Royal Romance and Agenda Mysteries
May 11 2013

It is 8:22 AM in the morning and I just woke up like five minutes ago. I have a story to tell you but I thought I'd first write it in my notes because there are some sexy details that I will have to censor from the webpage because we have to remember that young ones are reading on the internet. Then I thought that my readers, who are mostly adults, are dying to hear this story so it would not be fair to tuck this one into the files and ask you to wait for it to get published in a book months and months from now. I just have a great story to tell you. But here in a mildly censored form.

Illuminati Gangster Boyfriend?

So yesterday if you read in the news and updates entry titled "Garden Gnomes...", Hamish brought in an Illuminati hybrid to smell my underpants. In the other dimension the hybrid even got to take one of them with him for a while. These were washed underpants hanging to dry after washing but they were all lined up as if on a display. Hamish has been known to let the Illuminati hybrid men check out my underpants before and it's happened many times in the past that these men have shown interest in them. Yet, the men still insist on calling them by the name in our European language that means "male underpants". I keep telling them the word for ladies underwear but I guess they learned the name for theirs and somehow think it is the same. It still bothers me somewhat. But it's ok. It's Alien hybrids.

This guy was a younger Illuminati hybrid guy. Of the same "shark corpse from the morgue" type, these guys are human-alien genetic mixes of a particular type. Others in the Agenda including themselves refer to them as "sharks". They look like great white sharks. The first time I ever saw one I screamed hysterically for a long time. It was literally like seeing a dead corpse from the morgue table, one that had lied in the water for two weeks getting all bloated and rotten. They look like zombie medical experiments. But, turns out these guys are really gentle sweethearts. It wasn't all that long until I saw who they were as persons and they found a way into my heart. I now call them my "brothers". I love them and would always be there for them as a sister.

The Illuminati hybrid chums are these big adult male hybrids of this particular type. Most of them are slightly mentally retarded and think slowly and a bit like a disabled person would, but don't hold that against them or it makes them angry. Give them time to think and to speak, some of them are just a bit slow but you got to listen to them and respect them as a person. "Illuminati" is a name I was given for them. Some who are mentally sharper work in offices with the politics of Draconian Agenda and wear black business suits.

Most Illuminati hybrids are bald but some have that yellow blonde hair. Many have a malformity of the mouth, nose and lips with over-sized lips or numbing of the lips and tongue and therefore speak with a lisp and drool. Some have fluid problems with the nose too.

These gentle men want fun in their life. They dream about riding in a hot air balloon, or riding fast cars. Many get so jealous when they see me eating pancakes or ice-cream and sugar is very restricted there for the hybrids and is used as a token to bribe them with to make them do uncomfortable assignments. Sweets and toys are used to bribe these men with, and also corporal punishment as a threat.

Illuminati hybrids are kept in "dungeons" locked up in "jail cells" in an underground base. They are considered untrustworthy among others and that they might hurt the hybrid children, so they are locked up one by one in rooms sectioned off literally by metal bars. They are subject to cruelty and sadism which I cannot describe here, and they are used for breeding as their genetics is considered "ok" and is used further. Some of them are namely fertile.

Illuminati hybrid men who are more retarded and slow and possibly prone to aggression are kept locked up. Ones that are intellectually smarter are put to work in the Agenda. This young Illuminati man brought in by Hamish yesterday wasn't chubby or as old as the other ones are, and this one wore the 1920's style gangster Mafia style suit, dark with vertical white lines complete with the gangster's hat. Maybe they were assigned those in the 1920's, and thought they were stylish then, and haven't kept up with the fashion? Some Illuminati men wear up-to-date black business suits but the slender Illuminaties seem to prefer the gangster suits.

The young Illuminati guy was perhaps in his 20's so I did not throw a tantrum about there being a child here to have sexual experiences with me. He threw himself on the bed and it was meant for me to go to bed with him, in my bed, and have sex. Too bad I was on my way to go do some errands and shopping so I had to leave. So nothing happened between me and the young Illuminati guy. He too had been bribed with salary if he does these things to me. It's not like the hybrid men want to have sex with me. They are bribed, or blackmailed, into it.

Not Ladylike for the Dragon Dynasty

Later that night when I went to bed at between 10 and 11 PM, Hamish brought in the Japanese Dragon Dynasty men. I was shown in clear mental images a large room in Japan. Very old Japanese traditional styling, complete with the paper wall panels with painted black Japanese scripture on them, a little perfect Bonsai tree, 1000-year old chopsticks with jade-green or black tassels at the ends, and ancient Dragon Dynasty swords. What you must know about the Dragon Dynasty human men whom Hamish interacts with is that they are very traditional. If you thought that Japanese people in general might be very traditional and with their own culture and mannerisms that aren't exactly always like in the Western world (Europe and the USA), the Dragon Dynasty men take it to the most extreme.

I guess I can explain Aliens. But I cannot explain how this works with the interdimensional travel for abductions. Somehow the Aliens inhabit a different dimension than mine, and when I am abducted they simply lift me up into the other dimension while my body still remains here. This would make it tempting to say that the Aliens don't exist or that me and other abductees are imagining this. But when you wake up in an alien encounter and you are in the same place with them, the fact that you are all in another dimension does not then make it any less real. You are with them. You are awake. It is real. It is just in a different place altogether.

What puzzles me more is that I seem to be abducted while I'm still awake here. They can bring a version of my body to places and do work on me while I'm awake here in this dimension. If I go to sleep then my consciousness can transfer to that other body in that other place and I can sometimes have a conscious abduction, but they don't want me to be awake during abductions.

They had my body there, in the Japanese room, lying on a thin mattress on the floor. I was shown and I could see it. Yet I was still here in my bed. Then I started feeling as if I was being transferred into that place and into that body. I became aware of my surroundings as being that Japanese room. I felt the thin mattress under me, more so than I felt my own bed here in the bedroom. I was being taken there somewhat, to see and to experience what I was a part of. They could have done all this while I was completely unaware of this other reality and abduction taking place. But I love it that they show me, it feels completely disrespectful and offensive to abduct someone and not even let them know. To make us think that it is not happening. So I'd much rather know. And? Wouldn't it be like an adventure to get to go to Japan? To meet the Dragon Dynasty, with my Dragon?

So my body was lying on the mattress in Japan and Hamish was enabling me to talk to the two Japanese men who were there. I was shown the bonsai tree, and told about the 1000-year old chopsticks. I had been shown the sticks with the tassels on them and I asked what they were. That is when they said that they were 1000-year old chopsticks, and I had to think for a while, do Japanese use chopsticks? I thought it was a Chinese thing. Then I thought to sushi and yes the Japanese also use chopsticks, but that wasn't obvious to me at first. So it made sense that they would have one.

I am being given the drugs now again. My nose is burning. The Aliens put a drug into my nose to make this all somehow "easier on me". I cannot see an Alien but I can feel the burning in my nose. I wish they didn't, I would much rather do this "sober". The Aliens give the human military men lots of drugs so that they can cope having to see all these things. Not all of the military accept the drugs, but some of them use the drugs. Captain Swansea is probably the worst drug user over there. Derek also uses a lot. I don't want to have any of it.

But there is a problem. The Japanese men of the Dragon Dynasty are so traditional. They don't think of me as a proper lady. The men always say that a woman is like a flower and they think of the peach blossom. Hamish told me that the man had said that I wasn't like that kind of a flower, and showed me a mental image of some flower that grows on the ground and doesn't look at all as petite, I was that kind of flower, perhaps.

Some of the Japanese men don't like my blonde hair. They want Japanese women only with black hair. Some of them tell me that they know nothing about my European country. I try to tell them some things. So one of the things I told the men yesterday was that women and men are perfect equals in this country. That just ruined it for them, and they fussed at Hamish that they don't want me. I felt sorry for Dragon. Poor Dragon had wanted the men to make me pregnant with Dragon Dynasty DNA. Hamish told the man that he wanted the man and me to have a baby. But the man wasn't going to, and poor Hamish and his work. I felt sorry for Hamish.

I was supposed to take part in a tea ceremony. First they would give me food. The Japanese always give me food. The last time I was there Hamish had ordered the men to give me milk, and the men brought me hot milk that had been heated on a stove and brought to me in a bowl with a spoon. They also serve me Japanese style food. Then there was going to be a tea ceremony. Hamish told me to not eat the cookie that they serve on the table. I learned this tidbit ages ago when a Japanese man taught me the tea ceremony.

They will place a little pale cookie on the edge of the table where the lady sits. The man watches how she drinks from the green tea cup and what she does with the cookie. If a lady were to eat the whole cookie then she is not a lady at all, she is volluptuous and vulgar. A lady is supposed to take the tiniest nibble from the cookie and then place it back. That is better even than not eating any of it because then the man gets to watch with excitement if she is going to eat too much or not. I was told to count to three before I take a sip of the tea. You can't grab the tea right at once. The Japanese man was getting really turned on from this whole tea ceremony. I don't know why but they just like to watch the woman do these things. Beats me. A man in the Western world wouldn't get turned on from watching a woman eating cookies and drink tea. I declare that the Japanese are far more alien than the aliens are. I've figured out Hamish much better than I do these men. A red Dragon Turtle makes more sense than the Japanese men. Beats me.

But I wasn't good enough for them. I wasn't ladylike for them enough. And I had said that women and men in my country are equal. I had also said that I was a scientist and really smart. Poor Dragon. He had wanted the men to get me pregnant. I also said that if they (Dragons and humans) were planning on making me pregnant then perhaps at least let me know in advance, so that I could do my hair and makeup. I was just wearing a black oversized t-shirt and black panties to bed, no makeup and hair a mess so it's not like I can go on a date like that.

The man of my life

Last night I had a dream that I was in a castle. The King of the castle made a move on me. I was told that he was genetically related to my father, although of course not part of my family per se. When I looked at him for some reason I thought that he looked a lot like Aleister Crowley. He was a Caucasian man and of a stocky build. He had blonde hair but almost all bald. I approached him and looked at him and suddenly I was succumbed by a mad infatuation to him. Somehow I saw something in him that clicked real bad in me and I embraced him with my arms and whispered to his ear that I was going to marry him and have babies with him. I don't know what I saw in him. It was like when animals mate, how an animal first looks at someone and then it suddenly clicks in that primeval place lodged in the brain and then it jumps on it and wants to mate. I have never had that happen before. I don't know what happened there but it just clicked. Don't ask me any questions about it because I don't have any answers for you.

We had the most beautiful romantic moment together. I kept telling him that we have to close the door. The doors were open a bit and I was worried cause there was the Queen out there and other people in the castle. The King and I were in a grand room of the castle, but not in the bedroom or in bed. It was by a desk and by the window. The castle was grand and old and incredibly majestic. The castle looked perfectly authentic, but new and fresh somehow in spite of the Medieval decor. I wish a word could convey that this was the best sex I have ever had. Human men don't even come close. It was amazing. I wanted to marry him and have children for him. All the sexy details go in the book.

When I woke up from that dream and back in my bed, Hamish the Sock Puppet Dragon was around. Hamish was concerned that I was going to get upset or that I would say that I was raped. It took a while of explaining and reassuring to Hamish and to the Thuban before they realized that no, there would not be a cacophony (ie. Thuban's word for "upset"). I had had the best sex of my life and it was wonderful and I was happy. The Thuban praying mantis has to understand that when they bring hybrid children to me then that will make me devastated, but so they think that it is the sex that makes me upset. No it's the fact that I have to have sex with hybrid children that makes me upset. But this was a grown man so that is different. The Thubans have to understand that.

I don't know. Right now many of you reading are thinking that I am such a despicable woman. No, I just had the best sex in my life. That man was something special and it really clicked in me. I have never had that happen before. Also he was an adult man. If he was consenting and so was I then nothing bad has happened. Then there is no reason to be upset or to think of me as despicable. I would marry that man and have his babies if I could.

In the morning I got to talk with the man. Turns out it may have been an Illuminati hybrid chum under somewhat of a disguise. And the Thuban told me that they had wanted me to "feel like a Queen" so they had placed me into the setting of a castle. If only they knew I had felt out of place in that castle, and that I don't need to feel that a man is King for me to want him. A regular date is fine. I don't desire Kings for any particular reason. I'm more attracted to men who are successful businessmen if you ask me, I don't think there is anything "sexy" about being a King or Royalty, rather I think they are living life in luxury and like a bum who doesn't do work and in today's world where success is more important then Royalty is not as flattering as maybe it might have been in the past?

Agenda Masquerades?

But this sheds some fascinating light on the subject of Reptiles and their masquerading as human Royalty. The other day when I had the Queen and King of a European country visit me and eat the heart of one of my hybrid babies they were posing as the Queen and King of a particular European country. So then I thought to that whole David Icke Reptilian shapeshifter thing, namely it is said that Earth Royalty are in fact Reptilians in another dimension under disguise so that we only think that they are human. I have seen a lot of Reptilian Royalty. There are now two different European countries whose Royalty interact with me regularly in the shape of Reptilians. Both royal families of course breed with me. In one I have babies with the Prince of the family and in the other with the King and it has happened in both families multiple times.

Are they only pretending to be Earth Royalty? To somehow earn prestige in the human contactee? As tempted as we are to say that David Icke was right, the Earth Royalty are Reptilians under disguise, I am a scientist and I cannot take what someone else says at face value and claim to agree with it (or I would be exactly the type of sheep that David warns us against being). All of my website and all of my stories are purely based on my own experiences. I don't read other websites or books about the topic. I make sure to not let my experiences nor conclusions be inspired by other sources, there is so much rehash out there in the ET literature. Most websites are only reading other websites and then offer some type of rehash of the same.

I have listened to David Icke's material and my first reaction to it was aversion and rejection. How could anybody accept that the Earth Royalty were Reptilians who drink blood of babies and rule the Earth under a secret Illuminati Agenda? Yet my experiences seem to concur.

However. At this point I have seen no evidence that the Earth Royalty would in fact be Reptilians under a human disguise. I have seen indication of such, but I am still undecided whether Reptilians in fact do inhabit these human bodies or whether perhaps Reptilians like to play masquerade in the form of well-known Royals so that the humans they abduct and interact with would rever and respect and honor them. What I do know, however, is that it is one or the other.

Last night I was taken to a castle so that I could feel like a Queen when I am impregnated by an Agenda man. I was not a real Queen. And among the Reptilians where hierarchy and status is so important, perhaps they are only playing masquerades. Posing to be the Queen, King or Prince whom we humans already have and somewhat rever and honor. Wanting to be seen and thought of as Royalty. Because once I ran into none other than President Barack Obama in the Illuminati lodge. Was it really him? Or a Reptilian wanting to be awarded the same type of honor and prestige as we award to our President? Because there was that one man in the Illuminati lodge who kept shifting between looking like the media mogul he was supposed to be, and something Reptilian. January 14, 2013 - I nearly died in the Illuminati lodge.

Another observation I have made is that some Reptilians pose as high ranking military officers. Somehow expecting me to understand them with the same manner of prestige and other credentials awarded our military leaders. Wanting to be seen as something powerful, militant, and respected, rather than just a small raptor lizard. Namely Snake the Reptilian is in fact only a small raptor. He looks like one of the dinosaurs of Earth's past. In reality he wears no clothes, he does not stand tall like a human would. He is a tiny raptor and when I see him I go "aww" and ask to hold him in my arms and cuddle him like a baby. No wonder he poses in a humanoid form like here, standing on the right NEXT TO HAMISH OF COURSE!! (I get so happy when I see Hamish.)

I want to take you with a bag. - Hamish says now in the other language, he means the plastic bag he likes to put over a human's head to watch them asphyxiate. Mild threat there, he wants to be respected and not thought of as cute.

Sometimes Snake-type Reptilians pose as high rank military officers to present themselves with the poise and authority that they award themselves. When I see Snake in his true raptor form I just want to cuddle him, so I guess that gives them the right to shapeshift. The question still remains, in this mystery that is the Draconian Agenda unveiling before me, are the human military and men in black suits really human at all? Or are they perhaps only Reptilians under disguise? General Patton? Derek? Gillespie? Sergeant Wilkes? Captain Swansea? My current theory is that they are human. That they are the humans working on modulating the Reptilian presence here on Earth. But. Then there is Captain Stephens. I have namely discovered the horrific truth that Captain Robert Stephens who pestered me my whole teens, was in fact Hamish.

A few minutes later (translated from other language):
Hamish! I love you! - me to Hamish
I will suffocate you with your pillow. - Hamish with mental image of my pillow
No, Hamish! Shame on you! - me

Bad Dragon. He is in a sassy mood. At least it's not a Hissy Fit, because he doesn't hiss at me. Bad sassy Dragon is throwing a fit today and acting all bad Dragon.

My mouth goes over your snacks! - Hamish says a minute later, indicating to the bag of hazelnuts I have been munching on
Did you want to try some? - me

Obviously Dragon is acting dominating. When he says "my mouth goes over" it always means a threat. And to threaten to own and dominate my snacks is also a threat, since food means a lot in the Dragon world. He is acting dominating. And I don't know why. He isn't usually like this. But when he claims that my snacks are his snacks and that his mouth goes over my snacks then it's pretty bad. Something's the matter with him to make him act this way, usually he doesn't, usually he's sweet as pie.

My camp has been destroyed by them. - Hamish says a while later
Why? Why have they destroyed it? Why Hamish? - me

So that might offer a clue as to why Dragon is feeling a bit worked up. From the image associated with when he said about the camp, I saw that it was the Resistance army of friendly blue Reptilians who had done this. There is namely a group of friendly Reptilians who are against the yellow pyramid Draconian Agenda. These friendly Reptiles are blue and wear dark rubbery uniforms. Oh Hamish, my Kissy Dragon Turtle. What will I ever do with you and your shenanigans? At least we're together.

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