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May 28 2013

Every once in a while I write a letter to SETI. They never answer. But I feel I need to write them anyway. Because I have alien contact.

Letter to SETI, May 28 2013:

Sent to SETI.org via their website contact form
May 28, 2013
Title: For you
Dear SETI,

I have contact with aliens and with Earth military who oversee their activities here on Earth. The following will be in my second book, "The Orion Project: Noah's Ark" (and SETI is getting complimentary copies of my books about alien contact), but I thought I would share it with you now, this book won't come out until later this year:

From April 18 2012
10:55 PM
Do you know that they have put your children through rape and torture? - Air Force man
Sorry I've been munching on my salad, but this Air Force man showed up a few minutes ago while I was still making the salad. He said that I shouldn't talk to them about what I am doing, that it's enough that I just do my things and they will see it themselves. I said that the ETs are so curious that when I narrate a bit of my activities then they won't have to ask as many questions. And sure enough, as soon as I stopped narrating, one of them had a question for me very soon.
He says that the ETs got a time extension here on earth because they agreed to stop mutilating humans and dropping their dead opened bodies onto fields after they were done. So they were allocated more time here. He says that they (Air Force) is asked by SETI if there are any aliens here and that they (Air Force) have to laugh them in the face and say no.
He also says that if I continue to write about this and share this then I might get a visit. He's very friendly though, utmost friendly. Just that he knows what is going on.
He said that I should give them more interesting activities than being in the bath to wash myself. I told him that they had asked me to be in the bath just yesterday. I also said that I don't mind if they see me masturbate, and I boldy said that he can see me too. Of course he had no comment to that.
I kinda wish I had taken more verbatum notes, but. Lemme eat a salad too, ok?

/ Annie

I was working on translating material for the second book, The Orion Project: Noah's Ark and came across this which relates to the SETI. So I thought I would send it to them. I honestly didn't read it through properly before I sent it, I only read it afterwards. Maybe now for the first time since I've been writing to them I am now hoping that they don't read it. I was not going to send the masturbation part! Oh how embarrassing. At least you readers can console in knowing that it is all in the books. This is precisely the kind of material I won't post online, but the books remain perfectly uncensored.

Oh shit what if they send it to the Air Force.

Here is how it continues in the book:

Do you know that they have put them through electrical torture? - AirForce, he is a blonde man from a "little country up in the north", Sweden meh? He also said earlier that I should provide them [hybrid children] with a more interesting environment when they visit, namely things like fun stuff and that they like to see kittens. I said that I might get a chameleon or an iguana, so they could see a friendly reptile eating vegetables.

22 Word document pages for April 18 2012.

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