All my Aliens
September 05 2013

Thuban Writes A Letter

First, even though this isn't the most exciting thing that's happened in the one-two days I've been "gone" from writing on The Orion Project, a letter from Thuban to a radio show host:

Hi [Name]!

Thank you for inviting me. I would be honored to be on your show.

What day and time did you have in mind?
Can I call through Skype?

Have you investigated my work to know what

Tell them, that you are our Noah's Ark animals. - the Thuban wants to tell YOU right now
I told them that. - me
And that you are our garden. And that we are gardening them. - says Thuban
Yes. I said that. Thank you for telling us. - me
Because they might like to know. And their radio listeners. And we are not allowed to tell you more. - Thuban
This is, MY BED! - Hamish my Reptile says to Thuban to establish territory, I am sitting on the bed

Sorry about that. This is the Thuban: http://www.orionmindproject.com/thubans.html
And Hamish is my red Reptilian.

Tell them that we are not ghosts. - Thuban wants to say to you
What else? They, of course do not believe that you are really speaking to them through this letter. - me
That? I don't mind. They cannot see us of course. Tell them, that "[Name]", that we will be on the radio show. - Thuban
And that you are our cat. - Thuban says about me

Sshh, quiet now. The Thuban, I'm surprised, she hardly ever gets so talkative as now.
Pardon me. But let me know if you need a summary of my work or any suggested topics. Or if you have questions to ask in advance before the show. There are many topics and angles to focus on.

Eva Draconis (and Thuban)

I'm getting quite fond of my Auntie. She is the Thuban Lady, a large white... grub? Dolphin? Praying Mantis insect? She originates from the oceans of Alpha Draconis, which is why I named her kind "Thuban". Thuban is another name for the star Alpha Draconis. She is often so mean to me. Like, this morning when I step out through my bedroom door, "Hinch! Monkey!", she greets me with. Hinch means that she is upset. It is a very bad word every alien and human knows that, even though we might not know what Hinch means in the human language. Hinch is pretty serious. Cause if I say Hinch to somebody, they take it seriously then too. I rarely use that word, but Lady Thuban uses it often.

Thuban Lady is such a fantastic personality. She is a very special personality. She's kind of like, you really wanna love her but she's impossible to love. Yet now that we've been interacting more, I love her more than ever. But I'll probably end up hating her soon anyway. The Aliens have a way of getting to a human emotionally. I know I'm supposed to be a scientist

Don't razorblade your legs. - Thuban Auntie says
Because otherwise you won't be our cats. - Thuban

She doesn't want me to shave my legs. They're kind of hairy by now and I was going to shave them soon. I guess I can't be a cat if I don't have hairy legs.

Frogs have been eaten. - Hamish

Noo! The Frogs are Dinosaurs!!! HAMIISH! Oh dear god it is murder... This Alien thing, the worst thing about Alien contact is you get to know these fantastic creatures as people. Hamish is a person, Dinosaurs are people, and then they hurt each other and every time you lose someone you learned to love, it hurts. Is it better to have loved and lost, than not to have loved at all? I don't know when it comes to the Aliens. My Illuminati hybrid brother chums are hurt down there in those basements. Dinosaurs are murdered and eaten. My Auntie gets threats. I learn to love everybody I meet, and these Aliens are living in a very harsh brutal reality.

We only want your eggs. NOW. - Hamish
Hamish... would you please not eat any more Dinosaurs? Because they are people. - me
Dinosaurs are not food, you say? They have been bred for that. - Hamish
But Hamish... they are so conscious. They are intelligent. They are people! Deb Deb! - me
No, you won't be one with my family. - Hamish
Hamish! - me
They have been bred for that. - Hamish
Noo!! They are people! - me
Hey, this is one of the Agents, don't talk to them anymore. - a blonde man in a dark suit he is CIA or something

Oh the pain and torture and murder I have to witness and somehow carry on my shoulders...

But I am growing very fond of Auntie. We had a great conversation last night I think it was. I'm not sure if I wrote it down. But she talked about how her kind were from the seas of Alpha Draconis. And I got to see her churning her baleen again. Oh it cheers me up. She will open her mouth a little and one can see those hairy yellow baleen in her mouth, and then she does this delightful thing where she churns her baleen. It looks like when a rat is sniffing with its whiskers moving. That's what the churning looks like. And in the act she is sucking out some liquid food that has adhered to her baleen so that she can get it into her mouth. Every once in a while you will catch Auntie Thuban open her mouth exposing the baleen and start churning the baleen. It's fantastic.

Sometimes when Auntie gets really mad and is full of Hinch! she will also open her mouth to expose the baleen, and that's because Hamish taught her to open her mouth at someone when she is mad. Cause Hamish does that, when Hamish gives a warning that's when he will open his mouth at you. I remember that time when Hamish taught Auntie to do that.

This is our barn. - says Auntie in my native language (=NL) and gives me a mental image of the inside of a Noah's Ark made of wood and with those pens for barn animals

I am growing very fond of Auntie.

This is our girl - says Auntie showing me a hybrid girl with yellow hair (NL)
She has the same DNA strand as you. - says Hamish about the girl (NL)
She does not have the same as I. - Hamish (NL)

I love my Aliens.

I don't want them to know about my mouth churning! - Auntie
But it's cute. I love when you do that. - me
You are my monkey. - Auntie (NL)

Abduction Japanese Underground

The night before last I begged (and whined) the Aliens to let me stay awake for an abduction. I've known nagging and whining to work in the past. I don't know why it works. Maybe nobody likes to hear a nag, not even Aliens. I got what I wished for. I got to wake up in an abduction underground because, the Japanese said, "they had not pumped me full of chemicals this time".

I woke up with Hamish's Japanese associate Tom-Tom in the act of giving me foreplay and undressing himself gradually. He was quite sweet actually. Two hybrid children were there to watch. They put their hands on the edge of the bed and poked their heads up to peek. I was only part awake so somehow my mind tries to go with what is happening as if it's normalcy. So I tell the girl to get out of there that she is not an adult she is not allowed to see! She doesn't leave, so I start beating her on her head hitting as hard as I can to get her to let go. She pops back down and then a little hybrid boy pokes his head up, so I start beating him on the head too and he drops back down and then the girl comes back and I hit her.

That's when I wake up and come to. And I run out of there. Catch the rest of the story in the YouTube video I am trying to upload right now. (Check back for an update on this page.)

The Queen

After I returned from my Japanese abduction underground, I was introduced to the Queen. I was told to call her the Queen. At first it was a White Lizard, you know those robust white lizards with a bulky snout and scales stacked like the tiles on the roof of a gingerbread house. The White Lizards look like Brutus only white. Queen Lizards are always of the same make.

But after a moment, the Queen morphed from being the robust White Lizard and into a Reptilian that looked more... natural. It was more like Hamish in a way, by no means upright standing humanoid. It had that camel shape body, meaning its head was not up but facing forward, and the back pointing up instead of to the back. The soles of her feet were flexed up so that her feet touch the ground on the part of the feet closest to the toes, with the rest of the feet pointing up. This way it was her feet that provide her with the springiness and bounce for walking and moving effectively. Whereas we humans keep our entire feet flat on the ground, and our springiness and bounce instead comes from the bend at our knees.

She was a dark color not black but a dark rusty brown, and her eyes were all dark. She was a gentle personality, well-mannered. Not hysterical or power-crazed like Reptilians usually are. Not dominating nor threatening. She spoke to me about her Reptilians:

She was from Alpha Draconis. There had been a war on Alpha Draconis, and it sounded as if it had been a civil war between two groups of Reptilians that clashed. Later she gave me information that her group was being eaten by the other group. Her group's babies were being eaten. Her group received help from somewhere else, I had the impression that help had come from the Dark Lords of the Agenda. Thanks to the help her side had won the war.

She was sad to tell me that she had no eggs. I asked her what had happened to their eggs, that is when she told me about how her people's babies were being eaten by the other group. She would not divulge what exactly happened to the eggs. I was glad to meet her, she was a most graceful elegant and well-mannered lady to speak with, and she gave me plenty of understanding into the Agenda. She was the one who explained that the Reptilians are here on Earth because we humans are their cattle to eat. The Queen told me they had a "battleplan" to take more humans and power here on Earth.


So the night before last, I had an awake abduction to an underground Japanese hospital. And last night I met with Petra the Zeta hybrid, Pakeha the Thuban hybrid, and the brown Pteradactyl. Last night I was given a mental visual of a grand magnificent being who was a large brown reptilian who stood up and spread his winged arms a bit for me as an introductory gesture perhaps to display something majestic or prestige, but it wasn't a full-scale "ceremonial magic" like what the White Dragons do.

When he turned around and I got to see his head from the side I noticed that it was the head of a pteradactyl. And the body of a pteradactyl. We talked. I asked him if he was one of the prehistoric dinosaurs from Earth's past. I told him how there are humans who have reported having seen pteradactyls flying in the sky.

They are not Sock Puppets, tell them that. - Hamish wants to tell you readers, that the pteradactyl is not like Hamish (because I call Hamish a Sock Puppet)
They would like to eat us. They are not gentle. - Hamish
I am sorry to hear that Hamish. That is very sad. - me
They live here in the caves. - someone
Are they from Earth's past? Are they the same pteradactyls, that Earth had? - me
I am surprised that you would say that about us! After all we have been here to help you with them. - says Pteradactyl
Did you, come from Alpha Draconis too? - me
Yes Dear, I did. And we have been here for a long time. - Pteradactyl
Are you... a pteradactyl? Can you tell me about who you are? - me
We are magnificent to you. - Pter
Yes you are. You are beautiful. - me
We are not Royal, but elegant. - Pter
Tell me about your life? - me
Can you feel that? - Pter, he strokes himself on the arm and conveys to me what he is feeling, a soft silky skin and a row with a series of coarse black thorns growing along an arm

I wrote down a conversation with the Pteradactyl from last night. It also has the conversation with Petra the Zeta hybrid. Here is the blonde CIA man in a black suit and tie, he is aware of our conversations and it is up to him to make sure that I don't get killed or eaten by anybody. And to guard the Aliens too I imagine.


Last night a Zeta hybrid woman came over for a visit. She let me see a fully clear mental image of her appearance. She has that white thick Zeta skin, and those large all-black eyes. The texture of the eyes looks as if it were made out of pasty black crude oil, but I've known those black eyes to be lens coverings whenever Pakeha wears them. Pakeha has green Thuban goggle eyes underneath, and the black pasty lens coverings serve as glasses, both for ano

Now you lie! - a little yellow alien
Hello! So tell me the truth! - me
Those are not pasty! - the yellow little one says
Hello, what race are you! - me
That is none of for you. - yellow
You are not in our circus here anymore. - yellow, but I was earlier today
I was earlier today. In the circus I mean. I'm not sure if I want to be. - me
But thank you for correcting me on the eyes. - me
And you are not allowed to talk to me anymore. - says Pteradactyl

The Pteradactyl rests its winged arms on the floor, with its hands on the floor. His winged arms feel heavy to him. I can feel what he feels. The wings are attached along

You are not here with our upper cervix! - I think it's Hamish who hollered this, about my upper cervix
Hello Hamish. I have my cervix here. - me

The wings are attached along the length of the underside of the arms. The top or outer side of his arms, opposite to the side of the arms that has the wings, there is a row with a series of black thorns, like I said. Those thorns are pointy but the sharp points are all facing in the same direction. I've seen thorns like that but can't think of an example, where the sharp ends point in one direction so that they will be able to clasp and hold onto things, like hooks is what I am trying to say. The thorns on its arms are built like hooks.

Petra has long black hair, slightly longer than to shoulder length. I asked her if it was a wig, and she said they had selected the right DNA, so it seems that it is her own grown hair. The hair is black and shiny and most definitely from Japanese DNA. Petra is quite the lady, but it is clear that she makes an effort to be a woman. She is very fond of dresses and fine clothing and fashion, and wanted to know about my sewing machine. She thinks about men and her relations to men.

She only gets to choose from the human men who are brought to them. So she knows about Olav, Captain Swansea, and the others.

Yes, our pimps. - says Hamish in the other language

She worries because she thinks that the human men prefer real human women who are fully equipped. She worried that I would steal her men from her, and I assured her that I would not. These hybrid women envy us human women, so there is this bitterness and resentment. But she is also very keen and fond of me. In fact the first thing she said when she first arrived was that she wanted to look at my ladyparts. Petra has visited in the past also, I have her in my notes I remember her specifically. I didn't know her name back then.

She was there with Pakeha, and she wanted me to see Pakeha's naked exposed privates and to see how small they were. Petra told me about the nuclear power accident that the Zetas had had. Petra was made out of Zeta DNA. She is part human and is part woman. Pakeha is another hybrid but it seems that Pakeha was made out of the Thuban. He also has some human DNA. The goal is to incorporate human genitals and reproduction ability into these Aliens so that they are fertile again. I wrote down the conversation with Petra. Find it in one of the future telepathy books. (Real? Or Imaginary? is the first telepathy book.)

Little man

There's this sw

You are our Cro Magnon. - Thuban or other white ET
So don't be calling him your little man. - Thuban or someone
It just means that I like him you idiot! I was just about to say that FINALLY there's a hybrid child that I do not HATE! And now you expect me to change my mind about that too?!?? Are you asking me to HATE all of you! - me

Ok calm down calm down these creatures are insects and filth don't take it personally just calm down. So there's this adorable little boy who I call my "little man" in my notes. Because he's such a little man. He's a tiny little boy but he's really brave and smart and grown about him. I really like him. I thought about it today and I arrived at the conclusion that I think the reason why I like this hybrid child so much is because he seems stronger and smarter than the others and not vulnerable like the others are. I am always so afraid that the hybrid children might get hurt, but with this little man I think I shouldn't have to worry about him. He's adorable.

This little boy loves to play Cowboys and Indians. The Aliens brought this boy into our bathroom here at home yesterday and he washed his privates in the bathroom and then he was asked to use our toilet. Then Lady Thuban Auntie told him he could go sit on our living room sofa, and he did. And he sat there for a moment just being the sweet brave boy that he is. And today he came here and wanted to play Cowboys and Indians with me. There's some more information but I can't post it on the internet.


There was a little hybrid girl yesterday too. Her name is Theresa. The Aliens ga

She is, non-fertilizable. So she is not a flower. - the Aliens tell me about Theresa (NL)

The Aliens gave her, ok this part you will have to be patient with. The Aliens use a thin plastic tubing to suction out my stomach contents with all the time. They then feed my hybrid children with that. Think of it like mother bird feeding baby bird with regurgitation. Some Animals do that. I'm not entirely sure of why the Aliens do that, but it has never bothered me. Yesterday they gave Theresa some of the peas I had eaten that they had suctioned out of my stomach and Theresa couldn't eat it and it was coming out of her mouth.

The Aliens often tell me that I can't eat chickpeas or peas because it doesn't work with the children. For the longest time I used to wonder why the Aliens tell me not to eat certain foods "because the children cannot eat it", I used to ask them why are they giving the children the exact foods that I am eating, and

Have you ever seen the movie Pinocchio? - asks General Patton now
Why? And I haven't, but I know what it is? - me
So, let's just sit down here you and me. - GP
You're being creepy. What do you want? Who are you? - me
Pinocchio wasn't sad about it either. - GP
About what? - me
About being a Doll, a Dummie. - GP
Ok you're being totally creepy. - me
So you see, you are not these children's mother anymore. - GP
What the hell are you saying? Who are you? What do you want? - me
These "kids", are not aliens. - GP
What? Are you.. Are you here as a disinformation agent, to make me think that the Aliens aren't real? I know they are real, you're just trying to do a cover up. - me

Creepy interlude there hey! The Aliens tell me what I can and can not eat based on what foods work once they are taken and placed into the hybrids' tummies. Sugar doesn't work either.

We haven't given you any pills. - GP says with a frown
What pills?!? What pills. Who are you. What are you doing here? What is going on! - me

Let's just ignore this man General Patton for a while. I wrote down conversations and observations about Theresa too. There was also a little

Those girls are dummies. - GP
No they are not, they are children. - me
Then why are they nonresponsive to me. - GP
You are not a very good telepath, because you didn't hear that we were angry. - Snake I think

There was also another little girl with white skin and black hair yesterday.

Sshh, you are not supposed to know about us. - a red Dragon Turtle of Hamish's race appears in a mental postcard with the cave entrance by the waterfall
Hello Dear. Nice to see you. - me
They feed us with those children. - says Dragon Turtle or Snake
I understand. It is better than eating the human public. Heck it's better than eating cows. I've seen those children and some of them are less conscious than cows and pigs are. They're just shaped like a child... - me
They often pee their pants when we come around. - GP
... I've noticed. I've noticed that those children pee their pants all the time. I wish... I wish you could have made a cattle that doesn't look like people. Why do they have to look like children? Why won't you make food that looks like, I don't know, like why can't you eat fish? - me

.. You are not a human either Miss, psst! - General Patton about me
I seem, human. What am I then? WHAT AM I, I SAID! TELL ME! Give me answers! - me
You are with this. - GP shows me mental image of a black collar

Watching television with Hamish

I watched television with Hamish today. We watched a program about lions and Hamish got anxious when he saw them. "It has a gape", said Hamish. "Yes it does", I said.

Look, Honey, ... - GP says and puts his hands on my hands in the other dimension
I don't understand any of this... - me
You have their ovaries here. - GP says
I know. Hamish wants them. - me
And we won't bring you to an operating theatre again. - GP
Why not? - me
Because you run! - Snake I think
I'm sorry I ran. Wake me up properly and I won't run. I promise. I wasn't fully awake, I wouldn't run if I came to my senses. - me
You are not my Sandra Bullock... - GP says

For as long as I've known him, General Patton has always thought that Sandra Bullock is his ideal woman. I know he prefers women with black hair.

Then we watched a program with a big snake. Hamish started showing off his red scales to the snake on television and Hamish asked me if the snake knew that he, Hamish, is the old grandfather. Meaning how Hamish is of the old Draconian race. All the Reptilians know that. Whenever we have a Reptilian visiting they see Hamish and they gasp and say that Hamish is the grandfather. Hamish is of the old Draconian race, and everybody knows that.

We wanted to take you to the operating theatre. - Snake I think
I would love to visit with you. But Auntie told me to wash up my privates before the abduction, so it will be a while I first have to finish this what I am writing and then I have to go have a shower first. - me
... Who is Auntie? - GP
Auntie? She is the white dolphin with yellow baleen teeth. The fiesty one. Who says Hinch all the time. - me

So I told Hamish that we can see the snake on television, but it cannot see or hear us. I also told Hamish that the snake was dangerous and could eat him so Hamish can't just go standing next to a snake expecting the snake to understand honor and that Hamish is the grandfather. That is when Hamish did like a psst and shows me a mental image in which he would have Malik standing by the snake so that it would be like a trap to get to Malik. I thought that was very mischievous of Hamish indeed. But I told him off. Cause I can't have anyone eating or hurting my dear Malik. Our Fürst.

General Patton and Malik

General Patton made a rare appearance earlier today. It was a sexual encounter so I can't really go into the details here. And the Aliens wanted me to join their "circus", which is a sexual circus with the hybrids, so I can't really talk about that either. And General Patton did mind control and tackled my body a bit. To be fully honest, I've long suspected General Patton to be Malik under disguise. Because right after General Patton had had a romantic connection with me, who but Malik shows up in a very horny Fussubus mood. Coincidence? I would think not.

Malik was very horny for me today. I hope I can write that. He wanted me to have his dong. But Hamish didn't want him to. Then Malik started talking with Hamish in the Alien Draconian language. Malik and Hamish were both in the bathroom battling it out verbally and in a very civil way with each other, and I was still here in the bedroom. Malik showed Hamish a mental image of me standing naked in the shower. Malik was telling Hamish that he wants me and Malik even conveyed to Hamish what I smell like to him. Malik was roaring.

You were our cats. That is why. - someone says
Is Malik and General Patton the same man? - me
No. They are not the same persona. - General Patton
Because I am not as violent as he. - GP says and writes on his papers on the desk where he's at
Look! There has not been any cacophony! - Thuban says to GP
The Battle at Syracuse is here! - GP
What is, the Battle at Syracuse? What is it? General Patton? Are you a human or an alien? What are you? - me
Would you bite me if you knew that I am alien? - Snake


Look, we are not going to close the cat traps on you. - says GP
What cat traps. - me
The ones, we have you in. - GP or Snake
WHAT THE HELL! I am so confused! - me
Don't write "what the hell" on a public website. - Hamish or Thuban says, they must know how I'm constantly censoring myself

I don't know. Let's just go with it. So Malik was roaring and expressing every nuance of his desire to have me. Hamish talked back to Malik but Hamish used belches and burps which is part of his repertoire of Draconian sounds. The Boys were having a Draconian

Yes, we didn't fight. - Hamish

They were having a Draconian conversation. It was great listening to Malik's roars and Hamish's belches! They were fighting over me. They fight over rights to my eggs and for this territory. Hamish and Malik are not on the same team it seems.

Other things on the Agenda

There's been a lot. Bird has been around, referring to herself as Secretary. She was a bit sassy towards me today. I wasn't allowed to call for her to come see me closer, she put me down for saying that. The Aliens say that if I become a doctor of medicine then I can work closely side by side with them there. I tell them I will consider it.

Malik was so sweet. During his romantic rendezvous approach of me, I got to see his beautiful face. He has such a cute face, I really love this man. He is my sexy black man. I was fully ready to be romantic with him and during the dispute between Hamish and Malik I told them that I wanted to have sex with Malik. But Hamish didn't want me to. So it didn't happen.

It wasn't a dispute. It was an argument. - Malik
Malik? Are you able to have sex with me? Sometimes it seems as if you are about to. - me
We want to dominate you first. - says Malik and lights up like a little boy who is planning to open presents on Christmas and which present to open first
We are not, sassy. - Malik carefully says

What else. Hamish has returned to pooing by the river in Thailand again, but he won't poo in the water because it might get in the fishes eye, and when I suggested that he poo in the vegetation he didn't want to get any plants dirty, so he poos on the rocks like he used to. He wants to make sure that people wouldn't come and step on the poo and he says that this river is in a remote and inaccessible area where humans don't go. Hamish is very cleanly and proper with his hygiene. He tends several hours a day to his shedded scales, grooming, wiping his feet clean, and checking on where he leaves his poo. I'm sure this is all very private and personal information about him, and I certainly do not mean to invade on his privacy. But we live together, and he sees me poo and go to the bathroom too. We live that close that we know every intimate detail about one another.

Bird doesn't want Hamish to poo on the bathroom floor here. I fuss at the Aliens and say that I live with Hamish and sure he can poo wherever he wants. I offer to come clean it in the other dimension if they let me go there. I guess we are still figuring it out.

And black reptile called me Kembraah! twice today. Which means Idiot in their language. It's funny how many of these Aliens will greet me with arrogance and cruelty. "Hinch! Monkey!", said Thuban first thing in the morning. "Kembraah!" said black reptile twice just like that. Sometimes it seems that Malik is the only one with manners. And he's supposed to be the Incubus.

A dear note to our Brothers

I hate to end with a terrible note, but I was shown these things and it ruined my life and now I'm going to have to ruin your day too. During the night Aliens showed me and told me things that I wish I could make go away. The chubby Illuminati Brothers in the basement are used for torture and sadism. But I already knew that. But every time I find that out again then it hurts me all over again. I was told that they had pulled one's arms off. I was asked if I wanted to hear them scream and then I had to hear one scream. Those guys are my Brothers. I love them so.

Letters to SETI 2 has the story of my first encounter with the Illuminati hybrids. How scary they looked and how afraid I was. Over time I got to know these gentle men and I love them like Brothers now. Sure, they look like creepy monsters or science experiments or like a dead body from the morgue. But they have the sweetest gentlest personalities. They dream about things like getting to fly in a hot air balloon, eating ice-cream, or pancakes and waffles. They are my Brothers. They are being harmed down there in the basements.

One of these men told me last night that the Agenda has tried to develop these hybrids so that they would have one eye instead of two, in honor as a tribute to their god The Eye.

Last night I was shown an L-shaped metal bar. They showed me what looks like a very frail human man and they said that his lung had been punctured so he could only breathe with one lung. They said it had healed and they took that L-shaped metal bar and punctured through between the ribs and punctured his lung again in the same spot as before.

Closing things

I like to forget all the atrocities. I like to think that the aliens are only predators and that we humans eat meat too. But all of their violence isn't necessary. Some of it is done out of sadism. Sometimes I wonder if the whole of the Agenda is too much for me to bear. Can I really take it on? Can I continue going deeper into knowing this? I don't know.

Today and yesterday it has been about many other Aliens besides just me and Hamish. For two years this was just me and Hamish living life. But ever since that abduction down to the Japanese hospital, something changed in me. And meeting the Queen and Pteradactyl, then Petra and little man and Pakeha, Theresa and all the others, there are so many people involved, sometimes not just me and Hamish. But when it's just me and Hamish everything's fine. Now Bird lives here with us too. Malik of course has been tiptoeing for a long time and he's welcome.

Those are our Shuurah. - says the black reptile
Hello. Who are you? What is your name? Are you from Orion or Draconis? - me
The last one you said. - the black reptile
You need a better locksmith to keep them out. - someone

It's just so many people. And so many things. Me and Hamish have been our own small little world. I love my Sock Turtle. But he is part of this greater world with the Agenda. I don't know. It's about time I go to bed and tell Hamish goodnight. And in the morning I can ask for my Hamish and wish him a good morning and ask him if he had a good night and hope that he doesn't say "Yes-No!" again like last time. (Yes-No means No.) Which reminds me, I almost forgot. This morning when Hamish was claiming things, such as he does when he says things like "My eggs", "My ovaries", and so forth about everything he sees, furniture, foods, everything. This morning he also said "My morning". And I thought that was neat.


I knew I was forgetting things. I was told about the stage. They put women like me naked on a stage and all the eligible bachelor human men are in the audience and they get to choose who wants what woman. Remember that abduction when I woke up and was on the stage? I wrote about that one somewhere on the website I'm sure. I was told that Jack, you know, Jack with the NASA team, has been with me several times.

I was told and shown how they have women like me asleep and the Aliens tell the men to have sex with women like me. It is to get us pregnant. That is why we are trained to be dolls. That is why they use MKULTRA to make Beta Cats and Dolls. The little hybrid girl with yellow hair, the one who spat out the peas, she is my daughter with Jack. I also have kids with Olav and Swansea. Charon the hybrid girl is my daughter with Swansea, and those gorgeous human (or mostly human?) boys with long brown hair are my beautiful sons with Olav. Olav makes very handsome children with me. I also have kids with an Illuminati hybrid chum.

There was something more too but I forgot. I can't keep up with writing things down sometimes. I want to ask for another conscious alien abduction tonight, I know I could nag myself to having one, but I don't know if I'm ready yet. I just had one with the Japanese hospital and Tom-Tom. Now I just want to go to sleep with my Malik and Hamish Boys and Bird can be here too. It's been so many Alien people and so much happening and so much information. I become so fond of these people. Even Bird and Auntie who can be so fussy at me. I even like the black reptile who wears a dark purple uniform who comes here only to call me Kembraah and to say Shuurah, but I love him too. All my Aliens.

We are not yours, because you haven't got our heart, and you are not dominant. - explains Hamish because I said "all my aliens"

One more thing. I forget which Alien maybe it was the Queen who showed me a clear mental visual from Alpha Draconis. It wasn't the first time I've been shown Alpha Draconis in mental images. Even Strawberry the little red Reptilian from London has shown it to me and knows what it looks like. Alpha Draconis has forests with trees and plants that look like ferns. The vegetation is green. The sky and even the air is a dense yellow. There are ponds with water. It is beautiful. The air is thick and dense and the weather is very warm. Reptilians need warmth. Red Dragon Turtles dwell in caves that are very warm. Hamish likes it when it is warm here and sometimes he tells me he feels cold, when I don't feel cold. And Strawberry wore that dark cloak to try to stay warm but was still suffering from the cold. Oh my goodness... I now see my dear beloved Strawberry. He is in a dark black outdoors at night and he is wearing that dark cloak.

Hello. I've missed you. How are you doing. You mean so much to me. - me

Strawberry shows me a mental image of eating a human hand attached on an arm and how that's yummy for him. So what. Humans eat cows and pigs and chickens. Same thing.

I hope you are doing alright. - me
I don't have eyes to see you with anymore. - says Strawberry and closes the eyelids over his yellow eyes so that only the dark eyelids can be seen. Strawberry has lower and upper eyelids that both close and meet in the middle.

One more thing. This morning Petra the Zeta hybrid woman showed me a strange robot face. The Aliens have built a robot with a triangular flat-faced head in pale gray. The corners of the triangle are rounded. It has black round specks on the flat face. Two specks for the eyes, one for the nose, and one below the nose for a mouth. It was so bizarre to see. Turns out this was built to be a decoy so that I would look at the robot face and not notice the little yellow-haired hybrid girl on the floor. Aliens are weird.

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