Confessions of a Contactee
September 03 2013

Confessions of a Contactee

It's time to pull my thoughts together and think about what this means this Alien contact.

The Battle at Syracuse wants you. - says Malik
What is it? - me
It is a war, designed for you. - Malik
*sigh* What war is it? - me
Your ovary. - Hamish (in my native language = NL)
No, we won't tell you about Robert. - Malik, Robert is Hamish's human shapeshift Captain Robert Stephens
*sigh* Robert is just Hamish in disguise. - me
Yes, but he looks better that way. - Malik
*sigh* No he doesn't. Dragons look better than Stephens. - me
My ovary. - Hamish (NL)
Hamish's ovary. - me (NL)
Mine, and Robert's. - Hamish (NL)
No, just Hamish's... - me
But Stephens is also here. - Stephens/Hamish
No he isn't. He doesn't exist. He is a Reptilian shapeshift. - me
My eggs. - Hamish (NL)
My Hamish. - me
Don't fight us. - Malik (NL)

Oh boy. Oh dear. So I'm an Alien abductee. I've been on this ride this contact with them for two years, even though it started long before that. But it was two years ago when the Orion man contacted me to talk, to let me see them, and contact became a very invasive thing in my life ever since. All the races had decided to feel comfortable with talking to me for hours and letting me see them in mental images.

My ovaries are here. - Hamish (NL)
My Hamish is here. - me (NL)
Mine. - Hamish (NL)
My Hamish. - me
My ovary!! - Hamish
My Hamish... - me
My ovaries, are here. - Hamish
Yes yes. - me

Alien Abductions

The Aliens abduct me every night at 4 AM when I am asleep. Their customary procedure is to put a thin white plastic tubing down my nostril and into my stomach to vacuum suction up some stomach contents for their studies of human food and metabolism. They will also collect fecal sample for that same study. Human feces is also - shocker - piled up in rows along the floor and the Insect Mantids lay their eggs in that. Before you decide to feel disgusted, be reminded that this is how many insects lay their eggs. There is nutrition available in it. Insect Mantid eggs go through another growth process where they grow to large adult-size pods and are fed by other means. Once fully mature, they hatch through those soft organic see-through pod shells. It is fantastic, the Insect Mantids are some of my favorite ETs.

The Alien abductions bring me to Thubans, the white praying mantises who say that they are dolphins. They were evacuated from the seas of Alpha Draconis, they say. There were earthquakes and the Reptilians took them in. Could be that it was the Reptilians who caused the earthquakes in the first place. Orions and/or Reptilians of the Agenda have a habit of using explosives and bombs.

I've been awake a handful of times during the medical procedures of alien abductions in the past two years. The best one was when I woke to see Lady Thuban. Oh she was a scary sight, but I got used to it.

I want them to let me stay awake for abductions, but they won't change their procedure. It benefits them greatly to keep me asleep. They still think that I would be afraid to see them.

Do you know how we eat? - Thuban, that beautiful white creature with those large sickle hoe boomerang shaped arms that it uses like ice picks to haul its body forward
How do you eat? And what do you eat? - me

Ahaa! The Thuban shows me the inside of its mouth chewing and grinding! I had forgotten all about those orange hairy baleen that it has in its mouth! Oh how precious! I love the Thuban, it is a fantastic creature!

I love to see your mouth! You are such a beautiful magnificent creature! - me
You, are our toys here, for the Aliens. - says Thuban, with the mental image of a stuffed toy monkey or gorilla
I don't mind being your toy. I like visiting you too. - me
You are our toys I said!!! - Thuban loses her temper, and her goggle eyes start moving clockwise and counterclockwise, this way and that, one eye irrespective of the other, a very bizarre sight
You don't have to be rude. I am trying to be your friend. - me
We don't want friends. We want monkeys. And Shuurah. Give us the keys. - Thuban, Shuurah is Orion language for "eggs"
When can I visit you again? - me
I won't bring a riding crop. - says Thuban and shows me the bat that they hit with and enforce discipline with, and her whole demeanor went more fierce and evil-looking than her usual
I am your friend. Don't be aggressive or violent. - me
Give us your shoorah, or else. - Thuban very angry she thinks about holding that bat
Calm down Lady Dolphin, I have said I would give you some eggs. - me
Then we feed with them. - says Lady Thuban about the eggs, and her mouth opens and exposes the baleen again and her mouth starts grinding grinding with those baleen in her mouth
So you eat something made from my eggs? - me
No, canine! - Thuban
What do you eat then? - me
Can you help us? We are in a hospital. - says a hybrid child girl with yellow hair
How do I help you Miss? - me
They have enslaved us. - the girl has huge bizarre Thuban eyes, but is a hybrid, probably made with my egg
I don't know how to help you. I don't know where you are. Where are you? - me
In the sky. - the girl says
Are you my daughter? Are you my girl? - me
Look? Bells chyme. - Thuban, otherwise the girl
How do I help you? - me
They keep us captive here against our will. - girl
Where would you like to go instead? - me
They put us there in that box. - girl
They are here, against their will they say. - someone about hybrid children, maybe Hamish said, or Lady Thuban might have said
Well, I'd come and get you little girl but I don't know where you are, or how to find you in the sky. - me
We are with them. - a hybrid child says sadly, and thinks to the Thuban's bat
I'd come and get you but you're in the sky. - me
General Patton is here. - GP
*sigh...* Hello General. - me
We would suggest you don't talk to them anymore. - GP calmly
Why do you dictate what I do? I want to talk to them. They are my Alien friends. - me
They are monsters! - GP, otherwise Thuban, cause I saw Thuban but I think GP said
General Patton, who are you? General Patton? Are you with the US military? You're with the NAVY right, and then you transferred to this Alien team? - me
Yes Miss! - GP not angry
Well. I don't know what to say. - me
Dear General Patton? Could I have your permission to visit with the Aliens in a conscious state next time? So that I could be awake? Hamish and the Dolphin are my friends. - me
We have a baton. - the Lady Thuban about her white bat
I know you do. Don't fear me, I am not physically violent. - me
No, you are our cats. - Thuban

I guess that will have to be my Confessions.

Continuation of telepathic conversations will become logged in the archives and end up in the telepathy series books, the first one of which is available now Real? Or Imaginary? spanning August 21 2011 to April 16 2012.

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