Don't make me dance
May 30 2013

Warning: it says penis in here. And erection. And sex. So if you are bashfully inclined,
or underaged, you are advised to go elsewhere.

As soon as I got back home through the door Hamish welcomes me with a palate click. It made my day. I did about five palate clicks for him in return. It was so nice to see fire engine red orange Sock Puppet Dragon standing by the door greeting me with palate click. I had gone on some errands and got a new short haircut and Hamish had said while I was out that he liked my new hair. It also made my day.

There have been some recent events. I am sorry and I apologise to myself and to my beloved readers who help to share the burden as I go through this, that I haven't taken notes of the telepathy last night or this morning. I have been too tired both times, and also I had wanted to revel in and take in as much as possible of both experiences and taking notes on the computer somewhat obscures me from the contact itself. But in return I end up forgetting lots of details, and the verbatum talk is lost forever. But here is what happened, and things are getting more interesting here.

Orion man talks

Last night an Orion man came to talk to me. He was wearing his dark purple rubbery suit uniform. He was concerned about the book I have written. Namely the first copy of my new book The Orion Project: Real? Or Imaginary? has come in the mail. The Orion men have been concerned all this time about the symbol on the book cover. That it says "Orion" yet it shows the Draconian power symbol triangle. The Orions want no accountability on themselves for the Draconian Agenda, and they have been wanting me to change that logo.

The Orion man also wanted to know what was written in the book. He asked me if I had described them as hostile, I said that no you are described in the book exactly as you are, and that you come across not as hostile but as actually pleasant, if not sometimes snappy, to readers. Then he knew that I had written a thank you note which will be emailed automatically to anyone who buys the book. The Orion man said that he wanted to write something there for those who read the book. Wait, this thank you note was written with him this morning. But let me give it to you now anyway. The Orion man wanted to write, and it will be included on the thank you note, as follows:

Hello. We are here, because we are studying your DNA and eggs. And we plan on continuing with that even now. So! Your eggs are mine! And no one may interfere!

And when I asked him to sign it, he gave:

The Agenda, or, the Aliens. Either one/way is fine. And also, we are the superior race. Tell them that. And we need more eggs now.

I wasn't sure whether he said one or way so I have to give both. So that will be included on the thank you card that goes out to anyone who buys the book.

I was allowed to see the Orion man from his other whereabouts when we spoke last night. He is a black scaly reptilian. He has a prominently protruding snout which makes a V-shape. The snout is filled with many little sharp teeth. He is a handsome man. I now wish I had written down what he said. I declare that I will have to start taking naps during the day. I must not be tired when I go to sleep, and not be tired when I wake in the morning, as those are the times when most alien contact and military conversations happen. For the sake of this Project I have to start taking naps and going to bed early. Still, it is a lot of work writing down even when I am not tired, but writing this down is the only way I know how to deal with this.

Dear Readers, I don't know how to explain this. But it is like in The Matrix movie. There is another parallel universe, and I seem to be in both simultaneously. It is as if there is another me somewhere else in another dimension. I don't know what she sees or goes through, or if she knows about me, or if she is just an empty shell of my body that does not think and who is not someone. I don't know how this works and I am sorry to burden you readers with this very tricky concept. And I am a scientist and as a scientist I want to tell you the truth and I also want for the world to be simple enough to explain in a god damn test tube. But we Earth physicists are still very simple and what is found in our college text books by Newton and Einstein and Maxwell does not cut it. This world is far more complex than we had ever known, and we humans are a very primitive species, and I feel burdened as a scientist to have to say to myself that this is not real when it is! So I am sorry to burden you with this, but there is another dimension and that is where the aliens and cohort military live, and they take me there during abductions. But! Let's be adventurous and get to the bottom of this!

May 22 2013 I think it was when I was being made aware of this fact, and I wrote the most beautiful entries as I was faced with the fact that I was somewhere else in a hospital bed while I was still here in my bedroom. General Patton and the military men were talking to me at that time. I was begging for them to explain this to me, and they wouldn't. They want to wait, but I can't wait I have to understand this now! And I want to go there and meet everybody. I don't like this, I feel like we humans are kept someplace like in a little box that looks like planet Earth. Meanwhile there are Reptilians and the human military who know the truth that we are just kept. I don't want to be kept in a daydream haze anymore that we humans otherwise call life. I used to think that I didn't perhaps want to wake up to this other reality in which Reptilians and the Agenda exist. But now I realize that I have to know. I have to wake up. My mind is captive. Every human being who cannot see the Reptilians and think that they are invisible and to not exist, those humans are kept as cattle and I won't do it any longer.

The Orion man was taking me to their spaceship. While I lay in my own bed here on Earth and in this dimension, I was being made aware of another place, a room in the spaceship. A dark room in black colors, and my body was already there and laying on a medical workbench. I smiled as I noticed that my body there was laying on a mat which was ruffled in texture, like a zigzag pattern. I smiled because I saw it. Because my mind couldn't have made up something so specific and unexpected. And because maybe now I was being taken there to them.

I don't know how this works. And I am starting to feel frustrated not to know. My body can be elsewhere in another dimension, in a spaceship with aliens, or in a hospital bed in the hospital at Syracuse with the human military such as General Patton leaning over my hospital bed with me in it, yet I will think that my body is here. But guess what, readers? I am starting to get convinced that this other reality which is abductions by aliens and human military, that it is not some vague dream that I can just think about and wonder about. It is a real place, and I am really actually there. This whole reality that we live in, that we call planet Earth in the 3rd dimension, what is this? Are we hallucinating it? And do we even want to wake up? Do we want to know about aliens and military in another dimension, if we do not have to? I don't wanna wake up like Neo did in those movies. Or maybe I do.

My mind was made by planet Earth, or actually I am lying. I was always an alien and always influenced by aliens. I have always known that my true parents were the Greys. And I was influenced more and shaped as a person by the US military team than by any human in my own life. But I have to wake up to a reality that will change everything. And I wish I wasn't doing it alone. Why did they put me into this place? I know I have alien DNA, and now I am having to go marry some CIA man who will do MKULTRA Beta Cat training to me. If I am theirs, then why make me grow up with human people. I have always said to Hamish, that I wish I could live with Hamish and go live there with him and all the Aliens. Why keep me here in a world that pretends as if none of this even exists? What am I discovering? What will change? What will happen?

I can always burrow myself into Hamish's bright fire engine red orange Turtle scales. I will always be safe with him. I look at him and everything is ok. For he has been here with me through all of this journey that started in August 2011. While he does not give me all the answers, and some of his answers don't make sense, I often resort to not even asking him, because all it takes is looking at my Dragon Turtle and I know this is all real and makes sense. I don't have to ask him about the Japanese Dragon military, it is enough that Hamish visits there and shows me Japanese carp fish in the water that open their mouths at him and seem to be doing palate clicks at him and then Hamish tells me that the fish "like" him because they are doing that. Then I don't need to know anything else.

And if Hamish visits General Patton and keeps dominating and threatening him and being a Dragon about it, then I don't have to ask any questions about General Patton. Then everything is ok. I have my Dragon scales, my Sock Feet Turtle, that stomps feet on the bathroom rug and tells me how he leaves shedded bits of scales everywhere around. I have Dragon Turtle who thanks me for letting him see a Harry Potter movie. Who tells me No, Pumpkins! because he is afraid of the angry orange face and open mouth at him. Who warns me No, Onions! whenever I am cooking, and also often when I am not cooking he tells me. Then everything is fine, I can always rely on my Dragon Turtle. Then I don't have to be alone in this. Where ever would I be without Dragon?

They take me somewhere, and I guess I've known that, I've known even before this began that the Aliens abduct me and so do the military. And that they keep me under and I don't get to remember anything. But it's becoming different. Not only am I on the verge on the threshold as I call it to barely start to get to remember and to stay awake during abductions, I am realizing that I am actually taken there and sleep walking while I am asleep and in a haze. I am starting to get frustrated, and I demand that I get to stay awake from now on!

Don't make me dance in Japan, please

So I didn't get much further than that last night. That I got to see my naked human body laying on a medical workbench over there with the aliens. On that ruffled mat on the table. That I was already there while I was still in my bed in my bedroom. Then I fell asleep.

I had some dreams last night. About Japanese people. Only those were not dreams were they. I was taken by Hamish to Japan to mingle with the Japanese Dragon Dynasty men. Now I don't understand why me, a European woman would be taken to the Japanese Dragon Dynasty who are high profile cohorts in the Draconian Agenda. Somehow the race thing doesn't quite click with me. I mean, the Japanese Dragon Dynasty men are very strictly traditional. They do all of the traditional Japanese things like tea ceremonies for ladies, Japanese samurai swords, bonsai trees, you name it. So why bring in a European woman like me? I am not small or dainty like they want for women to be. In fact it is Hamish who pushes me to them. It is Hamish who wants them to have me, sometimes to their inconvenience.

Hamish says to me that my pyy-pyy is his. Meaning that my ladyparts belong to him. He then sells me as a prostitute to the Japanese Dragon Dynasty. I am used as a commodity. Hamish gets paid with something when they use me as a prostitute, but the men are also supposed to get me pregnant. I remember a few times when the Japanese men were having sex with me. I particularly remember that one time when they had given me a red kimono, which is like a silky robe. But the men get raped too. The men are also forced and raped. So you can't blame them for this. Some of them don't want to have sex.

Last night I had a dream where there was one or two Japanese business men in black suits. They take me there when I am asleep and my mind is sleeping and dreaming. Sometimes I will be totally unaware of everything that is happening there around me, and I either don't dream or I dream something entirely else and fictional. And sometimes what happens there around me becomes woven into my dreams. Elements of the abduction encounter mixed in with dreamy bits. Sometimes everything I see is the abduction, but I am still unaware and unable to be awake and myself. And then yet sometimes, I am perfectly awake there, in that other dimension.

These are Japanese MILABS, meaning Military Abductions. In my teens I used to have US MILABS, a lot. The US team always said that the anesthesiologist failed, if I was awake.

I was in a dining room last night in Japan. The Japanese are really nice actually. They always see to it that I get to a bathroom if I need to pee, and they always serve me a hot meal from a buffet in big dining rooms. Once they even took me to a little Japanese diner out in the city. The Japanese are very gracious hosts. Very sweet and timid humble people.

I was eating from the dinner plate and there was a show on the stage in that dining room. Some Japanese young women were performing a show with singing and dancing. I looked at them and declared how my ex roommate had lost weight and didn't look the same anymore. You see, while I was there and my body was there in that Japanese dining room watching the show, my mind was somewhat groggy and sleeping, so instead of being awake and saying hey I'm in Japan, my mind was trying to weave dreams out of it, and to use familiar context to explain things with. So when I see those girls I think to the only Asian girl I have ever known and my mind is thinking that it must be her, instead of realizing wide awake that I am somewhere else in Japan and those are some new people I have never met before.

Once their show is over I am taken to the stage all alone and supposed to perform a dance routine. You see, I use dance as my main form of exercise and staying fit. I am more often than not aware that the Thubans are showing the Japanese men when I am dancing. The men love to see me dance, they think it is very cultivated of a woman to dance. Meanwhile I think it is private, but I have somehow gotten used to the fact that I have an audience. Another person who likes to watch me dance is the Reptilian form of [censored, a certain European monarch]. I am very sorry to say that and I mean no offense, but he loves to watch. I hope I don't get in trouble for saying that and I certainly don't intend any trouble for him either. He has been nothing but gracious and sweet and I mean him no offense.

I am torn between wanting to write everything for you that happens, and worrying that I would get in trouble if I did. I don't want to get in trouble, and I don't want anyone who comes to me to get in trouble either. I am so sorry and I feel like I want to break down and cry and I shouldn't have said anything at all. I don't want to hurt anyone, and I love Hamish and I am just trying to understand this.

Phew. I feel better now that I censored his name out. I mean no harm, I am sorry.

That Dragon is a Prince. - says a Reptilian now about the person whose name I censored out
And we don't mind watching you dance. - says the Reptilian
Who are you? - me
I am warning you! - the Rep
I am sorry. I don't mean any harm to you. I don't want to hurt anyone. - me

I was supposed to dance on that stage. And thing is I am just an amateur dancer, I have never performed for anyone else and I didn't have my music or choreography. I may have been put into a costume at least I thought I was wearing a blue dance costume, one that I do not even own. And it didn't go so well. Because they put me up on that stage and my mind was groggy and I feel really hurt and deeply offended that they did that. The Japanese man was sitting by the table in the center of the room and it was supposed to be for him. And I feel very upset that they would do that to me.

When I woke up back in my room I was upset. I was very upset that they had taken me somewhere and not woken me up. That they would steal and hijack my body and put my mind into a haze and have me sleep walking over there like a zombie and then put me up on a stage to perform. Why wouldn't they wake me up? Let me see everybody? Hug Hamish? If they want me to perform then say so and I will rehearse a dance number, but don't humiliate and offend me that way. I felt deeply hurt that they would do that to me.

And if I have to have sex with Japanese people then say so. I just won't do it with pedophiles. If some of the men have had sex with those hybrid children then I am not going to touch them. But other than that I guess I don't care. My only concern is to stay awake. I don't want to be taken and used when I am still asleep. I remember that time when I woke up in the hospital in Syracuse. Black One Malik had heard and appeased my wishes to get a conscious abduction, and there I was in a hospital hallway with Black One Malik and me standing there. And I looked at this terrible beast, and I ran. Not because of Malik, but because I knew I wasn't allowed to stay awake.

Please, don't mind if I smoke. - Swansea is here in my home in the other dimension, he always smokes a cigarette
I don't mind if you smoke. Captain Richard Swansea. - me
We wanted to... - Swansea
Captain Swansea? There's so much I don't know. And I don't even know what to ask. - me

And in that hospital in Syracuse, I just ran for it. I was wearing hospital issue clothes and socks but no shoes. And I was perfectly awake and conscious. Perfectly so! Arranged by Malik I bet. And I ran through hallways in the hospital. I ran into many human workers in the hospital and I ran right past them. And I ended up going through swinging doors into a large dining room. The waiters just looked at me. They were carrying large round trays with several plates on them, wearing black pants and vest with white long sleeve shirts. There I was in hospital clothes. And I was awake.

The dining room was filled with

So you don't mind if I smoke? - says Swansea who is standing here right in my bedroom and working on a small short piece of a "fag" as he called it last time
I don't mind if you smoke. - me, and Swansea grabs my throat with his hand, and the small "fag" is in his mouth, he just put his hand around my neck, not in a threatening way, but to let me see him. He is all casual about this, like it's no big deal. But there is, like always, no compassion in him. He has never cared about me, and he never will. And I have been angry at him in the past.

I see Swansea. He has dark skin. His eyes are icy blue, the palest blue eyes you will ever see. He looks like someone who smokes.

Yeah? - Swansea

His hair is brown and always looks messy and like tufts.

We are, with the Agents. - says Swansea with cigarette in his mouth
How can you be in another dimension? - me
Hey, what you say, butterball? - Swansea with thought image of my naked lower parts, yes I have got some buttocks and am a bit chubby but...
... - me, I want to say to him that he doesn't have to be so mean. But maybe he is my saviour. Maybe he will explain this to me. But I hate him. I loathe him, for how he has treated me uncaring and cruel. I decide not to even talk to Swansea. Because I don't believe that he cares about me. And there is a creature with Thuban eyes.

Hey? Butterball! - Swansea hollers at me loud and clear
Yes, Swansea? What do you want? - me

So I was in that hospital in Syracuse. The dining room was filled with high rank military men and men in black suits. Each of them had a lady date with them. The women were all in a haze, they were like zombies. They sat there and the men had to feed them with the forks. Right now the Thuban wants Swansea to touch me on the nipples. And the Thuban wants Swansea to have sex with me. Swansea already has an erection. Thuban eyes are looking at me. Swansea still has that "fag" in his mouth, an old used cigarette with not much left on it.

I can't do this again, not with Captain Swansea! What I went through with Captain Swansea, Charon the hybrid girl, and Thubans just weeks ago! I can't do it again! I hated these arrangements, I can't do it again! I am somewhere else, right now. I see Swansea staring at me. He stands in front of me, and his hands are on my thighs on my lap. I see his icy blue eyes looking into my eyes.

Well, she is a big butt. - Swansea turns around to say to the Thuban about me, while his hands are still on my lap

Do I wither? Do I curl up and turn into stone and never laugh or smile or open my eyes again? Hamish is here. Hamish is looking at Captain Swansea

Hey you! Girl! I can't give you roses! - Swansea hollers to me loud and clear
Swansea now went to crash on the living room sofa, still puffing on the last remains of his cigarette, that has barely got anything left on it. He is all careless about this. Like nothing is a big deal.
Nah, I won't massage her. - Swansea says to Thuban in response to Thuban having asked him if he would massage me

I am waking up to this. I have to wake up. Who will hold me when it happens? Will Hamish? General Patton? Tyler MacIntyre? Assistant Carlisle? Will everything be ok?

We don't want to give her a massage. - Commendant Larsen says to the Thuban about me
Hey? Yeah. - Swansea to Larsen when Larsen asked him if he had called me a butterball, Swansea still sits slumped on our sofa, with his feet up on the coffee table (that's ok, I do that too, just not with shoes on this is Europe), and smoking on that almost non-existent cigarette "fag"

I don't like to say this to you. - Commendant Larsen
What is it. - me
But you have been captured here. A long time ago. - Larsen
What does that mean? How does it happen? - me
What? Are you not surprised? - Swansea
No, of course not. I am not an idiot. Now, tell me how it works. How can I be in another dimension? - me
You will not call her a butterball again. - Larsen strictly to Swansea
Can't you see that, she isn't crying? - Larsen about me to Swansea

This is in strictest confidentiality. - Larsen
Yes Sir? What is it? - me, and I've never called Larsen Sir before, and don't intend to again, it didn't feel right in my mouth
... We are now with the agents. - Larsen
What agents? - me
Commendant Larsen and me are. - Swansea
... I thought he was a Commendant. - me
Yes. Smart. Cute. - Swansea approximately
So you guys are in another dimension while you are here? That's kind of neat. I wish I could visit. - me
Yes, you have a nice mat here. - Larsen with image of my bedroom rug
My Dragon puts his scales on that.. mat. - me

Commendant Larsen now just looks at me. He is the team leader, even though General Davies is higher up than he is but Commendant Larsen is like the team leader. It used to be Captain Marsden, Captain Michael Marsden but he retired from the team. Commendant Larsen

They are here because they take your eggs. - Larsen says to me, still looking at me
I know that. And it is ok. :) I love my Aliens. - me
Do you? Really? - Larsen
Yes. And I love you guys too. - me, no, that wasn't a lie
.. I love my Dragon Turtle Hamish? He is my favorite person in the world. - me
Yeah, like I said, love your mat. - Larsen or Hamish, with another image of the rug in my room [This was Hamish, cause with the image I saw Hamish's Duck Feet on the bedroom rug, feeling it out. Note that it is also a red rug.]
Can I ask a private question. - me
Yes go for it, girl. - Swansea still slumped on our sofa, ankles crossed on the coffee table, heavy boots on his feet, and smoking on that cigarette fag
Are you military guys really human, or are you some kind of aliens under disguise? I would like to know please. Swansea? Don't do masquerades with me. Hello? - me
.. We are with the Army yes. - Swansea after some delay, he seems more interested in his cigarette
What country's Army? What country? - me
The US. - says Swansea, still occupied with his fag
They are with, combat soldiers. - Larsen
And. I am the egg donor? - me
Yes, and this is Suleski. - Larsen or Suleski says
Hi Suleski! How are you! - me
Oh stop it, dog. - a black reptilian or Orion says to me
They are putting weapons against us. - says the Orion or black reptilian
So you didn't mind going with us last night. - Orion/reptilian
No. It was fun. I look forward to going again. I want to visit. - me

Here are the Orion lizard head bobs again, that I remember from the very beginning, in the very first days of alien contact with the Orion man, as you will read about in the first book The Orion Project: Real? Or Imaginary?, the Orion man would engage with my head and we would be bobbing our heads together.

I do that when I listen to you. - Orion says to that

The Orion man is such a handsome black scaly man. He is very handsome. His body is covered in tiny black scales that protrude from the skin. It all looks rough and scaly. He has a protruding snout filled with little sharp teeth. Orion men produce saliva in their mouth which is their waste product. It seems that they do not pee, so instead they get their waste materials in the mouth in saliva that they then spit. The Orion men are always aware of their saliva and start feeling it out with their tongues when it appears in the mouth. They also talk a lot about spitting. Isn't that grand?

Hello Orion man. I like to work with you. You are welcome here. - me
We have no choice. We were removed to come here. The Orions, are not lizards. We are not even from that same type of space. - Orion
.. I will do what I can to help. Welcome. I appreciate you. - me
We are here with Frogs and Turtles. - Orion, frogs is Dinosaurs, Turtle is of course Hamish
I would love to be there too. Can I visit? - me
Yes, of course you can. - Orion
Hi this is Suleski.. - Suleski
Suleski, stop trying to ruin our fun. I want to visit with the Orions. - me

The Orion has a very intense stare. It looks very suave, almost a "romantic" stare although he is not being romantic. They are magnificent people, the Orions.

Hey, this is Suleski. - Suleski
Hi Suleski. How are you doing today. - me
I want them to take your eggs, tell her that. - Orion tells Suleski to say to me
She is our dog, that is why. - Thuban or Orion tells Suleski about me
No!! She is not our clown!! - Suleski upset as the Thuban told the men that I am the Aliens' clown

Ok. So the women were with the men in the dining room

I want to put you through some operations. - Orion man says to me
What kind of operations? Name one, and I will consider it with you. - me
I wanted to suggest it to Suleski. - Orion
No, tell me. What operation is it? I might be able to give you permission. - me
It is ultimately they, who decide. - Orion
But. What if there is no more eggs. - Hamish
We don't want to give more interviews. - Orion
Please describe one of the operations you had in mind for me? I might be able to approve of it, then that would be a very straightforward process, if I tell you that you may. - me
Good luck with them. - Larsen says to me about Orions I think, or someone said to someone

I ran right through in between those dining tables. The men looked at me as I walked past, whereas the women who were all under were not responsive. I made it outdoors through the dining room. I got a few hundred meters away from the hospital. I was in a big city outdoors at night. It was chilly. I stopped, as I had nowhere else to go. Two men caught up to me. One of them I think was General Patton. The other one maybe Captain Greene, I don't know. They were both wearing bowties and suits like they just came from a party. They took me back to the dark-haired man's home. An Alien was sitting on the stairs leading upstairs, I kept looking at the alien and thought she looked like the white ghost of a grandmother, it was creepy to see her. I sat with the men in the living room on the sofa. I was slipping away to unconscious again.

I have had many

What kind of party was it? - Swansea loud and clear still on the sofa here
I don't know. I wasn't invited. - me
Was it, in Syracuse you say? - Swansea
I think so. - me

Swansea now has his penis out and erection and he is touching it. The Thubans keep asking him to do that, so he does that for them and he doesn't seem to mind. Meanwhile I hate it. But don't worry, he doesn't rape me or anything. Swansea doesn't like me

Call me Richard. - Swansea

And then this morning when I woke up a Japanese-Thuban hybrid woman was talking with me. She wanted to see my breasts because she doesn't have any and she says that the Japanese men like breasts. She asked me why, I said that it was their brain that calculates for them because a woman with breasts has fat in the breasts enough to make breast milk to feed the baby if she has a baby, so it is better that a man makes a baby with a woman who can make milk for the baby or the baby might die otherwise and it is a waste of food if a woman gets pregnant and then the baby dies the baby was made out of food and then everybody dies, I said. I said that in the past there was always a shortage of food and humans have evolved that way.

This Thuban-human woman has Thuban eyes that are almost a bit like human eyes but still those strange binocular eyes, and she has black hair, but the Thuban grub body. She wears a white delicate laced dress to conceal her Thuban body. I told her that the dress was beautiful. She says she likes art, she likes fine Japanese women's clothing. I had watched an episode of Project Runway the other day. She must have been watching me and I hadn't known, because she showed me a mental image from the show and said that she liked to see it, because she likes fashion and art and clothing.

That is about it. I am finally caught up with latest events. I don't know what else to say. Only that I love my Hamish Dragon.

Yes, he is immensely beautiful. - says Swansea from the sofa, still with an erection in one hand and a fag in the other, ankles on our coffee table, sitting all slumped on the sofa
Richard? Are you a human? - me
Yes. - Swansea
Are you in another dimension? - me
... Are you pretty somehow? No you are not. - Swansea

Ok. This by the way is precisely the type of entries that go into the book called Over The Threshold. Lots of telepathy, and notes on my thoughts and feelings, and observations on what goes on in the other dimension and here. There are elements here that should have been censored, and probably will at some point, but most of these very same entries are too sexually graphic to post online. This one just happened while I was sitting here, so I decided typing it right here.

I wish I could go away, with Hamish. If Hamish and me could go on a vacation away from all of this. I would love to hang out with just Hamish and me.

What about meeee!!! - Snake hollers
Yes, you too, Snake. You and me could cuddle. Snakey Snake. My Reptile Snake. - me
My, pyy-pyy. - Snake
Well, it actually belongs to Hamish. - me
No! - Snake
Yes. To Hamish. I have given that to Hamish. Ask him. - me

Just now Swansea from the sofa he zipped himself back up and zipped the pants back, but he is still sitting there on the sofa, but he must no longer have a cigarette because he used both hands to fix his pants back in order.

Mysteries. Are the human military actually Reptilians in disguise? I know that Snake is a tiny little baby raptor baby cutie-pie that I just want to hug and cuddle when I see him, but that he sometimes presents himself as a humanoid tall standing Reptilian man.

You are not my wife, are you? - Snake
No. I am married to Hamish. - me
My eggs, were here! - Hamish
She is not intimidated. - Larsen to Snakey
Indeed. - Snake to Larsen
I wanted to hide there. - Hamish shows me the closet in the bedroom again
I wanted to give you snacks, for it. - Hamish, last night he gave me a human finger snacks and wanted to go into the closet, I didn't know it was an exchange a trade he was thinking of
It doesn't cost any fingers. I can clear the closet for you, if you like to hide in it. I love you Hamish. - me
No, Yes. - Hamish

I know that Yes, No means no, but I don't know what No, Yes means.

Just don't think this is insanity, because this is not. - Swansea back in my room, pants in order, no cigarette fag
... Because they say, that you have been clinically depressed. - Swansea
I'm ok. And it wasn't because of this. - me
What? Me and Derek. - one of the men
No, she isn't, sweet on Suleski. - Suleski to the men about me

Any further conversations will have to go into the archives. As this continues, undoubtedly. But one step closer to figuring this out!

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