Domestication of a human
September 09 2013

The Aliens are conditioning me into being one of their farm animals. They are invasively reprogramming my mind and personality and they will design who I am and my life and send me into the arms of a man who seems to be a CIA or something similar. So bear with me as I tell you the story.

Egg donor

I am an egg donor. I am a woman and I have eggs. I am fertile. The Zetas are not fertile. They had some major big accident on their home planet when they were working on extracting a huge amount of energy from nuclear power. And so they all moved underground. They said that first their babies were born shorter. Then they were not born at all. I am a fertile woman and they want to borrow my genome, blend it in with theirs, and create human-Alien hybrid mixes that will hopefully be as much Zeta as possible, but with functioning human genitalia and reproductive ability. So the problem will be solved.

I am cattle to them

Humans have kept farm animals for as long as we can remember. We like to domesticate animals so that they stop being so wild or dangerous and then we like to change their behavior and physical characteristics so that we can use them for our purposes. Horses to pull our carts and help plow our fields and carry humans. Pigs and cows to be eaten. Sheep and goats to be eaten. Sheep to be woolly so that we can make sweaters and socks. Cows and goats to make milk and cheese and yoghurt and ice-cream. Cats to be different sizes and furs and colors and so that they will be nice and friendly and like to sit on our lap and purr. Dogs to go hunting with us or swim for us or fetch things for us or guard things for us or just to be a loving pet and love to live with us and with our children. We also domesticate and genetically alter crop plants such as vegetables and fruits to suit our purposes.

The Zetas are farmers. And I am their cattle. I don't know how these arrangements were made, and they were made before I was born. Namely the Aliens say that the baby that was born was removed and destroyed and I was put in its place. And I was made by the Aliens. I have some genetic material that makes me some sort of suitable "in-between" so that the work of making their Zeta-human hybrids with me doesn't start from zero, but that I am already somewhere in between closer to the end result. I don't know who made the arrangements or how deep I am in them or if it can be revoked or if I am given a period of time to think about it or if I will be asked how I feel about it or if I can change my mind about participation. But I am already theirs and I am in their pen.

Cat, Dog, Cattle

Zetas and the Aliens call me cat. It means that I should be friendly and nice and let the Aliens pet me and touch me. So that the hybrid children can be brought in to see me and they can pet me and touch me, sometimes sexually. So that I would allow that. So that I am cute and friendly and to be touched. Humans don't have this mentality normally. Not in the way that the Zetas intend it. I mean, sure humans cuddle and hug and touch each other a lot, but the Zetas want more than that. They need it to be more sweet and innocent than our usual. They also want it to sometimes be sexual in situations that aren't normal to us, that better fit the Zeta sexuality forming in those hybrids, or that allows the sexual experimentation to take place. So there is some cultivation needed, to make us into a cat.

They also tell me that I am their dog. Dog meaning inferior race. Someone who can be trained to be quiet and obey when needed. Someone who understands that they are less intelligent, less advanced, and who needs to respect their masters and owners. Humans are not used to this situation.

I am also their cattle. Their sheep, their goat. Cattle meaning they breed us in large numbers. That each can be evaluated for its particular worth and success. That some will be deemed less successful than others. Some are more prized breeding cattle. Big bodies of animals that are herded and treated as livestock, as not individuals, as not really persons. They need us to be that for them.

Domestication of a human

How do you domesticate a human? Humans have such a sharp intellect, or at least I would like to say that we do. We already have a clear sense of who we are. We go to school here on Earth and are taught our culture and history and where we stand with the rest of the universe. For someone to want us to be cats, to be petted and touched like a lap animal, to be inferior and obedient like a dog, and to be livestock like cattle, we find ourselves in a difficult situation. Not that the problem is that we humans suffer during such abduction treatment, but the problem as the Zetas see it is mainly in that we thus are wild and undomesticated animals. Domestication is needed, and would suit their purposes nicely.

So how do you domesticate a human? How do you make a human woman better fit their role? If you want a woman to surrender her eggs, to be docile during medical procedures, to allow a number of men to have sex with her to make her pregnant, to let hybrid children touch her and play with her, and to serve the purpose of Zeta livestock for breeding purposes and a variety of other programs, some domestication is needed. You can't just take a wild human animal from planet Earth, just like we can't take wild dogs or cats and put them in our home. A wild cat would scratch us, run around and break the flower pots, hiss, and refuse to rest on our lap, purr, or be cuddly. A wild dog would bark. And undomesticated horses would kick and never carry our loads. Wild plants are less edible.

It goes into something sinister and twisted what I am about to tell you, but at the end it all makes perfect sense. So let's talk about MKULTRA, mind control, beta cat training.


There are so many things involved and I don't know where to start, I don't know which lead to present first or in what order they come. So let me just scramble them all out at once in some random order.

The Alien Agenda wants me to become a Doll, also called a Puppet. This is a woman whose mind has been altered with the use of MKULTRA technologies. Why are the Aliens using MKULTRA technologies, you ask? Isn't that a human invention? Well, Aliens take full credit for Hitler and Nazi Germany, which is where MKULTRA seems to have come from. After the second world war MKULTRA came over to the United States and was adopted by the CIA. Aliens also seem to take credit for controlling the CIA. I'm finding out that it seems MKULTRA was an Alien invention.

I don't want you to be scared. Please don't be scared reading this. A lot of people will be deterred from reading my Orion Project because it takes up things that are really scary and they would rather watch the movie E.T. where the Alien was really cute and friendly and stupid and we had the upper hand. But we can still find that real Aliens are fascinating, even if they are doing sinister things. Just think of them like humans, only even more driven by their own needs of survival. If we humans treat our animals as livestock, then think of the Aliens treating us the same. As soon as we get used to the idea, it all gets easier to read about.

The Aliens are training my mind and are planning to send me to a man who I would live with. He would not allow me to speak. I could only say "Yes Sir" or "No Sir" if he asks me something. And here's where the writing stops. I just can't post the rest here. I have to write a book and only for adult audiences. But they want me to become the doll. It's a woman who is like a lifesize doll. I would not speak. The man would dress me and undress me because I would lose all my initiative and ability to think. He would even bathe me and wash me. He would also feed me because I can't lift the fork to feed myself.

The doll women are aware. They hear everything, see everything, and feel everything. They just don't have initiative.

We did not authorize this. - a military person is crying, they are overseeing the Alien business
Then why is it happening on a large scale? I thought you were part of this? Then why is it so widespread? - me

The brain can be reconditioned into this state.

I have seen those doll women before. Remember the Syracuse hospital abduction? I had begged Malik to let me stay conscious for an abduction, and that night I woke up in hospital clothes in the hallway of a hospital. Malik stood there with me and he looked at me. I knew he had allowed me to stay awake and see. I was fully awake and conscious. I start running out of there, I figure someone is going to find me awake and put me asleep. I run through hallways and doors and reach to a restaurant. The restaurant is filled with men who are military officers or in black suits with a bowtie and each gentleman has a finely dressed lady with him. But all the women were like zombies. The men were feeding those women with the forks because the women could not feed themselves. I was awake.

They are going to turn me into one of these women. Permanently so, not just during abductions. Then that way I will be easier to work with as an egg donor, easier to get me pregnant with men who are brought to me, and easier overall to have me be an abductee.

The Aliens want to pair me up with a man and they have already tried this twice before, but I have rejected both men. The first man they sent me to was about my age. For years before we met, the Agenda had made him know about me and he was obsessed with me. Literally his life has been about nothing other than me for all these years. The day before we met I was shown him and told that he would be coming into my life. Then we met and he was as described. And he had known about me too. I ended up never going to see him because of some disturbing information. For one he had been a Satanist, and I'm not into that. The Agenda of course is.

I rejected him and was sent to another one. The other one was a Free Mason and I was shown this man in great detail the night before we met. But first Malik had put me into a devastated state.

Anything superfluous, out

The Agenda and Malik have mind possessed people in my life to turn them against me. That is how they ruined my education, my career, and friendships. There was also a time when they made me promiscuous, highly unlike me, and only because they wanted me to become someone who is accepting of all the random men they bring to me to breed with me in the abductions. The Aliens have kept me in a state of depression and ruined finances for years so that I would be more susceptible for training and easier to use in their breeding program as cattle.

Right now Hamish who has been following my writing he got concerned when he found out about this and he wanted to charge at the Thuban and wanted to bite the Thuban. Hamish doesn't want me to be hurt. I love you Hamish.

It is not superfluous, I said. - says Hamish now
Thank you my Dragon. I honor your scales. - me
I was going to talk to them about it. - Hamish
Thank you, Dragon Turtle. - me
You are honoring me, I see. - Hamish
Yes, my Hamish Dragon. I love your scales and scutes! And tail and back shield! - me
Hamish turns around and shows me his back hump. His back shield as we sometimes call it.
I was not honored there before. - Hamish says and his eyelids are closing because he smiles, he means the back shield hasn't been honored before

When I was in the most devastated state, that is when Malik sent me to the Free Mason. I was shown the man, what he looks like, and told things about him, the night before we met. These were in mental images and information from the Agenda. When we met he was everything I had been shown. The man did Master/slave D/s training on me. He also used mind control and hypnosis to program me with code words. I will write an extensive book with all the details to this story and how they condition a woman but it is too uncomfortable to go into detail here. It's not for the general audience to peruse.

The Agenda had obviously approved of this man and wanted me to have actual children with him here, and those children would presumably carry on the next generation of Earth-bound abductees. Why the Aliens keep human abductees here on Earth at all is a mystery, because if they have the means to keep so many hybrids and humans there with them then why not make an egg donor live there with them too?

Because we want to see how they live here. - says Hamish otherwise Thuban, and there we have it, the answer

I broke up with this man because I wasn't happy with the way the D/s Master/slave lifestyle and mind control were making me feel like not myself. I was losing elements of the vibrant real me. Years later he still writes and wants to have me back. I won't go back to him.

Why do you write so many books about us? - asks Thuban I think it was
Because it's interesting. And people would like to know. - me
You are our trained monkeys here. - says Thuban
I know, you think of us like that. - me
We are not pedophiles. - Thuban
You are if you engage with children sexually. - me
We are not apt to that. - Thuban, a word I would never use
We don't want them to peruse it either. - Thuban
And we don't want them to eat any onions! - Hamish, he doesn't like the smell of onions
No, onions. - me
So. Tell them that. - Hamish, he means the onions

So they are conditioning me for a third man. He has blonde hair and he works for CIA and his last name is Clemens. Something like that. I don't know if it's the real CIA or something else. I was supposed to be ready for him for Thanksgiving or Christmas 2012. He wanted to have me under his Christmas tree. A real live woman who is like a pet or a lifesize doll.

It's disturbing. You see, they would drug me. They use drugs. I can't tell you the details here. I have to write a book about it, uncensored. But they are already using drugs to train me with. The other day I woke up from an abduction where I recall being given a cup of pills to take. When I asked them what pills they are, they said rohypnol. I didn't know it at the time, but rohypnol is the date rape drug.

And that is as far as I can write about it. Now I reach a block of anxiety and I can't go any further. It's really difficult to write about.

Noah's Ark

The Aliens even go as far as putting images into my mind where I am in a barn and in a pen with hay on the floor and resting naked on the hay as if I'm an animal in Noah's Ark. They show me that all the time.

We don't want you to listen to us if you don't want to. - Hamish or Thuban
It's ok. I'm just trying to understand. - me

Earlier this evening they wanted me to have sex with the Japanese man, the one who was sitting on the floor previous days. Not Tom-Tom. I think this one is Toshi. I already have children with the Japanese men.

The Aliens have a zoo

The Aliens actually have a zoo. They keep humans as zoo animals. Believe it or not. I was once taken to their zoo to have sex with a young man who grew up there with the Aliens. The Zetas wanted to watch.

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