Pandora's Box
November 11 2013

Alien lurking in dream

I had a long and close encounter with a Zeta-type alien last night, only I was asleep and in the other parallel world where the aliens abduct people into and where they live in. In the dream I became aware of an alien being standing out on our balcony, it seemed to be waving for me. My mother was standing in the hallway with me and she spotted it first. I told her to calm down and to stay back. I went to the balcony and I was filming the being with my digital camera. The alien was green and wore a tight fitting rubbery uniform, and boy was he chatty! I can't recall a single thing he talked about though. But I woke up from that dream having a feeling that I had met someone.

Rejecting the Dark Lords

I have started rejecting the Dark Lords. They still want me back. Malik offered me his white penis today, but I graciously declined. And I asked him, "Malik, aren't you Jezebel? Jezebel is a woman entity, so how do you have a penis?" Malik Jezebel then replied, "Sometimes I put panties on". I had to chuckle a bit to that. The Incubus meant of course that sometimes he/she appears as a female. Whatever it takes to get a human sexed up and ready to offer to him their soul.

I am now regularly asking for the Angels to help me fight back the Agenda. The Agenda is far too strong and powerful for little me to push back on my own. I tried it on my own at first but had to admit defeat. The Agenda had placed what I can only call a "machine" into my head. I can see energy bodies, meanwhile ordinary humans are entirely unaware of energies and these other realities and would call me insane, but hey, enjoy your time in the cattle pen, human!

Pandora's Box

I've given it the name of Pandora's Box. Pandora's Box is an old story that told about a woman who found a hidden box and was told not to ever open it. But she was too curious and couldn't resist. Once she opened it, all of the world's evils and monsters came out of the box and filled the world, and it was too late to undo the opening of the box. The other parallel reality is a Pandora's Box. Once it really hits you what this means, you will be changed forever, and it can never be undone again. That is why I am hesitant about even writing about my discoveries of reality.

I'm starting to believe that we humans are living in a simulated computer program, think of it like a three-dimensional computer game that surrounds us. It is completely built up out of pixels and electronic signals, decoded in our brain. There are computer games such as Second Life where each gamer on their own computer systems can move their own character in a virtual world, and different characters can interact with one another and watch each other walking in the same world.

I was having a bath today when the image of human Queen Elisabeth appeared. I still don't know whether Queen Elisabeth somehow is a Reptilian in disguise, or whether the Reptilians simply love to disguise themselves in her figure so that they can pose as real royalty, expecting a real royal treatment in response from the humans they interact with. But this time it was a black reptilian who posed as Queen Elisabeth, unless it was the White Lizard Queen with a black reptilian present.

She always appears when my energy happens to be especially bright. Those times when I recover from the low energies the Agenda put me in, doesn't take many seconds (or milliseconds) for Agenda members to show up almost with a straw in hand to suck up the life force I am having. I asked for Angelic protection from Seraphim Angel, and he placed a metaphorical large sword right on top of me so that the Reptilians who were near could not see me underneath it, but could only see their own reflections on the sword. Angels have historically shown themselves as Knights in armor and carrying swords.

The Reptilians seemed confused and the Queen Lizard said that she thought I had offered to help them. I said that I had, but that I had changed my mind. Because the Agenda put images of pedophilia into my mind and didn't stop when I told them to (it's ceased by now) and it caused me significant damage, I said I had changed my mind about helping them. The Agenda had wanted me to become some type of cult leader for them, to help herd the masses. I say to them I am working with the Angels. I am going to be a Light Being. The Agenda is worried about that, they are here to stop people like me from rising up in the cattle pens.

A Game of Chess, anyone?

Today Malik asked me if I would wear a black and white checkered cardigan. I don't own one, but Malik explained

I am not with Jezebel. - Malik
Who are you "with"? I thought you said you were Jezebel? - me
... I was with my coffee here I thought, I was not really sinister... - Malik
This morning as soon as I woke up, a Dark Lord said something about "cava" or something that I really think meant "coffee", the life force that they suck up.

Malik explained that if I wore one such cardigan then he could jump into me. He also suggested I wear another garment in the same pattern, I forget if he suggested leggings or what. But if a person wears a black and white checkered fabric, the Dark Lords can use it as a portal to jump into the person.

Malik has previously taught me that black and white checkered floors are portals from his world and into ours. He had then shown me how the floor tiles shift into a pattern that opens up a multi dimensional door pattern. This time Malik showed me how exactly the tiles shift, and it was far more simple than I had thought previously. All black tiles shift to one side, and all white tiles shift to the opposing side. That is how you produce a system that has the black (his world) and the white (our world) side by side. Yet the checkered pattern still exists and stays put in the same place, intermeshed, and so this enables a portal between worlds, and Dark Lords like Malik can jump through. You will notice many black and white checkered floors in a lot of Agenda overrun places here on Earth, just keep an eye out for them. If you see the floors, suspect Agenda business and Dark Lord access.

Where are we?

There is a great movie starring Nicole Kidman called "The Others", in which a girl character had delivered a great line. After dying and finding herself in a parallel reality she had said "Where are we?", and she had understood something and never been the same again. And she would never speak a word ever again, it affected her so profoundly. (I suggest that you watch that movie.)

I am starting to have that same experience. "Where are we?" The Aliens of course are living somewhere else, in a parallel reality. It is far too tempting for humans to think that "oh they're somewhere else". They're somewhere else, somewhere else that we needn't worry about. But it's not just some little pocket of space that they inhabit. Their other place is a vast world. They have cities, civilizations, perhaps millions of people living there, even humans.

The Aliens of the Agenda live in another place that is very real to them. They don't live in a little speech bubble. Their world is legit and valid, and I have been there.

It is not a system, I said to her. - says Hamish to me, "her" being me
What is it? Tell me, Hamish? - me
I was not watching your skin flap. - Hamish

Ok I'll just censor some of the explanation here, he just watched me in the bath a while ago and, umm... he means some part of my privates. Well I was telling the Aliens to give me some privacy because they were showing me naked to the Japanese and to Agenda boys to teach them about women so to speak, so Hamish is just saying that Hamish wasn't watching. Because he's a great Dragon and he knows I wasn't happy about it! I can always count on my Dragon Turtle Sock Feet. My Precious Lizard Man Hamish.


I wasn't being rude to her. To my Cro Magnon. - Hamish about me
Hamish was being a good Sock Dragon. Hamish was being Hamish. - me, I don't know
I wanted to take some iron out of there. Sometimes it comes out. - Hamish shows me another mental image of my exposed privates from the bath and says, iron means blood, he's reminiscing about my period that I don't have now
Hamish, change the subject, because I am writing in a public place... - me

So. The Aliens have humans in hospitals and in vertical water tanks and these humans are kept under, they are unconscious. They are kept alive and dreaming. The Aliens once showed me Shane Hendricksen, my son with an American Agenda associate whose name is Mr. Hendricksen, and they said that the boy is running around on grassy fields and living life in his dreams, he is not aware of being in a water tank.

So far so good, eh? Can you imagine that boy like in a coma, in a water tank kept by the Aliens?

My pyy-pyy wasn't there! - Hamish about the water tank
Hey? Do we have a situation? - one of the US human associates says
About what? Everything is fine. - me
About, Shane. - the man says
Go away. I don't know who you are. - me
I was thinking about the iron, he said about.. - the man says
Oh. It's just me and Hamish talking. Don't worry, Hamish never hurts me. He just likes it when I menstruate because then he can see the blood coming out of my pyy-pyy, as he calls it. - me
So, what about Shane Hendricksen? - the man says
Nothing. Nothing at all. Go away! - me
They wanted to - shoot us! For doing that! - Thuban says, Thuban means the human men
"He never got to shave", they said. - Hamish says, yes, Mr. Hendricksen is one of those who regretted that the boy in the water tank never got to do things like learning how to shave
We call those boys, aqua! - Hamish says, not angry, and he gulps thinking about being submerged in water

Where was I. So human people like Shane Hendricksen live their lives in a comatose state in a water tank with the aliens. They are naked in the water and lots of tubes going here and there into their body. I once asked the Aliens doesn't the water cause trouble with their body because of osmosis and stuff? (If humans are placed into plain drinking water, water will go in through our body, that is why you have to pee a lot soon after you have a bath.) The Aliens then said that it is not a problem, the water outside the body is the same as the water inside the body. So water flow is balanced. I don't know why they keep them in water though, it doesn't make any sense to me. Maybe they think of it as an extended incubation period, as baby embryos develop in water? Oh, you might be confused if you don't know about osmosis. So if the salt and ion concentration in external water is the same as that of internal water, water will not rush into the inside of the body.

The Aliens sometimes show me a woman in a hospital bed. She too is unconscious and in a comatose state, and has a lot of tubes going in here and there. She looks like me only the hair is different. Is she the real me? And am I living in a dream of myself, in a virtual reality computer game where all humans are asleep and brain controlling each their own video game character versions of themselves? Think about it. And watch the movie The Matrix if you are confused about what I am saying here. And think about it some more.

I give you, the Pandora's Box. It is up to you whether you want to open it.

Moon is not made of cheese

The Aliens tell me that the Earth's moon is an artificial craft like a spaceship in orbit. It only appears like a big space rock to us humans living in the virtual reality. The Aliens tell me that they have bases on the back of the moon and that the moon is hollow with alien bases inside.

We also have bases, inside or under the water. - Hamish or other Reptilian says, true that
Yes Darling, I know that. Have you been there? - me
No, but the Crocs have. - Hamish says
I haven't been there either. - me
There would be a chaos if you emerged there. - says a black Reptilian
I won't go there. - me
The moon is not called Luna anymore. But it was. - Hamish
Yes. Some people still call the moon by "Luna"... Tell me.......... I just don't know how to say this. What is the Earth's moon? What is it? - me
Have you heard about the Nimrooth? - black reptile
Yes? But what is it? - me
Nimrooth was here. - black reptile

From black reptile's thoughts, Nimrooth would have been a planet nearby Earth and that broke and some of its debris turned into the moon and is still found as debris and rocks in space. Wait a little, is this, Nibiru? Nimrooth? Nibiru? People talk about that all the time.

Is that, Nibiru? - me
Only the most learned scholars know about that. - someone says
What is it? - me
Hamish thinks about the fact that I said that the moon is not made of cheese, he thinks about cheese, but he doesn't say anything.

.... No. Nimrooth is not Nibiru. - black reptile
So what is it? What is Nimrooth? What does it mean? - me
.... You are not our mother! - a little hybrid girl with yellow blonde hair says to me, I will decide to ignore that, I want nothing to do with those children and pedophilia
Nimrooth, was blue! - Hamish says kindly and his eyes are closing he thinks of a planet or rock or something with a blue aura
What was Nimrooth, Hamish? What was it? - me
We have decided, not to work with your DNA anymore. - black reptile
Thank God. Is it finally over? - me
Nimrooth didn't have any gas. - black reptile continues to talk just as I thought it would be over
What was Nimrooth? - me
It was a blue planet. - Hamish
Where was it? In this solar system? Is it still around, or was it broken? - me
We filled it with satellite devices. - black reptile with mental image of many black technical devices
Where is Nimrooth? And what is it? - me
It was given a pulse. Almost like a living being. - black reptile
Nimrooth was? What is Nimrooth? What is it? - me
It was a satellite. - black reptile
What was its purpose? - me
To send beams down to the earth! - Hamish says and his eyes are closing
What kind of beams? What do the beams do? ... - me, and I dread the answer
Nimrooth doesn't do that anymore. - black reptile
What does Nimrooth do today? And is Nimrooth the moon? - me
No! Our satellites are not the same! - black reptile fusses as if he were insulted by what I said

I was going to say something else but all this talk about Nimrooth was more interesting. I still don't know what Nimrooth is. Just that the name is ever so familiar somehow. I cherish the times when black reptilian gives me information and history lessons. He has such a wealth of information. He is extremely well educated, I can admire him for that.

Black reptile? I admire your wealth of knowledge. How did you become so well read? Do you have to read books and study? Do you go to school to learn all these things? How do you know so much? - me
It is our history, it is important. Otherwise we are palliative! - black reptile
... What is your favorite part of history? Can you teach me more? - me
No, you imbecile, moron. - black reptile
I bid you a good night, Kenumbraah. - me, Kenumbraah means "superior"
You are not my goats. - Malik says from the sofa here beside me

All for now! Tune in for more fascinating episodes of The Orion Project! Oh I was going to write that Hamish told me not too long ago that televisions and one other gadget, I think it was computers unless it was cellular phones, are controlled or accessible by The Eye. Hamish totally recognizes The Eye in television. Meanwhile I can feel The Eye's satanic energy in television, computers, cellular phones, and other electronic devices. But ever since Hamish said so, I use a lot less television. I don't do the mindless zapping for hours like I used to do. I just choose a few shows and stick to those.

Being "aware" of the Agenda, you start to notice Illuminati and Agenda everywhere. (Agenda is the proper term. Illuminati is just the Agenda here on Earth, it's local plan you could say. So it's more proper to say Agenda, because then it encompasses both here on Earth as well as elsewhere in space. That is why you don't see me using the word Illuminati so much.)

There are no more sugars, here. - Hamish
The mind implant, hasn't been taken down. - black reptile says to other aliens


We made one that makes you relax. - black reptile about mind implants
Ok whatever... - me
Because of your/our, Shuurah. - black reptile, Shuurah means eggs, new beginning, new future
Ok. - me
That is why we need mindless drones. - black reptile
Yikes! - me
Why? Did somebody bite you? - Hamish instantly inquisitive to me, because I said "yikes"
Nobody bit me, Dragon Turtle. I just said yikes. - me
I was happy to see no one here, riding a bicycle. - Hamish thinks of a bicycle

In my teens Hamish interacted with me in the fake image of a Captain Robert Stephens. Stephens used to always talk about bicycles, I remember that. Anyways... You start to see Illuminati everywhere. In music, television, and popular culture. It spreads negativity. Things like Vampirism, witchcraft, Harry Potter movies (yes!), war and fight video games, black colors, and other satanic symbolism are creapt into especially children's consumer habits. It is the Agenda at work.

You kind of want to revert into Christian "good clean fun" without televisions, rap or other Agenda music. Alcohol and drugs are also used by the Agenda for mind control. There is so much going on, in this vast cattle's pen we call Planet Earth.

Homo sapiens is not with me! - Hamish objects
Where is it then? Hamish? What are your thoughts and impressions on human beings? - me
I like their liver. - Hamish

BADUM-TISH. I leave you with that Hamish quote, and I bid you all good readers a very good night. Think about whether you want to start opening the Pandora's Box. I don't quite know what's in it yet. I don't know what I'm looking at.

There wasn't any blood there! - Hamish reaches his head forward and bites into thin air while he thinks about my naked ladyparts that he saw in the bath when I was shaving. Hamish is a Dragon so he loves blood and so he likes when I menstruate. And no I am not menstruating at the moment.

One more thing! This morning I daydreamed about being kissed on the arm or shoulder by the (human) man of my dreams! Because I am using Law of Attraction (totally works) to manifest a dream man for myself. Hamish then appeared worried because a human man has teeth and he thought the man in my thoughts was biting me with teeth so Hamish nibbled on me to stop me from thinking such a violent thing. Because Hamish's job is to defend me, that is why. (Well, he defends the eggs.) So I told Hamish that the man I was thinking about was kissing me, not biting me.

Today I did aerobics and black reptile had to come in to see me and he told Hamish that it was foolishness to think that my eggs were falling out. He was fussing at Hamish to stop worrying that the eggs would fall out when I was jumping and working out. I told the Aliens that after my exercise I could get naked and spread my legs and let one of the aliens inspect to see if any eggs fell out. But that just sounded so silly I had to laugh out loud. (Of course I didn't do it afterwards. Silly Hamish and his eggs.)

Today I touched the edge of Hamish's pink bathroom rug with my toes, and I contemplated on how Hamish loves to feel the rug under his bare feet. I hardly ever get to feel the rug that is his, because I stay clear away from his territory. I said something about the rug, and then Hamish said that "his eggs love the rug". Sometimes Hamish refers to me as "his eggs".

I wasn't with jesters. - Hamish
No, Hamish. - me
I was with goats! - Malik

Today I browsed an ad magazine that came in the mail and had a bunch of Christmas things for sale. I saw all the Santa items with pointy red hats and I chuckled, I had to ask Hamish if we should get some of those? That is the jesters he showed me a mental image of just now, hours later after I showed it to him. I also saw some Spiderman bed linen sets and the sadistic thought crossed my mind that what if I were to sleep in Spiderman bed linen how would Dragon react? But then I slapped myself on the cheek - literally - and told myself not to have such thoughts. I couldn't do that to Dragon. Yes-No Jesters.

If you don't have a clue and haven't been reading The Orion Project, Hamish is a red Dragon Turtle and he thinks that anything red is "showing power" to him and that it is taunting him and he calls those a "jester". Santas with pointy red hats, and Spiderman, are "jesters" and he wants to fight them and he can get really upset. Sometimes Hamish gets so upset at these red "jesters" that he jumps up off the floor as he says "No Santa!!!" It is some of the moments I live for, ya know?

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