Just Another Day With Dragons
October 26 2013

Adult material - only for adults

The Orion Project is a documentary on Alien contact and interaction. Censorship would defeat the purpose of scientific documentation. Sexual material is not written intended to entice.

Yesterday was an interesting interaction with Hamish the Dragon Turtle as he claimed my bag of cookies and watched television with me and then exposed his penis, and then his Dragon Turtle girlfriend from the cave got jealous because she and Hamish have eggs together, read that story here.

I went to sleep that night shortly after I stopped writing on last night's chats with Hamish and Dragon Turtle Lady. I seem to have easiest to remember alien abduction material that happens right in the morning hours before I wake up. I'm sure more things happen in the first hours when I'm asleep, but I don't remember those.

I was asleep and dreaming. In the dream I was being shown photographies by a young man who was showing romantic interest in me. There were photographs where I had been sitting by a long dark dining table with other people and what bothered me was that in the photograph my nipple and breast were showing. The guy was posting this and other photos of me on Facebook and I was tagged on those photos and now everybody who knows me would see them. So of course I was embarrassed, but I figured it wasn't that bad. So I started deleting the photos that he had put up. I told him I have two jealous ex boyfriends on my Facebook and this guy should keep low profile.

I looked at the guy and he had weird eyes. He had a shaved head with just a short growth of hair on the head, and his eyes were weird. He was too young for me, he was like 19 to 22 years old and totally not my type. And his eyes were weird, they are not human eyes.

After the photo incident (in the dream), I was walking outdoors when two men grab me and lead me to a small room and close the door. There were big ants outdoors with giant black mandibles and I was glad that I didn't run into the ants. This man was going to have sex with me. I can tell you that thankfully he didn't. Then he talked about that "the Reptilian is coming soon" (he said Reptilian or Reptile). I got keen and was looking forward to the Reptile coming in any moment now.

I was naked in the room there and that man I'm not sure what he looked like. I now think he was one of the chubby Illuminati hybrid chums. One of those big white plump marshmallow men with yellow hair. They have slight mental retardation, and this man was inexperienced around women. I remember him saying that he was glad that I was so experienced with sex because I was older and more experienced. I think he was a virgin.

The Reptile

I woke up and was back in my room. The transition from that place and to my bed was smooth and I remained conscious during the entire transfer. I felt as if I had been someplace, and with some people. I was especially keen on him having said that "the Reptile would come in soon". I regretted that I left that place before I got the chance to see the Reptile.

Why are you so keen on us? - says a Reptile (not Hamish) now
Because! You are Reptile people! And you talk! Talking Reptiles from outer space! - me

Back in my bed, I became aware of a mental visual of the alien base. There was a Reptilian there, an upright standing black or dark blue Reptile with dark eyes. Now this may be difficult to understand, or explain, but this Reptile proceeded to have vaginal sex with me. We were in different dimensions, but get this: I think my body, or another version of my body, is always there in that other dimension.

You can't tell them that we smell like watermelons. - Hamish, otherwise the other Reptile (see yesterday's conversations in news27.html).

I felt the Reptile in me. I could feel sensations. And as usual it doesn't take long for them to ejaculate. The Reptile then expressed that now I had his DNA in me. I was now part Reptile. It was like a ceremonial ritual for him. It wasn't about sexual gratification for him. His intent was to put their Reptilian DNA into me, via the semen, and for me to that way have their DNA incorporated in me, and they believe that I then become what they are. I was grateful for that implication. I love being close to my Reptiles.

The Reptile also talked about how I had been inseminated and was pregnant. I think they brought me to some type of man again to get me pregnant in the other dimension. Note: I wasn't raped by the Reptile. I was consenting. Also note that it wasn't wild or hot and steamy sex. It was quick, somewhat pleasant, and more about making acquaintance and accepting another species DNA into me. It has ritual significance which goes beyond human sex.

Reptilians have special cultural beliefs around blood and DNA. I don't know if it is magical thinking or scientifically based, but they believe that racial identity is contained in the blood and in the DNA, and that by taking in someone's blood or DNA would actually change that species. Remember when Snake the Reptilian talked about how if Snake and me were to get married, then he would have sex with me so that I would have some of his DNA so that I would be more like what he is and then when he "feels the power" with me it would be more intense, he said. "Feeling the power" is when a Reptile does energy vampirism and is feeling the iron in the blood and feels a thrill that can be more intense than human sex.


My Sock Dragon was in that other place in the other dimension and he talked to me. (I don't know if it was Hamish who had sex with me, but I don't think that it was. I think there was another Reptilian.) By now it is hours later after I woke up and I have forgotten the conversations.

Hamish did show me a sheet of his shedded scales that he carried over his arms like how someone might carry a fresh towel for guests, and he asked me if I wanted to see it. "Yes Hamish, I would like to see your shedded scales", I said to him. He sure tends to his scales a lot.

I cooked a vegetable and chicken stew with rice for lunch today and Hamish said that it contained his red scales. He meant the tomatoes I had put in it. And in the morning when I stood in the shower, he said that it was "his kitchen", and he stood in our kitchen here. I told him that it is Hamish's kitchen. He can have and claim things. He is very territorial.

In the morning when I was still in bed, Hamish showed power by maneuvering my body around in bed. I had one of my most special moments with Dragon Turtle ever. I felt how he knew that my body was in bed and under the covers, and it felt gentle, it felt like being tucked in bed by a Dragon. And then he lifted one of my legs up, while I saw this magnificent red Dragon Turtle beast, and after holding my leg up for a while he set my leg back down on the bed. He was just showing power.

You know when you fall in love with someone and you save their napkins from the restaurant and when you get kissed you don't want to wash your face ever again? I held my leg all still for as long as I could, and I almost didn't want to breathe not risking to move my leg. Hamish my Space Dragon had set my leg down that way, and I wanted to keep it that way forever. He had touched my leg, and that was worth more than 1000 kisses. I love my Dragon.

I have had a wonderful morning and day with Dragon Turtle so far. Dragon Turtle Lady made her presence known from the cave for a bit, the contact concerned jealousy about Hamish again, you see when Hamish showed me his white penis yesterday, the Lady Turtle was concerned that Hamish and me might have been doing "porn" as they call it. (Hamish and me didn't do anything, read the page on news27.html).

So the interesting thing is that I'm finding out there is another version of my body that is always in the other dimension. When I fall asleep there, I wake up here. When I'm asleep here, I can sometimes wake up there, but usually not. They have me in a medical laboratory. This world that I am living in now with the humans is a dream. We are living in a dream. Hamish now puts his hand on my chest and is telling me to stay calm. Maybe because of what I wrote about the dream reality thing.

No, it was about my dong. - Hamish, "dong" in the other language, ok so that's why he reassured me

I love Hamish. I'm so happy with him. I have to remember to take out the red Christmas tree ball ornament today for him. I found one in the cupboard so I can put it next to his pink snuggy ruggy.

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