October 13 2013

I seem to be aware of abductions in the morning hours right before I wake up back here in my bed. The abductions take place somewhere else, in another dimension, in a parallel reality from ours, another layer of the world. My body is there at all times, I have found out. Another version of me is always there. I sometimes wonder if this is the dream?

Last night I was aware in a small square box shaped room. All walls, ceiling and floor were dark but not all black. It was as if thin pipes or vertical boards ran along the walls here and there. There was detail to the walls. I was with Russians and they were preparing my file. It had my information such as name, place of birth, and so forth. This one Russian military officer was very fussy and rude to me. He had brown hair, and he left me alone in the room.

Next I was in a hospital bed in that room and a Japanese man was there. He said he is a neurosurgeon. I was excited and told him how great and how he knows all those things about the brain and I'd love to check out his college textbooks, I said. I told him about the science I want to do and am studying.

He had a female Japanese assistant. When she found out what country I was from, she lit up just a little bit and said that she had studied for a while at a well-known university in my country. But she was very quiet. It was the neurosurgeon man who spoke to me.

He was there to surgically insert a vertical metal rod into my brain. I had a problem with my left hemisphere of the brain, he said. When I woke up in the morning we were still talking, and I found out from ensuing conversations with the Japanese neurosurgeon and the Thuban that the Thubans are unhappy with my recent upsets and they think of it like a mental problem and the implant would be in my brain so that when I get upset the metal rod will have electricity going through it which stops me from having an upset.

The neurosurgeon told me that he was under threat to work for them. The Aliens had also wanted him to have sex with me to make me pregnant, and he said that he would rather not because he has a wife or girlfriend (I forget which it was) there in Japan. The Aliens threaten these humans and prominent scientists to work for them. They threaten to place bombs into the humans, or into parks and public places. The Aliens had threatened to kill the neurosurgeon's family if he did not work for them. I told the man to do what ever he needs to do so that he and his family can be safe.

The neurosurgeon whispered to me when I was back in my bed and no longer aware of the abduction site, that he had told the Aliens that it was not possible to do the surgery. It was a half lie that he had given them. He said that what he had been asked to do amounts to being asked to surgically remove an arm if it simply has a wart on one of the fingers (he said that without words, he was thinking it, and I pick up on their thoughts in the telepathic connection). He thought about how it would take something like gangrene before a doctor would remove an arm. He thought the surgical procedure he had been asked to do was too invasive, and not justified. So he had averted it from happening.

I told the surgeon that I was only upset, and that it was not a problem with my brain. The Aliens had talked to him about how I get suicidal and do death threats to the hybrid children. I mean, my upsets get very bad. I told the Thuban that it was its fault, and that this could have been avoided. I also said that it could possibly still be fixed if they would do something about it. First they ruin my mental health (momentarily, until each time that they leave) by bringing me these hybrid children and expecting us to be sexual together, and treating me as if I am an animal, and it totally ruins my mental health. Then they act like there's something wrong with my brain, and expect a doctor to do surgery like that. Well, doctor sided with me, of course, because he understands health and healthcare. And so do I.

The neurosurgeon's name is Sakurama. Later Sakurama said to me, "The Japanese want to say, Kurasaki." As if I know Japanese!!

Hamish was stomping his feet on shedded scales in the morning when I returned to my bedroom after the close encounter with Japanese neurosurgeon Sakurama. Hamish talked to me about his shedded sheets of scales, and showed me his shedded sheets of scales. It sure occupies a lot of his mind and attention. But I was so glad to see my Hamish Dragon.

Last night

Last night a Reptilian showed me a Draconian sword that they have. Reptilians have a lot of swords. They make them themselves. They have Draconian written language inscripted on them, and last night I asked the Reptilian what does it say? The inscription on the sword says:


""Honor be" is said in one word", said the Reptilian. There are only two words on the sword, so the sentence is said in two words only. I repeated the phrase a few times. I liked the way it sounded. I told them I would like to have that tattooed on my left arm. "Honor be to the Dragons". Why not? I honor my Hamish? My Sock Turtle?

Things have gotten worse with the Thuban and the hybrid children. I was shown several hybrid children last night. They look Japanese. They are mine with Japanese men and with Thuban DNA. All I could say was that they are the result of rape. I did not want to see them. It upsets me deeply.

There was a time when I was happy to see the hybrid children, and I instantly adopted them in my heart as a mother and wanted to have them in my life forever. (Just see the books Letters to SETI 1 and 2 if you don't believe me.) But then the sexual approaches with the hybrid children. Now every time I see a hybrid child it is horribly terrifying like in a scary movie when you see the murderer standing outside in the rain by the window with a knife and you realize the door isn't locked. These children are everywhere. They hide behind the curtains, they are told to go into my closets and under the bed. They crawl into bed with me when I sleep. They stare at me every time and everywhere. It is terribly traumatizing and tormenting. The stress is unbearable.

Hamish had a little hybrid girl who was wearing a white princess dress sitting on his bathroom rug this morning. I had already expressed again that I don't want them here. So Hamish was perhaps having that little thing on his rug as a way of containing the problem, or of making it ok. Hamish stood on the rug and kept the little girl there sitting down between his legs. Hamish was so much taller than the little thing. Then Hamish said that he had his poo on the rug, and the girl had gotten the back of her dress accidentally on the poo so there was some on her dress. So Hamish was telling her to leave and telling her that she had poo on her, and the girl was saying no that she doesn't have poo on her. True story. Another true story on Alien contact.

Last night the Reptilian who showed me the Draconian inscripted sword, he saw Hamish standing here in my room and he was instantly filled with reverence at the sight of Hamish. He saw Hamish's hump back and bowed and softly declared that Hamish is his King. I have noticed that a lot. All Reptilians of the "typical kind", who do not have the back hump on their back, they all honor Hamish and his race. Hamish belongs to the "old race of Draconians". They "honor" his back hump. I said that I honor Hamish and his back hump too, and that Hamish is my King too. I love that Hamish has such high rank in the hierarchy. He means a lot to me. My Sock Turtle Feet. He has the cutest little flat red duck feet.

We are with the Alpha Zed. - says Lasarus I'm sure it is
You mean Alpha Zeta? You are a Zeta Alien? - me
Yes. - Zeta

Last night the Agenda made me think that former president Bill Clinton would have sex with me to make me pregnant. I don't know why they insist on making an abductee think that we are in contact with famous human figures. I do know that Reptiles have a fixation with power, and they would want a human abductee to regard them as distinguished like we do our presidents I guess. So maybe they pose as presidents so that we would honor them? I don't know, but surely the presidents aren't Reptilian bloodline, actually Reptilians under a human disguise, roaming the Earth and ruling the Earth? I don't know, but I am going to say that Reptilians are masquerading themselves, until I have proof of otherwise. My only question is how did I know about Bill Clinton's heart condition years before it was announced? I remember being so concerned for his heart, and I cared about him almost like as if I knew him. I don't know, the mysteries are many.

My apologies that the Agenda mentions so many actual human figures.

You are our mooonkeeeyyssss!! - hollers a Thuban with yellow baleen mouth

Remember that abduction recently when the Zetas were using a small brush to brush a very cold wet liquid on the fingerprint area of my fingers? Well they implanted a tiny flat metal square into one of my fingers and it is used to make me calm down if I get an upset. So the metal rod in my brain was going to be another measure for the same. They don't like my upsets. And I don't like the hybrid children.

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