Castles and Kings
November 10 2013

Trying to piece together a series of dream segments that I think were renderings of alien abductions. Baby factories, kidnappings, trying to run away, being fed with drugs, Medieval battle scenes, and taken to a Castle, and how Hamish rescues me every time.

I had interesting dreams all night. Very vivid and engaging and if they were a movie they would be action movies! Thing is, Hamish and Agenda abduction activities meddle into my dreams.

I've come to the conclusion that the Aliens live in another parallel universe, which in itself is a bit of a headache to understand, but what's more, there is another version of me that exists at all times in that other dimension, it seems. Because the Aliens can have me abducted and on their medical worktable, or they can show me mental images of my body (but with different hair) in a hospital bed with tubes all over, but at the same time I will be here in my bedroom.

Sometimes my awareness can partially start to slip into that other dimension, and what I see starts to become the alien room and the aliens in it. Sometimes I will be in my bed here at home, and gradually being taken to that other place, I will start to feel - not my soft bed underneath me - but the hard worktable.

We don't want you to know how it goes, with consciousness. - says Hamish
Why not? - me
We would kick you in the groin instead! - Hamish, he shows me image of the black haired man from the last dream encounter, I will get to that later, he thought of that man's groin, not mine.
Are you angry at the man? - me, and I am not even sure if "that man" was real or a dream
He wasn't lucky to have you, he said. - Hamish
Who is he? Who is that man? - me
He was with our Rosicrucian Society. - Hamish
What!? - me
Hamish? Did that man and I have sex? - me
Yes, you tried to. - black reptilian (not necessarily "my" "black reptilian")
And? What happened? Because I was there? - me
You weren't, there. - the black reptilian says
"You jerk.", he said. - black reptilian
So. Why was I supposed to be with that man sexually? - me
It wasn't intended that way. - Hamish says
Who is he? Rosicrucian? What is Rosicrucians? - me, this?

Medieval War!

I found myself in a dream last night at a Medieval war scene! I was with the archer men in a tower. They had built this tower on the grounds right outside the castle walls. They felt pretty pleased about their situation, it was easy to kill any soldier who tried to get to them and they felt pretty safe. But the castle's guardsmen tore the tower down and all the archers got killed. I threw myself into the shallow water that surrounds the castle. It was about two feet deep and I could barely hide my body under water. I figured I could stay hidden in the water until dark but archers on the castle wall spotted me and started shooting at me. I don't know, some funny dream.

Under arrest, and Hamish to the rescue!

In the next dream segment, I am in the back room of a house, a small glass wall room with a door to the garden. I spot a large van stop there and some people get out and they are coming to get me. I try to outrun them. A man in a black suit gets to me first, he puts a white bar of cocaine into my hand. He does this to frame me so that I will get arrested for cocaine possession.

I end up in an arrest room with other people there. I'm miserable, how will I get out of this mess? I must've been whining and crying because someone very special comes to my rescue. It's Hamish! The Red Dragon Turtle! And I get to see Hamish

It was not my pavilion I said. - Hamish speaks. He knows I almost wrote "pavilion" to describe the glass wall room.
I dreamt that you rescued me! You carried me out of danger like a great hero! My Hamish! - me
I wasn't with that rescue. I didn't do it, I said. - Hamish
I had a dream that you rescued me from danger. Perhaps it was just a dream about it. - me
I was in the jungle when it happened. - Hamish shows me mental image of a jungle
What were you doing in the jungle? - me
Hoping around. - Hamish, unless he said some other similar word
I was leaving my kaka there. - Hamish, aha bathroom time

So while Hamish was taking a dump in the jungle somewhere, I had a dream that he appeared in the lounge room adjacent to the containment room. Big and red, fantastic Dragon Turtle of the old Draconian race. He used a cloaking method to make himself invisible and to pass through walls and he came right to me.

I wasn't there. - Hamish
I dreamt it, Hamish. I had a dream about you. - me
I was doing my kaka. - Hamish
Yes Hamish. I dreamt about you I said. I saw you in my thoughts at night. I thought about you. - me

At first all the human people in the lounge area went into panic! I was worried they might shoot at my Hamish! But then he used the cloaking method and went invisible and through the wall and came right to me to get me. Oh my hero. Hamish has a way of carrying someone. If you look at this picture of Hamish you might wonder how does Hamish carry a person? I've seen him carry hybrid children and other creatures when he drags them along as victims of prey. He will use his arms to latch onto someone and he very effectively carries them along under his chest and belly, without dragging them on the ground at all.

Hamish picked me up and maneuvered through the corridors. We ended up in a big cruise ship and his cloaking system was wearing out. Hamish was using his own strength to maintain the cloaking invisibility

I wasn't doing my kaka there. - Hamish, does me mean the cruise ship?

So he and I were starting to become visible again. He said he needed to rest so that he can do the cloaking again. I asked for how long does he need to rest? He said five minutes. I was hoping to find us an empty vacant cruise ship room. Then we spotted a big mound of snow at the shore and I figured we could hide behind it, visibly, so that an alien spaceship could pick us up from there. I guess we made it that far.

I wasn't at the fort either. - says Hamish when I went to review the title of this section and must've thought about the previous scene with the Medieval war too
Was there a fort? Was there one? - me
I wasn't with it. - Hamish
I was dreaming. I see things when I'm asleep. - me
There wasn't a fort with me. - Hamish
Who was it with? - me
I was doing my kaka there. - Hamish about the forest jungle
Alright Hamish! I love you. - me


The Russians were with you. - Hamish
What Russians? - me
The ones that take your eggs out. - Hamish
Why do they take my eggs? - me
The Russians have a fort. - Hamish
What fort?! - me
They pick eggs there. - Hamish, with mental image of a Thuban eating from a white baby hybrid
What?! Why! Hamish? Speak to me? What fort do the Russians have? - me
For eggs, I said. - Hamish
They pick them apart there. - Hamish, Hamish shows me a mental image of a Thuban using its hands and yellow baleen to munch pieces off a white baby hybrid, eating it
But that's a dolphin? Not a Russian? - me
The Russians made them. - someone says maybe Hamish
Do the dolphins eat babies? - me
Most of them do, yes. - says a Zeta I think
Oh. Of course. Why do the Russians help you out? Why do Russians help with that? - me

Then I was in a hospital in the next dream segment. I was shown to a room where an African American woman was still lying in the hospital bed, she had just given birth to a baby, it seemed to be an hour or two after the birth had ended now so she was resting. I was with a group of African Americans and they invited me in to see the baby. I was told that the baby was a "clone".

They were not African Americans! - a Zeta-type ET objects
What were they then? Why did I see it that way? - me
I was making you aware of them. - the ET says

But the baby was a white baby, but in the dream I didn't think much about that. I started tending to the baby. I was making it lie comfortably, I was checking on it. Sure, there was a nurse, but the nurse left so I was checking on the baby. Another woman, not a nurse, was also there with me and she tried to set the baby right too, but she put the baby down without a pillow, and then she gave the baby too much pillow when I said it needed a pillow, and then she caused the baby to slide down or jump off or something. She was pretty awkward.

I remember another thing. When I was taken to the van by the people who captured me and grabbed me by the shoulder, as I sat down in the van with them they asked me if I was ok. And I said to them that I was thirsty and hungry that I hadn't eaten anything all morning. They told me I needed to wear a pad, women wear that in their underwear like if they have their menstruation (I prefer tampons). Interestingly the Dinosaur sometimes tells me I need to wear those.

In the hospital, before or after I was taken to the baby room, I am asked what I would like to drink. I say I would like some water. Someone hands me a tall glass with what I think is water. When I taste it it has a bitter taste and I figure it has been poisoned with some medicines or something, and I notice I have a green pill in my mouth partly dissolved. (I am frequently given drugs during abductions.)

I went into the hospital hallways and then ended up outdoors at the grass outside the hospital next to the highway. I began to run alongside the highway because there were several cars parked on the road so I figured something had happened and that I might be in danger again (again, after the prison segment, I still felt chased). Some people chased me down again.

At the Castle

It was not your birth right to be there! - the Zeta-type ET yells at me
What are you talking about? What are you saying to me? - me

Next I find myself in a castle in a living room. The hall I am in is huge and mostly empty and very dark all around, but this group of sofas by the lit fireplace and a coffee table. A man with black hair is naked and

We are very sorry... - Japanese man slumps his head down and sighs and says to me
What are you talking about? WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT! - me
We wanted them to feel like Kings. - Hamish
Who? Who felt like Kings? Is it a real Castle? - me
We also have a tomahawk! - Hamish, Hamish shows me a mental image of something like this
... Why do you have a tomahawk. Who uses it? - me
No one. It is there for the eggs, for display. - Hamish
Is it a... Is there an actual Castle where people are taken to to have sex and fertilize and make babies for the Aliens to eat? - me
Yes!-No, it is not for grass. - Hamish
What now? Hamish? Tell me what is going on? - me
The tomahawk was not mine. - Hamish
I'm not talking about the tomahawk! - me
Shh shh! - the Zeta ET shushes the other aliens in the room he is in

So I am with this naked Caucasian man with black hair and he has a hairy body and chest. Oh I totally forgot, thankfully. In the segment where I was in the containment room at the prison, there was a moment when this really weird guy just hopped out from hiding behind a desk and he was naked and had an erection but then he just - thankfully - went away from there.

The tomahawk was not mine, I said to her. - Hamish tells the other aliens. I think Hamish likes the tomahawk, but it belongs to someone else and he is not allowed ownership of it, but he admires it.

So this man and me in a romantic situation, only I don't know him. I start to fade back into a white slumber and back toward waking up in my bedroom away from that place. But while I'm in the process of moving from that place and into here, I tell myself "I am going to always remember". I decided to remember.

That is when I find myself on the floor in the Castle again. I am on my hands and knees on the floor and I am staring right down at the floor. I make an effort to stare at the floor and to wake up!

We didn't want you to be nervous with us. - says the Zeta-type
What are you talking about. - me
So if you thought, that they were Kings. - Zeta
So let me see if I get this right. You take me away to places at night when I'm asleep. - me
Yes, and they were with Russians. The tomahawk was not mine, I said to her and him. - Hamish speaks the second sentence about the tomahawk with a quick stream of words
*giggles about the tomahawk situation* So, *back to being serious* you aliens take me someplace at night when I'm asleep. - me
They were with Russians. - Hamish
So that Russian men can have sex with me and make me pregnant. Only, somehow you masquerade the situation into a Castle scene, thinking that if I think that he is King, then somehow I would suddenly and instantly find him so attractive...! It's pathetic. - me
We also wanted you to be like Cats for them. - Zeta says to me
I am not a Cat. I am a human. I think. - me
The tomahawk was not mine, but I saw it with my livers, that were being cut. - Hamish daydreaming about that tomahawk and liver snacks again
Oh Hamish. - me, I smile at my Dragon and his silly thoughts
Do you like that tomahawk so much? - me to Hamish

So I wake up

The Russians were not nervous with you. - someone
I know. I wasn't nervous either. But he wasn't attracted to me, he wasn't having sex with me. - me
The Russian?!?? - someone
Yes. He. The man in the Castle. - me

I don't know. So I wake up in the castle on the floor and I am FULLY AWAKE.

It wasn't pornographic enough for me. - the Russian man says!
Who the hell are you? - me
Don't become arrogant. - Zeta
What the hell. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING TO ME! Taking me places when I'm asleep. Bringing me to these men, in some Castle... Making me have babies, that then get eaten, ... But what's worst is that you don't let me remember. Because then I don't understand my life anymore. I want, I need, to know what happens to me, more than anything. - me
The Russians don't want you to know. - someone
Why not! Are they ashamed? And why do these Russian men let someone eat their babies? What is their incentive? - me
.. They were pleased to help us.. - Zeta
And me? When did I sign up for this? When was I "pleased to help you"? When did you ask me? Why couldn't you have asked me? Or told me what was going on? How can you treat humans so cruel? - me

So I woke up in that place, fully awake. I had told myself to make an effort to wake up. I had decided and been determined, to wake up. And it worked. I was staring at the floor and my mind woke up. I got up from the floor sitting on the floor and I see this man there. I am in a huge Castle lobby room that is mostly empty and very dark. A huge room tall in ceiling, walls made with black stone bricks, a fire burning in the fireplace right next to me, three sofas arranged around the coffee table, and that naked man there.

I look him right in the eyes and I realize that he can see that I am awake. Or I'm thinking that surely he must see that I am awake, that I am staring him right in the eyes. Earlier while in one of the other dream segments, I had heard this man or some other man saying that he couldn't do it anymore that he had already "been with" three women that night. Seems I was his fourth. And he was tired, because he couldn't even do anything.

He lied down on a sofa and had me on top of him. He expected me to do everything. I don't remember if he kissed me on the mouth or if I did, I just remember it was a strangely slobbery kiss. My thinking was that since I was awake I could do my thing and have sex with this man, but it didn't happen. And I woke up back in my room.

It wasn't at a hotel. But we take you there sometimes, Miss. - someone says
What hotel. What is going on. Where does this all take place? In some other dimension? What is going on! Am I some kind of prostitute in another dimension? Being used by the aliens in some kind of cattle industry done on humans? - me

When I woke up

I don't like to say this, but I am very afraid of pumpkins. - Hamish
I know that Hamish. I won't let them come here. I won't take any to our home. I promise. - me

When I woke up, there were some conversations with the aliens that I was hearing. There was talk that led me to believe that the aliens actually have a Medieval Castle where they enact real battles. I asked the Reptilians if the men actually have to kill each other and die? And the answer seemed to be yes. I think it is done to entertain the Reptilians with war enactments. I know from before that the Agenda has a Colisseum where they make people and creatures fight to the death one on one. Hamish has been entered into the tournaments many times but he has always won. They say that is why Hamish owns my eggs, he has fought for them, he has earned them, and he has also defended them from others.

Yellow Turtle was also entered

It was my hatchet! - Hamish about the tomahawk again
Hamish? What is happening with the tomahawk? - me, the only thing I am concerned about, is that nobody would have threatened to harm Hamish with it, I have to make sure of that and see if I can help.
Hamish? Are you safe? - me, or that he just liked it when he saw it and thinks about liver snacks. I don't always know what goes on in Dragon Turtle's head.

Yellow Turtle had also been entered into the tournaments, back when I met him. I love Yellow Turtle. Love Love Love Him. Anyhow, the Castles and Kings theme is pretty big in the other dimension with the Agenda. They convince little hybrid girls that they are "princesses" and that is done as a sexual prostitution pedophilia thing. Men who have high rank are Kings, and young human men that they kept there, some of which are my own sons with the Russian men, are taught to be Knights and they are told they have to do battles to one day become King and earn a Queen.

These young men kill people in battles with swords and then they "earn" the rights to have sex with a woman. Sometimes these "Knights" are brought to me and I am told they have earned the right to have sex with me and I am a Queen. The Reptilian fascination with Royalty and status, and with battlescenes, has incorporated this fairytale culture into the world that the hybrids grow up in, over there in the other parallel dimension where the Agenda is rooted. They even have a Castle. I've been there several times before.

Hamish explained to me this morning that he has started pooing into his hands and then he places the mudpile on the rocks in the jungle where he goes to by the river. He used to poo on the ground but then he gets some on his ankles and feet and has to wipe his feet clean. He has now started to catch the poo with his hands instead. I told him to wash his hands afterwards.

He also explained to me that "he is an old grandfather". That is why he has a tendency to pee everywhere. Turns out Dragon is urine incontinent. I told him that it is ok, that I love him and he is always welcome in my home. Me and others would help clean up after him, I told my Dear Dragon. I also said that I don't see his pee here in my dimension, so it doesn't matter. So yes, turns out that he had been in the jungle tending to his "kaka" while I was dreaming.

I think I was with aliens last night, I think I was taken to another dimension to see baby factories and hospitals, I think I was captured and tried to run away twice. I think they really gave me a tall glass of water and some drugs. I think the cocaine in my hand was real. I think the battle scene might have happened, and I think I was taken to a castle to have sex with that Russian man, who had already been with three women before that night. I can only hope that Hamish did in fact carry me out. I was fascinated about what he said in the dream about the cloaking device that makes him both invisible and able to move through walls.

I want to stay awake more. I want to tell my brain to wake up and remember. I don't know if the aliens use medicines or methods to keep me under. I don't know if when I go there my conscious mind transfers into another body of mine that is always living in that other dimension with them. If it is like in the movie The Matrix where this world we are living in was just a caged prison and the aliens had us all asleep somewhere else.

When you encounter alien life forms, you've got to be prepared for the most unexpected and most bizarre. To be in the thoughts and culture and reasoning

We also have a battleplan! - black reptilian lights up and says
What does it entail? - me
A battleplan? - he says
What kind of battle are you planning? Do you like battles? - me
I was going to see you naked. - Malik
Go away. I'm tired. I'm trying to figure out something, and you're not helping. - me, I've turned dismissive of the Dark Lords lately.

To be in the thoughts, culture, and reasoning of alien life forms, we must be prepared to encounter something so alien that it completely perplexes us and leaves us wondering. The inclusion of other parallel dimensions is something we humans are just going to have to accept, even if we cannot comprehend it. And the fact that it seems the aliens are running a human baby factory serving as their food industry. Well, we humans do it too to animals, so that part should not seem too difficult to understand, if we get over our anthropocentric outlook on life.

It is this huge bizarre and nightmareish reality that exploits me. I could of course close my eyes and go on with my life. But they have spoken to me, they have become characters familiar - and beloved - to me. I have become involved. I have stood there and been awake a few times too many to just let this go. I want to know what is going on. And Hamish will be with me all the way through. I trust my Hamish. I have chosen to completely trust this Red Dragon that appeared in my bedroom one day in August two years ago. He just stood there, and my life was changed forever because there stood a tall, large, bright fire engine red Dragon with a small head and a soft cushion turtleshell hump back on his upper back.

Hamish has changed my life forever. Hamish has taken me on a ride into his reality, his world, his needs. An encounter with a Dragon and a human, a real Dragon from outer space. His world, his thoughts, his needs, and his red color all over everywhere I see. A long tail, flat red duck feet that sometimes wipe on the bathroom rug I have given him, red fingers on his hands with black claws. My Dragon. The most important most influential person in my life. Who watches me every move that I make. Yes, No, and Yes-No. My Dragon.

I cling onto him, he does not tell me what is going on, but if this all makes sense to him, then I can cling onto him and then I will understand, because all I need to do is to listen to his breath and I know that he is breathing still, and he understands his world, and so I can completely relax and trust this Dragon that everything makes sense. I can trust his judgement, his world, for we are one together with his Red Dragon Scales. His Honored Scales and back hump shield. His tail and his race.

Hamish is close to me, he doesn't hate me. He won't kill me, he will never kill me or see me hurt. He has defended me and come to my rescue many times. If humans eat cows and pigs then let Hamish eat my hybrid children. Humans eat meat too. All I know is that Hamish needs to eat, and I would never let him starve. And humans eat cows and pigs too. Humans eat meat.

I am safe with Hamish. I don't know what world he has dragged me into, when he came into my room that day in August two years ago. There he stood, totally unapologetic and unashamed of what he was. Totally embodied as a big tall red Dragon Turtle.

I wasn't going to choke you again. - Hamish

That reminds me. Hamish used to take strangleholds on my throat in the early beginnings when we were first getting acquainted. You can read about it in the books and see how he talks about it. Real? Or Imaginary? has those telepathies and stories written down as they were taking place.

Dragon Turtle. I am his cattle, and I am in his barn. He watches me closely. He lives day to day life with me. And we live nestled together, two beings from two different worlds.

This morning when I returned from the dreams and encounters and was still trying to figure them out, Hamish told me a story about when his Dragon Turtle race lived in the forests and how happy they were. They have been seized by the Agenda. It was a very sad story.

I would live and die for Dragon Turtle. I have been so close to his soul.

I am not the same identity as yourself. - Hamish says to me
And I won't bite you! - Hamish says, seems I was getting too close for comfort

I honor your scales. Your soul. The person that you are. Your race. Your back shield. I honor Hamish. - me


I can add two more things. The man I was with in the Castle, either he said or someone else said while I was there, that it was intended that he makes me pregnant. The other thing I forgot to say was that there were two "guards" standing behind the lounge in the large hall. And those were two Zeta-type Aliens with big bald heads and they wore blueish gray tight fitting rubbery uniforms. They were watching us.

I was going to finish this page by posting this picture of me and Hamish, but Dragon says,

Yes-No, me. - Hamish

Hamish's Eggs

Tell them I was not rude, to do that. - Hamish wants me to write here
I don't think you were rude, either. My Honored Dragon scales. - me

Last night Hamish showed me a sequence of his mental images where he dragged me on the floor on my belly and placed his one flat red duck foot down on my back and then he took his white penis out and was going to have sex with me. He wanted to do this, he said, so that the eggs I have in me would be his. He did this because I've been daydreaming about the kind of (human) man I'd want to find. Of course he didn't have sex with me, but I think it's an interesting thought and gesture.

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