UFO Watching and Hooot! with Malik
September 10 2013

So. I went UFO watching last night. Haven't done that in about 15 years. I used to see tons of them in this area in my teens. I ventured out into the forest at night. I had selected a spot by a large field. It was pitch black in the forest. I heard a rustle in the woods from either an elk or a deer. That scared me.

I didn't make it out to the field because I was scared if I would run into dangerous people or wild animals. If you're a woman you know what I mean. But I stayed under the stars on the road for a few minutes, anxiously telepathically beaming out my messages to the Aliens in outer space to come show me their spaceships, telling them how scared I was and th

Look. We won't shoot at you. - says Malik while pretending to be General Patton because he lets me see him. Little does the Fürst know that I've already been seeing him for a while in the form of Incubus Malik. He meant that the UFOs won't shoot at me.

(I was once shot with a ball of energy by a UFO and rolled away - I was lying on a blanket - in the last second.) So I was telling the Aliens up there that I was scared of the outdoors and that I would be going back in soon, so please hurry up. I didn't get any UFO visitations that I saw because I hurried back home. I also tested my digital camera. It doesn't even capture the stars so it's no use if a UFO decided to descend for me. I will have to get a better camera.

But last night as a consequence of having asked Aliens for UFO visitations I was abducted by a

Don't tell them that I smell. It's not me. It's because of my DNA. - Malik
I know Malik. You smell like socks and rats. But I love you. You are very handsome. - me
And we didn't want you to eat those cookies. And nah, I am not Mr. Shenanigans. - Malik, I ate a whole bunch of cookies about an hour ago
Just say: Hooot! - Malik, meaning I should say "Hooot" up at the sky when I want UFOs
Haha. Malik. I won't say Hooot to the UFOs and Aliens! - me
Because they might hear you then. - Malik
Malik. Haha. I won't say Hooot to the Aliens! I say something more like: "Hello Aliens out there in the sky! I know you can hear me! I would like to see your spaceships please! Please come down to see me!" It usually works. I've never said Hooot in my life. - me
I wanted you to see them with me. Perhaps we should go out together. I won't let them take you to their operating theater. So! Just say Hooot! - Malik
Oh Malik. If I had you there with me I wouldn't be scared - me
They won't take our eggs. I have seen to that. They were just watching you, inspecting. - Malik
Thank you Malik. - me
They won't inspect with you again. - says Malik, while trying to pose as General Patton again
I am not your Uncle. - Malik, I've been known to call him that
You are my Fürst. - me

So I was abducted by a new group of Zetas last night. When I returned home safely and went to bed I was shown a Zeta who has a very special face. I think her type might have been genetically made just so that they have a "friendly face" that won't scare humans or children as much. I was told that she was here to greet me first, so that I would not be afraid. She was a Zeta but she had strange almost human features on her face. She could even simulate a smile and friendliness. I was offended that they would expect to need these measures with me, because I have seen all kinds of monsters and ghouls and never been scared.

They might take your heart. - says Mr. Mischievous Malik here beside me
... I am using my heart. They can't take it. - me
It might be their salary here. - Malik
Malik, I am telling a story. No one takes my heart. Now back to the story. - me
Usually they say Hooot! - Malik
Who says Hooot? - me
The Dark Beings at night. - Malik
Malik. You're not scaring me. Because first of all your face is cute. - me
I also have a dong here. - says Malik and protrudes his white penis which is normally on the inside of his body hidden
But I won't say Hooot to you. I say Malik. My Incubus. The Dark One. - me
Malik does a strange thing where he faces me with his mouth open. I don't think he ever did that before.
Malik, you're full of mischief again. - me
I have got your twelve DNA strands. And we also do not like it when you play music. - Malik
Malik, I am telling a story here. - me
So, tell them about how I wanted to eat your heart. - Malik
Malik wanted to eat my heart. - me
And?? Does that not surprise them? - Malik
Not at this point, no. They've been reading about your Shenanigans for two years now. The heart business is well-known. - me

So I went out UFO watching last night. It was magical being reunited with the sight of the stars. I remembered how I had grown up with the Aliens in my teens. I spent my nights at age 14, 15 and 16 speaking to my Aliens in the sky, as they flew their spaceships for me. But I was scared. So I came back home.

Last night I was abducted, taken, by a visiting group of Zetas. In the evening before I fell asleep they sent a different type of Zeta to be the first to speak to me. It was made to look different, to have a friendly face almost with human features. This Zeta came across as friendly, and motherly.

At night I was aware of being in a house and the military or men in black men were going to have sex with me. The Aliens arrange for this so that these men can get me pregnant. I wasn't aware for much of it, and not for any sexual contact. I just knew what the talk was about.

In the next scene that I am aware, a room has several tables with young human men and women. Women and men are seated separately according to gender. I sit down by a table with a group of men. I am used to that so it was automatic. I work in a field of science with mostly men. Also all of my friends in real life are men. I think and speak more like a man does, so sitting down with the guys was natural. We had questionnaires to fill out. The first question asked, "How many times this year have you been on a roadtrip?" I wasn't fully awake and so I wrote "3". The others said I would have to write a bigger number if I wanted to cash in the questionnaire to earn dessert. One of the guys went over to the banquet and he was going to bring me my dessert. I said I didn't want any dessert, because of my blood sugar troubles.

When I woke up I was spoken to by a Zeta. The Zeta was not from my team, I could tell. He told me that he was a "machine". I said that he speaks and he thinks and to me he seems like a living person. I asked him, "Do you feel like you are a person?" The Zeta told me that they are here for my eggs, they are making hybrid children. It is important to them. The Zeta told me that they had heard me calling out to space. That is what brought their attention to me. I told him I already have a team of Zetas and Aliens, that I belong to Hamish my Red Reptilian. I love my Hamish.

Then a man I don't know who it was told me telepathically, and he sounded sad, that the Aliens put men like he into these makeshift houses that are rooms connected with tube hallways and with one hybrid child in each room and that the men are supposed to go there to practice being fathers, but it is not a normal habitat for the man. It's like when humans put animals in the zoo and expect them to act natural. Zetas love to play situations with humans. They do that a lot. They like to stage situations and see how we act. And we are supposed to think that fake holographic fire is real fire and react accordingly.

So I was back and awake and the Zeta and me talked about how I had sat down with the men instead of with the women like I was supposed to do. The Zeta told me on two or more occasions that I have "gender issues". I said that I think more like a man and that all of my friends tend to be men. I said I'm into physics and that is part of the reason why. So the Zeta decided that I might enjoy something more scientific then, as an exercise, besides the exercises they were doing there with the humans. So he asked me if I wanted to do "mathematics". I said yes of course.

The Zeta's idea of "mathematics" was to present me with a mental image of one cube, like a toy wooden cube or something. He then showed me a mental image of two cubes and he asks me what I would do with them but he already gives me his answer by showing me the two cubes one on top of the other. He then presents me with three and asks me to solve the puzzle, but again he gives away the "answer" by showing me the three stacked vertically. I tell him that he can't give me the answer if he expects me to solve it myself. Then I tell him I would not stack them in a row. I tell him that only a monkey would do it that way, that placing them on the floor gives more options and the different arrangements can represent a variety of information that way. So in a mental image I arrange the cubes into patterns that look like symbols in the Orion language, and I add one more until I reach six or seven, making a different symbol for each. I don't know if I "passed the test".

And as you can see Malik was hereabouts today. Malik was fun and he made me laugh and giggle. It's fun spending time with Malik when he's up and about. But later in the day I see Malik, there is a young man who looks like one of my sons with Olav and the boy is on a table and Malik is doing something with his belly and the boy is screaming. So immediately I fuss at Malik and tell him to stop right this once. Malik had thought that it would be ok for him to show me that he preys on people. I don't know if Malik was only ingesting life force from the young man or if he was doing anything more. I didn't see any physical injuries being done. Maybe the boy was just scared of Malik.

And in the afternoon I was shown a mental image of two or several fire engine red Dragon Turtles who said hello to me in a mental postcard image of them. They are in a secret location in Asia and I won't tell you where they are. The Dragon Turtles said that they had been allowed to stay there. They had also been allowed to ask for a lantern to be taken down, and that had been done for them. They are so cute. A female Dragon Turtleness showed me that the Dragon Turtles have a nest of eggs there. I was so delighted at the thought of more Dragon Turtle babies! They are members of Hamish's race. I love fire engine red Dragon Turtles so much

You have eaten those bisquits and you weren't allowed. So! Shame on you! - says Hamish, I ate cookies today yeah I know
I'm sorry Dragon Turtle. I will honor your Scales and Scutes. - me
I don't want to talk to you anymore about it. - Hamish, about the cookies

I told the Dragon Turtles that I would help them any way that I can. And that I would be their body guard if I could. I would arm myself and stand guard at their home entrance. I love the red Dragon Turtles. I can't tell you how ever precious they are. We have words in the English language for red, for Dragon, for Turtle, for love. But we have no words for how much I love red Dragon Turtles. Every day I see them I die from the love I have for them, and then I am reborn again.

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