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Hamish is Captain Stephens
May 17 2013

Wasn't going to believe, but...

Anyone who reads about Reptilians quickly comes across the concept of shapeshifting. Namely that Reptilians would be scaly creatures capable of changing the perceived shape of their body into something else. Commonplace that a Reptilian is seen to shapeshift into a human. What more, humans in our society have been seen shapeshifting into Reptilians. Prominent people in high positions of power and influence over life on Earth, Royalty, military, political leaders, celebrities, religious figures, people in media, appear among the alleged sightings of Reptilian shapeshift.

David Icke is an active educator on the Reptilian concept and he emphasises his Reptilian lectures largely on the Reptilian ability to shapeshift and their use of this in ruling the Earth. As with anything I read or hear somewhere else, I cannot take it by faith without evidence no matter how compelling the case. I consider it, and I can listen to it, but to adopt something as belief I either have to have strong evidence, or personal experience. Everything on my website is based on personal experience. I was not going to support the idea of Reptilian shapeshifting until now. And it's because Hamish said "table hole" and snuck in under the desk.

Previous Indication

Over the past year and a half since my Alien contacts began in August 2011, I have witnessed several cases of Reptilians changing shape. I had however not yet concluded that this was bona fide "shapeshifting" to the same extent as is implied by the given concept.

Early on Hamish had two different forms. He started out contact with me having a form in which he is an upright standing red Reptilian standing tall on his two legs, and a brighter fire engine red orange color. See here and here for the upright standing version of Hamish. Later on in the contact I started seeing what I call the "hunched camel posture" of Hamish, here, here, and here for camel posture.

Lately Hamish seems more comfortable to present himself almost exclusively in the camel posture. I have reason to believe that the camel posture is his real form or at least truer to his form than is the upright standing "human" posture.

Snake started out being a humanoid form standing tall, see here, to the right of Hamish. Then I started catching glimpses of Snake being just a tiny little raptor dinosaur with no clothes. I suspected a case of Reptilian shapeshifting and started telling him to please feel comfortable being just himself around me, no need to present himself in any human or altered form. So now I mostly see Snake in a small raptor form, and I suspect that this is truer to his real form. A small tiny raptor dinosaur, not some humanoid upright standing Reptile man.

Malik the Black One had in fact three shapes. One is a demonic black figure which appears to not have solid form, it has no scales or teeth. Another of Malik's forms is what I call "the uncle that tiptoes around the house (usually with an erect penis)", see here and see here Malik the Black One in the "uncle that tiptoes around the house" form. It is a Malik that looks just like the black Gremlins in the 1980's movies except without the ears (and with a usually erect black penis). And a third form of Malik is a Crocodile Man with a longer snout than the "uncle".

There is a "black Reptilian" who sometimes I had wondered if it was Malik and sometimes I've thought that it was the Orion man. Note that the Orion people are not Reptilians. Orions are under siege by the Reptilians. An Orion man would not - in my opinion - shapeshift nor pretend to be a Reptilian. So there is some confusion with the "black Reptilian" as to who he is, yet another form not represented by Malik's three forms here.

- These are my three Reptilians and all three have shown shapeshifting. Each of the Reptiles have consistent forms and tend to pick one over the other at different times.

Military Reptilians

On a few occasions I have seen Snake-type Reptilians (ie. look like Snake the Reptile) dressed in high ranking military uniforms. My impression was that they did this in order to instill in me the feeling and reaction that they requested. Wanting to make the impression of someone in power, status, dignity, to instill respect, reverence, and trust in me. As opposed to when Snake shows himself to me as the tiny little raptor I literally respond by saying aww and wanting to cuddle him in my arms like a little baby. (Sorry I'm a woman. With maternal instincts.) So you cannot blame them for "dressing up". It is much quicker to show yourself in the form you want to be seen, than to take the time to let someone get to know you.

I also believe that Reptilians, and Aliens in general, shapeshift into humans so that us human abductees would not have to feel afraid during abductions and encounters. If shapeshifting were easy for Reptilians then it makes much sense to approach a human in a humanoid upright standing form than in a form that looks more like "animals" to us.

Captain Stephens

When I was a teenager since the age of 14 I had US military and men in black suits pestering me. There were three military men who spent a lot of time harassing me. Captain Jacob Greene aka Captain Jacob Daniels aka Captain Daniel Jacobs, Major Cunningham aka Agent Donovan Brown (read a long chapter with Major Cunningham in the Orion Project book), and Captain Robert Stephens.

Captain Stephens is the MILABS (Military Abductions) man who has bothered me the most over the years. He was relentless in my teens. He started saying that he and I were going to get married and started calling me wife. He said we would have three sons together. He said very obscene sexual things to me all the time. But three things that always stood out about Captain Stephens:

1. He would always ask me "why are tomatoes red?"
2. He was obnoxiously fixated with my menstruation, tampons, and blood
3. He would speak in my native language in broken language and one of the things he would say translates as "table hole"

On a few occasions since contact with Hamish begun around August 2011 I have seen Captain Stephens but his image was "broken" like a radio channel between two channels but like a television channel between two channels and Captain Stephens was all blurry and broken and looked like red Dragon Hamish. That is when I knew. But I didn't conclude that Stephens and Hamish are the same just yet.

Hamish is very keen on my menstruational blood and tampons. If I put used tampons in the trash he always asks if he could see them. My Dragons Hamish and Malik have tasted some of my period blood, and Hamish sometimes asks me when I will "bleed" for him. Captain Stephens used to ask me that all the time. Actually an interesting anecdote. Captain Stephens pestered me so much about my period in my teens that it actually made me stop having my periods. Women under a lot of stress and when having a period seems inappropriate their body can actually block it from happening. So for many years and still, I went from the usual twelve a year to just two a year. I've always known it was because of Stephens in my teens. The stress from his obsession with my period, blood and tampons. (I actually have my period right now, except it is almost nothing and is very abnormal.)

Hamish talks a lot about red items that he finds and especially tomatoes. He says that "tomatoes are red because they saw him". That is precisely what Captain Stephens used to say all the time. "Why are tomatoes red?", Captain Stephens would always say in my teens, years before I knew Hamish the Red Dragon.
See a recent tomato conversation with Hamish here.

But today Hamish said, and did, something interesting. He wanted to crawl under the desk and called it a "table hole". Stephens has said so many times "table hole" and that has infuriated me because I never knew what he meant and thought that he was taunting me. Today just casually Hamish all of a sudden says "table hole" about the space under the desk. I cleared away the chair and some things and Hamish went under there.

Captain Stephens

Hamish has been posing as Captain Stephens, or that Captain Stephens is a military human that poses as a Dragon Hamish. I still don't fully understand the shapeshifting thing. Are the military I am seeing just Reptilians under disguise? General Patton? Captain Richard Swansea? Sergeant Wilkes? Nolan? Assistant Carlisle? I also think that Captain Greene and Snake are the same! And sometimes General Patton and Malik have been fairly similar.

I don't understand this, I wish I knew. If the military I am seeing were just Reptilians under disguise then that would make all of this easier to understand. The way that General Patton claims to be using MKULTRA. Why General Patton would want to train me into being a Beta Cat which is a sexualized woman, and the fact that the Thubans keep referring to me as their "cat". I know the Thubans want me to be sexual, they are using me to train hybrid children into having sex and also using me to have sex with adult human and hybrid males to get me pregnant to make more hybrids and offspring.

I would want the secrets to stop. Ironically Captain Stephens has been the figure in all of this that I have hated the most. And dear Dragon Hamish has been my most favorite. Because it's ok to like blood and tampons and table hole and red tomatoes if you are a Dragon, whereas it is just annoying if it's some military man named Stephens doing all that.

Shapeshifting in Royalty

I have encountered Reptilians who shapeshift into European royalty. One is a white lizard named Queen Mother. She poses as Queen Elizabeth of England. Another is the Reptilian who poses as her son, Prince Charles. Then there is another European family with black Reptiles posing as Queen and King. That Queen ate the heart of one of my hybrid baby boys, and the King drank blood from my ladyparts and had sex with me to make me pregnant.

Note, I am not saying anything about human royalty. This is a very familiar phenomenon experienced by more women than just me. Reptilians either like to play masquerade posing as Royalty so to somehow feel distinguished, because they like power. Or they somehow actually are involved and intertwined with human Royalty figures. Hamish has said that he is or was late Prince Bertil of Sweden. Hamish has also said that he was a Byzantine Ruler, Hamish The Great also known as Hamish The Elder (some dude from 1887), and King Dionysus (ie. Bacchus).

Then there was the Reptilian who wore red clothes with like a red Jewish hat and said he was the Cardinal, and the other Reptilians similarly dressed in white who also work in the Vatican.

Interestingly General Davies who seems to be a human, lives intertwined with an Arcturian or Angelic whose name is Ishmail. Ishmail says that he is protecting General Davies from the atrocities he has to witness the Reptilians doing. Note: this is not necessarily the actual US General Davies even though they both have white hair. General Patton for instance is a fake name because General Patton was a Marine or Navy Seals (I forgot which he was, will have to check my notes) and the Navy doesn't have Generals, they have Admirals. Also Major Cunningham's real name is Agent Donovan Brown.

In closing

So. I don't know what to make of all of this. Except that Captain Stephens was Hamish the Red Dragon all along. And he likes to hide under desks, is fascinated with my period blood and tampons, and likes tomatoes because they are red because they saw him.

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