Books, Poo, and Scales
October 19 2013

I wanted this to be over

For the past several days I have been explaining to the Aliens - all except to Hamish of course - that I need our contact to be over. I tell them I will not be giving out any more eggs and that I want no further contact with them. I no longer want to see them or hear them talk or be abducted and so forth.

It really got to this point, where I finally had the courage to ask it to stop, when I became aware of just how badly their Dark Lord rulers are preying on me. Every night a Dark Lord will sit on me in bed and ingest the life force energy out of my body and heart, leaving me feeling drained and lifeless. I realized that this predatory behavior makes me sleep for more hours in a day and makes me less active. This, and also I suspect that the Aliens have other means of incapacitating me so that I am more suitable as an abductee cattle, makes me basically just a person with no life who only sleeps for an unnaturally many hours and not do anything. Just the way they like it. So I have had enough.

I don't want to see you eat chicken, .. but I like it. - says Hamish, first with the mental thought image of grilled chicken and the scent
Hamish? Are you hungry? Would you like me to buy you a grilled chicken for you to eat Hamish? Would you eat it? - me
I don't have a fork for it. - Hamish, with mental thought image of a fork
You don't need a fork for grilled chicken. Sometimes it's fun picking it with the hands. Would you eat it, Dragon Turtle? - me
Yes No. - Hamish, Yes-No means No, believe it or not

Hamish always loves the smell of ham pizza and of grilled chicken. He will sniff and sniff and he starts talking about how those are good foods. And every now and then he would like me to eat these. Like now. He really loves the fragrance of these fragrant foods. Isn't he a cutie? He is drying his scales today. I'll tell you more about that later.

I also wanted to eat your heart. - Hamish

Waa-waa-waaa.... so much for him being cute and fun.

I am not, easy. - says Sock Turtle Feet
No Hamish. You are not easy. Sometimes you are complicated. Please don't eat my heart. - me

Malik was banished first

So I told Malik that no more and that I have had enough.

So did you want to take it easy with me? - Hamish, otherwise Malik
I don't know, what to say. - me

Malik was very sad about being asked to leave. Just last night he was doing his romantic suave roars at me. He knows how to make it sound almost like a puppy that is whining and you just want to stop being angry at him and take him into your arms and just cuddle and love him endlessly. Malik will make these suave roars that sound like friendliness and happiness and it is also a sound that you just know it is asking to come cuddle. It's irresistible but I have to be stern and say no. I have also started praying for the Angels to take him away. I call for the Seraphim Angel mostly. The Angels told me to confirm that this is what I wanted, and I confirmed it. It wasn't an easy thing to do, to ask my Malik to leave, but I can't have him ruining the quality of my life for any longer. He is still around of course, but the quality of my life and my energy levels have improved tremendously, because he is being kept at bay somewhat.

I also asked the Aliens to leave

But even if Malik were gone, I would still have the other Aliens. The whole of the Agenda races. The Zetas, Thubans, Orions, Reptiles, Hybrids, Mantids, and others. As far as I know the others don't prey on my energy levels. I once caught Hamish picking life force out of my heart, but it's Hamish and he doesn't do it often... I think.

The problem with the other Aliens, if we put aside the Dark Lord shenanigans for a while, is the pedophilia. They are pedophiles. They introduce their hybrid children to sex at a far too early age, and the things I have to see and that they want me to participate is beyond aggravating to a human being. Just last night again they were showing me vivid mental images of hybrid child genitalia. They've started showing me girl genitals also, they didn't used to do that it used to just be penises. I yell at them every time and tell them to stop and I explain how it hurts me and how it's unnatural and so forth. But it never stops, they don't care. It's the Thubans who do this to me. Thubans are the workers who do pedophilia and expect me to help them "teach" the hybrids about sexuality. But they're kids and I'm not a pedophile. So I've told them to leave. I said Hamish gets to stay, of course. Wouldn't give away my Hamish Dragon for anything in the world. The universe.

Alien Atrocities

The Agenda is an alien organization. It's symbol is the yellow pyramid. The Agenda was created, it seems, by a race from Alpha Theti or Alpha Thetis, called the Dark Lords, Shadow Figures, Black Ones, and also Black Cats. Dark Lords are a very ancient race, and they are also very powerful. They have a way of mental influence on other beings, and they use these talents to conquer other races to join them on their Agenda, to work towards their cause.

Dark Lords

We don't want to be called Mr. Shenanigans. - a Dark Lord says
Alright Sir. I do apologise. - me
Do you want to know what we are called? - Dark Lord
Yes? What are you called? - me
Kenummbraah. - he says, sounds like Orion language to me
Kenumbrah? What does that mean? - me
Supremacy. - Dark Lord
Aha. Good. Excellent. I shall hereby now call you Kenumbrah. - me
And the eggs, are included in that. - says Hamish
Eggs Eggs and Hamish. - me says
My moisture, has not dried. - Hamish says in my other language. He means the scales that are drying in the bathroom.

Dark Lords are like plants. Plants take energy from sunlight, and Dark Lords take energy from other living beings by radiative means. Something called "life force" exists across human tissue

We are not into archaeology. - says Dark Lord
Why would you say that? Isn't that kind of random? Kenumbrah? - me

Life force surely has a biological and scientific counterpart, we just don't know what to call it yet. But there is some kind of sparkle across tissue, and when Dark Lords pull it out and ingest it, it leaves the tissue with a void and darkness, and the human has reduced vitality and energy levels, feels less happy and elated, and tends toward feelings of misery and darkness. It is a real event. The Dark Lords have been a presence on Earth throughout human history, and their presence and activities have been recorded in literature across the ages. In Islam they are known as the "Djinn". And they have also been recorded as Incubi and Succubi.... "Oh Malik", I find myself saying out loud. Malik is here watching me closely, and I feel him. Although he is a menacing and predatory man, he is also a man, and I have grown so accustomed to his persona and presence that it is a familiar reunion to see and to feel him close. A kind of friendship or romance grew between us, but that is what the Incubi want.

We don't eat grasses. - he says. "Grasses" means anything plant based.

The Dark Lords believe in a god called The Eye. They say The Eye is the "destroyer of worlds", and that it is about to destroy every race and every world. The world of Alpha Thetis seems to be next in line to be devoured by The Eye. The Dark Lords say that The Eye speaks to them, and tells them what to do. They sacrifice living beings and extract that life force, at this point when you take the entire life force out of a body you are taking the soul, and they pass it on to The Eye, appeasing it from eating worlds.

Other Alien races working in the Agenda are all under the witchcraft influence of the Dark Lords. Just this morning a Zeta pilot told me that they are held captive by the Reptilians. He sounded very nervous and agitated when he said this. Hamish was keeping check on the Zeta and threatening the Zeta. The Agenda enslaves alien races. The Zetas,

I was not with, Hamish! - someone says
I was just with him here. - says Hamish, about Hamish

Zetas, Dinosaurs, Alpha Orions, Alpha Centaurians

We are not there. - says Pleiadian
Because we are not sacrificed. We are heroes. - Pleiadian says, "heroes" in my native language

I completely lost my train of thought with all of them talking, so let's just go on with the story.

Zeta Contact Abduction

After some more pedophilic images of naked hybrid child genitalia that they put in my mind, and them telling me that I am going to have sex with some man and so forth, and me telling them that I want no more of this, I finally managed to fall asleep.

I am aware of abduction experiences that take place in the early morning hours just before I wake up. It seems I am somewhat aware as the abductions are happening, but I will then forget them when I wake up. Maybe if I put an alarm clock to go off at say 5 AM I would wake up and remember what took place at the "magic abduction hour" 4 AM? I want to know. (I now see some Zeta hands and fingers in a mental image.)

I had a dream about being in a creepy old house. Then I had a long dream segment where there was a flying red Dragon that was going to catch and kill everyone it finds and I was trying to hide under a small roof that was still outdoors. Oh it was horrible and very stressful. I think I might have been in the presence of Dear Dragon Hamish. Especially since I was asking and begging for a close encounter with my Dragon Sock last night. It's amazing that although I love this beast more than life itself, every time I am in his near presence it is dreadful. He has this terrible vicious aura about him, he feels like a dangerous predator, completely loveless. I always end up having to force myself to still remember the love I feel for him, and our friendship. Which isn't even a friendship at all. But it's my Hamish. Isn't he great?

I was not, talking to you. - says Hamish
We are in the spacecraft! - says a Zeta or possibly an older hybrid, in my native language
I want to go there too. - I say in native language and smile, I really do want to go there, and meet everybody
We are with Lasarus here. - Lasarus says, he is my Zeta
Hey Lasarus. I like to see you. - me
We wanted you to see the vippen. - says Lasarus and shows me a mental image of a white alien hybrid penis being touched by alien hands with long fingers
No thank you. Because you are involving children. So I don't want to. You know that. I am not a pedophile. - me, although that particular penis wasn't of a child
We wanted you to, have more, contact. - says a Zeta or hybrid
Not with children. That is strictly forbidden. And frankly I'm tired of sex. You have... - me interrupted
We have cultivated your genes. - Lasarus
I don't want to be sexually assaulted by you. You have ruined my sexuality. You know it's fragile, and you know you've ruined it. It's over, there is nothing more to do. You have ruined it for yourselves. - me
We have made them with your eggs. - Lasarus, I am shown the older hybrid girl again
I don't want to see them. I have been hurt. Go away.. - me, and I feel the agony and stress build up again, that causes me heart trouble sometimes

In the next dream segment after that, I arrived on another planet. It was a dark black night there, and I was on a vast field. The field was covered in frost on the grasses. The ground was black. I was walking there and came across a face mask on the ground of a Zeta. Just a white face mask with those large all-black eyes

We don't want to be eaten here either. - says Lasarus or the girl, or Lasarus about the girl
I don't care. Because you subject me to pedophilia and I am tired of it. I want no more contact with you. I don't care if you are from another planet, which should be fantastic, but you have hurt me and I want to be hurt no more by you. - me
We are fascinated with your genes. - says Lasarus
I don't want sexual offense. Please stop raping me with children. I will die if you do that, it is causing me heart pains. I might die. Then you are a murderer, and a pedophile. - me
Lasarus doesn't want you to talk to them. - Hamish I think, and I was shown a hybrid, so he is saying that Lasarus doesn't want me to talk to the children. Aha, Hamish is defending me from the heart attack. Hamish is regulating this conversation.

The mask had that small slit for a mouth. Like a porcelain or plastic face mask just sitting on the ground. There was something else next to it but I forget what it was.

Then I was aware of an older black man. I was shown an older black woman, the woman belonged to the Aliens and the man was from Earth and he was an abductee who was brought there to them often. The Aliens had paired up these two. The man was in court. It was a court case hearing and I was allowed to see it. The man was objecting to this, that is what the case was about.

Then I was shown three books before me. When I saw them I thought, "Dang I am jealous I so wish that I had made those". The first one to the left had a beautiful book cover. The image had black space with some stars sparkling, and there was a man in his mid 20's on the cover, a Caucasian human man with brown hair but his eyes were Reptilian eyes and a Reptilian body was partly superimposed with his face. I forget what else was around him, probably other Aliens in the background.

This was my sofa. - says Hamish and pats the sofa with his hand on the vacant seat next to me to the right.
Yes Dear. Please sit down with me. I will move this blanket for you. - me, I move the blanket that was there.
Hamish. Please sit here with me. - me
I am your Master. - Hamish says in my native language, not sure how to translate what he calls himself as, almost like a Sir, an important gentleman.
Yes Hamish. Please sit with me. Or... are you asking me to go sit somewhere else, so that you can have the sofa all for yourself? - me
We have taken your DNA. - says Hamish very carefully to me
Yes Dragon. I know that. "I Honor your scales". - me
I do not have a sock. - Hamish says in my native language, showing me his proportionally tiny flat red duck foot
... I love you Hamish. So much. - me
I won't bite you for what you said. - says that tiny red Dragon head with orange blunt bumps in two rows along his head
I Honor your scales and race. I love you Hamish. You are my Dragon. I would do anything for you. - me

God I love him.

I won't bite her, I said. - Hamish to Thuban I think, to one of the other Aliens otherwise to Lasarus

I love Hamish so much that sometimes I start to cry.

I am here! - Bird hollers having arrived in the bathroom, in my native language (NL)
Hello Bird. Welcome here! - me. Hamish calls the Bird his "Secretary".
My skull is not to be yelled into! - Hamish fusses at Bird (NL)
My darling. - me to Hamish (NL)

The second book, the one in the middle, had a book cover with black space and sparkly stars and the same human man with brown hair (but this time without the Reptilian eyes, fully human) and he was to the right and next to him on the left was what is clearly a Zeta human hybrid, but mostly or almost all Zeta except that she had hair. The two were both facing forward and they were rather close side by side and it was clear that they had been paired up to be a romantic couple. The third book cover I forget what it was.

They were not with a romance. - says Lasarus and almost "smiles" in how he feels
What were they then? - me
They were with DNA. - "smiles" Lasarus
What? Oh. I see what you are saying. I understand. - me

The books were all hardcover laminated and with those shiny pages. The size format was square shaped and they were not thick, maybe 50 pages.

Watch out. - says Hamish to Bird in my other language
She does not want to be your mother, she is only a cat. - says Lasarus to the hybrid girl who was there earlier too, says about me. "Cat" means that I am someone they grab on and have sex with.

Then I wake up from the dream and I realize that I have had Zeta encounters.

In the morning

We are not very thick. Did you want a larger one? - Lasarus asks and shows me the same penis again as earlier

Forgive me for being somewhat graphic, but this is a scientific documentary. I usually put this kind of stuff into the telepathy books. It seems that Lasarus has a penis, which means that he too is a Zeta-human hybrid. His skin is white

We are not very virulent/virilent. - says Lasarus
Stop.. - me, I start to say "Stop raping me", but I realize I have already said that. They just don't care, it is not a matter of that they wouldn't have heard it before.
I don't want to see sexual things. - me
No, she is not our bear. - says Lasarus to the girl about me, with mental image of the brown stuffed animal bear sitting here on the sofa with me

White or a very pale gray. They don't have genital hair. He is masturbating. I have never seen the Aliens masturbate one of their male hybrids in the way that I know human men do it. They kind of just touch against it. So they do it differently. Any more explicit descriptions, will really have to go into the books.

Turns out nobody else had made those books, and a Zeta who said he is a pilot asked me if I would make those books with him. Those three books would be made for their hybrid children to read. They want 500 copies of the book. I said I can arrange that. All they need to do is to give me clear directions on what to write and how to paint the cover. I was shown Zeta writing that would be on the top of the first page. The first symbol would be the "yen" symbol. It is a "Y" with two horisontal lines across the leg, and some dots on the sides. The Zeta said that that is how they always start a message. (I remember the symbol from a night when I was 13 and sleeping over at a friend's house, and we saw neon green alien hieroglyphics pasted on the bedroom walls. That yen one is the only one I remember today.)

And Hamish was up and about in the morning of course. He showed me two or three large sheets of shedded scales that he held hanging over his arms like towels. "He had shedded", he said. And he wanted to place the sheets of scales here to dry. I profusely assured him that he must make himself at home here and that he is more than welcome to "dry his scales" here.

This morning or late last night Hamish was rubbing his poo on my clothes that are hanging in my closet. Yes. I asked Dragon why is he doing that. I said I just want to understand because I don't understand. Thank god it is in the other dimension. Sure if I wear clothes that have his interdimensional poo on them, I don't have to see it so it is fine here. Well he was thinking about how his pink bathroom ruggie is crinkled up in the bedroom corner, cause I left it there after my most recent workout exercise in the room and didn't straighten it out for Dragon. (I think this was last night, because I told him I would fix the rug "tomorrow".)

Hamish often gets his messy poo on his feet and then he needs a nice rug to wipe his feet on to get them clean. Hamish's poo is never in solid pieces. It is always a mud pile, like a cow patty. It is a brownish color, more runny than not, but not liquid. He was told to do his business at the creek, but he didn't want to poo in the water because he worries about his poo getting into the eyes of fish that swim there. (He even worries about how fish poo in the water that fish then swim in. So he doesn't think it is a good idea to poo in water.) So he pood on the rocks at the creek for a while, but that obviously

We wanted to clean it with him. - intervenes Bird, who is here to clean up poo after him, hence the "secretary" status. Dinosaurs used to do it. And I have offered myself to do it but they won't let me.

So Hamish started pooing in the same corner on our bathroom floor.

So, please excuse me if I did that. - says Hamish with an unusually clear voice, he really wanted to excuse himself
It is alright, Dragon. You know I Honor you, and I want you to live with me. It is fine. It doesn't hurt anything. It is a good place for it. It is the right room for that. And I will help you clean if I may. I love you Hamish, don't feel worried about anything. - me

Hamish is right now in the process of stepping on those sheets of his scales, that are layed out on the bathroom rug. Squish squish, step step, on those scales, and rubbing them between his ankles as he does. Step Step Step.

So because his pink rug was tucked away, Hamish had poo on his hands and proceeded to wipe it on the clothes I have hanging in the bedroom closet, while he thought towards his pink rug that was inaccessible for him to wipe himself clean on. Perhaps it was a bit of a protest, or perhaps just out of necessity.

When Hamish wipes his feet on the pink rug, he always wipes the feet backwards, and he tends to do it real fast too! In the early beginning when I first saw Hamish wiping his feet, I just thought it looked so funny! I didn't realize he was wiping his feet clean. I didn't know what Dragon was doing then. But now I know. I mean, I guess when he poos his feet are a bit too close, or maybe he just accidentally steps on some. The poo is rather messy, even though it tends to stay compact in mud puddles piles, I have never seen his poo be runny or spread across a floor. But it's messy if you happen to step into it. Sometimes he tells me what he ate that is in the poo. Sometimes it's "hearts". Often it's "blood".

I don't want you to talk more about my feces. - explains Dragon
No Hamish. I won't. What should we talk about instead? I will talk about your scales next! - me
I was not happy with it. - Hamish
With what? Not happy with what? What, Hamish? What are you unhappy with, Dragon Sock Turtle my Darling Hamish The Great? - me

Oh God I love him. My very own Dragon. A real live Dragon from outer space. And he is such a fantastic person. I adore him so much.

I was not well, benign. I was not happy with that. - Hamish, aha he means he is not happy with his poo in the bathroom corner, he showed a quick brief image
It's ok. We will help you clean it. Please don't worry. You are our Honored here. It's ok. - me

I don't think Hamish can always hold his poo. Maybe when they used to live in the fern forests of Alpha Draconis they didn't have to poo in a specific location. From the only image I have been shown of Hamish's race traveling in packs in the fern forests, it didn't seem as if they stayed in a specific location. They seemed to live much like a pack of roaming wolves. Hamish's race certainly doesn't live in houses. They don't use furniture. They are like animals in the forest. That is why Hamish loves to spend time in nature here on Earth, and he feels very at home in a forest or by a creek even though he doesn't have a tent, a toilet, a chair or a bed. I am always impressed at how well he can be in a forest. (He now thought about Harry Potter movie.)

I love you. You are perfect. Don't worry about anything here Hamish. I will help you. You are my Honored Dragon. - me, I almost said friend, but decided to change that into "Honored Dragon", because he understands that better.
I was not with Black Ones. - Hamish, "Black Ones" in my native language, he means the Dark Lords, and I got a good glimpse of Hamish's head, with those tiny little nostrils between his eyes, such a cute Sock Puppet Dragon Head. I love him.

So if Dragon Turtles roam a lot and don't stay in a specific location, it would make sense that they haven't evolved the need or the means to hold their poo. I'm sure they can also poo "on the run", without having to stop. It seems like a quick and easy process, but almost too quick today, now that he dwells in hallways and homes. To have poo that comes out quickly makes sense to a Dragon that is on the run and on the lookout for prey.

Animals that are careful about hiding their poo, here on Earth, are those that tend to stay in one location for a long time. Poo is hidden for two reasons in Earth animals: 1. the smell can attract predators, 2. poo on Earth can produce disease. If an animal is moving a lot, then there is no need to hide or cover it. I think these things suggest that Hamish indeed belongs to a race that is moving a lot, like I saw his race doing in the beautiful fern forests at Alpha Draconis.

He also does not display any feelings of shame about his poo. Humans of course feel very ashamed of their poo. Dogs and cats are very conscientious about their poo and mindful about where they put it. It has been somewhat of a culture clash because I have seen that Hamish is not embarrassed

It is also called the stool. - says Hamish
Yes. It is. - me
It is made out of my food. - Hamish
Yes. It is. - me
And that is all there is to it. - Hamish
True. - me
I am not arrogant about it anymore. - Hamish
No Hamish, you are ok. I love you. - me
It is not with my kitchen. - Hamish shows me mental image of our kitchen
I love you Dragon. You are perfect. - me
You have seen that. - Hamish, he shows me an image of him having pood in the forest at the log where he usually takes his sheets of scales, and how he is wiping or kicking his feet backwards to cover the poo with leaves.
Yes, I have seen that. - me
It is only natural. - Hamish
Yes, Hamish. - me

Meanwhile however I am still embarrassed about poo with the Aliens. I always turn the lights off, imagining that maybe they can't see me in the darkness. But Dinosaurs always come around because they specifically want to see it. Often Dinosaurs say "Dab Dab" to me after I pood, to commend me. And this morning when I said excuse me to the Zeta pilot because I had to poo, the Zeta didn't leave me alone but he stood next to me (in the other dimension) and started comforting me by caressing the left side of my chest with his hand so that I wouldn't feel so bad about it. (But then I told him too late I already got constipated because humans can't do this when others are watching.) Once the Thuban showed me mental images of African safari animals doing droppings so that I could think about that when I poo so that I wouldn't have to feel bad about it. It often helps actually, because I can think about how it's no big deal to see those animals do that. But it still bothers me, because I am human. It's just another thing to live with, with having Alien contact.

It is not contaminated. - says Hamish about his poo I think
It's ok. Make yourself at home. - me

I wonder if I could get Hamish a big litter box and if he would use it.

Last night I watched a science fiction show where this people came down in a spaceship and then they were captured and there were some fight scenes. When I turned the tv off the black reptile wanted to watch it, so I put the show back on and we watched it together. He sat on the sofa and he really enjoyed it the combat scenes. It made him talk about some of the combats that have taken place in the Agenda. I love watching television with the Reptilians, except there were also some explosions in that program and that caused Hamish some distress, because he is afraid of fire. I had to comfort Hamish afterwards because he was showing me the explosion images from his memory. Hamish gets easily traumatized by things that he sees on television. He absorbs everything, and he never forgets a thing. I love him so much my heart has grown bigger so that it can contain the love for a Dragon Turtle of the old Draconian race. I would die for him

Look, my scales have fallen off! - says Hamish and shows me a large sheet of his shedded scales
Yes Hamish. It is only natural for you because you are a Dragon. It is ok. - me

Hamish is by no means a juvenile person, but he has not gotten used to his shedding.

They are not my "scaly bits". - Hamish, he knows I call them that
They are scales. Dragon scales. - me
They are not with me here! - says Bird and I see a flash of his white feathers
I just don't know where to put them! - Bird is very upset, the first time I sensed this emotion from them, he felt very upset and agitated by this arduous and problematic task
Put them anywhere you like, Bird. Make yourself at home. You are welcome here. - me
I don't want him to chew them. - Hamish says about Bird, not wanting Bird to chew the scales, which he wouldn't
Put them to dry someplace for him. Hamish likes them to hang to dry. Hamish? Where would you like to put your scales? - me
Back on my back. - Hamish, and I see his magnificent back hump

Shedding is always traumatic for Dragon. It reminds me of exactly how I felt when I was a child and a loose milk tooth came out. It feels scary and nervous. Hamish behaves that same

It is not an arduous task, I said to him. - Hamish says with seriousness in his voice, he says to me and that he would have said to Bird
They are not paying me with money, but they give me my life! - Bird, poor thing.
Poor Bird. I love you so much. - me

So this morning Hamish had those large sheets of scales again. Gosh he sheds a lot! I remember the first time I saw him shedding. Well one day I saw Hamish and he was all white, and I got so scared I was crying and very upset because I thought he was sick and I worried that he might die. But turns out his scales all over his body had just turned white so that they would all fall off. And something like two days later Hamish returned to me all bright red with fresh scales, looking brand new like a newborn Dragon baby. But he sure does shed a lot.

Why do Dragons shed? I know why Earth reptiles shed, but how come there are reptiles on Alpha Draconis that share so many biological similarities?

I was not taking the ones on my eye. - Hamish shows me the white scaly bits that appear above his eyes, those always bother him, and they are small pieces so he can't really hold on to them.

Humans shed skin constantly. Constantly. Just that our cells and bits of skin come off in such small pieces that we don't really see them, but they - along with lint fiber from our clothes and fabric in our homes - become the dust that settles everywhere. Gross, I know. Humans form dust from shedding skin. Changing skin is very important, because animals rub against things, and we also need to make sure that skin is able to heal quickly if it becomes broken. So having skin that rebuilds itself quickly protects against abrasion and damage. The same must be true for Dragon Sock Turtles. (Aww he is so cute he is sitting like a Sphinx on the bathroom rug, he plummets straight down into a bun and sitting on his arms and legs looking all comfy. He looks like a bird nesting, the way that he lies there.)

Why is shedding so traumatic for him? The body of a biological organism doesn't always care to make the being feel easy about biological processes. Animals go through all manner of traumatic bodily events that the body does not equip them with the sense of being "ok" about it. Just take female menstruation for example. It can be very traumatic especially the first time that it happens. And it is quite the nuisance. The body just dumps a large amount of blood and the body doesn't care that it's messy and inconvenient. Shedding is always traumatic for Hamish. He feels nervous and agitated each time that his skin comes off in large white sheets.

We try to help him with it. - says Bird
Thank you. I try to help him too. - me

So Hamish proceeded to pee on these new shedded sheets of scales, and I had asked him why does he do that. To be perfectly graphic, once not too long ago Hamish confided in me that he had mated with a mound of his scales. He had masturbated on his scales.

I don't want anyone to make fun of Hamish. Remember he is Alien life, and that he is of a race that is not a human. He can talk, and he can express

I am also hungry for snacks and lunches! - Hamish lights up and says, oh how delightful
Hamish. You are cute. I would give you snacks and lunches if I had them. - me, god I love this Dragon
I was not with your pyy-pyy then. - Hamish

He can express his thoughts, but that does not make him a human. If he masturbates on shedded scales, maybe the feeling of the scales against his ankles reminds his information processing center (brain) of the feeling of a female Dragon Turtle and stimulates sexual reproduction behavior. After all, everything is just wired, and it is not always the conscious intellect that can regulate its own behaviors. Human men instantly feel sexually aroused from the image of a naked woman. It's just wires in the brain. Something that suggests a female can trigger sexual behavior. It is a fundamentally not conscious behavior. Important instincts like those around food and reproduction are usually wired to be spontaneous and automatic, rather than relying on the intellect to figure them out. Please show Hamish a great deal of respect. He is a fantastic alien Dragon creature and I am learning a wealth of information just by observing him and thinking about his behaviors.

I am not a Sock. Tell them that. - says Hamish, still sitting comfortably like a bun on the bathroom rug, with his arms tucked away underneath his Dragon body

I think he pees on his sheets so that they will stay moist. When the scales first come off, they are like elastic rubbery silicon sheets. When they dry they lose some of that elasticity and start to break off into individual smaller bits. I think he also pees on them so that they will have his scent on them. Hamish is very aware of his own scent, and he enjoys having his scent in his surroundings. He feels comforted and at home from his own scent. He will then step on his scales, tread tread, step step, with his feet up and down up and down on the sheets of scales that he places on a bathroom rug.

When Hamish has sex he will have the female on the floor on its belly and Hamish will step up on her back and then he steps with his feet up and down, up and down. It looks exactly like when birds are mating. I once saw Hamish rape a hybrid girl. I'm not kidding. He will stand on her back and he steps his feet up and down. So the stepping up and down with his feet might be a sexually stimulating behavior. Maybe it even

Yes-No. - says Hamish very sternly, and I see an image of an underground tunnel almost like a sewer tunnel
What Hamish? Did someone ask you to leave? What is happening? - me
I was not Kenumbraah. - a Dark Lord says from that tunnel someplace. Aha, so Hamish might have been telling the Dark Fussubus to leave, it was bothering Hamish. So it was unrelated to what I was saying.

Maybe the stepping even feels pleasant. Or, the stepping on scales might have a solely practical purpose, as he says that he does so, so that the "scales will dry", and so that he can break off smaller pieces from the sheets of scales, smaller pieces that can then be disposed of. He sprinkles those smaller bits into several places, such as trashcans, the toilet, and into the bath water when I am in the bath.

He sure loves stepping on his scales. It seems to be more of a labor of love than a nuisance or a task. I am sure that if he did not appreciate the task of stepping on scales, then he would not bother with doing it. I don't fully understand his stepping behavior, and only time will tell. I have been wrong in my analyses of his behavioral psychology numerous times before. It is always best when he can tell me directly how he thinks and how he feels.

It is not an arduous task. - says Dragon

And last night black reptile asked if he could use our toilet. I said that he can. So black reptile has toilet needs too. Sure he can use the toilet! I got several close visuals of him last night at the time when we were watching the sci-fi show. He has a very soft head, I'm sure he doesn't have a skeleton. He is a black or dark purple color. His eyes are all black and with both upper and lower eyelids. He wears a purple uniform. He is the one who uses words like "Kembraah!" and "Shuurah!"

I know you didn't want to vilify me, but I wanted people to be afraid of me. - Hamish

You forgot to tell them about the sex toys. - says a Zeta, possibly Lasarus, and shows them to me again

That's right, I did. He also said that they give them to humans to make humans happy. This morning or last night the Zetas showed me the sex toys that they have and use on humans. They think they are being nice, but I explained to them - or I tried to explain to them, cause they don't understand or care - that even though the feelings can be nice, it is rape and hurtful if a human isn't in on it. Why don't they understand that? This morning I questioned the Zetas intelligence for their lack of comprehension of sexual abuse.

You are not our rats, then? - Zeta or Malik

Whatever. Time to get on with my day. My day with Hamish. Oh, of course. I need to describe the sex toys. They look like the anal probe in one of my past Thoughts pages, I made a drawing. They are cylinders with wires around. They have different models of those. Bye.

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