Bath Time With Dinosaur and Orion
May 09 2013

As I poured a bath just as I was getting into it, "Dab, Dab!". It is the Dinosaur who gets excited about me having a bath. I always hear "Dab, Dab!" when I get into a bath. Not that I've come to expect it, it always gets me by surprise, by a pleasant delightful surprise. Cause it's the Dinosaur!

We are not very friendly. - says the Orion man now
And! I am not a doctor. - Orion
You are welcome here. I welcome you here. Thank you for visiting me. My body is at your disposal. - me
Yes, this will be great work. - Orion
Welcome. - me
I underestimate you, sometimes. Why are you so welcoming? Like, jelly. - Orion
How is jelly welcoming? "Jelly"? - me
Yeah, like something that wobbles. - Orion
I umm... I enjoy our contact. - me
Yes! You are a sheep! - Orion, a sheep or our sheep
No need to get disrespectful. - me
I have said that I require a sample from your mouth. And some ovum! - Orion
Yes, Orion man. You are welcome to both. How should I prop myself? - me
We do that. - Orion
Should I lie down for you? - me
And some excrement. Is needed. - Orion
Yes you may have some of that too. - me
Some, feces? - Orion
Yes Sir. You may have some feces also. I am not, .. too uncomfortable with that. - me
No, but most people are. I am talking to you. - Orion
Yes Sir and I see you as well. Welcome here. I will help you with samples. - me
Those are, my eggs. - Hamish, he said "eggs" in my native language, otherwise English, he said this to the Orion man

This is great. I get to have real alien contact.

What is in that, bag of chips? - Orion man says "bag of chips" in the other European language, otherwise English
It is, potatoes. - me
And, is that sugar?! We will be needing it in the excrement. - Orion, the 2nd sentence is approximate
Yes Sir. You may collect it. Please allow it 1 to 3 days to pass that far as to become an excrement. - me
No, we grab it from your throat. - Orion
I see. Then I am ready for samples now. Should I go to sleep? - me
You won't see me again. - Orion
Why not? - me
Because you don't want me to do that! - Orion man with a mental image of my ladyparts exposed
I don't mind if you investigate that. - me
And? How about, your throat? - Orion
Yes Sir, you may investigate my throat. I am here for you, and I want to work with you. I can see you? - me
Why do you use that kind of fork. We don't have one here. - Orion man showed me a mental image of one of our forks here at home
Well. It is just a habit I guess. Humans use forks in many parts of the world. I will help you collect samples. You are welcome here. And I will help you with samples. - me
Why are you typing down those numbers? - Orion
.. I don't know, what they are. - me, he saw some numbers on my HTML screen window
Are they a registry? - Orion

As I slipped in the bath I got to see mental clear images of the Dinosaur from his other location. That slender frog body of his, with that big bulky block head of his. Dark green frog skin with different patches of coloration in beige, dark green, and yellow that give it almost a camouflaged look, or like something painted on with a sponge. Big yellow citrine quartz eyes, with deep pockets underneath the eyes like a sleepy person. And that sharp bitter smell of autumn leaves or rotting water vegetation.

But the Dinosaur's mind is what captivates me the most. It always cheers me up. But then the Dinosaur expressed to me without words that it had learned how to behave around humans because it works with the hybrid children there and it has learned what demeanor works so that the children stay calm and entertained. At that moment I felt kind of embarrassed. Aha, wait now, the Orion man from his other dimension has now put the white plastic tubing against the left side of my face. It is going to go into my nose and down my stomach to collect some of the potato chips I had earlier this evening. If still there.

Yes. You may? - me
Yes, but I am not a doctor. And I also need some of that. And we collect it in a bag. Because sometimes it is drippy. - Orion man, his last sentences here referred to a poo sample
You may do that also. You are studying metabolism in humans, and you may take samples from me. I will help you. - me
... Have you eaten that? - Orion man shows me a mental image of the cheese we have at home
No, not today. - me
Too bad. Your sons have liked it. - Orion about the cheese
What else do they like to eat? - me
We don't like to give them macaroni. - Orion
I am not polite. Wait till you see me in person. I am going to dominate you! I am going to ask you...! - Orion
That is alright. I am going to cooperate with you. - me
We want to see what is on your dinner plate. All Summer! - Orion, "dinner plate" was in the other language
... You are welcome here of course. - me
Yes, rest. - Orion man says to the Dinosaur, the Dinosaur had asked him if he could go rest
You have not done the dung yet no! - Orion man irritated at the Dinosaur
I can do... - me, and I stop myself from telling them that I would collect the samples if they are quarreling about who has to do it
You haven't drunk any juices. But what is that? - Orion man, he finds something red in the stomach perhaps, perhaps the ground beef I had earlier, but red? I don't know
What did you find? - me
At least not any pears. - Orion man
We don't want to tell you this but your hygiene is not very good down your pyy-pyy. - Orion man with a mental image of my ladyparts

I just had a bath followed up by a shower!!! It's not like I douche or anything. I just thought it was self-cleaning in there.

So. This is going down your nose, soon. - Orion man shows me the plastic tubing
Yes. I have been... I have experienced the tube down my nose many times. I know how it happens. It suctions out some stomach contents. And then you can collect samples from my stomach. - me
We don't want you to know that you are not a dog here. - Hamish says to me
Am I not a dog? - me
No. Because you don't bite. - Orion

So I took a bath and realized that the Dinosaur was only putting up a show, making me somehow experience him in a way that I find absolutely charming. So I felt embarrassed that as a human I would need such charades. He should be able to be himself fully and still instill my admiration and affection. But seeing him made me have to cover my face with my hands as I nearly shrieked. I had to silence myself from shrieking from the mere delight of seeing this person.

This thing, goes down your nose. - Orion man shows me the plastic tubing again
Yes Sir. I will be compliant. I will swallow it down for you. I know that humans have to swallow the tube, it doesn't just go down on its own. - me
No, it has gone down plenty times before. And so it would this time also. - Orion
So she wants to see ya do it? - General Patton sighs, says to the Orion man about me
Please, please General Patton? Let me stay awake for the a... The contact. - me, I stopped myself from saying 'abduction', for abduction it is not. This is wonderful, I get to have alien contact!
No, they say that you still will be asleep. - Orion
Then I feel, raped and molested. I wish to have conscious contact with you. I wish to be awake when you collect samples. It would be very meaningful for me, and I would do everything you say. I promise. - me
Look, this is not a game, like in a tree house. - General Patton says to me
You are going to get abducted. And it isn't that pleasant as it seems. - General Patton
How dare you take that experience away from me! How dare you decide that for me! I want nothing more than to meet Hamish, and Orion man! And even the Dinosaur! - I say to General Patton
Then you got to promise you won't giggle at me. - Dinosaur says to me
Look, they won't just collect your ovum, they collect feces. - General Patton
Then, get your butt up here. - General Patton
As long as you're not watching. You ruined everything General Patton! Let me be alone with my aliens! - me
No, she won't. - General Patton shakes his head and answers some question to the Orion man

Dinosaur then showed up to be in my bathroom. He is of course in the other dimension so to my eyes he is invisible but to my mind's eye I can see him and he shows me himself. He comments on the floors being unclean and asks me to wash the floors. I apologise and ask if I could please wash them after I have my bath. Right now I see from the other dimension that the Orion man is putting his hand on my chin and wanting me to open my mouth, he is expecting to see teeth and my mouth open so that he can insert the plastic tubing, perhaps - no not perhaps, I know so - to collect some saliva with that suction vacuum on the end of the tube.

Dinosaur had said that he was not allowed to stand on the rug. The rug that is Hamish's shedding grooming rug. Turns out the reason Dinosaur is so excited about me having a bath is because he thinks - or is hopeful and expects - me to masturbate. I sometimes do in the bath. I hope I don't break the internet by saying that. He told me I could have a cracker/bisquit/cookie (however..... Orion man now inserts the vacuum suction tubing right at the opening of my nostrils and suctions out who knows what. Whatever is in my nostrils I guess. I was gonna say however the word in the other language is translated, a cookie, cracker, let's call it ... plastic tubing at my nostrils again by the opening. Or that hey what am I saying and thinking here! It is of course supposed to go all the way down to my tummy tums of course! That's why it's going down my nose!

No, she won't be afraid. - Orion man says to General Patton who asked him something
I'm ok! I wanna be there! - me yell to General Patton

I was gonna get a cracker if I masturbate as a reward. I said I wanted the cracker. But I didn't masturbate. The Dinosaur left and then came the black reptile who at first I thought he was a Draconian Reptilian. So I greeted him with plenty of praise, calling him my "distinguished guest"... Orion man now put his hand on my belly. He must be ready to get the eggs next. I love being touched by an Orion man. There is nothing like having the hand of a man from Orion touching against the skin of my human body from Earth. He does it so casually like it doesn't mean anything much. Like his hands didn't mean so much to him, as they do to me. But to me, they are hands from Orion... It is special to me. Very very special.

We have tracked her heart the whole time! - Orion man somewhat irritated he says to General Patton who worried about my heart, as the teams know I was having heart trouble a few days ago but that was because of Basmet who has since left

I wasn't going to take it without your knowledge. - Orion about the eggs I am sure
You mean my ovum? - me
Noo! Yes, Santa!!! - Hamish in a sudden outburst because he saw me wearing the red kitchen apron earlier today when I was cooking. He just thought of it again.
*laughter* Oh Hamish. My Dragon Turtle. No Santa. No. - me
I wasn't going to see it and help you. - Hamish says to me about the apron

At first I had thought the Orion man was a Draconian who visited. So I showered him with praise, calling him the distinguished guest, and honoring him like only Hamish could have taught me how. But when I asked him if he was from Orion or from Draconis, he said that "they are in war with each other so what difference does it make", that is when I knew he was from Orion. For a Draconian would never lead one to think that it was not Draconian, they are ever so proud of their race. And a Draconian would not be caught dead being possibly thought of as from Orion. So I knew it was the Orion man. He is a black reptile, from Orion.

I had said to Dinosaur, that doesn't he have shoes so that he wouldn't have to worry about the floor being unclean? That is about when he disappeared, and Orion man wearing a suit and shoes showed up. The Orion man is now asking me if I will be sleeping soon. Yes, I said. The Orion man wore a dark purple uniform that fits firmly against the body and is as if made of thick rubber. The boots are black. A black box was snapped on to its belt. A black hollow tube was attached to the box and the Orion held the tube in his hand pointing it on things and getting readings from things all across the bathroom.

I asked what the box was and he said it was a detonator. He said he had put explosives into my skeleton and that he could use the detonator on them. I said that I wasn't afraid. Later he said that most (human) men he says this to get very afraid. He was asking me why I wasn't afraid. I said that I am a woman. I am naturally inferior and trusting of my men, and that he is my man and I choose to trust him. I have no fear of my Orions. If they choose to hurt me then so be it. I could not fight them anyway, so I am best to stay calm and to trust them and follow their lead, I said.

He looked into the bathroom cabinet at all the things there. He has good eyesight.

Yes, and we are operating on you soon! So you'd better get ready. - Orion man
Yes, I will get ready for you. Thank you, I look forward to it. It will be fun to be with you. And. Can I meet Hamish? Can I meet my Dragon Turtle? My Honored Draconian Hamish? May I meet my Dragon Hamish? - me
Only if you don't kiss me. - Hamish
I won't kiss my Dragon Turtle. - me
You won't kiss, my feet? - Hamish, oh no all those times I've called him Kissy Feet!
No, Hamish. I will never kiss your feet. Unless you ask me to. - me
Then I will come and collect your eggs. - Hamish
Welcome Hamish. - me
And we don't like what is in that fridge! It has some snacks we don't want for you! And we wanted to throw them away, I said. So, don't give them to my eggs, or to my pyy-pyy!!! Don't give them my snacks. - Hamish
No Hamish. I won't eat snacks from the refrigerator. - me
Because, my eggs don't want them. - Hamish
I will eat good snacks for your hunnun. My Honored Dragon Turtle. I honor your scales. - me

While in the bathroom, I asked the Orion man how the box works. He said that it detects readings on ions. I asked how it does that. He said it has something radioactive inside the box that responds to the ions. I wondered but didn't ask, if the box has an isolating wall that shields people nearby from any radiation from radioactive test materials. He commented on there being scales on the rug. Hamish's shedded white scales that he collects on the woven white and blue bathroom rug in the bathroom.

I got out of the bed pretty quickly, I didn't stay long. And I didn't masturbate. And we have now reached to the top of this page and have caught up with the story. And these conversations written between me and the Orion man, and General Patton, and Hamish, have been perfectly authentic and took place as I came here to write this story about the bath time. These were all in English unless otherwise noted. And this is perfectly real alien contact. I have real Aliens in my life. And I couldn't be happier.

No, Santa's toys. - I hear Hamish say just as I thought this page was finished

I forgot to say that when Dinosaur offered me a cracker if I were to masturbate (I didn't masturbate) then I asked Hamish if it were ok for me to take a cookie. Hamish's response was to show up with his Sock Puppet head real close, to look straight at me, and he did a palate click! Oh I nearly chuckled and died from cuteness overload!!! If a girl could implode from too much cute. A Dragon Turtle giving a palate click as a "Yes", with that red Sock Puppet head of his (see here) and a Dinosaur offering me a cracker. Too much precious, far too much precious.

I want my leather purse from you. - Hamish, I have promised to buy him a leather purse because Dragon thinks they smell so good
Yes my Honored Turtle. You will be given a leather purse from me. I just have to buy one for you. - me
I will put my eggs in there. And collect them as the dominant race. - Hamish
Yes, my Dragon Hamish. - me
My purse! I will say. - Hamish
My Dragon Turtle, I will say. - me
We won't ring a doorbell here, because we cannot. Instead, we will inspect and investigate our eggs. And don't lock the door on us!!! - Hamish
I have never locked the door on you Hamish. I have always welcomed you here. Welcome, Hamish. These are your eggs that I'm carrying. I have given them to you. - me
Then I will not be your Sock Feet. - Hamish
No, Hamish. You will be my Dragon. - me
Sock Feet is not nicely said to me. - Hamish, and he thinks to his pink bathroom ruggie here in the bedroom
I am sorry Hamish. I did not mean to offend. I will not offend you again. - me

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