Letter to SETI 09082013 Lady Thuban Auntie
September 08 2013

Hello SETI,

Here is Lady Thuban for you, she has me call her Auntie:

I named her race Thubans since they are from Alpha Draconis, and "Draconian" was already reserved for the Reptilians from that same place. Thubans were once dolphins or whales in the seas of Alpha Draconis, and were "evacuated" (stolen?)

IT WAS A HEROIC RESCUE! - holler Lady Thuban right now
Ok. Thank you. - me
We were going down! Under! - Thuban
What was happening? Were you not safe in the oceans? I thought you were hijacked, but you say you were saved by the Reptilians? Good! I'm glad you're here! I love you Lady Thuban. Even though you're sassy. - me
Who are you writing to about me? - Thuban
Well, this is an organization called SETI. They look for people from outer space. - me
Tell them hello from me. And that they are not to be afraid of me. Because I don't bite with those! - Thuban opens mouth means her baleen
I am sure they would love you. Thank you for telling them hello. - me
Tell them not to wear underwear when we come. - Thuban, meaning if they come to abduct humans

She has yellow baleen in her mouth. Sometimes when I'm lucky I see

We are not their rats. - Thuban meaning not SETI's rats
I don't think they think of you as rats. - me


We just have our children here. - Thuban, they make hybrid genetic crosses between Thuban and me, she loves those children as her own

Sometimes whe

We only come here at 4 AM, for them. - Thuban, true, I am abducted every morning at 4 AM

Sometimes I'm lucky to see Lady Thuban open her mouth and she starts churning her baleen in the mouth. In the act of

We don't need postage stamps on this one. - Thuban about this letter
No, no postage stamp was needed here. - me

When she churns her baleen with mouth open she is sucking adhered liquid nutrition from the baleen.

I am aware there is no evidence for you that Lady Thuban

Miss? Why do you write about us so much? - Thuban or Malik my Black One
Because you are fantastic. - me
Do they think so too? That we are heroic? - Malik
I don't know what SETI thinks. - me
Can you ask them? What they think? What they want us to do? And what they have known about us being here? And that we take your eggs, only? - Malik
Malik, SETI won't answer to our letter to them. They never answer, I've written literally hundreds of emails by now. Because they want to know about this. - me
What do they want to know? - Malik
I don't know. Probably everything. They are scientists. - me
Would they be afraid of me? - Malik
I think they would be, yes. - me

Anyhow, here is a page about Lady Thuban: http://www.orionmindproject.com/thubans.html

So there is no evidence for you at this time that Lady Thuban

Miss? - Malik
Yes Malik? - me
What do they know about our eggs here? - Malik
I don't think these people I am writing to know anything about our eggs and business. - me
Good. That is the way I want it. - Malik, he is the boss of the team
Because sometimes they take them away. And we don't want that! - Malik
Don't worry Malik. Your eggs are safe with me and you. - me

No evidence that they exist, however, I have personal evidence that they are real. That is why I am obliged to share this with you. So I hope you enjoy. You cannot permit yourselves to believe this or to fully embrace the information and contact, but at the very least for your perusal and on the side apart from your scientific quest for Alien life.

Do they know about our eggs then? - Malik
Not unless you tell them Hon! - me
I don't want them to know. - Malik
Then let's not tell them about eggs. Let's not say anything about that. - me

I am an egg donor.

Eva & Thuban & Malik

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