Looking at a Draconian
May 24 2013


Last night I had the most wonderful contact and interaction with Hamish. In the evening I had declared, as I lie on the couch watching television, that I sure would like to hug Hamish. I said to Hamish that I know that Reptilians don't hug or cuddle, but that humans do, and I would like to give him a hug. Now, I have been very restrictive with my fond approaches to Hamish because I have to respect that he is a Reptilian and that Reptilians don't cuddle. But I just thought I would ask. And I expected him to say no, because he is a Reptilian, and Reptilians don't cuddle!

But at night when I went to bed Hamish decided to grace me with closer contact and lots of interaction. Now, to be very clear, even though it is implicitly stated throughout, the Aliens can be in my home and in my presence but they are in another dimension, they are invisible to the human eye, and also to the camera. I can walk through where they are standing. I see them telepathically in my mind, I see images of them when they are visiting, or when they speak to me from a different place then I can see a mental image of them also. But they are real, because Hamish and other Draconians can push my body around, and that exerts a real physical force which is my best personal evidence that they are real.

Hamish lives with me day to day. He guards my eggs from other Aliens. He is my "prison guard" he says. So I hang out with Hamish every day, and it is wonderful. This morning he watched me do my morning yoga, then he watched me eat an avocado salad and was pleased that there weren't any red tomatoes in it, and then he carefully watched me doing the dishes. Hamish, as a Reptile, has that hawk's intense stare. A human would get tired if they had to stare at something with such intensity for even a little while. Yet Hamish can watch me very closely all day long and he notices every minute detail of what goes on in my surroundings. They are very focused and attentive, the Reptilians.

Normally Hamish camps out on the snug ruggie that I have for him on the bedroom floor (which reminds me, I have got to take it out again now that I did some yoga in my room) ... *putting back Hamish's pink bathroom snuggie on the floor*. But last night because I had asked to see him and to hug him he was here for some extra special close contact and interaction, far beyond the usual surveillance and interaction that we do all day long.

Croc with a Sword

But first, a black Crocodile Man showed up. As usual, Crocodile Men really struggle with the human language. It sounds like a great effort for him to speak, I almost feel sorry for him and want to say that it's ok we don't have to talk that someone else can talk on his behalf. He said some very strange things, it wasn't just his pronounciation of human languages that was difficult for him, I also found his comments very odd and the way that he had chosen the human words to try to convey something that he wanted to say. The Crocodile Men always struggle with their English, whereas Draconian Reptiles are usually very eloquent and with a vast vocabulary. Hamish's language is also a bit "simple", for instance he likes to express himself using just Yes, No, and various varieties of Yes-No, but we understand one another.

Crocodile Man was here to protect Hamish. His job was to keep Hamish safe in case Hamish makes an appearance in my room. I felt offended like a punch in the stomach for Hamish not to trust me, after all our time together and all the infatuation, honor and praise I shower over him constantly, he still has to bring with him a guard. But I told Crocodile Man to guard Hamish, I said I would guard Hamish too. Of course I want Hamish to be safe.

Then I was shown a room underground, a room so far under ground that the walls are made of dense stone. I was shown and told that there is a lot of steam when the Draconians work with metal. I was shown a group of Draconians making a sword. It makes a lot of steam because it's very hot. They then showed me how they inscripted the blade of the sword with Draconian writing. I recognized it as Draconian writing, for instance Elmer had shown me how his name is written (scroll down).

The Crocodile Man brought with him that sword and he held it in front of Hamish. He was protecting Hamish with the sword, still I felt very offended that the love of my life would think that I could somehow harm him, mixed with being still somewhat glad to know that Hamish would always be safe and protected. I have never loved anyone like I do Hamish. Don't they know I would die for him?

Looking at a Draconian

Hamish came up close to me and let me see him very clearly and for the longest time. He normally doesn't do that, in fact now I suspect that he hasn't known that I could usually see him, or maybe he does. Hamish, while wanting to honor my wishes of seeing him and of hugging him, there was this great barrier between us which consists of the fact that Reptilians expect (in the words of our Thubans) "a cacophony" whenever humans will get to see them. This belief is deeply rooted in all the Aliens. Aliens always tell me that I would scream, kick, bite and spit at them and cause "a cacophony" if I get close contact. And no amount of words of assurances can convince my Aliens that no I am different, I would cherish the contact and I am not afraid of what they look like. So they are always surprised when I am perfectly fine during closer contact.

Hamish let me look at him. He wasn't physically manifest in this room, but he gave me a clear and long-lasting image so that I could look at him. I don't think he has done it this way before, to let me just look at his face, for as long as I would ever want to. Not a quick glimpse, not an image of Hamish settling down on his snuggie rug, not Hamish standing behind me as I do the dishes. But Hamish, here fully and only just for me to see him. The fact that Hamish would have listened to me and cared about my wishes to see him, and here he had taken of his own time just to stand before me and let me look at him. That a Draconian would do that. He didn't have to do that, but he did? He let me see him.

Hamish has a very tiny head. There is no back of the head in Hamish. The face sits like on the end of a tube but on the front. The face is flat and the head doesn't bulge out toward the back like it does on humans. His eyes looked so real and reptilian. It was eyes like on a snake. He made sure that I saw the brown vertical slits that he has on the eyes instead of round pupils. Just a tiny head with snake eyes. A Reptilian creature. But my Hamish.

He has two little nostrils between the eyes. He has no ears, and he has a mouth but it of course doesn't have any lips. He is covered in little red scales. But such a tiny head, with snake eyes. My Hamish.

Hamish acted brute with me. And overall he had a very uncomfortable offensive way about him. I swear that any human who meets a Reptilian will not be fond of them. I don't know how I have reached down somewhere deep in me to find this magnificent infatuation to Hamish. Or perhaps that he made me feel that way about him during our "courtship period" when we were first getting to know each other, because back then Hamish would charge at me and cause me orgasms and sexual ecstasy. (You can read all about that in the books The Orion Project: Real? Or Imaginary?, and, Letters to SETI: Real? Or Imaginary?)

Hamish wasn't like an old dear friend. He acted rude, offensive, and had an overall uncomfortable terrible way about him. Draconians feel terrible when you see them. It is so easy to have a negative experience. I struggled to remind myself that that was my Hamish, my Sock Puppet Feet, but I was almost lying to myself, trying to like him. But my friendship to Hamish is one that will always last. Draconians are different from humans, and as a human you have to make an effort to understand.

Hamish told me that in the 50's Reptilians had come out and walked among the humans and conflict had erupted and humans had shot at them. Hamish was wanting to avoid such a conflict. And he had the Crocodile Man holding a Draconian sword with Draconian inscriptions with him.

At one point Hamish asks me to groom his scales for him. And that is when I knew this was Hamish. Because during this closer contact there were times when I was wondering if this even was Hamish, well at first I wasn't so sure, because I had not gotten to see him this way before and also now he was close enough where I could feel him, that negative hostile Draconian presence in him that I always overlook during our daily contact when he doesn't get so close. But when he said that that is when I knew. That this was my Dragon Turtle.

I am a human. And I am full of soft, tender loving motherly love to this Dragon. And he is a Draconian. He is filled with dominance, power, sadism, cruelty. We are two different worlds, like water waves crashing against rocks, somehow we work together. Reptile and human. Somehow I have loved him, and somehow he has tolerated me. It is a strange meeting of two different species. One whose brain is wired to nurture, to be gentle and kind.

Yes you are our sheep that is why. - says Hamish

And one whose brain thinks dominance, and power. I am his sheep, he is my prison guard. I am his eggs and food. He is my Dragon Turtle.

He wouldn't ever be with me if it were not that I can offer him eggs. I would never have gotten to know someone like Hamish, or even known that someone like him exists, if it were not for my eggs. I cherish having him in my life. Draconians are majestic. They are thinking people, but their minds are wired for dominance and supremacy. And I am a human, I do not want to nurture because I have chosen to, but because my brain is a female mammal of the mammalian species that takes care of its young for the most years of any mammal. We think differently, but somehow our worlds have collided. Me and Hamish.

And there was yet another comment made by Hamish where he asked me to groom his scales. Then he went to his snuggie rug and said that he had groomed there. I said that it was ok, it is ok that he sheds his scales there on the rug. I have given him that rug, because he loves it so. In that other dimension, there are mounds of Dragon scales on that soft snuggie rug.

Thinking about contact

Hamish said that he was not in the overtone between dimension 3 and 4, which is where I would have expected him to be. He said he was in the overtone between dimensions 2 and 3. It was only the other day like yesterday or the day before that a Dinosaur said that they are in an "overtone" or was it "overtune", a dimension between dimensions. I had asked Hamish to please come step up into my dimension 3. Hamish had of course expressed to me that he smells. I said that I know Draconians smell and that it doesn't bother me, it is natural for Reptilians to smell and that it is part of their race. Draconians don't want to bother me with their smell, that is why some of them wear human's cologne.

Overall it was a very fantastic night with Hamish. I opened my eyes a few times to look around the dark room but Hamish and the Crocodile Man were not there physically present, they remained in their overtone between dimension 2 and 3. Hamish said that one of the Japanese men that he visits had gotten close contact with him too, so Hamish felt that I was entitled to it also. I expect to have close contact with Hamish eventually. I also look forward to him letting me groom his scales.

To groom Hamish's scales I would use my fingers to remove white bits of tissue debris and shedded scales. If Hamish actually lets me groom him... Now, I mustn't think like a monkey. As a monkey I think that it is somehow sweet and nurturing, but to Hamish it probably just means something practical. But regardless of what it means, it will always mean that he trusts me enough to let me close, and I can always take that to mean that I mean something to him, that somehow I have found a way into his heart?

Annie, please. You do not go into a snake's den or a bear's cave asking for companionship and a friend. What are you doing? But it was he who came to me, it was I who had to find a place for him in my life and my heart because he was here to stay.

Yes we are Draconians that is why. - Hamish says now
Hamish, - me
We are not friendly. - Hamish said "friendly" in my native language
Hamish... I want to groom your scales. - me
I have already groomed. - Hamish says in the other European language
I want to see you again tonight, like you did last night. I want to see Hamish. You are my Honored Dragon. - me, I whisper to him
Yes, but we are not friendly. - Hamish said "friendly" in my native language again
I feel safe with you. You won't hurt me because I have got your eggs. I will be safe with you Hamish. - me
No. Not now. Tomorrow. - Hamish
I love you Dragon. - me

What will come of this? And I learned that most of my relationship with Hamish, has just been a relationship with myself. Because all of that cuddly friendly sweet and fun "Kissy Feet Dragon Turtle" has just been me interpreting him, having a human experience based on a Dragon. For he is not all those things. In fact, when I say "Kissy Feet" about him, he asks me not to call him that. He is not some Kissy Feet Dragon. He is Hamish. The Elder. Also known as Hamish The Great. He has not changed from what he is, a Draconian, in all of our time together. It is I who have developed a way of seeing him, that I now realize is not authentic.

I must find a new way of seeing Hamish. A way that honors his right to be what he is. He has that true Draconian ruthless side to him, that makes me scared when I see him up close. I have no right to impose on him my mammalian way of thinking, my way of wanting him to be nice and friendly. We humans have never been exposed to this problem before, of interacting with an intelligent person who speaks and thinks and does but who is reptilian not mammalian.

We are here, Pleiadians. And we are not like that at all. We are also like mothers and women. - Pleiadian says now
Yes, but I am trying to understand the Draconians. - me
What is there to understand? - Pleiadian
I enjoy the venture of getting to understand them. They are people, you know. They are just not capable of compassion. - me
And we pee on them. - Hamish, on Pleiadians?
Who do you pee on Hamish? - me
The voices. - Hamish
Whose voices do you pee on Hamish? And why did you do it? - me
They are here, to have stolen my eggs. - Hamish
Hamish, these are my eggs inside me, and I have given them to you. And no one will steal them from you. - me
So speaks a true Draconian. - a Snake-type Draconian says

Where was I. The challenge of being a human with a reptilian. Two intelligent species that talk and communicate and think and have culture and artifacts and all that. Not human holding a snake in its hands, a snake that might bite and that can be put back down on the ground so that it slithers away and that is that. No, a snake that is a person. A snake that speaks. A snake that has built an entire culture, technologically more advanced than our own.

We are not going to bite. - Hamish, because of what I wrote about the snake
Thank you Hamish. - me
And you are not my bride yet, but you will be. - Hamish
Why Hamish? Why will we get married? - me
We will do copulation soon. - Hamish
Oh Hamish! That sounds lovely! I would love that with you! I love Draconians! - me
Yes. My eggs are here. - Hamish
I love Hamish! - me

Do we as humans try to teach them something? When what we "know" about love and compassion is perhaps not a "knowledge" but a primal behavior stemming from our brain? We as mammals have evolved compassion and the ability to look at another member of our species and to search for its problems and then do our best to solve those problems and nurture them. That is how a mammal can take care of its young. As a mammal we can look at another living creature and know if it is thirsty or hungry, cold or scared or injured and then our minds can figure out how to help them and makes us want to help them. That is how a mother cares for its young. That is how mammals live together and nurture one another.

A snake does not know a mother's love. Snakes know to fight for their survival. Snakes know that in order to get food you have to kill someone. And so snakes know to ignore when someone is in pain or is suffering, and even to enjoy that suffering because it means that soon you will get to eat.

Yet somehow humans can transcend their primitive animal behaviors and be a person. A thinking person who is not an animal. And Draconians can do the same. They can think. And we can meet each other, a Draconian and a human. And then what? What happens of that contact? Is it fireworks and does the universe suddenly appear and make sense? Do all the planets align and sing? No. It is just a human looking at a Draconian. Nothing happened. I just looked at him and that was that. A human looking at a Draconian.

Hamish now comes up to me and does palate clicks. "Haamiss Haamiss Haamis Haamis Haamiss!" I sing to him and get all delighted. And I realize that all the love and happy I feel when we are together, it probably comes from me. But I love our relationship. He is my Haamiss.

***My heartfelt thanks to Sergeant Wilkes who was aware of this contact but did nothing to interfere, neither spoke nor made an appearance. Thank you for letting me interact with my Hamish Dragon. And thank you Hamish, and Crocodile Man, for fantastic contact, for your time, and for all the great conversation. I will honor your scales and tremble before your power. Honored scales and scutes.***

Later: So I was fixing a snack of wafer cookies and hot chocolate and Hamish does a Yes-No, saying Yes about the cocoa and No about the wafers. I say "No", as I put some wafers in my mouth. Then I am reminded that I entirely forgot to mention the face masks here on this page. See what happens when I don't write things down? I forget things about the contact. So last night I was shown a black face mask which fits over nose and mouth and has a thick tubing connecting to it. It is for air, since the Reptilians breathe a different kind of air than we do. (If I were imagining this then I would never make it so complicated as to involve different air and face masks. It would be so much easier just to go with it and everybody breathing the same air, but no.) They were going to put it over my face and I said it was ok. But then instead Hamish wore it some of the time, while he was there in the other room over there. So the Draconians wear face masks if they are in a room that has human type atmosphere. Now back to my hot cocoa...

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