Strawberries and Japanese
September 07 2013

We had a box of fresh strawberries on the kitchen counter. Hamish looks at them and they capture his attention because they are red, like he. Hamish tells me he would like to show them his power. I ask Dragon how will you show them your power?, keeping a straight face of course so that Dragon can tell me. Hamish shows me a mental image of his plans. He would lie down on his back and put the little red strawberries down on his belly. Beats me what Dragon was thinking, but it's in the world of his thoughts.

And Hamish was watching television today. Hamish takes in impressions really well. He hears and sees everything. I'm teaching him that television doesn't hear or see him, even if he talks to it, even though we can hear and see it. He goes through a whole host of emotions and thoughts with impressions from television. I can see how his eyelids close in response to his emotions. Draconians show their emotions by closing their eyelids in a variety of ways. Eyelid closing seems to show a repertoire of friendliness, humility, and laughing, in that range. He usually starts to talk to things in television, and I have to tell him that no they can't hear.

I wanted my hunnun not to eat that. - Hamish about the strawberries, hunnun meaning my eggs or fertilized embryo growing in me
Why Hamish? - me, basically he means he doesn't want me to eat the strawberries, the hunnun eat whatever I eat
Is it because they were red, like you? - me
We have not gene determined them yet. - Hamish in other language, meaning the strawberries
Do you think they have your DNA? - me
What if they speak to me? - Hamish, about strawberries
I don't think they will speak. They are strawberries. - me
But they could be captured by me and my team. - says Hamish and eyelids closing in humility
You can capture all the strawberries you want Hamish. - me
You can have them. - me
We haven't, species determined them. - Hamish partly in other language
We wanted to feel lust with them! - says Hamish and flares in a sudden expression toward the strawberries in the refrigerator, his eyes flare open and he shows an expression I don't think I've seen before, almost scary
Hamish, strawberries are not people like you and me. They are grasses. They don't talk or feel lust, but you can try. - me
I wanted to tell them, about my eggs. - Hamish

Hamish himself is of a strong bright fire engine red color. His color is clearly associated with his sense of identity and self. And it obviously enables him to recognize and respond strongly to other members of his red race. The visual cue of red from seeing fellow Dragon Turtles is so strong in this species, that it even triggers the same behaviors toward any objects that are red. In Hamish's mental thought processing, the reaction to seeing other red Dragon Turtles is clearly a spontaneous

Tell them that I am not aggressive to them. - Hamish about strawberries
I don't have to tell them. Strawberries, ... would already know. - me, I don't know what to say

The response mechanism to seeing other red Dragon Turtles and responding in the whole host of emotional and behavioral reactions that ensue, is clearly a spontaneous reaction, since if it were logically filtered Hamish could stop himself from reacting this way to objects

I am not intimidated by them. - Hamish
No Hamish. Me neither. They are tasty snacks. - me
I love you Dragon Turtle. You are my Honored here. I honor your scales and race. - me

He would stop himself

Oh! Please don't talk to him like that! - says one of the Japanese Dragon Dynasty men to me about Hamish
Am I not allowed to speak to him? I am nice to my Dragon. Meanwhile he tells me that sometimes you men are not. For instance, it would be nice of you Japanese men to not tell my Hamish that he smells bad. He is a Dragon and you should respect and tolerate his other culture. Hamish is my Honored here. - me
I will have you know, that he eats our children. In case you didn't know. - the Japanese man
I knew that! - me
So! What do you say? - Japanese man
I say nothing... - me
So you are a cat, collared, they say... - the Japanese man
I don't know about that. Are you here to have sex with me? Do they want me and you to have a baby? I'm not up for it today. Or, I don't know. - me

Anyhow. Hamish would stop himself from reacting to red strawberries the same way that he reacts to other red Dragon Turtles, if it were the case of a logical and conscious reaction process. He could mentally and emotionally analyze and be aware of his feelings and his reactions, and decide for himself when to express them or suppress them. I suspect that the reason he does not filter or suppress the reaction is in order to enforce the behavior, to keep it at a maximum efficiency, and to allow it to be expressed fastest possible, at times when it is needed.

A race like Hamish's would possibly benefit from quick and unyielding reactions, possibly leading to strength and survival. Whereas someone who hesitates, might not be as successful in possible battles because their responses might come out weaker, or come out delayed. Additionally, one must consider that the evolution of hesitation or contemplation might have never served a purpose, thus never appearing. And that the existence of quick responses would never have lead to surmise, hence this behavior system has not been disadvantageous, and hence existent. Just some thoughts on the existence of Hamish's very interesting behavior on his reactions to red color.

Tell them that I do not want to fight with it. - Hamish wants to add about the strawberries, he doesn't want to fight with them
I just wanted to say hello. - Hamish wanted to say hello to the strawberries
It is not a fight to me. - says Hamish and stomps stomps squish squish on sheets of his shedded scales on the bathroom rug where he retreated to
I love you Hamish. - me
I am traditionally not here, they said. - Hamish to me. I heard the Japanese man tell him that "they" do not traditionally "do this" with women. I am a woman. Maybe women don't traditionally get to talk to the Japanese Dragon Dynasty or Dragons.

Look at that! He hasn't crapped there. - says Japanese man about the corner on our bathroom floor where Hamish usually poos

We don't want you to be afraid when we come here. - says Japanese man
I'm not afraid. You seem like a nice sweet man. - me
Sometimes he goes there to crap. - says Japanese man awkwardly about Hamish and the corner of the bathroom floor
I know that! And he is my Dragon and I tell him that it's ok! He lives here with me! - me
Yes, but you are not a traditional Japanese style woman. - Japanese man
Guess what? - me
Here at Komi Saki, we wanted to take you in. - Jap to me
Noo! She is not traditional! - the Jap to someone else to the Bird I think
So. We have a spacecraft. - Bird says to me, partly in my native language (=NL)
I was gonna say. Guess what, I am not a Japanese woman! - me
Yes. That is apparent. - Jap
Are you a Japanese human? - me
Hai! Yes! - the Japanese man bows deeply he bends his entire upper body and back straight down almost into a 90 degree angle with the arms on the sides
Wow. Tell me about Japan? What's it like living in Japan with Dragons? - me
Look, we don't want to give them our children. - Jap
I'm sorry it happens. I'm sorry. Are you Toshi? What is your name? - me
They make, soup out of them. - Jap
I'm sorry I'm sorry. And now you're here to breed with me and make me pregnant so that the "Dragons" can eat our babies. So is life. - me
This must really hurt you. I am sorry. - me
Here in Komi Saki, in Japan, we don't want to see you wash. - Jap
What is your name? Are you Toshi? - me

Oh well. Back to an analysis of Hamish's behavior around red. I was dusting in the bookshelf the other day and of course picked up every DVD including the Spiderman one, and as soon as I do Hamish tells me nervously about it that "he has had many conversations with it". Hamish recognizes the Spiderman character as in several ways similar to a red Dragon Turtle, or at least as some very scary-looking "person". He has had conversations with it on the DVD case. And when Hamish has conversations, it means he has tried to talk to him to make relations ok. Hamish has been afraid of it. Normally Hamish will show physical power and strength to dominate someone, so that Hamish can feel safe

We won't carry you out now, but we would like to look. - the Jap says, he seems very embarrassed, he keeps looking down on the ground, he seems shy sad and timid
Alright. *sigh* Welcome. Nice to meet you. - me
Aha, Hai. - says Japanese man in a sudden gesture and bows deep for me again, I can't explain the emotion he had, it's something that Japanese people feel in situations. Maybe because I was friendly to him he... I don't know. Japanese people are more Alien than my Aliens are.
... For how long have you known the Dragons? For how many years? - me
They came here around 1980. - Jap
Are you ok? Are you ok Hon? - me
What do you need me to do. - me
Don't wear that sweater anymore. Because he doesn't like it. - Japanese man shows me mental image of my dark purple almost crimson fuzzy sweater. I guess it's almost red so Hamish doesn't like it.

We don't want you to be afraid. - Jap
Hysh Hyssh! - Thuban says to Hybrid children or to Japanese man
We are not, asking you... To not be afraid. - Jap
I'm ok. If you're a human - me interrupted
You see, we are already standing here. - me
She is very elegant, isn't she? - Thuban to Jap
Yes! Very elegant! - Jap to Thuban, he seems anxious and cold-sweating, sad and nearly frustrated
So. You are here in my home in another dimension? - me
Do you mind if I take my shoes off? - Jap
No! Go ahead! Here in Europe we take our shoes off in the house! Just like in Japan! So go right ahead. Good thinking! - me

Jesus! The man puts his hands on my shoulders in the other dimension!

Yeah, she won't have a cacophony. - Thuban about me
I'm ok... - me
Don't eat any more cookies, they say. - Japanese, it's the sugar thing, Thubans say

We won't give you any more hormones. - Jap
What hormones have I been given? What hormones? I prefer to be natural. - me
We, at Komi Saki, don't want to do it! - the Japanese man says to Thuban
Honey, are you ok? - me
Yes, here comes the Armadillo. - Hamish in other language about himself
Hello Hamish! - me
He doesn't want to be here he said. - Hamish about Jap
Tell him that he is welcome here. And not to feel bad. I will help him if I can. Tell him... that I care about him. He is obviously sad about this. I want to make.. I want to help him out. He is a sweet man I can tell. - me
We at Komi Saki don't want to do iit! - Japanese man to the Aliens

I am worried about this man. I mean, I know Japanese people (some) can sit on the floor cross-legged like they do on traditional seating at low dinner tables, but this Japanese man has been sitting on the floor for hours and hours. The day when I woke up from my Japanese hospital abduction (will be told on a YouTube video wait for it) I saw mental images of this Japanese man all day and he was sitting on the floor all day, holding his hands around his ankles and rocking back and forward. I have expressed some concern for him, is he traumatized by the Aliens?

I wanted to kiss you. - the Japanese man
Why? I don't know if I can. Give me more information. And I'm not talking about sweet talk. - me
Do you mind my, perfume? - Japanese man lifts his one arm and means he is worried about if he smells sweat
Oh Sir you don't know... - me, I'm used to calling the United States military and MIBs Sir but I guess I don't have to with the Japanese
Men's sweat smells good and sexy you know. Maybe you didn't know that. That's why men have that smell. Silly poo. - me
You were made for us, like a cat. - says Japanese man
Kimoro! Toshi! - the man says, I don't know what he means of course [Added later: Kimoro or Kemoro is the Japanese men's name for Hamish]
Honey-boo, are you actually living in Japan? - me
I am so sorry. - Jap
I am sorry too. It's ok. - me
They ate our sons. - the Japanese man says and he feels the pressure and pain of crying in his throat
... I know. Hamish showed me what he did to that boy. He was going to school in Japan and Hamish dragged him to the river. I had to see it. Hamish eats children. - me
Oh boy! we know! - Japanese complains
I also have a wife, but not now. - Japanese man, he is sitting cross-legged on the floor again, hand on the wrist and rocking back and forward. I don't know much about Japanese, but I think it expresses some distress and trauma.
Honey. Listen. It's ok. We will take care of this, you and me. - me, and why am I having to be the stronger one?
It's ok. Can I ask you. - me
They have placed bombs here! All over! All over our park! - Japanese man

Yes. The black reptilian always threatens humans and alien species with bombs. He even once said that he had put a bomb in a bag here in my room. He even says to people that they have put bombs inside people. He uses this to force people to do what they want.

I will smell your blood now. - says Hamish to Japanese man and sniffs at him, expecting the smell of thick fresh blood
Hamish, don't threaten this man. - me
He is one of the yellow ones. - Hamish in other language, meaning Japanese? Asians?
Hamish, what is this man's full name? - me
He doesn't want my fish here. - says Hamish and thinks of a goldfish and his eyelids are closing in a smile, Hamish loves fish
I was wondering. Does he live in Komi Saki in Japan? Could I go to Japan in real life and visit him? - me
No, my wife can't know about you and me. And our boys can't either! - Japanese man, sitting on the floor cross-legged and rocking back and forward, he complains, he is not angry
But, I want to make sure that you are safe and ok! I have to come see you and talk about the Dragons and make sure that you are fine. Could I fly to Komi Saki and could I meet you in person and make sure that you are ok? - me, and of course I am fishing for physical evidence of alien existence also
Alright. You are clearly and obviously a part of my life. So I have to take care of you now. I have to help you with the Dragons. I have to take care of you. You and me can take care of each other. - me

He is crying. His body sobs in small short breaths like convulsions.

I don't want to tell you about Komi Saki. They tell us you are our cats. And then they feed with them! - the man, "them" in the last sentence is the hybrid children
Honey, humans eat cattle and cows and pigs. It is the same thing. Only this time - me interrupted, cause Hamish tells the man to listen to me and Hamish shows the man a mental image of gold wedding rings supposedly shared between me and Hamish
Thank you for speaking to me. It means a lot to me. - me
They also want you to see us crap. - the Japanese man says
... Why? - me
The Insects do. - speaks a large green Insect
And Lasarus does. - Lasarus the Zeta
Why? I don't understand? I'm not interested. I guess, maybe you Aliens are studying human behavior. And you think you might have a world of information to derive from human psychology around feces. Or that you found that human psychology related to feces is a doorway to psychological terror and trauma somehow, since it is a very uncomfortable and private subject. But you will not be able to break me down by using this topic. For instance, I have worked in a nursing home and seen plenty of it. I have worked in the medical field and this subject does not offend me anymore. But I would like to know why the Aliens are doing this thing? Is it to hurt this man mentally and psychologically? Is it to break us down? - me
.... Welcome to the Nazis and MKULTRA. - says someone
Ok. Here's what I think so far. - me
We have exchanged our services. - Hamish butts in to say in the other language
Here's what I think. You Aliens are trying to find tools that will give you power and influence over humans. So you have found out that using rape, sexual offense, MKULTRA, Hitler, and any other traumatizing subjects would grant you the tools with which to break down a human psyche and then to try and shape it for your purposes. But I'm not sure if I will participate with your games. - me
You will be much more successful if you speak to me - me
We don't deal with this logically. And you there! You are our mut! - a Reptilian speaks from a basement underground somewhere
You will be far more successful if you speak to me and explain to me your needs and you will see that I am a very agreeable person and that I will do what I can to help you meet your needs. - me
I don't respect that. What you said. - one of the Reptilians
Don't fight me. I am probably one of your few friends here on this planet. I am willing to listen to you and understand your culture and your needs and who you are and where you've come from. But I don't need to be broken down. I am already best friends with Hamish, and I would do almost anything for Hamish. - me
Would you let us eat? - Hamish
Yes Hamish. - me
Kukuro. - Japanese man says and puts his two hands together into the symbol of a heart. He is still sitting on the floor cross-legged

I don't know what to make of this. It is what it is.

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