A Wonderful Goodbye
November 15 2013

(...) my throat (...). - Hamish seems pleased to see all the zombies, and he does palate clicks
My boys were here/there, he said. - Hamish, that Rick would have said about his son Carl when they're out on the field with zombies when they're closing in on the house

"It was our nest!", he said to them. - Hamish is narrating the movie! He showed/thought of a mental image of the barn scene when they set the fire, he even used a nice basooning narrating voice for "it was our nest", oh he's cute.

Hamish and me are watching The Walking Dead, Season 2 Episode 13. It's amazing how he can watch a movie and he understands what he sees. Let's remind ourselves that Hamish is an extraterrestrial being from the fern forests of Alpha Draconis. They don't have televisions or furniture. They don't wear clothes or sleep in beds or live in houses or use cutlery or plates. He can watch a movie

I don't want them to turn around. - Hamish shows me a mental image of the scene where Hershel almost gets bit by the walker behind him. Hamish doesn't want him to turn around. Hamish wants to see him get eaten.

He can watch a movie and derive some understanding - even entertainment - from it. Albeit he processes the storyline differently than we humans would. I am following the drama and the interaction and stories with the humans. For me The Walking Dead is a story about people, and life. But Hamish enjoys seeing the zombies eat blood and guts. He just likes to see them eating snacks. That's his take on it. I don't think he listens or cares about the interpersonal dramas and emotional stories between the people.

I need to say goodbye

When the Orion man contacted me two years ago, I had no way of knowing that my contact and association with their Alien Agenda would lead me down a very dark track into a place of demise and silent suffering.

The Dark Lords, who run the Agenda, sent me to a Free Mason D/s Master, the man did mind control, hypnosis, and slave training on me. He made me look into his eyes and when I did I saw the "black monster" standing in a ring of fire. This was what let the Dark Lords have access to me. When I ask the man, who still wants me in his life, if he knows about these Dark Lords, he will only say "you know I don't talk about those things", and it is very clear that he knows something.

The Incubi, six of them, have been feeding off my energy ever since, if not for longer. Every now and then an Incubus, which is a Dark Lord, will place sadistic sexual images into my mind and try to get me to have a sexual moment with him, using his particular own flavor of sadistic sexuality. He particularly enjoys animal cruelty. They can also show images of medical torture and experiments done on humans and animals. When it flares up a person's fright, they then contort that energy into sexual. It is a Satanic act.

The Agenda will also ambush me when I am trying to have a personal moment with myself, and either Dark Lords, sometimes Zetas, or Thubans with hybrid children, or even Reptilians, will try to nestle with my sexual energies so that they can ingest my life force.

Dark Lords are Shadow Figures, they are also Incubi or Succubi, Demons, Djinn. They are the ones who invented Satanism, pentagrams, the Ouija board, tarot cards, Ancient Egyptian mythology and rituals, Hitler's Nazi movement and the Holocaust, the persecution of jews, they constructed Aleister Crowley the Satanist, and they are behind all the pedophilia in Catholicism. They have infested the Vatican, they try to infest churches and they manage to get to some priests with their sexual or power temptations. And they are responsible for much of the rape, pedophilia, incest, murder, torture, wars, even arguments and fighting that happens around the Earth in humanity throughout history. Demonic possession. And they enjoy the energies. Corrupting humans and flaring up sex, fear, anguish, or pain, enables them to pull that energy out, and the human loses their vitality and light. It feeds the Dark Lords, and then they pass on that energy to their god, The Eye, who eats souls.

There is such a thing as a "Satanic temptation". Their cult feels sexual, it feels powerful, suave, loving and welcoming. It is easy to trickle down and fall into the arms of a Dark Lord. Even engaging in things like witchcraft, using alcohol, drugs, even Harry Potter movies have the Satanic vibe, there are many things placed here on Earth that are their tools to lower your energy just enough so that they can latch on and consume you. The Illuminati is their Earth-bound extension, and it gives us things in popular culture especially in music. I have also learned from the Agenda itself, that television is a strong mind control tool - you can laugh that off if you want, but I'm not watching television anymore (other than a few shows, no more mindless zapping).

Dark Lords can build portals for easy access. They can place their black satanic energy in a place, and into people. My third eye area, frontal lobe of the brain on the forehead, was hijacked by the Agenda. They placed a black portal of a sort there, which I believe was designed to continuously pull my vital force into the Agenda and The Eye, lowering my vitality and quality of life in the process.

The Agenda try to oversexualize their victims, for a number of reasons, as I have discussed previously. The spells of demon Jezebel, my Malik, are well-known and have been recorded and reported by humanity numerous times.

I have reached an understanding of how I gradually trickled down, how they snared me and ruined me.

The plague, and botulism, are more less benign. - Dark Lord

*Facepalm* *laughs* That's my Boy! Hear him talk!

But the Dark Lords do not only ensnare humans. They also go after countless of other alien civilizations. It seems that some humans and aliens ask the Dark Lords for help and choose to join them. Having a Dark Lord Djinn as an ally, we all know how powerful they can be. After all aren't the Djinn the Genies who gave people wishes? Dark Lords have told me of how Earth governments and presidents have used Ouija boards to contact them, asking them to be allies in military, money, and power schemes. But you sell your soul. Literally. They snatch your soul and cast you into hell. These are not just biblical stories. This is what happens. They don't want to "give" you anything. All they want is your soul, for them to enjoy and rape, and to feed their Eye god when it is hungry. And they will laugh at you and rape you as they subject you to cruelty and torture and torment your mind. (We didn't get that far, my Dark Lords and me. But they have made my life miserable.)

Zetas are in their clutches. The Zetas asked for help to restore fertility to their species after a nuclear power accident rendered them infertile. But the Zetas are also enslaved and captured by the Reptilians of the Agenda. Hamish's race was captured and the Dragon Turtles didn't want to join. Dragon Turtles get fed of course for putting their services in the Agenda, but did you know that most Dragon Turtles live in hiding in caves? Hamish visits them sometimes, and Hamish keeps them safe by volunteering himself. The Dragon Turtles are not evil. Surely they eat livers and kill to feed themselves, but humans do that too, we just leave the butchering to the livestock industry and prefer to buy our fresh killings and slaughterings from the meat aisle nicely packaged on a white plastic tray.

Little by little I ended up in a miserable state. The Dark Lords have their own "vibe", their own energy that pervades their mind and body. They end up taking a person's soul and running off with it, and give a person their own satanic vibe. It got so bad to the point where I was feeling nauseous and sick. I was depressed and my mind was in their satanic fog.

I started this documentary as a scientist, willing and eager to explore alien contact when the Orion man contacted me in August two years ago. I was excited to talk to all the aliens, to get to know them, but I did not now to expect a hellish nightmare to unfold, complete with Dark Lords, pedophilia, the roots of Satanism, and all the vile things of the universe all collected under one yellow pyramid. Even the Alpha Orions are victims.

I have recorded the story meticulously, like only someone trained in chemistry laboratory could. Written everything down, every conversation exchange, every observation, event. Thousands of pages have resulted in The Orion Project, and everything will be made available, here on the website and in the books combined.

I have recorded a story that captures the alien abduction and hybrid programs story deeper than perhaps any other alien abductee ever has. Alien abductees who report on seeing their hybrid children and who have positive things to say about the contact, well they have only been given a pinch of the story by their captors. The alien abduction story is not a benevolent or spiritual path. Most abductees never get to meet the Dark Lords, who run the show. Most abductees never get to see that most of their hybrid children get abused sexually, are subject to pedophilia, taken to the pedophile Reptilian pope in the other dimension, are used in medical torture, and killed and eaten by not just Reptilians but also by the Thubans themselves. And who knows where the nutritional baths that Zetas use come from?

I was put through terrorizing agony with the Aliens, who tried to force me into sexual contact with my own hybrid children. I was put through countless of rapes with men in the Agenda to get me pregnant and feed the Agenda with more children.

All of the Agenda is to serve the Dark Lords in their task of giving their god The Eye souls. That is all the Agenda ever wants. Anything else that is done under the pyramid, alien abductions, Agenda UFO sightings, the hybrid genetics programs, Zetas, Reptilians, the Thuban dolphins, everything under the Illuminati, Aleister Crowley, Satanism itself, it all serves to sacrifice souls into the Satanic Eye god. That is all it is. That is what this alien contact was about. That is what this is. And it sums up The Orion Project, which perhaps should be renamed The Agenda Project, but it is too late to rename it.

They are an alien, extraterrestrial culture. They are alien races. And they have been fascinating to talk to and interact with. I have done a respectful body of work that I can be proud of. I have done a massive documentation on this, and I can sum it up and have a very deep understanding of what the Agenda is.

It is a culture, and I have been respectful. Respectfully I have listened to their story and respected their point of view. I have been eager to learn of their perspective, to understand their thoughts, their feelings, and what their needs are. I was hurt in the process. I was subject to sexual abuse, they forced me to watch pedophilia, they wanted me to join a vast massive system which we call the Agenda, but which would have ultimately only resulted in extinguishing my soul and my light.

It is the deepest darkest thing anyone could possibly ever explore. It reaches into the pits of hell. By the way, I think that the "satanic vibration" is simply nothing more than a low vibration. Dark Lords and The Eye have a vibrational quality which is very low, and that is from where the "satanic feel" comes from, or what it is. The satanic vibe is so profoundly sinister and lifeless that it will make a human sick, insane, and die, depending on how close you get to it.

But The Eye seems to not be a mythological construct. It seems that he is an actual construct of astronomy or cosmology. He is a black hole of some kind, and the energy that he embodies, that deep dark satanic vibe, could probably some day be measured by scientific equipment, which even today are recording pitches and energies from bodies of stars, and planets, radiation in space. The Eye is out there. The satanic vibe of The Eye is more nightmareish than words can say. I have described it as the difference between a live red rose, and the dead dry ashes of a burned rose. It is the vibe of death and lifelessness. And the Dark Lords live in it.

However. We must also pity the Dark Lords, for I have been in their minds in brief glimpses. They suffer. They feel madness and sickness, and their only moment of relief is when they get to experience the bright beauty of another one's soul that they prey on. They are like hungry cold dogs out in the rain and they only want to stand close next to someone else's fire, but their presence brings death and demise to those they touch. Everything they touch turns to ashes.

They have been polite, they have been civil, I even made good friends with several of them. The Dark Lords are ancient, they are intelligent, and there is a lot of beauty to them in a way. Had I been someone who was meant for the dark arts, witchcraft, paganism, satanism, I would have enjoyed a lifelong communion with these Dark Lords and enjoyed their company. Over the years I have seen so much in them, and had so many good moments with them, it will pain me to let them go, to ask them to leave, to banish them from my life.

I will always love them, and I will be there with them when they find their way into the light on their own. Many - or all? - of them were once Angels of Light, you know? I have recorded (written down) a great conversation with a demon Dark Lord who told me about how he once was an Angel, and he even gave me his Angel name (find that exchange in one of the upcoming future books, an intimate expose and exchange with a Dark Lord). One day they will all rise back up into the Light, and I will hug them and I will kiss them and wrap my angel wings around them when they do. I will not forget a single Dark Lord's soul that I have met. They will not be forgotten.

We are not Mr., or Mrs. Mischief? - a Dark Lord asks
I am getting ready to banish you. You are Mischief. - me
But I am a Lord. - he basoons a bit, but nothing scary, just with dignity and poise
We are too different. I don't want to be some kind of "Aleister Crowley". I want to be with the Angels again. - me
I am so sorry to hear that. - Dark Lord bows miserably and sadly
We must accept each other's differences, and go separate ways. I will always love you Dark Lords. But I will never again engage in any sexual exchange with you all, nor will I participate in any more Dark Shenanigans with you anymore. I was meant to be an Angel. - me
I stop talking, because I see him bowing miserably, as he is in awe of the Light, the Light makes him fade and he bows his head down and looks sad
I just came here for my dinners. - he says with a deep pout, literally!
No more dinners for you here. Please leave me - and Hamish! - be. - me
You were my surrogate mother. I needed you! - Dark Lord
No more. It is over now. The Angels will keep you away. - me
I wanted to see you rest there. - Dark Lord points to my bed, he is trying to humbly find a way for me to let him back
No more. You are no longer welcome in my house. And it pains me to say that. - me

The Future

For the past several weeks I have contemplated on closing down The Orion Project. To stop actively seeking engagement with the Agenda allies. To cease my friendships with its Dark Lords, Reptilians, Zetas, Thubans, even the friendly Dinosaurs and Alpha Orions. Though I haven't found any place in my heart that could ever let go of Hamish. I will always love Hamish, and I will always welcome him in my home. He has to be an exception. But I won't deal with the Agenda that is attached. Hamish and his red dragon scales and "back turtle" hump back, and those yellow round bulging eyes, and his soft fleshy mouth that says "Liver Snacks!", his orange blunt bumps that burst and ooze that viscous liquid that makes him smell and glow neon orange in the dark, will always and forever be welcome in my life. And he can show me Japanese koi fish, yellow flowers, say "No Santa!!!" and show me his shedded Dragon scales anytime. I will always have a place in my heart for him. But the Agenda business has to stop.

I have turned to both Christianity and Islam. I pray to the Holy Spirit, to Allah, to all the Angels, and to the good and love and light of the world to take me in and to protect me. It was humbling at first, to ask the Angels to come to me, to be in my home, to guard me all the night while I sleep, to ask these entities of such favors, but they obliged, they are helping me. I ask them to keep the Dark Lords away, and I even ask them to be the ones to explain the changes in the situation to them. And they help me.

We don't like onions. Or the leek. - Dark Lord says
You had some here yesterday and I didn't like the smell. - Dark Lord pouts
It was delicious! - me, I decide to say

Last night I turned to Angel Gabriel. "Riel" is Angel language for "Rejoice". He showed himself to me in his traditional human image, one that he has presented to humans for hundreds if not thousands of years. He comes in the form of a younger man but soft brown hair that is long enough to cover his ears, and has a fringe, so it looks like a Medieval style hairstyle. He is Caucasian and with brown eyes. He looks very much like a young man, happy and like a helper. He feels like a page, like one of the helpers who worked in a Castle. He presents himself that way, also dressed in Medieval style clothing, with tights and those pointy shoes. He has given that image of him to humans throughout history.

But I asked Angel Gabriel to show me his true form, and he did. He is a Light Being, his body is made of light. His form is made out of bright white light. The front of his head extends far out like a horse, but he also has a face on the back of his head too! He had two heads! He told me that humans are usually afraid to see that he looks that way and that he has two heads. I was surprised to see it, but not afraid. He can be himself here with me.

I now talk with the Angels daily, and The Orion Project is hereby closed.

If you have been enjoying this entertaining documentary as it unfolds, I am glad for you, but I will have you know that in the process of being involved in this journey I have also lost my light and many elements of my life were diminished. It is time I move on and raise my energies. I am removing the black machine from my forehead that the Agenda had placed there. I meditate on lotus flowers, Angels, I use candles, I read biblical and islamic texts, and I give myself to the Angels, to live with them, and in their grace.

All of the material I have compiled will be published in future books. All of the thousands of pages of exchange, observations, and fantastic stories with Agenda Alien contact will be written into books. But I say goodbye, I want no more new experiences, I want no more conversations with the dark entities, I seek to learn nothing further of them, and I move on with my life closer than I ever was to the Angels. My life is dedicated to living in Spirit, with the Holy Spirit expressed in Christianity, with the dear loving God Allah of Islam, with Angels of Light who will make me into one of their own. I have seen the dark and the light and I give myself to Light and to Love, I devote my life and soul to the loving God, I give myself to be an Angel. I will not be satisfied with living just in the in-between of dark and light where we humans live. Even that is on the doorstep to hell, and is too close, it is the grayzone between black and white. I give myself to the Angels of Light. I will be a vessel of Light in this world. There is nothing else we can be, there is only the Light, and the absence of Light. In God, in Angels, we will find the Light. I was robbed of that for a long time, and now I know where life, beauty, joy, laughter, smiles, and the human soul comes from. We humans strive for materialistic acchievements. The only acchievement or thing we can ever own to give us joy is the Light in our Souls.

And hereby The Orion Project is closed. I should write here no longer. Stories, and events, should not be written, but should be rejected and forgotten from now on. Conversations from the aliens should be muted and ignored. And the Dark Lords be rejected, banished, blocked and sent away.

I am now with the Angels. And that is a whole new Story. The Orion Project is closed.

Look forward for future books exposing the many telepathic conversations that were never written on this website. Fantastic insight into the personalities and lives of the Aliens of the Agenda, and incredible, sometimes horrific, often amusing and entertaining stories of our adventures together. And also books that compile all the many things I have learned.

We wanted to talk. - Angel
Yes? - me
We are here with our Holy Grace. And you need not be afraid. - Angel, this was directed to you readers
We are not giving them any more victims for sacrifice. - Angel
Thank you! Please protect me from them! I want to be with the Angels! - me
You are not his concubine anymore. - Angel or Dark Lord, about Dark Lord
Thank you! - me

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