove the compassionate part of a human's brain and they will no longer be able to be compassionate. So you can't hold it against Hamish for being a tormentor sometimes. He doesn't know.

Hamish is a sweet person, but in a Dragon's body.

Tell them I am not sweet! - says Hamish, his eyelids cover his entire eyes both upper and lower eyelids and his mouth opens as he says

Bird spreads his little wings and tells me without words that those wings are not good enough for flying with, and that so it's alright to call it "doun", not feathers, as I did.

And this morning Malik invited me to the Citadel. Remember the Citadel? It is an Alien underground D/s sex club. I might go if they let me stay awake. I want to investigate this. Agenda I mean, not the D/s. But oddly I'm not scared of D/s, because the Agenda already introduced me to it with the Free Mason ex that I had. Had the Agenda not done that I'd be terrified.

I have this scientific curiosity of this Alien Agenda. Even though the Agenda is in so many ways a let-down, a disappointment. I mean, nobody wants to study Aliens and find out about these negative scary immoral and sinister things? But it's Aliens. It's what we've got. And we can study it.

This morning a man from "Ummo" came to defend me. My Reptilians and Aliens were trying to make him leave. He was here to ask me not to go with them. The Ummo care about humans. They are probably part of the Board.

I go to the kitchen to fix a snack. Malik faces me with his white dong out. I think that's charming of him. Malik however is Jezebel, and Jezebel shows himself as a female Succubus when he contacts human men. Or at least I think that's how it goes. Malik is a cutie, I wish you could see his cute face. We have fun together. He's scary, but I use so much humor and love and affection so that I'm actually fond of this beast. He's my Malik.

You are courageous. - says Malik
I love you. You're a cutie. - me

I forgot to say. Hamish also wanted to see if they kill and clean out the chickens at the back of the store. I told him they do it somewhere else. He wanted to see how it is done. (He would have shown Bird too.) And, I don't recall if it was because I was offering support with cleaning after his latrine or if it was because I was offering to buy him any foods that he wants at the stores, but Hamish showed me a black thorn growing on his back hump and he offered to pluck it out and give it to me. I thanked Hamish, but said that I have no way of seeing it in the other dimension.

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